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This mic seems to be the best one that I’ve been able to get my hands on. So we’ll run with it. Not sure if it’s picking up from just the phone or in the ears. But like I said, well, we’re rolling it. And coming out of the BJJ report was funny. I think I’ve tried to spend my third time doing this episode. And this is simply because I haven’t been able to get the sound quality to a place where I like it enough to be able to share it with you, right? Granted, I’ve certainly done some episodes where sound is less than, less than ideal. But and that’s only because honestly, I do believe in the whole. Sometimes, you know, it’s the message that is more important than the absolute delivery mechanism. And I don’t think that I can reproduce x, y, z, I just don’t do it again, or just let it go. Take that for what it’s worth. And you really, you really do kind of only live once, and you only have one opportunity to kind of get some of these things out. And to that end, how do you get them out? And how, what are some ways, right? We’ve been talking a little bit about mental health, right? And how, what is something, you know, that everybody is challenged with these days in particular? All the time, really, I think it’s always been under the surface, just never fully addressed. As matter of fact, I still recall, gentlemen, one of my first interviews, Jason, Jason’s last name. Jason, I forget your last name right off the top of my head. Mackenzie, Mackenzie, and how he he had actually gone through a really tough situation in his life, where his beliefs wife and committed suicide. And how did he deal with that? And he, he wrote, some went through a period where he went from, call it from junk to monk to thought was great. He journaled and he shared this journal. And that he also wrote a book on how he went through that situation, what it what the toll was on his mental health. And he created a podcast about it, and whatever. So I only tell you that just just because I hadn’t given it much credence myself, I hadn’t directed much attention to it, either. And that’s just where I was in life. I can’t say it’s right or wrong. I mean, really, it’s all an all depends on where you are in your life. I mean, listen, if you’re not impacted right now, by any mental health situations, do not discount it. Right. I think that’s what the world has been telling us. over this past year and a half. You cannot discount that, that mental health. Especially if you are if you are somebody who let’s say you tune into Tony about anybody really, if you’re one of these peak performer type people, and if you if you really look at it, peak performer, I believe is in reference to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, right? When you have all your base needs. When you have all your base needs resolved, then you you no longer have to worry about all that shit that gives you that mental anguish, right? When you when you’ve got a house, when you’ve got a home when you’ve got someone to love and care for you, when you you can pay your bills and you can eat your food. That’s all great. You know, those are all the base needs. If you don’t have any one of those, then there’s a good chance that that is foremost in your mind, that’s top of mind for you. And that is eating up all of your cycles and therefore your mental health is that risk if there’s uncertainty. If there’s uncertainty in your life, then you are at risk of your mental health and today 1020 through mid 221

taught us that there is nothing certain nothing is certain. Something like a virus can come out of nowhere and knock the shit out of everything you’ve seen. Excuse me, and believe in. And that that’s his, that’s taken its toll on a lot of people, and where does it fit into and why bring that up on spiritual note. Because if you don’t have a spiritual practice, if you don’t have something to believe in, if you don’t have a way to quiet the mind, get yourself still have a way, a healthy way to release some of whatever’s dragging you down. Right, if you don’t have a way to release it, because here’s the deal, you don’t know how all this shit is gonna work out. Again, especially in pandemic, so you have no idea how it’s gonna pan out. So you spend your time worrying about it. Right? had somebody in a really great mastermind group, I’ll call it a course of study that I’m in right now. And one of the gentlemen in there yesterday talking about how his family

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had been

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great word warriors, you know, we’re warriors. And not only did they worry, often, they had very vivid imaginations. Therefore, you know, use this imagination for worry. And you can create quite the scenario in your mind. And when you when you do that, you’re actually creating chemicals within your own body that that are making, you know, you’re flooding yourself with I don’t know, what’s the chemical that says, this all sucks adrenaline, right? cortisol, that make you make you on high end, high edge that are going to make you you know, just kind of, you’re literally feeding yourself, chemicals in your body that are eating away at yourself, that over time, just cause massive damage to yourself. And that’s, that’s what happens if you don’t have something kind of greater than yourself to believe in. And you don’t have this capability to say, let go and let God right you don’t have this capability to say or believe. And as this comes out of the mental models and Sreekumar Rao’s book, the mental models to say this is a benevolent universe, and I am here for a reason. I am here for a purpose and the universe has my back do universe is benevolent one cares for me wouldn’t have brought me here. If it didn’t think that I was gonna have some fuckathon like yesterday, it’s like taking your kids to a bouncy place you don’t take them there because you you want to you want to make them miserable and put them through a bunch of shit. Yeah. And if we take if we take, we take the stance and the idea that again, God is our Father, God is our parent, the universe is benevolent creator, that put us here. I’m pretty sure they didn’t put us here to go through a bunch of shit to realize how crappy This world is. Right? So if you can find it, in your mind, in your heart or anywhere you need to look for under the cushions of your couch. This idea and thought that let’s start from the beginning that you are one in what is it? 400 trillion 400 trillion. Those are the odds one in 400 trillion of you being born. What are the odds? Right those are the eyes you’ve been born? If you think that you showed up here for no good reason. Then you know that’s that’s a mental model. Now if you think that you’re here you’ve got a malevolent universe and that you are Here to be of service to help someone to help something to help a group. That’s an you know, when you start thinking of that, and then you start thinking about this idea of Providence, and the idea of Providence, is that the universe typically provides you with whatever you need, like, almost almost like right at the time that you need it. Not not really before, you know, not really before, but almost right at the time that you need to, if you can look at like, all of the success stories, all of these stories, and in our past, where she didn’t really happen for people to like, write this last second, it was right it, it was right at the zero hour, hour, 12th hour, that things came together and everything landed just as if almost like you couldn’t have couldn’t have, you couldn’t have planned it that way. Right. It’s this idea of linearity is a fucking joke. There are certainly Listen, there certainly plans in place, you know, their, their designs, and all this other stuff and ways that it’s supposed to work. And then, you know, let’s say it works that way, 25% of the time, right, then you’ve got some linearity.

But chances are, however, the bulk amount of these people were and are successful. Their story is one out of right one out of the countless billions that are on this planet right now. That what really happened was that they found something to believe in those greater than themselves. They found the dream, they were able to see a vision, and they were able to somehow some way, let go. And let you know, let it be sorted out by the universe. They were able to have the vision and say, I don’t know how this is gonna happen. Like, I use a pandemic for a second, I don’t know, how are we going to succeed succeed me, it’s really to just get beyond that point that where you’re at right now. Or set something in motion and get beyond it. So how we’re gonna have success, and is pandemic still on No, still not over. And you can do your quote, unquote, part, whatever part you feel like that is you need to do, it’s gonna make you feel asleep at night and let go of the rest. Right? Let go of the rest, just know that you’re doing your best in the situation, according to what you know, at this point in time. That’s all you can do and let it go, let that doubt, let that worry, fall to something greater than you maybe that maybe the thing you think is greater than you is, is the health care system. That’s okay, if you let it go and let it go to the health care system, right, you can stop worrying about it now. For the rest of the world, you can stop worrying about what it means to the rest of the world to recover from this thing. And you can, you can breathe easier. And let go a little bit more. And we can let go of this hyper imaginative worry about all the things that are weighing you down and let it go to this, these things again, that are greater than you then it’s a tremendous benefit to your mental well being mental health and a lot of people again, point to meditation as something that has been very beneficial for them. I only say this, that if you’re in a shape, point your life where you’re worried about everything closing your eyes, to think about it to try and clear your mind. Of all the things that are pissing you off and freaking out. That’s not going to help. Right. I get that. However, that’s not the point isn’t necessarily to go and try and clear your mind through this forcible way like no no, no, no, not that. Not that. It’s not that get all this out of my head. I’m freaking out man. The idea is to control something that you can’t control. And where most people start you out where where you can start out, a couple of good places of where you can start out that are beneficial is your breathing. So what you’ll do is you close your eyes and you just focus on your in breath and out breath. That’s it, there’s nothing else for you to do. And when you do that, you’re not thinking about all the other shit. Right? It can, it can be that simple. That is also why breathwork has been, to me revolutionary, because this is kind of like a little bit more focused. Breathing, while my eyes are close, and, and there’s other stuff that comes out of it. That can really just give you this heightened sense of being and whatever that means to you. Right. But I can just tell you gives you a heightened sense of being Wim Hof calls it getting high on your own supply. Separate, he says it was like this Dutch thing going on. And then he chuckles afterwards. It’s funny because Dutch chuckles are fine. I’ll tell you about that.

So, you know, if you’re struggling, if you’re having a tough time, these spiritual practices can be of benefit to you. And your mental well being, I challenge you, really to try one of these out on your own, seek others. There’s another one called metta meditation, which is another really great one. Really, what that does is is kind of you well wish yourself, I suggest you look it up Google loving kindness, meditation, and give your give yourself some loving kindness and a meditation. If someone you love loving kindness, meditation gifts, someone you really don’t know, right, like maybe the cashier at McDonald’s today, whatever somebody you don’t know, but you’ve seen got an image of them with loving kindness on them. And then finally, wishing, loving kindness on all sentient beings. And it’s like everything living or alive or sending whatever that means to you. And the world, the universe, I like almost the universal mean, I say go bigger, go home. And the reason that was beneficial again, it takes your thoughts off of the things that are worrying you or bothering you. And also allows you to think of some other people and wish them well. You know, without judgment,

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think of

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your mother, your wife, kids, you can think of your dog and wish them well. And, again, takes your mind off of the things that are bothering you. And making you kind of crazy. So I hope that you can take a look at these implement them in your life, you don’t have to believe really in anything except for the miracle that you are and the fact that these are practices that are spiritually derived and can be a benefit to you. Cost is Zilch. For you to try this shit out. And if it works, and pastic if it doesn’t move on, you know don’t struggle with it. If it’s not if you’re like, you know this shit doesn’t I should be should be working on why it’s not working for me. That’s not the point of this. The point of it is to try it out. That works. Cool. That doesn’t. Okay. Don’t worry about maybe Now’s not the time move on and go try something else. So that is a that’s it from spirits dope today. Hope you have a great day and we’ll catch you later.

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