Do you want better habits, a better mood and a connection to your true self?

Then stop talking about it
and let’s get you to BE about it…

Take a big hit of Spiritual Dope.

How can you bridge the gap between where you are now
and where you want to be?

That’s the question people have been asking for centuries.

You’re busy, though. Life is hectic.

You can feel disconnected from the most powerful parts of yourself—the real you.

It’s a shame, and most people aren’t willing to access their full potential.

This can look like a lack of motivation, a feeling of numbness, a lack of pep in the step.

How can you get in touch with the real you?

Are you willing to make this change?

Some tools we will use include:

Throat Punch the Morning with your Vision practice…

as Jim Rohn used to say… You start the day by ending the day, motherfucker. (as the beastie boys would say, they watered down his Yoohoo)

Touch your Highest Self Without Guilt…

That’s right… namaste fool… start your morning off with a healthy ass meditation practice… no time for that you say?  You may want to check that attitude at the door…

You keep saying you want clarity… that’s gonna come from your core… you gotta radiate, like straight star shine.

Move that Body…

Is that a Red Bull in your hands all loaded up with Taurine… you ever look that word up!?  Don’t.

Guess what your body doesn’t need… an overabundance of energy so that you can bug out each time you hear a floorboard creak.

Something that will do your body a solid is to RELEASE some of that toxicity… maybe start running in place… do some high energy push ups… your heart was meant to to act a dynamic device and you have been treating it like a metronome… stuck on the same beat for the past 20 years…elevate the beats… flush out those nasty poisons… you’re gonna do at least 5 minutes of that a day…this could save your soul… don’t just take my word for it…here is the science for you:

Recent evidence supports the contention that HIIT elicits higher fat oxidation in skeletal muscle than other forms of exercise. Similarly, HIIT is a good stimulus to increase maximal oxygen uptake (VO2max).

AKA its gonna save your soul, just like I said.

Maybe you were looking for the hippies that are smoking weed, chanting mantras, looking deeply into each others’ eyes and having loving embraces and aaaaaaaaaaalllll that shit….

Maybe you should gotten out of bed earlier today cuz you just missed ‘em.

Keep that momentum going you are UNSTOPPABLE, and stay away from  hugs, that’s a massive slowdown and we are getting you Spiritually Fit, straight aerodynamic!

Put down that 6 month old Cosmo, turn off Facebook, Tiktok and all that other shit… your likes, wow faces, and chakra colored hearts will all be there when you get back… they got their hooks in  your deep, its time to break those chains.

Pick up some kind of timeless reading material… bury you face in the pages of that thing… is that an e-reader?

Not on my watch!

Go pick up a book… stuffed with old musty paper… that’s ancient wisdom you’re smellin’… the new stuff is all fluff…

You want something that’s gonna give you a workout… something that is going to strengthen that mind of yours.

Read something deep that hasn’t been on the New York Times bestseller list… what you’re looking for are power seeds for your infinitely fertile mind… it’s time to get your rows hoed!

This is that straight spiritual dope that will get you started… you don’t need another course telling you to 10x, what we are doing here is maximizing the 1x badass that you already are.

Struggling on the real?

This may not be for you, this is for people who are in a position to change their fucking lives… maximize their spiritual capacity.

Initiating TRUE change… the kind of change that doesn’t have an exit sign… mostly because you burned the boats, the bridges and tossed out every busted up story that wasn’t serving you any more… you will literally demolish the old you and metaphysically retune your core being from the inside out… META meaning PRE physics… the old you will quite literally be, eradicated.

Sorry, not sorry.

Spiritual Life Coach Brandon Handley’s Passion Project

What kind of jerk decides to become a spiritual coach?

Hey there, thanks for swinging on over to Spirtual Dope… I think thats a great question to ask… who makes that decision? What goes into spiritual coaching? What qualifies you to be a spiritual life coach?

How would you like to truthfully say that your life and career is a passion project?

Here is the road I took….

Step one was to overcome some of my own limitations… I had the same feeling when I started my Life Coaching Business for fathers… what gave me the audacity?

The real question is… why was I asking permission to be great?

I have a passion for unlocking your potential, as it had been done for me through the coaching process as well.

What I found though, was that by unlocking this power, there was much more behind it than simply achieving any goal I set my mind too, it was much more than having a vision board and manifestation of crazy amounts of money without effort.

What I found through study, action, theory application, and actual experience, was that I had tuned into my spirit which had been terribly neglected by me for my entire life, even though I had been raised to be aware of my self or if you are so inclined, the soul, the Atman, samsara, maya, the universe, creative energy, source energy, 5D self…

You see, I grew up with the influence of Gen 1 hippy, born in San Francisco at the tail end of the 70s, and my mother taught me about the great teachers such as Buddha and Jesus among many others… she also allowed for me to explore life on my own… freedom to form my own ideas on the way the world worked… we were also quite transient, which allowed for the opportunity to experience many different places and cultures across the lands.

I tell you this as while I was going through my own coaching (which was sales coaching that turned into life coaching) , beginning to do inner work on myself, along with a meditation practice and physical activity… I was broadsided by what many would call a spiritual awakening, others would call it existential crisis, midlife crisis etc… which is what many people would call it IF they didn’t have the knowledge that I did via my upbringing… I understood what it was that I was going through, that doesn’t mean it was welcome or that I understood what to do with it!

This is where I began listening to podcasts and new that I wanted to create my own podcast and coaching practice for fatherhood, I went in deep studying parenting and coaching nonstop… I picked up reading again, sometimes up to 10 books a month as I devoured everything that I felt could contribute to not only sharing my story, but supporting others to discover that the most powerful element of themselves had been neglected… how to coax that out of them and to see them blaze in the way they wanted to blaze…

There was a tremendous amount of fear involved with this process… the thing is I took it one step at a time and I made a shit ton of critical mistakes… and at the same time… I was growing beyond anything I had ever imagined.

My home life was drastically impacted… I was now being the primary influence on my children… not only was I telling them that they could become whoever they saw themselves becoming…. I was living the same thing right before their eyes.

At work, I became more relaxed, I had more energy and through coaching and study I was able to focus and apply this new knowledge and attitude with great success, not only did I literally double my income in the process, but I secured roles that I had previously thought were outside of the reach of someone who was a high school drop out. Who I thought I was vs who I was showing up as were two totally different people, and I had been selling myself short.

I had already been tapped into influences such as Alan Watts & Wayne Dyer… and had begun to tune into the likes of Abraham Hicks and Bob Proctor and the whole land of Law of Attraction…

Again, I devoured this content… all of this was a part of who I was becoming… 100’s of hours content and work is probably selling it short.

I began to manifest with great ease and understand the practice and ultimately believe in it… however, there are some aspects of it that simply don’t sit with me as I am today… and fundamentally believe that it is a practice that is limited by my humanity.

What could that even mean?!

I understood that I am pretending to play god in that scenario… or pretending that I know better than the universe, what is best for me…
That lands us kinda where we are today… I have been going through a shift for years now and understand what it is like to go through this process, to live through this process and how to integrate it into all aspect of your life leveraging coaching tools as well as pulling from the vast library of education that I have been studying over these past few years.

In addition, I firmly believe that I can help you as you enter into this phase of your life or even if you are in the midst of this phase… I also believe that you don’t need to submit yourself to wearing the typical hippy gear, wear sandals, dump patchouli out everywhere like its the CBD cure… you could be a high level executive who has been caught up in the curse of the golden handcuffs, an office worker, sales person, manager who is making the transition from ambition to meaning.

You can certainly achieve spiritual highs and you can have success without limits which is inclusive of fantastic health, wellness, and rewarding life, which is will, without a doubt include joy & happiness all while earning money.

Join me as I can help you to focus in on what you want and ignore everything that up until now you have felt was missing.

You don’t need to go out and do more, or even be more than who you already are… what you do need to do is realize who you are and the truly limitless potential of what you’re capable of, and that is what I am here to guide you through.


  • Achology (Academy of Modern Applied Psychology) Practitioner Certificate
  • Six Star Coaching Certification
  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy Certification through Achology
  • NLP Practioner Certification