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They are here to empower spiritual beings to tap into their fullest potential. They share memories & experiences to inspire and uplift you. Remember you are authentic, unique and there is only ONE YOU!

They are two women who love to chat about all the in-depth experiences, opportunities, and growth that we have navigated our way through.

They love life, and they love growing and they love hearing about other people‘s perspectives. Their conversations steam from their personal experiences, memories, and knowledge that they have gathered along the way.

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Unknown Speaker 0:00
Your journey has been an interesting one up to hear you’ve questioned so much more than those around you. You’ve even questioned yourself as to how you could have grown into these thoughts. Am I crazy? When did I begin to think differently? Why do people in general appear so limited as Bob process? Rest assured, you are not alone, the world is slowly waking up to what you already know inside yet can’t quite verbalize. Welcome to the spiritual dough podcast, the show that answers the questions you never even knew to ask. But he’s the answers to questions about you this world, the people in it? And most importantly, how do I proceed? Now moving forward? We don’t have all the answers, but we sure do love living in the question. Time for another head of spiritual dub with your host, Brandon Handley. Let’s get right into today’s episode.

Brandon Handley 0:40
One, hey, there’s spiritual dope. I’m on here today with Devin and tomarrow of the Align and rise podcast. And they’re here to empower spiritual beings to tap into their fullest potential. They share memories and experiences to inspire and uplift you. Remember you are authentic, unique, and there’s only one you they are two women who love to chat about all the in depth experiences, opportunities and growth that you they have navigated throughout their way. They love life growing and they love to hear other people’s perspective. They love to hear other people. So demonstra thanks for having being here

Unknown Speaker 1:21
today. Thanks for having us.

Unknown Speaker 1:24
We’re super excited. Thank you. This is our very first interview. On another podcast. We’re usually the ones doing the interviewing. So this is really exciting.

Brandon Handley 1:34
Well, yeah, right. Yeah. Well, you had me on and that was part of the conversation. And I think that there was the jet. I said, Hey, how can I support you guys? Right? And you were like, Go big or go home? It wasn’t exactly like that. I was like, You know what? Okay, probably was it says, you know, what, if we what if we were on your podcast? Like hell yeah. Right. So it’s kind of a no brainer. So thanks for thanks for being on. This is actually my first one where I’ve interviewed two people simultaneously as a unit got alive and rise here. So I’d be interested to hear your response here. One of the ways that I look at this whole thing that we’re doing right, we’re sending an amplified communication out to the universe, as it were, and we ourselves are all vessels of creative source energy, whatever, right? We express that throughout whatever we’re doing. And sometimes the answers and come conversation that we have, is going to be heard by somebody on the other end, it’s just like, wow, I really needed that today, right? And my question to the both of you is, what is that message that’s coming through you today that you need to share with the universe?

Unknown Speaker 2:59
When we’re both looking at each, usually,

Unknown Speaker 3:03
let’s talk first

Unknown Speaker 3:08
just throws me in the spotlight. I think honestly, for us, like, we’ve had so many incredible opportunities come up on this journey of growth. And we could have thrown the towel in 100 times. But recognizing that we are here for something bigger, and we were created with a purpose, we’ve understood, throwing in the towel is not an option. We’ve learned that we are here to serve others. And we were given the opportunity to start podcasting and being able to serve others through that. And I think the biggest message is honestly just to hear what’s on your heart, and understand that that is placed there specifically for you, as an individual, nobody else gets that dream that you have on your heart. And just to chase it, and to go after it with as much love and tenacity and enthusiasm as possible. And it’s gonna feel hard and it’s gonna feel tough, but you just have to keep going.

Unknown Speaker 4:12
Mm hmm. Well, and sometimes like, I think that in that space as well, when you’re going through stuff, it’s sometimes it feels like the same stuff, kind of repeat it’s like, term that I heard was rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat. And those are like lessons in life that we get to go through in order to get to the next place where you get to do something different another rinse and repeat until you learn from that and, and what I feel is that it’s really nice to be able to, excuse me, get a cough in my throat is to have that with someone else where that person can Be there for you recognize things and very lovingly bring that to you. I just got like that frog in my throat like the worst time was like a tickle. I don’t know why

Brandon Handley 5:16
there’s never a good time for a frog in the throat must be, let’s be clear there so

Unknown Speaker 5:20
well it’s like literally it’s like feels like it’s going into my left eye right now. Anyways, that’s a Crazy Frog. Ah, yes, anyways, so that’s the other view here.

Brandon Handley 5:30
Yeah, we’re gonna be here to help you recover. That’s gonna be the first thing we’re here for. So I enjoy, you know, the idea that we’re here for a bigger purpose, we can satisfy a number of our own personal needs, and even our family’s needs. And still, it seems kind of like, we’re not giving all that we’ve got right, we’re not feeling as though we’re contributing, I think that what you’re talking about is the idea of contributing to the greater good and the whole. And, and in a way that you’re doing doing it. That’s being led by the heart. It’s kind of what I’m getting from the both you and then the idea to that. Being able to do it with each other, the way that you two are and having that kind of support mechanism. And I think it was Devin, you were talking about, you know, being able to, you know, basically call somebody out on their bullshit but lovingly, or vice versa. Right, be like, Hey, how do we how do I, you know, I see that you’re, you know, sometimes somebody doesn’t respond to like, I see that you’re struggling? How can I help? And sometimes it’s got to be done in another way. But still from a place from the heart. And it sounds like that’s what the two of you have found with each other. And you’re working. You’re scaling that by doing your podcast? Is that fair? Yeah. I love that. Like it’s called heartland.

Unknown Speaker 7:09
Yeah, absolutely. And we have realized, we tried one podcast having like, kind of a guideline and a script, I feel like it was a little bit of a disaster. And we have realized that intuitive, that that’s us, we we just follow our heart and we listen to our gut. That’s what we speak from. We don’t have a script, we don’t have questions. Even the interviews that we’ve done, have all just been intuitive and heartless, and that feels so good. And I think that’s really helped our relationship where we’ve come together to have that peace to lean on one another, and to call each other out on those things. And it’s honestly, like, I can’t hide anything from Devin to try. It’s like, okay, like, you’re not doing this, tell me what’s going on. It’s like the floodgates open. And then we just have this like, yes, that’s how I’m feeling. I couldn’t put it into words, and you felt it and you figured it out. And just having this place of zero judgment of complete, just love. Just knowing that it doesn’t matter what we’re going through, we’re always gonna get through it together. And it’s been really cool to have this platform podcasting together, because we get to share those experiences with other people and serve them while we grow at the same time and then share that story of growth. And it’s just really been the coolest experience.

Brandon Handley 8:42
Sounds like yeah, I would call it like, acceptance and action. Right, and you to have found, you know, a friendship, a partnership, where it’s, you know, you accept each other for who you are and what you’re going through, and, and you’re helping each other forward in a supportive manner towards towards your dreams, right, the two of you put this podcast together, you were talking, we were talking a little bit before we got going here. You know, how there’s been some stumbling blocks in what it is that you’re doing, which I want to get to. But what I wanted to really hit on first is like, right, you know, for me, this is my third podcast, right? My first one was on fatherhood, which was cool, no one diver. Second one was on, you know, prosperity, law of attraction type stuff, also great. But then I was like, fuck it, like I’m really just kind of hiding behind this curtain of, you know, like this, you know, Wizard of Oz style, where like, I’m not really talking about what’s on my heart, which is spirituality and leaning into that. And since I’ve done that, it’s been awesome. Right? So my question is, you know, what made you to decide spirituality was was was your, your kind of lean in and go forward thing and let’s talk about how you found yourselves there.

Unknown Speaker 9:58
That’s going to be different quite like that’s very, that’s looks so different. I would like to I would like to leave this one tomorrow because I think this actually has to be love for you too. I think this actually like my, my spirituality and how I have found so much love and acceptance from Tamara. So like, to kind of give you the backstory, Tamara and I went to youth group together for years. And in high school. Here, as I say, like two I was only in Creston for two years when and started going to church and Tamara joined and she’s younger than like a monk. Yeah, she’s younger than me. And we were going and so we were like, very much like we got called, like Holy Rollers and stuff. We were part of the Pentecostal church, we were called a lot of things that we found like community, which was great. And then I got married really young at 21 had four kids ended up separating from my x, and I’ve been separated now for six years. Last God just completely dropped God in every way, don’t talk to me about him, I’m never setting foot in another church, I felt very hurt, very betrayed from just like everything that went on in the relationship that I liked. And in that time, Tamara started reaching out to me through Beachbody. And we kind of started talking and then I joined eventually under her and so we started having more of a relationship and, and bringing up our friendship from the past. And what I had found was as I was journeying through like both of us, I would say, really, our spiritual journey both started is about six years ago, for both of us where there was like this. Right, like, like a hard line, like you were talking about line. And that’s like your thing lately, tomorrow’s like line in the sand. This was like a hard interval is very different places, but a hard line. And we started kind of growing, and probably two years without each other of just growth. And then we really started stepping into each other’s life. What I had found was going from the state of like, I was very devout to church and everything for a long time, and then completely losing myself to all of it. Like I went down to the very bottom of the bottom with that, like, I felt very lost, I felt alone, didn’t know what I was doing, knew that I wanted to I needed needed spirituality on some level. And I just didn’t know what that was gonna look like, because I had lost all of my faith. And through all of everything that I have been through, Tamara has been there and held my hand, watched me cry, loved me, never judged me. She was going to church, he was going, she never judged me. There was not a single time that and maybe she maybe she did, but she let it go, right? If she did have any judgments, but she was there, she loved me. And that created open space. And gave me grace gave me forgiveness, to realize that tomorrow was like the example of what a person going to church should look like. And it led me Not that I’m going back to church, not that I’m stuck. Like, I’m not doing that, um, I found my own spirituality in just believing that God is or the universe or the source energy, whatever you want to call it is around us all the time. But it allowed me to get some forgiveness for myself, and for the people around me because of the scars that were there when I left my relationship. So for me, spirituality is more than just finding within yourself. It’s like also the other people that are around you, they get to support you and love you and love like, Jesus love, right? Like, that’s, that’s what tomorrow. I mean, this is just tomorrow, right? This is one person I’ve had other people in my life who are very spiritual in different ways, and we’re, we’re just all connected. And that spirituality to me is like, there is spirituality doesn’t see any hard lines of like your, you know, your Jehovah’s Witness your Mormon, your Pentecostal your Catholic it, it should never see that it should just be like we are one we are connected. And we need to love each other period.

Brandon Handley 14:39
Like it, you know, really sounds sounds like the six year journey for you. And kind of, you know, this just loss of spirituality. Which I kind of I do want to dig into that a little bit. I love how you guys correct me if I’m wrong, but Beachbody MLM yes or no Yeah, I love how you guys reconnected through like an MLM. Right? Like you always hear horror stories, but this sounds like a good one. And you know, so it was

Unknown Speaker 15:09
really funny because I sent the worst messages back then.

Brandon Handley 15:13
No doubt, no doubt, right? I mean, I think absolutely, that’s right. That’s part of the path. And trust me, again, I know, right? You’re just like, you know, hey, this is what you’re supposed to say. I’m sure I’ll say this. Everybody’s by my shit. You’d be a great salesperson anyways. You’d be great at this. So let’s hear a little bit on your side. And then we can kind of unpack some of this stuff.

Unknown Speaker 15:40
Yeah, absolutely. So as Devin was saying, we both grew up in the Pentecostal church, like I went to, I think it was called, like the school or something. It was like church before kindergarten, preschool, basically, but in a church. So like, my grandma grew up in the Pentecostal church, my aunts, uncles, on my mom’s side of the family, all very, like spiritual. And that was there, we prayed, we all of the things that of course, like had my years through my teen years, where I struggled and all of the things. But really, the last six years for sure, coming up seven, so my youngest, after he was born, I struggled and hit rock bottom with postpartum, though worst depression and anxiety I’ve ever experienced in my whole entire life. And for me, I leaned in so hard to my faith and my relationship with God, I’m just becoming closer with him praying, really just leaning on family and reaching out to those family members who were, you know, Christian in my family, who believed in faith, who believed in prayer, who believed in coming together, and just like leaning on all of that. And so I just think it’s really cool how, around the same time frame, Dev was literally falling apart and losing her faith. And I was leaning in hard, and like how we both came together to this place where we are now. So that was really where everything kind of started for me. But it turned into not so much just like that. God relationship, the heart relationship with my heavenly Father, it was like, I didn’t know who I was. I had no idea what that even looked like, I was a mom, I had these kids, I was struggling, life sucked. I was literally surviving and just getting through my days. And I remember my son was 10 months old, and I was depressed, and I was binge eating. And I was doing all of these things that I thought happiness was somewhere in there. And I remember just like that line in the sand, there has to be more I need to feel more than this. Like this can’t just be it for the rest of forever, where I just get up and I just survive through my days. And I raised my kids and I’m unhappy. And that was where I really started seeking more of a relationship inner of who I was. And I started doing that work inside that healing work that working through anxiety, working through the Depression, that I was feeling, letting go of those things. And really, opening up to this whole world of like, who I was, as an individual, I was a mum really young. And I lost that when I became a mom, I was just a mom and I was just a wife and I was just a whatever. And I didn’t have this, I didn’t know who I was. And so that was sort of my journey back into figuring out who I was letting go of those people pleasing tendencies of worrying about other people’s opinions and really, truly just getting to the core of who I am. And that sort of got this direction that I moving in like and it feels so freeing and it feels so good. And just to realize everybody has their own spiritual journey, not one person doesn’t look the same. And I’ve realized like I used to have this very narrow view of it’s only the church it’s only this is only one way it has to be God it has to be that I’ve realized like I love hearing like stories from Jay Shetty love Him the whole journey of a monk Buddhism like all everybody has this universal God that they serve. And that that that is love like like Devin said we’re we’re here to love people. And it doesn’t matter where we find that love or what that looks like or feels like to each of us because it’s different and different. is beautiful.

Brandon Handley 19:53
I mean look right with without without without those differences, then then it’s kind of kind of boring, right? You got this same show, one was going all the way back to the beginning when he talked about was it rinse and repeat same stuff, right, you’re gonna see the same thing over and over again. There’s no chance for revision or something else, right? I always think about the whole idea that to have like, if you know what tomorrow is gonna be like, it’s gonna be kind of easy, right, kind of, like Groundhog’s Day. You know, you do like, the great thing about like, knowing that tomorrow is gonna be the same as today, like, Okay, well, since, what, whatever it say it was like, I can make tomorrow better by eliminating some of the things that didn’t work and doing more of the things that did. Right. And as for, you know, I kind of talk What I mean is that it’s not fun, right? You found yourself in survival mode, like, you know, binge eating and things like that, and looking for happiness not and of course, like, sometimes you think you’re happy when you’re eating that ice cream, like cookies and cream it’s in? I’m happy in this moment. But like you’re crying at the same time, like, why is

Unknown Speaker 21:05
your bag of chips at 3am.

Brandon Handley 21:09
But it also it also, you know, sounds like you do, we’re stuck in your identity, crisis of identity. You go from you go from you know, kind of school to being a parent, there’s no time for you to discover who you are as a person. Right? Because you, you haven’t spent that time as an individual. And then now you’re giving all that you are and who you are, to like this family and and to your point, you’re like, Hey, I’m just trying to find some Hi, how can I be happy? How can I be me? Outside of this cog in the system? Right. It sounds to me like that’s kind of where you got caught, right? And then finding, leaning into your spiritual, I was kind of funny, you mentioned, you know, you you were leaning in, and you you were finding your religion in Devon was losing hers, right? It’s kind of what was going on. But at the same time, you too, were, you know, able to grab hold of each other again, and just say, hey, you know, tomorrow for us, like, you know, the more I dig into this, the more I’m finding my face. And Devin for you, you’re like, the further I get away from it, the more that I find that I need it, and finding you know what work for you. He has figured that out sounds like kind of together, right? And as you’re talking tomorrow sounds to me also, like, it’s liberating to be connected to spirit, right connected to whatever that looks like for you. And as you’re saying, like, everybody’s journey is gonna be a little different. I know that after I kind of went through my own awakening experience, like, this is how it’s gonna be for you. And this is how it’s gonna be. And then you’re gonna go up against like, you know, your journey. And oh, and then when you tripped over this hole in the ground, this is where you’re going to be I know exactly where you are. Right? And I don’t, I can’t, right, because your journey is gonna be like you said, 100% 100% your own. So you too. Yeah, lost it. Yeah, pulled it back together. And now like, you’ve kind of pulled it back together, you’ve got this platform, what’s your intent with it now kind of going forward? And like, what are some of the what are some of the challenges that you’re having?

Unknown Speaker 23:34
To do you

Unknown Speaker 23:39
I just feel like I wanted to touch on one more thing. And this basically led to it. So this whole like parenting thing. Devin is really helped me realize, like in that whole losing your identity and finding yourself and like, I still have these moments where I’m like, my kids need me all the time. And Devon’s like, they’re not gonna die when you’re doing the things that you want to do. So, this has been, like a really good lesson for me, but we’re a busy family, my kids are doing all the things and I’m running here, and I’m doing this and like, I feel like, this might not come out. Right, but like, they depend on me. It’s already not coming out, right? Maybe I want them to depend on me more than they actually do. Maybe that’s it, that feels really shitty to say.

Brandon Handley 24:37
Look, I mean, I mean, and that’s part of that’s part of just saying all right, well, it’s it’s it’s a work in progress, right? It’s like identifying that me like, is that true? Right. That’s just kind of one of those things that you can kind of go through as an exercise be like, you know, I don’t know. Not for nothing to air, but nobody’s knocked on your door and like a half hour.

Unknown Speaker 24:58
I know. Right? This is they’re fine. They’re, they’re thriving downstairs. So yeah, just like little thing was we were eating in a podcast today. And then my son needed me. And I was like, Deb, like, my kiddo needs me. And we were gonna meet up in podcasts. And I like, texted her and I was like, I’m like, feeling all the things and I’m sitting in it, and I’m just letting and letting it go. And she calls me she’s like, okay, like, what’s happening, and like, helped me unpack how I’m feeling. And it was like, I’m trying to cram all of these things in one day. And this is how I explained it. I was like, Wednesday’s were, we’re typically podcasting days, that’s what we did. And then they turned into, like, my only day off. And now all of these other things are piling up, and I’m trying to balance it all and fit it into one day, which is affecting our podcasting. Because, obviously, I can’t balance all the things that I was like, that fills my cup. Lately, Wednesday’s feel like, you know, when you put a cup in the sink, and you crank the water on and like, the waters just splashing out of the cup, and none of it staying in there. Because it’s like, full force, and then you shut the water off and the cups just empty. I pray for water fresh Alex basically.

Brandon Handley 26:19
Yes, like that. I get it. So, you know, you’re, it sounds like you’re going through, you know, just kind of the growth mode, right, of how to make it all work and how to, you know, this is the thing that you want to be doing. And I think we talked a little bit at the beginning, like, you know, universe is gonna throw like little things that you’d be like, Are you sure that’s what you want to do? And, you know, you’ve got to kind of work through that to show the universe that God however you want to look at it. Right that, yeah, this is the thing I want to be doing. So stop fussing with it.

Unknown Speaker 26:51
Right. It’s like the little squirrel on the tree, like throwing nuts. That’s it? And you’re like, where’s this?

Brandon Handley 26:58
So, you know, look, parent parenting, I think is one of those things where, again, yeah, we want them. We, it’s a challenge. We want them to want us sometimes more than they actually need us. And even that’s a challenge, right? As we’re growing, because like, What do you mean, you don’t need me anymore? So and again, that just caused you to kind of go back into the womb I identity questions, what am I attached to? Right, just another opportunity to look at your attachments of yourself and all that other. Egotistical shifted, I don’t know how to talk to so all good there. But as so look, you got it, you guys are figuring it all out. Right? And you’re working it through. So what’s, you know, what’s on the rise for a line and rise? What are you guys looking to do with this platform? Oh,

Unknown Speaker 27:49
man, we Well, here’s the thing. We, we I think that that the really cool thing about doing something that you don’t know, is that you constantly get to learn. And so, I mean, we’ve taken so many pivots, we’ve turned so many times already, like, we don’t know exactly where we’re headed. But we we I mean, we, we have some ideas, we have some thoughts about where we’re where we’re going, but it feels like every time that we do something, you always have something else that’s kind of up the ante and up the ante, you know, like, it’s like, you know, when we first started the podcast, and, you know, we’re learning all these things, and doing all these things and recording that we never knew how to do to begin with. So we do those things. And we’re like, Okay, now we’re good. And then we’re like, we’re not interviewing anybody, obviously, we’re just gonna do and then now we started interviewing, and now we’re being interviewed. And now we’re starting to do tic TOCs. And now we’re starting to Instagram lives. And so we don’t really know. But that’s the beauty of just having trust and faith that the universe has your back. And that when you believe that your intuition is always guiding you and that it’s never wrong, then you open up freedom and space to constantly pivot and constantly move. And that’s kind of I think, and Americans speak for, for herself in this point, that that’s kind of where it feels like we’re headed is just that we’re constantly moving. And we’re constantly like, this is one moment that, you know, with the block, shall we call it but it’s not even really a block. It’s just like, we’re there together. We’re pointing it out together. She’s like, Yes, I see this clearly. Let’s move through it. How can I and then so she’s figuring out like, Hey, I just got to free up one more day for myself so I can get these things done. And then I can focus on this. Just podcasts on this day, because she wants it and so you know, you’re talking about you know the universe saying Oh, do you wanted enough? Well, We want this it just happens that we are two people. And we’re both affected. Because it’s ours. It’s I’m not just finding rise. I’m it’s Tamara and Devin that is aligned in rise. So I feel like then a book that we’re reading the 12 week year, he talks about accountability. But he said, accountability is never like someone else, you know, you don’t get to blame someone else when you don’t do something. Accountability is just so that that person can help you measure your goals and make sure that you’re staying on track, but it’s still yours. You know, we have this tainted view of like, accountability, that that part in this book, really, because I think a lot of times people are like, just keep me accountable. And then if you don’t like if you’re not like, Hey, did you work out? Hey, did you work out? They’re like, Oh, you didn’t keep me? No, no, no, no, no, you’re accountable for you. I’m here to help you, I’m here to help, you know, guide you, but you still have to go push play, and you still have to lift the weights. And so that’s, um, you know, how we’re getting over any blocks that we come up, this isn’t the first time like that, you know, we’ve headed over a block and and then we just take a turn, because maybe something may be slowing us down so that we could see this thing over here that we’re really interested in. And that’s kind of so we’re really, I think, just focused on being guided by our own intuition. And, you know, call it spirituality call it whatever. Yeah, that’s where tomorrow, I don’t know if you have anything else to add. But

Unknown Speaker 31:33
I just want to add that we, I think I started this, like, we had a little woman’s conference with our book club a couple years ago. And I kind of started this, everything works out exactly as it’s supposed to. And it didn’t matter what it was, every time something would happen. We’d feel like there was like a little stone thrown in the way or like a blip in our plan. I would just say that. And I’m really leaning into that right now. Like all of the things that kind of feel tough and a little bit gray and a little bit like where are we going? It like Deb said it’s honestly just leaning in trusting the process. And just really trusting that everything works out exactly as it’s supposed to.

Brandon Handley 32:18
Really, like Joseph Campbell, follow your bliss kind of thing. You guys are working. Is that what I’m hearing?

Unknown Speaker 32:25
Yeah. We I’ve never heard of him, but it sounds great. Oh,

Brandon Handley 32:32
that’s terrible. I have to boot you know,

Unknown Speaker 32:36
maybe just send me a link.

Brandon Handley 32:39
I guess I could do that. That doesn’t seem as aggressive or anything like that.

Unknown Speaker 32:42
Does that make you nicer?

Brandon Handley 32:46
No shock factor there.

Unknown Speaker 32:50
So one thing I do want to add, though, is go ahead if that’s okay. Yeah. In terms of like, where we’re heading to is we’re just like constantly pivoting and moving and what wherever we’re supposed to be as where we’re supposed to be one of our biggest part of our vision, I guess the biggest part of it. Yeah, our dream is to, again, we have no idea what it looks like. But we see ourselves like speaking on stages, we would love to host a conference, like a mindset conference, where we’re focusing on, like, our health and wealth and spiritual, all of the things to do with like, this growth journey, and just sharing tips and tricks and coming together with other people that have things that they can offer to serve other people in creating something really big and fun out of it.

Brandon Handley 33:46
Yeah, let me look, it’s kind of like, um, before coming on this podcast, because sometimes speak that out loud, right? Because sometimes we hold these dreams and and we’re like, Ah, I’m not gonna tell anybody. Just go eat, see what happens. Not gonna tell anybody this is what I want, though speaking it into a corner, but like, you know, speaking some of that stuff out loud to the people that you know, so they know, right? Like, you know what, I was talking to somebody else that would like to do something similar. How can I connect you guys, right? So I think that, you know, in terms of sharing that type of information, what is your vision? What does that look like for you? And for others that are tuning in? They can they might, you know, a hear your journey and be like, Hey, I would like to start a podcast with a friend and what’s that look like? It looks like not knowing what you’re doing and then going to do it. Right, which is, you know, that’s the first step for a lot of anybody, right? Just make a decision to go ahead and do it. How do you feel, you know, a big part two of all this is now that you feel like you’re connected spiritually. You know, how do you how do you feel like You’re integrating that like every day sounds to me, like, you know, what was what was your mantra earlier tomorrow? Like, yeah, this is meant to be. Everything works out exactly.

Unknown Speaker 35:11
Works out exactly as it’s supposed to. Yeah.

Brandon Handley 35:15
We know, one of the questions I’ve certainly gotten before is like he without, without, like, definite vision or a plan? Is anybody beating you up on that you know,

Unknown Speaker 35:26
at all? About it having a vision or plan? Well, you know, it’d

Brandon Handley 35:30
be like, what’s your plan, you need to have a plan, you gotta have a plan. If you don’t have anything that you don’t have a target, where are you gonna go? You know, is that anybody? Anything that’s come up in your conversations? Are you just again, you know, following following your face?

Unknown Speaker 35:43
Hmm. Well, I remember having this conversation about not having expectations. And that’s not like, we don’t give a shit. No expectations. It’s honestly, and Deb can touch more on this, because I love how she says it. But basically, like, if we have this narrow path of where we’re going, there’s so many things we’re gonna miss out on. Because we’re, we have our blinders on. And we’re like, this is this one thing that we want. There’s so many other things for us. And if we’re just like, hey, no expectations, the world is our oyster. We have so many more opportunities to grow and pivot along the way, because we have we see see more opportunities. Mm hmm.

Unknown Speaker 36:27
Yeah, I, we that was our beginning of our year that we started out with the no expectations, like I had done a week in the giant in Book Club. I think it was just me, and maybe one of the other girls, because it’s like a massive book by Tony Robbins. And he even says in there, he talks about how so this like, actually ended up playing into our conversation when we started talking about it in January of last year, because I had read the book in November, December. And so it was like, he talks about how like, it’s good to get like goals, like you can say I want to live in a house on the ocean. But he said, You don’t have to be like, it has to be blue with yellow shutters. And it has to look exact, he’s like, it doesn’t have to be that specific. And then when you do that, it’s like, so limited to like, it has to look exactly like this, or I am not accepting it. And what that just doesn’t feel good. So like, we have decided that this like last year, for example, that our our plans are, what they are like we we have this plan to host a conference, our friend owns. She just bought a motel last year, and she’s working on creating a retreat center. That’s happening, her dreams, and ours are aligning. We’ve talked about it with her, we’ve discussed it, we’ve dreamt we’ve had these visions, and we’ve had visions separately, all three of us. And then we share them to each other. We’re like, this is what I saw. And this is you know, like. And so there’s this beautiful part, that makes me really excited that like, I can only dream up of mostly like what we create, unless we sit down very intentionally, to dream really, really big, which most of us do not do. We know what we know. And we’re like, Well, I guess, you know, like, you could say, well, you know, you don’t have a car, you’re like, Well, I guess I could just like maybe maybe I could just get like a Honda Civic or something. But when you’re required to dream big, you’re like, you need to ask for like, you know, a McLaren or like a Lamborghini. Or like, it’s, we’re not. And I think that we get like, held down by that we get held down by the fact that we you know, it’s just like just just down here. Just ask for the things down here. But in reality, the universe is like, what do you want, like, just open it up. And then that thing gets to look like however it wants to look. So if Tamara and I are walking on the path, and we see a window open, we can poke her head through, we don’t have to commit to fully go in there. But we can like look in and see if it’s something that we’ve won. And then if we don’t we just keep going. But we we got to see, we got to see what we liked or what we didn’t want or you know, whatever. Um, I think that’s the beauty of like spiritual journey is the beauty of like, where our podcast is headed. To this we know that it’s headed like this is practice for us. Like all of the stuff that we’re doing all the podcasting being on your show, like this is all practice. There was a time when we first started we were so nervous. I’m sure you can relate to that feeling when you first start a podcast you’re like, it’s like a little jittery and now and I did not like being in front of cameras just asked me I like was not okay with it. And now it doesn’t even faze me. You know. So you get used to these things and it’s like Okay, so now we know this Now we get to level up again, what’s the next step? And what’s? So I think that’s the part I’m most excited about is like, I don’t know what I don’t know. So like, as I level up, I get to see the next thing. And then I’m like, okay, like, this is exciting. And then we go through some more growth and it’s painful. Yeah, exactly. You know,

Brandon Handley 40:21
right, right now, like you’re saying, you know, when you first start off, right, it’s kind of scary. And it’s also, we we ask for the things we think we can get right? Like, I’ll take a Honda, pretty sure I can get a fucking Honda. Like, yeah, but you know, then you’re like, but what I really like is a fleet of McLaren. So they can get one like, every different day and different colors and like, and so you know, but we don’t we, we’ve been taught to, you know, kind of, just keep our heads down and, and work hard and flop. Blah, blah, there’s no fun in that. There’s, it’s, it’s hard to it’s hard to imagine yourself being bigger if you’re, you know, always grinding away, right, something along those lines, at any rate, what I like about sorry, that too, is like, you know, you’re sharing your stories with the other friend who’s gotten the hotel bill in the retreat centers. It’s kind of like synchronicity, right. The things that’s what’s the whole the whole idea of like, you know, what you seek is seeking you type of thing. Yeah, totally. So look, man, I get it, right. No expectations, here’s what we want to do. Here’s how we want to feel why we do it. This is how we already feel while we’re doing what we’re doing. We’re gonna keep doing it. We’re doing something over here. Doesn’t feel right. If it doesn’t align, we can’t rise. I’m gonna run with that. Right? And yes. So thanks for sharing that. Let me get to a part here that I like to get to. Unless there was anything else you wanted to tag on to that last part.

Unknown Speaker 42:01
I’m good.

Unknown Speaker 42:03
Actually, I do. I’m just like a little backstory on like Devin and me and our friend has the hotel. So the three of us actually started a book club together, before we even like, really stepped into this like, journey together. And so yeah, we just like had this little vision of like, oh, let’s like start reading some books together. And now we’re literally planning, mindset and spiritual retreats. World

Brandon Handley 42:32
domination, that’s

Unknown Speaker 42:33
pretty cool. I got world money.

Brandon Handley 42:38
I got that. It’s great. And the thing that you’re you’re seeing is that you’re all helping each other to grow. And more than just like a spiritual sense. And I think that’s pretty cool. So this is a little part that I like to get to, in regards to do even just this whole podcast space, right? So somebody tuned into this podcast or to tune into your podcasts or on their spiritual journey. It’s like a spiritual speed dating session, right? So like, I’m gonna tune in for like, one hour or 30 minutes or whatever, is that this podcast, you know, tickles my spiritual fancy, then I’ll keep hanging out. So in that vein, I’ve actually got two bachelor’s, this will be fun. So I’m going to ask a couple of questions related to spirituality. So let’s see here. Doo doo doo doo. These aren’t that great, but we’ll run with them. Bachelot number one, if you’re in a bad mood. Do you prefer to be left alone or have someone cheer you up?

Unknown Speaker 43:42
Here’s bachelor number one.

Brandon Handley 43:43
Take a choice.

Unknown Speaker 43:47
Your Bachelorette number one? Sure.

Unknown Speaker 43:51
I need to be alone. Definitely alone, like doing some meditating doing some deep breathing. Going for a walk. Like Please don’t talk to me. Because I might say something I regret

Brandon Handley 44:07
Fair enough. Bachelot number two.

Unknown Speaker 44:11
Oh, I get the same. Okay. I also, um, I I’m just trying to think here. I think that initially, I definitely need to be left alone, but I do enjoy like a hug after I’ve processed some things. So then I want someone who like rub my back and give me a hug. But first, yeah, like bath. It’s like bath time. It’s like bubble bath,

Brandon Handley 44:37
or something. Yeah, no, if I’m here and leave me the hell alone. Yeah, I’m gonna have to process this. Yeah. Let’s see. This would be the last one here to do to do tu tu tu. I like to always ask, you know, do you use feel like our current religion is serving us or not? It’s rare that won’t go to you.

Unknown Speaker 45:07
Yep, she’s, she’s Bachelorette number one. Like our current religious.

Brandon Handley 45:13
Like, like, you know, it’s Christina. Oh, yeah, like, for example, like Christianity is Christianity is organized religion serving. So we’re not

Unknown Speaker 45:23
this is a good way. This is how I view juicy. This is how I view so I am not religious, I am Christian. And I feel like the difference is in religion, we are not given a choice. Myself, I view myself as like a Christian who has the choice, I get to choose whether I want to have a relationship with God, in our family growing up, we were never forced to go to church, we had the choice, we had the option if we wanted to, we could, we weren’t put in this box of like, these are the rules. And if you do not follow them, like we’re booting you out. And so my experience as a Christian has just been being accepted and loved for exactly who I am. In all of my rough moments, and my falling and my stumbling. And all of those things I’ve just been showed love and grace. And so I am showing that love and grace to other people. And Deb touched on that earlier when we were talking that, and I didn’t know that you felt so strongly that love for me like I had no idea. And so clearly in hearing that from Deb, it is serving a purpose for me.

Brandon Handley 46:48
I love it. I love it. Devin, what about you? You lost a religion? Yeah, found it. You found spirituality. So let’s do it. Let’s talk about what that look like for you.

Unknown Speaker 46:58
So the question is, do I think that religion is what serves

Brandon Handley 47:04
serving, serving, serving, you know, is religion serving like us? Well,

Unknown Speaker 47:12
oh, this is such a hard one. Because I know I know people who are amazing, that are devout to whatever their faith is.

Brandon Handley 47:24
This one’s just yes for me.

Unknown Speaker 47:25
Oh, I don’t know how to do that without like, I just up my brain, the squirrels are running. And I just feel like I need to think about this for like every single person in the world. I myself, No, I do not think that religion is serving us to the highest purpose. I think that I think that how do I want to word this? We’re humans. And we all are like I wrote this the other day in one of my posts that were just like all like balls of childhood trauma, just like walking around in life with these like tainted perceptions that have been delivered to us, religiously, politically, society, cultural, everything. And we carry that and then we think that we’re right, and then so we take whatever scripture is. That speaks to us, or that were a part of whatever religious sect that we’re a part of, or whatever. And we will sometimes use that to condone behavior or to totally alienate and discriminate behavior as well. And I you can call me maybe like a naive spiritualist. But I have used this so many times in different discussions when we have discussed things that were like push button topics like hot button topics. And I’m like, Can we all just get along? I’m like, if we were just balls of energy floating around in space or heaven, we would not be seeing all the things that we see here on this earth, we wouldn’t see those things. We would just see light, and we would see energy. And it wouldn’t be what we are framing everything to be around down here on Earth. Everything is framed around these different things. And we think that we’re right. And I think when you think that you’re right, and you don’t leave any open doors to listen to other people. I think that’s that is I don’t I don’t agree with it. I don’t I don’t like it. It doesn’t make me feel good. And I have been in that space before

Brandon Handley 49:57
you so you’re saying religion is a bunch of clothes. Doors. I mean, that’s what I’m hearing. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 50:04
I a bunch of closed doors. It can be, I think that it very much can be because people get very stuck. They’re like, this is what it says. And I’m like, Yeah, but then you talk to someone else. Yes. Okay. And so like that has to do with us just being these balls of childhood trauma of loose like things happening. And we created these perceptions. And that’s why we read it that way. Right? It doesn’t make it true. It’s just your truth.

Brandon Handley 50:33
For sure. For sure. Not it’s a course earlier this year. And terminologies was it’s a truth, not the truth. Right. So the truth, of course, that Well, ladies, thank you so much. This has been a blast. I appreciate having you on today. Where can people go and find a little bit more, Tamara and Devin on the line and rise podcast?

Unknown Speaker 51:03
Tomorrow, no, she can throw out?

Unknown Speaker 51:08
Well, I’m waiting for you. So

Unknown Speaker 51:12
I know, we kind of have everything grouped together on our Instagram page, which is a line underscore and underscore rise. And we have our podcast stuff linked there, so you can listen to us. And this is a really good reminder to me, I need to link our tic tock there because we just started some fun little tic TOCs. And our little highlight is like can we have three minutes of your time. And we just have three minute little videos on random topics that we’re feeling that we just like, pour into and that is kind of like our thing. So that’s where you can find this.

Brandon Handley 51:51
Awesome. Awesome. Thanks for having us. Yeah, I

Unknown Speaker 51:56
really hope you enjoyed this episode of the spiritual dough podcast. Stay connected with us directly through spiritual You can also join the discussion on Facebook, spiritual dough, and Instagram at spiritual underscore Joe. If you would like to speak with us, send us an email through Brandon at spiritual dope CO and as always, thank you for cultivating your mindset and creating a better reality. This includes the most thought provoking part of your day. Don’t forget to like and subscribe to stay fully up to date. Until next time, be kind to yourself and trust your intuition.

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