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Ann Hince stopped over on the Spiritual Dope Podcast and had quite a bit to say!

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I am just like many other people. Just like you perhaps? I had a childhood with plenty of trauma and dysfunction. I had PTSD into my 30s, the result of two alcoholic parents. I became a software engineer because it was so comforting to know that logic could work in part of my life, even though it never seemed to work in my chaotic life as a child. In my 30s and 40s I was afforded the luxury of being a stay-at-home mom to my two boys. Realizing how traumatized I still was when my boys were young, I set out to become the calm mom I wanted to be. I changed. Things changed. Life changed. I had no idea where I was heading, I just continued to do “my release work” which is what I called it

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Unknown Speaker 0:00
Your journey has been an interesting one up to hear you’ve questioned so much more than those around you. You’ve even questioned yourself as to how you could have grown into these thoughts. Am I crazy? When did I begin to think differently? Why do people in general appear so limited in this process? Rest assured, you are not alone. The world is slowly waking up to what you already know inside yet can’t quite verbalize. Welcome to the spiritual dough podcast, the show that answers the questions you never even knew to ask, but knew the answers to questions about you, this world, the people in it? And most importantly, how do I proceed? Now moving forward? We don’t have all the answers, but we sure do love living in the question. Time for another head of spiritual dub with your host, Brandon Handley. Let’s get right into today’s episode.

Brandon Handley 0:41
Hey, there’s spiritual dope I’m on here today with and hence, when n was 19, she woke up one morning to find her mother dead in her bathroom. 20 years later, the tears and that trauma were still just under the surface and found a simple technique that helps her release these emotions. But she went further and now can put her awareness inside her body, which she calls insight or in Word sight. And it’s found that seeking out our truth, what we truly feel and accepting those feelings is the key to inner peace. And thanks for hopping on today. Let’s I mean, I mean, I know it sounds dark, but I think we end up in a good place. Absolutely. Yes. Fantastic. Fantastic. And and, you know, thanks for checking out we were talking a little bit here earlier, you checked out a couple of podcasts, you know that like to start us off with the whole idea that we are we’re conduits for Source Energy, right? There’s somebody that’s listening to this podcast today, that’s going to pick up a message that can only be delivered by you through you from source energy today. What is that message that’s coming through today?

ann hince 1:46
A message is that we have so much power inside of us, though, that we’re not aware of until we get there.

Brandon Handley 1:54
What when you say power? What are you talking about? Like I can lift up a car, I can shoot laser beams out of my eyes? What’s happening? Where are we at?

ann hince 2:02
Right? Well, I mean, I’ve got to the place where I can put my awareness inside, I can hold my attention, my focused attention on tension stored in the connective tissue, and it releases. So at this point, I’ve got these X rays that show that I had shifted the whole structure of my skull, but possibly not the whole structure, but a good amount of it right, they’ve actually the bones have actually shifted. So my eye sockets have aligned my jaw, which was way off to the side is now in the center. Mostly, my neck has straighten, they have scoliosis, so it’s straightening my whole body is and talking. And if my tooth roots are grown, so if I can do that, just with focused awareness with no physical manipulation of any kind, then we have a lot of power within us.

Brandon Handley 2:48
sounds super impressive to be sure. I mean, it sounds very Allah Joe Dispenza. Right. Sounds sounds similar that would would you attribute what you’ve done, wholly to an internal awareness? Or would you say that there’s diet and anything else that plays into what you’ve done? What would you distribute it to?

ann hince 3:07
This has been an expansion of awareness from being not aware of anything, right? I have so much resistance inside of me when I started this work. I didn’t even know how I felt right. If someone asked me, How are you doing today, and I would always say, I’m fine. Because I didn’t want to look inside, I had resistance to actually looking inside. So when I found this technique, which is called EFT, it’s very well known 1000s of videos about it online. It’s short for emotional freedom technique was the first thing that really felt like it worked for me, like, it just changed me. I was at a doctor’s appointment. And he asked me, he recognized that I was more stressed than they should be because I was just a stay at home mom with two young boys, I shouldn’t have been that stressed. But he recognized that. And he asked me how stressed I was. And I said it was an eight out of 10. And I knew immediately it was those tears that were still just under the surface from finding my mother 20 years earlier. And he used this technique on with with me for about 15 minutes. And I walked away from that appointment, being able to tell the story of her death to myself, without any emotion. And it just was such a huge change that I knew something significant had happened. So I learned how to use it. And I started using it and that expanded my awareness. I mean, I didn’t even know what that term really meant at the beginning. You know, we use it a lot, but have a deep awareness of what awareness means at this point. And we can get deeper and deeper. So to begin with, I was only aware at the level of words. I knew what it happens, but I didn’t know how I felt about what had happened. And then I became aware of the emotions, the feelings around what happened. And then I became aware of the physical sensations underneath the feelings. So like we might say, you know, we might say we’re angry, but that anger is actually Your set of physical sensations, right, we might have tension in our jaw and in our fists, and maybe our solar plexus, and we call that anger. But you can actually become aware of the physical sensations. And then I found another technique I, like, I worked on worked with another technique that I call feeling your feelings and actually became aware at a deeper level. So I could actually then hold my awareness inside my physical body, which I’d never heard of before. So, you know, I felt like I was doing something. It was just part of the path. I didn’t quite know what I was doing. But I just kept doing it and just released more and more deeper and deep attention.

Brandon Handley 5:43
So it’s funny, right? When you said, we use the word awareness a lot. And to your point, the way that you’re using it, isn’t this external awareness? I know, this is my history, as my mother would always talk about this when I was growing up. Like, like you said, earlier, I was born in San Francisco, late 70s. I mean, you couldn’t really dodged that bullet of having somebody that probably talked a little bit about this, you know, high vibration, energy and awareness. And I always like what I’m, I’m totally aware, I didn’t hit this wall. I didn’t do this, what do you need me to be aware of goodness gracious. And of course, you know, 40 years later, give or take, I’m like, Oh, got it. Check. Right, I’m just, it’s a totally different sensation, a totally different meaning. But I’d love to hear what you mean, when you say awareness, just so that somebody else’s. And here’s your interpretation of that. Sure.

ann hince 6:40
It’s what we are aware of. So I have a good example of this before COVID, I used to have a group and we would meet weekly, and the beginning of the group would all sit in a circle, and close your eyes, and I would play a series of chimes. And everyone was just supposed to listen. And at the end, everyone would open their eyes, and they would say their experience. So the people who had the least awareness would just hear the chains with their ears. Other people would hear the chains with the ears, but also feel that the vibrations, the sound vibrations inside part of their body. And then at the other end of the spectrum, people would feel those sensations deep inside and throughout their body. And there’s different levels of awareness. So once you know that, then the people who only hear the sounds with their ears, they know there’s another level of awareness that they can attain. And the people on the other end, who already have that depth of awareness can then understand that there are people who don’t have that awareness, right. So we, we all live in this world with a different level of awareness. And just with sounds, but it’s, you know, it’s also with subjects, right? If you’re, if we’re really emotional about some subject, and there’s many subjects around these days, right, just think about abortion, or race or vaccines, any of those things. We’re emotional around it. And we often then can’t step back into awareness around it, we get stuck in that emotion. But something that we’re not emotionally attached to, we can actually stand back and say, Okay, I know why this is happening, I can see the bigger picture. So that’s from a place of more awareness. So the awareness now that I developed on the inside actually reflects to the outside. So you know, that phrase as within so without, it’s absolutely true. So the awareness you’re talking about from the 70s? That is just the external awareness?

Brandon Handley 8:44
Well, no, no, no, the document in the 70s. Right, from exactly the internal she meant the internal awareness you already had, right? Me I didn’t, I was still I was still, you know, like, again, I was like, God, just don’t pump it on the wall. I got it. I’m good. She’s totally aware. And you know that, but that’s but I think, you know, that’s our western culture and immediate upbringing, a lot of us never advanced past that into this internal awareness that you’re talking about. And we continue to believe that it’s these external things that we’re seeing that create what we feel on the inside, right? You talked a little bit too about, you know, the feeling our field, I love how to you grouped the physical sensations to the feeling. I’ve never heard that done before. I always think about definitely different lines of our way of thinking into subsets of like code and objects, but you’ve taken these different feelings like ooh, I’m clenched up and my guts all tight and all of a sudden, that’s, that’s anger. Right and being able to do that, so I think that’s awesome. And and being able to feel your feelings. This is I think I listened to yours earlier. It took you a while to feel feelings? And you know, I don’t know if you knew like prior to finding your your mother dead, right? Did you feel feelings? And then you had that trauma and then just kind of shut down? No. And then reestablish, you know, connection with your feelings. years later is that kind of what happened

ann hince 10:20
I had enough trouble i Both my parents were alcoholics. So, you know, I walked on eggshells, but for many, many years in childhood, so I was well shut down by that point already guess. So when I started to try and learn how to feel my feelings like it was, it was foreign to me, because I had suppressed them for decades. And I think most of us have, maybe not all of us, but I certainly had. So to actually try and get in touch with those feelings and allow them to be there because they would want to hide, right? The feelings, the physical sensations would want to disappear. They didn’t want me seeing them on any level. So

Brandon Handley 10:57
I get 100% familiar, right? The whole idea of, of just not even being able to tell somebody what you’re feeling. Or to know that you want to feel something else. That What’s your feeling? As long as you’re not feeling upset, and as long as you’re not feeling mad, then you must be feeling okay. Right. And there’s a whole bunch of stuff in between that, that that I think that we shut off from and we were taught to do that, I guess kind of growing up. Right? Good and bad. I mean, I’ve witnessed it, I’ve actually accidentally done it to my own child, right, where, you know, tell him not to laugh. I think at a dinner table like once for like, it was dinner, I forget what was going on. But you know, this is like, alright, buddy, there’s a time and a place. And like, years later, I would find him like trying to hold back. Like why why like holding back your laughter because we told me when I was five that I wasn’t supposed to laugh. I was like, I didn’t mean forever. Right. But that’s what we take it as children, we lock this, we lock this emotion in this time, and this place and what we were heard, and we lock that in for the rest of our lives. And my guess is, you know, that’s similar to what you did you have to kind of retrace all your steps and rediscover your feelings. You want to talk a little bit about what that was like, for you? Sure.

ann hince 12:13
Um, yeah, you’re peeling it back layer by layer. And it’s, you know, EFT is a great tool to begin with, it’s so easy to learn. And it’s very powerful. And what you’re doing is you’re totally finding your truth in the moment. And, you know, like we just said, I was talking more about the physical, but even on the words, the emotions, like, it’s hard to find your truth, because you don’t, it doesn’t want to be seen. So the EFT, which is where you’re just tapping on the Enter meridian points, as you’re talking through things, it just allows the energy to dissipate out of the body. And then the truth becomes easier to see. So that’s kind of the expansion of the awareness. And as I started to do it, and went through all my went through all my childhood traumas that I could remember, I just tapped through them all one each day. And I found my mind becoming quiet, which was, that was really my goal. My goal was in a peace because I was I was very reactionary, and I was my mind was busy all the time. And I just wanted some relief from it. So I found my mind becoming quiet. And at that point, I realized that the words that I had been replaying in my mind, the ones I’ve been criticizing myself, and judging other people, those have been my dad’s words that I had programmed in myself in childhood. And I would just replay them over and over again. But I couldn’t see that until they were gone out of my mind, and at that point, actually felt like I was living in a different reality, like, I go outside, and it just felt different. Because my mind was different. So it’s just been a progression from there. It’s pretty cool.

Brandon Handley 13:51
Would you say that it was kind of like, a releasing a weight, and you kind of like a experience of freedom?

ann hince 13:58
Absolutely. I mean, it’s part of the enlightenment process. I believe it is an enlightenment process, both in terms of releasing weights that we’ve been carrying around the baggage we’ve been carrying around. But also now that I can actually send something inside I see that underneath the darkness, there is light, and it’s it’s there. So yeah,

Brandon Handley 14:20
no, for for sure. Now, when you say, you know the energy dissipates out of the body. Where’s it going in? What’s happening with this energy? How’s it you know, how’s it dissipate on if you want to show an example of the EFT? I know they’ve seen it done different ways. But what’s happening when you’re releasing this energy? Well, so

ann hince 14:40
that’s an interesting no one’s asked me that question before. I’m a I’m not entirely sure where it goes. It’s just disappearing into the into the universe, but I know before that it is stored in there. Well, I believe the connective tissue of the body which I believe is where our soul resides, and it has a electric Got components to it in the fashio of the connective tissue. And the tension is just stored in there. And as we tap, we’re tapping on the inter meridian points in the body, it somehow creates an energetic interrupt into what’s already stored in the body and it releases that energy that don’t quite know how it works. I can feel when I’m when I’m not doing when I’m doing more the feeling the feelings are actually going inside now and holding my awareness on the tension. It just dissipates. It just lets go. I mean, at this point, I’m working with the connective tissue directly so I can actually feel its release, and I can hear it release with my that is just a deeper level of what the FT is doing. So it’s dissipating,

Brandon Handley 15:46
though. I mean, hey, look, that’s fantastic, right? We don’t always I think that there’s always this, this desire to demystify the mystical. And sometimes I’m cool with like, it’s, it’s like, sometimes let it go. Like, if it works for you. Fantastic. It works for others. Awesome. I don’t really care. You know, in the end, how it works, if we can replicate it, and it sounds like you’re able to teach this to others, and you’ve learned it yourself, and you’ve replicated it for yourself, then it works. That’s I mean, I think that’s, that’s all really anybody needs to know, for the most part, right? I love that you’re able to actually kind of hear like, do you feel like you’re hearing like an energetic release, dropping, shedding what’s happening, I’m

ann hince 16:33
hearing a physical release. So it took a while for me to actually get into my be able to put my awareness in my head, it was easier to put it in the body. But once I got up to my head, so close to my, my ears, I can actually hear it sounds like old fabric ripping is what it sounds like. And it kind of freaked me out the first time I was a little concerned that maybe.

Brandon Handley 16:55
Right? Well, I mean, I think I would be a little concerned. Myself 100%. But I

ann hince 17:01
knew it was the start of the journey. So I just kept doing it. And it happened.

Brandon Handley 17:06
I would love to you know, so we talked a little bit earlier about becoming aware of the awareness. When you became of your awareness when you’re going through this process. Were you scared? Were you worried? Were you concerned? Were like, whoa, this I shouldn’t be feeling this never felt this way before what’s happening. Tell me a little bit about that. Lately, there

ann hince 17:28
was several times along this journey that I actually felt that when I was first able to hold my awareness inside, it’s like, what is that? That’s, that’s really weird. And the way I explained it is, you know, if you have a toothache, or a stomachache, you can tell where that is right, you can feel where it’s coming from. But once the ache has gone, you can’t really put your awareness back where it was. So I could actually help put my awareness back on to into wherever it is that I focus my awareness, so I can actually hold my awareness in the roots of my teeth now, which feels really weird. So anyway, yeah, that was one of the weird times. Another time was when I had been working with collective traumas I was, I was feeling the physical sensations, and I would lay on the sofa. And I would bring out these collective traumas like 911, right, we we all experienced a lot of emotion that we stored inside from that. So I would feel that and let it go and feel it and let it go and feel it and let it go until that emotion was pretty much gone. And then at some point, during that, I started to feel these electrical currents inside me. I mean, and that was, that was weird. What I realized, I mean, I believe it was Kundalini energy, it experienced it for months, I can move it up and down my spine, it was really cool. But to begin with, it was a really weird thing. And I realized that it was that I was releasing so much physical tension so rapidly that my body had to release it in a different way. And it was releasing it through electrical something or other.

Brandon Handley 19:03
Why me? Super interesting because it doesn’t sound you said you feel like it was Kundalini. So it wasn’t a Kundalini process that you would invoke but you had this energetic kind of internal feeling and release that you would you know, just from what you studied and what you understand you would relate to as as kundalini right

ann hince 19:27
I believe so from what I have read yeah, there’s just it was electric current that I could just relax into the more I relaxed the higher up it went. And yeah, leave no one else around me could feel it.

Brandon Handley 19:39
But that’s that’s awesome. I mean, you know, I think that so if I were to look back at wow, you know, what to do only real awakening experience that I’ve had that was was real similar that whole body energy just like food, like super high and being like what’s happening shouldn’t like, I don’t know if I’m supposed to be feeling this, and I talk to somebody about this. What do I tell my wife? Right? Like, I mean, for me, that was scary. That’s, that’s part of my story. And and so it’s it’s always interesting to hear, you know, so who did you have conversations with about this? Does does these awakening experiences are becoming more and more aware? Or is this something you kept quiet? talks a little bit about that?

ann hince 20:27
Yeah, I didn’t really, I mean, I talked to a few good friends who had kind of on the same path, but no one I spoke to had experienced the same things. So, um, you know, that’s why I believe what I am experiencing is the original meaning of the word insight, right? Being able to see within, in with sights, and it makes total sense to me, but I’ve never heard anyone else talk about it that way. We hear people say, look inside. But when they see that they’re really thinking, look inside the minds that when I’m doing this, I’m outside the mind. I’m actually well, I might, I’m outside the thinking minds, but I might be inside the feeling or the sensing mind.

Brandon Handley 21:10
No, I love that. So let’s talk about that. I know that I am consistently told with every energy worker, I go and see that my heart is closed. And that I’m in my head. Right? And it’s all about, you know, how do we get out of the thinking mind? And get in touch and sit with? I know, you keep saying feel the feelings? But sit with your Are you saying sit with your feelings or sit with your emotions with your bias? Explain that a little bit for us? Oh,

ann hince 21:39
yeah. And the words feelings and emotion get confused. In our, in our world, I tend to think of emotions as the words, right, we use the word sadness for a set of physical feelings or physical sensations. So with EFT, we’re tapping, you are focusing on the emotion, right? So I might be tapping on feeling sadness. But then you can get to the physical sensations underneath that. So sadness, maybe you’re feeling it somewhere in your chest, or maybe the heart rate, maybe that area, maybe there’s physical sensations that you’re associating to the feeling of sadness, that emotion of sadness, right. So when I’m feeling the feelings, I’m focusing on those physical sensations, I’m not thinking about them, I’m focusing on feeling what they feel like in the body, right? So you get the difference there. Okay, so then I’m focusing on that feeling, holding it there trying to just allow that feeling to stay there, because it’s just stuck energy. It just wants to get out the body. But we’ve held it in sometimes for many decades. And so it doesn’t know how to get out. So we just holding awareness on it attention on it long enough that there is a shift. And I tend to find that shift happens when I need to take a deep breath. And then I let the breath out. And then there’s then I think, the thought, again, that had the feeling the sadness, and see if it feels the same. And if maybe it’s shifted somewhere else, maybe it’s decreased somewhat, and I do the same thing, feel those sensations, not thinking about them, but feeling them. And then they’ll shift again and do that over and over again. And then the thoughts becomes independent from the emotion, there’s no longer any emotion behind the thought. And there’s freedom there.

Brandon Handley 23:35
Right, I’m trying to process it in once, you know, because, because it took me a long time, I think to even you know, connect with my head to the feeling right, the the D motion, and now you’re telling me that I got to separate the feeling from the emotion. They’re two different things, right. There’s like, and the feeling the emotion is a group of the feelings and their physical. Right, just so that because right now, mentally, I’m just pulling it apart so that you know, I can I can you know, try to put this into practice myself. Right. And what’s that? What’s that look like? I definitely, like I said, it took a while to go get a little bit out of my head to even connect with my feelings or emotions like because I’ve had somebody asked me once and like Fran I hear you talking but I don’t hear any like I don’t hear like any emotional words or any emotion geared towards like he’s right. I don’t like nothing. And so it took me a while just to even establish the idea of different emotions like I was talking about earlier outside of like, I’m not angry. Good. If I’m like not crying, great. Everything else in between. I mean, I don’t know. I literally No idea what are the rest of what’s that range. And I would leverage the AI levers to blue check, we’ll myself is just a different range of emotions. Not sure if you’re familiar with it, I love it, I’ll share a link with it, you later, but it tells you all different emotions and kind of where they lay in, in kind of like, like anger is, is kind of like the base of a whole bunch of other emotions, right? And then there’s intersections between anger and yada yada, I’m not a specialist. But um, so So we now got like, I love it right feelings are stuck. Energy. And so EFT is is a way to, then you’re tapping your body and trying to get the this stuck emotion to get on moving, right. And you can use this sounds like use it with feelings and emotions and trauma. But as far as I understand, you’ve also been using it in the Law of Attraction space. How’s that work?

ann hince 26:04
Okay, can we come back to that? Let me just want to say one thing, emotions and the feelings. I’m not so remind me to come back. This is it starts in childhood, right? We will see a child who’s holding themselves tense, maybe they’ve got the facial expression of anger. And we tell them, Oh, you’re angry. And at that point, they start to use the word anger, and they disassociate from those physical sensations. Right? So we’re reversing that process. We’re letting go of the the words, and we’re actually coming back into contact with the physical sensations that we then call the moment

Brandon Handley 26:43
I love it. I really do. So and Thanks, I appreciate I appreciate that. And, you know, it’s, I think it’s still like my children are still young enough. I could do, maybe I’ll help them, I think this will be helpful for them to again, separate those feelings from the emotions, or at least say, hey, this feeling is this grouping of, you know, kind of kind of remember that. I mean, because we all I don’t know about you, again, I’ve done several exercises where you tense up and you’re like, Alright, no way you’re tense, but like, I haven’t done this other part where we stick the emotions to the feelings I’m in. I mean, all right, we good. We go for a law of attraction. So yep, let’s go the law to action for 1000 Alex.

ann hince 27:30
Okay. So I think of it slightly differently than is out there generally in the public world. And I think of it as working all the time, right, every second of every day, we are emitting a signal, and we’re attracting back into our future based on that signal. And the signal is the whole of us. It’s everything about us. It’s our size, it’s a shape, it’s our hair, it’s our clothes, it’s our thoughts, which most people tend to focus on. But I believe the biggest part of it is that tension from our past that we hold in our connective tissue. That’s why we tend to replay things over and over again, that we have had before because it’s part of our signal. So if we want to change our future, we need to change our signal right now. And we can do that by, we can do that right in the moment, by relaxing. I mean, that’s why something like meditation might help, it relaxes you in the moment. So you’re putting off a better signal, you’re attracting things in the future, that they’re going to be more peaceful. But to get to the real deep changes, which is what I wanted, I wanted to change my bass signal. So I wanted to change that stored stuck energy. So to me, that was the power of EFT. It’s letting out that tension that’s been stored inside for all these years. And I know at this point that it really I mean, it really is changing the basic rates aligned my skull, so I have to be emitting a better signal. I mean, have all these crazy things happen during the day of the week? So yeah, so

Brandon Handley 29:06
I love I love this whole. Look, I’m in right changing the base signal. And you’re doing that, you know, is basically like, I guess if we’re trapping all this energy within ourselves is like, we’re almost putting like a lead shield on ourselves and not letting the true signal kind of get out. Or, you know, all we’re sending out is static because we were holding on to a lot of static, right? Well, not a lot of energy that just is muddying up our, our true signal, right. And I say true statement like that, because we’re always emitting our true signal. But you know, we’d like to think that there’s a higher, better, best good version of ourselves in here somewhere. And a lot of us aren’t expressing that because of, again, this dis tension that we’re holding within. We’re also there Energy,

ann hince 30:00
no idea how much tension we started saying that I possibly had more than other people because of stuff that happened in childhood plus the scoliosis my whole body was taught. But when I was actually able to put my focus my awareness inside my skull, the pain and the tension in there, the forces that I could now be aware of was just incredible. I was totally amazed how much tension was stored inside of me that I had no idea about no idea before this. So you know, it’s really it’s quite eye opening, once you actually become aware of the amount of misalignment that we are in and we’re not aware of it at all.

Brandon Handley 30:46
Oh, I, you look, I don’t even know. Right. So, so much of, of kind of what you’re talking about, even even the idea of relaxing in the middle of a conversation and realizing just how tight you are in a conversation. And to be able to kind of change that signal like in in the midst of it. That’s something that I’ve become more and more aware about over the over the past couple of years. And that came for me to me through breath work, right? Realizing if I’m tight up here that like I’m probably tense, I’m tense up here, right? So if I release that, all of a sudden, I’m relaxed. I’m like, I’m able to just step back a little bit. I’m out of that fight or flight mindset. And hopefully, I’ll be meeting calm. Like you’re saying, right, I’m sending out a different signal. One of the things I want I definitely want to chat about though is you basically say you grew your tooth roots longer you adjusted your your skull and your back. How long did that take? What was that process like for you? Was that part of that insight awareness, because I’m sure there’s people out there that may not believe that this is possible. But it also sounds like you’ve got photos and X rays that prove this as this is true. So I want to talk a little bit about that. It’s a great story.

ann hince 32:10
I mean, I think all of it has worked to release that tension. I only got the X rays recently. So you know if I’d got them two or three years ago, before I was actually able to sense inside those changes. Would it be in there? Probably somewhat, I would think already. It’s, it feels like it’s exponential. So the release of tension feels like it gets faster and faster. So you know, this point where I am putting my awareness on the inside, I feel that tension releasing, I’ve actually felt the bone shift, which is another one of those scary things. But I know it’s all good. It’s all the way happening the way it supposed to happen. But I don’t think I could have I couldn’t have done that at the beginning. Maybe it’s just it’s a journey that I don’t think you can step into this point. Without going through those first few steps, just that expansion of awareness. But yeah, I do have X rays. I had x rays taken this year for Orthodontic work. That’s the reason I had them. I had one similar one eight years ago. So that’s why I have the photographic evidence. And it blew me away when I saw it. Yeah, I did the way the middle of my skull is kind of opened up. And yeah. So it’s possible

Brandon Handley 33:29
to do the dentist come up to me and say, What do you been doing?

ann hince 33:35
And know that the dentist didn’t actually see them? It was just the x ray technician. But yeah, she she, she didn’t really look at them in depth, she actually looked more at the soft tissue and asked me if I was an athlete, which I lacked that because I’m not

Brandon Handley 33:50
well, that’s great. I mean, that’s great. That means something’s working, something’s working. Here’s another good one that you’ve got on your site. And I bring this up because we were my wife and I were hanging out over Thanksgiving and we’re talking with my mother in law. It’s just kind of about energy where we’ve been gone the acupuncture and yoga and all the spiritual stuff, which you know, is newer in this household. And, and and with with my in laws, at least a conversation. And she goes, Well, I’ve never I never experienced like my third eye opening. Right? How, you know, how does somebody know that that’s been open? Like what is what does that process or what’s that awareness look like?

ann hince 34:40
Yeah, it’s there’s so much information out there in the internet, about third eye opening. I only have my experience to go through which was being able to see or sense on the inside and I know I’m looking from the middle of my skull. So it could be the pineal gland. I don’t know for sure. I just know I can sense what’s above what’s in front, what’s behind what’s below. So it’s somewhere there. And it’s loosening up right to begin with, I could only put my awareness inside and not really moving around very much. But now I can move it around, I can do it with my eyes open or my eyes closed. And each time I’m working it more it, I think it’s letting go of some bonds that’s holding it tight. So it’s just making it easier to move. I know, it’s really hard to understand

Brandon Handley 35:37
what I mean, is it like, am I using a joystick? Am I moving it around? Is it like a is it like, you know, I’m very video gaming friendly? Like, you know, so is it like a visit similar to that is me describe what it’s like, I guess, to be able to move this awareness around, like moving around with a camera.

ann hince 35:56
I guess they could be counted like that. I mean, you can put right you can, can you put your awareness on your kneecap? Right on the skin? Right there now got your awareness up over onto the top of your thigh and move it up your thigh? Okay, I’m just doing that inside the body.

Brandon Handley 36:20
Got it? Got it. You know, I think since you bring it up, like I think headspace I’m not sure if you’re familiar with the headspace app, he has a couple exercises that are real similar that so if I were to go back and look at that, and being able, I don’t think that he ever called it moving your awareness around inside, but the way that you’re discussing it. I have gone through that process. Now I have to go back and practice more so that I can fix things that are wrong inside of me. Or maybe they’re not wrong. Right? We got to be all loa loa specific. Right?

ann hince 36:59
This whole process has been working with the negative, I really did the positive thinking. Because whenever you do that you’re suppressing what’s actually there.

Brandon Handley 37:11
Right, right. Right. Right. So but but Could I just say that? If I were to, you know, allow me my little my little thing here. So not so much the positive thinking, right, but it’s just something that needs more attention and nurturing that hasn’t gotten the attention. Yeah, hasn’t gotten you. I haven’t been aware of it. Or I just haven’t, you know, I’ve been looking for the quick Western fix the acute fix, and I haven’t given it the holistic fix that that it needs. Right.

ann hince 37:42
Yeah, it’s not wrong. You’re right. It’s not wrong. It’s, it is stuck energy. It’s something we haven’t looked at before. It’s Yes, it’s something that’s been hidden. And we just need to give it more attention and let it pass through.

Brandon Handley 37:55
Okay. Okay. Thanks for sharing that. Because I think that insight, inner awareness is something that has any, right, but it’s something that we don’t give attention to. Right. And you’re calling an awareness to it by talking about it the way that you are. Because I think that we’ve experienced who’s may have experienced that before, but haven’t gone back and said, Oh, this is this is something useful. Right. And it sounds again, it sounds it sounds like you’ve had some tremendous, tremendous, real life impacting changes because of this is amazing. It’s amazing. Also go back to the beginning to where just real quick, if I could, you know, when you said that you were just a stay at home, mom, you shouldn’t be having this eight to 10. That’s a lot of work. It’s a lot of work. I mean, eight to 10 is not unreasonable, I wouldn’t say but you know, to to at least recognize that you’re at an eight to 10 and realize that that’s not where you want to be. I think that’s the key call out there for for me. Because listen, it’s a job. It’s a lot of work. And if you don’t have I think I think that we as human beings were really meant to grow up and be raised and more of a community environment. And I think that without that parenting is a real challenge. If we don’t have some type of community around us, if we don’t have some type of support, you need a break. Right? You need those breaks, you need support from others, you need to be able to turn to others who are going through the same thing as you and not feel alone. So my guess is there was a lot of that going on for you as well. To be at an eight to turn right.

ann hince 39:48
I would see other mothers at school who were so calm, and so wanted to be like they were and I love you know, when I had another parent come up to me and said that she would like to be as calm as I am. So

Brandon Handley 40:03
there you go, has really shifted, there you go, there you go. And, and so you’ve been able to, you’ve been able to use this, you’ve also got a book out on if you want to share the title of that book and where others might be able to go out and get the book and just talk a little bit about what they might find inside of the

ann hince 40:20
book. Sure. It’s called a pathway to insight. And I, it’s found on Amazon, or you can have your local bookstore order it. And it’s I talk about the law of attraction, I talk about how we store that that tension inside of us in childhood, and just my explanation of how I believe it all works. And then I go through the different steps that I went through and explain what I did that weird things that happened along the way. And examples or ideas that you can do if you wanted to do the same, the same thing.

Brandon Handley 40:53
That’s awesome. And one of the things I always like to find out is like, how are the people that are closest to your family or friends, how they responded to you working with the energy field and your third eye and all this, you know, there’s just other jazz now, you’re in California. So the fry, like cool was come over and have a mimosa, and we’ll talk more about it. So you know, it’s only a little bit about what the reception of that has been like. And if there’s been any fear about kind of coming out as spiritual. What does that been like? And how’s that? What’s happened? Like?

ann hince 41:26
Yeah, that’s an interesting question. I have a close group of friends, a group that we meet weekly, and we talk about this kind of stuff. And without them, it would be much more difficult. So, um, my family and not really into this, so I don’t really discuss it with them. And that’s okay, that was part of the process, you know, part of the process is letting things be okay, and letting go have emotions around other things. And I can only change myself. And if I become more peaceful, then the interactions become more peaceful. So it’s all good.

Brandon Handley 42:00
Yeah, that’s an important, it’s an important tip to realize that just because you’ve kind of hit this space for yourself. Everybody else isn’t coming with you. Right? And that’s okay. And be okay with it. Because I think that’s, that’s a real big one is like, Hey, I’m feeling this way. You should feel this way too is amazing. Let’s all talk about it. Oh, don’t worry about it’s gonna be great. And they’re like, No, thank you. And you’re like, I don’t get it doesn’t make any sense. And you got to really, you’ve got to let go of that. Right? Just letting go of that. Because otherwise it’s going to be more stored. And stuck emotion, more stuck energy, right? Because you’re going to be all tense. And really, why don’t you call me you should be here with me. Yeah, absolutely. I appreciate it. Wait, look, we’re at this little point here where I like to call it like a little bit of like a spiritual speed dating as it were. And and so are you okay, if I go ahead and ask you one or two questions, so yeah, all right. So let’s see. What have we got here spiritual speed dating. Bachelorette number one, why is there poverty and suffering in the world we’re all so connected and loving. We were all

ann hince 43:20
programmed in childhood and we keep replaying the same thing over and over again

Brandon Handley 43:28
program for poverty and suffering for a while.

ann hince 43:31
That’s the experience we have as we’re growing up, right we program ourselves in those first seven years so if we grow up in positive poverty, we keep attracting the same thing over and over again until we let it go. And then we can move on and expand

Brandon Handley 43:48
Yeah, I suppose if you don’t know there’s like another channel to turn to You never change the channel

ann hince 43:52
Right? Right. How to change the channel right? We have most of this is subconscious right? We don’t realize that we’re replaying the same thoughts over and over again, right like with my dad, I don’t know his voice was in my head until I had gone beyond that.

Brandon Handley 44:07
Now that’s That’s true. That’s true. I like it. I like it. Let’s see here. Well, since we’re doing like EFT and we’re doing like, which is you know, emotions and tapping if you’re not watching and you’re listening in on the podcast, I’m curious i don’t think i’ve used this one yet non verbally, by emotion or gesture only act out what you believe to be the current condition of the world.

ann hince 44:40
Oh my goodness.

Brandon Handley 44:45
God given us I could do

ann hince 44:46
it without words. Because this huge variety right, I think we are breathing. There you go. You did it. You didn’t want someone bringing up all this stuff that has been stuck inside of us.

Brandon Handley 45:00
Yeah, look, so just for the listener, you know, big expansive hands, right, kind of just, like blowing up and, uh, bringing up right. So I like it’s good. It’s got never used it before. It’s fun. It’s fun. We’ll get one last one, we’ll get one last one in here. What? And what would you say that it is? We talked about kind of stepping into there, realizing how powerful we are, right? What is it that prevents most people from realizing their powers?

ann hince 45:32
Resistance. And I almost feel like it is a you know, electrical resistance. We just, we get get cut off in childhood. And we don’t realize we can get beyond it. So we don’t, we don’t know what we don’t know. That’s a great thing. Take some thinking about but we have to really want to change, there has to be some spark that says yes, I got to change, I’m going to do something about it has to be something that pushes pushes you to start looking. And then you can start to see.

Brandon Handley 46:13
Would you say that? That’s like the dark night of the soul? Do you feel I don’t know. If you feel like you went through a dark night of soul? Or do you feel like a dark night of the soul is inherently necessary to get to the space?

ann hince 46:28
It could be I probably did. I was a big blow up with another couple of parents at school and I was I just reacted to it so bad just in my head mentally for like days, I could hardly sleep and it’s like, yeah, so it could be that. I mean, we often hear that that is the case, right? Something happens. And it’s like, gotta change, something has to change.

Brandon Handley 46:53
Yeah, no, thank me. I was I was Wonder. My experience has been a little bit different in terms of, Do I really feel like I’ve ever experienced a super dark night of the soul? Or do you just realize that you won’t change and once you realize this changes possibly start to take this change? That sounds like you. Once you began to change the change, you recognize the change that you initiated? Did you done intentionally, and that change begins to accelerate and show up more and more in your life? And you’re just like, Wow, I feel great. I don’t want to I’ve always felt this way. I don’t know why I’ve always felt this way. Right. But, um, so I was simply curious. So and is there anything else that you’d like to hit on? For our listeners today that you’d like to share?

ann hince 47:37
I would just love to encourage everyone to, you know, one of the ways I would think about it to begin with is through that law of attraction. It’s like, okay, I’m emitting a signal right now, do I want to feel this way again in the future? And if I don’t, then I’ll do something about it. Right? Like that could be as simple as relax in the moment or it could be tapping could be feeling the feelings, something to change that signal. And I asked myself that multiple times during the day. And it

Brandon Handley 48:03
is that generally the first exercise that you would have somebody that reaches out to you do?

ann hince 48:08
Well, I would have them learn EFT is probably look so simple, just as long as you keep EFT is powerful. And that works with the negative, it’s only the negative that stored in the body, the positive is there underneath it. So all we need to find is the negative and a lot of people with EFT have moved it more into manifest the manifesting and the positive. But that’s not stored in the body. It’s the negative. So work with the negative.

Brandon Handley 48:36
got it got it. So this is very similar to the Buddha that was covered in clay kind of thing, right? Get rid of that to get rid of the clay and then underneath that there’s all

ann hince 48:46
the gold. Absolutely. That’s great.

Brandon Handley 48:49
And thank you so much for being on today. One more thing, where can everybody go to find more about you.

ann hince 48:55
So I have a website. It’s just my name and and I have a YouTube channel with some videos on there. I’ve little more detail about things that I have gone through. And I have a public Facebook page that I’m really enjoying. I’m enjoying kind of copying means and and then explaining them in more detail through my experience you go, so

Brandon Handley 49:18
be sure fantastic and thanks for being on with us today. Welcome.

ann hince 49:22
It’s been great. Thank you. I

Unknown Speaker 49:27
really hope you enjoyed this episode of the spiritual dough podcast. Stay connected with us directly through spiritual You can also join the discussion on Facebook, spiritual dough and Instagram at spiritual underscore Co. If you would like to speak with us, send us an email Brandon at spiritual CO CO and as always, thank you for cultivating your mindset and creating a better reality. This concludes the most thought provoking part of your day. Don’t forget to like and subscribe to stay fully up to date. Until next time, be kind to yourself and trust your intuition

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