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Chapter Chapter five, you can change the universe we’re going through, are you ready to succeed by sukumar Rao, if you are digging some of this material, I will let you know that there is a course that he offers called creating personal mastery, it’s available online, I’ll go ahead and include a link to it. Let me know if you’re trying to get into there. And if you want more information, I can tell you that I am I have applied myself and will be taking it later this year. And I encourage you to check it out. One of the reasons I signed up is because this to me, Sreekumar Rao is a master, right? There’s very few that I know of, that we have access to that can teach this material the way that he does, and makes it and turns it into practical application, something that you can use every day everywhere in every way. So not a paid endorsement. But I do want you to know that it’s something that resonates with me, obviously, I mean, that’s why I’m digging so deeply into this material so that it’s something that sticks to me, something becomes a part of me. And if it is, again, if it’s something that is of interest to you. Go ahead, check it out. I’ll leave a link to that one as well. Look, I’m making another note CPN wasn’t even planned. Link on part three. And let’s head into, you can influence the universe and create miracles. This is a this is a chapter that I shared with a friend of mine. A couple years back now while I was on the plane out to Denver, and we were having miracle conversations, I think that I was going through a course in miracles. And I was heavily influenced by a Course of Miracles. I was heavily influenced by Abraham Hicks, neville goddard, I was deep into that material. And I was seeing Listen, personally, I was seeing all kinds of miracles happening in my life. So again, I’ve got it right here. He’s not this is this is like a sub chapter within the chapters. I think that this is the gooey goodness part of the best, one of the best pieces of the book, as far as I’m concerned. So right now most of us, you are probably so convinced that you are separate from the universe. And you spent most of your life pointing to your powerlessness that there’s no

there’s no way. There’s no way that you will you can create miracles. Right? No way. The thing is that you need to look for look for the connection, right? Create the conduct your direct creator, a guaranteed right. What would you like to create in your life?

Unknown Speaker 3:05
What would you like?

Brandon Handley 3:08
What would you like to create? Right? You need to have the firm conviction that the universe has intervened for you on your behalf if you have not listened to. Here’s another note for myself to make. If you have not listened to Alan Watts, trust the universe is another lecture. Go listen to that. I’ll put that I’ll put that in the podcast notes as well.

Unknown Speaker 3:30
You need to

Brandon Handley 3:31
learn how to trust the universe as another as if it were another and you have to begin to believe in some way shape or another that this is a benevolent universe. How have you gotten to where you gotten to today? Again, if you are listening to this podcast, there’s a good chance you’re better off than when you know your news. Random percentages at least 80% of the world. All right. Mute, clean running water. Do you have a roof over your head? Do you have food in your fridge? Do universe man I mean? What are the odds at first of all, it’s one in 400. Like what trillion that you’re born? That’s that’s just the beginning of it. But now you’re on a country with are we seven eight I don’t know how many billions that we’re at. You are one of the lucky ones that has clean running water. You are one of the lucky ones that has electricity a switch you can flip on even even if you were listening to this in a shelter, you are in a shelter with clean running water with electricity with a warm running bed with soup food. This is a benevolent universe, okay? So, you know, look, you need to create that connection for yourself. And, and initially that may not be easy, especially if you’ve got some filters, you know, set up you’ve got you’ve got some kind of filters and walls and you can’t see it that way. That’s okay too. But But again, realize, at this point as we’ve gone through this chapter, that is your choice you choose, you make that choice. Okay? So he uses the idea of parking spot, right? Maybe you’re trying to find a parking spot, and all of a sudden you got lucky, you found a parking spot, right where you wanted to find it. And what a coincidence, I wanted a parking spot, just like that. And there it was. But you would consider that a coincidence. The other idea is like, Oh, well, what about when you learn to play tennis, you know, you’ve got your forehand, backhand. And, and at some point in time, like you’re, when you’re learning to play, it’s hard, right? It’s a challenge. It’s when you go all the times when you put in the practice is when you put in the effort, it’s when you have someone working along with you, that can teach you as well. And at some point, it clicks. And then you say to yourself, Well, that’s because I put the work hands because I put the effort in is because I learned how to play tennis with someone who knew how to play tennis, I had all the lessons, and it just works. And now I’m a great fucking tennis player. Right. The other example that I would use, you know, in this is just for my son, right now he’s going from, you know, playing on a tablet, to try to use a computer, right, and the controls are eminently different. The same time, you know, he’s going to have to learn it one point, if he wants to, you know, advance with the computer, how to knock it all out. And he’ll sit there and say, Well, you know, I’ve been, you know, for years on the mobile, and it’s gonna take me forever to do the computer. However, again, little bites built up over time. And at some point, when you look back, you will realize that you were always capable. And it wasn’t until you begin to take serious efforts and move towards that what you know, you’re capable of that it begins to click. So it goes, Hey, understand which one of these models will serve you best, right? If you want to consider everything a coincidence. And and in practically random with zeros system with the zero way to, to kind of recreate that, at how’s that going to serve you? How will that methodology and mental model serve you? Right? He says the second model where we know you’re learning how to play tennis until it all clicks, this is the one this is the one this transformative, right? This is the one that’s powerful, capable of delivering results. You don’t have to take my word for it. You don’t have to take his word for it. Here’s what you got to do is try it. The cost to you? minimal, you don’t need to share this with anybody. I love this too. I think Let me see if it gets in. If it gets into it yet. Hold on. We’ll get to it. Right? We’ll get to it. So you know, how do you do it? Right? How do you do it? How do you do it? How

do you do it? How do you do it? And that’s when you think of a friend when you think of a phrase, you know, sometimes you send out like these mental signals and you do with a light touch of emotion. And you just kind of say, Hey, you know, the universe is going to let that happen for me. Deal is it’s like you don’t recognize you don’t consider these miracles. You consider them again, you consider them like, you know, why would it What a coincidence, I was just, I was just thinking of you Mike, what a coincidence, I was just thinking he Tom. Or maybe when you see a phrase or you’ve got a favorite song. And that song shows up in the next show that you watch or you know, you hop in the car and you listen to the radio because you still have one and your favorite song comes on. I can’t believe I was just singing that song. I’ll give you an example to my house. My current house it’s very you know, I would go to sleep at night and I would visualize this this really interesting shaped house like almost like a U shaped house with Windows on each side. So you can see the people walking on either side and like wave to them and it was in this kind of perfect wood setting. And it was it was peaceful and remote. And guys, ladies gals it happened right and the thing is, I didn’t have like a bunch of emotional energy tied up into it. I had this kind of this thought this idea and I let it go. Right. But I had it repeatedly. I had it often. But I didn’t in didn’t put this. Too much pressure onto it or too much energy into it as though it had to happen. It’d be nice I didn’t you know, I didn’t have this grand expectation that it had to happen. So, um, doo doo doo doo, doo doo doo money, right? money too. These are just a couple more examples. Last year here before I did really powerful exercise where I was just doing a budgetary exercise. And I not something that I’m super big on doing, but the exercise was to write down, you know, kind of all your debt, how much you make, and how much would you like to make yada, yada, and then add on 15% get real clear on kind of what you want to use it for what your intentions are, and all this other stuff. A year later, I had like almost the exact amount. So and and, and when I tell you like it was it was more than I expected. It was more. I didn’t, you know, I couldn’t think of it as real, right? Because I couldn’t, I couldn’t have thought about that going forward. Now looking back, I can see this as a miracle, right? I can write down this as a miracle. And that’s exactly what it says. To do here. Pay careful attention to such happenings explicitly. Recognize, acknowledge and break them down. list what happened the date the time, permit yourself to feel elated and write them down, write down the feeling as well. You know, that’s that dude. Somewhere It really is. It’s crazy how it will happen. And then mentally play with the idea that these are not coincidences. Albert Einstein, either everything’s a miracle or nothing is a miracle. Okay. And then work through this. As I said, trust the universe as though or another so noted as the universe trying to make itself known to you assist the Universe by saying, hey, universe,

Unknown Speaker 11:55
I see you.

Brandon Handley 11:56
I see you given me all this, and I thank you. Right, give thanks. Believe what is the line that I’ve been shouting recently is believe receive and gift thanks, grateful. You let it go and give something to somebody else. I mean, that’s a, we’re getting into the next chapter already, I get myself anyways. So assisted by showing some attention, create miracles with the expectation that they will happen at least 50 times a day. This is I need to do more work on this. This is why I’m not rushing through this book. Because I need to pay attention to the lessons I need to motivate myself inspire myself to do these more myself, what’s this game, why I’m going through this, this is not just to share it with you, so that I pay close attention to details of what I know will make me successful and, and take action on some of these things, right? So listen, there will be flubs, there will be there’s no out of those 50 I don’t know how many you’re gonna get,

Unknown Speaker 13:04
I don’t have any, I

Brandon Handley 13:04
don’t know what your belief system is, right? I don’t know how many filters you’ve got set up, I don’t know how clogged up your drains are to let some of this shit in. And that’s gonna, you know, that’s gonna, that’s gonna impact a lot, it’s going to impact a lot of what happens there. So the deal is, there are going to be some don’t come come through, right? There are going to be some that do. Focus on those wins, jot them down, write them down, say, Whoa, feel elated. Let it happen. And initially, you know, this, this is going to change, this is going to change your way of thinking. And you’re going to be excited, and you’re going to call it out. But over time, over time, this is going to just become a part of your daily, it’s gonna become part of your daily, you’re going to begin to accept that the universe does work in this manner that you do need to close the universe as though it were another just get into it, man, give it a shot. As you as you kind of begin to accept it for yourself, you’re going to notice that the number of events that you consider miracles are going to increase. This is when you need to, you know, take this as a signal to start making bigger and more important things to happen. Our belief systems have so many walls up and filters in the way for this that even even if you see the small ones happening, it’s challenged to start making this larger leap. I’m only telling you because that’s been true for me. And I need to take this to heart myself and and start making bigger and more important things happen and allowing for the universe. Right? And I don’t think that there’s any better time then than right now especially as we we head into the Age of Aquarius. Look, I’m not like this astrological. All these things but let’s use some of these things as symbols and like when they show up in your life as parts of miracles and all the other stuff, of all the times of all the things of everything happening in the universe right now. We’re living in a pretty crazy awesome time, right Frank and junction moved into the Age of Aquarius, when 400 trillion. Listen, the start to use some of our galaxy billions of galaxies, right? Just imagine that some of these forces are taking place in your life right now how can you apply them as though this were some type of mental kung fu and you’re going to use the, you’re going to use the the great momentum of the universe to to your own benefit. And so at some point, though, this becomes commonplace and simply a way of life. I have this one thing with my with Meg, who’s got her Etsy shop up and running. And sometimes, so no, say hey, well, I didn’t make that much money this week, or you’re just talking about the the amount of money that you’re making, as large or small, then you know what, take away these labels, and just realize that it’s a happening, it is happening. That is, it’s not it’s not a large or small thing happening. It’s happening, period. And it is a miracle. If that’s how you want to see it. We’re gonna pause on this one, and then we’re gonna jump into who, let’s let’s, I don’t know how many, how much longer it’s gonna take. But like I said, I think this is a really powerful chapter, one of the most powerful chapters in my mind. And one of the ones that if you’re not going to apply any of the other ones, apply this 100%

Welcome back spiritual dope. We are headed through what are we headed through, we’re headed through, are you ready to succeed, you can change the universe, we just got done finishing up with how to create miracles in your life. And right now we’re going to go through a couple of the helpful hints, a couple of helpful hints and of creating miracles. First of all, do not share this process with others. And the reason is, is they will share their skepticisms and bring you down if you’re not familiar with the story of the kui crab.

Or the crabs in a bucket story is the idea that as the crabs are trying to leave the buckets, the crabs beneath it will reach up and pull it back down right almost as to say, Hey, don’t go out past that room. We don’t know what’s out there can’t be safe, you better stay here in this bucket with us. When you try to share this miracle mindedness stuff with others, they will poopoo you and they will you know, wet blanket, Debbie Downer all that shit. So here’s the deal. Do it silently. And allow for your own fate to develop a lot. See this stuff for yourself. Start with something small. Write start with small stuff. And the reason I say start with small stuff is because it’ll be easier for you to see it happen with small stuff than it will with the large stuff right here. You just trust me on that one. Right? And allow for your own faith to develop allow for yourself to build that muscle of miracle, you know, miracle creative muscles. And it may take longer for some than others. And that’s okay, stick with it. You know, if you if you’ve made it this far, and you’d be gone at all. Here’s the thing is, if you’ve done it at all, if you’ve done it once, if you’ve done it twice, if you did just one day of it, then you probably saw a result. All right. And you can’t go back after that. You can’t go back after that. So you can produce miracles. You can engineer coincidences. There’s the the the idea even in the beginning of the book is like you can make these serendipitous moments happen. He shares a story in the book I’m not gonna I’m gonna go ahead and go pass it. I’m trying I’m trying to think of some of my own. The house was one right The house was one my job so the work that I’ve ever gotten in my life evolved been in by some shape or form a miracle. The job that I currently have right now is is something that I did not consciously create, but I did consciously create so how does it how does how does that look? So right now I work at a technology company, a service provider company that you can we have over, we have hundreds, almost like, you know, 1000s of OEMs. And, and some of them are huge right now, if you look at Microsoft, Amazon, and then you look at the industry that I get to play in, it’s with gaming media and all this other stuff. And the thing is, these are all things that like I looked up to and love as I was growing up, and now I find myself smack dab in the middle of being able to help these people create the things that I loved, right? So I get to participate in gaming at Activision Blizzard conversations with them. Me and Microsoft, it’s just crazy. Right? So how does that happen? To guy that, you know, never finished college.

Unknown Speaker 20:55

Brandon Handley 20:56
How do I end up in this place in space, it’s not something that I kind of created by way of miracle, right. And if I, even if I go back, and I look at it, I did create it consciously at some point where I said, hey, yeah, that’s the job. I would like, I’m not going to shove and push and, you know, all this force and energy into it, this is what I like. And it did come to me by by way more of of allowance. And buy, don’t believe receive and give thanks. It showed up right when I needed it. Right when I you know, pandemic hate. This job showed up and in a way that I needed it more than anything else. And that’s not a miracle. I don’t know what is right. So I’m willing to look at it that way. And I’m willing to go back and look at it my

Unknown Speaker 21:57

Brandon Handley 22:03
My own my part in the process, right? How did I How did I take part in this? And I did not do it by myself. I did it with the help of the universe, I could have done it by myself, how does somebody do anything by themselves? They don’t? Again, it’s when they think that they are the ones doing it all by themselves that I think that there’s a large there’s a restriction of flow of restriction on the flow of what is possible for you, especially if you feel like you’ve got to do it all by yourself. How much can do by yourself? versus how much can you do with the assistance of the universe? Who’s on your side at all times? All right. riddle me that Batman so so here, listen, to change, to change your universe, discard the model of frantic doing this is also awesome one. Honestly, this is another one that you let go of the frantic doing when you practice a little bit of surrender when you when you take on the ownership of I’m not doing this by myself, I’m doing this with the universe. Because this sigh of relief, right sigh of relief, a little bit of calm wash this whole view and a little bit of allowing the power, the energy that creates worlds right connection to source to flow through you and towards that what you truly desire. That’s a fabulous feeling. So the current model of life for most is the harder I work, the luckier I get. Now listen, I believe I believe in preparation, and believe in pre paving. I believe in creating a vision, I believe in establishing a goal I believe in walking towards it, right. That’s all part of visualization. That’s all part of having faith in yourself. I mean, it’s no different. But the you know, to put a huge emotional focus and energy into a specific way of how it has to happen that is by your own plan and by your own design. Leave you leave a lot to be desired in that on this and so the harder I work the luckier I get this is like in relationships, you know, how many times have you struggled to get into relationship and in the end of that relationship, you got the girl you want and you live in the house that you want to live in, in the neighborhood that you want to be in at all fuckin sucks. And you end up like you’re on a hamster wheel and, and you’re like, you’re like, well, this is this. I’ve been around people like this. Right? This is just how life is this is the reality of life. This is everybody goes through this. This is that. It’s no different for everybody else. Everybody does this.

Unknown Speaker 24:58
That’s not

Brandon Handley 24:59
fucking True. That’s not true. It can’t be true. Right? This is a reality, this is not the reality. And you get to choose which model of reality you are going to work with. So when you change, so does the universe. The the alternate to frantic doing is calm being, Bob Proctor has a line for this one. Yeah, he goes, I don’t need to slow down, I need to calm down. And this, this brings to mind, the idea of when you excite when you are excited, and molecules are excited, there is a there’s a frenzy that’s built, there’s just bounce around every which way in every direction. Or that and then there’s, you know, calmness, a surety of confidence that happens by repeated practice over time, right? That’s when you go and you do the things you know, you wrestle with your kids, and you know that it’s calm, and it’s easy, you’re not not you’re not expending too much energy. You write your name, you do the things that you do every day, there’s a calmness that you do within, right, and you can find that same calmness in everything. It’s just a matter of again, you know, something happens, something pops up, you don’t overreact to it, you step back, you take a breath, you realize, hey, what’s happening here in this moment, right? Use the witness, leverage the witness, as you begin to Nugent leverage to leverage the mental chatter, all the stuff. So and you’ll begin to understand that each time as you’re changing your mental models, as you go forward, you are becoming different person. And the interesting thing is that the universe has no choice. This is a his his words. industry, the universe has no choice but to change in accordance with the person that you will become. If you haven’t heard that from Bob Proctor. If you haven’t heard that from Abraham Hicks, if you haven’t heard that, from the Bible, Buddha, I don’t know every you know, the people that have made it. Throughout the millennia. Elan musk even has most recently a line, you know, of, you know, every person’s got a level of understanding that at some point, when you get to that level of understanding, and you begin to see this happen for yourself. It’s pretty intense, right? So many cases, as men, he says it’s more efficient to do the internal work, meaning again, just like I said, there, do some of this to sort of voices judgment, clear outside mental clutter, lovers, lovers, the lovers to witness and all that type of internal work, do the gratitude and, and you’re gonna feel like a different person, you are going to project or you see a mirror of who you become on the external, that doesn’t mean that they’re still not the external stuff that needs to get done. I still have to reply to emails, I still have to record this podcast, I still need to send it out, I still need to, you know, do all the external stuff, show love, eat all these things, right? You still need to do those things. Just much less than you thought sometimes it’s great to let go of some of the timelines and the ways that you think things have to happen and allow for them to happen. And sometimes they happen in ways that are much more to just cooler, right? They’re very, they’re much cooler, they’re much more spontaneous. There. They are miracle stories, you could tell them here like wow, that happened in a way that I never could have written about right? I never could have forecasted. But it does, right. He says the example he uses of kind of searching for a job. And when you become clear on what it is that you want, the universe will show itself to you with ease, meaning the path will open up for you and it becomes quicker and instead of it. It’s kind of like take the idea of a walk in sand dunes in the Sahara right walking up sand is is a pain. Yes. And takes a lot of energy. you exert yourself and it’s just hot and annoying and sand everywhere. Nope, nope. no bueno.

Versus getting hot to lose track right? It becomes so fast and accelerate even think about the Hyperloop right? You just you just get sucked in and pulled in along the way and it’s so crazy because you’re not you’re not Pushing anymore you’re being pulled

out, I’m just thinking about it because it’s so true, like methley is so true. And there’s just there’s this way that that happens. And with ease doesn’t mean that it’s easy, right? It does mean that it is with ease. And there’s this, there’s this wonderful sensation that happens when you’re doing it. So practice over time. So it says here, largest, largest stumbling block, I mean, flip over to the page. It’s a, one of the largest stumbling blocks is

Unknown Speaker 30:44
to do to do

Brandon Handley 30:48
that, I mean, look, the largest on the block to me, I can’t find it right here is that we? We, we don’t believe yet, right? The largest stumbling block is that we don’t believe. And, of course, if we don’t believe we can’t perceive what’s happening in front of us. And you will believe that all this stuff is happening when you start seeing it in front of you. I’m sorry, I lost track there, guys. So as we kind of, you know, there’s gonna be the frantic, you’re not gonna be able to stop the frantic doing right away, right? So you’ll keep doing that. But at the same time, start doing some of these smaller things where you do allow for the universe to step in, and you allow for universe to participate with you. Right? It is and it is allowing you’re not it’s it’s funny, because you’re not the center of the universe is allowing you to do something as you are allowing the universe to work with you. It’s like I Oh, come on in. Right, like can’t Yeah, vampires can’t come into your house unless you invite them in. Same thing with universe you can’t come in and can’t work with you in a way that is in tandem, right in a way that is beneficial to both unless you to agree to work with each other. Right? And if you’re if you’re a fan of like, all that stuff, right? You most likely sign some type of soul contract somewhere with the universally hey, here’s how this is gonna go now. And universe is gonna show up, knock on the door and like, go away. I’m busy. I got the chicken under control. And the thing is, you don’t right. You’re frantic. You’re going crazy with it. And you’re like, at some point, you have this breakdown this meltdown, you’re like, this is fucking bullshit. Life sucks. And you’re like, I could really use some hope. And you let the universe like knocks again, you’re like, go away, I don’t believe you. And then one day, you’re just like, fine. Okay, come on in. Let’s go. Right? I’m gonna go back to the idea of, you’ve got beliefs so deep right now that this is impossible for you. Most likely, right? that these aren’t interference on the reception to and from the universe. Work on your reception, right? work on allowing, you know, allow it allowance could be something just as simple as somebody gives you a compliment. Work on that. Because if you don’t accept compliments, if you don’t accept gifts, if you don’t accept just a simple Thank you with grace and ease, how are you going to accept the infinite power of the universe to flow through you as again? You agreed to do with it when you came in, right, that’s probably on the back of some universal bar napkin that has you know, tear stains and and shenanigans on the back of it. Like oh, man, I love you, man. Let’s

Unknown Speaker 33:42
go to sleep tonight. And

Brandon Handley 33:43
you wake up next day you’re on planet Earth, you know what the fuck does happen? anywho. So let’s say keep track of your successes. Ignore the failures. Keep doing what works. I mean, this is another one that I got from Bob Proctor as well. You know, stop doing the shit. That doesn’t work. Right? That didn’t work. Stop doing it. That did work. Wow, that works. Keep doing more of that. Right? That works with children that works with your job that works everywhere. On a run right to the end here. You know, a note of caution. Once you head down this direction, you can’t go back. There’s no going back. It’s like the fucking matrix. Man. It’s like the red pill blue pill. You can’t unknow this. You can’t undo this. Once you create and accept miracles in your life. Once you see your life as America once you see that everything is a miracle. You’re in man, you’re injured. You’re part of the you’re part of the circle of trust. Right? You will be teamed up with the universe Do you need Who else do you need with you at that point? Right. And you may think this is shenanigans you may think and slop jokes you may believe this can’t be possible for you. real question is what do you have to lose? I can think of a couple things you might be able to lose, you might be able to lose 10 minutes of a crappy show that you watch on TV, you might lose 10 minutes of the news, you might lose 10 minutes of sleep, if you went to go to 10 minutes a day, right is all that it is all it takes to create a miracle. And if you’re not willing to create miracles, or see them show up in your life, for the absolute cost of 10 minutes of your life a day. Again, your choice, no problem, no skin off my back. I’m just here to present some information. And I’m here to do it as objectively as I can. But also, I’ve had these experiences myself. So what do you have to lose? Try it out. Keep with it, you absolutely will find yourself in a whole new world. And, you know, even he’s even even Dr. Houses in his book, because it’s not here to make, you know, shove this on you. Where’s, where’s it, I get to the back of the book, no to caution, did it.

Unknown Speaker 36:09
Just look,

Brandon Handley 36:12
because I have seen innumerable people discover this from sales, I cannot provide you with persistence that you’ll have to supply from within yourself. He says, trust me when I say it’ll be well worth it. You’ve got supply around persistence, right? You’ve got to you know, you’ve got to be the one that is able to supply your own belief. You’ve got to be the one that identifies and labels it as such, again, those are yours to create. And this is your reality, right? This is a reality, not the reality, your model. How can you put this to work for you? And, you know, where’s the last line here, one second here, I’ll pause it for a second while I go look for it with there it is when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change, ah, how many times I hear that before implementing some of the stuff into my own life, tons of times. And every time it got that same noise out of me. So try it for yourself and see if it doesn’t happen for yourself. Again, the worst thing that can happen is that maybe it doesn’t work out for you. And you chalk it up to bullshit and shenanigans or you begin. I hate to say you begin because you always have created miracles. But now you begin to notice that you are the one who’s influencing the universe. You begin to see exactly how powerfully you are able to show up when you allow yourself to show up. And that’s going to wrap us up

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