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All right, and welcome back. Welcome back to we are on Sreekumar. Rouse, are you ready to succeed, unconventional strategies for achieving personal mastery in business and life. Last we left off, we’re in chapter eight, you always act in your self interest. And we finished up we did a little bit of the dropper camera exercise. And we got ourselves, I told you, there’s a couple pieces in here that I think are really exciting, really cool, really cool concepts to think about. And that is the idea that the universe is a force multiplier. So if you’re not familiar with what a force multiplier is, in military parlance, a force multiplier is something that greatly enhances the effectiveness of any weapon or military tactic. Bombs are effective, absolutely. precision guided bombs are more effective, really sure are. precision guided bombs that are led to their exact destination by a spotter on the ground with a laser targeting device are order of magnitude more effective. The ground spotter is a force multiplier, and because of him, that’s, you know, infinitely more powerful, right? So the idea that we’re gonna look at today is kind of the idea of new apply how you can how you can apply this, this force multiplier for your own benefit. We’ve seen it earlier happen that to the degree when we went through the gratitude practice, or PTO, maybe you didn’t listen to the other ones, and you’ve already got a gratitude practice, then you’ve seen through that gratitude practice that there are going to be more things showing up for you in your life that are,

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you’re just more grateful for.

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The thing is that this happens both ways. This happens with your negativity, as well. And this can happen most often we see this in maybe the workplace, he refers to going through kind of talking about an I hate my job area, and you know, just listen, we all we all, you know, kind of hate our jobs and, or for some reason or another. But then the idea is, you know, basically what you’re doing is you’re sending these signals out to the universe, to give you more of kind of what you’re asking for the idea of the universe being a force multiplier, always take a look at it in the way that the tourist field, right, this kind of, you know, energy that surrounds you that comes in and out and in and out. And now, we’ll deal as it comes out of a core, right comes out of us kind of a core, you’re sending it out and it goes out it gets bigger and bigger than it slips right back in and just really does the job real real well. And, you know, just just gets right back to you. The idea again, of the what you send out to universe returns. Another person that comes to mind as I think about this is neville goddard, if you haven’t checked out neville goddard, lots of great content. old, old school mystic, well, you know, from the 1900s, or the 2000s, whatever, how are you? How have you worked that stuff out, but he’s got a really good lecture called sow seeds of success, I’ve just recommend that you check that out. The idea, again, is that you’re going to be sowing seeds of success in your mind versus these seeds of negativity. So see yourself being successful, see what you’re doing as successful. And eventually, they’re, you know, that breeds success. So how to treat your job and make your job fuel a little bit more rejuvenating. Essentially, if I recall correctly, the idea is, you’re gonna go through your day. And you’re going to look at doing things in a way where you catch the moments that you’re grateful for, maybe you got some cool people that you really like working with, maybe you got a place where you can grab some coffee, maybe there’s a water cooler, I don’t know, maybe the bathroom is clean. Maybe maybe the heat, it’s warmer, when you go into work that is at your house,

or vice versa. During the summer, it’s cooler during the summer and just right for yourself. So the idea to, again, focus on what’s right in your in your place of work. And just do it as often as you can. The other idea, too, that he mentions in here is that there’s a vast web of connections, right with customers, vendors, communities, the public, the government, that you’re a small part of right, everything that you do at your job really kind of goes out into the world anyways, regardless of how you do it. You know, it’s going to kind of go out They’re beyond you anyways. And most of the times we get caught up thinking about how it’s, you know, you are just caught in this trap. And woe is me. And we talked about the me centered universe earlier. Well, now you’re looking at this and I use, you know, how do you how do you make whatever it is that you’re doing, beneficial for the rest of the world.

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one of the ways that I was able to do that in a previous job was to, you know, I got all pissy right. Before the book, I was like, Oh, I do is hit keyboards and click clack, click clack, I do is press buttons. And I was like, No, I mean, that’s not what I do. What I do is at that point in time, I was selling hardware to internet companies that were providing the internet. And I was like, what I’m really doing is, I’m really helping to build the internet out there, making sure that like, everybody’s got faster, better internet. And then we can do things like I’m doing right now share out videos, watch these videos communicate with each other from afar. So once I changed my perspective on what it was that I was doing, I was able to do with more ease, it was definitely easier for me to do my job. And I did it with a little bit more joy. He says the cathedral story, which I think is one that a lot of people are familiar with. And it’s basically the idea of there’s, you know, an architect walking or walking along a dusty road. And he comes up to three guys who are building out a cathedral talks to the first guy, first guys like, Hey, can you see what I’m doing here, I’m breaking rocks, because I do it, I do it to get paid, right? That’s just my job is why I get paid to do. The second guy goes, I’ll make the small stones that will go into the wall of the building. So I do it so I can feed my family, right, it’s a little bit more purpose and a little bit more vision of what he sees himself doing there. The third guy goes, I’m hoping to construct this wonders Cathedral you see before you, when it’s finished, people come from many countries to gaze upon its Marvels. So that guy sees the entirety of what it is that he’s a part of. The architect comes back a few years later, and he’s looking for each one of these guys, the first guy that was just crushing stones, he, he kind of passed off, I know he grew up, had a little family just kind of passed off away. And then the second guy, he he was able to find him and he was able to do you know he was doing, he was doing work. And he was living in modest comfort. And maybe he wasn’t like super imaginative, but he was still known, well liked. And then the third guy, well, the third guy, he he was, he was famous and everybody knew who he was because you know, he just did everything he did with that kind of gusto. So the the gist of it is don’t break, don’t break, the rocks are going to all be a part of the team that builds a cathedral. And when you think about it, no matter what it is that you’re doing, you’re part of something much larger than yourself. And if you can find the purpose, but a purpose within what it is that you do, and how it gets out into the world that makes it all that much better. He also has an awesome line recorder has this great line in here that even the water bear in a caravan contributes to its success. And when you think about it, it’s just like it’s it gets so frustrating. And there’s certain times when you’re in a role. And you don’t feel like you’re playing the role to the best of its abilities, but you’re still a part of the team, right? No matter who you are, what you’re doing is part of the team makes it function as a whole. As the team that wins. It’s never a single individual who makes it all happens. So no matter what you think about even the water bear in the caravan contributes to success. So always think about that one. So what can you do the kind of helps you, you know, bring a little more vitality and enjoyment into the role that you’re doing. One of the one of the things that he recommends osric more recommends is that you learn a new skill in the part of the job that you enjoy. So I don’t know, for me, part of what I have been able to do in previous positions, even though it wasn’t my exact role was programming, and being able to code something. So you know, I spent about a month like learning different types of code and automation. So learning a new skill in the part of the job that you enjoy for a month at a time he recommends the other you know, do other things you so if you do that for a year, you know it’s going to kind of pass by pretty quick and you’re going to be kind of more in demand for exactly what it is that you’re what you’re interested in what’s up but you go through these exercises where you know you find a new skill and you want to do that it’s something that you enjoy and you just start learning a couple great places that you can do that are at Udemy place I love is Coursera I’ve taken plenty of courses there that are just fantastic. You know, everything from there’s happiness studies International, the International Business School like India, learning how to learn parental studies, business, finance, psychology, whatever you’re looking for you, there’s a good chance you can find it, there are other ones I’ve taken over, there are

sales, there’s a great sales course over there. So anything that you’re looking to do to improve in yourself, that’s a great resource, Coursera Udemy, Khan Academy, as so many different places that you can go to. So it says here, let’s see what else, you know, essentially, you’ll have an increased job satisfaction. He says, for about two reasons. One, you’ve acted in your self interest. But you’ve also expanded your understanding of self interest. And what you’re really doing is using the law of increase and knowledge of the universe’s force multiplier, to your advantage, right. It’s pretty awesome how it all works out, and you can definitely kind of find yourself in enjoying your job and your life a little bit more. So do this, do this. And you know, at the beginning, you might feel like you’re acting out a play, and it’s not you, you might feel a little alien. And, you know, listen, the whole act as if thing and the best way I like to think about it is, you know, who’s the future you that you, you see, that you’re trying to resonate with, you know, viewer to project an image of who you want to be to the future. And you see that, you just close that gap resonate with that and start being that person today. You don’t have to wait to be that person at a later date, you can do it anytime that you decide you’re willing to just start that. You know, Tim, was it. So he says to like, you know, kind of do it like it’s a method acting right? First, you may feel out of sorts, overtime, you will absolutely sink into your role. Think method acting. And the deal is just don’t break character. If you’re not familiar with method, actors just deal they, they just practice being that character for such a long period of time. So the other one, I think, is really a sneaky, clever one that he puts into, are you ready to succeed in chapter eight is this new take on networking, basically, you know, just to talk about the the idea that traditional networking is filthy, we go to these networking events are either to your, Hey, I know somebody that’s going to be there that can do something for me, hey, there’s going to be somebody there that I need to make a connection for me over to this person or that person. And to be honest with you, that gets like it’s super exhausting, gets super tiring. And in the end, you don’t you don’t feel like your best, right, you can go you can go to some of these events. And do this, I’ve done it. And I’ve just come out of there just feeling tired and exhausted. And as if like I didn’t, I wasn’t nothing has dried, there wasn’t a benefit to what I did not to myself were the people that that I was, quote unquote, trying to network with. The idea though, is to exercise and the idea is to pick five people that you’d like to cultivate, or they can be anywhere they can be people you already know. They can be friends or relatives, business acquaintances are fellow hobbyists. And really, you want to figure out like, what is it about that person that resonates within you, kind of jot that down. And then you know, let them know how they’ve impacted you and your life and shoot them a note, be 100% sincere right from your heart. And if it’s not, if it’s not from the heart, it’s really not going to work out. Ideally, you’re going to find a specific way that what it is that you do or have the capability to do, can benefit them and offer some of that to them. One of these that he recommends is that you learn through a company newsletter that an executive in another department is trying to organize a group to adopt an inner city basketball team, offer to join him and also to recruit others. So what can you do that just really helps somebody along their journey. So you can reach out to them any way you want. emails, super easy, Facebook, Instagram, anywhere, anywhere, anywhere, you can connect with these people and you truly you know, are looking to make an effort to help others. That’s gonna make all the difference in the world. And when you when you do this, when you go through these exercises, when when when you when you act from this place of sincerity when you go to help these people in a truly genuine way. You’re going to actually end the day, feeling energized lead this process of going to help others in a way that is, you know the benefit to it, but that’s not really why you’re doing it yourself. Somebody else grow or flourish are participating and helping that happen. And that’s generally just going to, it’s going to make you feel good, right, it’s going to make you feel good. And at the end of the day, you can end up being actually more excited and more filled with energy than, than any other time you go to a networking event, the traditional way, and just kind of burn yourself out. And the idea is, you’re not really trying to form any specific network,

right, this network is he talks about goes this, you know, if you’re trying to form a network, it’s going to require much effort and gameplay, right, that’s what I was talking about filthy hands, it’s kind of like, your network will form with little conscious thoughts devoted to it, and it will be exceedingly strong. And I can tell you, from firsthand, going through this exercise, it leaves them at least in part and doing doing some of this stuff where you reach out and you sincerely help others with without any expectation of return. I think that’s key, right, your your or without any expectation of them, you know, how they receive whatever it is that you’re delivering. So first of all, you get to feel like really good to do what you’re doing, because for some reason, it just feels good, you’re doing the right things for the right reasons. And then, you know, if, if isn’t received in the way that you’d you would hope that it was received. That’s okay. Like, it’s really okay. You know, don’t don’t sweat it, just know that you did the right things for the right reasons. And

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be cool with it.

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And I can tell you, again, from personal experience It Like It, it, it’s awesome, right, you’re gonna get you’re gonna get something in return. And it doesn’t even necessarily have to be from that person. Or any anything that you’re directly involved with, it could come from any other different space. And, and you’ll, you’ll again, feel I want to say powerful, but like really just feeling that you’re, you’re alive, right? You’re doing something that that’s, that’s a way to not necessarily it is it, I guess we look at us making a living, right, you’re making a living in that way. So I’ll leave you with this. The idea is a virtuous circle beats a vicious cycle any day. And that’s a great line out of that. And that new take on networking would be again, a virtuous circle beats a vicious cycle any day, get rid of the traditional networking, and try to incorporate this sincere network building where you can go find people that you’re excited to be around, find people that you really want to help out, and help them be successful. For the reasons that are to just simply see them be successful, what can you do to help them out. So that’s gonna do it. We finished up chapter eight on this one, and we’ve only got one more chapter to go and I’m looking forward to finishing that up with you. I certainly finished it up myself. I’ll go through with the notes together. But it just really enjoyed you guys hanging out with me going through this journey. And looking forward to sharing. Like I said, chapter nine and once this course starts with Sreekumar, sharing kind of what I’ve learned through there. Alright, take it easy.

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