Brandon Handley 0:02
party people, party people used to get you going, right? You’d be, you’d be out there.

Unknown Speaker 0:09
You’d be dancing all night

Brandon Handley 0:11
long. And it’s a party for party people. I knew they were talking to you. He knew they were talking to you. And you were like, I am a party people,

Unknown Speaker 0:22
people, Hey,

Brandon Handley 0:24
what’s going on? I live in jujitsu, right now in Brazilian jujitsu. And I just want to see if I can convey a little bit about something that I learned recently, don’t do a whole lot of research into the deep, deep origins of Jiu Jitsu, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, to be specific, other than the fact that I know that there’s a Japanese version, and there’s a Brazilian one. Suffice to say, I’ve been doing it for the past couple, four years. Mine is a COVID year. And it is something that is right in line with this whole spiritual journey that I’ve been on soul journey, period, physical, emotional, number of whatever, whatever you want to call it, the whole the whole thing, the whole kitten caboodle. And the idea is,

Unknown Speaker 1:30
What’s the idea?

Brandon Handley 1:31
The idea is that it has been something that while taking jujitsu and going to Jiu Jitsu, there’s certainly more confidence in being able to defend myself or, or my family if I had to, and, and in certain situations, it has given me the opportunity to be part of a community to Jiu Jitsu community, to me is simply all about you working to get better. And then you working to help someone else get better. This morning, as I was leaving jujitsu, you know, everybody over there’s pretty good, right? Everybody there’s think, on the same skill level, or above or slightly below. And, and so we all, we all have some pretty good, pretty good roles. And if there’s anything that you’ve ever heard about Jiu Jitsu is like doesn’t even matter, you know, I’m going up against the black belt, who can certainly demolish me, but even even even he is able to learn something from me, either, maybe he refined something that he already knows, on me, because I’ve given an opening that maybe nobody else has ever given him before he’s able to apply it in a scenario, or is just able to practice his craft on a live body. And that in of itself is to me invaluable. The same way that talking with somebody in person is so much better than anything you could possibly do through zoom through digital. So there’s nothing nothing replaces doing something live and with a person. In real, in real There we are. Right? I don’t care how augmented reality gets, I don’t care how virtual it gets. And I don’t care if we are living in the matrix. This is just

Unknown Speaker 3:41
what I’m saying

Brandon Handley 3:42
right now. So nothing, nothing beats that. And so we all we all learn from each other and we’re all there also to jitsu as a community to help each other improve. And as I was leaving this morning, I’ll just say okay, that’s okay. So thanks, everybody, for being how’s it. Thanks, everybody for being here. You’re all you’re all better because of me today.

Unknown Speaker 4:05
And half

Brandon Handley 4:06
joke half not and we all move out. We all got a chuckle right. Simply because it’s true. I’m improving because of them. I guarantee it. And that that’s that’s part of the community of Brazilian jujitsu. The idea though, is that jujitsu apparently and I couldn’t be wrong, but I was listening to Swami Safari or Peri and Nanda Swami Ji. And he was bringing up the idea that anytime you put like the jitsu part of it, it means fighting. However, when you when you turn it into, though, like Judo, jujitsu becomes Judo, it becomes the A way which becomes a spiritual path. And I was not aware of that. However, I can guarantee that this has been, for me my way, and he was talking about that with, with swordfighting. Right. kenjutsu becomes kanjo. And something about, I don’t know, become a keto, the deal is, is that these martial arts that while they are certainly amazing for physical activity, they have this the spiritual capacity as well, where, for me, it puts it puts me into just all kinds of different scenarios and breaks down the ego. So, so well, especially, I can recall, when I first started kind of competition, I think I had like, maybe my third or fourth stripe, I don’t know, maybe even just my second stripe, I forget on my white belt, and I thought it was some hot shit, right. And, and I had to go up against this other guy who had no stripes on his belt. However, he, like, he was a super strong, I think he’s about 10 years younger than me. And he just choke the shit out of me. And I just, you know, I wasn’t prepared, I let my guard down. And at the same time I was I just I was humbled. And so it’s a sport and practice that is the super humbling, suffice to say just so everybody knows, that guy went on to win the competition and white belt, inclusive of inclusive of what they call open. Absolute, that’s what it is absolute. And so he was pretty good. I’m still I’m still humbled. And it’s just eradicates this ego, of, I’m better than you and you’re better than me versus this thing where we’re all in this together.

And it really just kind of makes a creates a different space for for you and your, your, your own practice. And I think that this, this spills over for me into so many other different areas, especially takes it into work, takes it into my job, takes it into my home life, takes it into the community in general, where whereby even if I hadn’t already had this this point of view. And I can’t say that I absolutely did. I was certainly more of me centered and completely all about myself. Only for for quite a number of years. And well, I’m certain that I made it through and did just fine. The way that I feel now is and the way they act now is more from a place of of community. Self Service, self sufficiency as well as service, how can I be of service and jujitsu? I think brought a lot of that out of me. Well, I think that it was always there. It just hadn’t been, hadn’t been. hadn’t been tapped, right that just just a resource that hadn’t been tapped. a resource that maybe I didn’t feel like was worth sharing. As in I think even even just most recently last night I did the Marianne Williamson posts, where it’s the idea that you’re not afraid of, it’s not the darkness in you that you’re afraid of. It’s the light and you that you’re most afraid of and your greatness that’s inside, and how playing small doesn’t serve anyone. And that whole idea the idea of like playing small means that maybe you’ve got some ideas that you think may make a change or may make a situation that you’re in better, something that could improve where you are. And you don’t say anything because you’re afraid that someone may not understand you’re afraid you may not get the idea across. There’s a whole number of reasons why you may not share it. And the other reason may be like you just don’t feel like you’re ranked high Why would they listen to me? They never listened to me or something like that. And you put your you put this in your head. And so you you don’t, you don’t share it out. And, and again, I think going through jujitsu and the past few years of coaching and all this other stuff have brought me to a place where I feel confident and comfortable that even if it’s maybe not the best idea, we can talk through it right? The same thing will happen again. And this becomes just an inner practice, right listening to your intuition or recognizing the spaces internally. That becomes the way for you just the same way that jujitsu doesn’t always have to mean that this is a fighting art it is a fighting art, but it can also be transcended into the spiritual practice and drive you innately

Unknown Speaker 10:58

Brandon Handley 11:00
just thought that I would share some of that with you as I’m as I’m leaving jujitsu and very I thought that hearing that was pretty awesome you know, I had no idea myself that these martial arts translated into spiritual practices even though like I always felt like they did anyways there was this kind of here was this definition of when you go from you know, this fighting are into a spiritual space to spiritual practices a certain way. Then you find yourself in a different space and applying applying some of this stuff internally. And it’s, it’s a

Unknown Speaker 11:43

Brandon Handley 11:44
it’s a whole it is a whole nother universe. It is a whole nother space and just implore that you find something for yourself, right? That anything you’re doing on the outside think you can do on the inside, right. And vice versa as the inside is what is reflected on the outside anywho hope y’all are having a fantastic day, morning, evening, wherever you are, whatever you do. I hope that it’s great and this has been your hit the spiritual

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