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What are we feeling like this morning?

We’re feeling like this morning. Feeling like feeling like creating something feeling like sharing something. I will share that this weekend. I’ve got a gentleman named Derek. Derek gone. And this is a pastor minister, President church

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The thing is, is I wasn’t super sure

how it would go, how would the podcast go? How would it resonate with me? Would it read did I feel like it would resonate with the audience and endorses I pass on the guests based off of this kind of initial feel, that maybe it wasn’t, wasn’t a great fit.

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I kind of I kind of went in towards towards the interview with that, and I had to step back and and I had to remind myself that, that if we take a look at all of the teachings in the Bible, we’ll take a look at all the stories and everything that’s inside of there. One thing that I think, I know, I know, that I wasn’t aware of throughout all this time, was the these stories, things that were put in these books, these stories. They’re written by mystics. They were written by mystics. And what that means is, these are people who had an elevated sense of connection to the universe and elevated connection to source. Maybe Maybe they were, as we’re all talking about connected more to their heart than to their head. But the gist of the matter is that mystics have a different space in my mind. Then the idea of just some dude, after writing some books, telling me this is how this is how my relationship with God should be, man. Because I think that that’s, that’s another, it’s another big thing that we

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were tasked with

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when we look at traditional church. When we look at the traditional church, we’re looking at people who are delivering, oftentimes all the time, we’re looking at people who may be delivering the message. Without the transference of the feeling without the transference of the not the actual knowledge. I mean, I can read to you any number of books, in any number of ways on how to do something, but that doesn’t mean that I know how to do it, I can translate it into another story where I think it makes sense and I can make the connections, that doesn’t mean that I translated it correctly. That means that I know how to read and maybe how to grow an audience. Maybe I translate some things pretty well. But that doesn’t mean that I’ve connected with it. It doesn’t mean that I am fully immersed in the mysticism of it. That I am under an enchantment, if you will. Underneath the magic spell of what these guys were under and in and girls, when they were writing this material also the people who are spreading the message Okay, they may not understand they may not understand that and I think that When people look at the whole idea of I forget which Emperor, you know, put the pick the 66 books? And what about all the other ones? Why these ones make it? And why did some others didn’t? And is there something we’re missing from the books? I’m sure that there are some things that are missing. And I’m sure that there are some things that were kept out on purpose. Because the some of the messaging was too powerful. My guess is also that they didn’t understand a lot of what they’re putting in there. They didn’t understand to the mystic level, the allegorical level of what it was that they were putting inside of the Bible, which literally means library. Just, you know, so biblioteca, right, so the 66 books inside of the Bible, I’m sure there’s other bits and pieces in there by now constitute a library. And was that library of constitutional? I don’t know. Suffice to say, I wasn’t sure if my guest there was going to resonate I wasn’t sure whether or not he was in the feeling was in this this mystic know? Right, it’s almost like I was prejudging in an ascensor away. Now I got to the point of even, you know, before and during the podcast interview, of letting that go.

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And just having a

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fucking conversation. Without this, this, this pressure, and this need for my judgment, for my judgment for what I felt was a possible prerequisite that I had the filter to know who shouldn’t be on the show. And, to a certain extent, I certainly do, but I was doing this. What I’m talking about is I was doing it through a Christian, I was like, wow, this guy’s gonna be a Christian. He’s not gonna, you know, he, you know, speaking about the Bible, does he really have a good connection? Like I’m saying, does he really does he really, I think, guy, is he feeling it? Is he living it, and not just preaching? And I feel, I feel first, you feel a little guilt and a little a little shame for that just on my own end. And we’re gonna do it anyways, no matter where we are, there’s always going to be someone that we judge us a little bit, even before we meet them came from where? Oh, no, you’re like, I heard people from there. Whatever. Right. And we’re based off of where they come from before you even meet them. So that’s, that’s what was going through my mind and what I think and I think the podcast actually came out really well. I think, I think the conversation was was pretty good. I feel like he’s really in touch with knew who it is and believes in what he’s sharing. And that’s the important thing is, is sharing an authentic message from a place that you believe in your heart. And I feel like that’s what he did. And what else can you ask somebody to do? What else does somebody need to do? In order to prove that they’re worthy of a good conversation? Right, I think that that’s where a place that we get to, in our lives, oftentimes is somebody that wants to share and we’ve got all this call these pre requisites that the need to we need to have before before we’ll talk with them before we’ll listen to them before we’ll just save some space for them. And that’s what I feel like that’s what I created. I got out of God out of my own way because it was me my thoughts the way I was thinking about, about it. I let go of certain way of feeling a certain way of being and I opened myself up, to listen, to listen with my heart to participate and be present in the conversation. Because it truly is, just like I say, whenever the podcast starts, it’s the idea of, there’s a message that’s been delivered through that person that I’m going to hear. That’s going to resonate with me that can only be delivered at that time through that person, and I’ve got to be open to that, I’ve got to be open to it. So I’m not, I’m gonna miss that message, I’m gonna miss that opportunity to, to expand awareness to grow to elevate all the things we’re all trying to do. To take it to the next level, I’m gonna miss all that if I’m going in there with a pre predisposition of this guy, his background is this and this, this, and this, this is what we’re going to talk about, here’s how I’ll lead it. And instead of, instead of following their cues, right, I know that a lot of times the I could be as true, I could be trying to lead it in that way, from time to time, but every once in a while, let the other person lead you in the conversation, let them take it, take it somewhere. And that’s, I guess, the power of what they call active listening and reflective listening, repeating back that you heard them, let them know that you heard them and get some clarity of what it is that they’re saying. Any you thought that I’d share that with you this morning, because again, we

sometimes we go in with this, this predisposition and we don’t give somebody a fair shake to be themselves. And to tune in to the truth of who they are. And, and allow for that amazingness to shine through. Everyone’s got it within them. And it’s up to us to help them to expose that and bring it to the world. So that maybe the next conversation they have after that they’re gonna understand that, hey, they don’t need to listen, nobody needs to be validated. But if we can give the person that we’re talking to a little bit of validation, a little bit of sense of being heard a little sense of of significance, because we took the time to have that conversation with them. What do you think that’s gonna do for them? It’s gonna give them some confidence, it’s going to make them feel heard, it’s going to make them feel that significance, that maybe there’s something later in the day that they had maybe not been wanting to face. Maybe there’s something a little bit later in the day, that conversation with a significant other or somebody else in their lives that they didn’t feel like they could have because they weren’t feeling that full confidence. And when you listen to somebody, when you pay attention to them, when you reflect back what they’re saying, and you hold that space for them. It gives them the confidence because you’ve reflected back just how brave that they are that you’ve heard. And you believe in everything that you believe in what they’re saying. So I hope you enjoy the podcast so we got going for you this weekend. There. I don’t remember last name off top my head. I had a great conversation. And I think that it’s something that you’re going to enjoy if you tune into it and just explore it for what it is and get rid of some of these preconceived filters. Just to accept the story and the person into your heart.

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