Unknown Speaker 0:01
Wake me up.

Brandon Handley 0:02
Before you go, go. Set a listen. I totally grew up in the 80s I’m not gonna lie, I can’t my good day to you, sir. I’m got some fun stuff for you today. Got up gonna be along the lines of miracles miracle creation, shit like that. When I had a class I’m in, I’m in a group, I’m in a course it’s called creating personal mastery of streak morale, definitely talked about it comes from just the work that he’s done over the years, he takes lessons from all the masters. Throughout history, we’re talking Buddha, Jesus, whole bunch of Swamis, gurus throughout history, and he strips them of cultural identity. And when he stripped some of this cultural identity, you have an opportunity to revisit some of these concepts. Without preconception of, Oh, this comes from not my Lord Jesus, I can’t take it. This call so I’m not my Lord Vishnu can’t take it. This calls from you get the picture.

Unknown Speaker 1:37

Brandon Handley 1:39
when you do that, when you take away these preconceptions, you don’t have a filter built in that does doesn’t allow you to say no to something. Or perhaps I should say it makes it easier for you to say yes to some things. Because there’s a specific logic. I don’t even know if it’s logic, there’s a specific way that when presented, it’s not illogical. That’s a double, double negative for all you grammar nazis out there. There’s logic and then there’s something there’s something in there. That just it is it sounds illogical.

Unknown Speaker 2:34
But then there’s this there’s

Brandon Handley 2:35
this truth. There’s this truth in there that you just simply can’t refute. It’s irrefutable. Simply because the way that it’s presented, it fucking makes sense.

And you don’t even recognize that it makes sense. That’s how much sense that it makes sense, you don’t refute it. It automatically bypasses your conscious filter. Your filter that says, Oh, no, that’s bullshit. Because none of that I don’t believe in Jesus, that I don’t believe in the Torah. Get it? Right. So since you didn’t say no. You’re saying yes. This only applies and subconscious stuff, and not if he or she is asleep. Just a heads up there. So since you didn’t say no, yes, it goes into your subconscious slips in there. And and then if there’s any way that you can see the logic in it a second time because the material is presented repeatedly throughout the course of a period, and it’s also you’re also doing it within a group of other people. And you’ve also said, Hey, I’ll keep an open mind. And I’ll check this shit out. And belief has nothing to do with it yet. Belief has nothing to do with it yet. But you’ve accepted it in some way or another in a intellectual fashion. You said intellectually, this bucket makes sense. Okay, so once you’ve once you’ve once you’ve let it slip into the subconscious let it is obviously that’s a loaded word. You didn’t necessarily let it just fucking happen. Kinda like that one night shift has happened. And you then accept it in the mind, once you accept it on purpose, once you accept it with the intention of saying, Oh, okay. This makes sense intellectually. I’ll go ahead and now I’ll look for evidence of it in my life. Once you have let it slip into the subconscious, you’ve accepted it as a possibility. And then you begin to look for it in your life. And then it shows up. Then you experience it. Now, it’s no longer just a concept. So long as a thought and intellectual practice. You’ve got the real life experience, according to how everything is lined up. And now, you’re like, the shits real? No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no way.

Unknown Speaker 6:20
No way.

Brandon Handley 6:22
No fucking way. And here’s, here’s here’s what happened. It’s kind of like a story within a story within a story like a goddamn Russian nesting doll. In the class to the night, there was four of us. And we were going over this, what gets in your way? Or where do you want to be? Or what kind of shit Do you trying to accomplish in your life and what’s getting in your way. And this is a class that’s offered at no insubstantial amount. And it is for like CE o ‘s high performance professionals, people who are ambitious, people who are also seekers, I believe that in this in this group, there seem to be a lot of seekers. And again, you find what you’re looking for. And there’s just some incredibly well, exceptionally well known people in this group within their circles. So when we have our get together, and there are these small group breakouts, that you get together once a week, and you go over these certain concepts and ideas, when we got together. In the group of three out of four, worldwide, three of us were coaches or coaching or had a coaching practice, along the spiritual and transformational lines, just like myself, just like myself. And we’re all in similar but different spots along the journey. If that makes sense. we all we all want it to move forward. And we all were looking for how to make that happen. How are you? How are you making that happen? What is the next step that you need to make so that you can experience your desires in a way that you say you would like to in your life? And that’s a tough one. Because a lot of times you come up with a lot of bullshit answers to that. And you say things like, well, if I had marketing or if I have more money if this or that. A whole bunch of things come up in that. And honestly, the truth of the matter is, it’s a couple of things a maybe you really don’t fucking want it. Is that really what you want? Because if that’s really what you wanted, wouldn’t you be taking steps and action towards it? It’s fair question. If you wanted it badly enough, there wouldn’t be a barrier to it. We how many stories are you familiar with in your lifetime? where people have made it or done it and insurmountable

Unknown Speaker 9:37

Brandon Handley 9:38
They aren’t even super smart seemingly. And and you’re like, What the fuck is wrong with me? Why is my life like this? Or maybe that’s just me and I’ll take that but we I happen to find myself and this group of at least three of us at the same time brought together in like, this way there’s like what are the fucking odds well Word that we’re all we have the similar limiting beliefs Do we have the similar spots of being stuck in? And while we were talking, one of my suggestions was to somebody else in the group, I was like, Well, if that’s really what you want in your life, then why don’t you talk to somebody who’s achieved it? And what are some ways start looking for? Start looking for the ways that you could achieve that for yourself, if that’s what you really wanted? Because chances are, chances are, you know, certain ways. And there’s certain ways and other people have done it at this point that maybe you’re not willing to do, because that’s just not you. Right? And again, maybe that’s another one of those limiting beliefs. Well, it’s got to be done a certain way. Okay, maybe, then maybe you don’t want it. Right. We have to, we have to be okay to admit that to ourselves. We have to be okay to let go some shit that we said we want, that we don’t want it anymore. And then be okay with that. Overall is not what I want. Just kidding. Sorry, y’all. Just because you’ve got a lot of mental energy ish, shit tied up in it doesn’t mean that you want it anymore. And that’s okay, too. So that was one of the questions that kind of popped up in the group, too, was uh, maybe maybe? Pretty sure that’s what you still want? Is that really what you want? understanding what it is that you actually want is not it’s not easy? Because you say, you say why don’t you start working towards it? Oh, yeah, I guess I didn’t want it that bad, right. And that’s okay, it wasn’t worth x, y, z price, there’s a price that you have to pay for all these things. And that looks like money that looks like time that looks like time away from family that looks like more time with family that looks like some things that maybe you’re simply not willing to do at this point in your life. Yet any rate, so there we were three of us. in similar situations, I personally feel like I’m making the progress and doing the things and taking the steps myself. I don’t know if I could be doing it any harder or faster. I’ve hired a you know, hired marketers, I’ve hired people to do my branding, I’ve done things I think that are on brand on point selected a targeted message selected different space, like, again, spirituality for the street, spiritual dope, it’s a definitely a brand, it’s definitely got a targeted demographic. And you know, and, you know, in support of mental health, there’s a you know, there’s another reason for it, how to apply it in your in your life, so that you can have to be anything that you want beyond your limited, mortal self. some shit like that, once you incorporate overall spirituality. So that’s where I come from on it. And, you know, I’ve even got right now, somebody, you know, working with me, PR, too, help spread the message beyond the way that I know how because guess what, I don’t know how to do some of these things. And sometimes I don’t want to know how I want to find somebody that specializes in it to help me. So I can accelerate to a place that I would like to be at the same time in a in organic fashion without deviating from the message without without putting the need to monetize this in such a way that it influences the message. And what I mean by that is I’m not looking for ways to press on your pain points. To say that you’ve got to make a move in your life and buy my product, right. I don’t feel like that’s 100% necessary for where I am today. And what I’m doing. So I avoid it as part of the whole stick as it were again, so that I can stay pure anyways,

shared all that out with the group. And also the idea that if you want to find somebody, if you do want to take any steps like that and you want to see it show up in your life, you got to go out and you got to look for find it. And, and then the one one guy in the group, he says the other thing he said to which I stuck out in my mind, just What’s on your plate? what’s in front of you right now is enough, as you’re making the progress that you should be making with intention with purpose. And surrendering a little bit, again in surrender means

Unknown Speaker 15:15
stop trying

Brandon Handley 15:16
to control all the outcomes only control, you work work on what’s right in front of you right now as part of the process. And as a second part of that, this whole thing is that this is a sort of group where we’re focused on creating or witnessing miracles with our life, however you want to see it. And two parts to that the odds of this group coming together are what? Three out of four of us worldwide, what are the odds of us coming together? The first answer to that, and I got this from a gentleman who’s been on the show before Adam Walton been coached by him before and brought up a scene like this Tim before and just the odds of this are 100%, it had to show up in my life in such a way like this, that I would accept it, to motivate me to, to have an impact, to be noticeable to have awareness of it. So the odds are like 100%. So then the very next morning, speaking of miracles, I’ve got meetings that are back to back, got a little coffee shop that I want to go get some coffee for, but I don’t have fucking time for it. Because I got all these meetings, and they’re good meetings. I’m really, really looking forward to them. Because I’m doing some cool shit. However, I still want that cup of coffee. What I want is like this little break just in the day to change up the pace of things. And my 10 o’clock cancel, I was like, shut the fuck up.

Unknown Speaker 16:53

Brandon Handley 16:54
gives me a little bit of time to run across and grab a cup of coffee. So I want to cross it and get this cup of coffee. And Funny thing is his funny on the way in. There was a dad telling his daughter stay outside with the dog goes hoppy, right? She goes, What if What if I get kidnapped? And he goes, he goes, look, I’ll be I’ll be back before you’re kidnapped. I have asked when we walk as like to just tell her that you’ll be back before she was kidnapped. Yeah, I was like, all right, just making sure I heard that. Right. And I leave the place with my coffee, and the goddamn lemon Danish because they bake them fresh there and just wanted it. That’s why I’ve wanted I’ve resisted for way too long. And I go outside, walk outside. And as I’m leaving, there’s a there’s a dude sitting there. reading his book power versus force by David Hawkins. got two options. I can note it. That’s a cool book in my head and keep walking. But I was like, fuck it. I was like, I was like, Yeah, that’s a great book. I said it out loud to him. Because Yeah, I was like, What do you check it out what’s happening? We get to talking. And turns out, he is a men’s spiritual coach right down the street. We get to talk about different things and pieces, we can act on a lot of different things, but which is all awesome. But the big takeaways I looked at as a miracle something that you know, without that night before talking about having a coach show up to does what you’re trying to do in your life. So that you can find somebody to to rap about this stuff with. Like shamwow and instantaneous the moment that you believe that something like that could even happen. Like I had to be able to believe that something like that was possible in my life, to be aware of it, to allow for it to show up. yada yada. What are your beliefs around what’s possible for you in your life. And the thing with spirituality is that if you believe that you have to do it all yourself within the confines of you and your own mind. And you have to force these things yourself. What you’re not allowing for is this idea of this idea of surrendering to the universe and trusting as Alan Watts said, Justin the universe as though it were another throwing your the possibility of anything that happen that is in alignment with what you’re trying to do in your life. As a step towards it, whatever that is. And I’m always reminded of the quote, or the idea of you only had to see 200 feet in front of you when you’re driving at night. your headlights can only see two to 500 feet in front of you. You keep driving the headlights keep on shining two to five 100 feet in front of you continues to open up, you just have to follow the road. Same concept, same idea. Same thing will happen for you and your life if you’re willing for it. If you allow for it, if you follow it if if you’re willing to believe you’re willing to step out in faith and if you’re willing to go beyond just slightly beyond your current belief system and accepted, anything is possible for what you once deemed impossible. Check it out later.

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Debbie Moran Spiritual Dope Podcast

I had the opportunity to hang out with the author of True Loves Kiss, Debbie Moran on this episode, join in the conversation to get some practical applications of spirituality that you can use in your daily routine!

Unknown Speaker 0:00
Your journey has been an interesting one up here. You’ve put in so much more than those around you. You’ve even questioned yourself as to how you could have grown into these thoughts. Am I crazy? I’m wondering why do people in general You’re so limited as Bob process for ensuring you are not alone The world is slowly waking up to what you already know inside getting can’t quite verbalize. Welcome to the spiritual dough podcast, the show that answers the question you never even knew to ask questions about you in the world, the people in it? And most importantly, how do I proceed? Now moving forward? We don’t have all the answers, but we sure do love Living in the Time for another spiritual dope with your host, Brandon Handley. Let’s get right into today’s episode.

Brandon Handley 0:41
Hey there spiritual dope. We are on today with my good friend Debbie Moran and Debbie and I connected through spirituality group that we’re both members in the soul side, right soul side by side community. Yes. Also community with Mark Youngblood for some of you who’ve listened to the podcast a couple times, you’ve heard mark on the podcast, hurts I think I had Anna champagne on the podcast as well, all members of this incredible group, Debbie is no exception, in this group well, and they’re just trying to learn how to improve, improve, you know, just how to harness our spirituality better throughout life. And Debbie has written a book that she’s going to talk a little bit about with us today, that’s going to help you to figure out, you know, what are what are some practical applications? And what are some ways that you can harness spirituality so that you can have some more fulfillment, some more happiness, confidence, Legos, some anxiety, those types of things. So, Debbie, thank you so much for being on today.

Debbie Moran 1:43
Hey, you’re welcome, Brandon, thank you for having me.

Brandon Handley 1:46
Absolutely. Absolutely. And I always like to start these off with the idea that we are directly connected to source energy, like at all times, right? And it creates and speaks through us, right, we’re vessels for for this. And the idea is that there’s somebody listening to this podcast today, that is going to receive a message that can only be delivered through you at this precise time. What is that message?

Debbie Moran 2:15
I love that you’re we’re on the same page. I do believe not that we’re connected to source, but that we are an extension of source. So we are here to embody us. So I feel like that actually is something that took me a long time to actually realize that I was here to embody Debbie Moran, rather than I was going to change my name. And so many of us have changed our names in our spiritual circles, I realized through my process that a lot of the names that I was going to change my name to, were simply the state that I was in and in my own evolution, for instance, bliss. So. So what’s the message, the message is we are here to be who we came to be?

Brandon Handley 3:04
What’s that look like for you? If you wanted to elaborate a little bit more?

Debbie Moran 3:09
Well, each of us, I think you said it really nicely. In the beginning, I don’t feel like we’re here to learn anything I hate, we’re here to remember the truth of who we are, and the extent of what we’re capable of, which is beyond our conscious level of awareness. So it’s really about raising our states of awareness. So that we can actually tap into and become that presence. That is that clear vessel, that Clear Channel that doesn’t, you know, words are what we have to work with. But the truth is really beyond words. And so it’s challenging sometimes to actually put an expression in terms of a language to all of the truth. And so I feel like what you said is true. I in fact, a coach once told me, you know, there are people in the world who can only hear what they need to hear through you.

Brandon Handley 4:08
Right, I mean, it’s true, right? There’s, there’s, you know, I think we all resonate at a certain level to our different people. Right. And, and that’s really the idea of the podcast is, I may resonate with plenty of people, but you resonate with a different group, you’re gonna attract, and you’re gonna speak to a different group of people that that tune in, and they’re gonna hear your message, they’re gonna pick up on the Debbie vibe, right? And, and, and, and you’re gonna maybe open up something inside of them, right? I really liked that idea, though, to what you were saying that, that you had considered changing your name, because of these states that you were in and the idea of all these other people kind of that maybe you knew that have changed their name that maybe they find the spirituality and then they go change their name. Right, they live into this other state of being that they think can flip in and out of at any time. Right. And and I’m really glad to hear that what you decided to do, though, was just, you know, understand that you were here to be, you know, kind of who you were meant to be. And not like these other, these other things, these other when you change your name like that, it’s kind of like you’re just changing your mask. Right,

Debbie Moran 5:24
exactly. Right. Right. So start roles. So it is the roles we play, and they vary throughout life, but our presence never buries. So it just shines through different masks and different roles.

Brandon Handley 5:40
Right? Well, so let me let me um, what what kind of got you into spirituality space to begin with,

Debbie Moran 5:47
was kind of born into a dynamic actually, it really wasn’t meant as a that was really part of what maybe it’s like coming full circle, rather full spiraling inward to this awareness that I came in sort of rejecting. Rejecting the sense of being here, there was a part of me, I literally came in with going, whoa, where am I? And this is pre words, where am I? And how did I get here? And none of this makes sense? And what is this language I’m hearing and I couldn’t say it, but I say all these thoughts were going through my head. And so it took me almost my lifetime up till now to actually be okay with not only be okay, but recognize the brilliance and the blessing of being human. And being born into the family I was born into, and into the experiences that I experienced, to help me to be to remember to become aware of this is not a punishment, this is

Brandon Handley 6:57
what I mean, I don’t know about you, it’s just another experience the same way that we experienced any other sensation. We’re having this? You know, I guess if we were to say it in one way, if this is basically our life sensation.

Debbie Moran 7:10
Yes. Yes, our experience of those things that if we truly are one, then I say that because I feel that and I believe that and I have a knowingness of that. However, we don’t experience that full, that full expression of that all the time, because otherwise we wouldn’t be having these senses that we have are these thoughts that come through, or these words that we’re able to express these are things that the theory is we came to experience what we are not to remember who we are, and that’s kind of

Brandon Handley 7:47
right, and, you know, I think that that’s always, that’s always a challenge, and you’ll get like some eye rolls from people that haven’t, I guess, experienced that space. Right, that happened kind of gone through some of those, those those those developments. And I think that, um, since it’s such a subjective experience, you can’t really you can’t really, you can’t really impart it on anybody else. Right, you can just all you can do is be like, Well, okay, I mean, I can just tell you from what I’ve experienced, and what I’ve gone through. And, you know, maybe if you these are some signals, right? Have you experienced this, that or the other thing, okay, then maybe, right. I like and I like in that experience to the idea of Joseph Campbell’s, the hero’s journey, right? When when, you know, when you hear the call of the hero, like, that’s, that’s kind of like your wake up call, right? That’s, and you don’t have to, you don’t have to respond to it, but it’s not gonna, it’s not going to go away. Right, right. And it’s kind of what you do after that, or each time it comes along, what do you do with it?

Debbie Moran 9:01
And it doesn’t look the same for any individual. Right now. I work with a lot of people and a lot of families and a lot of times one family member will come to me to actually work on another. And I always bring them in first, especially as children or spouse, because, you know, it may look like the other person’s not doing their work, but just because they’re not doing it the same way you’re doing. It doesn’t mean they’re not doing your work.

Brandon Handley 9:26
That’s right. That’s right. Right. And that’s, that’s a challenge. I mean, how, how was it for you to kind of overcome that idea, right? Yeah, the idea of, well, that person is not doing the work that person, I know, they’re not doing the work and then you got to do it like this. You got to do it like that. And, you know, because I, I bring that up because when, you know some of my first experiences were similar to that until like, there was like this point was like, wait, wait a second. Your experience is going to be totally different than mine. I don’t know what you’re actually transfer is gonna be but yes. Right. So Where, where? Where did I mean? Where Where did that come into sight for you?

Debbie Moran 10:11
Again, it’s deepened through my whole process. But I really kind of came in with the ability to see a person’s soul that actually created problems for me a lot of times because I would see their soul and ignore their behavior. And I’m sure many people have had that experience. So it actually took me a long time to actually be aware that I could see their soul but I needed to pay attention to their behavior. So it was like, in a way, I wasn’t holding others accountable. I was holding myself accountable for the world around me. So it was it felt very heavy and very burdensome. And so I I very early went to nature. Actually, I grew up Pentecostal. So I kind of grew into that indoctrination, which is I had a Pentecostal.

Brandon Handley 11:04
Okay. That’s right. Yeah. Holy rollers. Right. Right. Right. I, you know, I, there’s, I think there’s a, from what I’ve heard, I kind of think that there’s a grain of truth to, to, to that whole series. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Like I’m a fan,

Debbie Moran 11:23
lifetime journey to actually realize that Sunday was the day of Pentecost, and for the first time ever, I actually understood what that meant.

Brandon Handley 11:32
What is it? So what does that mean?

Debbie Moran 11:34
Pentecost is theoretically what is today, like 50 days, 10 days, meaning 50 days after the the resurrection of Christ. And what happened is, it’s also the Jewish day of harvest. And from the Bible perspective, is the Jewish day apartness, that 50 days after the resurrection of Christ, and all of the disciples came together, and all of a sudden, they were all speaking in a language that no matter is funny. We started out with saying there are only those who can understand through you, right, in this any cost theory is that the apostles spoke in the language that whoever they were speaking to, could understand.

Brandon Handley 12:18
Yeah, that’s, that’s it? Yeah. I think it’s beautiful, right? I mean, I see. Yeah, yeah. I think that i think that’s pretty cool, right? If you can be in a place and you know, no matter what, whoever you’re speaking to understand you. And I think that that’s really, again, this space, right? Once you kind of get into this space, there’s maybe there’s a little, maybe there’s a little dance, right? And then but then you just kind of land on Yep. Okay, cool, then then we’re speaking the same language. Right. So, so real similar, I think in that right. And, you know, and so, I wouldn’t take that literally, that’s how I would see it, right. So kind of like this, you know, symbolic and or, you know, our allegoric kind of way. So very cool. Now, I love that. So, what, yeah, let’s talk a little bit about the book that you you’ve put out.

Debbie Moran 13:06
Okay, so here’s a picture of it. And it’s interesting. It’s called true love’s kiss, and keep it simple, sweetheart. There you go. Yeah, books in one. Sure. And true love’s kiss is it came to me. It’s interesting, because I was writing, I was doing a 90 day book writing course, I have like books written everywhere, but none of them ever actualized. And I was in the middle of writing a different book. And all of a sudden, it got derailed. After the 90 days, I was ready to start putting it into book form, and is like, no, that goes away. This is what you’re writing. And these characters came through these fictional names came through. And all of a sudden, I was like, Genevieve, who’s genetti. What is this? So then I had this and I couldn’t even like spelling, it wasn’t even like the easiest names or names I would have chosen. So I started these, these voices, these names, these characters came through and started writing the story of a mother daughter, that like the birth of a daughter and the mother daughter relationship, all the way through the first chapter of her life. True from birth to 21. And so that that’s the first part true love’s kiss. It’s the story told in fairytale form, from the perspective of a mother and daughter of what happened in their lives. And what it does is it shows how patterns or patterns emerge and how they’re actually solidified and rigidify it and they become habits and then how they’re unconsciously repeated.

Brandon Handley 14:40
What would be an example of that out of the book maybe?

Debbie Moran 14:44
Um, okay, so what I talked about earlier is being able to see an individual so in ignoring their behavior, and then constantly just saying, Okay, I’ll forgive that behavior, but still not hold them accountable and go back and just kind of repeat the same thing over and over and over. And so there was that, and then there’s so there’s a dynamic around finances and money. So the consciousness here is about what is love? What is this this life I’ve come to live? And what is this money thing? You know, what is this all about? Why do we need this? And why are people saying one thing and doing another or not saying what they need. So it’s it’s story after story of just the pattern. And it was, it was brilliant how the mother and the daughter, we’re parallel, but you kind of got both of their perspectives. And that’s awesome.

Brandon Handley 15:41
That’s awesome. So and so I guess, you know, the inspiration came from, you know, just basically these these figures coming forth for you, right, just kind of showing themselves,

Debbie Moran 15:53
they did show themselves. And then but the inspiration was, I don’t know if it was a parallel like or what, but it was from Miami like,

Brandon Handley 16:02
Sure. Okay. That’s great. That’s great to know. And then so we, you know, we do I think you talked a little bit about the patterns. And then there was some more, I think that talks about, you know, the concept of belief systems.

Debbie Moran 16:17
Oh, very much. So, yeah. systems, habits, patterns, they all are just another word for a way that we rigidify ourselves and limit ourselves, and, and forget the brilliance or the divinity of the birth of ourselves.

Brandon Handley 16:38
You know, how is it then, you know, so as we forget, is there a way that you have come across or can think of that would prevent us from forgiving?

Debbie Moran 16:50
You know, it’s funny, because I said this to mark recently, and he’s like Devi, everybody talks about that, the breath,

Brandon Handley 16:57
the breath,

Debbie Moran 16:59
in breath. I mean, I have gone through an endless array of encyclopedias full of studies myself, different masters, different philosophies, and different religions and spiritual practices. And I put them all into action. And yet, I feel like part of the message here is the remembrance of that simplicity of the breath. I mean, literally, the breath is the first thing we take when we come out of the womb. Sure. And they’ve done scientific studies that show that when a person dies, the breath until that last breath is exhaled. Like that weighs six ounces, from what I understand, it’s like they measured the breath. Exhale was six ounces. And that’s like, essentially your spirit. Right? So that’s our luggage.

Brandon Handley 17:50
Did they get the six ounces? Uh, yeah, I hadn’t heard that. I hadn’t heard that, that they nailed down a number. That’s very interesting to hear.

Debbie Moran 17:57
That way, don’t quote me. Do you remember six pounds?

Brandon Handley 18:01
Yeah, that’d be interesting. If we could find a I’d love to, I’d love to know kind of where that came from. I’ll look it up and see, Yeah, that’d be great if we could share that out. Because again, you know, I agree to the breath, being this kind of kind of a recall, right? If we’ve been breathing this certain way, and we’ve been doing it incorrectly our entire lives. And that’s the, you know, the easiest, the number one thing that we do, what else have we gotten wrong? As is my question, right?

Debbie Moran 18:36
You’re not breathing, when you’re not breathing freely. First of all, the breath, it’s the rest of our lives. Man, he is the Bible quote here and God breathed life into the man the nostrils of mankind. So for sure, if we are not breathing, we’re cutting off our connection to that to that source, that we are legislating through us experiencing through us. And when we do that, we don’t make good choices.

Brandon Handley 19:10
Fair enough. Fair enough. would would you be able to point to any breath exercises or breath work that have had an impact on you throughout your life?

Debbie Moran 19:21
What does so many have done to Gong and everything and done the yogic practices, but the simplest breath that I’ve come back to, is to keep it simple, sweetheart. That’s it. Breath of just in the nose, out the mouth, in the belly of the belly. And it’s just and then gradually, there’s a Buddhist smile meditation. So they gradually as you increase and bring the breath to without, without mentally thinking about it as you bring the breath into an even in an even exhale, but then you gradually add a smile. And what that does is that increases the end Do orphans in your body nice and has your body start to produce those endorphins, those chemicals that actually do help you stay clear in your thinking and in your feeling in your, in your physical body. make good choices.

Brandon Handley 20:14
Yeah. Well, I mean, look, I think that when you’re creating love the fact that we are these walking chemical factories, we are, right and that we have the capability to generate, whichever chemical we we did we dictate that right? You’re talking about being able to go in and say, you know, right now, right now, this is what I need, I need to feel gratitude. And my body’s gonna respond and create these kinds of these, these endorphins, right. And so it’s gonna, it’s gonna send out like, these kinds of things that are making my entire body feel good. So knowing that you’re This is walking chemical factory, I think that’s just another another thing that along the path is very empowering.

Debbie Moran 20:58
It is. And and when you get that you recognize that you have everything you need. And by breathing in, and by the right chemicals being produced, what happens is you start seeing these seemingly synchronistic events where suddenly the right resources like, like, you reach out to me and say, Hey, you want to do a podcast?

Brandon Handley 21:19
So So I mean, I think I think you know, that just to your story, really, is it that you’ve always felt like this connection to source and you’ve always, you’ve always just kind of surround yourself by it was just a matter of how to really bring more of it into your life and be accepting of it in your life. And then, kind of letting it play a greater part in your life where again, we’re here not here being you know, Debbie, the human, you’re here being Debbie, the spiritual being having the human experience. Is that is that fair?

Debbie Moran 21:56
No, I am. Before I was rejecting being human. I was like, I am not this. What How did this happen?

Brandon Handley 22:06
That’s funny. Yeah, no, that’s good. That’s good. Now, so I mean, I think that that touches on a pretty, pretty key point, too, because this whole experience is you. Yeah, yeah. And and I think that it’s really easy for people to reject their body and spirituality, right in favor of spirituality. You want to talk a little bit about how you you’ve maybe merged, merged those two pieces yourself? Yes.

Debbie Moran 22:34
Well, part of the benefit of but the way I came in with this kind of dynamic of rejecting was became my big key, I became very physical. I was very athletic, always, I always love to dance, and those kinds of practices, and just I just had this awareness as I was writing this book. I, it really helped me remember I was in a body. So it helped to keep me grounded. And so what that what occurred with that is, I started realizing, and as I started accepting my role, right, rather than wanting to just go off onto a mountaintop somewhere, or an island, and just kind of living in peace, I started accepting my role. And I began teaching something called Body Talk. And the body talk was a really big key factor for me in terms of that put me on my spiritual path in a way where things started integrating and a structure was built within me to where I could actually tap into my intuition even more. So I came to realize that too often through our spiritual and religious practices, we talk about transcending the body. And that in itself is a rejection. So I don’t feel like that’s the case. I feel like we greatly misunderstand our physical bodies. We are like these walking galaxies. And we greatly misunderstand the capability of them. Because we watched nature and assumed that that is the pathway of this body. So that’s what we create. So it’s really unlearning the indoctrination of that is the way of biology because biology, I feel like our bodies are deliberately evolving into these light bodies that can bring that can actually bring in more of our source energy, so that we can actually fulfill an even greater, unimaginable way of being Yeah, no, I

Brandon Handley 24:38
think that makes sense. It’s the idea of if we think about if we think about any type of conduit or anything that if we don’t treat it properly, I’m thinking right now have a battery cables, right. And sometimes they get corroded and if they do, you let all this corrosion come through then then the juice doesn’t go through. Right. And so if we neglect our bodies and this thing, this is really what allows us to be like those conduits of divine energy. Exactly. Right. Yeah, yeah. Absolutely. So I love that. I love that. So, um, before we I’m gonna, I’m gonna ask you a couple of questions. Maybe like one, we’ll start with one, see where it goes. Because basically, the idea here is that this is a spiritual speed dating. So right, like, so there’s going to be somebody on the other side, that’s like, you know what, I’m looking for my next spiritual date. And Deb, you may be it. So, but it’s all gonna hinge on what your answer to this question. And the question is gonna be? Ooo, let’s figure Oh, man, let’s

Debbie Moran 25:49
spiritual speed dating,

Brandon Handley 25:51
speed dating. Say yesterday? What is your one wish for the world?

Debbie Moran 26:03
That we wake up? And that we actually have to tap into see the divine vessels that we were designed to be? What would that look like? I Well, I’ve been saying multiple things about part of my role is to, and history as we know it. And to awaken to awaken the remembrance that heaven never left Earth. And it’s just right here, as soon as we are able to open our eyes and be able to see it and experience it, and be it.

Brandon Handley 26:39
Have you been able to have that experience yourself?

Debbie Moran 26:42
I feel like I have been ironically, these last couple years when the world is in turmoil. I mean, I feel all of that out there. But I had this bliss, that experience of being able to work at home, I do all remote work. And I was able to write this book during that time. And I live in a home with a partner who, who has a different, much different approach than I do, but he’s conscious. And we hold ourselves accountable in this conscious relationship. So it’s like, we basically say, you know, I’m in charge in my my consciousness and my awareness, and you’re in charge of yours. And if either of us feels out of integrity with that, we’re gonna call the other on it. And ourselves. And I live in a home in Florida, Sarasota, one of the most, it so many people are coming here. But I live in a home where we can open up all our doors and windows and be outside from the inside. So it’s like living in the inside out, which is kind of a great metaphor for what I choose to do, living from the inside out, or is market say living from the suicide?

Brandon Handley 27:51
For sure, for sure. Living from the soul side, I love it. Let’s have one more we have time for another question. You know, you’re talking about this as we started kind of being present. So what does it mean to live in the present moment.

Debbie Moran 28:13
It means to breathe fully, and allow space for your presence to come through, rather than having a preconceived idea of what that’s supposed to do. When I find when I do that, it’s like, time slows down. The words come through. It’s not Debbie, the incarnate speaking. It’s God, the incarnate speaking through it. And so it’s this ever evolving discovery of the wonders of what this length is all about.

Brandon Handley 28:58
That’s great. So I mean, it’s a being present to what is,

Debbie Moran 29:05
right and what is because that’s all there is. And you can you can another just a simplistic description of that is true. Many people worry about the future. So it robs them of the moment. And there’s so much beauty and grace in this world that’s being missed. And as a consequence of that, not being given. It’s the grace, the glory is do is there. If we’re if we’re actually just to take that moment, to consciously we’re never out of the moment. We just often think we have to take that moment of breathing into this space. It’s like the miracle of life shows.

Brandon Handley 29:54
I think that’s wonderful and I agree. It’s the idea of it’s all Present, right, those moments that you’re talking about, they’re always available. Sometimes we get caught up in some other moments, some other thoughts and worries, some concerns. And really, when we look back at those moments, when we are worried and concerned, we’re like, why did I expend so much time and energy in that space? And when this other thing was available to me, you know, kind of whatever that was, but chances are, what you expended your time and energy on at that time, there was something better available for you at that time. Right. So, agreed, agreed. And I think that, you know, that’s a brilliant point. That’s not just because I agree, but you know, so where can I send people to find more out about Moran and the book that you’ve got out?

Debbie Moran 30:51
Okay, um, I have a website buddy talking beyond. And I’ve actually put on the front page, there is a link where you can go buy the book from Amazon if you choose to, but you can go to body talking beyond calm and on the front page, it can lead you to more information about me as far as the bio and everything and also to the link to the book where you can just go to to Amazon and look for to less kids by giving land and its loved with an apostrophe s so

Brandon Handley 31:24
so And where would somebody if they want to get in contact with you? How can they do that?

Debbie Moran 31:30
They could get contacted through there is a form on my body to on my body talking to me on website, or they can just email me at debbie dot Moran dot [email protected]

Brandon Handley 31:43
thank you so much for being on today.

Debbie Moran 31:45
My pleasure. Thank you

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Brandon Handley 0:01
Good morning Good day whenever I find you this way Hey man so what’s going on this morning happy when it’s my morning your whenever hope that is a great whenever that you happen to be having got some good podcasts coming up for you this weekend got Debbie more range She is an author she is she has this a special specific modality that she teaches. And I think that that’s what’s beautiful about the world these days, there’s so much that that’s opening up where people find a way that has worked for them. And it’s been an I think the word is amalgam when you know, it’s a mixture of different methodologies combined into a singular one that has proven beneficial for that person. And typically, they’re also able to recreate that for someone like yourself. So I encourage you to check that out this weekend. I think that you’ll enjoy the conversation with Debbie and hopefully you’ve been enjoying the conversations that come through time after time. Dude, are you don’t you go?

Unknown Speaker 1:19
What are you people doing?

Unknown Speaker 1:21

Brandon Handley 1:24
Your kindness is slowing everything down. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:28

Brandon Handley 1:30
the I was just I was just reminded, I heard a trigger word ice cream. And how you know, when when you want something, and you don’t have it, there is there’s suffering. And it was listening to was listening to my man Swami Ji, Swami servie, or SAR via Priya Nanda. I can say it I know I can’t, I can’t, I don’t have it in front of me. Anyways, Swami Ji is he’s given this, he’s given this talk. And he’s talking about the whole idea of you to want his suffering. And there’s two ways that you can go about eliminating that particular suffering. And it goes a little bit like this, it’s like if you, if you if you want the ice cream, you have to, you have to figure out how to go get it, right, maybe you don’t have any ice cream at home. So now you need to figure out if you’ve got the money for it. And then you need to either have it delivered. We live in such a society now that first thing we think of is should I just have this delivered rather than leave the house Personally, I would. I’m an adventure. So I like to leave the house to go do things see people experience the experience, whatever that is. And then you have to wait line, you have to decide which particular ice cream you want. And then you get the ice cream. And then once you have the ice cream, the desire to have the ice cream

Unknown Speaker 3:26
has ceased.

Brandon Handley 3:30
And thus, your suffering for the desire of the ice cream has come to an end. Something that Swami shares out is the the other way to eliminate the desire for suffering, or is to simply eliminate that desire for the ice cream, there’s a need to have it because once you have made the decision that you desire that ice cream and you make that desire so strong, so powerful. So must that want becomes almost a need that’s driving me the only thing that’s filling your mind and it won’t go away until you’ve had it. So that suffering lasts for an extended period of time until you get the ice cream now the other the other option is to simply not desire the ice cream. Once you realize that you’ve got that desire and it’s beginning to drive you you can remind yourself that that is suffering you are in the midst of suffering that that desire and that that momentary need that’s filling you to have that ice cream. is what’s causing you the pain and the suffering? So Your other option is just to say, you know what, I actually, I don’t need it. Right, that is a way to end the suffering. And I think that there’s a lot of things that we have in our lives that we want to look at. So nobody’s saying don’t want and don’t desire, but realize that that is where the greater portion of your suffering is coming from. And realize that it is your desire for that end state, as the only thing in mind that creates the suffering. And a couple it with the trust the process piece, I know that Megan, I get fun little conversations about this one, she’s like, I hate it when people say trust the process,

Unknown Speaker 6:05

Brandon Handley 6:06
And the thing is, is that trust the process, because it works. And what does that mean? explicitly? It means that if you focus on the pieces that take you to the end goal, the individual parts that make up the hole, and you’re there now be here now be present, then that’s the process, what are the pieces that you believe you need in order to get to your destination, and then the put everything, put all of your energy into those moments. And then the process gets you there, wherever your angle is, almost as a byproduct of just focusing on the process, so the destination, so almost a given should you decide that you’re going to put put the time into whatever that process is. And then the final key part of all that is that

Unknown Speaker 7:31

Unknown Speaker 7:33

Brandon Handley 7:36
just maybe you don’t get to that specific and destination, perhaps a scenario is that you’ve got a sales presentation and you know, that you are presenting versus some other customers or some other competitors. And all you can do is do everything you know how to prepare for the event. Do the research, do your best to understand the customer. put everything together as best as you can. And at that time. And present. And as long as you put everything that you had into it, that’s the time that you knew how then there’s a good reason to feel good about what you’ve done. And the other person that really brings this brings us one home is john wooden. Who if you’re not familiar with him, super famous basketball coach, who would constantly say, you know, the only person who knows whether when the scoreboard tells one story, right? But the idea is that if you’ve gone out there and you’ve given it your best, and in that situation, you know you’ve won, it’s about giving it your best, and being honest with yourself and investing in the process, investing in the small pieces again, that make up the hole and you’re going to be able to feel good, you should feel great about what it is that you’re doing. And again, this is also just Is that what you want to be doing, you know is is your end are the is the process to a desired end state that is truly desired. And can you align that to your purpose and value so I put a lot into that one for you. But the the initial piece is you can end suffering anytime you’d like most of times if you just realize that It’s something that you want. And it’s something that you may or may not need. And if it’s something that you don’t absolutely need, you could just think to yourself, you know what, I can eliminate this suffering right now. And I didn’t want that I wanted something else, or I want something else, instead of that, something else is more important than that. And the other piece of this was the idea of wanting something so bad, but then all you want is that end goal, like I want a million dollars of I don’t have a right now I’m gonna be miserable for life. So it’s very rare that you get a million dollars with the drop of a hat. So there’s a process that’s involved. There are many, many endless examples of that. And you could follow one and put that into, put that into action in your own life. And follow that process until you find that process is not working for you, and you can switch the processes fine. The thing is, be be there in the moment in the process that you are creating. And do that as best as you can in alignment with purpose and values. And to me, that’s sufferings gone then, right? If you look at all those pieces, take all those pieces, he put them together, where is the suffering, the suffering is generally it’s in your mind. And if it’s in your mind, and your mind is within your control, by focusing on the process, and the idea that something is a want versus a need, then should be pretty good about ending suffering. So there you go. There you have it. I have ended your suffering for life. You are welcome to this weekend for Debbie, and have a great time. Thanks for tuning in. And if you’re enjoying this podcast, please share this particular one with a friend and say hey, I have a way for you to end suffering. And here it is. You are welcome. Happy Holidays, enjoy your summer all that jazz. Or you could also go to iTunes. Give me 20 thumbs up five stars and just say hey, you’ve really enjoyed this podcast and there is actually a way to end suffering. Find out

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Eric Nies is a guest on Spiritual Dope

Hung out with Eric Nies on this episode to better understand his journey and a bit more about plant medicine as well as our connection to the self!

A little bit about Eric:

Eric Nies is best known as the teen idol from MTV’s “The Real World/New York,” the first ever reality show launched in 1992, and the host of one of the world’s most watched dance program, “MTV’s The Grind,” viewed in over 90 million homes around the world. “MTV’s The Grind” became so popular that Eric released “The Grind Workout” a multi-platinum video series. For the following 10 years, Eric made numerous appearances on talk shows, MTV programs including “Real World Challenges,” movies, as well as appeared in magazines and advertising campaigns. As one of reality television’s biggest stars, Eric was inducted into the Television Hall of Fame as one of the “Pioneers of Reality Television.” Throughout his career, Eric’s greatest passion has been to help people, children, and the planet. He has started numerous organizations, movements, and projects to help build awareness for health and well-being for all life on earth.

Connect and follow Eric’s journey over at his website: https://iamericnies.com/ as well as on instagram @ericnies333

Brandon Handley 0:41
Hey there spiritual dope. I am on there today with Eric nice, Eric has a he’s got what I would call like, you went through like this kind of like a fame addiction, right? Like the fame tunnel kind of came out of that back in the day with a you know, empty V’s real world, one of the you know, one of if not the first kind of reality TV show that was going on out there. But since then, you have taken this just incredible journey into like, the spiritual realm, all the way from like, you know, the Korean martial arts masters through like, you know, you’ve got your hooked up down there in Peru, right with some of these some medicinal practices, Native American practices, and like, these things are super exciting. And he’s really glad to have you on here today,

Eric Nies 1:36
man. Yes, thank you very much for having me. Sure.

Brandon Handley 1:40
So one of the things that I always start this podcast off with is the idea is that we’re vessels for source, right. And that source is kind of flowing through us at all time. And the idea is that somebody listened to this podcast today. And like I told you, like, so you’re gonna change somebody’s life today, just by showing up. Eric, right by being on this podcast. And there’s a certain message is coming through you that can only be delivered through you to that person. What would you say that messages today?

Eric Nies 2:12
acceptance. Total acceptance of yourself. Unconditional Love of yourself, relationship that you have with yourself is probably the most important thing in somebody’s life. Yeah.

Brandon Handley 2:31
What would you say? The that journey kind of look like for yourself? getting to that point?

Eric Nies 2:37
Oh, wow. It’s been many, many years. And I’ve been on a spiritual journey, probably for about 30 years of my life, starting, you know, hero’s journey, for me, you know, that just going through many valleys of darkness. Going into these places, you know, into the shadow and into the ego and into the fears and the judgments and the insecurities and all those things that we carry around, you know, with us and, you know, to just go in into the darkness to be able to come out in the lake. I think that’s what, you know, my journey pretty much has been all about. Now, for sure, would you

Brandon Handley 3:27
happen to have like, any moment where you feel like you really grasped onto the idea of self acceptance?

Eric Nies 3:34
for yourself, I’ve had many, many, many moments. Yeah.

Probably about 10 years working with iwoca, and mushrooms. With the passing of meditation, just really wanting to understand how to liberate the soul from from its own suffering. But it wasn’t until I started looking into the depths of ancestral lineage programming, and going back into my past lives, to understand you know, why I feel the way that I feel today? What What is, what is my life mean? What, what is the purpose of my life? Why am I here? Where did I come from? Where am I going? Now? What’s the bigger picture of why we’re here on planet Earth? I don’t think many people really have an understanding of, of why we’re here. I think you know, that that question lingers in every human’s mind. You know, why are Why are we here? You know, who am I? Sure, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 4:55
What’s your answer so far? What have you landed on to this point?

Eric Nies 5:00
I think we’re all part of a grand experiment between light and dark, kind of like a game. I think it’s, you know, it’s an experiment that’s been going on for a long, long, long time. And I think darkness has has won most of the time, and I believe that there’s been resets, you know, I think that’s why we see, you know, ancient remnants of ancient civilizations. And so, yeah, I just think it’s a game, and how, and how do you play the game is really what it’s all about? Sure. So

Brandon Handley 5:38
like, kind of the idea of you are the creator, almost of the game that you’re playing? would you would you put it like, into that term?

Eric Nies 5:46
Absolutely. Okay. I mean, we are, you know, we’re infinite potential creators, we’re obviously creators, because we can create another life. So we’re constantly, you know, creating the life that that we’re experiencing. Right? So yeah, for sure. We’re creators.

Brandon Handley 6:07
And we say, like, kind of a reset you thinking like matrix resets? type deal?

Eric Nies 6:12
I think of, you know, yeah, entire reset of a civilization, you know, looking back to Egypt and Atlantis and the Maria and all these ancient civilizations that were, you know, thriving at one point or another, right, but something happened. And now, where did they go? Right, like,

Brandon Handley 6:33
just the total reset there, um, the, the Grandmaster that you hope hooked up with. And for those of you tuning in, I would recommend just kind of go to, I’m Eric nice and read some more of his story, because I’m gonna, we only have 30 minutes. So I’m gonna dig into some of the questions I’ve got about your story. Right? So when you hung out with the Grand Master, then this is just more tongue in cheek than not, but like, Did he give you an answer for the pyramids?

Eric Nies 7:01
That’s a great question. Yes. What did he say?

Brandon Handley 7:06
Yeah, what was the answer on that one?

Eric Nies 7:09
I mean, they moved. A lot of, you know, ancient civilizations such as Egypt. Their minds were very, very powerful. You know, and we’re talking about an infinite possibility of consciousness. You know, we do we kind of live in a society, and in a world now where we’re actually accessing that very, very small amounts of of that and actually utilizing consciousness. You know, or not utilizing consciousness the way that it it actually could be used. But yeah, my grand master was, was really profound, he could do things that would just blow your mind.

Brandon Handley 8:00
Very hard to believe. And I let me I love that story, too. Because it makes like, I’m like, that just seems like the ultimate experience. I mean, like, I’ve watched a lot of Kung Fu, but I never got to have that experience. Like, you know, where the guy goes and gets to stay with the Grandmaster. And like, you did the things that are like, truly like Moody, yes, but this was like, that was your life, and it was legit. And I think that that, like, really cool. So you’ve been on this journey? I mean, you know, 20, almost 30 years now. Right? Um, one of the things that I think is really cool is that you’re using some of this plant based medicine to help people with their addiction recovery. Could you walk me through what that might look like? If I came up to him like, hey, Eric, I’m ready. I’m ready to kick the habit. Let’s go on this journey. Can you tell me a little bit about what that may look like?

Eric Nies 8:44
Yeah, sure. Well, I mean, on the physical level, if you have to, obviously detox the physical body, from the chemicals and the drugs, that person’s using in those things, they come with a heaviness, a frequency and a vibration that is much heavier. You know, then you are in your air, fire, water and earth, Earth shoot Earth suit. You know, so on the physical side of things, you have to go through a very deep detox, you know, once we go through the physical part of it, and then we get into the emotional and psychological reasons for why you are addicted. Where does that come from? What’s the root cause of your addiction? And so then that gets into the subconscious mind that gets into your childhood that gets into traumas, and all different things that have happened to you not only in this life, but in your past lives. Understand why you behave the way that you behave. And we look at the emotional content of your behavior. Why do you behave the way that you behave? And are your emotions controlling you? Or are you controlling your emotions? And so then you have the physical, the emotional and the psychological and the bring them all together, and it becomes a spiritual journey. But the real understanding is, you know, ancestral lineage programming, you know, how were you imprinted and program from these behavior patterns from your family?

Brandon Handley 10:33
And you do like you say, you kind of you kind of goes down like this quantum cellular reprogramming level. Can you talk a little bit more, share a little bit more about what that’s like? And you know, what goes into that?

Eric Nies 10:47
You’re talking about quantum cellular, I think you’re talking about the cyber

Brandon Handley 10:51
skin. Is that is that what I’m talking about? Because Yeah, there it is the quantum cellular balancing. Right? Yes, about that.

Eric Nies 10:57
That’s a Tesla technology. That was a device that was created by a German physicist that uses, you know, quantum quantum physics to to help to heal the body. But that that’s outside.

Brandon Handley 11:12
Yeah, sorry. That’s outside of the addiction recovery. Like that’s something separate from that.

Eric Nies 11:17
Yeah, that that that was a business that I was a part of, of my business, I would use it sometimes for rehabilitation, but it’s not really necessary. The real key is getting to the root cause of the issue. Once you find the root cause of the issue, then the addiction is over. Right. Now, what about

Brandon Handley 11:41
plant medicine involved? The Addiction Recovery? Is that a part of the process as well?

Eric Nies 11:48
Yeah, can be amid the program that I created, which is called the beauty way, which I’ve been using for about 15 years. Plant medicine is not a part of that. But in some cases, if there’s a lot of resistance, and they need to, like break through the different things that are happening with the individual plant medicine could be very, very beneficial. Like I was gonna actually does the work for you. So my program would be bringing somebody into the desert for three to four weeks. It’s it’s all natural superfoods breath, work, grounding, meditation, you know, really diving into, you know, that person’s childhood. But with Iosco you just drink Iosco, what I call the rails. Yeah, hold the rails and attend the shows everything.

Brandon Handley 12:46
You fair fair enough. Yeah. Um, you know, one of the things that I think, you know, I read your documentary, and I listened to something you were doing last year doing this, you know, taking in this plant medicine, right? He’s, I think it was like three, three plants that you were you know, getting to know, right, you had to know me no loud music, no sex with yourself or anybody else. Like I mean, is that journey complete? Where are you at in that process?

Eric Nies 13:16
Um, yeah, that’s a data that I was on for about a year you diet these specific plants, either for healing or for the transfer of knowledge. But yeah, my my idea to is it’s close since then.

Brandon Handley 13:35
would you would you mind sharing Would you be able to share the plants that you can you did the journey with and what some of the takeaways were with that?

Eric Nies 13:43
Yeah, absolutely. The the first two that I dieted for eight months was run Akita and swell the can swelled up, and when Akita is, is actually a tree, and it assists you with rage and anger and swell the welder is a plant and that’s more for a heart opener also swelled as well the console is used to help heal your, your skeletal structure. So I had issues with my spine, I had a couple of slipped slipped discs that I that I wanted to work on and so they suggested swell that can swell the for that and then read Akita was for rage and anger that I was holding on to from traumas in my childhood. And morosa is the third plant that I diet and she’s considered the queen of the aquatic kingdom. And she she’s more of a heart opener as well. She’s very beautiful and loving and kind and so my process was to heal from the traumas in my life and the plants helped me to do that. And that At the same time, they helped me to open up my heart and to, you know, walk a life of beauty and unconditional love with no judgment.

Brandon Handley 15:13
I think that’s really cool. I think that first one, the rage release or one, I think that needs to be sold like in bulk right across, like, across the country, right? I think we could all use a little bit of that. And I want to kind of flip back to, right before you got into this space, you know, as you were doing like a bunch of book club and and, you know, the club music accuracy and all this other stuff. You know, seems like back in the early mid 90s. I was in the same scene, right? Similar scene, you were you were leading the scene. I was like, you know, showing up? But like, do you would you attribute any kind of like, you know, the music or any of like, the interaction it that time and space in place to get you to where you are today? Because I think, you know, Oh, yeah, yeah, if you’re part of like any of the rave culture or anything like that, that was going on, it was all about like some of this stuff that we’re talking about right now.

Eric Nies 16:16
I’ve had some incredible experiences in the club scene with ecstasy and ketamine and mushrooms and and all that. I mean, yes, I was still in a deep house said. So my vibe is more deep soulful house music. But if you are familiar with deep soulful house music and the where that originated from, you know, came from basically from churches in Chicago. And so very deep spirit, as a very deep spiritual side to the type of house music that I listened to. Right. And the messages are very, very spiritual. So it it assisted me keeping me alive and almost killing me at the same time, but the messages in the music really inspired me and opened up my mind to go on my spiritual journey. Yeah, so

Brandon Handley 17:23
the curious about that, right. Because I agree with you, there’s that there’s that whole soulful, you know, vocal house music fan myself, right. And the messaging like you’re talking about, it’s like, it’s uplifting, it’s soulful. And you know, if I can dance it out a little bit, like, I’m okay with that at the end of the day, right? versus like, I don’t know, some of the other messages that you get from somebody. So just it was just curiosity piece. Um, so the last kind of part of your documentary left us with you getting connected with this like Angel guy, right. And just kind of like this felt like there was a felt like, there was a cusp of transcendence happening right there. We want to talk a little bit about, you know, where we left off, and Eric nice documentary online, and, you know, kind of what’s happened after that?

Eric Nies 18:16
Yeah, that’s it, that guy’s from Australia. And he mastered john, he communicates with angels. And I, a friend of mine invited me to go to his event. And I went, and then at the end of the event, they just by choice, they choose a couple of people that can go sit with him. And, yeah, just by chance, he, he chose me, and I can’t really remember exactly, he was, it was just, I get a lot of confirmation, you know, intuitively, being on a spiritual journey, I have a lot of psychics and a caustic readers and mediums and grandmasters and shamans. And, you know, my life is just really about angels and demons. And so I get little bits of information about my life, about my path and my purpose and all those things, you know, year after year after year after year. So he was just another another guy, another healer that came into my life that was you know, reaffirming and confirming, you know, a lot of things that happened to me in my life, and from my life purpose.

Brandon Handley 19:42
I gotcha. So, as I’m kind of reading your story, I’m thinking of like you mentioned, Joseph Campbell’s like, you know, the, the hero’s journey right earlier. I’m thinking of like, you know, also just kind of surrendering yourself right to whatever kind of comes your way Way, has that been a big part of what you’ve done? Just kind of surrender to it and follow your bliss?

Eric Nies 20:08
Oh, absolutely. I mean, really, at the end of the day of the hero’s journey, you put all of your trust into source into God, and trust that, you know, your soul, set things up a certain way. And by, you know, surrendering, you know, you, you actually can make your life a whole lot easier and a lot more magical. If you just get out of the way.

Brandon Handley 20:40
For sure. Absolutely.

Eric Nies 20:42
I mean, that’s really the biggest problem for most is the mind getting in the way, and creating judgment, creating these stories that are not even real. So, you know, identifying your fears and your judgments, and being able to work through those and heal your you know, heal the inner child is the like the first step, but my path has been, you know, healing my ancestral lineage. So this goes back 1000s of years.

Brandon Handley 21:20
Like, very, if you were gonna describe somebody to somebody like what it means to heal your ancestral lineage, what would you say?

Eric Nies 21:33
Yes, so, you know, you’re talking about your ancestors, you’re talking about, you know, program, right, we’re talking about behavioral programming, that gets passed down from one generation to the next, to the next to the next to the next, and it just keeps on going. So you know, the different behavioral programs that we inherit, from our ancestors, there’s different types of behavior patterns. You know, a lot of us most, you know, we all we all deal with abuse on, you know, one level or another, whether it’s physical abuse, emotional abuse, psychological abuse, or even spiritual abuse. And so this has been going on for 1000s and 1000s, of 1000s of years, here on this planet, you know, this, this planet is really a slave planet, to fear and judgment. But, you know, fear is something that we create, in our own minds, it’s actually not real, it’s an illusion. It’s like the great illusion. And it’s what keeps all of us collectively and consciously slaves to something that isn’t even real. And this is, this is what the whole experience is about. So, ancestral lineage, healing, and the liberation of the soul. This is something that Jesus and Buddha spoke about. And it’s their teachings that were left behind. You know, Buddha and Jesus both realize how to liberate themselves, from their own suffering. And what that looks like, is basically objective observation of the sensations or the suppressed emotion that are in your body. So if you can objectively look at yourself without judging yourself and without clinging to some blissful experience, and not judging, some gross experience, you can find the middle lane which Buddha, coining probably the word I think this word probably came from Buddha, which is equanimity, you know, to live your life economist and find the middle lane. You know, then you can find yourself in a very peaceful and harmonious place with yourself, and with nature, and humanity and the plant kingdom and the animal kingdom, and everything that exists here on planet Earth. And so the reason why you want to do that is because we live on a planet of duality. You have negative and you have positive energy here. Well, you don’t want to go too far into the negative and you don’t want to go too far into the positive because both can bring suffering. You want to find the middle lane, the quantumness Lane. And based off of my own personal experience, you know, this is just based off of what I’ve experienced in my own life. This isn’t about reading a book or, you know, somebody else’s teaching when working with plant medicine, and also working with possum, meditation, you know, that’s where I’ve gone within myself personal was to look at the vibrations and the frequencies of the experiences that I’ve had in my life that my physical body hold on to energetically. But these, these, these, these frequencies in these energies, if they’re not, if they’re not in harmony and imbalance with air, fire, water and earth,

then they cause a disruption in your personal field. And then that can come with anxiety, depression, you know, where the physical body feels uncomfortable. But what Buddha experienced was the liberation of that, the release of all of that energy, not just from this life, but from your past lives. Because you bring that energy with you, your soul, your soul carries information, and frequency, and energy and vibration with it from one life to the next to the next to the next to the next. And it’s also within your DNA. So that’s ancestral lineage, healing, it’s healing and transforming the energy of your lineage that is passed down from generation, the generation generation.

Brandon Handley 26:52
Awesome. So that means is, you know, just thinking like you’re talking about, like, all these kind of like, energies come mishmash, together throughout time, I’m just thinking like, a messy ball a string, right? That you just got to spend time to undo right and, and loosen it up. So there’s not a big, big old tangled mess. You know, thanks for thanks for sharing that. What is like something that you haven’t been able to share out on a podcast or a platform that you’ve just been wanting to share out

Eric Nies 27:22
about that at all. I’m completely transparent with my life and all my experiences. vulnerability is my best friend. You know, I’m just here to be transparent, and to be fearless in my expression of everything that’s happened to me, in my life. You know, if you look on my website, and you read my story, then you can see obviously, that I’m not shy about sharing everything that I’ve experienced. Now for sharing,

Brandon Handley 27:53
you’ve definitely shared some stuff understanding

Eric Nies 27:55
is that transparency and vulnerability is going to liberation.

Brandon Handley 28:02
Nice. The so what’s next for you? Eric? I know you were talking about doing a healing temple sounds like you finished up with this. The plant journey what’s what’s next on dock for you?

Eric Nies 28:18
Yeah, I’m working on a book right now. And a second book coming through and earthkeeper book connecting with the people to create our temple you know, guiding people and assisting people sharing information with other people to help them to understand how to liberate themselves from their own suffering, and just exploring and journey around the world to share this information.

Brandon Handley 28:47
That’s fantastic. That’s awesome. Who should be reaching out to your click? I mean, are you do you know, what type of work are you doing right now and who should be reaching out to you?

Eric Nies 29:00
what people should be reaching out

Brandon Handley 29:02
like if they wanted if they want to work with you, are you still doing are you still doing like Addiction Recovery? Are you you know, saw your coaching So what kind of

Eric Nies 29:14
I am Yeah, I’m actually I’m going to be hosting a retreat here and in peace, AK and the sacred valley of Peru at the end of July. And yeah, anybody that’s interested in healing and transforming their lives, wanting to understand how to liberate themselves from their own suffering. Anybody the whole World Fair enough. Fair enough. The

Brandon Handley 29:41
whole world’s invited so wish we send everybody to connect with you where I am Eric nice, calm. Where else?

Eric Nies 29:51
Yeah, I am Eric. Nice, calm and then also my I got an Instagram channel into Derek. Nice. I think it’s there. Nice. Three, three. Three from not mistaken. But yeah, pretty much Graham and also Facebook. I got a Facebook channel where I’ve taken, I got about 1515 years of footage. And we just finished documenting two weeks here in Peru with an Iowa Oscar retreat. And all of that is going to be available on my Facebook page on my fan page. Yeah, it’s

Brandon Handley 30:35
awesome. Now that’s pretty that’s pretty, pretty intense. 15 years and then, you know, just this past couple weeks of Iosco well look man, I just want to say thanks for taking the time for showing up today. And you doing what you’re doing, I think, opens it up for a lot of other people like your vulnerability, your journey, kind of what’s possible if you do follow your bliss and being able to have a wonderful life if you kind of surrender to it the way that you have.

Eric Nies 31:08
Yeah, brother. Well, thank you very much for having me, Brandon and many blessings for you and your family on your journey. And I look forward to seeing what magic you create in your life. Appreciate it.

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Brandon Handley 0:00
What is going on spiritual dope?

Unknown Speaker 0:05

Brandon Handley 0:05
hey, hey, Brandon Handley here the voice of a generation.

Unknown Speaker 0:11
We are live

Brandon Handley 0:12
on Christmas Day 2020. Thomas over, it’s almost over everybody, we’ve almost made it through 2020. If you are able to listen to this podcast, if you were able to tune into what is happening here today, there’s a good chance that, uh, the rest of your life is going to be super awesome, right? If you’ve made it through 2020 unscathed, meaning alive, you’ve got a lot, you’ve got a lot ahead of you. And this is going to be a year, of course that we all remember. At the same time, it’s going to be sure that we’re all just as just as ready to get beyond just ready to get beyond. So we are still working through, are you ready to succeed. And we are on chapter five, you can change the universe. This is the chapter where it finally dawned on me just how powerful this book was laying a little bit of incense over here, we get ourselves into the mood. But I was sitting on a plane flying I think out to Denver, a friend and I were we’re having a conversation online earlier that day, about you know, miracles, just in general about becoming medically minded. And as we go through this chapter, you’re going to understand exactly why he sneaks in, right? I know that I put it in here somewhere that he sneaks, this kind of squeezes this chapter in, underneath of, to me, almost should be like two chapters. Right? Of course, I’m not the author, but you know, sneaks this one in here. And it’s pretty awesome. Pretty awesome. So stay tuned, we’re gonna get through this one here. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, whatever holiday you celebrate. You know, the holiday I celebrate the most is every day is a holiday. I’ve got up on my board right now, on my whiteboard, you know that this is fun. I’m having fun, be fun. Not too long ago, I also had up on my board, my whiteboard. flyff is a treat, man, we got a joy, we got to celebrate it, we can’t just can’t just go through it without without looking forward to it right, looking forward to every day. So whatever day you’re celebrating, I hope you’re celebrating today. And today, we will be going through chapter five, you can change the universe. In addition, if you would like to get access to this mind map that I’ve created for this, just check on the website. I also create the videos, as I’m creating the audio so that while we are going through it, you could if you wanted to just see me kind of poking around as as we go through this mind mapping. So without further ado, the introduction to this one, you know, this is another part where I really resonated with us Sreekumar Rao, he’s talking in the beginning of this just about the spirituality of his mom, as a mother, how she was super spiritual, super connected. And, you know, my mom was too, right. Just just, you know, super connected in a lot of ways. The deal is, is that, you know, when we’re when we’re young, and full of, you know, vim and vigor, or some vinegar, and whichever one you want to take a look at, especially as a young young man, we would just resist because we already think we know all the things you know, we we get a few right answers, we’re told we’re super smart. Next thing, you know, we know everything, just how just how it rolls. So his mother was super spiritual, that was kind of his foundation to a lot of this. And she thought that the universe was benevolent, right? And that, that anytime the universe was, you know, it would pull you out at all times, right? It would, and alliances would permit one to surface even when swallowed by tidal waves who just always kind of reach out, reach out to you. He also says, Hey, he resisted his mother’s wisdom. Just and again, I also resonate with this so hard because I just I didn’t you know, my mom had a lot of a lot of things to say that were fairly wise and I was like, No, nope, no, no, no.

And, you know, especially now as a father, right, as a parent myself, I’m like, you don’t want to share, share this stuff with my own children and let them know. And I’ve got the full realization, though, that the, they’re not going to automatically grasp it automatically and grab onto it, especially because this is this is the world that we live in, they’re surrounded by a society that this isn’t the loudest noise, right? This isn’t the thing making the most noise out there. This is the thing that’s spirituality that is, that’s got this little ebbs and pockets, there’s, there’s fights about who’s right or wrong over where the soul goes over what the soul is over what spirituality is, and it’s like, holy shit, man, just let it go. So it’s not too much different than you’re a human, you’ve got a spirit, you need to attend to it, that’s really it. And then you know, also recognize that the spirit of you is much larger, and greater and connected. than, than the physical sense being that you can, you can see right now. So that’s my personal take, anyways, you know, we get, we get tuned into this, and we get taught this stuff, you know, when we’re younger, a lot of times, but we don’t have this kind of foundational obvious knowledge to be able to see it. So obviously, we’re gonna resonate with everything else that we see, especially when there’s only one of them, like his mother, my mother, and maybe myself. That sees it, and it’s not until it becomes the mass masses, right? That it becomes kind of like this easily accepted thing, even that it becomes kind of regurgitated and a lot of a lot of one of the true message is lost in it. So anyways, you know, his his mom tells this story about, you know, or I think he tells a story about he, why, why are watermelons growing on the ground, when they’re big, and they’re just supported by vines and cherries, which are tiny, are supported by like this, this big tree? And at some point, you know, a cherry falls on his head. And his mom says, Well, you know, if that had been a watermelon, then that would have cracked your skull. And then he goes ahead and make some jokes, because what about coconuts? What about what about durian, which are like these large, large fruits in the trees that, you know, could fall in and crack your skull? Meaning that, hey, the universe also has these other things, what about them, not the line that his mother says that that I really enjoyed, and that we’re still in the intro of this, that is that. If a boulder falls, faith, you know, we’ll turn it to dust. I love that line. You know, if you think about it, anything that seems kind of impending, or when you are living in fear of the whole world or the universe, and it’s kind of coming down on you just you know, over the past, over the past year and a half, I’ve been really fond of saying, you know, let go let God or at least acknowledge that your subconscious is connected to something so much larger than you and give some trust over to your subconscious and your imagination to convert those worries into something, again, that you can handle. ie if a boulder should fall, have faith that the universe will help you out, be benevolent or that you’re more powerful subconscious will turn that boulder into dust into something manageable that you can handle. And you see it happen every day. How many times have you heard me say, I’m going to go ahead and trust a thing that is able to pump blood that’s going to take when I fall asleep at night, I don’t have to worry about whether or not I keep breathing. my subconscious keeps me freezing, there is something alive and intelligent in me that says hey, B, go ahead, you go to sleep. And we’ll go ahead and keep your your as alive. Right? So who whatever is doing that for me every night that I’ve ever fallen asleep for my entire life anytime ever and keeps pumping the air into my lungs. I’m going to trust that okay. And that’s within me and connected to something else. That’s my opinion. I’ll kind of take it. So proof cuts both ways. Moving on, you know, coming into proof cuts both ways is hey, here’s the idea of you can witness be witness to the winds or you can be witnessed To the ruins that is you can say, Hey,

I expect nothing but the worst to happen all the time and be you can be the person that says, oh, there it is there happened, I told you, you know, that shitty thing was going to happen or you can be witness to the winds, and you can be optimistic and you look, you can look forward to them. And, and, and exists, right both of them kind of exist. Looking here in the book real quick here. You know, ideally, look, it’s a choice, right? You can live right in a world where you know, the the universe destroys those boulders for you. Or you could live in a world where there’s all kinds of misfortune and crap out there in the world, right? And the deal is, you have a choice on which would you pay attention to? I’m not sure that we’ve gotten there yet. There’s another part and i’ll go ahead. So it’s your choice, right. And Dr. Rao makes this note, you don’t need to have a revelation to make this change. You can do it right now, this has been part of my very own platform for a number of years, where a lot of people tell you that, in order to have this kind of spiritual awakening or law, not even a spiritual weakening, when you have this, this whole life change that comes over you. It doesn’t have to be after you fucking hit rock bottom, you don’t have to wait till you are crushed under the weight of the world. You can do this. As soon as you’re ready. You can do this as soon as you are ready. Moving on, we’re going to step into the law of increase. And the idea is, can you take you have the opportunity to take a look at the universe as as a conscious entity, right, and is intimately intertwined with you and everything that it is that you do. Now, he talks about let’s see here, it talks about the idea that you can you know it I love this, it wants to give you what you desire, and you are able to influence it, you have the capability to influence it. And here’s, here’s one of the here’s one of the ways that you can influence it. And if you’ve heard this one before, stop me. But hey, whatever you are truly grateful for and appreciate will increase in your life, right? And the idea is that you just you just got to start doing it right? You just got to start paying attention to what it is that you’re you’re grateful for. He says, Hey, skeptical, I don’t blame you. Since I once felt this way. I know that I can’t change your mind. And that’s, this is one of those things that you can’t tell somebody that this is going to happen. You simply need to try it for yourself and apply it for yourself before you start seeing it. You start seeing it happen. And he tells the story of two dogs, right. There’s there’s a, it depends on who’s telling the story. I think I remember first hearing it from Zig Ziglar he’s talking about the anyway, Indians and how they’re up. They’re having dog fights. And the grandfather was the one who did the dog fights and it was never the same dog. But the grandfather always got the same dog. You know, always bet on the same always bet on the winning dog. And the child goes, Hey, well, how how do you know which one of these dogs is going to win every time? Right? How do you know which one of these dogs is going to win every time grandfather goes, Hey, the one that wins is the one that you feed. The one that wins is the one that you feed. Alright, so wrap it back up there and we’ll look at you know, when you give your energy to that what you are truly grateful for and appreciate. You will inherently see more of that in your life. That is not to say that is not to say that you’re not going to have things in your life that aren’t going well for you. You will we all will look there’s going to be things that pop up in our life that need to be addressed. Right. All these things need to be addressed. And you will do what needs to be done to fix or contain the bad but you will not expand emotional or psychic energy on it gives you a story and and of when we first moved into our current house, we first moved in some big big house and

I was concerned every, it’s actually a bitch and whine and moan and every time I hear the heat turned on in my mind, like, Ah, geez, there goes, there goes another 10 bucks, you know, just for firing it up, right? And it was pretty cool. The window was pretty cool. We’re getting down to, you know, 20s teens, and it went out, the heat went out. So do universes like, well, he wants to have to stop happening. He wants this bad thing to stop happening, I was investing emotional and psychic energy on it. And guess what it increased, it increased in a way that I didn’t want it to right that dog, the one that I was feeding was not the one that I wanted to win. And that’s scenario. So when I was a when we got it repaired, when we got it repaired. The the emotion and psychic energy that I spent on the heat being back in my life was was that of joy, right of gratitude. Like, I am happy that I have he, I am so happy and grateful that I receive a heat bill at the end of every month. Because that means that my heat worked throughout the month that I was able to pay for the bills, that you know that I still got an account that’s in good standing, that I’m able to stay warm and comfortable in my life. So those are a couple of things that even when you think about the law of increase, and it will go in both ways. But the idea is that you want the dog that you want to win is the one that you are, you’re truly grateful for right the one that one that you’re really happy to have. So again, I know that I showed the emotional and psychic energy on something that wasn’t great. But I also showed you what happened. What when you put your energy on, you know, whichever dog so I’ve got plenty of stories don’t get me wrong, I’ve got plenty of stories. That’s this first one that comes to mind of when things have have gone right and or well, but this also just shows what happens when you expand emotional and psychic energy on the things that are not great in your life. Cut it here and we’ll get on to section two

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Do you remember reading fairy tales as a child?

Do you recall being the primary character?

Did you march through the wardrobe in the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, and into the fresh snowfall in Narnia?

Feel the snowflakes as they melted in your hair?

Smell the fresh pines as the soft long needles brushed the snow off of your shoulders?

Odd how you felt deeply immersed in those fairy tales in what seems like eons ago.
Slowly their magical hold over you faded away and they became just another stack of books.

Another relic of your childhood.

It’s nearly comical… how, if you go and you pick up one of those relics from your childhood, you will find that the entire tale has changed!

The tale will be nothing like you remembered…

Oh, the characters will be there.

The storyline will be similar, however, the childlike elements have gone away.

Adult themes and life truths permeate these tales.

How did they get there!?

Awareness… knowledge… experience.

Just as everything else in your world… this version of the story has always existed, you simply needed to become aware of it.

When you think of what is impossible for you… what do you see?

I often wonder if you were to look back and have a conversation with your younger self… would you believe that where you are now to be possible then?

Shit, I know I wouldn’t… I have more things, make more money, have a great wife, happy, healthy awesome children, and I have met some amazing people… interviewed authors, video producers… I work in an industry that I would have only dreamt about… all done by a high school drop out… the path I have taken is certainly uncommon.

But all that I have learned along the way applies anywhere… very how you say… Good Will Hunting… stacks of books and continued education… then application of what I have learned… and I will be frightfully honest… this shit is not linear…. you CAN NOT look at my results and point to anything other than, my willingness to take action on thoughts and ideas and surround myself with people who challenge me, push me & accept me as I am… unconditionally.

What does your support system look like?

What looks impossible for you today?

Take inspired steps, follow your bliss as it were, be intentional, and before you know it, YOU WILL be living the impossibility.

Ah… the story of Rip Van Winkle… a pretty simple one right?


A hard-working guy that would help anyone except himself, much to the chagrin of his wife and the remainder of his family as his own farm went to shit.


Wanders off into the mountains, runs into some Dutch guys with some good booze and falls asleep for 20 years… rolls back into town big ole beard tattered clothes, rusty rifle… and the town has changed… the styles have changed… no one recognizes him and he… well, he doesn’t recognize anyone either… 


What’s the true story here?


It’s a story that you and I see everyday… good ole Rip a hard-working man… however, he’s not working on anything that’s important in his own home… he is in a marriage that is suffering and he isn’t doing anything to improve it… according to the story, his son is dressed like him and acts in a similar manner… which only tells you that as a parent… your child is going to mimic you.  Rip’s wife, according to the story, isn’t doing much to bolster his spirits… to top it off, he doesn’t seem to be drenched in self-confidence.


So he wanders off to the mountains they said in the story where he runs into the Dutchmen who are playing 9 Pin (bowling)… and essentially loses 20 years… or… in today’s vernacular, drinks away 20 years worth of time hiding in a bar with people he doesn’t even know, doesn’t even speak their language, but he feels it’s safer than facing his own problems.


20 years go by… and he wakes up… snaps out of the fog… he realizes there is something left in the tank and he gets back to the town… to his friends… to his people… only to find that those he wishes to share his story with have changed… the times have changed… the styles have changed… of course, he hasn’t and when he wakes back up, his wife is gone… and he ends up living with his daughter and son in law on the farm they’re working on, all while he tells his glory stories to anyone who will pass.


Too often you see this exact story playing out… men & women wasting away… breaking out of it at some times… most often too late in life, missing the opportunity to affect and assist with any true change beyond themselves and those they love… left murmuring and sharing their stories to others with what most would call past fantasies.


The difference between when this story took place in 1768 and today is that… if you have lost those 20 years… you still have 20-30 good years ahead of you and you can take your new-found energy, you can take your old stories, your past fantasies, your broken dreams… and today you have the chance to reassemble them into something new… worthy… filled with purpose and instead of finding yourself coasting through to the end of life with a whimper, you have the opportunity to make a difference, to go out with a big bang.

the scene is set

Conflict… so often it is avoided.

So often the greatest conflict is unseen…

That is the conflict within…

In reading the IChing this morning and reviewing the Conflict hexagram… I couldn’t help but notice the green screen, the mic, the lights I have set up for myself…

The line from the IChing that struck me most this morning in this scenario was:

Conflict within weakens the power to conquer danger without.

The words I wrote down for myself both preceding the line above and thoughts after reading…

Your seat is ready…

Your time is now…

When you accept your divinity, your inherent grace, you unseat conflict and allow for your message to be clear, to be resonant…

Imagine a radio signal that has a weak signal… consider connecting that to a signal booster… that signal is only weak as you have an internal conflict… you are challenged to accept the truth of who you are… what you are capable of when you accept all that you are… you blow past your human being and into your divine being.

Eradicate the conflict and allow for the power surge when you surrender to the truth of who you are…

Your seat is ready…

Your time is now.

Podcast inspired by recent activity from friend Jeremy Todd.

Check out his podcast over at https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/positive-side-podcast-motivation-positive-inspiration/id1200318814

Brandon Handley 0:00
What is going on spiritual dope. Brandon Handley here I will be your host. As I said before, always and forever. And I wanted to share a quick story with you today about something that happened recently to me, but I want to I want to just kind of we’re gonna take a run out like this, right? You always hear that, uh, you have to have before you can give, right? What do you have to have? Before you can give? And you always hear something like, Hey, you hear that the universe gives what is receiving like Dude, I’m flat broke and busted like a Janis Joplin song. But the deal is, you know, there are things that you can, you can give, right? And so, so you don’t catch yourself paralyzed right? By not not knowing what to do. I want you to know that. There are certainly things that you can do, that you can give, you can give your support. And that’s just kind of one of the things that I’m I’m gonna I’m going to share here, I was just doing this exercise the other day about you know, having an impact in the world. And, and the exercise was go out and give give somebody a positive review. And so you know, it’s been a little bit since I found somebody, I could give a positive review too. And it’s not that I can’t I just, I just haven’t done one for a while. And I thought of my friend Jeremy Todd, who has a great podcast, you should go check it out. It’s called the positive side. He’s got nearly a million downloads already and man, we started our journey together a while ago a while ago and I’m just happy for him but you know, he’s a coach and so I went to LinkedIn. And I said, Hey, you know, Jeremy Todd is an amazing coach. You know, he helps you break your ruts. He helps you. You know, get your mind right. He helps get you straight and helps get you some clarity helps you to take action on your life. And if you’re if you’re thinking about getting a coach for sales or your business And all that, all that stuff. I said, you know, reach out to Jeremy Todd, he’s your guy. The exact same instant he was doing that. I was doing that he was leaving me a podcast review, all spiritual dope, leave me a five star rating, you know, he’s saying, hey, look, this is the podcast we need in our lives. And I’ve been looking for something like this and five star review from Jeremy Todd. And as soon as he press send, he was getting an email that said that, you know, I’d let them this LinkedIn review. And the thing is, that that wasn’t planned, right? That wasn’t planned. This was a thing. It was 930 at night. And I was like, You know what, I still got that thing that I need to do, which was, you know, go out and have an impact in the world and that was to leave that that review giving to the universe, right. So I was sending something out and I was, I wasn’t looking for anything in return. It’s one to go out and do something without expecting anything in return because how often we go do something we do it to get something instead of to simply go and give something give of yourself you’re certainly able to do that so that’s what I did you know and and I left them that I left that review and he picked up the phone called me we had a good laugh about it and you know I just want you guys to know that this is this is a spat This podcast is about aligning to your source right to your whatever it is you need to talk to align your consciousness the universe connect with God and divine self you know I came here through way right like you know when we go through any journey we pass through certain places destinations you know, if trying to think of who God was like as a Tony Robbins still love a woodpecker right, you stopped by different destinations yet another one called our roadside attractions. Love those books. You stop by different places and something happens there and I came here by way of a first podcast called fatherhood for the rest of us that was part of my journey that was part of my stop right? Pass through there I loved it and I still loved the connections I made through that. And then and then while I was on that journey while I was on my way through father for the rest of his land, I went through law of attraction land right I stopped by you think about it like different states of being if you if you if you choose and I was there for a while and that’s you know all my way through there I connected through to source right kind of this like divine sense of self as it were. However you want to look at it right connecting to your to your source. And I just I just do a share all that with you because when we give out there right like so when you give to the universe

is going to return to you You can’t you don’t get to decide how it returns to you though, right? So, or exactly what it looks like. But if you’re but if you’re paying attention, then you will see that it comes back to almost exactly the way that you sent it out if not even magnified, right? A lot of people call The Universe verse a force multiplier. So, my thing to you is if if you’re thinking of what can you give, you can give of yourself, you can go out there, you can leave a nice review for somebody, you can go leave a positive comment on social media, you can call somebody that you love. And chances are, chances are as men it’s not going to be maybe not as instantaneous as that was what Jeremy and I, but the universe is going to return that to you. Right, the question is, you’ve got to look for evidence of it. Mm hmm. You got it. You’ve got to see little pieces. pieces of it starting to come through and develop that muscle develop, develop that vision, develop the ability to even see it for what it is. I’m always talking about Albert Einstein. And his line is, everything’s a miracle either everything’s a miracle or nothing is a miracle. This is a choice on how you set your filters and how you set what it is that you see out there. But again, you know, I’ve already been believing in this way for a while. I just, you know, it’s no longer strictly through a law of attraction filter for me. Now, it’s just this kind of connection to the universe filter that I’ve got. So how did you set your filter however you want, you call it whatever you want, and that and that’s fine. You know, you’ve got to just kind of keep with your belief, though, and allow it to adjust that will. However, I just encourage you to look for evidence of it, right? If you if you type into Google, you want this thing to show up? Then you get that thing? Rarely do you get something completely way off unless you got a typo, then you’re then you’re scrambling to cover, cover what that search pulled up. So, go ahead and I just I just want you to give them a chance, right? send out a request for yourself right? Or go out there to the universe and maybe go give something and and that that will probably return to you. So I just encourage you somehow send some good out the universe have no specific expectations, because that will that narrows the request, right? If you say, Hey, I needed to come back in this specific way. And that’s the only way you’re going to catch the evidence of it. It’s going to make it a little bit more challenging. Right? So if you send out some good, no expectations, have it kind of go out that way. And, you know, I only ask that you kind of you know, you you reach out to me or you let me know how This has gone for you. And here’s the deal, you can either continue down the same path you’ve always gone, right? Or you can choose a road this less traveled. The same road that you’ve been going down, is gonna get you to the same place you’ve always gotten to, right? Am I right? You’re going to get the same outcomes you’ve always gotten. But if you want something different to happen, if you want to change the direction of your mind, the way that you feel and things that you see, you’re gonna have to do something different. You’re gonna need to make a new choice and pursue what it is that you want out of there. Right, you need to take a look at the universe and see what’s coming back to you. You need to put what you want out in the universe. It’s like seed money, right? It’s seed stock seed period, you’ve got to plant the seed in order for you to have the harvest that you’re looking for. That’s it. Take it easy, and a shout out again to Jeremy Todd, always been an amazing supporter, appreciate your brother and, you know, go check out his podcast which is it is the positive side and he shares everything that’s coming through him. You know, unfiltered, unfiltered, it’s filtered through him. Right. He shares his experience as he is coming through and to be it’s a beautiful, beautiful podcast. Beautiful man. And there you go. Take it easy.

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