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hey, hey, Brandon Handley here the voice of a generation.

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on Christmas Day 2020. Thomas over, it’s almost over everybody, we’ve almost made it through 2020. If you are able to listen to this podcast, if you were able to tune into what is happening here today, there’s a good chance that, uh, the rest of your life is going to be super awesome, right? If you’ve made it through 2020 unscathed, meaning alive, you’ve got a lot, you’ve got a lot ahead of you. And this is going to be a year, of course that we all remember. At the same time, it’s going to be sure that we’re all just as just as ready to get beyond just ready to get beyond. So we are still working through, are you ready to succeed. And we are on chapter five, you can change the universe. This is the chapter where it finally dawned on me just how powerful this book was laying a little bit of incense over here, we get ourselves into the mood. But I was sitting on a plane flying I think out to Denver, a friend and I were we’re having a conversation online earlier that day, about you know, miracles, just in general about becoming medically minded. And as we go through this chapter, you’re going to understand exactly why he sneaks in, right? I know that I put it in here somewhere that he sneaks, this kind of squeezes this chapter in, underneath of, to me, almost should be like two chapters. Right? Of course, I’m not the author, but you know, sneaks this one in here. And it’s pretty awesome. Pretty awesome. So stay tuned, we’re gonna get through this one here. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, whatever holiday you celebrate. You know, the holiday I celebrate the most is every day is a holiday. I’ve got up on my board right now, on my whiteboard, you know that this is fun. I’m having fun, be fun. Not too long ago, I also had up on my board, my whiteboard. flyff is a treat, man, we got a joy, we got to celebrate it, we can’t just can’t just go through it without without looking forward to it right, looking forward to every day. So whatever day you’re celebrating, I hope you’re celebrating today. And today, we will be going through chapter five, you can change the universe. In addition, if you would like to get access to this mind map that I’ve created for this, just check on the website. I also create the videos, as I’m creating the audio so that while we are going through it, you could if you wanted to just see me kind of poking around as as we go through this mind mapping. So without further ado, the introduction to this one, you know, this is another part where I really resonated with us Sreekumar Rao, he’s talking in the beginning of this just about the spirituality of his mom, as a mother, how she was super spiritual, super connected. And, you know, my mom was too, right. Just just, you know, super connected in a lot of ways. The deal is, is that, you know, when we’re when we’re young, and full of, you know, vim and vigor, or some vinegar, and whichever one you want to take a look at, especially as a young young man, we would just resist because we already think we know all the things you know, we we get a few right answers, we’re told we’re super smart. Next thing, you know, we know everything, just how just how it rolls. So his mother was super spiritual, that was kind of his foundation to a lot of this. And she thought that the universe was benevolent, right? And that, that anytime the universe was, you know, it would pull you out at all times, right? It would, and alliances would permit one to surface even when swallowed by tidal waves who just always kind of reach out, reach out to you. He also says, Hey, he resisted his mother’s wisdom. Just and again, I also resonate with this so hard because I just I didn’t you know, my mom had a lot of a lot of things to say that were fairly wise and I was like, No, nope, no, no, no.

And, you know, especially now as a father, right, as a parent myself, I’m like, you don’t want to share, share this stuff with my own children and let them know. And I’ve got the full realization, though, that the, they’re not going to automatically grasp it automatically and grab onto it, especially because this is this is the world that we live in, they’re surrounded by a society that this isn’t the loudest noise, right? This isn’t the thing making the most noise out there. This is the thing that’s spirituality that is, that’s got this little ebbs and pockets, there’s, there’s fights about who’s right or wrong over where the soul goes over what the soul is over what spirituality is, and it’s like, holy shit, man, just let it go. So it’s not too much different than you’re a human, you’ve got a spirit, you need to attend to it, that’s really it. And then you know, also recognize that the spirit of you is much larger, and greater and connected. than, than the physical sense being that you can, you can see right now. So that’s my personal take, anyways, you know, we get, we get tuned into this, and we get taught this stuff, you know, when we’re younger, a lot of times, but we don’t have this kind of foundational obvious knowledge to be able to see it. So obviously, we’re gonna resonate with everything else that we see, especially when there’s only one of them, like his mother, my mother, and maybe myself. That sees it, and it’s not until it becomes the mass masses, right? That it becomes kind of like this easily accepted thing, even that it becomes kind of regurgitated and a lot of a lot of one of the true message is lost in it. So anyways, you know, his his mom tells this story about, you know, or I think he tells a story about he, why, why are watermelons growing on the ground, when they’re big, and they’re just supported by vines and cherries, which are tiny, are supported by like this, this big tree? And at some point, you know, a cherry falls on his head. And his mom says, Well, you know, if that had been a watermelon, then that would have cracked your skull. And then he goes ahead and make some jokes, because what about coconuts? What about what about durian, which are like these large, large fruits in the trees that, you know, could fall in and crack your skull? Meaning that, hey, the universe also has these other things, what about them, not the line that his mother says that that I really enjoyed, and that we’re still in the intro of this, that is that. If a boulder falls, faith, you know, we’ll turn it to dust. I love that line. You know, if you think about it, anything that seems kind of impending, or when you are living in fear of the whole world or the universe, and it’s kind of coming down on you just you know, over the past, over the past year and a half, I’ve been really fond of saying, you know, let go let God or at least acknowledge that your subconscious is connected to something so much larger than you and give some trust over to your subconscious and your imagination to convert those worries into something, again, that you can handle. ie if a boulder should fall, have faith that the universe will help you out, be benevolent or that you’re more powerful subconscious will turn that boulder into dust into something manageable that you can handle. And you see it happen every day. How many times have you heard me say, I’m going to go ahead and trust a thing that is able to pump blood that’s going to take when I fall asleep at night, I don’t have to worry about whether or not I keep breathing. my subconscious keeps me freezing, there is something alive and intelligent in me that says hey, B, go ahead, you go to sleep. And we’ll go ahead and keep your your as alive. Right? So who whatever is doing that for me every night that I’ve ever fallen asleep for my entire life anytime ever and keeps pumping the air into my lungs. I’m going to trust that okay. And that’s within me and connected to something else. That’s my opinion. I’ll kind of take it. So proof cuts both ways. Moving on, you know, coming into proof cuts both ways is hey, here’s the idea of you can witness be witness to the winds or you can be witnessed To the ruins that is you can say, Hey,

I expect nothing but the worst to happen all the time and be you can be the person that says, oh, there it is there happened, I told you, you know, that shitty thing was going to happen or you can be witness to the winds, and you can be optimistic and you look, you can look forward to them. And, and, and exists, right both of them kind of exist. Looking here in the book real quick here. You know, ideally, look, it’s a choice, right? You can live right in a world where you know, the the universe destroys those boulders for you. Or you could live in a world where there’s all kinds of misfortune and crap out there in the world, right? And the deal is, you have a choice on which would you pay attention to? I’m not sure that we’ve gotten there yet. There’s another part and i’ll go ahead. So it’s your choice, right. And Dr. Rao makes this note, you don’t need to have a revelation to make this change. You can do it right now, this has been part of my very own platform for a number of years, where a lot of people tell you that, in order to have this kind of spiritual awakening or law, not even a spiritual weakening, when you have this, this whole life change that comes over you. It doesn’t have to be after you fucking hit rock bottom, you don’t have to wait till you are crushed under the weight of the world. You can do this. As soon as you’re ready. You can do this as soon as you are ready. Moving on, we’re going to step into the law of increase. And the idea is, can you take you have the opportunity to take a look at the universe as as a conscious entity, right, and is intimately intertwined with you and everything that it is that you do. Now, he talks about let’s see here, it talks about the idea that you can you know it I love this, it wants to give you what you desire, and you are able to influence it, you have the capability to influence it. And here’s, here’s one of the here’s one of the ways that you can influence it. And if you’ve heard this one before, stop me. But hey, whatever you are truly grateful for and appreciate will increase in your life, right? And the idea is that you just you just got to start doing it right? You just got to start paying attention to what it is that you’re you’re grateful for. He says, Hey, skeptical, I don’t blame you. Since I once felt this way. I know that I can’t change your mind. And that’s, this is one of those things that you can’t tell somebody that this is going to happen. You simply need to try it for yourself and apply it for yourself before you start seeing it. You start seeing it happen. And he tells the story of two dogs, right. There’s there’s a, it depends on who’s telling the story. I think I remember first hearing it from Zig Ziglar he’s talking about the anyway, Indians and how they’re up. They’re having dog fights. And the grandfather was the one who did the dog fights and it was never the same dog. But the grandfather always got the same dog. You know, always bet on the same always bet on the winning dog. And the child goes, Hey, well, how how do you know which one of these dogs is going to win every time? Right? How do you know which one of these dogs is going to win every time grandfather goes, Hey, the one that wins is the one that you feed. The one that wins is the one that you feed. Alright, so wrap it back up there and we’ll look at you know, when you give your energy to that what you are truly grateful for and appreciate. You will inherently see more of that in your life. That is not to say that is not to say that you’re not going to have things in your life that aren’t going well for you. You will we all will look there’s going to be things that pop up in our life that need to be addressed. Right. All these things need to be addressed. And you will do what needs to be done to fix or contain the bad but you will not expand emotional or psychic energy on it gives you a story and and of when we first moved into our current house, we first moved in some big big house and

I was concerned every, it’s actually a bitch and whine and moan and every time I hear the heat turned on in my mind, like, Ah, geez, there goes, there goes another 10 bucks, you know, just for firing it up, right? And it was pretty cool. The window was pretty cool. We’re getting down to, you know, 20s teens, and it went out, the heat went out. So do universes like, well, he wants to have to stop happening. He wants this bad thing to stop happening, I was investing emotional and psychic energy on it. And guess what it increased, it increased in a way that I didn’t want it to right that dog, the one that I was feeding was not the one that I wanted to win. And that’s scenario. So when I was a when we got it repaired, when we got it repaired. The the emotion and psychic energy that I spent on the heat being back in my life was was that of joy, right of gratitude. Like, I am happy that I have he, I am so happy and grateful that I receive a heat bill at the end of every month. Because that means that my heat worked throughout the month that I was able to pay for the bills, that you know that I still got an account that’s in good standing, that I’m able to stay warm and comfortable in my life. So those are a couple of things that even when you think about the law of increase, and it will go in both ways. But the idea is that you want the dog that you want to win is the one that you are, you’re truly grateful for right the one that one that you’re really happy to have. So again, I know that I showed the emotional and psychic energy on something that wasn’t great. But I also showed you what happened. What when you put your energy on, you know, whichever dog so I’ve got plenty of stories don’t get me wrong, I’ve got plenty of stories. That’s this first one that comes to mind of when things have have gone right and or well, but this also just shows what happens when you expand emotional and psychic energy on the things that are not great in your life. Cut it here and we’ll get on to section two

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Do you remember reading fairy tales as a child?

Do you recall being the primary character?

Did you march through the wardrobe in the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, and into the fresh snowfall in Narnia?

Feel the snowflakes as they melted in your hair?

Smell the fresh pines as the soft long needles brushed the snow off of your shoulders?

Odd how you felt deeply immersed in those fairy tales in what seems like eons ago.
Slowly their magical hold over you faded away and they became just another stack of books.

Another relic of your childhood.

It’s nearly comical… how, if you go and you pick up one of those relics from your childhood, you will find that the entire tale has changed!

The tale will be nothing like you remembered…

Oh, the characters will be there.

The storyline will be similar, however, the childlike elements have gone away.

Adult themes and life truths permeate these tales.

How did they get there!?

Awareness… knowledge… experience.

Just as everything else in your world… this version of the story has always existed, you simply needed to become aware of it.

When you think of what is impossible for you… what do you see?

I often wonder if you were to look back and have a conversation with your younger self… would you believe that where you are now to be possible then?

Shit, I know I wouldn’t… I have more things, make more money, have a great wife, happy, healthy awesome children, and I have met some amazing people… interviewed authors, video producers… I work in an industry that I would have only dreamt about… all done by a high school drop out… the path I have taken is certainly uncommon.

But all that I have learned along the way applies anywhere… very how you say… Good Will Hunting… stacks of books and continued education… then application of what I have learned… and I will be frightfully honest… this shit is not linear…. you CAN NOT look at my results and point to anything other than, my willingness to take action on thoughts and ideas and surround myself with people who challenge me, push me & accept me as I am… unconditionally.

What does your support system look like?

What looks impossible for you today?

Take inspired steps, follow your bliss as it were, be intentional, and before you know it, YOU WILL be living the impossibility.

Ah… the story of Rip Van Winkle… a pretty simple one right?


A hard-working guy that would help anyone except himself, much to the chagrin of his wife and the remainder of his family as his own farm went to shit.


Wanders off into the mountains, runs into some Dutch guys with some good booze and falls asleep for 20 years… rolls back into town big ole beard tattered clothes, rusty rifle… and the town has changed… the styles have changed… no one recognizes him and he… well, he doesn’t recognize anyone either… 


What’s the true story here?


It’s a story that you and I see everyday… good ole Rip a hard-working man… however, he’s not working on anything that’s important in his own home… he is in a marriage that is suffering and he isn’t doing anything to improve it… according to the story, his son is dressed like him and acts in a similar manner… which only tells you that as a parent… your child is going to mimic you.  Rip’s wife, according to the story, isn’t doing much to bolster his spirits… to top it off, he doesn’t seem to be drenched in self-confidence.


So he wanders off to the mountains they said in the story where he runs into the Dutchmen who are playing 9 Pin (bowling)… and essentially loses 20 years… or… in today’s vernacular, drinks away 20 years worth of time hiding in a bar with people he doesn’t even know, doesn’t even speak their language, but he feels it’s safer than facing his own problems.


20 years go by… and he wakes up… snaps out of the fog… he realizes there is something left in the tank and he gets back to the town… to his friends… to his people… only to find that those he wishes to share his story with have changed… the times have changed… the styles have changed… of course, he hasn’t and when he wakes back up, his wife is gone… and he ends up living with his daughter and son in law on the farm they’re working on, all while he tells his glory stories to anyone who will pass.


Too often you see this exact story playing out… men & women wasting away… breaking out of it at some times… most often too late in life, missing the opportunity to affect and assist with any true change beyond themselves and those they love… left murmuring and sharing their stories to others with what most would call past fantasies.


The difference between when this story took place in 1768 and today is that… if you have lost those 20 years… you still have 20-30 good years ahead of you and you can take your new-found energy, you can take your old stories, your past fantasies, your broken dreams… and today you have the chance to reassemble them into something new… worthy… filled with purpose and instead of finding yourself coasting through to the end of life with a whimper, you have the opportunity to make a difference, to go out with a big bang.

the scene is set

Conflict… so often it is avoided.

So often the greatest conflict is unseen…

That is the conflict within…

In reading the IChing this morning and reviewing the Conflict hexagram… I couldn’t help but notice the green screen, the mic, the lights I have set up for myself…

The line from the IChing that struck me most this morning in this scenario was:

Conflict within weakens the power to conquer danger without.

The words I wrote down for myself both preceding the line above and thoughts after reading…

Your seat is ready…

Your time is now…

When you accept your divinity, your inherent grace, you unseat conflict and allow for your message to be clear, to be resonant…

Imagine a radio signal that has a weak signal… consider connecting that to a signal booster… that signal is only weak as you have an internal conflict… you are challenged to accept the truth of who you are… what you are capable of when you accept all that you are… you blow past your human being and into your divine being.

Eradicate the conflict and allow for the power surge when you surrender to the truth of who you are…

Your seat is ready…

Your time is now.

Podcast inspired by recent activity from friend Jeremy Todd.

Check out his podcast over at

Brandon Handley 0:00
What is going on spiritual dope. Brandon Handley here I will be your host. As I said before, always and forever. And I wanted to share a quick story with you today about something that happened recently to me, but I want to I want to just kind of we’re gonna take a run out like this, right? You always hear that, uh, you have to have before you can give, right? What do you have to have? Before you can give? And you always hear something like, Hey, you hear that the universe gives what is receiving like Dude, I’m flat broke and busted like a Janis Joplin song. But the deal is, you know, there are things that you can, you can give, right? And so, so you don’t catch yourself paralyzed right? By not not knowing what to do. I want you to know that. There are certainly things that you can do, that you can give, you can give your support. And that’s just kind of one of the things that I’m I’m gonna I’m going to share here, I was just doing this exercise the other day about you know, having an impact in the world. And, and the exercise was go out and give give somebody a positive review. And so you know, it’s been a little bit since I found somebody, I could give a positive review too. And it’s not that I can’t I just, I just haven’t done one for a while. And I thought of my friend Jeremy Todd, who has a great podcast, you should go check it out. It’s called the positive side. He’s got nearly a million downloads already and man, we started our journey together a while ago a while ago and I’m just happy for him but you know, he’s a coach and so I went to LinkedIn. And I said, Hey, you know, Jeremy Todd is an amazing coach. You know, he helps you break your ruts. He helps you. You know, get your mind right. He helps get you straight and helps get you some clarity helps you to take action on your life. And if you’re if you’re thinking about getting a coach for sales or your business And all that, all that stuff. I said, you know, reach out to Jeremy Todd, he’s your guy. The exact same instant he was doing that. I was doing that he was leaving me a podcast review, all spiritual dope, leave me a five star rating, you know, he’s saying, hey, look, this is the podcast we need in our lives. And I’ve been looking for something like this and five star review from Jeremy Todd. And as soon as he press send, he was getting an email that said that, you know, I’d let them this LinkedIn review. And the thing is, that that wasn’t planned, right? That wasn’t planned. This was a thing. It was 930 at night. And I was like, You know what, I still got that thing that I need to do, which was, you know, go out and have an impact in the world and that was to leave that that review giving to the universe, right. So I was sending something out and I was, I wasn’t looking for anything in return. It’s one to go out and do something without expecting anything in return because how often we go do something we do it to get something instead of to simply go and give something give of yourself you’re certainly able to do that so that’s what I did you know and and I left them that I left that review and he picked up the phone called me we had a good laugh about it and you know I just want you guys to know that this is this is a spat This podcast is about aligning to your source right to your whatever it is you need to talk to align your consciousness the universe connect with God and divine self you know I came here through way right like you know when we go through any journey we pass through certain places destinations you know, if trying to think of who God was like as a Tony Robbins still love a woodpecker right, you stopped by different destinations yet another one called our roadside attractions. Love those books. You stop by different places and something happens there and I came here by way of a first podcast called fatherhood for the rest of us that was part of my journey that was part of my stop right? Pass through there I loved it and I still loved the connections I made through that. And then and then while I was on that journey while I was on my way through father for the rest of his land, I went through law of attraction land right I stopped by you think about it like different states of being if you if you if you choose and I was there for a while and that’s you know all my way through there I connected through to source right kind of this like divine sense of self as it were. However you want to look at it right connecting to your to your source. And I just I just do a share all that with you because when we give out there right like so when you give to the universe

is going to return to you You can’t you don’t get to decide how it returns to you though, right? So, or exactly what it looks like. But if you’re but if you’re paying attention, then you will see that it comes back to almost exactly the way that you sent it out if not even magnified, right? A lot of people call The Universe verse a force multiplier. So, my thing to you is if if you’re thinking of what can you give, you can give of yourself, you can go out there, you can leave a nice review for somebody, you can go leave a positive comment on social media, you can call somebody that you love. And chances are, chances are as men it’s not going to be maybe not as instantaneous as that was what Jeremy and I, but the universe is going to return that to you. Right, the question is, you’ve got to look for evidence of it. Mm hmm. You got it. You’ve got to see little pieces. pieces of it starting to come through and develop that muscle develop, develop that vision, develop the ability to even see it for what it is. I’m always talking about Albert Einstein. And his line is, everything’s a miracle either everything’s a miracle or nothing is a miracle. This is a choice on how you set your filters and how you set what it is that you see out there. But again, you know, I’ve already been believing in this way for a while. I just, you know, it’s no longer strictly through a law of attraction filter for me. Now, it’s just this kind of connection to the universe filter that I’ve got. So how did you set your filter however you want, you call it whatever you want, and that and that’s fine. You know, you’ve got to just kind of keep with your belief, though, and allow it to adjust that will. However, I just encourage you to look for evidence of it, right? If you if you type into Google, you want this thing to show up? Then you get that thing? Rarely do you get something completely way off unless you got a typo, then you’re then you’re scrambling to cover, cover what that search pulled up. So, go ahead and I just I just want you to give them a chance, right? send out a request for yourself right? Or go out there to the universe and maybe go give something and and that that will probably return to you. So I just encourage you somehow send some good out the universe have no specific expectations, because that will that narrows the request, right? If you say, Hey, I needed to come back in this specific way. And that’s the only way you’re going to catch the evidence of it. It’s going to make it a little bit more challenging. Right? So if you send out some good, no expectations, have it kind of go out that way. And, you know, I only ask that you kind of you know, you you reach out to me or you let me know how This has gone for you. And here’s the deal, you can either continue down the same path you’ve always gone, right? Or you can choose a road this less traveled. The same road that you’ve been going down, is gonna get you to the same place you’ve always gotten to, right? Am I right? You’re going to get the same outcomes you’ve always gotten. But if you want something different to happen, if you want to change the direction of your mind, the way that you feel and things that you see, you’re gonna have to do something different. You’re gonna need to make a new choice and pursue what it is that you want out of there. Right, you need to take a look at the universe and see what’s coming back to you. You need to put what you want out in the universe. It’s like seed money, right? It’s seed stock seed period, you’ve got to plant the seed in order for you to have the harvest that you’re looking for. That’s it. Take it easy, and a shout out again to Jeremy Todd, always been an amazing supporter, appreciate your brother and, you know, go check out his podcast which is it is the positive side and he shares everything that’s coming through him. You know, unfiltered, unfiltered, it’s filtered through him. Right. He shares his experience as he is coming through and to be it’s a beautiful, beautiful podcast. Beautiful man. And there you go. Take it easy.

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Join me as I speak with Regina A. Lawrwence who is a soulful business coach & strategist,helping you monetize your mission through a profitable, online coaching business.

Part of the fun with this is speaking with someone who is not only spiritually inclined, but who has maintained her city grit.

Find out how a high powered lawyer finds herself after crumbling to the floor in tears.

All things Regina:

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Brandon Handley 0:00
three to one. Brandon Handley here and today I’m joined by Regina a Lawrence. Regina is a soulful business strategist. And she is a former trial attorney and law school Professor turns soulful business and life strategist. She’s found that many entrepreneurs have brilliant ideas and dreams but don’t know how to take that dream and create a system or structure to make that dream and idea profitable. That’s where she jumps in. And she was able to bring consistency system structure for you and really take your soul driven idea and convert that into an awesome business and I love it right. I’m super excited because that’s that’s right up. That’s right up this and not only that, right, Regina, also called trum. Kinda like my hometown area and you’re down. You’re down in Arizona right now, but you’re from the northeast and you’ve got like this little bit of a grit a little bit of a punch that you’ve really We only find like kind of up in the northeast. How you doin tody?

Regina Lawrence 1:03
I’m good. How are you?

Brandon Handley 1:04
I’m doing great Tell me. Hey, tell me something we can help you celebrate today.

Unknown Speaker 1:10
Oh man, I just had a news client Sign up today. Very excited to help her with her business and to help her create the program she wants to. So that’s what I’m celebrating right now.

Brandon Handley 1:21
Awesome. I love it and tell me something man. This uh, you know, we’re we’re smack dab in the middle of pandemic, whether or not you believe the hype or not, but, you know, everybody’s on different sides of the fence. Is this a hoax? Is it whatever, nobody really cares, but you know, for what it’s worth, we are shut down in the United States of America. How’s your business been during that? This whole thing?

Unknown Speaker 1:43
You know, my so I have two businesses. I have a social media agency and I have a coaching practice and my coaching practice has slowed a little bit, just with people who want to wait to start until their brick and mortar opens.

Unknown Speaker 1:57
But my social media

Unknown Speaker 1:59
you See has really been picking up during this time. Okay, so it’s a mixed bag for me. Sure.

Brandon Handley 2:06
Yeah. I mean, look, everybody needs a digital strategy, especially now, right? Otherwise, how they go. And, you know, we always talk about like that post COVID plan. Is that something you talked about with some of your people?

Unknown Speaker 2:19
For sure. I think this has shown us that one, it has shown us the ways that we can stretch and the ways we can do business in a way that we didn’t think about before. It’s also for me really put into place like how do I create business? And how do I create even greater automation and evergreening in my business, so that way, if something like this ever happens again, and by the way, it will because the government knows they can shut us down and lock us down? How do I get out of dodge and go to Costa Rica and live on the beach for a couple months instead of in the chaos?

Brandon Handley 2:55
Right, right, right. Yeah, it does sound nice. I love the idea, though. Trying to keep that content evergreen. So, you know, we started off on a tangent and that’s just kind of how I how I go. Let’s just do a little bit of a backstory though. So, Regina, I love your backstory. Why don’t you go ahead and share it with this audience a little bit, just kind of, you know, jumping in from pre crying on the floor, and then right after that.

Unknown Speaker 3:23
So my background is I was a federal trial attorney for the city of Philadelphia. And then I moved into a white collar fraud litigator and investigator role. prior to going to law school, I, I always had this mindset that like I had to be an achiever, and I had to be successful and I had to just pursue things that my family and society saw as good. So get a good job, get a good education, find a good partner, and you live a good life and you’ll be happy. And so I realized that I’d spent the first 2526 years of my life pursuing this happiness. And this piece through accomplishments and through external realities. And I really hit a pivotal moment when I realized I was in my office and I was working on a case for a really big client. I think I was 2027 at this point. And I started to have a panic attack. And I was no stranger of panic and anxiety. It fueled me It got me through everything in my life. And this was different. And I remember closing my office door laying down on my office floor and I’m, you know, dressed in a pencil skirt. I have a pair of blue baton high heels on, and I just laid there and cried. And I remember thinking, like, I don’t know how I’m going to do it, but life doesn’t have to be this hard. And it doesn’t have to be this stressful and I’m going to figure out a way to not live the rest of my life like this. And so that experience of being like, okay, like You did everything you were supposed to do, and you’re still very unfulfilled and very unhappy. What now? And so that launched me into this whole new world of mindset and spirituality.

Brandon Handley 5:15
I love it. You know, there’s actually a little bit before that I caught listening to to one of one of the podcasts on there. Nine brothers and sisters, how many

Unknown Speaker 5:27
brothers and sisters? Yeah, I have four brothers and I have four sisters.

Brandon Handley 5:31
That’s, you know, that’s got to be hectic. And not only not only like, kind of kind of like just being caught up in that size of a family, right? Because I’m imagining like, that’s always a whirlwind and that’s if everything’s going well. And memory serves me correctly. Like things were not always going well in that household. Yes or no.

Unknown Speaker 5:51
So I grew up my I’m from a family where there’s a lineage of a lot of addiction and I grew up surrounded with a lot of our Hard drug addiction and codependent and the codependency issues that go along with that. And the just the all the things that go along with growing up around addiction but we were like, the thing about my family is like we look like this normal, you know middle class family like loving, seemingly loving parents who got divorced when I was 13 to our shock. We grew up in a in a neighborhood with a big, big house and, you know, we were this family that looked like this nice Catholic Italian family. But really on the inside, there was a lot of trauma and a lot of hurt and a lot of addiction.

Brandon Handley 6:43
Yeah, no, that’s that’s that’s a tough place to be right. It’s a tough place, I think to establish your identity. Because the inside does not look like the outside, right, which I think kind of, you know, kind of plays into where you want to Anyways, right, um, you know, had this interesting thought of. I listened to the for a minute you were an anxiety coach. Yes. Yeah. Is that

Unknown Speaker 7:10
right? Yeah, I was and I, I still do what I did as an anxiety coach, I still bring into my coaching now. Yeah,

Brandon Handley 7:16
but I love it right? Because it’s all about kind of evolution and who you are as a person what it is that you bring, right. You know, for a second there, I thought to myself, I was like, do you think that and you may have liked it this way? like anxiety attacks? Is that like a sign that you’re just not living your life’s purpose?

Unknown Speaker 7:36
I can’t I think it can be. I think that, you know, a lot of people have different thoughts and schools of thought about stress and how we respond to stress with anxiety. I think majority of anxiety is a habited pattern of behavior. I grew up in a household where my mother was always anxious. It was her phrase, I’m so anxious, I have so much anxiety and so even As a small kid, like I have Arjuna You’re giving me agita, like giving me anxiety, you know, and you’re not

Brandon Handley 8:06
gonna hear that anywhere else but the Northeast. Oh, yeah, I know. You give me the agita.

Unknown Speaker 8:11
Exactly. And so like I grew up with that identity as a kid where, you know, anxiety is just a way of being it’s a way it was almost synonymous for me, like with productivity. And what I realized was that, like, a lot of anxiety is actually born out of a desire to control and control is an illusion. We have control over nothing. We have control over our thoughts. We have control over our reactions and our responses. We have some control over our body but we can lose that with illness and so yeah, so I think that some some anxiety is a sign of like, like shit needs to change. And but i think it’s it’s a sign of so many things.

Brandon Handley 8:59
Sure, sure. And I love that you kind of hit on that too, so far as like, you know, mindset goes a lot of assist these learn tendencies, that that’s what you grew up around, right? Even with my own kids, I’ll stand like they’ll plop down, like, I’m so tired. And I’m kind of on the mindset. I’m like, you are quite literally made of energy, right? Like, you’re not tired. You know? I mean, you know, I mean like that, because when it’s like five o’clock in the evening, or like midday or something, I’m like, No, no, you’re not. That’s just something you’ve heard one of us say. Right. So So yeah, I totally I totally get that. Let’s talk about what it’s like then to, you know, kind of spin this business. You remember kind of the journey to even saying, Hey, I’m a soulful business owner. This is what I do in that area. Like because religion or even just talking about being spiritual can go down so many roads, right. So let’s talk About your foray into that, because it sounds like again, you started college as an, you know, anxiety coach, but that kind of led to more, you know, yeah, opened up for you. And I’m curious what that look like.

Unknown Speaker 10:11
So from a really young age, I have had some spiritual gifts that through society and conditioning, I’ve suppressed but I’ve had a lot of different spiritual gifts where I would dream things I would know things before they happen. I always had a knowing about things. I can’t describe it more than a knowing and and I would see things as a child and I knew from a very young age that my little brother was the same way and we couldn’t tell people and so just like any muscle, your spiritual muscles, if you suppress them, you you don’t, you’re not able to lift like you used to. And as I started to go through my own mindset waking up, I really started to get into meditation and allowing the white, the whitespace and the silence and I started to feel these gifts. Come back online again. And you know for me I’m this rational lawyer who gives show me the reason show me the proof like that’s how I’m educated and that’s how my brain works I’m super analytical but I’m also have these spiritual gifts that I can’t always explain them but if I know something’s going to happen, it happens. Like if I get guidance on something I am got like, it’s, it’s the two were happening at the same time. And so initially, I was like, okay, like, I’m gonna, after I started the mindset coaching business, and the stress and anxiety business, people were asking me, how are you building your brand? You’re doing such a good job building your brand online, how are you doing it? How are you building your business? And I realized that in starting my coaching business, I became an expert in a lot of things, social media, branding, marketing, you know, doing I’m a I’m a lawyer. So if I want to learn how to do something, I learned the whole process like I really am a sponge for things. So I realized I could kind of take that stress and anxiety coaching, and pivot it to business coaching. But what I was realizing was the business coaching wasn’t fulfilling, and it wasn’t fulfilling what I’m here to do. Because, for me, you know, with with business people ask entrepreneurs, what’s your Why? Why are you doing the thing you’re doing? Right? And that’s great. But like, if a mom says to me, I’m building this business, because I have kids. Well, great, but what about those kids? Why is it your kids that make you want to do this? What do you want to do with your kids, right? And so the same thing with a spiritual entrepreneur, like, we have desires on our hearts of things we want to do and there’s a really deep soul reason why we’re on this earth in this moment in time doing the things that we want to do. And so I really had to work through the fact that I was worried that people would think I was crazy because I am a spiritual and rational woman. And then I decided to just say fuck it, this is who I am. This is how I show up in the world. I’m very intelligent, and I’m very spiritual, and I marry the two. And if people don’t like it, they’re not my people. And I just decided one day that I was gonna bring the two together and launch a whole coaching business just around this.

Brandon Handley 13:24
Yeah, no, I love it. I love it too. You know, is there’s so much and I know that, um, you know, sounded to me too, like when you first got when you first started going off and running you you were doing like long form blog writing and kind of researching the copywriting thing, right? learning that marketing bit, right. And that’s, you know, kudos to you because that’s not easy. You know, that’s a, it’s a challenge to be able to, to, you know, figure out how to do that type of writing, figure out what your market is. And then this part where you just kind to burst through and you’re like, Listen, I’m just gonna go with it. Like I can’t, you know, I can’t keep hiding behind purely executive coaching, when that’s not where my heart is. Right? Um, so let’s talk a little bit about that, where it’s like the integration of your spiritual self in the material world, right? Like, this is one that like, I think a lot and for me, it’s a challenge. And I see it as a challenge for a lot of other spiritual people, right? integrating the spiritual with the quote unquote real. And then, like the money aspect of like, well, I don’t want to deal with money like I mean, this is tough for them. So how have you been able to kind of navigate that area?

Unknown Speaker 14:43
So for me, there is no separation between who I am. As Regina, the human business coach and Regina, the spiritual woman. It’s the same thing and something that I teach a lot and this is part of my brand and in my book, thing is that you can be all of the things. We live in a society where oftentimes people say, if you are x profession you need to look like a BMC if you’re a spiritual woman, you need to be pure. You need to be on a yoga mat and you need to be like meditating all the time will fuck that because like that, right? We’re

Brandon Handley 15:22
who listen that gets its is tired. That is that is quite literally tired. Right? And, and

Unknown Speaker 15:32
it sucks. It’s like, it sucks. Well,

Unknown Speaker 15:36
it’s like society gives us boxes and that’s what we’re supposed to be. And if you don’t fit into that, that box and it makes you less legitimate. And one of my first spiritual friends and teachers this girl in Philly, her name’s Reagan. She’s a tarot card reader and she does energy stuff.

Unknown Speaker 15:53

Unknown Speaker 15:56
she’s amazing, and she was my first year. real spiritual friend in Philadelphia and she is almost six feet tall. She’s like tall, thin, Giant Boobs always half naked. And she’s like the spiritual powerhouse. And I remember meeting her and I was like, that is a woman who she is who she is, and she doesn’t care what anybody thinks. And that’s, that’s what I realized. So like, we still are stigmatized in society. Like if you’re a female attorney, you’re supposed to look, talk and act a certain way. If you’re, you can’t be too pretty can’t be too gay. You can’t be to this, you can’t be to that. And so I realized that I’m not going to live my life like that, like I am, who I am. And it’s, there’s a lot of polarities and who I am. It’s very confusing to people, and I don’t care because that’s how we all are. We are all like that. But we try to fit ourselves in boxes so that people can understand us and comprehend us. And so that’s how I was with the spiritual in the business. Like I am very spiritual. And I’m very smart, and I’m very fucking inappropriate. And I could tell you a dick joke in one minute. And I could talk to you about channeling angels in the next right like, and that doesn’t,

Unknown Speaker 17:11
that’s relevant

Unknown Speaker 17:12
and right. And that doesn’t make one less more or less legitimate than the other. Right? And so that’s how I approach everything. And that’s like my mission, especially in working with women like you can be all the things and doesn’t matter what anybody thinks about you. The thing you asked about money, and this is something I see a lot with spiritual entrepreneurs, where there’s almost like this guilt about charging for services or, you know, we have to rewind back and we have to think about what what is money like we A lot of us have these preconditioned notions about money that come from childhood conditioning, and come from these old sayings like money is the root of all evil and like a Seuss associating some sort of like, like low vibration with me. When actually money is energy, money is abundant, like money gives us the ability to serve at such a high level when you the more money you have, I think the more good you can do in the world, so why wouldn’t I want all the money?

Brandon Handley 18:16
Absolutely right. There’s, there’s more people you can serve with it. And I love it and it’s funny that you bring it up. I just got like this random packet of incense. And it’s one of them’s money, right? Yeah. And, and, and why why why bring that up is because I’ve definitely had conversations as I know, they’re my journeys and people like, you know, money’s no different than like the air that you breathe, right? Like, if you take a breath and you stop breathing, which Do you want more? Do you want money or do you want that next breath so which one’s more important to and you know, as anyways, as you know, burning two cents on this is like, oh, wow, look, there I am. I’m literally breathing in money. Yeah. Like I was like, I love it. So, anyways, uh, you know, for me, that was a challenge for me too, I’ll have to admit like, you know, kind of grew up just as like, kind of money being like this this thing, right, this thing and in the way of whatever. And I think that age just like you said this the approach of it, but v was reading the book of the science of getting rich by Wallace D. Wattles. Well, yeah, I was like, I was like, This makes all the sense, right. Like, and I finally like, I mean, things click then. And I was like, I was always so I’m absolutely. And I think that even if somebody can just look at it as an even exchange for energy, right, like, hey, look, it’s just an energy exchange, you’re there, you’re doing a service to provide, you know, if, if I go to a restaurant and they provide me a service, I leave a tip, right? You, you’re providing a service. So I love it.

Unknown Speaker 19:55
And I think we also have to think about like, I had a call with a girl today and she does like spiritual work where she works with women, and helps them to like feel like women who are transitioning and pivoting in life and in business, where she helps them get to their highest energetic frequencies so that they can perform. They can pivot, like she essentially helps them change their life and their perspective. And she charges nothing for it. And I said, you literally offer a service where you are helping to change somebody’s entire life. That’s invaluable. Like, why are you charging more for it? Right?

Brandon Handley 20:33
Yeah. Well, I was listening to, you know, you may know this name. Dan Kennedy is a copywriter. Yeah. Yeah. So he’s got this one session where he’s talking about, like, you know, exchanging people’s money. If you don’t take their money, they’re gonna give it to somebody else. It may as well be you. Yeah. Right. I mean, and not and again, that was another thing that just kind of like resonated I was like, you’re right, like that person, even if they don’t have much money. And they have bad spending habits and all these other things. I’d rather they invest in what I had to give them, then maybe they’re gonna go buy, you know, two cases of beer, whatever, right? So something like that, right?

Unknown Speaker 21:12
Anybody who is struggling with charging their value, something that I have done and I teach people to do is if you have a service that you offer, sit down and make a list of all of the value that you provide people for what you charge them, like see it, like really map it out. And when you look at it, look at the value exchange between what you’re offering and what they’re paying. And then ask yourself like, is this a fair value exchange? Because maybe you’ll look at it and you’ll say, No, I should add a few more things to this, like I should beef this up for what I’m what I’m charging, or you might look at what you’re charging and say, Oh, I don’t charge enough for what I’m doing for this person. But I think like the analytical mind needs that it needs that comparison for me with my coaching. I need to know Know what I’m offering? And I need to be very clear on the value that I bring to the table for my clients. If I wasn’t clear on that I couldn’t charge what I charge.

Brandon Handley 22:10
Sure, do you? I mean, do you do like an ROI sheet for your people? Like, how does that look for you like that conversation?

Unknown Speaker 22:18
I like to just have that conversation with them and have them journal it out for me, and show me and talk to me about it. And I have other ways, like when we figure out rates, like, obviously, I look at what the market is charging, and I look at, you know, what type of business they have and all that. But I also like there is a part of it that intuitively, you need to, you know, you could have a product or service that you offer somebody and the market value is $3,000 for it. But if you don’t feel in alignment with that value, even if its market value, if it feels like too much, you’re never going to get $3,000 for it because you’re not in alignment with that price. Right, right, right. Yeah.

Brandon Handley 22:56
Yeah, no, no, definitely. You know, I’ve definitely had that conversation. I’ve definitely had that in myself, right? So instead of, maybe somebody’s not feeling that they’re worth that value, what do you do? Do you help step them up into that value place? as you’re working with them? What do you do with them?

Unknown Speaker 23:13
I think you start, I think we need to start with people where they’re comfortable or stretch them a little bit. And then we can slowly incrementally because there it’ll be different things for people to know that they’re worth the value that they want to charge. So if you’re working with somebody, and they’re a coach, and you think that for three months of one on one coaching, they should be charging about three grand, but they’re not comfortable with more than charging 1500. I’m not going to start them at three grand, I’m going to start them lower. They’re going to start coaching people, and then they’re going to get testimonials of how they’ve changed people’s lives. And they’re going to really start to see like, wow, I’m really good at these certain things and being a coach and then you incrementally increase the price. That way. They’re in alignment with what they’re charging.

Brandon Handley 24:00
I love it. I love it. I read one guy, Vince Pugliese, who what he’d done was, he chose, like, the golden day on his calendar, right. And he had all the kinds of bookings and what he would do like on that golden day, he would charge like, maybe double or just like once he would love to be paid that day, right? Be like maybe if maybe I’m worth more, and I’m not charging enough. He said, All right. This is the golden day. And he would float that out there. And as somebody said, Yes, he knew he was worth that much and he needed to raise the rest of his numbers. If he didn’t get that number. He didn’t wallow in it. He just went out that day and did something fun, like with his family. Yeah. Yeah. I love that. I love it. So let’s just try to meander here. Again, one of the things I want to try to share here with like this audience is that you can do the soulful business. You do a good job. I think of pivoting people Taking them from their corporate life and kind of into this business. Right. So let’s talk to show. Tell me a little bit about that.

Unknown Speaker 25:07
So I think the pivot from corporate to owning your own business and having a business, it’s more soul aligned. I like for people to do it with a plan. So, I like for people to start to develop the concept and start to if I’m coaching someone who wants to be a coach, they have started to build the business and they start to bring in some clients, and we start to get really clear on what they’re doing and why they’re doing it for the pivot. That’s what I did before I left practice. I started my coaching business before I left, I left faster than I would probably recommend for my clients too, but I’m also a gritty girl from Philadelphia, and I’ll, I’ll do whatever it takes, you know what I mean? Like, but I but it was hard for me. It was hard. It was really hard when I did it. And I really like for people to take Third time and to like create a plan of action.

Brandon Handley 26:03
What about like right about now? Right? What if somebody kind of because of where we are right now transitioned or they’re furloughed? They’re, you know they’re laid off. They’re they’re just literally not able to go do the work that they’ve been able to do. Have you been able to work with anybody like that during this time?

Unknown Speaker 26:24
Yeah, my recommendation for people who are in that particular situation is quick, dirty and simple, like quick action, like get really clear on what you want to do, why you want to do it, the mechanism that you’re going to use to serve and do it quickly. Like there are ways that you can build a business online for free. Essentially, you can build a free website, you can build a free email list. You can build an opt in for your email list. You can do everything. I actually wrote a post on this on my Instagram, about like the five apps applications you need to use to start a business for free today and whatever. So the first one is you can build a free website on Wix or on there was one other one I can’t remember but I know Wix for sure. Oh on GoDaddy, Wix and GoDaddy, you can build a website for free. You can build an email list initially for free on MailChimp. You can also build I believe you can build your lead magnet like the the landing page, you can build it on

Unknown Speaker 27:34
what’s called

Unknown Speaker 27:34
MailChimp and you can build it on Google Drive. And that’s it and then you can build an opt in for free on a free version of Canva oh you can go into Canva you can make a free logo, you can pick free brand colors, and you can literally have a branded free website often lead magnet all of it. Like you could literally if you really wanted to do it. You could do it tonight in like four hours.

Brandon Handley 27:59
Absolutely hundred percent. I love it. Absolutely. I’ll throw one more on there in there for some people that are trying to monetize their mail list. There’s a song like and it’s like a free plugins called can’t can’t campaign z. It’s like a front end that’ll add somebody to the mailing list and you can charge a subscription fee or a one time thing for that. So it’s pretty interesting. Yeah, you can spin it all up. And that that quick, for zero dollars. It’s just a matter of kind of putting yourself out there. Let’s talk about that for a second. Like putting yourself out there. Right. Like, I mean, do you recall, I think writing your first blog is definitely one where you’re just kind of putting yourself out there. That’s one, but then like, maybe your first podcast, your first video, the interviews, right, those firsts. How were they you know, what was that like to put yourself out there like that, huh?

Unknown Speaker 28:53
You know, there’s a reason why entrepreneurs are obsessed with self development and mindset. We’re Because everything that we do, especially when we start our business is really, really stretches us because we’re doing things we’ve never done before. And it’s not like I would say for me, I started with videos, I started wanting to know I started with writing long formed captions and posts. And I decided as I was building my brand that I was going to I love to tell story. I’m a storyteller. I love to write. And so I decided I was going to use that as my first way to connect. So I started just speaking my truth and telling my stories and sharing about my life. That wasn’t hard for me because I like to do it. I then I started to do videos, I would go live on Facebook all the time. And the first few times, it’s hard, like, you’re like nobody’s here. Nobody’s watching. But I mean, nobody’s watching. Nobody knows who you are yet. Like you got to start somewhere. And then Instagram Stories like Instagram story. Stories are just the best tool for people to get to know you, and to get to know your everyday life. And again, it’s hard and it’s weird. You’re like filming your life in a way you’ve never had before. Now, I love it. I film everything. My friends are like, oh, we’re a Z list celebrities on Regina story, like, you know, so you just get used to it. None of it like, Oh, it’s not intuitive to being a human like a lot of these things like, filming yourself recording yourself talking like, but you just have to, like, do it.

Brandon Handley 30:30
Right. Right. I agree. I still remember. I still remember all my notes. kind of remember my first time like, my first podcast, right? I’m sitting in a corner just kind of like recording like really soft toys and just kind of like, in this is what’s happening. soft voice right? Yeah, kind of tucked away. I’m like hope nobody hears me but I’m about the suddenness of the rest of the world. As soon as you press that button and send it out. You’re like, Oh shit, am I gonna blow up my gonna catch on fire? No, nothing happens and that’s okay. And my first face With live I had a USB headset plugged into the computer. And so the mic was trying to pick it up on the US I did like seven or eight minutes and people thought I can’t hear it was like what, let me get closer, and like seven minutes have not even been able to deliver all feeling like super embarrassed. I think my kid definitely like one of my kids like jumping around on me and that’s okay. Like it was a podcast or fatherhood. That was that was what I was doing that. And then I realized like, everything was no good. I unplugged it and I did it again. Like, immediately I was like, You know what? I was like, You got it. I can’t put any space in between. Can’t put any space in between that I gotta go again. And, and with the and just with, you know, doing videos. It’s just it becomes natural, right. I think like, I think you know, walking wasn’t easy, right? But we figured it out.

Unknown Speaker 31:55
Yeah. And I think like we see people like when we get started we see people who have been doing doing it. And we think like, oh, like, that’s so good. Like, how did you do that? Like, how are you like that, like, I’ll never be like that. I got so good with doing videos because before I started my business as a coach, I, when I was working full time, I was a network marketer. So I did network marketing for a little bit. And the best thing about that was, it taught me how to sell it taught me how to go live, it taught me how to do really uncomfortable things that like were not intuitive to me. So now it’s like second, like somebody could say to me, hey, go live on my Facebook right now. I’d be like, okay, and I just go live and talk about whatever they want me to talk about. Right? I wasn’t always like that.

Brandon Handley 32:38
Like, I think I think that you bring up something really, uh, you know, kind of poignant there right? We’re talking about creating a business and if you’ve never been in sales and you’re doing the spiritual coaching thing, closing the sale. Oh, yeah. Asking for the money right and and you talk to what do you what do you tell what do you teach her? What do you teach her? about that.

Unknown Speaker 33:01
I mean, the first thing is the the thing that we talked about earlier, it’s feeling like you’re worth what you’re asking for. I have no hesitation asking for what I charge as a coach, and I don’t negotiate it, like I might give you, I might give people like a monthly plan, smaller payments, but I charge what I charge, and I offer what I offer. But I’m also very much in alignment with what I offer in the value. So that’s the first thing you have to feel aligned. Like you have to have a soul alignment with what you’re doing to be able to ask for the sale. The second thing about asking for the sale is like you don’t really I don’t even feel like I’m asking for the sale. The way that I coach. And the way that I run sales calls is I get on and I talk to them about them. It’s not about me, what’s your problem? What’s your issue? What do you need a solution to? And I really pay attention to what their pain points are. And I think about it, do I solve these pain points? Can I make their life easier with the services and the skills that I have? have, like today I had a sales call I two sales calls today. And both of the girls, I can solve their problems in their businesses hands down. And so I made that very clear. This is what I do. This is how I work. This is how I solve your problems. This is what we do together. And this is what it looks like. And by the end of the call, both of the girls were like, I need you, how much do you charge? And that’s the thing. It’s like, I don’t even think of it as like selling. It’s like how do I What’s your problem? And do I have a solution? And and then explaining to them the solution that I have and why I can serve them. And then the price is just, it just is what it is. Right?

Brandon Handley 34:38
Right. I love that. So I mean you’re you’re just you’re simply looking to serve and that’s what it is is more of a service call.

Unknown Speaker 34:45
Totally everything and I coach like this is the thing too. If anybody’s listening, that’s a coach. People don’t if people have never coached with a coach before. They don’t quite know what a coaching experience is like. So give them an experience when you get on a sales call. with them, how do I serve you today? And what do you need help with in your business? Like for me, people that I’m getting on calls with have been watching me for a long time. And they know people who know me, so they’ve been referred to me. So I have a lot of credibility that’s been built up that people know that I’m a successful coach. If you’re beginning that’s okay. If you don’t have that yet, but get on. So, okay, so yeah, totally get on the call with them and offer them a solution to a problem that they’re having now coach them and give them that experience. And then by the end of the call, they’re like, wow, you gave me so much value. How do I work with you?

Brandon Handley 35:37
Right, right. We met through so you and I, we met through Lisa Archer rose deli, and she was she was my first coach. And what was so awesome for me in that coaching experience was having somebody that was on my side, right, having somebody who was like, I still remember when I told her I want to do podcasting instead of There’s all this other stuff that wasn’t like, What are you thinking? we work so hard for this? She was like, I help you do that. What are you trying to do? I was like, Why aren’t you saying no? Right? So it’s like the, you know, giving given them me the freedom to chase my dreams. And I and so when you’ve got somebody like that when you’re able to do that for somebody else that’s, that’s fire. Mm hmm. Right? I mean, tell somebody that Yeah, they should go live their dreams, right? And then showing them how they can do it. I mean, you we talked about earlier, it’s like that’s invaluable like when you’re changing that and really so she was a sales coach then and and and we have lots of fun talking about like, you know, this stuff applies like everywhere, like you talked about earlier, right. You can apply this in business you can apply this in family but like you’re choosing right now to kind of do this sole purpose. And there’s a you know, there’s one of the phrases use quite a bit. And I was just curious on the language, he probably got it somewhere about soul contract. Talk to us about what a soul contract is.

Unknown Speaker 37:08
So I believe that every person before we come to this earth in this lifetime, our soul comes for a purpose. And that’s a soul contract, we have a contract with our soul. Our soul has contracts with other souls that we make before we come to Earth. So that we can we can have certain lessons lived out in this lifetime. And so I believe that our businesses are either a fulfillment can be a fulfillment of that soul contract, I think that mine is, or our business should be in alignment with that, like maybe, maybe a woman soul contract is that she’s supposed to come to this lifetime and have get married and have a baby and that baby for a certain reason to fulfill the contract. So maybe creating the business is to assist her so that she can be a mother and live that life and do Those things right? So I don’t think we don’t haphazardly come to earth when we’re born like, I don’t think happen, like happens like that. We come for a distinct purpose. And I’m all about helping people figure out how their business is, can fulfill that or assist that.

Unknown Speaker 38:17
Okay, I like that like that a lot. Um,

Brandon Handley 38:21
I think I think that that’s one of the things too that uh, you know, for me, like kind of awakening to any sole purpose, or any, any type of awakening was kind of later in my life seems like it hit you a little bit earlier. Do you feel like you know that that awakening kind of happens when it’s meant to happen? So you’re like, oh, man, I got a I’ve got a contract to fulfill. Mm hmm.

Unknown Speaker 38:40
Yeah, I do. I think we have to be open to it and like, there’s little knocks and like pings through our life and we often ignore them. And for most of us, we have to end up like, on the floor of our office or you know,

Brandon Handley 38:54
so that’s that’s one thing that kills me right like, you always see like people like all you got to hit rock bottom before. bounce back up. And that wasn’t it for me, right? Like I definitely was not rock bottom. And nobody wants to hear like, God, you know what, it wasn’t that much for me. Like, I just decided to make this shift and it was decided nobody fucking wants to hear that, like, we need like when I quit drinking, for example, right like, what did you hit your wife? I was like, why do I need to hit my wife to stop drinking? And that doesn’t like I just it just wasn’t serving me anymore.

Unknown Speaker 39:22

Brandon Handley 39:25
And so I love it. I love it though. So that’s what I was gonna say. There’s like that feeling that you get right when you’re laying there and or like those knocks at the door. And I think that what you’re referring to, to me when I think about it, I’m going to like Joseph Campbell’s hero of 1000 faces, right? The hero’s call, right? So there there’s a I think there’s a penalty if you don’t answer that feeling, right like and do you talk to that at all like if somebody comes up to him like I’m feeling this Burke spiritual way. I’m feeling this inside, but I don’t think I should answer it. You do you talk to him through that? What do you what do you do with that?

Unknown Speaker 40:07
Yeah, I mean, I think the penalty is like living a life where you’re feeling unfulfilled, the dislike the desires of our hearts and like the desires that we have to do things like they’re there for a reason. But we have them because there’s something in us that wants to fulfill that in one way shape or form and it might not look the way we think it Look, it may not end up looking the way we think it’s going to look. But the punishment quote unquote, is just that. We’re going to feel were you your punishment could be spending a lifetime wishing for me it would have been spending a legal career wishing I was doing something that was more meaningful, or where I had more time freedom and life freedom.

Brandon Handley 40:47
Would you say like me that’s that’s to me, that would be the definition of hell. Yeah, like, the purest definition of hell would be not to live out your soul contract.

Unknown Speaker 40:55
Yeah, and most people live in that

Brandon Handley 41:00
You know, I got I got plenty of theories on that one, too. But I mean, like, you know, when when you’re taking medication or something like that you’re really just trying to silence silence that,

Unknown Speaker 41:09
yeah, right?

Brandon Handley 41:11
You go messing with the mind like that you’re gonna, you’re gonna go to now something you’re missing out. So you’ve got a book you’re working on. Tell us a bit about that.

Unknown Speaker 41:24
So the book I’m working on is, it’s, it’s gonna sound funny because it’s a little bit different than what I do as a spiritual business coach, but I spend a lot of time talking to women and working with women. And I have also spent a lot of my life dating and dating and dating. And I realized that there’s no there’s no books out there that speak to me the way that I would like to be spoken to in dating. And I I wanted to create a book that kind of highlights the humorous things that happen have happened in my dating life. And the lessons that have come from all of those relationships states, one night stands, all the things. And so I’ve been writing this book now, where each chapter is a different lesson and a different person. And a different every person has like a funny nickname, like because my friends and I, everybody I date we give them like nicknames. And so it’s like, what’s the lesson? And what can I teach you from that lesson? Like, for example, I sit with women all the time, and they’re like, I just can’t meet somebody who I want to be with. And I just keep ending up with these losers. And I say to them, Well, what do you want? What do you want to be with? And my one girlfriend was like I was I wrote about this in the book. She was like, I want someone who’s nice to me, and who has a job and I said, Honey, that’s like asking for air. Like, given that he’s nice to you and he has a job, what are like the core value pillars that you want in a Man, like the future father of your children and a husband, and let’s get very clear about it. And so like that whole chapter is about, like, if we don’t know what we want, and we don’t get very clear on it, we’re calling everyone in energetically. So how do we get clear? So it’s all about that. So it’s funny. It’s a little bit vulgar, but it’s also soulful, kind of like meat, vulgar, funny and soulful.

Brandon Handley 43:24
I love it. I love it. I think I think it’s entertaining but I think you also hit right there to look that’s a that’s a lesson that applies everywhere right? You know until you until you get clear on what you want. It’s not how are you going to know when it shows up? Exactly right. And you keep throwing back and like yeah, you go back also with like, what do you want was first question right first because they’re always like, this is what I don’t want. I don’t want this I don’t want that. I don’t want this. I don’t want that. And He better not smoke.

Unknown Speaker 43:54

Brandon Handley 43:56
Right. And then like a ninja like well That’s great. And those are the things that keeps showing up. What What do you actually want though? Because that’s that’s what you’re putting out there. Right energy. I

Unknown Speaker 44:07
think that applies in all areas of life like we are. So I don’t know about you, but like growing up, I kind of had a fear of saying what I really wanted because it was like, Don’t jinx it. Like, you don’t want to jinx that. Right, right, right. No. And so, I’ve gotten very clear about No, this is what I want. This is what I’m calling in. Like, even in dating. We were joking recently with my friends. Like a few months ago, I was like, I wouldn’t meet a guy and I went on this litany like, so specific. I was like, I want someone like this I want someone like this. Like I want Richard Gere and pretty woman like I was saying like it was just we’re having this conversation. And then like two weeks later, I meet this guy who is everything I very clearly and intentionally have stated that I want it and that applies in business that applies in relationships like we should have such clarity around what we are calling into our lives and what we’re seeking. And then just like when you say like, I want this particular type of car, like you start to see that car everywhere. It’s the same thing with our business, our relationships, our friendships, like all of that.

Brandon Handley 45:14
I mean, talk to that though, a little bit, right? Like the, the idea of being okay with stating what you desire, right? but also being okay with not knowing how it’s going to show up, right? Because I think that that’s where a big part where people kind of get get busted, right. It’s like, well, it has to happen like this. Here’s how I see it happening. Right? Do you coach people to say, listen, stop worrying so much about the how and just get clear on what it is you actually want to show up?

Unknown Speaker 45:45
Yeah, and also have flexibility with the way it’s going to be like, we don’t always know how things are going to turn out. And maybe you have something like you want something but the only reason you want it is because that one and that desire. And the actions you take to get there are actually going to teach you something and open your eyes up to something else that you want. So like, life never life often doesn’t look like what we imagine with our narrow rational animal brain. Like, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 46:18
yeah. Um,

Brandon Handley 46:21
when, when is that, you know, you’re kind of going into this space how much actually opened up right? Like, you know, you’ve and just like what you’re saying here like you probably saw like a few small pieces of what was possible. How much has it actually opened up for you

Unknown Speaker 46:36
so much. But I also like, when I decided to do something, I decided to do it. And so when I started my business, I moved from Philadelphia to Phoenix, Arizona, and I knew no one here and I decided that I was going to go balls to the wall and meet everybody in this community and I every day of the week For a three month period of time, said, you have to connect with a new person. You either have to have coffee with them, have a zoom with them, do a podcast with them for three months straight Monday through Friday, I met a new human being and intentionally put effort into that. And it’s been the greatest blessing and benefits in my business.

Brandon Handley 47:22
That’s awesome. No, that’s, that’s a great approach to write. And I don’t think that you have to move across the country to do it either. Right. Like I think, I think that a lot of people are hesitant to kind of go jump into a new space again, because it’s it’s new, right and put themselves out there. But the funny thing is, is when you go to a new place, or go to like new meetings and meet up with new people, a they don’t know who you are, they’ve never met you before. So you can be whoever you want, right? Like in that space. Right? You can bring the best of who you think you are in that moment. They’re totally Yeah. I love it. What is anything you think we should have covered by now that you throw out there?

Unknown Speaker 48:05
No, I mean, that I feel like we we talked about so many different things. write

Brandon Handley 48:14
books that altered like your whole perception

Unknown Speaker 48:18
of the first book. There’s a few.

Unknown Speaker 48:23
Dr. Joe dispenza says, breaking the habit of being yourself was probably one of the greatest tools of my life. It’s a little science heavy at the beginning, but once you get into it, it really taught me that I can really change who I am and how my brain works. Louise Hay. She really showed me the power of mantras and affirmations and the metaphysical world. David Hawkins, he was a power versus force and my favorite book of his is called letting go it’s All about letting go of the control that we think we have. That’s an illusion. A big one for me was Gabby Bernstein, spirit junkie. It’s all about all the love. The biggest thing about Gabby and what she teaches is that especially early writings of hers, all the love that we need in the world is inside of us. And so stop seeking what we’re seeking from the outside world. Those I would say those books in the beginning, like,

Unknown Speaker 49:27
were the biggest, biggest things from biggest teachers for me. And then I

Unknown Speaker 49:32
also like I invest in coaches, I always have a coach. I’m always in a mastermind. I always have a I just mean, a couple of my girlfriends were coaches, we just started a weekly accountability group to kick each other’s asses. So I always am working with somebody and always having somebody accountable. So

Brandon Handley 49:52
are you inspired by like Jim Rohn on that one would like to know surround yourself with like the five people that you surround yourself by, you know, whereas we’re What kind of drives you to do want to do that? Or is that just innate?

Unknown Speaker 50:04
That’s innate? I have always, I’m a communal person. So if I’m going to do something great, I want to do great things with great people. And it’s been like that when I was in law school, I had a group of girlfriends and we studied for every single exam together, we studied for the bar exam together, like your success is my success. And that’s how I’ve always lived my life. And then when I got into business and into the world that I’m in, I joined a mastermind in LA, which was just the best best experience. I loved that group so much. And from there, I gained these beautiful entrepreneur friends and we are each other’s biggest cheerleaders. We refer each other clients like so. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 50:49
Who’s your ideal client?

Unknown Speaker 50:51
My ideal client is somebody I will work with men or women. I tend to work more with women. I want somebody who has As a desire on their heart that they are not fulfilling right now. And they want to figure out the structure and the system and the mechanism through which they can put it out into the world. I want to work with people and I work with people who they’ve already decided, I don’t want somebody who is like, I don’t know, maybe I want to do this thing. Now. I want people who are like, on their journey, they have decided it’s time to make a change. They are just at that point where they’re like, I need somebody to coach me and teach me how to do these things.

Brandon Handley 51:35
Right now. Amen. Right. Amen. Like it, they’re not ready to. They’re not ready to take the leap. Right? Like, you can’t push them. Right? That makes sense, right? I mean, they gotta be ready. You just, I mean, you’re really just trying to pick up the pieces,

Unknown Speaker 51:48
right? And also I got to teach the concepts and provide information and to to encourage, but

Unknown Speaker 51:56
the power is in the person who is taking the Action,

Brandon Handley 52:00
for sure. I love it. I love it. Where should everybody reach out to you like Where should we go find you.

Unknown Speaker 52:08
So I probably spend most of my time on Instagram at Regina a Lawrence la w. e MC. And then my website is Regina Lawrence calm and that has some good freebies on it and different ways that people can work with me.

Brandon Handley 52:23
Awesome way. Thanks for hanging out today. And, you know, joining me and sharing your story with everybody.

Unknown Speaker 52:29
Thanks for having me. Good.

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What does it look like to lose everything in search of your dream?

Many would say that you must let go of your old life in order to gain your new life.

Dave has a story which I have personally been following for 3 years now.

I have interviewed him here so share that you can indeed follow a life of purpose and find massive success… the path may seem darkened from time to time… but don’t give up… you get one shot… make it count!

Connect with Dave here:

Brandon Handley 0:03
Do you like that? Ah, yeah. Did you know about that? Hey guys, this is Brandon Handley I am on today with Dave. Gisela Dave is gonna be my very, very first guest and a podcast that hasn’t even been introduced or released anywhere yet. We’re calling it spiritual dope. I’ve kind of subtext lines. Let me know how that gets your hit, right get your hit, get your dose or get your hit. I’m still kind of up in the air with

Dave Gieselman 0:28
a hit. I like

calling it dope and you get treated. If we’re calling a medicine, you might want to bolus or a dose

Brandon Handley 0:38
not an analysis because like I’ve already I’ve got I’ve got artwork being done. I’m just all about this, this thing. So

Dave Gieselman 0:46
as a doe as an ex dope head, if it’s dope, I’m gonna get my head right so I’m gonna get my fix. Well,

Brandon Handley 0:54
yeah, now fixes a little too bright past the border. I’m gonna stick with get your hit right like I think that That’s my demographic. Those are my people. That’s who I’m talking to. I don’t think I can talk to the people that get their fix. Those are beyond my health, right? I mean, honestly, right? Like, I mean, I’m just gonna call it the way I see it. So yeah man and and the premise is like, you know, people you know, there’s going to be like the spiritual hit conversations like the, you know, my one on ones or my, my one offs were like, I’m just speaking from the dome sharing my you know, I won’t call it wisdom, but I’ll say, Share, share, whatever it is, is coming through me to you. Right. And then, and then have some conversations with some with some really awesome entrepreneurs. Or even like, you know, professionals who have, you know, figured out how to live spiritually in alignment with themselves and be successful in the world. And I think that Dave, you know, you you you fit that mold, right and you also fit you fit the eye, you know, this this kind of ideal piece where I don’t know, you know, what would you call it when you were? Let’s just tell us what you’re about where you’re from what you’re doing.

Dave Gieselman 2:09
Let’s see, let’s let’s start it. Let’s start easy. You know, my name is Dave giesemann. I am from, from Los Angeles, California still live here I am, I’m a unicorn, I’m actually from LA. And I am the coach and the founder of become limitless. It is it is my coaching organization. And I work with I work with mostly women, but I work with with men and women who who are looking to uplevel. Right, who, who want who want more and for the most part I work with I work with leaders, I work with professionals and work with CEOs who people who are have achieved achieved level of success and are ready to go to the next one and they’re running In the upper limit problems, they’re running into, I, I, I don’t know how to take the next step for myself, I don’t know what it looks like, and, and I don’t know, if I have the capacity for it, I know I’m being pulled in that direction. But I got some stuff that I need to get sorted out in order to get there. And, and so this is where because our in our businesses light, right, our shit always shows up in our business, you know, your, your business is a is a is a very, very clear indicator of your life. The problems in your business are a very clear indicator of the problems that are probably in your personal life. Because it’s all it’s all it all shows up in the same way.

Brandon Handley 3:49
Look, I mean, there’s there’s no separation between business and your life, right? I mean, they’re both your life. I mean, right? You can’t I mean, you really can’t separate it and, you know, as we’re, you know today Today, we’re going to be talking about Spiritual stuff or as I like, you know, that’s what you call life. I mean, if you took away the life that’s within within you, you you drop to the ground right like I mean, I got no other name yet so whatever you know you could call it Jimmy right whatever whatever’s whatever’s got your whatever’s got your boat humming but whatever is inside of you it’s gonna show up outside of you one way or another right? So if you don’t have your shit together, if you’re a hot mess at home, you’re a hot mess at work, right? You’re a hot mess and even if you don’t look like it, you are

Dave Gieselman 4:35
right. If If, if you lack communication skills in your home, if you lack the ability to empathize if you lack the ability to connect with with your family, with your with the people around you, that is going to seep into your business and you will lack the ability to to connect with clients, colleagues, employees You’re potentially your employer. And yeah, whatever is on the inside is, is inevitably going to show up on the outside. Yeah,

Brandon Handley 5:09
yeah. So your story, I think is one that, you know, I can’t share enough of right because I just love the journey. I love kind of where you’ve come from where you and I were talking a little bit about this before we’ve known each other for about three years now, three years ago, right? I still remember catching God driving down the highway, you’re given a motivation talk. And just, you know, it was talking to me like almost directly, right. And then a little bit later you you you gave a talk just talking about like the the dog whistle, right? Like there’s certain people they’re going to hear your message because they’re at that point, right. And then, you know, you also talk quite a bit about like, you know, the universe unfolding just kind of like the next step that you’re asking for, like whatever it is that you’re asking for. Yes, right. Universe is gonna stamp approved, right? If, and and it’s true if that’s how you decide to live, right? And I think that that’s, you know, when people talk about the power of choice, that’s where it gets to. Right. It’s a choice. It’s a life choice to live that way. Right. So, let’s talk. I mean, I don’t know the pre Dave’s story so well, so what? What led you to start believing in that? Right? What led you into that?

Dave Gieselman 6:31
You know, the just because I want to talk about what what’s current and relevant but just to give you guys the Cliff’s notes on it. Yeah, like I said, I grew up here in Los Angeles. And while all the other little boys and girls on the playground, were developing healthy, healthy coping mechanisms, I was developing numbing mechanisms. And it went from it went from food, to caffeine to cigarettes to masturbation to sex to, to, to, to alcohol to drugs. By by 22 years old, I was completely homeless drug addict and alcoholic on the streets of of, of LA I was in Pasadena and and at 24 I got sober 24 years old I got I got sober and and my journey kind of began there I was, I was I was homeless, I was a mess, I was completely feral. And, and kind of had this starting from scratch place where, you know, like, I had no clue who I was. And, you know, I had no clue about anything. And what I basically had was the opportunity if I could build it anyway, I wanted to build it. How did I want to build it? How did I want to build this man? How did I want to build who I was how did I want to build a life And so I just I began making conscious very conscious decisions about how I wanted to treat myself how I wanted to treat others, how I wanted to engage with with the world around me and, and I made some, in those first few years I made some very, very strong decisions, I made some decisions about, you know, the way that I would I would interact with with my fellow men like never again, would I engage in that sort of bullshit like chop fight or or you know, you know, you know, they call you know, cutting, you know, in in in some areas, you know that that running verbal battle between men where we sit there and tear each other down, for fun and for sport. And I decided that I was never I was never going to participate in that again, like, like my brothers have a have enough. We have enough coming at us. Just just in this room like I don’t need to tear my brothers down. I will build my brother every single time. Guaranteed, I don’t care what the world thinks to me, I’m the very first person that I’m gonna I’m gonna tell one of my brothers that he’s, he’s handsome, He’s good looking. He’s, you know, he’s, he’s smart, he’s articulate and has something to offer the world. I’m going to be the first person to tell one of my brothers that, that, that he has absolutely everything he needs inside of him to be an amazing husband and amazing father, an amazing employer, a good moneymaker. If If those are the things that he decides to incorporate in his day to day behaviors, rather than the fearful, selfish, self centered son of a bitch, then we all kind of are on the inside. You know?

Brandon Handley 9:50
Yeah, look, man, I think we all had the propensity for that. And I think that that’s really I think that’s the environment that most Most of us end up growing up and right, like we’ve got to get what’s ours, we’ve got to make sure that if somebody’s better than us, we need to make or you know, if somebody is showing talent or skill or in some way, superior to you got to cut them down, bring them down to size, you’re not being humble. Where’s your pride? You know, you’re way too prideful. Right, and that and that type of thing. So, you know, was it right after, you know, you kind of you sober up that that’s when you make that decision that you decided that that was where you’re going to be or, you know, did you kind of, was it it? Was it a pass into that

Dave Gieselman 10:40
the path into that was, you know, first off I you know, like, like I said, I was I was homeless when I when I first started, and about a year and some change into my, you know, into sobriety, you know, I met I met a girl, and you know, she thought I was cute and I was not in a position to argue with her. And, and so, my, my first experience there was, you know, this this person really liked me and, and, and I wouldn’t what I what what I, I wanted was I didn’t want her to find out that I was just feral as I was, but, you know, and, and so I began making decisions lately What? What is the guy that she deserves act like? What is the guy that she deserves? What does that guy behave like how does he show up in the world? How does he know how does he act? What does he do? How does he act around the house? And, and you know, and she bought it you know and and and I did, I did the actual I behaved right in a way that that I wanted to be like I and like I like I coach now, you know, if you want to be something else, you got to behave in a different way. And you know, it’s just like making your bed in the morning, right? Somebody told me You know, early on, make your bed every day and I’m gonna go we’re gonna have to do a sobriety because nothing, just do what I told you to do. And so I consciously made my bed every day. And at some points, I stopped consciously making my bed every day and I shifted, I transformed into a guy who just made his bed every day without without thinking about and I would no more, you know, leave the house, I’m making my bed and I’d leave the house, brushing my teeth, or anything else for sure. Right. Right. And, and so I began behaving in the way and the way we the way we behave in the way we speak, will alter our brains, right? And so I began thinking like the guy, like a guy who acted the way I was acting. And I began using language in the manner of the guy that I wanted to be. And so I literally started acting like the man I wanted to become, and I don’t know when it happened, but at some point I transformed into the man that I wanted to be Rather than acting like the man I wanted to be.

Brandon Handley 13:03
Now I love the 100% because your audio is got a match the video, right? And it doesn’t even happen on purpose. It doesn’t happen on purpose because you’re acting in such a manner for so long. Right? That it just that’s who you become. Right you right? You, you, you spoke it into existence, as they say,

Dave Gieselman 13:26
right, right. Right. You, you you act it into existence, you speak it into existence, you know, like, Look, whether you are whether you’re doing it consciously, but if you are, if you are acting, if you are in all of the behaviors of a guy who takes care of his body, who goes to work every day, who shows up on time, who pays his bills, if you are in all of those behaviors are you not are you not that person, right? And whether you whether you need to remind yourself to be in those behaviors or not. You know, at some point, it just becomes, it becomes your habit, your routine, your subconscious, that that’s running that program. But regardless of whether, you know, you’re, you know, deep down, you’re, you’re this just just frightened, selfish, self centered, you know, piece of work. But what I want to do is is, is I want to be something greater than that, right, your, your behaviors will always dictate, you know who you are. And so, when you become this thing when you begin acting this way, it’s, you know, it becomes a yard and so and so we can, you can literally act your way into into a better life a better, a better, you know, a better life better health better, whatever, like, because, because you’re actually taking the actions of the person who does those things.

Brandon Handley 14:59
No I totally agree, man. And And the funny thing is, is I think that a lot of us we’ve been told that before, right, that’s not new, you’ve gotta you’ve got to be before you can do before you know you can have or something like that, right? I forget that I forget the line hundred percent. Okay, so, you know you’re going through that journey, you get married, you’re a chef,

Dave Gieselman 15:20
get married, had a kid, right? I got married, had a kid and it was the same way. Right? Like, what is the best father that I can be? What does that guy behave like? What is what are the actions of that man? Right? And I’m just gonna be in those actions. Yeah, yeah, at the time. I’m a chef. I’m working in an eye on hotels and restaurants in Los Angeles. And, you know, and I’m working with a lot of drug addicts and alcoholics because, you know, of I was just I was giving back what was so freely given to me. It was things I was sponsoring, I was in 12 step 12 step recovery and, and that’s kind of the deal with 12 step. Recovery is like the minute you get back on your feet, your feet back underneath you, not when you get your shit back in your life back, you start making money again, and you’re kind of established and have some free time. Now, the second you have your feet back under you, you turn around and you reach back into the hole and you start pulling other people out like that. That is the deal. And that was that is what was impressed upon me is that the only way that I’m ever going to get better is to help other people get better. And, and that was a such a fundamental piece and continues to be such a fundamental piece of who I am now and working as a working as a chef. Like I always wanted the people around me to get better. I always wanted to them and so I got into mentor I got into a lot of personal development. I got into a lot of mentoring. I got into a lot of stuff. And what I found was that I actually enjoyed helping people develop into better versions of themselves. I actually enjoyed that more than I enjoyed, you know the kitchen life. For sure, and in. And so I’ve been and so I’ve been coaching now for coaching for about 17 years in one capacity or another. And in 2017, I retired from professional kitchens. I opened my I opened my coaching business as a business about a year before. And in 2017. I retired from professional kitchens to coach speaking right full time.

Brandon Handley 17:29
I love that, you know, wasn’t just sitting there, I was like, you know, we want people to be better versions of themselves not I don’t wonder if, you know, it’s the same thing. It’s the same thing just said differently. It’s like, help them uncover who they truly are right like that. You know, your, your best version of you has been, you know, put in jail. Right. Your best version of you has been locked up, right. Your best version of you has been Um, Miss fucking lead.

Dave Gieselman 18:04
Yeah, and the and the best version of me is informed by all of these things is informed by a violent that is informed by finding yourself on the on the wrong end of a firearm or a, you know cops billy club or you know, like, like any number of things, you know the the best version of me is in the best version of me is also informed by but teaching my son how to ride a bike and and learning what we’re learning what like what true like, like patience and, and persistence like from persistence, consistency and patience looked like and which I didn’t know until you know until my son was sick and and you know we can’t shake a toddler for not feeling well nurtured them you know he and and just the same way You know you, you can’t, you cannot be raped another man into being a better version of himself, you nurture them, you know, and the best version of you is always inside you. And that’s why I say the best version of you because who you are the very best version of you the very very best know that if you want to if you want to get spiritual with it, the The, the, you know, everything that God ever wanted you to be without all the dumb cheap, lame, bullshit aftermarket shit that you stuck on with like duct tape and

bio, you bought right

about the big dumb spoiler on the back of the Corolla?

Brandon Handley 19:43
Right? You got three badass rims?

Dave Gieselman 19:46
Yeah, you know, and, you know, like it was it’s all bunch of cheap, dumb bullshit aftermarket stuff. And the best version of you doesn’t need any of that, you know, like, and so we asked the question, right. If you woke Tomorrow as at 100% of God’s potential for you, what would that guy be like

Brandon Handley 20:07
talking on real, right? It’s unreal. Because I’ll tell you, I’m reading. I’m reading way too much. I’m filling my head way too much stuff. And I love it all though like I am. There’s actually a person called spiritual junkie, I’ll have to talk to her.

But uh,

it’s, it’s unfathomable. Right, your potential, right. It’s on fathomable limitless is indeed it so I want to go to that place where you found that for yourself and talk about that for me

Dave Gieselman 20:43
you know it a lot of it came from you know, it came from my journey with with with my own with my own body right so you know, in in sobriety, I first of all, I got I got sober I got off the streets. I never thought I could Do that, you know, then I found I found love and I never thought I could do that. Right. Then then along comes my son. I never thought I could do that. And, and, you know, I never thought that I could I could like show up and be responsible, you know, a responsible human being for age someone just want to be with me be someone want to make a baby with me, you know and and

Brandon Handley 21:24
the BMA like maybe nobody wanted to, but then they did and then they decided you could stick around and still be the dad.

Dave Gieselman 21:30
Right? You know, like, like, yeah, that was like best case scenario. Right? And, you know, and so and so all of these things, I kind of came to this place where you know, I I began to question every single limitation I believe I had, you know, and and my son was about four and we got it we can I got into Brazilian Jiu Jitsu together. And I you know, and through this process through this art, you know, I’ve been voted for for 12 years I you know, I, I start training I watch my body change, I watch my belief in myself change I watch my son grow up without any fear of other human beings. I watch I watch it transformed him into into the young man that I need them to be today. I started competing and finding out that I had strength and capability beyond whatever I thought, what what else I thought was possible. I got into Spartan races and tough motors and began going okay, so if, if I can do this, what else can I do? Right? And I’m going to start I’m gonna start beating up the body as hard as I can. And just finding finding limits and and I I didn’t find any I and so and so then I start opening up to the is there is there something more for me? Is there something greater for me and that’s where become limitless came from is is I at one point I ceased to believe not only in my limitations, but in the limitations of others. Like I just I simply stopped believing in them. And you know, and I was leading a group of women last night, and I told me the exact same thing I go, I don’t believe in your limitations, I don’t believe in them. And I am going to stretch you beyond everything that you believe you’re capable of. Because if there’s one thing that human beings have shown, is that they are piss poor at understanding their own limitations. Right? Every time we think we understand the limits of human potential, somebody else throws a rocket, you know, into the, into, into outside the solar system. You know, we thought we could never fly until we flew. We thought we could never. We thought we could never, you know, go into space until we went into space without we could never explore other planets until we explored other planets. You No, we thought we could never live underwater until we lived underwater. And every single time. We think we have a limitation. There’s always some dude just like me or just like you send the back one.

You want bet?

Brandon Handley 24:14
For sure. For sure. I mean, I’ll throw this out at you. I mean, do they say that, like, 85% of our DNA is junk DNA? And I got to ask myself the question, you know, to, you know, the god universe, anybody give me something that I can’t use? Right, right. I ain’t got no junk DNA. I just don’t know how to use that other 85%. Right. Yeah, right. Right. Like, I haven’t had that yet. And it’s like, what, what’s it gonna take for me? To figure out how to turn that on. What’s it gonna take for me, you know, to make the decision of Yeah, I can do that. I just got to go try it.

Dave Gieselman 24:49
Right. Right. And so when I decided to do this, I leapt into it. I leaped into a brand new career I’d spent 30 years in professional kitchens, I leaped into a brand new career you know and I made the leap and and you know just like the matrix nobody nobody makes me

Brandon Handley 25:09
well listen I mean here’s the other part right like I’m reading I just finished this book called The path of the initiator initiates path one of the two right? And you know, one of the one of the things in in that and you read it in like almost all the other religions are like all the other like you know coming of age enlightenment things is like

Unknown Speaker 25:30
you have to get rid of everything

Brandon Handley 25:35
that you had in order to become who you are right in order to accept this new path for yourself in order to you know, you you went all the way in for it and you the price that you paid, was was giving up everything to become who you are today, right? The semi fair like I mean look

nearly every you your whole life. Since you and I have met

Dave Gieselman 26:03
radically different, oh,

yeah, no. So when I

Brandon Handley 26:06
said sorry, and that’s just in three years,

Dave Gieselman 26:08
right when I when I leapt into that new career late cost my marriage, you know, it cost me every dime I had it cost my retirement. It literally cost you know everything and I ended up you know, getting divorced liquidating my retirement, you know, you know, doing doing 1000 other things. And you know, they say that, you know, your new life is waiting for you. It is going to cost your old life though. You know, and that is true. And but, you know, for everybody who’s like, you know, right now just kind of sweating bullets, right. Let me save it. There is absolutely nothing. I have had to let go of that I lament losing there is absolutely nothing. That my life right now cost me Do I regret letting go of

Brandon Handley 27:03
it? That was all I mean, look, I mean, I was thinking about it like if you know if you’re kind of run like I think of anime for some reason, I think like, you know, you know somebody is always running there’s like 100 hooks coming at you right those hooks that are hooking on to you, that’s all the shit that you just can’t let go of, right? That’s all the shit that’s keeping you from moving forward. Maybe not, you know, maybe not 100% keeping you from moving forward but each one of those hooks that gets released from you allows you to move that much freer.

Dave Gieselman 27:31
Right, you know, and I’d like to give everybody who’s listening to this permission right now. The your life The your life today does not need to look anything like your life three years from now, or that your life today doesn’t need to look anything like your life a year from now. Look, you are welcome to change anything at any moment. And, and completely reinvent yourself. Yes, right. And so You know, the what happens is a lot of people in it, and here’s the limitation, right? Well, what if I, what if I do this and it’s the wrong decision? What if I do this and it’s the wrong move? And the question I asked every single person is how will you know? I will you know, if it’s the wrong decision, I made the decision. It literally cost my marriage and every Sunday and every cent to my name. And and now less than, less than three years later, right, less than three years later, I’m living in a beautiful house with with an amazing woman who is absolutely the love of my life. Who who had you know, I you know, I got my, my, my, my, my little blue house with a white picket fence, you know, in, in, you know, here in northeast Los Angeles, with a woman who, who, who I love more and more every single day. My life is exciting. Ordinary and I will tell you that it cost every single bit of my old life. The one thing it did not cost me was my relationship with my son right now as the one thing that it did not cost me. And as a matter of fact, my son respects me now more than he did then, because he saw that it was time for that for that situation. And he understood it. And what he saw was his father make a conscious decision to do something he wanted to do. It he saw what it costs. He saw the way I suffered for what I believed, and now he has seen me build a life that is that is incredible.

Brandon Handley 29:48
Yeah, no, it’s it’s super powerful. That’s why I love the story, man. That’s why I super love the story. And, and let’s keep talking about the types of things that like That the universe provides right like, because here’s, here’s one of the things that happened to me recently was, uh, you know, I was always kind of worried about the job that I had, right one of the jobs I have because I got paid really well. And I was spending all my money because that’s what I do as an American, I just spend all my money and then some So, so, you know, got to the point and then and then I was down in Louisiana. And, you know, this, you know, Puerto Rican guy picked me up from an Uber ride and we got to chat and he’s like, yeah, make like $2,000 a week driving Uber. I was like, so my worst case scenario is I drive Uber Okay, I’m good. So whatever happens happens like i think you know, Tim Ferriss calls it fear setting now I’m not gonna sit there and focus on the biggest worst possible thing that could ever happen my life because needs to spend their time thinking about that. But I mean, yeah, you did. You you you ended up you living at home, time to list and I’m sure there are some people that were like what the fuck do you think you’re doing days?

Dave Gieselman 31:06
Oh, I’ll tell you right now, there’s still people. There are still people who’ve known me for years and years and years who believe that I’m experiencing maintenance experiencing a midlife crisis. There are still people, like, members of my own family are still a little bit curious about what I’m going to go back to my job and my wife, like, like they they are still curious. And I’m like, I, I made. I made more in the first quarter of this year than in my best year of any kitchen ever. You know, if I made more in the first quarter of this year than I made in a year, in any kitchen I’ve ever been in. My life is richer and fuller than it has ever been in my life. Ever. My life, my life is better. And you know, there will always be the BBC when we Worry, right? What what we’re doing is we are we are literally putting energy into, we are imagining scenarios that we don’t want. Right? That’s what we do when we worry. And one of the things that I had to do, and I would encourage anybody who’s listening to do this was looking at at taking a lever or making a shift, like I had to, I had to change my relationship with failure. Like, you know, what, what would failure look like for me? You know, and for me, right for me,

you know, failure like

going back to kitchens, literally, you know, you talk about your goes bad. I started driving, I start driving Uber and yeah, and I drove lift for a minute. All right. What what was new kitchens. So true abject catastrophic failure for me looks like a six figure job. Right? Like, for sure going, you know, right, going, going back to hotels and, and high end restaurants. That’s what but

Brandon Handley 33:21
so that’s a scenario though, right? Where you’re working for money versus working for something that you believe in, right? Am I right or wrong in that?

Dave Gieselman 33:30
Absolutely. You know, yeah, I was working for money and I was making and I was making decent money, and I hated it. I was hiding behind what at what will I do? Will my family do without the money? Right? And the truth is, is that the money, the money went anyway, it didn’t matter. I made it because I made it work.

Brandon Handley 33:49
Sure. Well, you know, I think that there’s a so I mean, I don’t know you listen, I’m not trying to get too far out there. But like, you know, the same source is taken care of Mi is taking care of everybody else.

Dave Gieselman 34:02

And when we connect with it and whether you call that God Allah Buddha, Yoda, the the universe spirits source, Mitch like what what, like whatever it is you call that is irrelevant. Right the fact the matter is is that that there is a there is a universal intelligence to to energy. Right, you know, and energy has an intelligence of its own. And it’s an intelligence and energy has an intelligence that can be harnessed it can be, it can be directed. And, you know, and it’s and it’s funny because, you know, people, people struggle with believing it until they have to until they have to. And once they and once they’re there, they’re in a position where they have to use them. They’re like, Oh, that’s how it works.

Brandon Handley 34:54
Well, we were talking a little bit about this in the beginning here, right. It’s the choice to believe in it. Right once you once first of all once once you have that conversation with somebody it rattles around in your brain for a long time. Like he breathed this motherfucker said he said universe Mitch he said Mitch had my back and you know what I encourage people to do is look for evidence of it right don’t you don’t need hey don’t don’t start big you know you don’t have to make that leap you don’t have to make that leap so much that you’re gonna fall and hit your face and you know potentially die take a couple of years was crawl walk around man you know crawl walk run

Dave Gieselman 35:39
right well, the first the first step to achieving an impossible goal is to set one sure right. Yeah. You know, set an impossible goal and and stretch or stretch yourself this much Mike. Like my my introduction to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Was was this look, I took myself Son this little community Jiu Jitsu program because he was foreign it’s time to like get in doing something on on a Saturday morning and and whether it was you know chasing with chasing a soccer ball with a bunch of other four year olds or or throwing you know throwing a baseball or or figuring out how to how to how to catch or whatever run now we checked out this this this Jiu Jitsu program and because a buddy of mine was in it and and he recommended it and and so I’m like watching the kids out on the mat do their thing. And, and one of the parents came up to me and said, so you’re gonna do adult classes right after this. You can do the adult class. And I looked at this one I’m like, like, I’m a 265 pound chain smoking chef. No, no, I’m not. I’m not taking the adult class, right? I’m not I’m not doing that. And she’s like, that’s cool. So when you’re saying Son, you know, is a 15 year old black belt and, and you think he should clean his room and he thinks you should go piss up a rope? Like, what exactly do you intend to do about that? I’m like, Okay, well, maybe one class, you know, for sure, you know, you know, and maybe maybe I’ll just take one, you know, and I and I took this class and i and i and i did this thing, and I got on the mat, and these guys tied me into 100 million knots. Like it was. It was a completely hopeless situation I couldn’t when I had a little hundred 50 pound girl who could throw me off her and choke me unconscious at will, right like and there was nothing I could do to, to like to like stop that from happening. And, you know, at the end of the class, I was I was breathing heavy. I wanted to throw up, I wanted to die. I’d been humiliated about 150 times, you know, in the last 30 minutes. And, and, you know, three or four of the guys in the class came up to me. And like, by the way, that’s what everybody’s first day looks like, right? I’m back. Right I you know did did you enjoy it and I and I did. I like being physical I like, you know that that that thing I enjoy that and they’re like that’s what everybody’s for. It’s what your first aid you do.

Brandon Handley 38:24
Thank you for that. Yeah Dave, you’re the one who got me into that and, man, it’s not happening right now. And, you know, we talked about like, you know, that is part of my spiritual practice, right that that’s like those are like kind of my moments of flow. When I go in. I’m participate in jujitsu, but you’re dead, right, man. I think I broke my rib. On my very first day, couldn’t sleep for a month and my girl is 115 pounds. She’s purple belt and just like, what made it even worse was she was the girlfriend of the badass jujitsu instructor. And she’s like, you know, he’s like, all right. Go Russell, my girlfriend’s like, What the fuck is this? weird girl brother? Yeah, right, right. It was weird. That made it weird, but like, you know, she kicked my ass for like the next six months. And it wasn’t until like, she didn’t put me into you know, she didn’t. She didn’t choke me. Like, in one round that I felt like I’d accomplished something. But, you know, to your point, like I mean, we go in there and we start at the bottom and we stretch ourselves just a little bit more every day right and i think that kind of that’s the takeaway for anybody who who maybe they don’t believe that they can accomplish this big dream you you you as a coach, what do you what do you help them do with these big dreams?

Dave Gieselman 39:42
You know what look I

start saying yes shit. It doesn’t matter what it is start saying yes to shit your you know, your your super and

Brandon Handley 39:54
I don’t even know what to do. I don’t even know how to say no, I’m terrible.

Dave Gieselman 39:58
Right? But just start seeing Is your super athletic homeboy? He goes hey do you want to you know do you want to go you’ll run a thing with me and instead of going like no that sounds horrible just say things sure you know your your you know your girlfriend who wants to to introduce you to some you know type of music like see yet just are saying yes but they say yes to stuff and I understand that there are people who say yes to too much right and and so they get overwhelmed because they’re people pleasers or whatever I’m not talking about people pleasing right i mean stretch beyond your

Brandon Handley 40:38
say say yes to new say yes to new experience, say

Dave Gieselman 40:42
yes to new experiences, and like and say yes to new experiences like the same new experience, like three times before you make a decision on it. Oh, yeah. Like just start saying yes to stuff right you know, and and and, you know, This is gonna bring up a whole conversation about, about boundaries and whatever. And that’s not what I’m talking about. Sure, you know, you know that’s not that’s not

Brandon Handley 41:09
to say say yes to stretching yourself in in a meaningful kind of intentional what else is out there for me in my life kind of way that’s that’s right what you’re saying

Dave Gieselman 41:18
what would happen if you know what’s the worst that could happen if I if I if I said yes to this thing that sounds like inconvenient and I don’t want to and will

Brandon Handley 41:28
take me you said just to get up on stage we’ll call C’s right like I mean, that was a big thing for you. Wasn’t it like being up on stage with him?

Dave Gieselman 41:35
Yeah, I see that. See, that wasn’t the plan. I you know, I you know, he asked for he asked for like input on something. And I didn’t know he was going to put me on stage. But what I but what I did was like not, not go run in front of him like Okay, so, so we’re going to do this and so that’s, that’s kind of the big thing is go like move in the door. directions the energy in your life is moving. Sure. I’m gonna do this. Okay, so here, here we go, you know, he asked, he asked who like, like who, you know, we did an exercise because all right, who just had a profound experience? Like I did he goes, we watch come tell me about it. So I started shouting and he’s like, no, no come up, come up on stage. So now I’m on stage with Kyle sees in front of 1500 people 16 1600 people, and and I get to have, you know, I get to a get introduced to the world as a coach on fallacies of stage and have a profound experience about myself, where I realized that I could literally write my own. write my own story. And it was funny because if you go if we go back to that, to that thing, and it’s, you know, it’s been all over the internet and wherever we go back to that moment, like at literally everything that I was afraid of happening when I made my leap happened. Sure. I literally every thing that I described as, as the thing that I was afraid of like actually happened. And when all those things happened, and I and I actually called Kyle I, I, you know, I had his cell phone number at somebody and I’m and I literally called him and I’m like, I’m like, Okay, so here’s I need to tell you this. So literally everything that I told you I was afraid of actually happened. Right everything I was afraid of happening happened. I did. I did what I said I was gonna do everything I was said I was afraid of happened. And so I am now literally standing at the bottom of the pit of my own worst nightmares having come true, the thing that the things that I was absolutely afraid of most, they are all alive and well in my life in this moment, right. And I have never felt so purposeful, so alive, so energized and so absolutely certain that I was doing the right thing for sure. Right. And so the All of the metrics that I had given myself for what catastrophic fail would look like, like yeah, I mean, I literally ticked every single box, right, of what catastrophic failure would look like. I gathered all of those things into my life at the exact same moment. And when this is the best I’ve ever felt, I’ve never felt more useful, more energized, and are more connected with the why, with with the reason I’ve been placed on this planet than I do right now. Yeah. And, once again, my idea of my own limitations. You know, my, my concept of what, what failure would look like what my own limitations were, once again, just like the rest of humans, like like, complete, like garbage, like complete nonsence my idea of what my limitations were, was absolutely laughable.

Brandon Handley 45:06
We look I mean, that that’s, that’s the very thing, right? We put ourselves in the tiniest box, right we put ourselves into the tie is like we think that we think that like our boundaries are so far out there and when we hit and we’re like, that was exhausting. But that’s like really this tiny little box right? I mean, be gone to explore the entire fucking universe, right? Like, I mean, it’s, it’s, it is limitless, there are no limits. Let’s talk just talk to me a little bit about though. Again, I want to I want to just you’re you’re serving, right, you’re doing this in service of others. And to me, I think that that is kind of the ultimate driver of like, you know, spiritual, you know, you’re driven spiritually so that you serve others like that. That which is inside of you, keeps coming through more and more powerfully, because you were giving it to others, you have to be that that fully charged.

Dave Gieselman 46:11
Absolutely. And, you know, and I am I am what I described as I’m a prime, I am a prime nurturer. Right. And, and I did it with food for a long time. Like I fed people like that’s what it was, what it was what fed me was, was feeding people making food. So, like, at the, at the bottom, like the base level food is is nurture. Right? The first thing your mother does is feed you like that’s like the, you know, the first thing that that that you know, the way that you identify, you know, the people in your families is because they feed you you know, when So, you know and, and, and so, and I am a I am a prime nurturer. My first instinct is to nurture and And is absolutely the reason that I am here is absolutely and, and what I, what I discovered was I found a way that felt more that felt even more authentic and and was actually more efficient than food. And it’s literally by crawling into somebody’s psyche with them. And, and like, and like, you know, so they’re showing me around they go Yeah, this is this is what I built and this is what I believe and and here are my limitations and I’m like, wait, and I tear it down like a backdrop. I’m like, yeah, it’s bullshit, right? Yeah. It’s that bullshit. Story. That’s the story story. That’s the narrative, right? That’s, that’s the thing that you have told yourself so that you can give yourself permission to stay small. Right?

Brandon Handley 47:52
Well, and you know, that’s, that’s the whole point of, you know, getting a coach as a coach. You as a coach. You don’t give a shit about their backstory.

Dave Gieselman 48:00
Okay, not only not only do I not give a shit about your backstory, right Wait,

Brandon Handley 48:05
you’re not gonna get permission like I love the line that too like you’re not there to give somebody you know, you’re like you’re not there to argue for their limitations. No,

Dave Gieselman 48:16
no, no no. Like Not only do I not care about your backstory, I don’t care about your fears like I don’t care about your i don’t i don’t care about the the the the narrative that you’ve told I don’t care about the meaning that you have placed on you know this that the other, I am here. expressively to I’m going to find out what it is that you want. Right You tell me what you want, which by the way is going to come from the deepest place in you what I wanted this right what I what I want is to serve the world at a at a very high level. What I want is to create a company that enables people to teach children everywhere what I you know, what I wanted to, you know, is you know, Whatever it is, whatever it is, your thing is, and by the way i don’t i don’t work with low level people. I don’t you know, I don’t work with people whose whose like, like, like deep and personal dream is to own a Wendy’s. Like, that’s not you know what’s wrong with that? Um, I get what you’re saying is it’s just not what work was it

Brandon Handley 49:18
was it’s not it’s, you know, we’ll talk about it’s not who you are it’s not who you are so that’s not who you attract to you right? Like you can law of attraction you can call whatever you want that’s just how the shit works. Right, right. Like I mean, you have knobs and whatever and, you know, you twist and turn and you tune into like, you know who you are people are attracted to who you are, you know, today, and, you know, most of the times the people that you’re helping is people that have been where you were at one point

Dave Gieselman 49:54
well, there are people who literally have all of my shit and and you know, this you, you know, you spend some time and Personal Development and you know, you, you work with people and the truth is, is that absolutely every single one of my clients, like has a has a deficiency of mine and me working with them is really me healing myself and and and that’s that’s the bottom line I love that too, you know, like I you know I’m not some I’m not a you know some guru I don’t I don’t have any sort of special wisdom what I what I have is the our absolute willingness to be like vulnerable and in breakdown at the public level like I am absolutely willing to to learn with you as as we grow right you know, and and you know, Lisa Sasa has called it lift as you climb, right? So as I’m climbing, on lifting, you know, and and so I am absolutely willing to To learn as I, as I, you know, as I grow and continue to believe that the people are placed in my life to teach me something for sure.

Brandon Handley 51:11
Every man is a lesson, every person’s lesson. I got asked this, this comes kind of from Joseph Campbell, you know, hero’s journey. Right? You know, there there was that point where you made that decision to become a coach like full time, right? That was a call. Right. That was that was a call and there was a little bit of hesitancy, I’m guessing, to heed that call, right. Oh, yeah. Yeah. So, you know, if you didn’t heed that call, like, if you don’t, I would, I would call that the heroes call. Right and and if you don’t accept that, what happens if you if you disregard that heroes Call

Dave Gieselman 52:02
what happens is if you get it you get called again. And and you get called again and the and here’s the problem as you get called again and again, the universal use more and more persuasive language every single time, which means saying no disregarding it, pushing it aside, will get more painful every time you do it.

Brandon Handley 52:31
Amen. So, and and I liken it to I liken it to, you know, you’re gonna grow whether or not you want to right and i think about it like as a seashell right like I mean you’re you know, you’re you’re the seed inside this shell and like you’re gonna pierce through like you got it that little that little sprout that like I could go by, you know, has enough energy and life force within it to crack a hard shell. I mean, that’s what’s happening. I think humans are you know, you’re There’s a seat right and you’re unfurling and there’s no you can resist as much as you want.

Dave Gieselman 53:08
Right? Well, here’s the here’s the fact of it that absolutely every single organism on earth understands its purpose and and knows that it is supposed to fully grow and fully expressed before and before passing on, you know, and to use your example you know, like, like, all the information for that for the, you know, hundred foot oak tree in that acorn, you know, and the acorn hits the ground and the moment that acorn hits the ground, it knows what it’s supposed to do, okay. It knows the roots go down, trunk goes up, branches go out, leaves are green, it knows this. And it has all the energy all the information all and all the the will it needs to do the tree and it knows that it’s supposed to fully tree right and Everything, everything fully expresses flowers fully, fully open, you know, you know, plants, you know, they fully express, you know, dogs fully that never in the history of dogs has a dog ever half assed being a dog dogs fully dog, right? Like humans are the only organisms on earth that doubt or debate whether they are supposed to fully express what is inside them before they pass on. Right some of them Yeah, but know who you know what why am I that special? Why is the OIC that special that it gets to take up that much space, right why you are take up your take your space, take your space in the universe, take your space, you know, there’s plenty of room

Brandon Handley 55:01
And you got to think about like this too, like there’s never any more or less mass in the universe. So there’s also that I’m just saying I’m putting out there right? Like, what you decide to do. Yes is going to have an impact but it’s not going to have a don’t limit yourself there’s you’re not gonna you’re not gonna you’re not gonna damage I think the world because you decided to believe in yourself.

Dave Gieselman 55:25
Right? Right. And that’s and that’s, that’s the whole thing is is that that thing that’s inside you that thing that won’t shut up the thing that won’t let you sleep? Think like that is your purpose. Like, make no mistake, that thing was put there by something because you are supposed to follow it. So like just again,

Brandon Handley 55:47
right? Like I mean, like all right, so so is like, well, that’s fucking great day. But what’s my purpose? Right? Well, go start to explore it right? What’s your answer? What’s your answer? Like? I mean,

Dave Gieselman 55:59
what are your passion? It’s okay your interests are a breadcrumb trail to your passions. your passions are a breadcrumb trail to your purpose. Right What? What do you fucking love? Like what do you love I’m not telling you right now. I love serving humans. You’ve known me long enough that you know this to be true. The thing that will get me out of bed every single day is Hey, you want to go be a service to somebody you want to you want to you want to go shift somebody’s life. You want to shift somebody’s perspective. You want to you want to go stand next to somebody well, while they watch their you know, while they watch, you know, a parent die, you know, do you want to do you want to go like, be somewhere you want to stand up? Do you want to go show up for another human? Yes, yes, I absolutely do every day, every day, my life in my dream in every way I can. Yes. What I want to do is to show up for other human beings.

Brandon Handley 57:01
That’s your spiritual dope. Right? You know, that’s your that’s like that’s your spiritual life Hi. Like, I know that like, a couple years ago, somebody’s been like, you know, dude, I just get half alive. I feel like you can go fuck yourself. But now like, you know, let’s let’s talk about that spiritual life Hi, right like living a life that is complete and being excited to keep waking up and I hate on asleep because I don’t want my day to end like I love I love you know, learning more about what it is like give right and what else can I you know, you know

Dave Gieselman 57:37
how all the

Brandon Handley 57:40
information I’m taking in I know is going to be in service for others, not just myself, but you know, there’s going to be someone that comes along tomorrow that needs the information that I just put my head yesterday.

Dave Gieselman 57:53
Right. Right. And, and, and showing up showing up powerfully so you know, yeah, I What I don’t know my purposes bullshit you know just like you talked about the DNA percent of his crap DNA and there’s there’s no reason it wouldn’t be there if it didn’t serve you take that thing that you love that thing that you’re obsessed with that thing that you know everything about the thing that you can’t let go by the way that’s your thing that’s like that that thing that you’ve been thinking about since since you were a child Yeah, that is your thing don’t

Brandon Handley 58:25
try mascot like I’ll tell you man that’s what you know i think you know so for those of you that are joining this first interview on spiritual Do you know I got done doing about a year series on you know, prosperity practice where I had this all this same feeling but like I was trying to mask it with something else right? Like I was like, let’s let’s see if we can mask it some way again, like it was like, Hey, you come in enjoy the prosperity practice. I want you to come check out this thing because what actually wants you to see is over here, right? Like, come check out this prosperity thing. But what I really want to do is, you know, connect you with all who you truly are. Right? Right. I think that that’s what you do, right? Like you help someone to see all of who they truly are. Because you been in touch with that for yourself.

Dave Gieselman 59:13
Right? You know and and to, to live at full volume right to not right not like stifle like any piece of me and not, you know to not drown out or mask or or you know or anything of any single piece of me to to live life exuberantly right and and and so you know you know we’ve talked about this we’ve had this conversation like like I’m not putting anything pretty in a box man like when i when i at the end of my row, dude, I want to go skidding in sideways. No rubber left on the tires.

Brandon Handley 59:54
Yeah, look, man, look, I want it all used up. I don’t want nothing left. You

Dave Gieselman 1:00:00
Yeah, I don’t want I don’t want any like, I don’t want I don’t want to leave. Like, I want to leave a thing on the table, right? I don’t want to I don’t want anything left. Like, I don’t want another mile left on that machine. Like, I’m not putting anything. And, and and that’s just that’s just the way it

Brandon Handley 1:00:20
is. But that’s truth. Right like I mean and I think that that’s true and and you know, talks about like the dog whistle thing but like when you hear somebody speaking their truth you know it like it is it is it is it is resonant. I hate resonance, but it is resonant. Right like it there is a true vibration in the room a true sensation that you receive when you are around someone who’s speaking their truth. Right. Right. And, and that to me, you know, that is life coursing through somebody else that is That is allowing that to happen, right like it is. It’s not forced. You can tell when somebody’s trying to force that shit.

Dave Gieselman 1:01:06
Right. Right. But yeah, it sounds funny. It sounds like they don’t believe it. It sounds like they’re saying it. But once again, the audio has to match visual audio

Brandon Handley 1:01:16
video has to listen and it will. That’s the thing. So with that, that’s a, you know, coaching, I think is awesome for that. podcasting, I think is awesome for that anything that you do that you begin to express who you believe you are in any way, shape or form. You don’t have a choice but to become who you keep calling.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:39
Right. Right. It’s great. Yeah, that was good.

Dave Gieselman 1:01:42
Look at that. Look at the people that you continue to attract into your life. Right, right. Yeah. By the way, that’s, that’s how you’re showing up just so you know. People you you call in your life that has a better stop.

Brandon Handley 1:01:55
No, it’s so true. It’s so true. It’s on level every time why Listen man always love you man what you know what is what’s like a parting blow man like you know what’s been your you know? I don’t know I have a segment yet that says like what’s been your like most spiritual hi do you chase a spiritual high do you does it tell them to you like yeah what’s your What is your spiritual Hi Dave

Dave Gieselman 1:02:21
you know what the

the spiritual part of this deal right is like the water part of the ocean right is like it’s the god part of of life is like the god part of it is like the water part of the ocean like it’s all God part it’s all spiritual part of it right like all of that there’s no part that isn’t there all or nothing

Brandon Handley 1:02:47
all or nothing

Dave Gieselman 1:02:48
You know, there’s no part that isn’t spiritual part even the stuff that that you don’t think is is a lesson in everything that you’re pushing with That’s nonsense. It’s full That’s not for me. That’s what that’s that’s lessons. That’s lessons and and it may be a lesson in setting boundaries and maybe a lesson and tolerance and maybe a lesson and empathy and maybe like, I don’t know what the lesson is, but I am absolutely certain that everything in my life is here for me. Okay, if nothing happens to me, everything happens for me for sure my and my job is to is to live is to live this life as as an expression of the universe just just through me.

Brandon Handley 1:03:34
Yes, Can I get an amen? Amen brother Can I get a what what awesome brother. Where should I send everybody to go find Dave easily?

Dave Gieselman 1:03:45
You know you get I am easiest to find Dave use on my personal profile on Facebook or become dash limitless comm www dot become dash limitless calm but I am most easily Found Dave giesemann go to my bush roaming profile you know, shoot me a private message. Dave you summon

you know and and and find me there everything I do. Eventually everything I do.

Facebook is kind of the portal for that so

Brandon Handley 1:04:23
I know awesome

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So and then there’s gonna be some individual podcasts where I’m simply sharing insights.

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Even the third you know, mind, body, and spirit. How do you merge it all so that it’s all really useful and relevant to you and your life?

Because that can be a challenge, especially if you if you’ve gone through it and you’ll hear me probably say often, just like Buddha talked about the before enlightenment, chop wood carry water after enlightenment is chop wood, carry water. And the same thing you know, I think enlightenment, awakening can be interchanged.

So, you know, those are going to be the kind of the people so if you’re a seeker again if you’re going through something on your own, and you’re looking to find out some other people who have had similar experiences, and how they’ve managed to integrate that for themselves and have an amazing life, then stay tuned.

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I’m going to tell you one last part, here are the influences for me are many right?

We go from Alan Watts we go from the Vedanta we go from the Patangili we go to Jesus we go to Buddha, we just take it from wherever we can get it wherever I can get a lesson and learn something shamanism intuition, friends that are mediums, anything that speaks to, to me.

Stay tuned for and that’s where it kind of all the influences are coming from. We’ve got you know, geez, Wayne Dyer, Bob Proctor. Wallace D. Wattles is, I mean, huge for me.

I’ve got some content I can share for you on that one.

Just so many others, one of the primary ones that really got me to kind of lean into this also is Sri Kumar Rao. You know, this book, Are you Ready to Succeed, is one that I’ve given now many times and is one that has had a tremendous impact on me as well.

So, look, so many I can’t name them all right now, but those are a couple of the influences that if you’re curious, you know, this is for you. And if any of those influences Abraham Hicks, right as another one that’s just kind of top of mind, all these people and so many more, whoever’s kind of popping up and whoever I’m listening to, then this might be for you. So, that’s the introduction. If you like it, great. If it’s not for you, that’s cool, too. You know, thanks for stopping by and checking it out. The next. Next one should be an interview, talk to you later.

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