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Award-winning author Christian de la Huerta is an acclaimed speaker at various settings, including universities, conferences, corporate training, spiritual communities and the TedX stage. Audiences find Christian’s message particularly relevant in these times. Christian also practices as a spiritual coach and a leadership development consultant whose work ranges from individuals and couples in private practice to major corporations and non-profit groups.

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Brandon Handley 0:41
Either spiritual dope I’m on today with Christian de la Huerta we are on here today and Christian is a sought after spiritual teacher, personal transformation coach and leading voice in the breathwork community. He’s traveled the world offering inspiring and transformational retreats combining psychological and spiritual teachings with life lasting and life changing effects. In award winning critically acclaimed author he has spoken at numerous universities and conferences on the TEDx stage. his new book awakening in the solar power was described by multi Grammy Award winner glorious Stefan as a balm for the soul of it for anyone searching for the truth and answers to life difficult questions. First of all, thanks for being on today.

Christian de la Huerta 1:24
Hey, Brandon, thanks so much for having me. I’m really looking forward to this conversation.

Brandon Handley 1:30
Fantastic. So I’d like to start this off with the whole idea that and I think you mentioned it in one of your lines, like we are conduits for the universe, universe’s energy to come through. And the idea is that you and I are going to have this conversation that you and I have, but there’s going to be somebody listening, that’s only going to pick up on like this message being delivered through the universe through you to them today. What is that was that message?

Christian de la Huerta 1:58
Well, before I get into that, I just wanted to say that I really appreciate your sense of spiritual irreverence, I very much appreciate it, and it cracked me up some of your comments on your website, you know, I think if we were gonna wrap up the message into to the into one, short description is like, there is a way that we can step into our power into our personal power in a way that is a match for who we are. Because most of us, I think are conflicted about that we have an ambivalent relationship to power, we want it, but we’re afraid of it. And I think at the core, we’re afraid that if we really stepped into all of our power, all of our potential that other people would be threatened by us or be afraid of us. Or, you know, we would end up alone. And we’ve also been conditioned to believe that power is a bad thing, you know, like with quotes, like power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. And so what good hearted person wants to be corrupted or wants to abuse power, which is what we see out in the world all the time. So add to that mix. And by the way, what they forgot to tell us about that power, corrupts quote is that Lord Acton was speaking specifically about political power, not the personal power that we’re talking about. But when you combine all of that with the fact that we have been conditioned to be afraid of the emotion, somebody along the way, had this bright, brilliant idea that the emotions were weakness, and especially for us as men, we were conditioned, you know, a little boys don’t cry, and you know, like, Man up and, and all these other kind of twisted definitions of what it means to be a man and what it means what it means to be a woman. So when you put all that into a mix, we hate confrontation, we hate conflict. And what happens is we end up giving our power away our innate power that nobody can give to us, nobody can take away, we are the only ones who can give it away. And what’s sad, what is sadness to me is that we give it away for really lame reasons, like we give it away and we settle for less, we place more, we hide our light under a bushel, we say yes, when inside we feel no. And for this, for reasons like an illusion of security, or false sense of acceptance, or morsels of pseudo love. And and so that’s the message you know that there is there is a way that we can step into power that that is a match for who we are and that it doesn’t require for us to push anybody down, to step on them, to abuse them, to take advantage of them to manipulate them to use force or fear that there is a way that we can express our power. That isn’t a natural expression of who we are.

Brandon Handley 4:49
So I think that it’s funny actually copied that Marianne Williamson line out again last night while I was reading your book, you know, the it’s not that we’re afraid of You know how small views we’re afraid of how great our power actually is. And I think that that’s kind of you’re talking to one here, and then that we give it away so easily have like these kind of wrong reasons. What, you know, what was it for you along your journey that awakens your personal solar power that, you know, we’re talking about, you know, your book as well? What was it that that, that awoken that woke up your soul, you know, and gave you kind of pretty notice to it?

Christian de la Huerta 5:34
Well, I think my, my initial wake up point was breathwork, some 30 years ago. And I’d had some experiences with, you know, with mind expanding substances that also kind of, you know, had a phase of experimentation when I was writing written when I was in college. And that began a process of questioning reality, the worldview, I was raised in a very Catholic environment. So that began that combined with a class and existentialism began a process of questioning. I think it was, when I, when I did first did breathwork. It just changed everything. I was on a track to get a PhD in psychology. My dad was a psychiatrist. So I come out of that tradition. When I did breathwork, for the first time I jumped tracks, I never went for the PhD. And I’ve been, I knew after one session that I that I’d never be the same, and I wasn’t my, my life took a different direction I, within six months, I quit my last corporate job.

Brandon Handley 6:44
That’s awesome. I think that breathwork for me, has been very revelatory as well.

Unknown Speaker 6:54
I had my

Brandon Handley 6:56
several instances of brain expansive substances. That’s, I think that’s how you title it. And but the deal is, is that and that’s a real big, the name of the podcast, spiritual hope you can get to that space in a place of this this hit of spirituality by doing like something like breathwork. Right. So what did you do then? I mean, so you’re like, I’m out on the corporate gig. And what did you have done after that? I’m just curious. Yeah.

Christian de la Huerta 7:26
Well, you know, if I ended up doing an ashram experience with a teacher that I met with who, you know, from whom I learned breathwork, originally, so I studied with her for five years. And for the most part, monastics setting, had a few deviations from that, but could really count them on one hand in five years, which, by the way, was a really empowering experience for me to begin to reel in my mice, my sexual energies on the way that I related to two other people with you with that sexual energy. And yeah, that was incredibly difficult time of my life, it was, it was very demanding. Not only the lifestyle, but the, you know, the opportunities for letting go of my preferences in my my desires, and, like, I wouldn’t want to do it again. But I’m really grateful that I did, because I wouldn’t be who I am. If it wasn’t for that experience.

Brandon Handley 8:33
I get it. You know, letting go and spend a lot of space but what would you say though, was like the the most difficult part, right? Because you’re kind of in there, and you’re doing it on your own? you’re wanting this right. What what made that?

Christian de la Huerta 8:49
I guess, very good, very good interview questions. Brandon. You know, if you would have asked me before, I would have thought it would have been the celibacy celibacy thing.

Brandon Handley 9:00
That wasn’t right,

Christian de la Huerta 9:02
wasn’t even close to the, to the hardest thing. In fact, that wasn’t such existential kind of level of survival. Because this teacher was brilliant, and she was a ruthless ego Slayer. So I think what was most difficult was being in in because we were at the same time going through some challenging times out of out on the physical world. And it’s a longer story that we don’t have time to get into here, but like it was to maximize it. At one point, we were homeless. We lived in the car for four for a week, and in San Francisco, and we would take showers and the YMCA in the morning for four bucks. And at the same time that she was going through some profoundly transformational experience, which didn’t make her very functional in this room. Um, so, you know, put all that, you know, the fact that she was my ego was being incredibly threatened that I was in survival level, like so much of my identity, up until this time had been connected to my worldly success. And suddenly here I am, you know, like barely living in a car for a week. And, and feeling so responsible for everything and at the same time, like surrendering and in the teacher in the guru, the guru disciple model, you’re surrendering to the sacred, but through this person of, of the guru that’s right in front of you. Who was at times irrational? And so that’s the part that I was so that I didn’t know that, to me was most difficult. That was because you’re basically surrendering your desires, your preferences, like even your perceptions?

Brandon Handley 10:55
Yeah. It’s a whole psychological play, right? I mean, here you are working with, right? And then you’re, you’re you’re working with this, this guru, and to attain, you know, a certain level, a certain experience, I don’t know. But then they’re a mess. And you’re like, what the hell am I doing? I mean, that’s got to be, that’s where my head would be. And then also, you’ve got your cycle, your psychology background, right. So you’re, you’re like, doubling down, because you know, where the razor cuts?

Christian de la Huerta 11:26
Yeah, and I mean, I’m, with all the respect of not putting her down, like, like, I really value she, I got incredible teachings from her. And the opportunity for for surrender was mine, like that was, I did that nobody could do that for me. And that’s some, that’s the most profound experience that I got from that, in addition to learning trust. at a cellular level, it was like I my relationship with with life became incredibly trusting. Because no matter how bad things got, like, we’re down to just like, the storage unit is in Hawaii and San Francisco and Los Angeles. And like, there was nothing else to pawn and money would show up unexpectedly from from just an unexpected source just at the right time. We never missed a meal. Like, yeah, it was rough. It was very rough. But we never missed a meal. So that I got to learn that at a cellular level. It’s not something that I could read in a book, to know that I’m going to be fine. But I’m going to be taking care of

Brandon Handley 12:28
the idea of Providence. Yeah. Yeah. Nice. I love it. I love it. So in your, in your book, you know, covers quite quite quite a bit. And one of the things that you cover in there that I think, is really important, especially in today’s day and age, and the spiritual guy to write as a spirit as a spiritual guy, but like, what, what was a healthy masculine power look like? actually kind of identify what power is like in your what is power? And then what’s the healthy masculine power? Yeah, no,

Christian de la Huerta 13:04
that’s that’s a great question. You’re asking some really good questions, some of which nobody has asked me before. I’ve done dozens and dozens of interviews or podcasts. Nobody has asked me this stuff yet. This one? Yeah. But you’re asking really good ones. So yeah, so in order to reconcile the way that we reconcile this this ambivalent, or, or conflicted relationship we have with power, one of the ways around that is to realize that we’re talking about different kinds, right. So there’s the what there’s a worldly power, or egoic, power, ego power, which we tend to associate, you know, the way the way the world looks at power, we tend to associate with people who have money, who have fame, who are high up in some kind of hierarchy, whether it’s a corporate ladder, or some kind of religious organization, or whatever it is. But the thing about all those kinds of expressions of power is that they’re because they’re outside of us. They’re here today, they’re gone tomorrow. Whereas the other kind of power that I’m pointing to, is internal. It’s, you know, I’m calling it soulful power. It’s spiritual power. I call it what you wish, right? It doesn’t matter what we call it, but it’s the it’s the power that is inherent to each one of us. And again, like no one can give it to us, no one can can take it away. And whereas worldly power is always has an agenda, and it’s very self serving, it’s always trying to get something for itself. The other kind of power, spiritual power, what to me is authentic power. It’s humble. It’s, it’s, it doesn’t need to prove anything to anybody, and it’s about service is about making a difference. So I think about a Gandhi or Gandalf, in their monastic robes and their stupid sandals, as you would say. And then the other sandal feet, you would never know you know, like you would never know how much power they hold until it’s called for and then you know what’s out like brought the British Empire to its knees at the point when it was at its highest, highest point in terms of global reach and global influence without landing a single punch or shooting a gun, like talk about power. And so that’s, that’s what I mean by soulful powers. That’s the kind of power that that from within that it’s, like, the worldly power believes that the it comes from a place that that that it’s a zero sum game, right so that there’s a limited amount you’re having power threatens mine. Whereas, whereas What I’m saying is like, wait a minute, if I’m in my power, if I know who I am, like, why would I be threatened by you having powers like I’m not threatened by that? It’s like, I know, no matter what you or anybody else does, I know that I’ve got it, I can handle it. I can show up and respond appropriately to whatever that situation is. So why would I be threatened by anybody having power, I can celebrate somebody else’s power. And so now power with rather than power over, which has been the traditional, patriarchal, masculine, like toxic masculine way of expressing power, which our relationship to which you know, reflects in our relationship to the planet and our relationship to life, which is basically you fuck it or you kill it?

Brandon Handley 16:22
Right? I mean, that was a game they cut. Right? Right was it was a fucking kill it keep it whatever is true. You know, then that’s, that’s the I think the historic chase right? There kill it. So what is what is the healthy masculine power look like then? Yeah, and real quick question. Are we in your sub question is, are we on pace to like, get there in our lifetime?

Christian de la Huerta 16:51
Yeah, that’s a good question that that I don’t have an answer to I see a lot of changes, though. I see a lot of a lot of men who are just not No, not threatened, you know, a lot. And you know, a lot of straight guys who tell each other, you know, I love you and kiss each other on the cheek, and there’s, they’re not threatened. By that it like it doesn’t mean anything, to once masculinity. So so there’s a book, you know, it’s for everybody. But it has a particular message for women, stemming from my belief that the empowerment of women is like, the single most important thing that needs to happen in the world. It’s not to idealize women is not to put women up on a pedestal is not to give women more shit that they got to clean up and do. It’s because as a planet as a species, we’ve been running very off balance when it comes to power and gender, and sacred masculine and feminine energies. So and I believe that when women are in 50%, of power in this world, because I don’t believe that we need to go back to matriarchy, I don’t think that’s what we need, I think we need balance inside each one of us and in the world, between the masculine and the feminine. And so that when women are 50% of power in the world, we’re gonna have a very different relationship to war and poverty and hunger, and social justice and wealth distribution and how we treat the environment to all of it. So that’s what when I think strategically, like what is the one thing that’s gonna then impact a lot of others. That’s what I come down on. so and so. So that’s one message of the book. But what about men? Because the, the tragic part of it is, is that this system of toxic masculinity, that that that we have been living out of for the last several 1000 years that has this twisted definition of what it means to be a man. It’s like, it doesn’t work for anybody, like, of course, it hasn’t worked for women, and the lack of equity and justice and equality. And the oppression of women is like that is still so prevalent in this world is like, like no longer acceptable or sustainable. And men are also paying a price for that. So let’s look at a couple of numbers. Like if you look at longevity in the US, women outlive men by five years, if you look at the global numbers, they outlive men by seven years, we get suicide numbers in this country women, I mean, men commit suicide four times as frequently as women. 70% of the suicides in this country are committed by middle aged white men, which, interestingly, are the ones who still hold the majority of the power in this world. So what’s up with that, you know, what is not working? And I think that part of what is not working, is that it’s this twisted definition of what it means to be a man and so we walk around because it’s like we were saying earlier, somebody decided that the emotions were weakness and little boys don’t cry. So we walk around, so threatened about not being masculine that we turn into these unfeeling, uncaring robots and there’s a price to pay for that. Like what used to be spiritual teaching that everything is energy. Now we know from quantum physics that it’s true, energy cannot be destroyed. So what does that mean that that the body is energy even though it feels solid, the emotions are energy, that’s all they are, they’re not good, they’re not bad. They’re not strength, they’re not weakness, they’re just energies coursing through our bodies. And so whenever we suppress those emotions, they don’t go away. Right, they stay in the tissues of our bodies, and only a couple things can happen. If so, we suppress, we suppress, we suppress. And then the next unfortunate being just says something towards the wrong way, um, volcanic eruption, right, all that repressed anger, like just comes out in appropriately and we cause harm to our relationships or suppress, suppress, suppress, suppress, that energy has to come out one way or the other. So it starts seeping out and showing up in physical symptoms, heart attacks, cancer officers. So so we’ve got, we’ve got to get this right, we’ve got to figure this out, and get right with our emotions. And yes, as far as I’m concerned, to be able to know what we’re feeling, and be able to define it, and be able to communicate it responsibly owning that, it’s our emotions, not dumping them on each other, like we tend to do, like holding it’s our emotions, and learning how to communicate them courageously, because it’s always gonna take courage and compassionately without pointing the finger and without blaming, and without, you know, like, only our experience, and our heart of it is to me, and, and gracefully in a way that the other person can actually hear them. All that is like nothing less than mastery. It’s the opposite of weakness.

Brandon Handley 21:41
Right? That fairpoint? Absolutely, I’d never, I think I’ve never made it to the other end of the bridge there. It’s into making that mastery. But you know, I am very familiar with not being familiar with my own emotions, right? And going and doing the research mean, like, oh, wow, I really don’t know what these are. What are some tools that you’d like to use to help males get in touch then with, you know, their emotions? And to point to how do you express them gracefully, because my history has been, oh, I found these emotions, but like, there is no grace to how I express that.

Christian de la Huerta 22:22
Right? That’s a great question. I’ll tell you what I did. And because I was clueless myself, and here’s the thing, my dad, a psychiatrist, and a good one, because I’ve heard from people after, you know, after he passed, so I used to go to him. And he really helped me. So I know it was a good psychiatrist, but in relationship to his own emotions, the guy was clueless, clueless. And so I grew up clueless, I couldn’t tell you what I was feeling because I had no idea what I was feeling. So when I started doing this kind of work, like, you know, that becoming self aware, and I realized that this was an area that I needed to do. So this is before cellphones, you know, I had a timer from Radio Shack, and I would set it on the hour, and I had I printed I found a list of emotions, and educated myself about what they meant. So I created this grid, you know, like, every day of the week, and by the hour, and the emotions on the other side. And so I at the hour go off, and I go, am I feeling this? Am I feeling that? Am I feeling this? Maybe that could be? And little by little, I did that for several weeks until I started becoming more emotionally intelligent. And in terms of how to communicate them. It’s another big question. But the main thing is to realize that it’s our emotions, like nobody out there can make us feel anything. Unless there’s some room in there that’s being hurt, right? So it’s our emotions like, like say, let’s just a quick example so that you and I both have lunch with our friend Joe, every week, like and he Joe inevitably shows up late 20 minutes. There I am on on Monday, just like I knew it. He’s so selfish. So so irresponsible, so only cares about his own schedule, blah, blah, blah, and all the other stories that we make up about stuff like this. Whereas you you know, it’s like great, Joe’s late. I have 20 minutes. Let me go online. Let me return a phone call. Let me just do what there’s so many options, so many possible responses to somebody showing up late. Why does it get me so pissed off? Right, so, so it’s so that’s what I mean by owning that it’s our emotions, and it doesn’t make Joe’s lateness or anything goes right. But it’s not about that. It’s not excusing anybody’s behavior. Like that’s not the point of the conversation. If we want to be free. We start from that place that it’s our emotions. And and it’s, that’s what his book is, is you know, it’s part of a series on what it means to live heroically because it’s work like to be able to, to be willing to go inside and to feel the stuff that sometimes we spent a lifetime running away from feeling and to to look at patterns to understand And why we do the things we do, why we sometimes get to sabotage ourselves and sabotage our relationships. Sometimes from the get go by attracting people who are not a match people who are not available, like it’s work to figure all this stuff out. But it’s incredibly rewarding and liberating, because we can bring choice back into the equation. So to go back to your question, how to so owning, how do we how do we communicate and communicate emotions responsibly owning other hours, and then using, you know, like basic communication stuff like using I statements? So rather than saying you did this, or you always do that, like the other ego that doesn’t even know that it’s an ego yet that doesn’t understand what the ego construct is? And why would that makes us do the things we do. And that gets us so defensive, and takes everything personally, and feel so victimized by others and by life. So it doesn’t even know what it is, the only thing you can do is defend, right? And especially when we use words like you always do this, or you never do that. It’s like it. Like they might be looking you in the eye, but they’re not even they’re not even there. They’re going back in their mind, they’re going back in time back in time back in time to that one time in 2009. Well, they didn’t do that. And so then they get to be right and say, well, that’s not always true. I don’t always do that. So so using I statements, and again, here’s a really good formula when you do this, I feel my so when when when you show up late, I feel disrespected. I feel dishonored. And and and i don’t i don’t like this feeling. I love our relationship, our love our friendship. And can we do this a different way? Yeah, that’s what I like to have a conversation with Joe about.

Brandon Handley 26:44
Yeah, Joe, you gotta stop showing up late man. Worrying about it. But for truly, for God’s sake, come on to the idea to is that a good This gives that gives me an opportunity, if you’re owning your emotions, to go in and just look at that. Right? What is triggering me to get pissed off of Joe? Right? Why? Why am I starting with Joe? Just because he’s late. Right? I got a whole bunch of other things like we spend in this energy on and posted Joe, right. I’ll never, I’m never gonna get this 20 minutes back. And while I want to blame Joe, it’s not just fault. And then the other piece that you’re talking about? The I know, when you do this, I feel that.

Unknown Speaker 27:31
You know,

Brandon Handley 27:34
I recently read like a validation book, right? Because I’m not a great validator. Christian, just just so we all know, but I’ll be getting better. Your feelings are always valid, right? So you can never that’s never a false statement. That’s really saying so and that’s and that’s what allows that person to not be defensive when you make those. I feel safe. That’s right. Okay. All right. Thanks for sharing that. That’s definitely definitely Yeah,

Christian de la Huerta 28:02
it’s, it’s worthwhile work is if we do the work, if we take, you know, whatever time it takes to figure it out, it’s like, we, when we zoom out, zoom out a little bit. It’s like, wait a minute, it’s not just when Joe is late, that I get pissed off is when anybody shows up late. So what is that? Right? It’s not so it’s not really about Joe. And if I zoom out a little further, it’s not even just about being late. It’s when somebody you know, cuts me off in conversation or cuts me off in traffic, it’s it kind of evokes the same kind of feeling that same kind of frustration or anger is what is that? So if we are willing to do that work and go back in time back in time, and to begin to see when How did this pattern start, which most of the time is gonna go back to something from childhood probably in relationship to it with mommy or daddy. And, and what’s at the core of it is like, we don’t feel valued, right, like, the core underneath the anger. It’s like, we don’t feel respected. We don’t feel valued. We don’t feel like he’s like he’s valuing his time more than he’s valuing mine. And that’s the unhealed wound that’s getting triggered in this present situation, but the one is much older than my lunches with Joe.

Brandon Handley 29:12
Yeah. It’s like, peeling off a scab. That never quite healed. Exactly. Exactly. I mean, disgusting. Alright, so Kristen, got a couple questions for you real quick here. I kind of liken this show to like a spiritual speed dating show, right? Like, I understand Come on, and it’s the spiritual speed dating. And like, you know, what’s, what’s Christian got for me? So I’m gonna say, hey, Bachelor number one out of a couple different questions. If that’s your number one, what is your one wish for the world?

Christian de la Huerta 29:53
You know, and and i’m not i’m not a good one for speed dating. If we really got who we are, which which is connected to understanding that, that we’re not the ego. And really quickly, if we put up, here’s a great way of understanding that you go, if you put a baseball in the center of a stadium, that’s the ego, who we are is actually the fricking stadium. And we allow this tiny, tiny, tiny part of who we are to think that it is all of who we are. And to make really important, critical, consequential choices from its very small, limited and always fear based perspective. So if we got who we really are, that would shift everything, it would shift the relationship to ourselves, it would shift our relationship to each other, it would shift our relationship to the planet.

Brandon Handley 30:43
I love that visual too. And, you know, I guess that brings up the question, too, is like, we make that content, how do we make that conscious shift to, you know, connect to our power? How do we meet that constant shift to realize that we don’t have anything left to be afraid of, unless we’re hanging out in the desert reliance?

Christian de la Huerta 31:03
That’s right. And, you know, that’s like that’s by this book. Seriously, the book will walk you by the hand, and it’ll it’ll, it’ll help you understand the egos like, incomplete humility, I don’t know. Like, to me, this is the simplest way that that I’ve seen of explaining what the ego is. So that we can really get it so that we can get what it what the self made prison of the ego is, so that we can let ourselves out because nobody else is gonna let us out of our self made prisons, they can’t, only we can do that. And only we can step into our own power. Nobody can do that for us. But we’ve got it takes work. But we’ve got to get clear about why we do the things we do and in which situations, do we give our power away? Or, you know, is it does it tend to be with in romantic, intimate sexual relationships? Or do we tend to give our power away with authority figures, bosses, coaches, nose, religious leaders, that kind of thing, parental figures. And so once we are willing to do the work and look at the patterns, then we can, like cut it out, and stop giving our power away and, and stepping into our full potential as human beings? Because Ain’t nobody else gonna do it? If we don’t? Right,

Brandon Handley 32:16
right? I think that one of the couple of things I enjoyed about your book, too, since you brought up liking these questions, you’ve got these questions just like this to help you to identify the patterns. At the end of each chapter, you give out the layout. You say, all right, well, you know, here’s the information. But here’s how you can apply it right? Go ahead here, use some of these questions, detect the patterns. And then you know, to point, you get to know where is it you are giving your power away? And stop. Right? And again, that becomes a source. Right? Yeah. And, and at least at that point in time, you recognize that you’re, you know, in this position of your own power, and you get to at least determined to do it consciously. Right, exactly. In the end, that’s what freedom is.

Christian de la Huerta 33:07
Yeah, that’s it, you just nailed it. Because you know, there were times where it may not be in our highest highest interest. Like, we may not be our in our highest interest to like really step into our power in relationship to our boss, until we have something else lined up. Or if we’re being you know, somebody is holding a gun or a knife up in a dark alley. It may not be the that may not be the best time to say oh, well, this really doesn’t work for me. Right? You just hand over the frickin wallet and walk away with your life. So yeah, of course, of course. We’re gonna be smart about this. So I think you’re right. I think it’s about choice, bringing choice back into the equation.

Brandon Handley 33:44
Kristen, thanks so much for thanks for finding me. And, you know, offering to come on the show. I’ve enjoyed the conversation. I’ve enjoyed the book that I’ve read, you know, the bulk of it so far.

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Good morning, it’s time to get up and go to work. And it’s always been one of my favorite lines from the Beastie Boys, right? I don’t remember what song that leads into. But it was always great. It’s got it’s got to be on Paul’s boutique. Right? Paul’s boutique was always one of my favorites. I still remember, still remember finding Paul’s boutique for the first time? Like what the hell? Where’s this? Ben? Right? Where has this been? such an amazing album. So Meg, and I go back and forth often on the whole idea of, of obviously, forcing something but needing to be have a muse, right, needing to have a muse needing the moment to be right to launch into your artwork or your thing, whatever it is that you do. And I think that, um, I think that what can happen is that you always wait for like that perfect moment. And sometimes the Muse doesn’t strike you or or like, you’ve got so much. You’ve got so much riding on that muse. And you won’t do something, because you’re waiting for that perfect moment. And I was thinking about that this morning, as I was like, man, I really don’t have a whole lot to share, per se. Or is it really the fact that you’re kind of waiting for that perfect something. And a lot of times, and I don’t do it as often as I’d like. But also there and I’ll write it out. Sometimes the podcast some of the early podcasts that I did, especially with, especially with setting up the the beginning, the divine, to divine peace, right, when I did the framework for that, definitely set that up went through each one wrote it all out. And it was definitely well thought out, I felt like it was well thought out, at least it was thought out there was a completion it was done before it was done, as it were, the framework was there and I created it. And then, um, you know that that process in of itself was like, Alright, well, when you got the idea, just flush it out. And you just got you got the idea, just do it and take one run at it. And you always have the opportunity to take another run at it. But the deal is, is like, if you keep building a resistance, you know, to this thing that you want to do. But you don’t feel like you’ve got the perfect thing that you can do for it, then you’ll always kind of you always have that resistance there. It’ll always be there. And you may never you may never, you may never overcome like that, that that tiny, tiny thing, right? That moment of perfection that moment of I know I can do so much better than this. This is crap.

You Why would I do? Why would I do this this thing and it’s not the greatest. And I bring that up like I said this morning, I was like, you know, I haven’t done them for a while. And I miss I miss doing all canaries sorry. You don’t see them that often. The deal is is like you don’t you get kind of stuck in like this pattern, right? You get stuck in a rut of not doing the thing that you want to do. So you never do it. And, you know, I would encourage you as you’re, you know, thinking about that thing that you want to do, right? I’m doing the course a creative personal mastery with us. Sreekumar Rao, what a great course. And this week, we’re doing a couple two different things. And the two different things that we’re going through our mindfulness, which I feel you know, I I’m fairly mindful, I’m not perfect at it by any stretch of the imagination. But I am much more present much more aware and much more mindful these days than I have been in the past 40 years. I can definitely I can definitely say that. And the other piece is being bigger than your problem. Being bigger than the situation. I think being bigger than the situation is better than saying bigger than the problem. That’s where this this comes in. That’s the idea of, of what we’re doing today is be bigger than the situation be bigger than where you’re at and saying something to yourself like, well, this isn’t perfect, well, maybe it’s not perfect. But that’s what begins the light leak. That’s what begins the crack in the dam. That’s what begins the everything for you, right, as soon as you begin to open up and let it trickle, you begin to let it trickle. And then it just it just at some point, it doesn’t stop, it blows it all up, right blows it through. And I guess it creates an erosion effect of the dam. And over time, each little bit that you take action on each little piece is one more step closer to where it is that you want to be. And who it is that you say you would like to be. When you when you go through this process, are you making a left, I’m making a left, we’re both making a left, I don’t trust you ready? 123. All right, thanks for not hitting me, when when we both win, when you begin to take those steps towards the thing that you say you want to do. No matter how small no matter how imperfect, you begin to erode that dam and you begin to step more confidently. And what I mean by that, think about the baby steps. And if you haven’t raised a child, then think about when you see a baby horse, right, a full, full, taking some of its first steps, and, and those legs are super wobbly. And they don’t know, the horse doesn’t know, the baby doesn’t know, it doesn’t have confidence in their capability of their limbs, and how are they going to work. And the next thing, you know, you can’t find can’t find the child. And and next thing you know, you’ve got that one year old, full, who’s now cold is running. I think they usually three years old, but you know, they’re running, they’re running races, the run races that are literally running circles around you know, something else. And the idea is, once you begin to get your bearing, once you begin to get past that moment of, I guess it’s like insecurity, of whether or not you feel like you have the perfect thing to say, you know, you begin to develop that confidence in yourself. And then you begin to just enjoy being that person who you are, there’s a lot more joy in letting, letting anything out really anything that you express good or bad. But especially when you express something that is in line with who you believe yourself to be at that

time. And I say it like that because over time you’re going to evolve and change and and i think that that’s very important to realize and recognize as well. Your core ideas and beliefs may always be your core ideas and beliefs. But over time, like there’s going to be the the the surroundings of those core ideas and beliefs are going to change and evolve and expand and whatnot. So who what is it that’s in your life right now that you you’ve been you know, kind of waiting for the perfect moment where you’ve been waiting to shine your light, right? Like I wrote, I wrote something the other day that really talked about this talking about it was a quote talking about coming out of decisions made and fear are never as good as the ones that made are made and like the feeling of abundance and whatnot and when when you when you begin to open up right when you begin to shine, that light when you begin to feel who you are right the fear begins to recede and you begin to you begin, you begin to feel again, right you begin to feel safe again, you begin to feel whole again, as who you are, again within intention of being, being who and what you want to be. And to me, that’s, that’s very powerful. As you it’ll allows you to see, it just allows you to feel more comfortable with who you are, right? And it doesn’t, it doesn’t have to be a big thing. What is it that you want to do that would be in alignment with who you are, that you kept yourself from doing. Because you feel like the moment needs to be perfect, or you feel like the moments not perfect. But all you got to do is just start, all you’ve got to do is just take one small action into into that space, and you’d begin to see yourself as the person that you you’ve been telling yourself that you are all this time. And to me, and for me, you know, this is all from experience. zahl from from experience for me and starting my first podcast and starting my second third, and being that person and being in alignment. And continuing to I don’t want to say evolve, expand, I would say expand on the ideas that that I have had interactions that I’ve had and expand on who it is that I’ve become Who who are you being in the end, right? Who is it that you want to be and start showing up like that. And again, once you start taking those small, incremental steps into that, then you’re going to feel you’re going to you’re going to feel that self confidence, you’re going to begin to feel more at home. with yourself, which is which is kind of it’s ironic, right? You’re going to begin to feel that confidence. And when you do, you step into that. That’s what everybody’s always talking about kind of stepping into your power, right step into your power. Fuck the people that are like, stupid to your power. Or like you’re stepping into your greatness. I remember talking to people at a convention years ago, and people really want to shy away from the fact that they are already great, right shying away from this, the idea that you are already everything that you need to be in order to be who you would like to be. And that’s it. That’s great. You know, everybody’s wants the ideas, like everybody’s endowed with the seeds of greatness. Right? You’re, it’s up to you to kind of nurture that and make it so and become the person that you’d like to become and in alignment with all the things. So hopefully, you know, like I said, so this one started off with like, just the idea of like, I just want to get in and do it again. I

haven’t done one for a while. And for me, I feel like that came out. Okay. Right. And for me, I feel good because I got in and did it today, right? It’s kind of like when you go to the gym, right? You don’t. You don’t always want to go to the gym. But when you’re done, you’re always glad that you went Alright, that’s it guys take it easy and hit me up on spiritual dope Brandon at spiritual

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Tracy Lamourie,a high profile international award winning publicist, is he Founder and Managing Director of Lamourie Media Inc. a Universal Women’s Network 2020 Woman of Inspiration Winner for the Women In Media award and the author of the upcoming book GET REPPED – Build Your Brand With Effective Public and Media Relations. She is a well known long time advocate on a myriad of important worldwide issues and an award-winning international publicist working across industries from major entertainment projects to small businesses. Tracy is passionate about amplifying important messages and being a voice for those who most need one. Recognized by media around the world for her 20-year campaign tht ultimately helped free an innocent man from death row to her work getting clients major media attention and for her local community work, she is the winner of the FIRST PLACE PLATINUM award Hamilton Spectator ReadersChoice for PR 2018, Diamond 2019.A frequent guest on TV, radio and high profile podcasts around the world on topics of leadership, empowerment, and entrepreneurship as well as all aspects of media and public relations.

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Your journey has been an interesting one up to hear you’ve questioned so much more than those around you. You’ve even questioned yourself as to how you could have grown into these thoughts. Am I crazy? When did I begin to think differently? And why do people in general appear so limited to this thought process? Rest assured, you are not alone. The world is slowly waking up to what you already know inside yet can’t quite verbalize. Welcome to the spiritual dough podcast, the show that answers the questions you never even knew to ask. But you the answers to questions about you this world, the people in it? And most importantly, how do I proceed? Now moving forward? We don’t claim to have all the answers but we sure do love living in the question. Time for another hit of spiritual dub with your host Brandon Handley. Let’s get right to today’s episode.

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Hey there spiritual dope I’m on today with a special guests are all special, aren’t they? Tracy Laurie is a high profile international award winning publicist and is the Founder and Managing Director of lemare Media Incorporated, a universal Women’s Network 2020 woman of inspiration winner for the women in Media Award and author of the upcoming book, get wrapped. Those are brands with effective public and media relations. She is a well known longtime advocate on a myriad of important worldwide issues and an award winning international publicists working across industries, from major entertainment projects to small businesses, there is more you’re gonna have, you’re gonna have to go figure it out for yourself and check into that. Tracy, super excited to have you here. easily start these off with I know, we talked a little bit about, you know, kind of your spiritual journey, how you feel about woowoo. But we’re just gonna throw this one out there anyways, for you, um, you know, kind of believe in the idea that, you know, source speaks through us at all times. Right. And while you and I are gonna have this conversation, there’s a message coming through you today that somebody is going to hear on this podcast that can only be delivered through you. What is that message today?

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Oh, I hope it’s I hope at the end of the day, it’s in line or not even lightning, just positive one. And I think that not that toxic positivity stuff, but the kind of positivity, where you walk away from it. You know, actually, yeah, I feel better. You know, I feel pretty good and pretty pumped now that I heard that they can do that. So, which is a lot that’s spirituality too, because if we’re not, you know, vibing on the right, you know what I mean? If we’re not on the right, what do you even, you know, we take ourselves to different, like, if you’re not on the radar, since I came into the world, but you know, that synchronicity or that, like, if we’re vibing, low, we’re gonna like it slow for vibing Hi, good things happen. So I feel like you’re positive, you’re open. So you want your you know, you want to be

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positive? Yeah, absolutely. You know, you want to have that. You want to be on the right frequency. But thank you, for so so it was funny that Tracy, I was looking, I was looking at some of your profile, some of the people that you worked with, and some of the events that you’ve been in. While this is a spiritual dope podcast, I see. You’ve done some cannabis business ones as well. Right. So

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for me, I mean, I was a Medical Cannabis Patient, but there are people who, you know, like that right? and stuff. So

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yeah, yeah, look, I mean, it’s like, it’s all part of it. Right? You know, you can’t convince me otherwise. And you know, just because just because somebody says, Yeah, it doesn’t mean whatever. Anywho. So I think, you know, one of the things that we’re going to talk about today is actually the genesis of how this podcast got started, which was, I’ve met up with a woman named Regina Lawrence, who had a pretty great spiritual, spiritual marketing business. That’s right. And I think, I think the idea here is, you know, you’ve got some tools, and you’ve worked with some clients in the past, who have elevated their own spirituality, brand and blend and taking themselves out of this corner of like, you know, being like, why me or I shouldn’t be the one. Let’s talk about how, you know, somebody can leverage some PR to share their spiritual message, and quite possibly even make money a business out of it, heaven forbid, right? So let’s talk about what that looks like. Or you know, just talk about maybe what you specialize and then we can get into

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it all once. So basically, my business started because I was getting it wasn’t to look for a company that would make me the most money or to you know, all the great things that happened to me as a result of this amazing PR company that started none of that was in my mind’s eye was literally helping another person. And then the skills that I built over the years helping that person who ended up with an innocent man who was on death row was was released 20 years later, so factually innocent, but that’s but my part of that story is the skills that I developed in terms well I mean, that was just volunteers that just out of passion and wanting to help this person who you know, like honestly, I’m so grateful that we that he’s out because he taught us to have him on your on your podcast one day took them spiritual message, but um, Yeah, so basically, you know, we don’t we can be, you know, I think it’s a actually, it just struck me that I wanted to say this, because you know, we talk about spirituality, you talk about being chosen for something, or they feel called to something. And that’s not the kind of language I normally use. But that’s not in my vernacular, right. But when I look back on a 20 year campaign that I literally started as a 28 year old with zero money, no skills in this stuff. No, you know, it’s like, it was fun, though, not because we were dumb enough or cared enough to be dumb enough to think we could make a difference. Who knows. But it’s like that was assigned to us. That crazy thing that you couldn’t even imagine, you know, we didn’t think of it in those terms then. But you know, when you look back on it, what how did we how and why did we get it was it became a lifetime thing, like we’re 51 for 2120 years, we do that campaign. And since then, it’s been five years since Jimmy’s been released, we still, you know, friends, we’re now the republicans. He’s a singer. And now we have a veto. We do that sounds good. But I mean, really, I think something like you call or you, you may feel like a spark and then even say, who calls you or whatever, but you’re in a position. You are, you know, you are like there’s a spark there that you can set off and that you can do something, but most people don’t, because we don’t have the confidence in ourselves, or we don’t feel like, oh, why would it be me that would I can’t do that. I can’t. And that reminds me of the reasons it struck me even those Bible stories, you know, where all of a sudden God but like, and I’m not saying I’m by God, but all of us, every human being for whatever thing, right? You know, those stories, like God would say, do this, and then they’d be like, but me I’m not capable of that. I can’t ever do that. I’m not the one pick someone more powerful. I’m not even a big Bible reader. But that’s like a theme. There’s a couple things you got in the Bible, right? where people were like, God specifically told them to do this. And they were like, well, it’s not me pick someone else. So I think we all just say pick someone else, whether whether we believe it’s a God doing that, whether we believe it’s an idea whether we believe whatever it is, we often think that we’re not good enough, like pick someone else. To do those big things. Someone else should be doing any I’ll follow and do a little bit. But I think to me, my spiritual message that I’ve learned in my life is like you are called on to do less things. Everyone of us, not just me, Tracy, or you, Brandon, but all of us. And if we don’t, we’re leaving part of our responsibility behind you know, so when you do those good things, good things happen. Yeah.

Brandon Handley 7:21
So I mean, right. So you’re speaking, just speaking the right language. Right. Yeah. And in terms of, you know, definitely following that spark, right. There’s that spark that you? A lot of people will call that, if you’re a fan of Joseph Campbell, and I’m not sure if you are the hero’s journey for our myth, right? So it’s the idea that that’s the hero’s call, right? That spark that that you kind of heard, right, that you felt it’s kind of like the hero’s call, and you can you can reply to it. Right? You can say, you know, not me, not today, but it’s not really ever gonna go away. But it sounds like what happened was, you kind of had the hero’s call, and you just answered it, you’re like, Yeah, why not? Right. And the thing that happens is really is what you’re saying is that, you know, once you, you hit on something to like, what you say you’re dumb enough to believe that, you know, we can make a difference? Well, all you got to do is start taking that action. And the thing is, is like, exactly that first step. Yeah. You could, you could, since you’ve never done it before, you didn’t know a wrong way to do it, really. So you just went ahead. And

Tracy Lamourie 8:32
I think that’s, I think that’s how I I think that’s my whole career right there. Not just that activism. But really, that’s so funny, because like, after all that I thought it at 40 went, Oh, gee, you know, wait a minute, I don’t have to do a million sales calls. Now for something I don’t care about. How many says 15 years of like, really effective work that I could. And when I finally thought, gee, I could be it’s gonna call the public. That’s, you know, I could like, wait a minute. But yeah, that’s exactly the kind of thing I didn’t I never met a publicist. Until recently, I didn’t read any publicist books. I didn’t go to any public school, or I just learned how public public image so if I was trying to build a public image, like, you know, meaning not like build an image, but like, show that celebrate show you what you do, what would I do I do this I do. So I just made it all up to the point where an LA client of my hood fire like, previous la publicists tire me literally said, you know, you don’t do more than like other publicists. And now that now I’m like, I didn’t even know cuz I didn’t know what the perimeters were. I just knew well, well, you know, so it’s exactly what you say, you just got to make sure. Like, it’s a good thing. It’s a good thing after all.

Brandon Handley 9:34
Yeah, I mean, I think it’s great, right? That one of the one of the big things in you know, social media space today, and I think for the past year or so, it’s been like this. You got to be your authentic self, right. You know, be your authentic self, this and how to be authentic. And sounds like you just went ahead and you were authentic. Anyways, you know, details be damned, and you’re like, well, this is kind of how we’re doing it. And we’re doing it in a way that it sounds To me, like, it resonated with the person that you already were right? It’s not like you were doing something you didn’t like to do. Because if I’m reading a lot of your testimonials, it’s like they love I mean, you can hear the energy that you bring here, right on the podcast, I love the energy that you bring, you’re enthused to do the work and you just kind of enjoy what it is that you get the opportunity to do. What would you say? Like when I think about what a marketer does, when I think about what a coach does, and when I think about like, kind of sales, I always think about that, you’re really just trying to bring out the best of what your client has to offer. How would you How would you? You know, what would you say PR is?

Tracy Lamourie 10:45
I hit on this in the podcast, because somebody said, you know, they was talking about how they like, I really like you. And I always thought that publicist is more like, you know, like, Hi, you know, they thought that publicist is just what we think of as PR. But the bad, the politician is nasty, and you need somebody in there to make it look like that. You know, a person instead of a sow’s ear, or whatever it is, right. But no, so it’s not spin, I could do spin. I mean, I’m good at words, but I don’t like and that’s not what I do. Like, I like to do it, because I take on people that I like what they’re doing. They’re ethical people doing good things, whether it’s a creative, or whether it’s a small business person, or you know, whatever. It’s the person that’s doing it that I connect with, that’s a human that hires me that I trust, and I like, right. And then yeah, so I say it’s about PR isn’t about spin, at least the way I do it, what I do is what else this just hit me in a podcast, like it was from God. And, and then I’ve been quoting it ever since elevating, and celebrating, literally elevate and celebrate. So what they’re already doing awesome things, but about hiding it or or, or reshaping it, or boxing them into what they should look like. because like you said, Authenticity, and genuine is huge. To me, it’s what I do in my business. It’s what I preach. It’s what I advise, when I see people trying to win, people don’t really understand what that means that the lack of self confidence are trying to be phony, but they’re trying to be what they think people would expect to see someone in that position would be like, at the other day, I had a potential client he was like, and actually his story is a spiritual one, which I didn’t even know to the beginning. Because he approached me for a business, you know, he’s like that this thing, business idea, whatever, blah, blah. And he’s like, no, yeah, I can help you with that. No problem. As we’re talking, he really connected with me and be like, you know what I wanted to ask you, I feel like because I have this other thing I want to do. I’m writing this book, which was about, I don’t know, his whole spirit. He mentioned that was spiritual to what he used. And so but he didn’t really break down yet what the details were, but that he was like, but you know, I don’t want to confuse you. I want to hire you as a process. And I want to have this new public image. But I don’t want to confuse people. Because here I am the entrepreneur with this message helping entrepreneurs. And then I had this book, and I was the guy. And I was thinking about it. Like in the terms of the way he phrased it for me. And I said, Hold on a minute, wait a minute, stop being not genuine. And he’s like, What do you mean? Because he wasn’t? I was thinking about what you’re saying. You’re like, how should I present myself here? What would be the correct? And then what would be good? When you get that you’re saying there’s two completely different things, but they’re not, they’re both you, they’re you. And it doesn’t mean that you’re going to be talking about the spiritual side when you’re in a hard business audience or that you’re going to be talking about the opposite. But I mean, they’re both legitimately you made of you and your experiences. Now, it doesn’t mean when you stand on stage, you may be talking about one, you may be talking about the other, you may not at all mentioned the other, or you might it doesn’t matter there, it’s not separate. They’re not two different things. It’s one it’s you, you talking about different things in different forums. So, but he thought that that was like, going to confuse the public. And why does that confuse because you want to create nothing you want to be you think you have to create this public image? And I don’t want to confuse that public image. No, no, that’s Tracy right there. And that’s Tracy there. And it’s true. Your trade. You know, it’s the same Tracy whether I’m talking about like you brought up the cannabis, if I talked about my cannabis advocacy from 10 years ago as a medical patient, I hope Yeah, that’s what I did. I did that too, you know, and the definitely thing like, I could go on to podcast how the hard business podcast I talked about, and when people say to me, books, they all do. Tell me about how you got started in PR. I couldn’t say oh, well, you know, I learned to write a press release and advocacy work. And then I decided to make it a business. And that’s true. There’s no lie there. But you know, what, if I don’t tell their story about Jimmy, it’s not because I want people to think you know, I’m awesome. And I started to charity. But if I don’t tell that story, you get a whole different picture of who Tracy is. Now I’m just an international award winning publicist. That’s not even who I want to be if you don’t understand that there’s a deep social active component out to me, you know that because I didn’t get famous to be famous publicist, you know, I didn’t like this.

Brandon Handley 14:27
Right. And so that’s also another piece of of, I think, a lot of people’s journey, right? Like they see maybe they see Tracy as as international award winning publicist, and they want to do the things that you did to get there, but you did it with a different intent, right, what was internal what the internal drive was to get you to where you are today, was really, you know, if you want to play whoo for a minute is really what gave provision to you to create this business. So that you could do this, this deed, right so that you can run this 20 year campaign, right?

Tracy Lamourie 15:05
No, that was after he was out by the truckload. I guess we started the business while he was still in. But yeah, it was close to the end. But yeah, that’s, it’s, it’s just everything you say you made me think of like other things. I’m thinking about things in a different way, in this podcast that normally, you know, because of the whole tournament, but yeah, it’s true.

Brandon Handley 15:21
So I mean, and again, right, like if we do like any it’s just you put out like this such a high vibration of love giving kindness and and like you said, was this idea of leaving the world a better place? And you know, kind of when you when you found it, so why wouldn’t it work out for you? Right? Like, why wouldn’t it work out for you, if that’s your if that’s what is driving you now, then I bring that up, because there’s a lot of people that want to go be publicists just to make money just to get rich and XYZ. And while there’s nothing wrong with that, they’re not gonna find like the same ease of way that you’re doing it like you’re talking about this guy, right? You talking about this potential client, he’s got, he’s got this business image. And he’s got this guy who he really is just has a fever to be, right. And he goes, Well, I don’t want to I don’t want to confuse people. But why should those two be separate? Right? Because he’s gonna have, he’s already having a challenge with creating this image of who he wants people to see. And he’s got this longing to be the person that he is.

Tracy Lamourie 16:16
Yeah, this put it all together. It’s the same person, you know, like, it’s, but also one thing, too, when you said that thing, the really nice ones that you just said about, you know, doing this kindness, and why shouldn’t the good things happen? It’s funny, because I’m not like, I’m not a really religious person, you can tell when I want to even say to this, like talking about God, I even get uncomfortable, you know, because it’s not really like, but it’s, but it’s like God saying to me, it snapped out of it. Because like, everything had shown me all the time. Really, it’s like, seriously, you’re not? How do you not believe this is from another? Like, there’s no, you know, it’s really hard to maintain that. Especially when my husband said to me, he was definitely a believer. And he said to me, I’m like, What did he say? He says, you know, he’s going to probably, oh, all these crazy good things that have thrown me like, How is this even happening? How are we like, how am I even in the position where I’m talking to this person? Or could it be the publicist for this? Or like, how I literally, I was working in a call center 20 years ago, where I’ll be like, how did this you know, and my husband is like, because you know, not only the Jimmy Dennis thing, but as we got involved with a dot, they’ve opened their eyes with the whole death penalty, we won’t go into too much. But like, we for a while that we were like, really serious advocates of the death penalty in general, from guilty people, innocent people, just the whole system in general was like, really disturbing to us early 20s. And so through our work that we did, speaking to people, not the way we do is the only person that we were like, really had a campaign for an innocence campaign. But we spoke about the death penalty was but what other issues whenever, and there were people, even guilty people, people who were executed people who were like, because I don’t know whether they did wrong, whatever, but you know, when they’re alone in that moment between them and God, you know, before they’re gonna get killed, or 20 1020 years after whatever they did, and they’re alone in the cell, wondering, whatever they did to get whatever people go through in their mind when, I don’t know, I’ve never been in that situation. But I believe that more a lot of people are not necessarily the person that we think they are, when they’re going through those years of introspection alone with themselves in their garden, their darkness, you know, and my husband said to me, do you know cuz I know cuz he wrote to us and said it. There was a guy that was destitute in 2000. I have no idea if it was guilty or not named Stacy Lawton. But after he was executed in Texas, he sent me a letter and I still got it. Someone the ended, said, believe in Jesus. He’s believed in God, he’s glad or something, and a little heart. And whenever I say always remember that when I think of, you know, my husband said, Do you know how many people prayed for us? Because they did. They would always say, I’m praying for you, like death row prisoners, you know, who are getting the lowest of the low, nobody cares. But that’s between them and God, we don’t know. Right? But people like that are praying hard. And what if there really is a God that listens to the the heartfelt prayers like that? Wouldn’t those be the ones that listen to some Thank you know, for? I got nothing on me. But the desperate person is, according to the Bible, which I don’t know, I’m not a Christian. But according to the Bible, the whole thing is like, you know, forgive whenever there’s nothing that God can’t forgive. And you whenever and whenever, and not as it’s a play thing, like where people sit, claim that, but imagine if people truly, if the Bible as it exists, as they say it exists, if all that is true, and those people truly believed that, and they truly with their hearts, do what the Bible says, which when they fall on the ground, sorry for their sins, pray to God or whatever they do, right, whatever the Bible says, people do that. I haven’t I haven’t had that. But what if they did that? And one of their prayer was, you know, Dave and Tracy because thank them for Dave and Tracy for the things that they’ve been doing for me because nobody else was. There was a lot of people that were helping when nobody else was gonna go to maybe all this good stuff is just like, when people say God bless you, maybe he did.

Unknown Speaker 19:38
I don’t know. Yeah,

Brandon Handley 19:39
yeah. Yeah. 100% Whoo. Well, not not weird at all right? And I mean, that’s, again, I think nude. That’s, that’s kind of the journey though, right? Because it’s weird, but then you start thinking about it. You’re like, well, I could actually see this working here. So I guess I guess Oh, right. Albert Einstein has the line of either everything’s a miracle or nothing is a miracle. Right. So which one do you want to choose? That’s a good one. I’ve never heard that one. Yeah, that’s good. You talked about you talked about, you know, it’s got to be heartfelt, right? Like these heartfelt prayers. And that’s, that’s, that is that is key, right? Having a true emotion and coming from a place of sincerity. Right? And, and, you know, so that that does certainly play into sending out like those, those, those high vibrations, they’re sending over to Tracy, right? They’re like, hey, Tracy, you know, nobody else is hearing me or listening to me. And, you know, let’s just pretend there is a God, but we are, where I come from I I use source right sources easier for me to to get out of my mouth.

Tracy Lamourie 20:47
Yeah, like, that’s actually I might start quoting you on that, because that makes me more comfortable to actually, because God is so full of like, all these preconceptions of what do people think? And what do you believe? What does it mean to you? And yeah, I know, that’s why I don’t I’m always like, looking uncomfortable. even go there. Like, you know, it’s, I’m gonna quote you source anyway.

Brandon Handley 21:09
Call. I’m still there with you on the same bit. Right. But so then, like, you know, it, it comes to and, you know, it’s working through you. So sources working through us for their prayers, right, that’s how I would see it in this scenario. Right. And, and, you know, so So again, you know, there you go, like, you are blessed, and you are, you know, kind of doing your doing God’s work.

Tracy Lamourie 21:35
And why he would pick the crazy red haired girl, I don’t know. But he picks on if there is a God, he picks all of us, we just don’t always hear the call, right?

Brandon Handley 21:45
More people hear the call than not. And I think that you talked about it several times, on, at least one of the podcasts I listened to was like, you know, why would somebody pick me? It’s like, if, if, if not you then who type of thing? Right? So let’s talk a little bit about that. Let’s say that, you know, I am a client, I call up and we’re talking and, and I’m like, and I’m like, Alright, well, I’ve got this idea. But I don’t know that this is big enough to put out there. I don’t know, you know, crazy, why should I? Why should I take my business and try and go public with it? What What do you start telling people and talk them through?

Tracy Lamourie 22:19
So if someone says, Yeah, what if there was, there’s no reason not to do in business now there’s no way they’re like, it’s like saying, I don’t want to, I don’t wanna have a customer. You know, it’s the same thing, because it literally is. So originally, when I started up, what I was thinking it was doing for the businesses was I was thinking, obviously, but the customer, you know, attracting some of the same things ads do but more powerfully, because the third party credibility and all that because you can’t, you can buy an ad, but you can’t buy an interview with a credible source, right? So so. So partly, you build up your obviously obvious is like attract customers, the third party credibility when you it’s good for your SEO, when you put it on your website, it’s all you know, it looks sharp and nice. And it differentiates you from your competitor and all that. So all that is the obvious to me, but maybe not to everybody cuz you’re thinking marketing that PR, but then also one client told me after literally six weeks of working together, I said isn’t a lot of podcast, because it literally went this way. She said, you’ve you’ve changed my business in my life. And I get a lot of accolades, as you mentioned my testimonials, but that was like, you know, in six weeks, you changed my business. And I said, What do you mean, and she said, You made investors take us more seriously, I hadn’t thought of that, cuz I’m not a finance girl. They were she was in the pre seed funding stage, going for seed funding. And so there you go, if you’re, let’s say, you’re in a startup, everybody has a beautiful deck saying nice things about themselves with pretty images, anybody can get a graphic designer, but they want to get off the deck. And I go and Google to see who these people are sure, I’m gonna see your pay history and where you worked and all that. But if I then see, like what I did for my client, six articles, two of them talking about how your power woman in the industry to others in the industry talking about this innovative idea that I then you know, you went and got and won an award for innovation, because we’re always looking for those kind of things to in your industry. And now you’re in that we get caught. So now, two weeks later, you know, you’re internationally quoted, right? Because you’ve recorded here and there you so all this stuff, elevate you, it gets you the noise with so much noise these days. Right, that how do you differentiate, especially with all the socials all the way ever? So you have to be thinking about that if you’re just sitting there. You know, if you’re a card, if you’re like a car dealer guy or doing your own, and you only worry about that, like, it doesn’t matter what your job is, if you’re only doing your job, there’s somebody in your industry, who is doing that job plus talking about it and developing a thought leadership for themselves. Thought Leadership, that phrase, you know, and why does that matter? Again, it’s it doesn’t just matter if you’re building a brand if you have a book to sell, it literally is about you know, these days, we all know people search you on the internet if we’re gonna hire you for a job if they’re gonna say you want to you know, build up your public credibility in what you do, like show people, how have the confidence to show people what you do, basically, it’s a new it’s a it’s a and people say, Well, why should I be like What would they want to eat? Why would they want to interview me, I’m just, I’m just, and I hear that all the time, people don’t realize the people that that you see in your industry, or whether getting awards or be interviewed, they’re just the people that you just know, they just the people that had a better publicist, or that knew how to reach out to media, or that told the media what they’re doing, because media will not find you. They don’t like if they’re doing a story on doctors, they don’t sit there and look far and wide for the best doctor in the world. And they, they look in their Rolodex to see who’s reached out to them, and who do they have as a contact, and maybe they might reach out to somebody. But generally, when they do that it’s through PR service and say, do you have a client who, instead of actually calling them, you know, these days, so or if you’re reaching out, if you built you don’t need the publicist, if you’re doing this on your own, if you’re developing your thought leadership, you’ve got some articles you’ve got. So you really need to, like think beyond just what you do these days, if you you know, in order to, to make it more successful. And that could it’s not arrogant, because it’s a matter of, it’s not like, hey, I want to be in the media, it’s a matter of use, it’s a tool that you can use to build whatever you’re doing, if it’s a message. It’s maybe not even a business could be a book or could be just a message. I have a lot of people who just want to share something and inspiring story that happened to them or, you know, public speaker, they want to be a speaker, you know,

Brandon Handley 26:13
right? Well, I think I think, from what I’m hearing, you say it sounds a little bit like it comes down to like self belief, right? And believing that you’re worth it to put yourself out there you believe in what you have to share. What is I’m not sure this is a stat or something that you would think of offhand. But in terms of social media reach, what does adding a PR agent do to boosts your reach beyond social media?

Tracy Lamourie 26:43
So yeah, we’re talking about real media, media. And obviously, using the real media, you put that on social media, and it expands and people get excited about it, and all your network will share it. Like for example, I had one client hired me literally, this doesn’t always happen. But the next day had got her an interview for exactly what she needed, what you want to be talking about, in Good Housekeeping magazine, which is one of the, you know, 150 year old American print magazine, the one one of the few magazines on every checkout counter. So it’s huge. And so yeah, so she was literally she has no media, she’s just starting out her business as a life coach. And on paper, she had nothing differentiate herself from all the other life coaches. She’s awesome. But what’s different on paper, what’s different on a website, so she wanted to share a story, she decided to start sharing her personal story, which in her case, is about living successfully with bipolar. And so then literally the next day there is publicist, she didn’t How would she share that makeup, she can make a medium page start, you know, but me I can go right away to my policy and started looking through all the things all the media sources, what media is going to be interviewing, who, what they went, and I found Good Housekeeping reporter looking into the women between 25 and 40, who were willing to share their story about bipolar luck of the draw literally the next day that after she hired me, and I pitched her that almost missed the deadline. But I was like, I research the reporter, because you don’t just want to be blind and said, Hey, I think you were really like this story. This is a woman who started to share with me and said all the things that I knew that will connect with our border, because the vibe, right. And she picked my client, my client who’d never been in any media before I did an awesome job because she knows her stuff. And sure enough, she was the next issue of good housekeeping in print. And now literally, she’s been with me, she’s just a single working person, she doesn’t miss a month with me, I give her really cheap deals. And you know, she doesn’t miss a month because she’s got that that does her business, every single anything she wants to speak on now, anything to do with mental health mindset, whatever. We’re just like, cleanser, Alvarez as seen in good housekeeping. I’m not my mental illness, and it’s like, put her on the she literally has been on everything she can feel speaking, she’s been in the book, that’s literally because she paid a publicist, you know, half $1,000, I gave her a good deal that I started reaching out. So we just have access to like, number one opportunities that aren’t easy to find, right. And then also, just, if you spend one month with a publicist, I always say even if it’s only a month, after the end of the month, and you take your money and go home, you’ll have that pitch, you’ll have a different understanding that you didn’t have before because most entrepreneurs, and all of us we understand ads, we had to sell advertising, but how do we get how do you break that editorial barrier? And it’s not just them? Yeah, you first you got to reach out to them, you got to get the credit information. But then also you have to understand what you’re giving them, they do not want to add, you can burn a bridge as easy as you can build one, and your media pool is limited. So you don’t want to start sending them crap that’ll make them not open your next email. You know, so for people listening, who have spiritual businesses or whatever, your business is the same as anybody else like and in fact, there’s a lot of media opportunities for people to speak on the spiritual side, whether it’s Christian stuff, whether it’s woowoo, whether it’s about psychic, whether it’s about all those things, there’s, you know, there’s a ton of media, obviously, the publications gives you that there’s there’s media and podcasts geared to that. But also there’s you know, mainstream media opportunities if you’re watching, like a publicist does, you know for the with you in mind, I think could speak to that. That’s what my client would answer.

Brandon Handley 29:57
Oprah you get I want to get also What is it? So? So? So that’s great, it’s great. Right? So I mean, I think I think what I’m hearing you say really is that if you’ve got a message, and you know, this isn’t exclusive to spirituality, but again, you know, people listening to this podcast are going to be in the spiritual space. And if you, you got, if you want to get beyond, if you want to kind of have some kind of explosive growth and get beyond like, you know, keeping up with your Insta posts, and keeping up with your tweets and all this other stuff and have something that kind of shows you that you believe in yourself a little bit more, right. And I think that that’s really what it indicates is, you know, a small investment in yourself that shows you that you believe in in yourself, and what you’re doing to start doing what you say you love to do.

Tracy Lamourie 30:53
Yeah, exactly. I mean, you are an expert. And like I said, something, you know, if your, whatever your business is, or your book, or whatever you’re an expert in, or you wouldn’t be doing it, you know, so that, you know, you said the self belief. And if you’re having trouble thinking like jumping to the media component, just think it’s what I say to people, you know, why are you not on TV, you know, you’re awesome at whatever you’re doing wired on TV, the why you’re not being interviewed while you’re doing a media weekend. And they’re like, why would they interview me? And then you know, and say, well, you’re an expert. They’re like, Well, yeah, but okay, start with a Yeah, but you wouldn’t be if you’re in business, or you wrote a book, whatever. But if you’re in business, you wouldn’t be taking people’s money to do something if you didn’t think you were an expert. Right? Right. Exactly. And then of course, there are, no, of course not. Exactly. So take that same confidence that you build a business on YouTube, even starting your business, the confidence that you had to say, you know what, I can do that people pay me for that, because I do that better than other people. I do that, you know, and realize I have knowledge, and it doesn’t matter if you I always say if you’re I don’t say this because he’s a lower Java, people think these are normal jobs that don’t. But you know, whether you work in a hotel, whether you the lawn guy, whether you have knowledge we don’t have there are things that you do that we don’t know, there’s media for you to talk about that specifically. Plus you have knowledge about stuff you don’t even realize, you know, about, you know, around that, that you don’t that that, you know, there are like media opportunities for this the most basic things you like, open up an SEO guy, you can’t get me interviewed, an SEO guy hired me. And I almost thought that for a minute. But then I thought, No, I looked into the space before I took his money. I was like, No, no, no, I can. And do you know that I got that client, more media than any other client, the SEO guy. Because there’s, there are lots of things where you can be quoted just a matter of you got to have a publicist, or someone showing them you.

Brandon Handley 32:33
So well, this has been awesome. I think it’s very eye opening for anybody who, again, in the spirituality space, uncertain. And I think that this plays right into like, my little. I like to think of this as kind of like, spirituality speed dating, that we’re doing here, right, like so, you know, got a bunch of spiritual listeners out there. And, you know, if they wanted to date you, Tracy, in the spirituality, space and spirituality realm, there’s a question that I would ask you, what is it that prevents people from living to their full potential?

Tracy Lamourie 33:10
I would say comes that believing in themselves, it really comes down to that. It really does. Everything does because I always say life’s a pitch, right? That’s a P, not a, b. But you know, before that, you can’t you can’t pitch Yes, it is true to think about it, whether it’s getting a job or apply for an apartment, or whatever it is, you’ve got to convince somebody, you know, strangers that you know, you’re okay, right. So or the story or, or a job application. So yeah, so, you know, that’s what it’s all about, and your life is a pitch and you’ve got to believe in your own pitch. You’ve got to believe in yourself. And, you know, honestly, people, people say, oh, believe in yourself. I think people are going yeah, but what does that even mean? How, but honestly, just that people don’t even know who they are from them. So they don’t have to, they’re too nervous to walk it when they walk into a room like that’s when the cooler I am I people don’t actually know who they are. You are, you know, are they think they have to be someone else because they’re thinking they have to present as that. Like I said, to give a call here. I don’t want to confuse people. But really just have the confidence and feel like realize that when you go into that room, and you feel nervous to step into that room and use a bit scared, realize that literally 99% of the other people like I like that, too. I’m super out there and exuberant, whatever. But I had moments after I had my baby when I was 18 years ago, and I’ve been stuck home all the time for a while. And I didn’t even realize I went out and all of a sudden those two I don’t think anyone else noticed. But I’ve talked and I have something in my mind. I’m like, I felt like I was stumbling over my words. I don’t think I was but I felt all of a sudden had this discomfort around people, which which is not me. Certainly not now, but for a while. And then I when I got out of that as late after that I was doing TV for like, social justice stuff. Because that it’s not me. It’s about that. And then I realized so I became known for that. So when I walk in the room, people are looking at me, like, oh, there’s a celebrity in that world, you know, ready to talk. So I realized, Oh, I can’t be that person who’s nervous in the room. And then I realized they’re all nervous in the room. They’re waiting for somebody to take control. Just be like, hey, and even if that’s just like, Hey guys, how you doing? If you do that, like just try it one day, if you feel nervous in the room and everybody else’s no one’s making, you’ll be the one to be like, Hey everybody, how’s it going, and just smile and feel confident. And you’ll literally feel in the room. The relief because somebody everybody’s waiting for somebody to do that. Everyone feels that way. So if you don’t feel confident, realize most people don’t either. And so they’re not judging you. They’re judging themselves. So stop judging yourself and just be and then you know, your your level of confidence will hopefully, the difference between confidence and arrogance, don’t be arrogant, your level of confidence will raise other people’s confidence.

Brandon Handley 35:38
Now that rice has been able to walk into the room and try and change the, the energy of the room, right, just by being comfortable enough to step into your own skin. So you also know I think you have a you have a book coming out that’s going to speak to a lot of what we talked about on the podcast, when can we when When is that going to be out? And what’s it gonna be called?

Tracy Lamourie 36:01
That is going to be called get wrapped to build your brand with effective public and media relations. Nice,

Brandon Handley 36:06
nice and was it throughout

Tracy Lamourie 36:08
early summer was saying that it was it was supposed to be out already, my publisher will say, but I had actually pulled it back to add a few things. I learned a bunch of stuff over COVID just the way people who had previously built their brand successfully, and then they bled all over their page and ruined other hard work. I thought it’d be good to add a couple of you know, cautionary tales.

Brandon Handley 36:25
Sure, that’s fair. That’s fair. And where should I send people to go find you and have some more Tracy memori?

Tracy Lamourie 36:32
Yeah, and I do work internationally. If anybody does have any message anyone the English speaking world memori Or they can find me on Instagram. Tracy lemare pr media on LinkedIn is a great place to connect with me or Facebook and Tracy lemare. Awesome. Thanks so much for being on today. Thank you, Brandon. It’s been a ton of fun. Give me a lot to think about.

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Spiritual Dope Freedomcast

Brandon Handley 0:00
What is going on? It is another Fourth of July, another BJJ, report, nother day where we will get the opportunity to celebrate our freedom. And I’m not sure that we do that as often as we could, as often as we should, but don’t be a shithead. As often as we could we take for granted. take for granted whoever we take for granted, what freedom means, and exactly what we are free from. And exactly what we can do with that freedom.

Unknown Speaker 0:58

Brandon Handley 1:00
generally consider freedom of movement, our largest freedom, we consider freedom of

Unknown Speaker 1:13

Brandon Handley 1:16
to say all this stupid shit we want to say. And the thing that I don’t know, that we consider as our greatest freedom is our freedom of thought, or three, freedom to express ourselves or freedom to participate in something larger than ourselves, our freedom to contribute to the the good. And I’m not sure that we recognize it, in a sense, and

Unknown Speaker 2:02

Brandon Handley 2:04
it’s easy to see. And just like every holiday. We think that it’s all commercialize, and there is a large portion of it. That has been commercialized. But I think that what we fail to recall is how we got here, how did we get this freedom that we have now? How do we get this freedom that we have now we got this freedom by way of our forefathers like it or not stupid shit that they did or not? Because they had a vision, because they had a passion that was ignited, they had a passion that was shared. They had a belief not only in what they could bring about, but what they could share what that what that looked like, hundreds of years out. What was it going to look like? And if they had not shared it at all, that they didn’t have this shared vision if they didn’t have this shared sense of purpose

Unknown Speaker 3:37
of being

Brandon Handley 3:40
have the desire to contribute to the greater good of the whole. Then what would we have? Where would we be? Man instead of looking at the things that you don’t enjoy about the holiday, I saw somebody complaining about the Fourth of July today, talking about the celebration to the explosives and some other stuff and I get it. I get it. There’s some PTSD that can happen. There’s some other things that can happen and we all want to be seen. We all want to be heard. We all want our sensitivities to be recognized and seen. We want to be acknowledged. We do want to be acknowledged for the things that we’ve done, the way that we’ve contributed to everything. But I also believe that takes away from the celebration, do you that freedom that you’ve got to make that request comes by way Have people that were willing to sacrifice their lives give up their way of being hundreds of years ago, hundreds of years ago so that you could have this freedom of thought. The ability to express that freedom with thought by freedom of speech. You also have the ability again, to contribute to something larger than yourself just like these people did. When you find an injustice, when you find a cause that you can advocate for you know that through spiritual audio and then spiritual dope, I believe we can advocate for some awesome mental health. And I love I love the I love the change the we’re a part

Unknown Speaker 5:57
of it right

Brandon Handley 5:58
now we’re in the midst of such a an amazing piece of revolutionary times ourselves. And it’s, it’s interesting to to be a part of that. For anybody that came through the industrial age, that was a revolution, not sure what they’ll name this revolution. But we’re seeing we’re seeing an explosion of, of self of repressed self expression, for fear of who you been waiting to be. Or at least trying to be and wanting to be. We get to see that everywhere with the, with the transgender with no pride. It’s just amazing to me. That was like 3040 years ago, you had to come out of the closet, you had to hide who you were, at least even in sense of your sexual preference. Even just a sexual exploration. Yet the high that there was fear there. Now, we just finished up Pride Month, got a whole month, dedicated to it. How’s that not a revolution. It’s a revolution of itself, even in the sense of the word, revolve circle, come around. It’s absolutely a revolution. revolution

Unknown Speaker 7:45

Brandon Handley 7:48
people not going back to work, even though there are jobs for them to have and do. Because they value their minds. And their sense of well being in a holistic sense of the word. More than $12 an hour. They, it’s a revolution. It’s nothing short of being able to participate in that is amazing. And again, that’s what we’re celebrating today. The American Revolution,

Unknown Speaker 8:32

Brandon Handley 8:35
we were first afforded this where people stood up for this where people helped to make this happen. iterations, increments. revolutions are not something that is easily visible at the time in the midst of it. And usually, if you’re if you’re like, right now, if you’re in the midst of a revolution, you’re probably at the top of the wheel. What does that mean? means that when a wheel is in momentum, and there’s an imbalance on it, or a weight on it in a certain position, as it has come to the top as it is crested. It’s going to continue the other way, you know, for right now the revolution that waits on the top of the wheel and it’s just spinning around right now. Or as other people it’s called the flywheel. And since I don’t know what the flywheel is, suffice to say that you are in the part of revolution, and today Fourth of July, is a celebration of that celebration of the revolution that came before celebration of the freedom of thought that’s been afforded because of it, the revolution that you’re in a part of, in the midst of now, all that came before it and all that are ahead of it. A revolution isn’t a singular instance. You’re in a car and I’m in a car right now, rpm, revolutions per minute. That’s a circular motion, how many times does it go round until it gets you to where you want it to get you to? So 400 years ago, give or take? You know, we had we had a revolution that gave us gave us this, this possibility gave us this moment. And I think the inspiration, the celebration shouldn’t be an inspiration to you. The shows that should a group of people come together to contribute to a greater whole, for a better future of all of mankind, womankind, humankind, for all for the contribution to the greater good. Then exactly where it is. If there’s not something else to celebrate, I don’t know what it is. They gave themselves they gave their passions, they gave their creative abilities. They gave everything that they had. They left it all on the line. And my buddy Dave, love it, when he talks about he wants nothing left. Nothing left on the nothing left on the tires, nothing left. When it’s all said and done. Complete disintegration into the end, I want to be all juiced up, nothing left. Giving everything that I am, who I am to this life, the way that I believe our forefathers did.

Unknown Speaker 12:10
The way that

Brandon Handley 12:12
many, many others came before us. And I think the revolution is synonymous and a part of evolution. And as we again, just take a look at the celebration on the Fourth of July, what is your evolution look like? What is your revolution look like? What is it look like for you to be able to express your thoughts, your freedom to think if Free to Choose your freedom of choice, to accept or disagree with that line of thinking with with the way that anybody thinks has been afforded by those that came before you. And the establishment of this nation. That’s was my interpretation and the original intent. And I think that it’s worth pondering. So that is it for me today. As we take off and we just celebrate even if it’s just one day out of the year when we can celebrate this freedom of thoughts, freedom of choice, freedom from thought, in every day of the year, but at the very least take today to think about it to consider it wonder what it might be like if you it if if somebody was trying to take that away from you, somebody was always telling you how you needed to think if you were decapitated, because of the way that you think and your your ideas, where would you be? What kind of life would that be?

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Erin McCullough Spiritual Dope

Erin McCullough is a thought leader, an in-demand speaker and an international teacher that helps people create IMPENETRABLE JOY so that they can be calm, have peace of mind and meaning in their life, NOW! Erin had an Anxiety Disorder that had her holed up in her home for nearly a year. Through that experience she learned how and why that happened and developed strategies to overcoming and preventing it, which is what she now teaches. Erin vowed that when she found solutions to overcoming and preventing anxiety, she would do whatever she could to make sure that no one had that experience, so that has been her mission. Erin spent a decade studying the Mind/Body connection, Visualization and ways to still the mind. Over the decade she has created simple strategies to Overcoming and Preventing Anxiety, Stress, Worry and Overwhelm so that all her clients live a life intentionally in Joy. She has been an entrepreneur for 21 years and consulting businesses and business leaders for 16 years. If you question who you are and what you are meant to be doing in this life, let Erin help you discover your own path to joy.

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Brandon Handley 0:41
Hey there spiritual dope. I’m on here today with Erin McCullough. She is a thought leader in the main speaker and an international teacher that helps people create impenetrable joy so that they can be calm, have peace of mind and meaning in their life. Now, Erin had an anxiety disorder that had her holed up in her home for nearly a year, through that experience to learn how and why that happened and develop strategies to overcoming and preventing it, which is what she’s now teaches. and vowed that she, when she found solutions to overcoming and preventing anxiety, she would do whatever she could to make sure that no one had that experience. So that has been her mission. There’s been a decade, studying the mind body connection, visualization and ways to still the mind. Over the decades, she’s created simple strategies to overcoming and preventing anxiety, stress, worry and overwhelm so that all her clients live a life intentionally enjoy. She has been an entrepreneur for 21 years and consulting businesses and business leaders for 16 years. If you question who you are, and what you’re meant to be doing in this life, let Erin help you discover your own path to joy. Erin, thanks for your work in through the technical difficulties. As a as I told you, I’m working on this newer platform. But thanks for thanks for joining today. How you doing?

Erin Mac 2:05
Oh my gosh, thanks for having me. I’m wonderful. How

Brandon Handley 2:08
are you never been better. My whole life has led up to this point. So you know, here we are. Here we are. So I like to start these off with the idea that we are deal sources. We’re talking about like a little bit before we got started here that we are all our source and that the universe speaks through us. And that right now in this moment, the universe is speaking through you to one of the listeners today. What do you have to tell that listener?

Erin Mac 2:36
Well, first and foremost, I believe it is our birthright to be predominantly in joy all day, every day. And if that’s not the experience you’re having, then keep listening. We’re going to talk about all the things strategies, and you know why we’re here what we’re meant to be doing. You know, all the things,

Brandon Handley 2:59
all the things all the things that I love, I love that you kind of chose joy had to go out and I had to go out and grab my, my joy mug. Oh, no. It’s actually like pretty much one of my favorite mugs right as the idea of what you kind of see out first thing I pick up and I carry around, I see I get to see the word joy everywhere I go when I’m drinking out of the mug. So definitely enjoy it. definitely enjoy the word joy and glad that we have the opportunity to talk about it. And I’m also going to be very honest with you. Before I went in, I checked you out a little bit more I was like what kind of fit is this? Right? What kind of fit is this? Because, you know, being a you know, more of a thought leader and all this I suppose like what’s the spirituality fit me and you know, so in your mind, though, like the work that you do is spiritual, you know, the the personal development is spirituality work. Is that set? Right? Is that fair? Yeah. Well, let’s talk about let’s talk about the journey, right, let’s talk about breaking through anxiety. Let’s talk about, you know, how you found yourself in an anxious position and kind of some of the things that you did to work your way through it.

Erin Mac 4:06
Awesome. So you know, my story has kind of like three moments, defining moments, if you will. The first started with the anxiety disorder that you spoke about. It actually came about in talk therapy. I was going to a couple’s group counseling with my husband at the time. And in that first session, I had a panic attack and I never had one before so I had no idea what it was. And the counselor picked up on it right away she explained all you know what it was and first she told me what it was she didn’t really exactly explain what it was. I figured that out later, but she told me that’s what was happening and and from there, you know, she said something’s obviously coming up for you. Would you like to do some individual work and In that individual work, you know, I was telling my trauma story over and over and over again. And what my body decided to do was put up the defense mechanism of anxiety. And so it got so bad that as you said, I hold myself up in my home. You know, it didn’t, it wasn’t an overnight thing and happened gradually, panic attacks, more panic attacks, then, you know, I had one was running, and I was training for a race at the time. And so I felt like I couldn’t run anymore, at least temporarily. And so I stopped running. And then I stopped teaching, I was a teacher at the time. And so it happens that way, you know, slowly, it’s not just one, you know, wake up, and, and no candu. After about nine months of that, she referred me to a homeopathic psychiatrist, who gave me a remedy after a three hour interview, that in 20 minutes basically cured me from the experience of anxiety. That’s the physical chemical piece, right? And I thought, wow, I have a new lease on life, you know, I can go and do all these things. But because of that experience, I was afraid, right. So I decided to move to Hawaii, and move to a small town and have a simpler life, right? Thinking that, you know, then I would never get triggered. And I would just live my life happily ever after in paradise. And unfortunately, while the chemistry piece was handled the mental emotional spiritual piece, not so much. And so I was still there. So in that simpler life, of course, I created anxiety, stress, and all that. So I moved to Hawaii. Immediately, in the first 24 hours, I started a business and I had a client. Within 18 months, I had 20 employees, multiple six figure contracts. And, you know, I was on my way to stress and anxiety. And the second thing that happened that really rocked me to my core was I 10 years into my business of just being frantic and crazy, stressed all the time. A client called in the morning, she was upset, and I would just get so frantic about clients complaining, they got in my car, raced over to a friend’s house, backed into a driveway to drop my daughter off, and I sideswiped her husband’s car or her his truck with my car. And come to find out later, when I came to pick up my daughter, that her husband was under the truck working on it while I hit it, and he thought it was gonna land on him. And that just rocked me to my core, I thought, This is ridiculous. Like, this is no life, you know, running around like a crazy person all the time. And so then I dove, you know, into self development, got involved with a seminar company did all their seminar staff for them, and started to see that there was a different way to be in this world, and starting to make some changes, that we’re having an impact on my life and other people around me. And then about five years later, I

found myself in the middle of a divorce. And for whatever reason, it just leveled me, I was in a dark place. And I thought, you know, I’d spent 10s of 1000s of dollars on seminars, reading all the books, you know, trying to do this other life, but I didn’t really have any legit strategies to doing life differently. So then a series of things happened. I picked up the book, maybe you’ve heard of it, the Course in Miracles, and was about a month and two reading. It’s a daily passage for about a year 365 passages. And nothing I was kinda like, this is interesting, but not really rocking my world. Then all of a sudden, month two, this crazy thing happened where the word started, like popping off the page. It was like the path is joy. The answer is joy, joy, joy, joy. And I was like, finally after a couple weeks of that, I was like literally threw my hands up in the air. I was like, I got the answer. How do I get there? And a series of things happened. I got an email from a gentleman I met. He was teaching a seminar in a wahoo and I thought I’ll fly over for that. I have no idea what it is doesn’t matter just need something positive. And I went and it was a day long seminar on a visualization process that he teaches. And I was so excited by it. I came home and I started using it immediately called my broker who had had my business for sale for like nine months with no bites. And I was like look, I just want to let you know my business is going to sell by the end of the month and there’s going to be a bidding war. And it was like, okay, and long behold a week later That’s exactly what happened. And then I went back and trained this gentleman that I had gone to that seminar, he was having a seminar, to train people to teach his main seminar. And I went and trained for a week I came home, put on my first seminar, and I stood in front of this group of people, and I ditched my notes, five minutes in, because I had this crazy experience where like, everything that I had ever learned, all of my life experience, everything I had ever read, just came together, like at one moment, I went, Whoa, like, this is what I’m supposed to do. Like, I’m supposed to teach people how to find their joy, cultivated daily, and live the life that they’re meant to be living now, without waiting for all the things or the, you know, whatever they think they need to have in order to have that, like, that’s available now. And I happen to also during that few week period, meet the love of my life in these very random circumstances, which I don’t believe in random anymore. And, and so it just all lined up. And that’s what I’ve been doing for the last almost four years.

Brandon Handley 11:11
That’s awesome. I mean, and it’s interesting, right, that you came, you kind of came out of a, from what I gathered was more of a business oriented kind of thing versus this pursuit of joy, right, are you that you’re doing now? And I think that I heard you say, on another podcast that, you know, maybe some of this is Woo, but if it is, woo, it’s working out for you. And and you’re okay with it, right?

Erin Mac 11:39
I mean, that’s the thing, you know, people always say, Oh, that’s kind of woowoo. For me, I’m like, I’m looking at woowoo people, they look pretty happy as all I can say. Something too, and

Brandon Handley 11:50
it’s pretty amazing. The idea to have, you know, just try some of these things out for the first time. Very go into a very skeptical, right, this vision process that you’re doing that you’re thinking about, while it seems pretty cool. But then you you go and you try it. And then things start working out. Right. I mean, talk to me a little bit about that. So how did that have that come? And like kind of manifest itself? What was some of your initial reactions when you saw, were even calling it the universe? And what were you calling it? Well, like, what was your know, kind of how, how was that for you?

Erin Mac 12:30
You know, it’s kind of crazy, because you know, how it’s like life. I mean, again, it’s like life unfolds slowly. And you don’t recognize exactly what’s going on. So you look back and go, Whoa, like, look at all these things that happened. That’s crazy. It took me a while to even recognize how much I knew that I was feeling better that I knew. And honestly, you know, I just, I thought I knew what joy was, I thought I knew what happiness was. The thing was, is I was on this, like, roller coaster ride of things, right? It was just like I was so 100% bought into the idea that if I had all the things, you know, a stack of cash, and the house and the car and the successful business, and all the things that we’re told is gonna make us be happy. I had all those things, and I was so miserable, right? But I didn’t even know that it was possible to experience joy. Do you know what I mean? Like I really just didn’t even know what was available.

Brandon Handley 13:39
So I think it’s really interesting that you bring it up, right? I think there’s this, you know, Tale of Two Cities type of thing, where you went, and you got all these things, and you did all the things because this is what we’re taught. But that’s been my experience is like, hey, go through all these things. Because this is what you’re taught. Right? And you’re not doing it maybe with the same intent that some of these other people are doing it right, you’re doing it to a mass and acquire and to be happy and to have status versus what you’re doing now, which is to implement, purpose, intent, and service, right, and the outcome that you’re headed towards now. Right? If you haven’t, I’m sure you’ve already achieved. I mean, listen, if you landed in Hawaii has some clients on the first day and you know, whatever, you know, a mask pretty quick like that, you know, whatever it is that you’re doing right now, I’m assuming is successful, in one way or another, right? And but now it’s aligned to who you are with your purpose and there’s fulfillment and joy in that and the rest of it just kind of comes naturally, right? It comes as a byproduct of that intent and that purpose versus if you could compare To the way that you are running life before, right? You were miserable. You were like, anxious and you know, knocking people’s trucks over on him. Right? And now I’d like you’re doing maybe the same work, I don’t know. But what’s the effort feel like, compared to what you’re the effort felt like before.

Erin Mac 15:21
I mean, you’re, you hit it right on the head, like I am 100% in service of people and myself. And while that may sound selfish, it’s, it’s, it’s kind of where you got to be when you’re in service to people in this way, you know, and it’s a whole different experience, you know, before it just felt like I was grinding, grinding, grinding all the time, you know, like, it took all these things in order to make success, like I really, you know, there are these ideas that we have from a young age, you know, success looks like this formula. It’s right. It’s like, it’s like, hard work plus luck, right, you know, like this, you know, formula of success. And I was 100% bought into that, too. And now, it’s not like that, it’s like, it doesn’t seem like work. It’s not a four letter word anymore. For me, it’s 100%. Like, like, when I give to clients, I give to myself, like, it’s such a win win. Whereas I definitely didn’t function that way in my life before 100%. And now it’s like, you know, while I still have to negotiate, you know, time, you know, balance the things out in my life, this never feels like something I’ve have to do. Like, I’m excited to do it all the time. I feel called to share what I know, because it’s had such a profound impact on my life.

Brandon Handley 16:51
I think it’s interesting to how, you know, on your first seminar, you kind of tossed off to the side and everything you ever knew, kind of fell into this framework. Right, and you were able to just let it freely flow. Right? I mean, what, what looking back, what would you say happened there?

Erin Mac 17:15
Oh, I, I was, you know, I think we’re guided all the time. I think we have support all the time, from all the things, you know, universe, energy in general, you know, I mean, scientifically speaking, energy cannot be destroyed. So every person who’s lived, their energy is here to you know, and, you know, that’s why people talk to loved ones that have passed, and, you know, like, they still the energy is still hear it’s exist, so why not tap into those things? I think, you know, it happens to me all the time. And I’m not gonna lie, it was freaky. You know, because it’s, you know, for somebody who’s like a recovered control freak, you know, a bunch of people and all of a sudden, just free flowing. And not to say it was just random all over the place is still stuck to, you know, we had a workbook and things but, you know, to go off the notes, I still do that. And I just, and I, and I recognize, I mean, even sometimes when I’m on podcasts, like, I’ll just, I’ll wake up in the middle of it and go, Oh, like I, you know, I wouldn’t say it’s me, I want to say channeling, but it’s like, it’s taking energy that exists. Like what I’m telling what I tell people and how I’m in service to people and the information that I share with people. Like it’s not new to me, like I didn’t make this stuff. Right. Right. Right. This is a real learning. Right, right. And when I’m teaching, I see it in the students, it’s like, they can hear me on a deep level, even if they’re not consciously aware of what I’m saying. They’re feeling on a deep level. And that’s coming from not me, you know, I mean, I hear it and I can disseminate that information, distill it down. But it’s, it’s exists, we’re all connected to it one way or another.

Brandon Handley 19:06
No, 100%, right. Truth resonates. And that’s the kind of that that’s the experience and you’re talking to somebody else. And you’re in a room with with these people and and you’re having a truth session on the value column, right? It’s your truth, this is kind of coming through you. And you’re like, I don’t even know, I didn’t even know I could do that. Right? But then, but then the rest of the room is resonating with you. And to me, that’s kind of what it sounds like as happening. And you know, call it channeling. It’s funny too, because, like we we still have our limitations on what we’ll call it, right? Like, I don’t know that. Yeah, I don’t know, I call it channeling I don’t know, you know, whatever. But you know, what you’re doing is you’re at least letting yourself open to, to it, whatever, whatever it is, to come through and to to and through you. Right as a kind of a receiver translator as it were.

Erin Mac 19:59
That’s it. receiver for sure, yeah, yeah. And yeah, and I think we’re all we all have that ability.

Brandon Handley 20:07
I mean, it’s an eight, right. And so, I mean, I don’t know how old your kids are, you know, I’ve got my, my nine year old. And it’s so and and my older child to 11. But you know, it’s so obvious just how like innately in tuned. The children are, right as as as it is and, and then you can kind of watch it literally be kind of like almost a brainwash, but brainwashed out of them, right, like, you know, just kind of have those senses gold and like, you know, go through like this other thing, and you just kind of watch it, you’re like, wow, that’s crazy. Because we go through this relearning experience later in life. Are you an Alan Watts fan? I don’t know who that is. Oh, my gosh, come on now. All right. Alan Watts. Yeah, Alan Watts. You know, he’s a kind of philosopher made. Popular lies, Zen Buddhism. And in the West, West, it’s like in the 60s 70s, right? English guy, you really enjoy him. One of the things that he talks about those, it’s like, it’s like, we’re like salted beef, right? We get all salted and you got it. You got to desalinate that beef. And then you’re like, you’re back to your natural state at a certain point. And that’s, again, sounds to me. I like the way you’re the way you’re going. Right? You’re feeling into it. The what was the cure? I mean, because you had the homeopathic guy, right comes and gives you the cure. What was it? Do you recall? Was it like, a miracle pill? You know, help me out here.

Erin Mac 21:51
Now Now what? homeopathy is so interesting. It’s so distilled down the amount of whatever the substances may come in. Have you ever taken it before? That’s like little tinctures, tablet. They’re little pills. Yeah, no, tiny, tiny little granules. And, and they taste like sugar. And they have just, I mean, it’s almost like they have essence of the thing. And it really is for the purpose of sort of writing your own self, right? So you introduce it to the body, and the body goes, Oh, that’s right. We use a function fairly normally, in this stage. Here’s the thing that I need. And interestingly enough, when she gave me the remedy, she told me what it was called. And she said, I don’t want you to research it. And this is pre internet. It’s not pre internet, but it was definitely internet was not a thing. Really. This was like 99, there was no Google. Yeah, it was not, there was no verb called Google it. And so, you know, she was just like, I don’t want you to research this. And, you know, just see what happens or whatever. And, you know, and I, I mean, I almost don’t want to say what it is because I don’t want people with anxiety to think that that’s the cure all it’s not the cure all, it was just the thing that made me feel better enough to get on the path to recognizing that the work is internal, emotional, spiritual, and then the body follows.

Brandon Handley 23:29
It’s so interesting, though, right? Because we, we’ve, we believe the other way around, right? Because we see the things that everybody’s doing, but we can’t see the inner work, we can’t see how they’re thinking, functioning, or directing themselves internally to get to that point. So we’re like, Alright, well, I’m just gonna go do all those same things. Right? And it doesn’t it doesn’t work out, right? Because we’re not we’re not aligning all three of those pieces of ourselves together. We’re just like, we’re hammering on one at a time. Right?

Erin Mac 24:02
Yeah, I mean, I think you know, you see people they have you know, I work with a lot of people who have cancer and other diseases because that’s mental emotional, spiritual two, I believe were three equal parts you know, mind body spirit. And if any of those are out of alignment or out of balance, it’s going to show up in the other ones right and in a negative way or and that not wanted way. And often we can, you know, we can skip past mental and spiritual right we can we have all kinds of ways to not feel and acknowledge and, you know, the obvious ones are drugs and alcohol, the less obvious ones are things like being super busy, not ever having any stillness in our life, you know, being helicopter parents, you know, the SWAMI we spend all day every day Trying not to feel any. And, you know, and so you can imagine, and we’ve done it from a young age, like, it’s not really our fault. It’s, you know, we’ve grown up to this idea that we’re not supposed to have emotions, we’re not supposed to feel those things, only very controlled and in very specific ways, depending on the environment, you know, like, can’t cry in a business meeting, you know, you know, are you crying out to lose it? No crying in baseball.

Brandon Handley 25:32
I know, my first, my first go around, like in the podcast room and coaching space was fatherhood. And a big point of what you’re saying there’s is especially as Western civilization, men, emotions, come on now. You know, yeah. That’s it. I mean, and that’s a brilliant question too. Because we don’t know, we don’t know, one of the one of the tools that I use, often is the blue check wheel, right? Just just has the emotions kind of listed out, I hand it to my clients, I’m like, you know, go through it. You know, take a look at this every day, if you don’t know what this one means. Or if you if you think that you do, go double check the definition of that and just see kind of how you’re applying it in your life and how you can use it to, you know, acknowledge your situation, because we don’t we, I suppose I was like, 40, or something I didn’t know, I didn’t know. I was, I guess, like, you know what, because I had a, I had a coaching friend, he goes, because Brandon, I’m not hearing anything emotional, or there’s nothing emotional. I was like, Oh, let me go check that out. I was like, Well, I

Erin Mac 26:32
mean, unfortunately, our society, especially for a man, like you really only allowed to anger is the only like, standout emotion and now, that’s just as tragic. But that’s changing slowly, as

Brandon Handley 26:45
well. You know, I like to call kind of where we are right now in whatever culture like a hippie 2.0 situation. Right? Right. We’re kind of like a hippie 2.0 situation where like, okay, like, maybe if we don’t deal with all the drugs, it’ll work out better this time, right, like, cut it out on like, the illegal substances. And, you know, we can still get to this place, mentally and spiritually, right. And, and, and since we’re seeing that, there’s, there’s the actual benefits are being seen and heard, and, and I think that the pandemic had such a huge influence, because nobody was spared. Right? If anything good came out of level, it’s like, it’s like, level set everything. So, so for the, you know, for the CEO, or business leader that could normally like hop on a plane and do everything that like, his employees couldn’t, he was stuck at home to with the kids having to deal with the zoom meetings. He wasn’t getting a you know, he wasn’t getting a free ride out of it. Right. And so his mental, her mental health was impacted as well. And they’re like, Oh, shit, everybody’s gone through this, we’d better do something. Right. So we see, right? I mean, so I think there’s some benefit out of this whole COVID situation to huge, right, right, the right mental health space of people, spaces, places and things. So if I am coming to you, and I am like, the client type I am is who you were before you got to this choice spot, right? Um, you know, I’ve got success, not like, you know, I’m not Whoo, kind of guy, my calendars, you know, tight and all this stuff. What are you what are some of the first things that we’re gonna do together?

Erin Mac 28:39
First, we’re going to acknowledge and begin to make some separation between the story that’s been running your life, you know, the story of all the rainbows and sunshine, a story of all the, you know, the yucky, the fit, the unfair, the unjust, the abuse, trauma, all those things, not for the purpose of wallowing in and you know, it just to acknowledge where we started, and maybe what’s affecting some of the ways that we see this world, how we perceive people and circumstances, and then take that story and recognize it for what it is the gift that it has been, and will continue to be in terms of showing us where healing and growth can take place. And you know less about all the things all the details in terms of, you know, who and what happened and all of those things. It’s really more about what did you decide about you because of that story. Those are the beliefs and then when we recognize some of those beliefs, then we can understand that, you know, that’s been playing out in the background, that’s the wallpaper so to speak of our lives, you know, where we make decisions from and a lot of the decisions are fantastic. We need not mess with those, but the ones that aren’t serving the future that we want to create. Those are the ones we want to take a closer look at. And so then, from there, I have people do a day, I have them write out a narrative of the day in the life of everything they ever wanted to create in our life, you know, all outcome based, you know, all you know, all the fields, you know, touch, taste, see, smell the whole deal. So exciting, you know, ever, like literally for a moment, wake up until moment go to sleep one day with everything in it, all the people, all the circumstances, all the outcomes. And then they use that in a visualization. And they start their day, because that’s where I found my joy was in that visualization. Understanding a day in the life now, is it about manifesting? Not exactly. It’s really about elevating the emotional experience, because you have that at your disposal at all times. And so we learn that we can our body doesn’t forget things. So when I’m in my visualization in the morning, like, My arms are in the air, I’m like, super excited, like, yes, that just happened. And then yes, that happened to and I mean, tears of joy streaming down my face. I mean, it’s all the things, I’m 100%. And on every level, I’ve raised my emotional experience. And then, like I said, the body doesn’t forget. So when you have that experience, you can recall it at any time. So when you’re going throughout your day, things start to go south, you can put yourself Take a moment, close your eyes, put yourself back into that moment, refocus and move on, versus what most people do is go out, this thing’s not working out. And then there’s all these other things that aren’t working out, there’s that thing, and then there’s another thing I didn’t like, and then this other person, and then you know, and so just got to read the brain and just, it loves to do the same stuff over and over again, and act like it’s new.

Brandon Handley 32:08
Yeah, it’s not. I mean, I think the idea of the brain, right, it’s, uh, likes to be an efficient piece of machinery, right? consumes so much energy, the more efficient it can be. And so let’s just keep doing this thing, because it’s just, you know, hasn’t killed us in the past? Right? If we just keep doing this, we will die. And we may not be enjoying our lives. But you know, it, you know, hasn’t killed us before. So I enjoy I enjoy the visualization. And and I think that there’s a big piece of what you’re saying there that a lot of people when you’re doing these exercises, don’t hammer home, I think, quite enough. And that’s something I think you’re touching on is the idea of the feels. Right. So my guess is that this is kind of a writing in the present tense exercise. Right?

Erin Mac 33:00
Yeah, preferably, you know, again, outcome base, so you want to say in gratitude, right, because of high vibration, it’s, you know, I’m so grateful that, you know, all these things are happening in my life, you know, as though they’ve happened already, as they exist in the now. Right. And they will, in your visualization, they exist as already taken place, and done deal.

Brandon Handley 33:25
Right. And I think that, that the idea is that I’m just, I’m just feeling your words now. Because I heard you saying earlier today, the idea is that, you know, what wants to give us the idea that right, so if I can feel it right now, then what’s that doing for me?

Erin Mac 33:42
Yeah, that’s creating, so I can’t tell you how to get all the things. I mean, I think, you know, for me, they’ve come by being in that elevated state. And so, you know, I, what I help with is changing the experience of life, you know, and I think that’s a heck of a lot more important than amassing things, you know, if, if I could show you how to change your experience in your life to joy, right now, by doing this visualization, that seems more valuable to me than, you know, telling you how to make six figure seven figures, whatever, you know, to me, other people, you know, they have other ideas, and that’s wonderful. And, and I don’t proclaim to, you know, claim to be able to help with those things. But I know how to find joy and I know how to cultivate it so that you can have that experience. And that’s, you know, that’s the first step is to recognize that you are responsible for your experience and when you know this, not in like fault blame shame kind of a way, in an empowering way, then you can just choose and choose and choose. Just keep choosing that thing that makes you feel good now, it doesn’t change anything, have goals, do all the other stuff, too. That’s amazing. But, you know, given that we only have this moment here, guaranteed why not make this one enjoyable? You know?

Brandon Handley 35:16
Yeah, no, agreed, agreed. And, you know, if I’m, if I’m, if I’m a law of attraction guy, if I’m, you know, in that space, right, this is how I would, you know, kind of liken it would, and I don’t know who it is, there’s plenty of them out there. That’s like, you know, the happiness doesn’t kind of come later comes now, right. And if you can be happy now, and whatever the circumstance, like you’re talking about, then you can make that choice. Again, like you’re talking about all the time. You can find joy all the time, and anything and all you’ve got to do is again, like you’re saying, If I go through the morning, and I had this visualization, I’m like, Well, I’m feeling the feels. It’s all there for me, everything’s great. Ah, and then like, you know, late in the day, I’m not so feeling the feels. And I’m like, Well, wait a second. early in the day, I was feeling the feels. And this was like that kind of anchor point. Right? Let me get back to that for a second. Because I created that moment for myself. Right, versus kind of letting something outside of me create that it was me who did that Creator of all these things, then, here I am. I’m always like, kind of high vibe. And I’m always like, buzzing, right. And then, you know, you’re basically sending that out into the universe, right? Like, just kind of this this high vibe. And, you know, if we act as if the universe is a force multiplier, right? We know that like anything, you’d come out and throw out, there’s coming back at you like, Well, I better stop, throw a monkey poo, right, like and start the things that I could really use in my life that I want in my life. And then you know, and visualize that and see it, feel it and release it right. I think that’s important, too, is kind of just like, release it and not hang on to the idea that it has to happen, right? You’re talking about the people that are like, well, this, Aaron, I tried this for three days, and it didn’t show up. My life did not change the way you said it was. And I’ve you know, I’ve been doing all the things you tell me to do. But I mean, the idea, again, is to go through those fields, have them do the visualization. And release it because again, you’re creating your own, you’re creating your own space, please in time, let’s face that, right.

Erin Mac 37:25
Yeah. And I got two things to say about that. One is I want to talk about the difference between happiness, his idea of happiness and joy, because they’re different. And I forgot what the other one is. But I’ll talk about the happiness, the joy, that one the rest will come. Right. So to me the difference between happiness and joy is that happiness is fleeting, right? It’s you get the new car, it’s amazing. Eventually, it’s just a car, right? It gets you from A to B, and this game of, you know, getting the things to make you feel good, it feels good for like this amount of time, right. And I only know that because I did all those things. I had the houses and the cars and the successful business and the time flexibility, all the things that everybody would want. And I literally kept like going over finish lines. And going, yay, hooray. I’m happy right now. And then, like, when I was doing trap all the stuff of go across the finish line, I would go home after celebrating for like five minutes. I mean, maybe like half hour or whatever, go home and find another race that I could either crush my time in that was longer hard or whatever. Like there was no end to it, like a couldn’t win that race ever. Joy, on the other hand, encompasses some of the you know, the exuberance and all of that Not always, but it can include those. But it also has these nuances of like stillness and peace of mind, which is not thinking all the time thing. Or overthinking and calm. Right. And so those nuances are available and so rich, you know, they’re either things I didn’t know existed. I had no I mean, maybe I’d heard those words before, but I didn’t really understand them on a deeper level. You know, and so, those differences are important, because the one you just can’t win out. So yeah, get all the things and be super abundant and all the ways just recognize that the journey inside is the one that has purpose and meaning the one on the outside where we collect things. Those are super cool and fun too. They just don’t. They don’t fill you up as a human

Brandon Handley 40:01
I think that I think that those are important distinctions, right? Happiness quick and fleeting, right? and joy is a little bit more kind of like a long lasting coal and Ember of warmth, right? Yeah. But a state of being. Yeah. So let me see here. Two things, two things. So I liken this, what we’re doing here is like spiritual speed dating, right? Like somebody’s gonna, somebody’s gonna tune in, they’re like, you know, I’m looking for my next spiritual date. Right? And, and this could be you. So I’m gonna ask you at least one kind of, you know, question is that, uh, you know, let me see here, whoa, yeah. Why are so many people depressed?

Erin Mac 40:47
Okay, so call it depression, call it anxiety, call it whatever you want any low level experience, which is anything that doesn’t feel good stress, overwhelm, worry, all those lovely words, they’re the same thing. They are the experience of the human wanting to control people and circumstances to fit in how they want them to show up, or they don’t feel good. And the unconscious recognition at the same time that it is impossible to control people and circumstances and events to fit into your agenda. And so you can see where that those two things butting up against each other would create some confusion. And so that confusion looks like anxiety, depression, you know, all the it’s, we have this new, we’ve touched on it before the belief thing, right? So it’s foundational, we made up everybody has them. I’ve not met anybody yet, who does not have these very core ones that are things like, I don’t deserve, I’m not worthy, I’m not good enough. I’m not lovable, you know. And they’re all basically the same thing. Like, I’m not good enough. And so those are underlying all of our decisions and how we’re feeling about ourselves. And then we interact with other people. Based on those beliefs, we have decided what’s right and wrong. So that’s how people are supposed to show up for us, and how circumstances are supposed to show up for us. And so we got into this habit of we learned this piece about when this person says something or the circumstance doesn’t turn out how I want, then somehow it’s their fault, right? So if that person said something, and they’re rude, instead of that person said something triggered something in me that did not feel good. What is that? And why is that there? When we look at that with wonder and curiosity and go interesting, because I guarantee whatever is triggering, you is not triggering me. So that’s how, you know, it’s all you.

Brandon Handley 43:06
It’s true. Um, you know, if if I was spiritually looking for a date, then then I would say, Hey, what’s up? I’m good. And I agree, you know, I don’t think there’s a piece in there that I disagree with. So So thank you, I think that’s a great answer to to it, right? Everybody’s still trying to control the outcomes in some way, shape, or form. And when they’re not turning out the way they want them to. They’re not they’re not accepting it. Right? They don’t see it. And I think that the idea of approaching these triggers with wonder and curiosity versus like, kind of anger and angst is also really why is this can trigger still here. Right? So it makes sense. And I love it. So and what else I know that we talked about, you know, you’re doing the work that you’re doing now, but you’ve got a new endeavor, what are you, you know, what are you leaning into next?

Erin Mac 44:00
Oh, my gosh, I’m so excited. I’m working with couples right now. I just finished doing my pilot course, on partnership. And the reason I’m so excited about it is, well, first of all, I truly believe we are here for spiritual development, or you call self development or whatever you want to call it consciousness. And when we recognize that that’s why we’re here and that all these you know, challenges that come into our life are for the purpose of our growth, then we can, you know, grow and heal and enjoy ourselves, right? Well, what happens when you bring two people together, that understand that there’s a process to healing and growing and understand that same process in a way where, you know, in couples, it’s like, it’s easy to see how escalation can happen because it’s like, especially when I’ve just told you what’s going on. Right. So You said this thing, it made me feel bad, you know, right. So instead of, you know, we do this responsibly, so then we go, Oh, you said this thing, I feel bad. There’s nothing that you can do to make me feel better, I’m in charge of making me feel better. And then they can support you in that, right? And then instead of escalating it’s support, right? So it’s not, you made me feel this way. It’s, I feel this way, and it doesn’t feel good. And, you know, support me in that instead of like, get your beliefs and you know, the things in your life that aren’t working out and escalate, escalate, escalate, it’s like, no, this is mine, I own it, it doesn’t feel good. And then the two of you work together in that capacity. And it’s just amazing to watch couples, it’s exponential, because not only is their relationship so much better, but think of the impact that will have on their kids, the rest of their family, when they can see two fully functioning adults coming together, helping support each other in their spiritual growth. It’s phenomenal. And so that sounds awesome. That

Brandon Handley 46:15
sounds awesome. So where does, you know? What, who’s your ideal client? Like in this space? Right? So I think we got two types of ideal clients, you got the partners, ideal clients, and then you’ve got your, your, your standard practice clients, what is what are they?

Erin Mac 46:30
So ultimately, you know, being an entrepreneur for like, 21 or two years now, entrepreneurs, like me, for some reason, because I get their craziness, I understand that they are under the gun and responsible for a lot of things. And those, typically, and leaders to write just people have a lot of responsibility. That, you know, like to make all the things work out, you know, like to control all the things, those are the people that I ended up working with, because I get them, I was them. And I still have nuances of that, of course, you know, so working on me, and all that all the things. And then couples who are recognizing that, you know, especially when you’re coming together as maybe two, what do they call that the set called the two families come together to blend in? Yeah. Like, I’ve noticed quite a few couples that are interested in working with me, that have that situation, because it’s, you know, it’s already challenging being in partnership, but then you bring in the kids and just escalates all the things. And so, you know, any couple, of course, who’s having an issue, wanting to communicate in a deeper way or, you know, deepen their relationship in some way. Fantastic. And, you know, it’s super challenging when you’re bringing in, you know, other kids and into the mix and all that. Yeah, it’s

Brandon Handley 48:05
hard enough with your own, right. Yeah, for sure. So and where then, where Then should I send people to come and find you, if they’re interested?

Erin Mac 48:18
I think probably the best place to find me is on Instagram. My handle is Aaron, er, I N m A C LLC. And I post like a weekly video on some sort of strategy or something to think about. And I put like, inspirational memes and my stories. And my website URL is in the profile as well. It’s a good way to interact with me, you can DM me, you can private message me or whatever. You know, and I always whenever I’m on a podcast, I offer a free I call it step one to joy call to just get you on the path, you know, maybe I you know disseminate the, the visualization process a little bit further so that you can get started on that and your life or whatever that looks like. And if afterwards, you still want to hang out with me and learn more than great if you don’t, no strings attached. It’s just my way of being in service.

Brandon Handley 49:21
Awesome. And thanks so much for being on today. Thanks for what you do, right? You know, being able to help people make that transition from a Bumble of nerves into something, you know, a little bit more usable and functional in society. I mean, there’s the there’s a reason why that’s your calling. So thank you for being of service and doing that for everybody out there.

Erin Mac 49:47
Oh my gosh, thanks for having me. And thanks for having these platforms. It’s really important to have these conversations, giving people hope and strategies and just something to think about that’s, you know, positive I appreciate the opportunity. Thank you so much. Absolutely.

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Brandon Handley 0:00
Good morning. How do you do you know what we’re doing? No, we

Unknown Speaker 0:06

Unknown Speaker 0:07
you know what’s up,

Brandon Handley 0:08
we are leaving

Unknown Speaker 0:10
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu this

Unknown Speaker 0:10

Brandon Handley 0:12
And this is the BJJ report, of sorts. It’s more of a report from cheese from work the other day where I had left to did a big goal posts on Facebook about this. But I figured I’d share it here as well. It really is the idea of how I had been feeling shame and fear on a walk outside of work in a small town that I do most of my work in.

Unknown Speaker 0:56
And it was

Brandon Handley 0:59
this desire I had I was sitting in work and do my work, they look at the lunch clock and being like, you know, hey, I could go grab some food that the local restaurants sit around and listen to everybody do the same things you’ve seen in your entire life, snack and Gavin and doing that thing where I could go find a place by the creek that runs by the small town that I’m in. And maybe I could find a real nice place to kind of just chill out and meditate and relax. And so that’s what I did. And it was hot. It was hot as far as who’s like 95 87% humidity. The good news was it was a real nice light breeze. And I think it was it’s hot as it was it was it was also that kind of heat where you take your nose gets burnt right your nostrils get burnt from the inhalation, that’s how hot is the fun thing is, is that you also get the really cool smells of summer in your nose. The heat had been so bad the grass had been burning so there’s like hot grass on the air hot dry grass in the air. The clovers are kind of burning up too. And there’s still a few few clover flowers in the air, you can smell that you smell that on the on the heat in your nose, because it kind of burns your nostrils. And the same thing is said to his as a route. This coupled with that you’ve got the smell of of the small town, making the burgers smell that smoke in the air. And then it’s got the whole woodfired pizza ovens going. So you know seeing the uppity small town with with really good food and whatnot. And it’s surrounded by this, this walkway that goes down to the creek. And the walkway to the creek is it’s got all your regular people out there all your suburban Americans that are just doing the lunchtime walk the lunch exercise walk. And just kind of like almost by script like this is the time everybody puts their shit down and goes for the walk. Because you got to be healthy and do all the things. And then as I was walking, been looking to the side of the look into the side of the brush and the shrubbery, I noticed that I noticed that the wine berries are starting to become available. They don’t typically you don’t typically see him in the stores. And if you’ve seen him on the side of the road, I’m sure you’ve seen these things. They are like these fuzzy cocoon looking things for longest time. And then at a certain point, these super vibrant, bright red raspberry looking things begin to appear and we snack on them. We pick them up first of all the outsides of them are sticky. Almost, if you’ve ever peeled a tomatillo there’s kind of a sticky residue on the outside of it. And when you pop them take a bite of them. They have just tart, tangy tastes real similar to real similar to raspberry, but just a little bit brighter, just like the color just a little bit brighter. And I was also just kind of amazed. I’m like, wow, nobody else see these things. You know, I guess I’m more concerned about taking their dogs for a walk and picking up shit and just not and Hello. And sometimes I feel like they just want to be seen doing the thing that they’re supposed to be doing. And that’s okay. Right, they should be encouraged for, everybody should be encouraged for getting now being healthy and doing the things that they could be, instead of doing that walk, they could be inside shoving their face with cookies, or drinking or something so. So I’ll try not to be such a judgmental dick, because this is spiritual dope. Right guys.

Unknown Speaker 5:34
And then,

Brandon Handley 5:37
you know, as I’m kind of walking, I’m looking for this place that I could easily access and hop down, sit next to the creek, do 10 to 20 minutes worth of breath, work, slash meditation, pretty much the same thing for me, I enjoy the breathwork aspect of it, that is focus breathing, as that will tend to allow me to just stop

Unknown Speaker 6:08

Brandon Handley 6:11
Like, seriously, stop fucking thinking. And it’s so that’s why I love it, because you get the opportunity to simply focus on the breath in a pattern, and takes your thoughts away from anything else that you have been thinking. And so that’s wonderful, right. And it could be good or bad thoughts. It’s just straight up not thinking, though, for a short period of time. So I’m looking to do that next to a stream. Just simply because that’s what I want for the day. And I couldn’t find I couldn’t find a spot easily and I’m walking and I see more people doing their thing and discovered that the luxury apartment complex that I was walking by was also just much larger than I imagined. I didn’t look and I was like, that’s got to be 1000s 1000s of people living like right on top of each other. Day after day, luxury, or not just just 1000s of people crammed into the scene. And in my mind, like I’m thinking of, kind of remember in the matrix like where it says literally person on top persons backed into like this energy scene, and all they’re doing is feeding into the system. Right? This is the energy battery source for the system. That’s of course what goes through my mind. I’m not sure what goes through your so I continue, continue to walk and continue to look for like this de stream. And up ahead around the corner of the band. I can see there’s a tunnel. I know and it looks like it’s leaning in or towards the creek. And as I walk up, this beautifully paved beautifully manicured apartment complex. That all ends at this, this train Overpass. The past stops in terms of being paved and maintained. And it’s overgrown right here. And I chuckled to myself as I looked at this, this underpass into the overgrown territory. And I know that if I had been with with Meg, that she would have been like yeah, now we’re turning around here. But since I wasn’t with magazines by myself and just simply being curious and still wanting to get this get this meditation, I walked through the underpass and you look around as you go through there and you

Unknown Speaker 8:53
see the

Brandon Handley 8:55
the kind of the K over the the years of this meal once brand new bridge this once this one time under overpass for train had been brand new had been something that was considered vital necessity to the continuation of of transportation and at the same time was an architecture that went into it engineering went into it and here was this kind of left behind the the lab dilapidated unmaintained even though graffiti knows that making fun and just call it like shitting your feet even though even the graffiti was subpar. And as you walk through, there’s no pavement, it’s just a compact them. They’re littered with broken glass and drug bags and whatnot. And you know, you just kind of Wondering what stories would be told GOOD BAD otherwise, as you pass through that tunnel. And on the other side of that tunnel was an embankment. And I knew that right over the other side of that embankment that had to be the creek. So I climb up the creek a little bit.

Unknown Speaker 10:21

Brandon Handley 10:24
finally, there’s the there’s the creek, it’s nice flat space, and I start to start to look around for an area to sit down and meditate and just grab some time, just grab some time to to recoup regather. Like I said, get to that space where I’m not thinking at all. I’m just focused on breathing. focused on that feeling that’s permeating my body as I breathe low filling it repeatedly as I breathe. And as I’m looking for that spot, I catch a catch, catch the movement. And there’s a person I don’t even know if it was man or woman, to be honest with you, there’s a person who is washing their body in the creek.

Unknown Speaker 11:19

Unknown Speaker 11:21
at that time,

Brandon Handley 11:22
I decided, you know, either in fear, or in shame that I caught this person. And I was afraid maybe of how this person may react, what type of person this may be. Did I feel comfortable closing my eyes around this person timidity, obviously, I don’t think that I did. And then shame and feeling that way. And as I turned away, and I went to go find a place that I thought might be a little bit more conducive, and to give that person the space and the decency to they could finish what they were doing and privacy because they, too, had sought that space. So that they could have a private moment. And I felt that they deserve that respect to to have that.

Unknown Speaker 12:17

Brandon Handley 12:19
as I turned and walked up the creek a little more, we’re kind of running out of time in terms of, can I get the meditation that I want? Again, time to get back for my next call for my next meeting. And so I don’t have to walk very far. And I noticed that in the overgrowth, there’s, there’s what looks like, you know, somebody’s belongings, like maybe a rolled up, bed roll, and a clearing, or somebody obviously been just, that’s where they stay, right. It wasn’t even a tent or anything, but it was a clearing where somebody had a few of their belongings, and whenever they felt like they needed to regroup or end the day, that’s what looked like to me where they ended their day. And I was like, You know what, at this point, I don’t know, I don’t know what’s down here. And I just seen another person passed me on the other side. And I, to be honest, we look it was a it wasn’t a safe place, right did not feel safe, where I could go ahead and close my eyes, rush a little bit, put my phone down that type of thing. And so I took a walk around, checked out the train tracks, and I left, left that space, but I left that space. Again. Just wondering why did I feel this way? What? What was it that was making me feel that shame? What was it that made me feel that fear of someone else and humanity? Why didn’t I instead of instead of running away from him, offer him something? Why didn’t I ask him if there was something I could do him or her again? I don’t know. What? It’s funny because the stories in my mind that played out, were not savory stories. And to me, it was just kind of like, are these just simply old stories from society that have played out over over time? That created this condition, even though I’d never lived that specific condition myself. And so that was me just just simply feeling some shame and then I was also reminded of the idea that the universe is benevolent universe. And that when we take on this kind of mindset when we take on this mental model of the universe being benevolent, and we start to try to extend that, beyond ourselves and apply it to somebody that we see outside of ourselves, in this example, that person that had to be washing in the creek at that time,

I can’t apply that model, I don’t know what model that person has employed for themselves, A and B, I need to recall that that model can only be in place for myself, I can’t apply that model to somebody else for them. And then there’s also the whole idea in this you know, playing out in my head is on walking back looking for a couple more berries, waving the more grinning people that are picking up dog shade. And, and looking for berries and trying not to get stung and being hot and humid, right, as I’m, as I’m walking back to my desk, and it’s the the idea of this mental model, this model is you, I can’t have a mental model for you. And I can’t tell you that in the grand scheme of things that that moment, and that story that I made up, that was actually a bad experience for that person, that that that that overall life experience isn’t what that person needed to, to become, you know, is that is that moment for that person was that their rock bottom as it were, where they stand and reflect. And as they rinse off, they say fuck it, I’m not gonna take it anymore, I’m not gonna give up on myself, I’m gonna clean myself up, I’m gonna get into the next place. And I’m gonna do the thing that I always said I was gonna do and take charge of my life. So I had to kind of reflect on that all mental models as, as, you know, regardless of regardless of how you turn it, there was still that moment where there was shame, whether it was fear. And it’s when we, I think, don’t shy away from those thoughts. And we inspect where those thoughts are coming from, that we can get ourselves into a place of strength, how can we use those thoughts and those feelings and those emotions, to fuel us to the place that we want to be? Maybe the next person that I sees is, instead of running in fear, I do ask, you know, Hey, can I help you? What can I do for you? Instead of running and turning, right, and using, of course, and this is again, the narrative of our best judgment. Does that person feel like they need help? Or are they happy where they are? I have no idea. So anyways, I felt like I would share that with you verbally. As that was a recent experience that I had had. It it it just again made me look at look at what was making me feel change, what was making me feel fear. Why was I feeling that and in looking at that, I was able to gain what I felt like was a lot of strength from that moment. Alright. Until next time, hopefully this has been, you know, powerful piece of spiritual dope for you can always find what we’re looking for inside ourselves, so long as we don’t stop looking

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Brandon Handley 0:02
party people, party people used to get you going, right? You’d be, you’d be out there.

Unknown Speaker 0:09
You’d be dancing all night

Brandon Handley 0:11
long. And it’s a party for party people. I knew they were talking to you. He knew they were talking to you. And you were like, I am a party people,

Unknown Speaker 0:22
people, Hey,

Brandon Handley 0:24
what’s going on? I live in jujitsu, right now in Brazilian jujitsu. And I just want to see if I can convey a little bit about something that I learned recently, don’t do a whole lot of research into the deep, deep origins of Jiu Jitsu, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, to be specific, other than the fact that I know that there’s a Japanese version, and there’s a Brazilian one. Suffice to say, I’ve been doing it for the past couple, four years. Mine is a COVID year. And it is something that is right in line with this whole spiritual journey that I’ve been on soul journey, period, physical, emotional, number of whatever, whatever you want to call it, the whole the whole thing, the whole kitten caboodle. And the idea is,

Unknown Speaker 1:30
What’s the idea?

Brandon Handley 1:31
The idea is that it has been something that while taking jujitsu and going to Jiu Jitsu, there’s certainly more confidence in being able to defend myself or, or my family if I had to, and, and in certain situations, it has given me the opportunity to be part of a community to Jiu Jitsu community, to me is simply all about you working to get better. And then you working to help someone else get better. This morning, as I was leaving jujitsu, you know, everybody over there’s pretty good, right? Everybody there’s think, on the same skill level, or above or slightly below. And, and so we all, we all have some pretty good, pretty good roles. And if there’s anything that you’ve ever heard about Jiu Jitsu is like doesn’t even matter, you know, I’m going up against the black belt, who can certainly demolish me, but even even even he is able to learn something from me, either, maybe he refined something that he already knows, on me, because I’ve given an opening that maybe nobody else has ever given him before he’s able to apply it in a scenario, or is just able to practice his craft on a live body. And that in of itself is to me invaluable. The same way that talking with somebody in person is so much better than anything you could possibly do through zoom through digital. So there’s nothing nothing replaces doing something live and with a person. In real, in real There we are. Right? I don’t care how augmented reality gets, I don’t care how virtual it gets. And I don’t care if we are living in the matrix. This is just

Unknown Speaker 3:41
what I’m saying

Brandon Handley 3:42
right now. So nothing, nothing beats that. And so we all we all learn from each other and we’re all there also to jitsu as a community to help each other improve. And as I was leaving this morning, I’ll just say okay, that’s okay. So thanks, everybody, for being how’s it. Thanks, everybody for being here. You’re all you’re all better because of me today.

Unknown Speaker 4:05
And half

Brandon Handley 4:06
joke half not and we all move out. We all got a chuckle right. Simply because it’s true. I’m improving because of them. I guarantee it. And that that’s that’s part of the community of Brazilian jujitsu. The idea though, is that jujitsu apparently and I couldn’t be wrong, but I was listening to Swami Safari or Peri and Nanda Swami Ji. And he was bringing up the idea that anytime you put like the jitsu part of it, it means fighting. However, when you when you turn it into, though, like Judo, jujitsu becomes Judo, it becomes the A way which becomes a spiritual path. And I was not aware of that. However, I can guarantee that this has been, for me my way, and he was talking about that with, with swordfighting. Right. kenjutsu becomes kanjo. And something about, I don’t know, become a keto, the deal is, is that these martial arts that while they are certainly amazing for physical activity, they have this the spiritual capacity as well, where, for me, it puts it puts me into just all kinds of different scenarios and breaks down the ego. So, so well, especially, I can recall, when I first started kind of competition, I think I had like, maybe my third or fourth stripe, I don’t know, maybe even just my second stripe, I forget on my white belt, and I thought it was some hot shit, right. And, and I had to go up against this other guy who had no stripes on his belt. However, he, like, he was a super strong, I think he’s about 10 years younger than me. And he just choke the shit out of me. And I just, you know, I wasn’t prepared, I let my guard down. And at the same time I was I just I was humbled. And so it’s a sport and practice that is the super humbling, suffice to say just so everybody knows, that guy went on to win the competition and white belt, inclusive of inclusive of what they call open. Absolute, that’s what it is absolute. And so he was pretty good. I’m still I’m still humbled. And it’s just eradicates this ego, of, I’m better than you and you’re better than me versus this thing where we’re all in this together.

And it really just kind of makes a creates a different space for for you and your, your, your own practice. And I think that this, this spills over for me into so many other different areas, especially takes it into work, takes it into my job, takes it into my home life, takes it into the community in general, where whereby even if I hadn’t already had this this point of view. And I can’t say that I absolutely did. I was certainly more of me centered and completely all about myself. Only for for quite a number of years. And well, I’m certain that I made it through and did just fine. The way that I feel now is and the way they act now is more from a place of of community. Self Service, self sufficiency as well as service, how can I be of service and jujitsu? I think brought a lot of that out of me. Well, I think that it was always there. It just hadn’t been, hadn’t been. hadn’t been tapped, right that just just a resource that hadn’t been tapped. a resource that maybe I didn’t feel like was worth sharing. As in I think even even just most recently last night I did the Marianne Williamson posts, where it’s the idea that you’re not afraid of, it’s not the darkness in you that you’re afraid of. It’s the light and you that you’re most afraid of and your greatness that’s inside, and how playing small doesn’t serve anyone. And that whole idea the idea of like playing small means that maybe you’ve got some ideas that you think may make a change or may make a situation that you’re in better, something that could improve where you are. And you don’t say anything because you’re afraid that someone may not understand you’re afraid you may not get the idea across. There’s a whole number of reasons why you may not share it. And the other reason may be like you just don’t feel like you’re ranked high Why would they listen to me? They never listened to me or something like that. And you put your you put this in your head. And so you you don’t, you don’t share it out. And, and again, I think going through jujitsu and the past few years of coaching and all this other stuff have brought me to a place where I feel confident and comfortable that even if it’s maybe not the best idea, we can talk through it right? The same thing will happen again. And this becomes just an inner practice, right listening to your intuition or recognizing the spaces internally. That becomes the way for you just the same way that jujitsu doesn’t always have to mean that this is a fighting art it is a fighting art, but it can also be transcended into the spiritual practice and drive you innately

Unknown Speaker 10:58

Brandon Handley 11:00
just thought that I would share some of that with you as I’m as I’m leaving jujitsu and very I thought that hearing that was pretty awesome you know, I had no idea myself that these martial arts translated into spiritual practices even though like I always felt like they did anyways there was this kind of here was this definition of when you go from you know, this fighting are into a spiritual space to spiritual practices a certain way. Then you find yourself in a different space and applying applying some of this stuff internally. And it’s, it’s a

Unknown Speaker 11:43

Brandon Handley 11:44
it’s a whole it is a whole nother universe. It is a whole nother space and just implore that you find something for yourself, right? That anything you’re doing on the outside think you can do on the inside, right. And vice versa as the inside is what is reflected on the outside anywho hope y’all are having a fantastic day, morning, evening, wherever you are, whatever you do. I hope that it’s great and this has been your hit the spiritual

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Positive TV Prabhat Gautam Spiritual Dope

The Goal of Positive Television is to generate publicity for the many individuals and organizations already making positive change and to assist developing groups and individuals flourish. Prabhat’s belief is that there are already many positive things being done all around the world, so creating programs and events will serve to inspire more people to get involved. Prabhat has said, “People have a fascination with all aspects of celebrity life, so I wanted to create a network that focuses on the giving done by celebrities and use that celebrity power for the highest good.”

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Brandon Handley 0:00
4321 Hey there spiritual dope. Today I have with me Prabhat Gautam and you know, I’m gonna deviate a little bit, I’ll definitely let you know that for both comes from, you know, to me from positive television. That org it’s a positive television is something that provides has created himself and he connects with a ton of ton of different people and organizes lots of awesome events. But you know today I just want to I want to take a little bit of a deviation from just kind of doing the biographical statements I just wanted to say, you know, Rob came to me, by way of, you know, just kind of like a random introduction, you would you had introduced Kiko Ellsworth to the podcast, and I just wanted to reach out and say, thank you for that. And then it turned into, you know, kind of, you know, getting on the podcast, and I just thought that was really cool. Because you never know whose life you’re touching, right? When you do these podcasts and who you’re reaching out to. And, you know, even before we got started today, you’re you’re sharing that? Well, you know, you still listen to a podcast or two. And it’s always great to hear that, that what’s being sent out is being heard. So thank you for that for being a listener, but also for, you know, being a connector and also for the work that you do in the space that you are in, which we’ll certainly talk about, and for being on here today.

Prabhat Gautam 1:31
But thank you so much, Brandon, and thanks for creating this amazing platform. And, you know, when I heard episodes, I just I wanted Chico to be on there. Because, you know, Chico, last year did this amazing conference. And he’s looking for opportunities to talk about his spiritual journey. And I was like Brandon’s the guy, because the reality is what you’re doing with the whole spiritual junk movement and what you’re doing with your podcast. It’s really getting spirituality, I think, to a next level, or it’s real for people. And I think during our time today, we’ll talk about how you’re making it real for people. And it’s not just, you know, as we heard many times of your podcast, this out there thing that people aren’t practicing every day, you’re making it a practical thing. What you’re doing

Brandon Handley 2:19
now, thank you. Thank you. And I’m glad that that’s coming through, right? Because that’s absolutely the intent is how do we make this practical and less nebulous, and more of something that is in your life every day all the time? Right, there’s no separation. So since you have listened, then then you should know, right, the next piece is that the universe speaks to us. Right? And, and there’s somebody out there today that you know, is going to be tuned into the podcast. And there’s a message that is being delivered to and through you that that listeners are going to need to hear what is that message today.

Prabhat Gautam 2:57
I really deeply believe that. I want people to find what they’re just what they’re driven to do. And it may not need to be your occupation. But live more of that. If you’re a painter and you love painting, I’m not saying you need to quit your job and become a professional painter. But make time every week in your life to do that. If you love going to the beach, because it brings you joy, go once a week, once a month, like take your vacations there. So we know deep down what we’re drawn to like where there’s a magnet, we know what we’re getting what we feel deeper than we need to be around. And I think for the truth is, for a lot of us, it’s good people. It’s inspirational programming. So go find that stuff. So that’s what I hope people will do is, is do more of this stuff that really nourishes you and fulfills you. Because when you do that amazing, wonderful things open up in mostly you open up.

Brandon Handley 4:00
That’s awesome. So the I mean, the idea that the idea that simply do more of what you love, right, and it doesn’t have to be this doesn’t have to be the this thing where you throw everything away and just do this thing, right? Like you always hear people talking about burning bridges and let it all go right. But just just to find time and and make that time to to go do it. And the idea, I love the idea that it’s going to nourish and fulfill you, right? Yeah, I mean, just I mean talk a little bit more about what you mean by nourishment and fulfillment, right? What’s that mean to you?

Prabhat Gautam 4:42
Yeah, what it really means is it my three favorite analogies are always sports, dating and food, right? Those three things and they like when you think about when, when you’re in those worlds if you meet somebody you like them. You want to spend more time, right? There’s like this, this magnetism if you’d like somebody in sports, you do all this time to practice every day, because you’re preparing for the game. And if you go into a game, and you’ve never practiced your level performance, it’s just not gonna be the same level as your, as your competitors, and your teammates. And then obviously, in the food world, we’ve all done this, we’re all guilty of it, I’m still guilty of it, sometimes, you have this pack day, we have so much you have to do, you look up at two o’clock, you haven’t eaten anything, you haven’t drank juice, you haven’t, like, you know, you’ve not you’ve, you’ve basically gone through a 568 hours a day, with no nutrients, often no water, and that’s gonna affect your ability, like, it’s gonna affect your brain, it’s gonna affect your effectiveness. And the reality is, it’s gonna affect your mood, you’re not going to be as loving, as nurturing as thoughtful a person. So for me, everything comes back to, we know what nurtures us, we know what fills us. So when you know, in you what you need to be nurtured. And I know for me on the food level, I love quick snacks, like I love snack bars, I love to have juice in the morning. And that’s how I like to run my day. So if I’m not doing that, or not taking care of my basic nutritional needs, it’s going to impact what I’m going to be able to do for other people. I think you know, this brand, and even with your podcast, you might do multiple podcasts in a day. But if you’re not making any time for you, and your loved ones, it’s gonna affect your podcast, like you’re going to feel it, your energy levels is going to be a little lower, you’re going to be a little tired, you’re not going to have as much focus. And you’re doing this all the time. I think at a high level, I think you’re doing amazing work. But the truth is, can we all do things at a higher level? And how much are we holding ourselves back? When we’re not nourishing ourselves?

Brandon Handley 6:54
Yeah, I mean, that’s powerful. Right? Can I mean just, yeah, just the idea of, can we be doing something at a higher level, by by nourishing ourselves, right, by by adding the element of making sure that we’re taking care of ourselves, and that’s inclusive of taking care of our families. And, you know, as as, as, you know, look as a family, man, right? I can, I will definitely feel thrown off balance, if I’m not having that family time. Right. And it will definitely show up in everything that I’m doing, just like you’re saying. So what, you know, one of the cool things, I mean, you know, the, I know you through right, is the positive television piece, right, which you shared with me. Well, let’s talk a little bit about that. And how you got that spun up and organized. And what took you there?

Prabhat Gautam 7:42
Yeah, so for me, I grew up on the MTV era, right, in the, in the 90s. And I remember when I, I just loved it, you know, loved music videos, and just loved sort of it was this pop culture phenomenon. And I think, you know, getting out of college as like, Well, what do I want my life to be? And I went, and I did an internship with Amnesty International, but I thought my life would be putting these reports together about what’s happening internationally, and fixing, you know, atrocities, and how do we change the world? And then right before I finished college, I interned with the Vice President, the University, University of Oklahoma, and then I started writing out what would my dream world look like? And how would I want to be part of it? And I felt like media has this incredible power, to motivate, inspire, and get people to take action? So I thought, Well, okay, media can do that when they tell stories. And this is, you know, 1999. I thought, well, what if you’re actually intentional with your media? What if it’s not like, oh, there’s 29 minutes of local news. That’s depressing and terrible, and you’re scare? And the last 30 seconds are, you know, somebody saved the cat that went up a tree? What did we actually just did all positive stories, while we’re being realistic, that there’s a lot of terrible things happening in the world, but it’s always solution oriented. And that’s really sort of the impetus of what positive telogen turned into. So I moved out to LA in 2000, to create this television network. And again, I was young, I didn’t know what I was doing, which I honestly believe is the best place to be at when you don’t know what you’re doing. You just take steps step step. And you might take a wrong step, but it’s a learning step. So again, right? What I love to use words like failure and wrong, because I think so often people view those as negative. And I feel like if we own Hey, I failed, hey, I don’t I’ve made the wrong choices, then it’s like, Okay, well, then I know there’s a right choice to make. I know there’s a chance for success. So for me, you know, I believed in this world moved to Los Angeles to try to create this television network. And the next thing that happened is Tesla events. I’ve met all these people that I thought would help me build this network, and I ended up producing events and now 21 years later, I’ve produced 800 events in Los Angeles. with, you know, huge celebrities, usually super wealthy people. And and now when I look back in 1999, and 2008, a cable TV channel, but I saw a world where there’s no commercials where you’re just telling stories. And the reality is, there was no YouTube, there’s no Facebook, there’s no Google in 1999. Like, none of that existed in the way it exists now. So sometimes when you’re early, it’s really difficult because you think the world doesn’t believe in what you believe in. And later, you realize, like when I listen to podcasts now, and you watch YouTube videos, and you see Netflix, Amazon, there’s so much content that’s inspirational. It was like 1% of the content and 9099. Now, if you want to be surrounded by positivity all day, you can live in that positive bubble as much as you want. Which I think realistically, we need we need. After you’ve had a family member that’s passed, or something sad happened, you needed to be lifted up, and you need to be in a place of all positivity. And then when you come back to the regular world, where there’s some negative, some positive, you can start at 20 9010, you could really, you can curate your positivity in one of the podcasts that you did random that I loved was with Mr. Youngblood and you talked about Wish I love you said, if somebody finds a spiritual community, that doesn’t work for them, it’s not an indictment on that community or on you, it just isn’t a fit. So go seek out other communities. Because once you find your community, you’ll you know what you feel it. And sometimes the search isn’t the first door. It’s four doors, it’s eight doors, but every door taught you your resilience, and how bad you want to find your try.

Brandon Handley 12:00
Yeah, 100%. And thanks for that. Right. The idea is,

Unknown Speaker 12:05
I think once

Brandon Handley 12:06
you start to feel that spiritual pool, there’s kind of no stopping you. But there is, there’s the opportunity to find a community that you don’t really know identify with, or feel like you fit in with and you can keep moving again, like you’re saying beyond to to the next or the next word, there’s so, so many, so many places that you can go right now. That is just, it’s just amazing. And to your point, right? You know, we didn’t have YouTube, back in the day, we didn’t have Facebook, we didn’t have all these communities, we didn’t have all these things open to us, that we that we’ve got available right now. But I love the idea of what you’re saying too. And that kind of fear. If you’re a visionary, right? If you’re ahead of your time, you may feel like people aren’t believing in you, or you start to maybe doubt like your own vision and, and kind of what you’re going through. And it’s not that the world isn’t ready for you. It’s it’s getting ready, right? It’s like It’s like, it’s like getting dressed for the prom, right? It’s just gonna take, so it’s gonna take a little bit longer than you expected.

Prabhat Gautam 13:09
And I think too, sometimes it’s, I remember in college, but I just was flipping channels. Late at night, I saw the story about missing kids. And I said, Why are we not finding these kids? I never knew any kid that’s missing. I just saw this story. And it just impacted me. So I started writing letters to Oprah and Rosie O’Donnell and CNN and said, We need to like find these kids, like don’t show photos of them. Let’s incorporate it into your programming. And I remember getting all these letters back where they’re like, Oh, yeah, you know, we tried to dress it. We’re doing this, we’re doing that. I remember, I did a mock up of what I thought that look like. And it was this television network where all the commercials would be little ads at the bottom, there’d be no real commercial just be like, you know, it’s basically what’s a banner ad on and, and the internet now. And I remember kind of writing everything up and saying I think the future is going to be a ton of content like you know, when john f kennedy was killed you see the the story with a reporters telling you know, Walter Cronkite tells the story. I want to watch the whole news coverage before that last minute where he says that, so we’re gonna find that archival footage, and I thought eventually there’ll be a video outlet somewhere where you find out archivable news footage. I had no idea what YouTube would be would be silly videos and, you know, cat videos or whatever else. But it’s also what you were saying. It’s highly educational, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, all these things. They can suck up your day and 19 hours are wasted. Or it can be inspirational. You’re growing, you’re learning you find your community of people, so many wonderful friends who live in that social media space. They work in that space. They’re there in you know, they’re influencers, that space. They have people that they know every aspect of their life. They’re friends with that they Never met face to face. And I think, isn’t that a beautiful thing like you’re creating pen pals all over the world that you’re connected with. And for me, I in social media, where I, you know, I like to put stuff out, I don’t spend a lot of time interacting on social media. But again, I think that’s, that’s a product of my age, I think that’s sort of, I come from a world of AI Still, if there’s somebody is doing something cool, like what you’re doing brand or something, something, Hey, you guys should know about this person. I cold call people. I’ve done that for 30 years. And I think, you know, when I meet these Gen X, Gen Z kids, they’re like, what’s called calling like, you find somebody that’s doing something that’s really amazing. You send them an email, or a phone call, or you just pick up a phone, and you call them and say, Hey, I love what you’re doing. This is why I love it. And sometimes divided, it can be a reason why you are going to work together, you’re just telling them, Hey, I respect what you’re about. And sometimes those things lead to amazing friendships. You know, you can work with those people. At the very least, they got encouragement, I think, you know, we’re in a world of we all love being encouraged. We love positivity. But I think part of that equation is we need to put that out, we need to be encouragers. So when you see somebody say something positive, that’s really, you know why I’m so excited about this world of this guy, I think it’s a whole new media phenomenon where, where it’s not four channels is that you know, four channels that dictate to you what you learn, you get to pick what you want to learn every day of your life. And if you don’t want to learn what I remember, in 2003, I had a good friend who is Episcopalian, and she would do lat so I said, I want to do let you know, I my backgrounds, cultural anthropology, so I gave up all TV for a month. Well, it happened to coincide with the first with the the Gulf War, the 2003 Gulf War. And I remember thinking, I’m so lucky, I missed that. Because how negative was that seeing bombs thrown on people and death and, and just sort of be in a constant state of fear, where you know, just happen to coincide with the time I, it’s the only year I ever did lab. But that LED will always be memorable to me, because I grew up, you know, when you’re in Ramadan. I’m not trying to be Catholic or Episcopalian or Muslim. But Ramadan, I said, I want to see what this journey is for people that do that. And I learned so much understanding for what people go through, that really don’t eat for the day. Because they don’t have access to food, I get to do it as a chance for me to grow. And, you know, try to see what a billion people in the world are doing. But realistically, there are people who don’t eat a meal a whole day, there’s children that don’t eat. So if I can grow as a person and can walk in their shoes, or if even it makes me a better person,

Brandon Handley 18:02
right? No, I love that. I love the I love the idea of, you know, just trying to walk in somebody else’s shoes for for a period of time, you know, going through, I’ve never done land. I’ve never done Ramadan, right. And one of the things that I certainly encourage my family to do with my children is to research other cultures, right? Go research other cultures outside of America. And you know, what, what did they do? What do they celebrate? What does that celebration? What are those kids eating this week? Right? What does that look like for them? And this is something that I took from one of my history teachers way back in the day is like, why something like some type of food that that culture makes? And let’s, let’s eat that. Let’s make that meal, right? Like, what goes into that? And kind of where does it come from? And the background of it. And so, definitely love that. One of the things that, you know, I don’t think that we really hit upon you do events, what type of events the Do you know, with with these 800 events? What kind of events are they?

Prabhat Gautam 19:03
Yeah, so it’s really it’s a charity space. So it’s, it’s a ton of fundraisers. So in 2008, I did a fundraiser for group called kind kids in need of defense. So undocumented children that are that are picked up by ice angelyn it’s one of Angelina Jolie’s charities. So that was amazing. And she wasn’t there. So we didn’t get to get married. So I’m still sad by that. I think she was a bad dad at the time anyway. But But you know, I guess put that together. I’ve done so a lot. First stars with foster kids. That’s something I’m passionate about. And then a bunch of the animal charities gentle barn, Farm Sanctuary, Humane Society, like there’s just so so it’s really my sort of focus is what’s the group that doesn’t have a voice and then how do we give them a voice? So it’s animals, it’s people, it’s it’s people abroad, right. Like, I think even people here you know, it’s women and domestic violence. They don’t feel like they have a voice. It’s Kids. So that’s so much of it. So I’d say the majority is, is definitely fundraisers. And then along with that, what I love is doing documentary launches, doing book launch events, restaurant launch events, like the whole thing of getting people there to celebrate. I just I love that. So that’s really what I looked back at 21 years and 800 events. But there was one month, September 2007, I did 30 days of events. So I just because I’d never done that, I said, I want to challenge myself, I’ll do an event every single day that I produced. And we’ll never do that, again, probably. There’s a lot of time. But But definitely, it was amazing, because I teamed up with all these other people and said, Hey, I’m doing this month of events come up with a really fun idea. And there’s a woman she she made, you know, a little vegan baked goods, and she wanted people to rollerblade I don’t work. But now I see that she made these big guns, she gave him away for free. people showed up there probably the weather. And says like, that’s fine, you know, and there’s some fundraisers obviously during that month, but a lot of it’s just, I think my passion is how do you help people figure out their community? How do you grow community that how do you use community to do maximum good in the world. And I think what we all know is we all have, you know, whether people have the financial resources to help, or they can just share a video share a story, there’s just we have, we have the ability to help raise awareness, and you know, sign up people, my friend, she metal has a whole movement called raising their vibration, who I’m definitely going to introduce you to Brandon, you know, she has a whole radio thing with la talk radio, but that’s her whole thing. It’s like she does, you know, public events, how do you raise vibration in the world? So, to me, it’s that all comes back to it’s, it’s just bringing more positivity and, and I’m an obsessed connector. So how do we connect people, and then get them to do more good, because, you know, once I meet people like, hey, Brandon, I’m a kid, this person has a great podcast, who are the people I know beyond that, then if I meet somebody that’s a chef, and they went out there doing a cookbook? Well, who do I know, there are photographers to help them with their books. So I’d say so much of my work is people reaching out to me, because they have a project, and they don’t know how to move it along. And then I help them make it happen.

Brandon Handley 22:25
That’s awesome. And I love that, you know, it’s kind of like, you’ve got this, you know, gift of being able to see kind of what’s good and everyone and to be able to connect the goodness as it is. Right? And, and to help them to, to scale that out is what it sounds like, right? You know, if somebody doesn’t know, you know, they’ve got a great idea, or they, you know, and they just want to give to the community, and then you’re able to help them kind of put that together in some way, shape, or form. And really, what you’re doing is raising vibration.

Prabhat Gautam 22:58
But thank you, I mean, some things I’m excited, you know, people need for like helping with a documentary Forks Over Knives. They’re really the documentary game changers, I helped introduce those producers, to some funders, they’ll pay for it. And it’s a lot of people that are pieces of puzzles, I just saw people just really honest with and they just say, Hey, this is our budget, you know, we would love to hire you bring you in to help us do this event. But you know, we also need to raise funds for the project. So we’re strategically, what do you think we need to do? And I can sit down with them, and I’m honest with them, and I say, you know, these steps, and you know, this is what, from my experience of 21 years of events, where I think you’re gonna have the best opportunity. So much of what I talk to people about is go to friends and family first, when you have an idea. I know a lot of times, our family’s not encouraging. And that’s why a lot of people get into these spaces where they want to help. But I think give them a chance to say no, because if you don’t go to them, it’s a no, if you go to them, and they say yes. And I’ve met with people, they say, Oh, well, my best friend’s father is a multimillionaire, but you know, I don’t really want to go to them to help. But I have this idea, but I have no funding. And I would say to them, go to your friend’s father, because maybe he won’t give you a million, maybe they give you 5000 10,000. But if he gives you 10 or 20,000 for your project, well, then you start it. And once you started, it’s just the philosophy of take a step every step you take, because what I’ve seen over and over and over again, is when people are the idea phase, we’re still used to people talking about ideas, and it doesn’t turn into anything. But when you take action, people don’t want to hear Oh, I want to go from Los Angeles to Washington DC. They’re like I bought a ticket to go from LA to DC. I don’t know what I’m gonna do when I get there. I don’t know how to you know, there’s a whole environmental movement that happened a couple years ago where people went out there, but once you bought the ticket, people are more likely to be on board and I’m not Use your savings to buy that ticket. But if you don’t take that first action step, people don’t believe you’re, you’re really going to do it. But once you take that step, that leap of faith, people feel like, wow, this person’s committed, what can I do to help them? So I think, give people opportunity to help you. But it starts with what’s your action step? And I tell people all the time do Kickstarter do Indiegogo do don’t fund me, again, you may only raise 2000. That’s 2000 more than you started. But what’s gonna happen is you’re now putting it out to everybody. You know, this is what I care about. This is my passion. And now, that person that’s your friend for five years, who is going to be able to donate, but their friends friends friend has XYZ that you need to help with your project. Will you just why do we need money? We need money to move things along. Right? It’s a currency, right? Right. It’s right, it’s water. So if you if you have the raft, you go out to the water and you know how to swim. It’s important. You know how to swim, swimming lessons, then get out there and be with other persons cool. They’re there after swimming. But what are they swimming for? Like I remember years ago to get friend, she had to do a walk from LA to Washington, DC to raise awareness about a bunch of issues. And I said, Okay, that’s good. Are you serious that I want to do is about children’s issues or health issues. Next thing you knew my friend Peter Samuelsson, I tell him about, he said, He’s trying to raise awareness about homeless issues. He said, Well, can he push this portable homeless cart at his organization? He darn EDR everyone deserves a roof as part of my job is to help push it. Next thing in the process is the owner the Philadelphia Eagles. Jeffrey Lurie. Yeah, here, we got Jeffrey Lurie on board and Phil are the Eagles doctors, we’re going to be her personal doctors on our wall. Wow. And it all became real. And then she’s like, wow, am I really going to do this. And obviously her family got scared. She and in the end, she ended up deciding to go to the grad school route versus the walk across the country for a few months. But for her, she needed to know people believed in her. And, and she’s this amazing activist. And sometimes what you need is not what you believe to happen to happen. You need to know people believe in you. I think for her, she was in tears. She’s like, Peter got Whoopi Goldberg on board. He said, Well, we’re doing this event in Philadelphia, why don’t you instead of kicking off in LA kick off in Philadelphia. And then let’s have Whoopi Goldberg announced your walk, and you start in Philadelphia. And she was like I said, you have Whoopi Goldberg, you have the Philadelphia Eagles owner and their doctors on board. You don’t need to raise $5,000 or $10,000. You raise awareness. And through that awareness, you’re gonna be able to raise a bunch of money.

And you’re gonna raise so much awareness for these causes. So I just tell people, let everybody in your circle know what you’re doing. Right? And if they feel like it’s authentic and genuine, don’t you know this rant like doors, open doors always.

Brandon Handley 28:11
It’s so true, right? Just like you’re saying, as soon as and as soon as you take that first action, like you’re talking about take that first. That leap of face is like, I call it like the signal to the universe, like, Alright, I’m doing this thing. Or like the fallback thing, I’m gonna need you to catch me, right, like I’m taking, I’m putting this foot down, I’m gonna I’m gonna head in the direction that I told everybody I was gonna head in. I’m gonna need like universal backing, could I go ahead and get that and, and it shows up. And it shows up in such amazing and powerful ways. I mean, I still like kind of well up about I mean, even connecting with you and connecting with all the people that I’ve gotten to connect with on this podcast and all the other podcasts. It’s, it’s just so amazing. What will open up if you’re willing to, like you said earlier, open yourself up to it. Right? So absolutely.

Prabhat Gautam 29:06
All of these things. Yay. Right? Like we were newly friends, right? Friends forever now. And now it’s like who the amazing people that are going to be inspired by your podcast, but I’ll send you an email, Hey, bring that up. person’s cool. I’d love to connect with them. Yeah, and then vice versa, right. like Nike goes through me. Now Kiko is gonna hopefully tap you in his network about the book, but his conference in the next year when he does a live conference, you know, last year, he did a virtual one, but he does a live one. Well, I’m sure he’s gonna want you to be part of it. So it’s like, you just see that these are the beginning of relationships that are for your life. And again, we’re all in different cities, but it’s an the paradigm has shifted in such a profound way that we don’t need to be next door neighbors in the same block, but we can literally be anywhere in the world and communicate and connect people to want to Now that are in all these amazing things out and I mean, I, I really am just such a strong believer in when he said to the analogy of somebody falling backwards, fall backwards, it’s good to know at least one person will catch you. But all you need is one, if one will catch you, then that means there’s two, there’s 10, there’s 100. And there’s 100, people don’t catch you. You don’t need to fall backwards. Now you’re all moving forward together, you’re all running, you’re walking, you’re running your you know, walk, jog, run, and then now you’re the marathon. And now you’re raising all this awareness consciousness about all this dollies, right? Like, and I tell people all the time, I don’t care what your passion is, I really don’t like my passions. I don’t care what your passion is. Just figure it out, find it. If I can help you find a quicker, I want to be part of that. And a good friend years ago, she said, If you met somebody that want to be a hairdresser, you do everything to help her start her hairdressing salon. I said, Yes, I would. And I don’t have any desire to go to hairdresser. But I think if you see people’s passion, you want to help nurture that you want to be part of that. And, and to me, it all goes back to I in the world of business, right? They’ll say, Oh, you just introduction to this, will you get a cut of the deal? I want, I don’t want 10% of people’s joy. I want 1,000% of their joy like to know you help somebody find their passion and you’re part of it. You don’t need them to tell you that you don’t need plaques, just to see their life, see them excited to know you are part of that journey. And everybody they’re ever going to talk to you are part of that. And vice versa. They’re part of your joy. What’s that worth? That’s bazillions. Like that, that’s such a higher level value than any amount of money.

Brandon Handley 31:46
Now 100% you I mean, you can’t you can’t buy that, right. And it’s, it’s it’s a challenge to instill that in someone who doesn’t have it too. But even though it’s already there, right, you can see it for them. And like you want to help them to see that in themselves. Right? Like you’re talking about that light, getting them to explore it and maybe needing that encouragement like is that somebody says they want to be a hairdresser. You’re like, Yeah, let’s go right? Like, you all you need is just that little, I always think about like the tiny seeds in the in the cracks of cement and sidewalks, right? They there’s like nothing around them, which is about just the tiniest amount of nurturing, right? nutrients, it gets them to blossom and grow in that in that place, which you know, to me, it speaks to us as well, right? As humans, it’s just a little bit of encouragement to go do that thing you said you wanted to do. And I bring this up because some of my first podcast came about right, I had a coach and, and I told her I want to do a podcast and I was expecting I was expecting her to say, well, that’s a dumb idea you really shouldn’t deviate from from doing doing that. And instead, she’s like, Alright, well, what can I do to help? And I was like, What? Yeah, right, it’s just and that’s all you need is just a little bit of that type of encouragement to, to go and find and do the things that you love, but to have the support with other people with you. That’s, that’s, you know, that makes it tenfold and beyond. So the other piece that we were talking about before, we figured out our technical challenges today was the idea that, you know, you know, I think you seem to be in a pretty good spiritual place, you know, seem like you’re, you’re feeling pretty happy. You’ve got like, you know, your light that you shine to help other lights shine. But you talked a little bit about like a lot of these people that you help with these events that are sad. Right. And and let’s talk a little bit about that, since you brought it up earlier.

Prabhat Gautam 33:46
Yeah, so yeah, you know, years ago, you know, I met Andy dick, who’s, you know, pretty known for his drug and alcohol addiction, right? So we became friends. And then then we had, we had a gallery in Hollywood together. And I remember, you know, just seeing that world of fame, and how so many people like they want to seek that out, right? They want to, and like in any other ad, his brother dies, get a relapse and got back into drinking. And I remember when

I was like, 3am, one night, and I said, Ken is what your legacy to be. Because as far as we know, right? We’re all going to be gone one day, what’s your legacy? And he said, I want to prevent people from the hardships I had. I said, Andy, what does that look like? Is that a bug? Is that a toward you? When I speak to college kids, so they’ll never get it? He said, love to do that. I said, so you know, I’ll send them encouraging text still on that end. We got to that book, because he wants to help get people out of the pitfalls he got into. And I think so often in the world of celebrity, no, I I interviewed Jim Greenberg. He’s donated 40 40 million to charity. amazing person, right. And he’s always in a place of giving and high level celebrities, you know. And what you realize is people think they want to have these people’s lives and they miss that. Jim is talks about when you’re a philanthropist, he said, every day of my life, people are pitching projects that they need funding for. And I have to think, who do I find them utilized often, and whoever I don’t find, they may not be able to get the help they need. And he said, I only have limited resources, no matter how much money I have, I still can’t find everything you said the majority of his time is on the phone with other donors trying to get them to help fund projects. So you know, he figured out the areas he wants to focus on, he tries to encourage more people as they’re growing their wealth to give the money away. And I think we look at it from an outside like, oh, when you’re famous, or when you’re rich, your life’s gonna be easy. And you’re cater to one of the people misses. There’s a loneliness a lot of people with wealth and fame have. And there’s also this world where, when people come to them, they always need something. And so, you know, I remember when when Jim moved into his house in Los Angeles, the first week he moved in, I brought I brought over Amy’s soups, who are on his, I said, Jim, you’re worse cook than me, I want you to have easy since he does warm a lot, you know, and I’ve been vegan since 1999. He’s vegan plant based, now for a while. So I’d say these are easy soups, you throw them in the, you know, you heat them up on the stovetop, that’s good. And, and I said, he doesn’t need me to bring him soup. He’s a super wealthy person. But I said, we’re legitimately friends, I would do that for any friend, whether they have $1 or a million dollars. And and I think we just got to be in a place of, of not having this idol worship. And I think you know, what I love about what you’re doing your podcast, Brandon is, it’s, it’s making spirituality real for people. Because I think too often, they think the pastor is amazing at their church, they think the spiritual teacher of this yoga practice is amazing. Well, what happens to that person is a scandal, which they do. So when the person you look up to is flawed? Do you throw out your whole spiritual practice? Because they’re a flawed individual? Or do you say, okay, they were trying to teach something good, but they themselves didn’t even get the fullness of what the lesson is. So I think, you know, I think I said to a good friend recently, these are systems, religion is a system, right? These spiritual practices systems, that people can be bound within the system. And there’s a group of people who see outside of the system, and the system can still help heal, you can help you grow. I say all the time. If somebody has a drug addiction, alcohol addiction, they’ve been through a lot of trauma. I want them to find organized religion, if that’s going to help them do it. I think there’s deeper beyond that. And maybe I’m wrong, but I think there is. So I think whatever you need to break, whatever is holding you back and do that. But ultimately, I want people to find just, I think there’s a direct pathway for people, when when you find good people find them. When you find encouragement, buying them. However, people want to describe these things, energy, God, whatever, you know, atheist, it’s like it’s love. It’s goodness, I think it’s inconsequential. The the labels we put on stuff is me coming from a cultural anthropology background, there’s different words for everything. There’s cultures, they have no word for snow, so to snow, because it is the smell of those those communities. So snow exists, the fact that they don’t have a word for it doesn’t mean that they’re lesser or they’re devoid of smell, you know, I think we get so caught up in the semantics, the word the word games, and, and people are so busy trying to convert to their one segment of their view. Or really, I think the real work is encourage people to find what is working for them, be loving, be nurturing. And if they’re in a path, you don’t like that they’re on delay, they’ll find their way. And I think there’s, I think there’s an element of people, where there’s a missionary element where they want to convert everybody to the one practice. But what happens when you grow your practice, you brought all these people to practice that doesn’t even work for you anymore. So instead of trying to bring them to your practice, tell them what works for you. Be honest about it. Tell them any sort of issues you ever had in your journey. And be honest about it. And then if they find this in practice, great if they don’t, you being honest, is so genuine. You know, I think for me, for me being vegan for 21 years, I tell people that there’s some of those vegan cheeses, meats I didn’t like at the beginning. I don’t sell it as Oh, everything’s great here. I’m like, these are the things I like these are the things I didn’t like. This is why I liked it. And this is where, you know, my vegan role is improved. And I think a lot of people resonate with that more because it’s a real commentary on my journey. And I think the same thing for for you, Brandon, what are you talking about is you know, you’ve gone through the podcasts you revamped, you changed and stuff, you learn you, you didn’t wake up one day, and you’re the next year, Rogen, you woke up one day and started it, modified it live life, modified it live life modified it, where you’re at today, maybe different the reaction years from now, but where you’re at today is where you feel drawn to be at. So to me, that’s your journey, you’re supposed to be doing what you’re doing. Right? You see it, you feel it?

Brandon Handley 40:41
Yeah. And so it’s impossible not to. Yeah, right. Once you, once you once you, once you do be in the field that draw that pool into where you’re going, I always say to the, if I’m still talking the same talk, and saying the same things in 10 years, and something’s probably wrong, that I’m not learning, maybe, right. Like, I’m like, I always, you know, I throw that out there. And then I’m going back to kind of earlier in the conversation just in the in the whole idea of, if you don’t know how to do it, start doing it now. Right? Because you, it’s almost better that you don’t know anything, right? And you just start to do it and you start to do what feels right for you. I love I love what you’re saying about the whole idea of, you know, in this, you know, I was certainly you know, against here, initially, you know, kind of falling into the spirituality spaces like, Oh, you got to do this way you do that do this, this is this is the way, right and it’s not right. If that was my understanding of my path at that time, you have your very, very, very own path. And it’s up to me to encourage you to follow your path, share some of the practices, like you’re saying that that I have found that have worked for me, and they’re called practices for a reason, right? Because I’m practicing them and I’m practicing, you know, implementing them in my life. And maybe one day, I won’t use these same things anymore. And

Prabhat Gautam 42:11
then I remember when people talking to me about yoga, I was like, it’s just still I can’t do it. I’m like, I’m gonna fall asleep. But I had a good friend who she said to me, meditations, whatever you want it to be like, when you’re on a train, if you if you’re closing your eyes, you’re listening to music, and it gets you in a calm state, that’s your meditation. And really, it broke, for me the rigidness of it all. And I realized, like, we want people to find calm and peace within. And especially in a world of this hustle bustle you’re running around all day. So if you close your eyes to three times a day, and it’s calming you and you know, if you’re, when you’re in the shower, you close your eyes, or you just enjoy the water, or when you’re in the morning, right having a bowl of cereal or you’re like you’re having whatever you’re having. And you’re like watching, you know, YouTube videos, if your favorite singer, if it brings you joy, and it’s uplifting you, I always say my life philosophy is the Sheryl Crow song, if it makes you happy, it can’t be that bad. Because I think people should seek out what makes them happy. And then when they realize it’s empty, then you need to pivot. And be really honest with yourself, I tell people all the time that they want to be a loan and make as much money as they can make, go out and go on that path. And then when you find that it’s empty for you, you realize, okay, you need to make money to live, it’s good to have money. So you can, you know, take a trip you have as good as some savings. You know, that’s, that’s that’ll make your life easier. But this pursuit to be the richest, most famous, the most everything person is getting ended up where you’re not going to be that one day, you know, be the richest, prettiest, smartest, everything is famous this person. And then once you lose it, you’re like, well, who am I? And then you realize that’s a question should ask a lot, who am I and find that, and then let all the other things sort of take care of themselves. And I mean, one thing I definitely, you know, when I listen to your podcasts that stuck out to me that I was like, I got to talk to Brandon about this. Because either you’re it’s gonna resonate with me, or resonate with you? Well, we’re gonna have a really good debate. I hope for the latter, but I think it’s going to probably resonate is my critique of sort of this new world of spirituality, whatever the last 2025 years, is, it’s too much of a multi level marketing plan. You gotta sign up 10 friends, and they’re going to sign up to France, we’re all going to become really wealthy, and we’ll get a piece of it, which really, I think the way it should be is just to live your life, live your life, be who you are. And when that happens, you’re not going to sign up 10 friends, you’re gonna sign up one person is going to see what you’re doing. They’re gonna be inspired by it. They’re going to go find 1000 people, they’re going to find whoever and the reality is there is no Hey, you’re going to get a percentage. This is it. We’re not selling a product. We’re Trying to uplift generations to come. You’re trying to, you’re trying to create light in the world and created a positivity for generations, well beyond where our lives. So if that happens, there’s no scorecard, like, you know, if you’re inspirational, you know, when people reach out to you, right? And they tell you, oh, your podcast inspired me. Oh, for me, I got the word people like, here, that was so amazing. I got to meet some of the most amazing people. But people have said to me, they’re like, because, again, my events, I, during events, all if I think, oh, wow, this person’s here, that person’s there, they need to know each other. So all of you in person introductions, I’ll say, this is why I think you need all the email introductions of people person, any person via this, why I think you guys should meet each other. But when you know, they end up creating amazing, wonderful projects together. Do you get that inspiration in you? So I think sort of my critique of sort of this

new spiritual world or last 30 years of spirituality or what’s presented is there’s I do think people, there’s nothing wrong with selling products, making money, doing coaching, all that stuff’s good. Like, I think it’s we need people to like to live in their their spirituality every day of their life. But I think when it ends up being, well, you got to be happy every second of the day. No, you shouldn’t be if somebody close to us passed away, and you feel no sadness. I question your real journey. You should feel sad, when somebody close to you says, they just went through a breakup or they were in a domestic violence relationship. Your reaction should be how do I help you? Oh, I feel terrible for you. Have you gone to counseling? Do you need a place to stay? What are actionable steps to help you? And you should, you should feel their sadness? And again, you know, in that moment, maybe you’re not crying, but you’re figuring out action steps. But I think real humans are not happy 24 hours a day, real humans? You know, question? Am I doing what’s right? I think checking in with yourself is so important and saying yourself, Is this the right thing for me to do? And something that you did for I remember, I was in college, and University of Oklahoma, I did a cable television show for four years. And it was so much of my identity. And one day, I was like, This feels like work to me, I’m not enjoying it anymore. What do you think what changed is because I knew I was going to leave college, I needed to leave to start my life somewhere else. And no, it’s Los Angeles in 1998 99. I just knew I was gonna leave. And I think you start preparing yourself. And again, this many years later, I’ve been involved by documentaries. So that television world has been part of my life. But it needed to change I needed to leave. You know, it’s always like, you got to close some doors to open new ones. And one of my philosophies that I’m obsessed with is, is is owning the word quitting. You have to quit relationships, it to quit jobs, you have to quit things that are not the most fulfilling thing for you with the belief that something more fulfilling is going to happen. And I think so often people leave relationships, when they meet the next person, they quit a job because they found the next job. It’s like, one of the best things ever did is I started working part time at a job I was in for four years, because I knew I was ready to leave. And that allowed me to transition into all the advanced stuff that I’ve gotten into. So I think preparing yourself without fully knowing what the next thing is, and taking that step in like freeing up the time thing that’s so important

Brandon Handley 48:41
that I think that we’re doing something right being okay to let go being okay to let go of that thing. Because you know, it’s no longer fulfilling and knowing that and hoping or at least, it at least shot the thing that’s no longer fulfilling, right? Just drop that like it, just go do something else, there’s, there’s going to be something else that that will take that space for you. Right energetically or whatever. And, you know, to your point I want to I will definitely want to jump in on the the the spiritual MLM spray and the idea. Listen, when I first you know, I don’t know, when I first started podcasting, I always say that I started for the wrong reason. It was like that, right? I started it for the wrong reasons. But as I grew and evolved or you know, change whatever happened throughout that podcast, I would say that, you know, I did the right things for the wrong reasons. But through that time, like my heart, you know, I was like myself to the Grinch. My heart grew two sizes too big to the process. Yeah. And you know, I just really understood more about what it was that I was trying to give. I understood more about the idea that, you know, I want to just give this freely as I can for right now because if I do it, and I attach what it is I’m doing to you Kind of for monetary gain, or at least, you know, monetary gain in the sense that it has to be done. There’s desperation behind that feeling right. And I couldn’t just do it naturally and just be like, this is this is what’s really coming through me now. And and there is no. And people like, you know, kind of what’s your endgame was like, I don’t know, this is this is just what I’m doing right now. And I’m connecting with amazing people. And I’m getting to hear amazing stories from other people. And it’s my hope that there’s somebody else out there that, you know, the next robot is the provocateurs listening today, right, that says, hey, you know what, I want to get involved in the communities the way that you have, I want to, I want to, you know, find my way forward the way that you you have, and then that person is inspired right to follow similar footsteps, right for themselves, but like, be led by you to that place. And just by virtue, you and I are having a conversation, and it’s possible, and that’s why I love to do what I do.

Prabhat Gautam 51:02
So beautiful. I think what you said is, is the reality of like, like, it’s all a journey for everybody. And, and at the time, you knew you needed to get in this work. I think there is a thing, okay, well, there’s production cost, there’s gonna take time, right, early podcast, I mean, you’re buying super expensive microphone, like all that stuff. It’s like, well, I’m putting money out well, how can I make that money back? And I think in you know, and it really is that whole world where people tell you like what we do this? Well, you gotta like really an easy more ad based needs to be destiny, like everybody transit advice, and 99% of the people I tell you their advice, they’re not making money off what they’re getting advice for. Like, it’s, it’s I almost feel like it’s a world full of single and recently divorced people giving dating advice, like, it’s what do we do? Like, we need, like, I want to talk to the person who’s been happily married for 30 years, about the struggles they’ve had off and on for the 30 years, but they’re like, every day I wake up, and no, there’s no other person I want to be with and this person. And during that day, that maybe a few minutes were like, there’s no this person I don’t want to see in the next five minutes. But then they go back to there’s no other person on the view, like the reality of what their journey is. I think that’s just a beautiful real thing. But I just think so much of the spiritual MLM world is oh my gosh, do this do this. Like my friends friends cousins, friend made $10 million off of an insight can meet your friends, friends, cousins, friend, because so often these are like their their stories that are just to get more people signed up. And it’s sort of the carrot. It’s like, if you have really good water, let me try the water because I want we all want good water. Yeah. To this great plains, ever, it is like detergent, that’s chemical free. Let me try it. Like, like, I have friends for years, like, well, you should get in a world of where you sign people up. I’m like, No, if I like it, I’m gonna buy it, I’m gonna give it to my friends that they want to buy and get if they don’t, that’s fine. Like, just give me good stuff that you think’s gonna, like, uplift my life. And then you guys can sign them all up under you. But I’m and I their friends for years, they’re like, Oh, we have such a great network, you’re the perfect person to be in whatever it is like real estate or sales or like, you know, you can, there’s so much money, you can move here, they’re like, I don’t have any, I want to move money into making a difference. That’s what I want to do. That’s, to me, I’ve been able to do that in the charity space. So it’s like, that’s what I want my life to be. And if other people meet these amazing people at events that I do, and they can figure out how to monetize it will get and when you monetize it, hopefully you remember where you met them, and then give some of that money to the charity. That was the event that you had. And if you don’t do well, hopefully you have a really good life and you’re happy and he raised amazing kids like I look at it as I this don’t fixate on what are your treasures before your, your buried, I look at your treasures are with the people that you interact with every day. And in the end. The goal is, you know, I mean, I just tell people, right, your goals at your funeral to have all these lives that got changed. I remember a lady I met Jeanette the boss when I was in college, and she told me this amazing story. Jeanette was probably in her 60s, she was the cable station that I did my white college cable show up and she said when her mother passed away, so many people came up to her at the funeral and said, you know, your mom helped us this time. You know, your mom, let us stay at our house. You know your mom, we struggle financially. She did this. She’s like, I didn’t know my mom did 10% of that stuff. My mom is so much more incredible person I realized. And she in Jeanette was amazing, incredible person. But it’s like you see you see that? What she was like and that’s like that’s what you should want your funeral to be where everybody’s like, wow, Brandon’s amazing. He did all this stuff. And you know, when he was He was doing stuff when there was no parade, you know, own didn’t do a show around. Before he was big, he was helping people. And then he got big and he’s big time he wouldn’t return your calls. But that’s

Brandon Handley 55:12
what a jerk. What a jerk.

Prabhat Gautam 55:14
Always be there for people. But I think it’s like, it’s who you are them I say like who you are when nobody’s looking? Right? That’s your character.

Brandon Handley 55:22
Right. Rob real quick, what, you know, how did you know that this was the path for you? Like, where was like, where did it like dawned on you that like, this was your heart song that this was what you needed to do for the rest of your life? Up until now, at least.

Prabhat Gautam 55:40
So I would say you always like I think when you’re a kid, and you just want to help kids in school, or there’s just something in you that just says a helper spirit, like you feel it that I think, really what all happened was from 1993 to 2001. That eight years was my journey. So my father died of a heart attack when I was 16. And that’s a big experience for a child. And then, you know, a few years later is in Oklahoma, Oklahoma City bombing happened. That’s a hugely traumatic event. They started thinking through Okay, now I want to help I want to give back, how do I help make the world better. And then in the year 2001, that’s working for a startup in 99,000. in debt, making really good amount of money as a 2423 24 year old, I moved out to Los Angeles to create positive television. And then that next year, I became a bone marrow donor and the girl that was a donor for Anka, I tell him all the time, I met President Obama, I met all these celebrities and billionaires. But being a donor, nothing compares. That’s the greatest experience of my life. And so I was her bone marrow, her bone marrow donor, October 3 2001. And then a year and a month later, she passes away. I’m devastated because I’m like this child, I was supposed to give her my at her wedding, I was supposed to see her have kids, like, I written out a story of how the stranger was going to be like my adopted daughter is, you know, she was a stranger, I didn’t know her, like, you know, I sign up to the national marrow donor registry, and where people could sign up. And it’s the greatest gift I ever got to be her donor. And then, you know, that really took me on this trajectory where I was like, I have to be, because I think, you know, when you’re 2324, you’re making a lot of money. It’s easy to get caught up in distraction. And I think what happened was, you know, I was in I lucked out, I was in New York on 911, fly back from New York to LA on 911. So having all that sort of tragedy in my life, from 93, to 2002, just kept me on this path, where I didn’t get detour and I didn’t get into drugs and alcohol, like I, you know, I was dating 1000 people, you know, to one committed relationship. It’s like, you know, I think, you know, you meet somebody breakout, you meet somebody new, but I was on this, like, I think, for me, all the tragedy just kept me super hyper focused. And it kept me optimistic, because for sure you feel sadness after tragedy. But it also, what I learned is, after every major tragedy, people step up after 911, after Oakland City Bombing, after my father’s passing after anchors, passing, you see families, community all show up for people. And then my question is still to this day, why don’t we do that all the time? Why does it take tragedy? Right? I’m sure you know, you’ve been in funerals, even lost loved ones. When that happens, we feel like how will Why don’t I connect with these people? Well, this person was going through a tough time, why didn’t I know about it? And I said, Well, how can we be more present one of the best documentaries, I recommend all your listeners to watch, it’s called the bridge. And it’s about how the Golden Gate Bridge is the leading place for suicide in the US. And this was probably 10 years ago, 24 people a year, we would jump off the bridge, and they had cameras set up. And anytime somebody had to jump off, they would send people in to try to stop them. And one guy was jumping, and he ends up surviving, so you get to hear his story. But in that I was like, and one of the people tells the story of like, you know, when he jumped, he did end up jumping in the end. Luckily, surviving that tourists didn’t even realize that he was depressed and suicidal. And it really got me to a place where it’s like, I want to be present with people. If you see somebody crying filter and say, you know, are you okay? Is there anything I can do for you? Can I, you know, get you a coffee. If you see somebody that looks shaken like check on people, they say I think we’re our natural instinct is to be caretakers to check on people. And then people will tell you, I will don’t check on those people that could endanger you. They could be a massive setup to get you killed somehow. I just don’t think that’s, that’s one 1,000,000,000th of 1% of the time those things happen. Just be present for people because when you’re present, that person needed to know so Nobody cared. Like, I remember I was in a train in Los Angeles, there’s a woman who, you know, some guy was bothering or you heard upstairs, she comes downstairs, I’m like, Do you need anything? Are you okay? You know, do you need me to call the police? And she said, Oh, no, somebody else did that. And I was like, Okay, I’m gonna be here near you, if you need me on here. And I thought, Okay, well, those are words, that sounds good. But what if he really comes back downstairs and tries assaulter? What is on here for you really need? Does that mean? I’m going to go fleeing or I’m really going to like be the gap The, the boundary between her this person. And I made sure like, I watched her and I made sure she on the train, she was going a different direction, and I was going, and the guy luckily never came downstairs. But I think if he did, I think once I told her, I’m here for you, I have an obligation to be there. And if he kills her, then he needs to kill me too. Because if I said, I’m gonna be here, I have to be here. And so for me, I feel like, you know, there’s that whole thing of like, Who is your brother? Who is your neighbor? Who’s your sister? Who’s your daughter? Are these people your blood tie to you? Are the people that you regionally now? Or is it every person in humanity? So I think we all determine that for ourselves. And then once you make that determination, I just think you you view people differently, and you view people to view everybody is connected to you, then you realize, both the person hurting, that’s trying to hurt this woman is connected to you, and both this woman that is potentially dangerous connected you. So your job is to be loving, as loving as you can be in those moments. Agreed?

Brandon Handley 1:01:39
I think that the the idea, I mean was, you know, love, love thy neighbor as yourself or something like that, right? I mean, yeah, it and once you kind of understand what that means. And you start to apply that and other places, it takes on a whole different level of kind of compassion, like you’re talking about, like you’re saying, we’re all connected, and how do you how do you show up? Or more in that way? Right? How do you how do you make sure you’re showing up in that way? Alright, quick one for you for so, you know, I’ve come to believe that this is kind of like a spiritual speed dating show, right? Where now like, you know, somebody tune in to like, you know, I’m looking for my next spiritual date. And so I’ve got a question for you. That is from our spiritual speed dating, question pool. And it’s going to be what is the greatest quality humans possess?

Prabhat Gautam 1:02:39
Oh, that’s a great question. I mean, I think it’s the greatest quality humans possess is love for those that they have no direct connection or benefit from, I think, when given an opportunity, and people can be of help, and they believe their help, will legitimately help. They will step up. I think we see it every day. We see it all the time. I think they just they just have they have to know that the canal is I think when it’s like, oh, well, there’s homelessness is a problem. How do I help? But it’s everybody’s like, your friend needs a place to crash for a few weeks to get on their feet, like, well, I’m gonna make space for you. Thank you think it’s so that’s what I’d say.

Brandon Handley 1:03:26
I think that’s awesome. Right? And I mean, that’s what you’re doing right? With your with your kind of like, what’s your life? And I think that that’s, I think that that’s really cool. Because there’s, there’s not that many people willing to do that all of the time. And that is something that i think that i think that that’s one of the things that I admire about you and your story, right, you’re always giving and you’re doing it in a way where you don’t expect to return you’re doing it for the love of what it is that you do. And I think that that’s that’s very, you know, it’s it’s really cool to be able to see that provides, where should I send people to come find out more about you.

Prabhat Gautam 1:04:05
So they can get a positive And they can see all the content that we put out. And then I tell people all the time, I’m not a social media person, so call me, I’m gonna give them my number. Because I’m still old school. I love human to human. So if you’re working on an amazing project, or you just are like, hey, I want to be of service. I want to do this to help people. One of my favorite things to do I tell me all the time, it’s like talking to somebody who has an AI world changing idea, a community changing idea, or personal life changing idea, I’d love to talk to him, then connect them to a redneck come to so I’ll give you my numbers 310-872-0669 that’s 310-872-0669 Feel free to text me or call me and and I always try to be honest with people. It may not be a project that I can help you with or maybe I don’t know the pieces, but if I don’t know that He says, I’m going to try to help you figure out what are the pieces to get you a step further, because I want every single person to be closer to what? They’re, they’re passionate. So if I can get you a step further great, if nothing else, I get to meet another great person in the world. So I’m happy to take that call.

Brandon Handley 1:05:17
Awesome. Thanks so much for being on here today.

Prabhat Gautam 1:05:20
Thank you, Brandon. I look i get i want to say I love a spiritual joke is about Everybody, please encourage your friends to, to follow by and share and then also tell people to listen to the episodes that inspire and inspire you guys because if you love an episode, that episode, if it resonates with you, that it’s gonna resonate with your friends. And you know, don’t just send them the Hey, just go check it out, send them to a specific episode that really inspired you because we need to get people on this journey to find you know, their own personal healing so they can help heal the world.

Brandon Handley 1:05:53
I appreciate that. Thank you so much.

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Alright, guys, we are going to finish up. This book took a little bit longer than I had intended. And I guess that’s just what life is about sometimes. The key thing here for me anyways, is that, go ahead and finish this up, I think that I did this with what was the other book I did. What was the other book I did, um, besides getting rich, took me a while to finish it. And it was really just a matter of sitting down to do it, finding the time making the time to do it. So we’re gonna finish this up, We’re on chapter nine of Are you ready to succeed, where’s the book, there it is. I will also post the video of this to YouTube and put a link here as well. So you can follow along with the mind map. And I’ll say the mind map as well. And you can download the whole thing and take a look at it if you want, if that’s something that you would like to do. So just as what I’m choosing to do on Father’s Day, finish this up. It’s important to me and just kind of making that time and it’s like, if you don’t finish these things, you’ve always kind of got this open tab in your mind this open loop that never got closed. And that’s just me finishing this up. I was always enjoyed getting something like this finished up as well. And this one’s pretty important. It’s a pretty important chapter that I feel like I’ll share with you. And we’ll work we’ll work our way through it. So as we’re looking here, and we’ll work our way through it, We’re on chapter nine of Are you ready to succeed, unconventional strategies for achieving personal mastery in business and life by Sreekumar. Ralph. And, you know, I’m also taking his course, with creative and personal mastery and taking the course in person with people after having gone through this several times already. It’s it’s a, it’s a whole different world as well. So chapter nine is you create your world from what is inside of you. And the intro starts off with the whole idea that most of the models that you currently have in your life, they don’t serve you well, are they serving us? Sure every model serves you, right, every story that you’re telling yourself and everything that already exists, is serving you in one way or another. For better or worse. The idea is that you can’t simply adopt a brand new model and just say, Yeah, well, that’s my new model, and I’m gonna use it. The the key of it is to find evidence of it at work. For example, right now we are in the class going through the section of creating our new realities, determining what we want that new reality to be or that new model, and then looking for evidence of that model at play in action, and writing down and capturing that and saying, Hey, here’s where I see that evidence of it, jotting it down. And it’s when you do that, that you reinforce the idea. And that’s really what what he’s talking about here. And then the the whole idea is there’s going to be he’s going to give us a general purpose model as we go forward here. And I’ll also liken that to framework right, here’s the framework of something, here’s the outline of something that you can use the model is an outline, and you can kind of fill it in as you see fit and ways that work best for you. So what’s inside of you? You know, pretty sure I’ve talked to this a couple times. And I think I just did it recently, where I talked about the idea of Wayne Dyer talking about the oranges and orange juice is the only thing come out of orange juice because that’s all that’s inside of it. Sreekumar Rao uses this rasa gola, which is a traditional Indian sweet to round and white about size of a ping pong ball. And inside of it is a sweet sweet syrup. No matter how hard you squeeze it. That’s all it’s kind of come out because that’s what’s inside of it. The thing is, is that what’s inside of us is currently or most often

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not sweet, syrupy, and not just orange juice. We’ve got all these other things that are inside of us that are we he calls, it’s going to be guilt, depression, envy, worry, unhappiness, shame, sorrow, nervousness, jealousy, hate, fear, embarrassment, or frustration. Because that’s, that’s what our mental models have created within assess that mental chatter that when we started this process, that’s what we kind of that’s what we do. developed. And it reminds me of the stories that people call a news story or other stories and the the idea of you’ve got two dogs that are always fighting each other. Right? And the two dogs are always getting bet on by random people in a dogfight. And the person who is the person who’s leading that right the in the story, like it’s a grandfather, Indian who’s who’s doing this, and he always bets on the right dog, he never loses. And so one day his grandson asked some because why, how do you know which one of the dogs is gonna win? And he goes, Well, that’s easy. It’s the dog that I fed all week, right? So whichever, and this is like, the, you know, whatever you give your attention to is what grows. So whatever you tie up in your mind, and your mental chatter, that’s, that’s what grows, whatever model you give the most attention to, that’s gonna be the one that quote unquote, wins, whether or not that’s the quote, unquote, winning model for you, it’s still going to be the model that gets the most energy still going to be the model that takes precedence in your life. So that idea of what’s inside of you, you can cultivate, you can cultivate that. He says here, that transformation begins and ends with mental models, right? You keep the ones that build and nourish you, like I’m talking about here with the idea of you feed the dog that you want to win. And then you remove the mental models that are filled with poison and content. With what’s an example this, think, I mean, trying to think of it earlier. Even myself in this past week, I was like, how could you do I forget what it was I’d done. I was like, how that was stupid, or, and I caught myself like talking, talking down on myself or saying something about myself or sometimes getting caught and worry, that doesn’t make any sense to get caught in because the future is never kind of certain. Right? And why waste your time focus on these these worrisome moments that may never happen and most likely never happened? and waste your energy there. Where Where? Where else? Could you be using that thought, energy, that powerful creativeness of yours, right? You will, because you’re using your creative energies, to create something that’s just awful and shitty. And you could use that same energy to create something really awesome and beautiful, right? Or amazing or at least beneficial to you. So leverage, leverage a model a mental model that is beneficial to you, because regardless of whether or not you

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God create you, regardless, regardless of you creating something, he may as well create something that is useful for you. So he recommends this benevolent universe model and this is one that I know that ever since I first have seen it, it’s something that I’ve been able to implement in my life. And it’s, it’s been wonderful serves me wonderfully. I’ll read a little bit about reading from the book here it says the universe is conscious of benevolent entity, it always acts in your best interest and always brings into your life exactly what you need at any instant. And if the idea is to you know, just really look for those instances and I can I can look at you know, when I got let go of, from Cisco when when they, when they eliminated the job, right? They didn’t let go of you, they’ve eliminated the job and then went into real estate for a couple months. And then as the pandemic was coming into full swing, somebody reached out to me, too. See if I was interested in another job, and I said sure, yeah, absolutely interested in it and think it’d be a great fit perfect almost for me. Exactly where I believe I need to be right now. It was it was like almost a perfect role for me. As you know, who I am and where I am at this point in my life. And then, right, the week that I’m and here’s the deal to like, I mean, you know, kids are home from school. pandemic’s going on. And this was a job working from home, great benefits, all the things. And then they stopped hiring that week that I was hired, right. So this like, again, the idea that it always acts in your best interest always brings into your life exactly what you need, at any instant, right? Right when you need it. That was, you know, that was how I saw, you don’t have to sit, that’s, and here’s the thing, you have the opportunity to see this as you like, you don’t have to see it. The thing is, if you’re going to step into this model, you have to start looking for the evidence of it in action for you, so that you can support the model that you would like to implement. And there’s been countless and several other times that I have seen this at play in my life. Since since picking up on this model, that wasn’t the only time there’s definitely several other times, but I just want to use that as the example because even though real estate people killed it this past year, in real estate, and they’re and they’re still doing really well. I don’t know what would have happened, if I would have had to have stayed in real estate would I’ve gotten sick, but I’ve got somebody in the house sick, you know, would something else have happened? And, and there would have been a lot of worry and frustration at home in the family life, if I’d stayed in that so that the universe provided this, this other option that was perfect for me and my family at that point in time. And, you know, once you start seeing stuff like that, it’s really kind of hard to stop or turn back. So the idea too, is that it inspires if you’re able to do this, if you’re able to begin to pull this type of model into your own life is is it as bad as the whole idea of heaven on earth? Right? Because now, like, you’ve got the universe actually working for you and your own benefit? And it is it becomes again, like heaven on earth? And the idea to is, is where’s the time to think, you know, that is this? Is this real? No more so than any other model. Right? But the thing is that all the other all the other models are just as false as as this one. So, again, what if it’s really true, though? What if, what if it really does work out this way? And then you know, what does that mean for your life then. And

I’ve been able to, again, implement these into a point where I believe it, and I see it. So he also mentions here that all the exercises within this book, have basically led up to this convergence point, giving you the exercises to test out to be able to see the universe is working on your behalf. And now it’s like, okay, now you just may just come out and say it right. But this is, and you can look back, if you’ve done any of the exercises in this book, if you take many of its courses, and you’ve done a lot of it even to the lightest, lightest varying degree, then then you’ll you’ll be able to say, oh, shoot, the universe really was working on my behalf. And and now you know, there’s, there’s something amazing going on for me. So he’s gonna hit back again on the idea that our beliefs cannot be forced. So you simply cannot force yourself to accept the proposed model. You may recognize it intellectually, and that it’s a good idea, but you can’t just automatically accept it. You can’t believe it all once. And I liken this to the idea of who’s the guy who wrote the book PLOS sees time mahalik go look for small things that you can believe then instead of trying to take it all in at once, if it’s you know, if it’s too much at one time to say yes benevolent universe, and bla, you’re like, Fuck that. The thing is, then take something small that you can work with and then start looking for how that is beginning to show no small pieces of benevolence from the universe towards you. So whatever you believe now, small pieces and then just each time something a little bit beyond that initial point. So small increments outside of the known at the time and then over time, it will become massive over time. It will become This this piece of the universe that that is with you. And it’s going to become very difficult and challenging to refute. At a certain point in time, just just like any of your existing models, like you’ve got models, right now you’re like, they are totally true, this is always happening. And this is how it is blah, blah, blah. So if you can, however, begin to accept this, this, this model for yourself, and begin to implement, excuse me begin to implement it, you will, you’ll, you’ll start to see benefits almost immediately, again, I’ll go to the current exercises that we’re working on where we create, we have a current reality, we’re like, this Dahlia thing is not ideal in my life and where I’d like it to be. And then you reshape that to say, you know, this reality is totally serving me, and here’s how it serving me, and then you start looking for evidence that it is serving you. And that’s what he talks about here. And the exercise of building up the level of universe is real similar, it says, a look through your history for areas that may seemed awful, but eventually lead you to a better place. Right? Look, I mean, the pandemic, I think the pandemic has led a lot of people to do some inner work that they, you know, hadn’t been willing to face. And now, there’s this mental resilience that I think is happening all over the world that is playing a big part and, and in who we are, I think it’s also hit corporate, pretty hard. So that now our corporations are really seeing how people as people, as they should have, all the time and are really doing what they can to improve the mental stability of their, of their workers. And I think that I think a big portion of that is genuine right now versus a lot of it in prior had been lip service. And now, and now I think they I think it seems like it’s more meaningful.

So you look for look through your history of where something seemed bad. And then you also look for areas where Hidden Hand played a role in getting you to a better place. I’ll use the example I think I was in fourth grade and California, Northern California, it was the mid 80s. And we were moving again. And I was pretty upset that we’re moving. However, I think a week or two after we moved. Like there was a ginormous flood from the Russian River literally wiped out the neighborhood where we’d lived. So within weeks of us leaving, where we’d lived have been wiped out who knows what would have happened, right? It could have been completely hideous and awful. But there’s an area where Hidden Hand played a role, basically kind of saving our lives. So you’ve got something maybe not so drastic and dire that’s happening in your life every day. So you want to look for ways of maybe something, maybe something that impacted your day. It seemed kind of shitty for a moment, but like you’re like, what good can come out of this? What What did I learn from this, where’s the benefit to me in this or my family or my job or anything like that, and you write that down a look for you look for a way that the universe is being benevolent for you like at least once a day. So and then you just you write it that hand write it down, I can’t stress that enough. I really believe that that makes all the difference in the world by handwriting it versus anything else. So there’s also going to come a point to where you feel like you’re slipping back, you may feel like you’re slipping back into your old models. But this is where you double down. You’ve put all this effort in and you don’t want to risk losing the ground that you’ve gained. So and that that can easily happen. Because we’ve had our default models for most of our lives, right, it’s really, really, really easy to fall back into that pattern. I used to be a smoker I used to smoke. And whenever you quit smoking near maybe you’re smoking like one to two packs a day. The idea is that when you go back to it, you don’t go back to one to two pack there. If you don’t go back to a couple cigarettes a day you go back to where you left off. Same thing, same thing is applicable here. You’re gonna go back to whatever dirty nasty habits you had before in your way of thinking versus this new way It is much more beneficial to and end your life. So he also, this is the way he gets it. So I feel, you know, when you get to the end of the book, and you’ve been doing all these exercises, it’s just like I’m saying you kind of start slipping back into your mileage to so much work so much effort. Most of the times I’ve gotten through this book I don’t always make it a point to go read these good stories right about Special Olympic where’s the Shaka fellows who had just read about this was the first time in four years I went look this guy up and read about, you know, kind of what he’s brought into the world. And then there’s, you know, go and there are these there are these incredibly inspiring stories that you can go read and see what’s possible for for just about anybody, given any conditions and conditions for some of these people can be absolutely horrendous but it’s it’s overcoming those those conditions that is what makes the stories awesome. And then there’s a business people who snap back from bankruptcy. So that’s one that I did look up and go through. Let me see if see if I say that yet. Like people like Milton Hershey, right, Hershey’s candy, this guy, you know, he, he faced bankruptcy, George Foreman, he was bankrupt. And now he’s got an estimated wealth of over $250 million. Who’s another couple people I thought that were that were Henry frickin Ford, you know, bankrupted himself in 1903. You know, he tried failed again and kept on going until his dream becoming a reality with today’s net worth estimated at is that like, I don’t know, 188 billion, right? 188 billion. Today Walt Disney is another one who was bankrupt. And Abraham Lincoln So here you go through and he like you’re worried about you know, these failures. Have you ever worried about like going bankrupt or anything like that think about some of these people and and what happened after their bankruptcy who they became even though at one point they were bankrupt, and start to apply this benevolent model, university yourself.

So coping with senseless tragedies is another piece that he’s gotten here as we talk about, like these benevolent models, and we talk about everything else going on there. There are certain things that are going to happen in our lives were like, you know, loss of a child loss of a loved one that super close to you. Yeah, God, I was talking to a gentleman the other day, I was very upbeat, very kind doing his daily job. And he was in Florida with his child who’s had who was a twin and his, his, his bones were all jacked up from the from the bottom, which call it the sack, you know, the, the prenatal sack that they’re born in, and it opened up in 12 weeks. And so when he came out of the womb, he was twisted up like a pretzel. The doctors have had to work on his bones his entire lives, kids only nine years old, gone through all this stuff, getting his legs, broken ligaments, like, cut and spliced in so that he can walk, feet reset all these things. And this is a nine year old kid, a dad going through it. I was like, holy shit, man. The idea that you’re even upbeat and going through all these things, and you still have this good sense of being was really impressive to me. But this is a type of thing that’s kind of like a senseless tragedy. It doesn’t make any sense. Why would this happen to anybody in it in this this benevolent universe, right. And the thing that struck Morales saying here is that you’ve got to do all the work that came before in this book before you can start to cope with these senseless tragedies. And the idea is that the universe’s intervening in your life that is Ziering you around the pitfalls and bringing you what you need over to bringing you the help that you need. When you feel overwhelmed leading you to bounty in different guises and always looking after you in a myriad of ways. You have to feel this way to a very deep level before you can use the strategy of you saying take a look at the idea of a forest fire right when the forest fire happens. It’s just like, it burns everything out of its way but it’s also necessary for for the forest to go through that. History talks about he talks about the idea of leveraging you know maybe some of these things that are paying you or suffering you to take maybe maybe you got to take some Measure to lessen it, you do it consciously. Maybe you can, I don’t know, bring awareness to it right, y’all you see that often I was another gentleman I saw that almost died last year of a blood clot in his leg. And now he’s helping to bring awareness to it right, he’s in a, he’s got a role in his life where he’s able to take this, this thing that’s happened to him and apply it and bring awareness to to blood clots. By leveraging again his his status in the world, and share out with some people and some ways to prevent it and what you can do if it does happen. You know, again, here’s the idea to right, did it uh, he says it’s wonderful, liberating to live in this world, this world where the universe behaves as if it were specifically designed for you and actually give you exactly what you need a world where you can accept it. What you want is not always what you need the child. This is good, too. The child may want to tell advice, cream, but a wise parent provides fresh fruit and vegetables. He says, Are you kidding that the universe looks like this? Yes, you absolutely are. But you’re also kidding yourself, if you think that the universe is the way that it is now. So you again, you have to you have to make this choice. Right that? Do you want to dwell on a peaceful abode with a sense of fulfillment and purpose? Or do you want to wander around the corridors of a House of Horrors where, you know, ghastly apparitions appear without notice? It’s your choice and all your choice and it’s far better choice to live in the bosom of benevolent universe. So I mean, that that kind of closes it up, right? It’s, it’s it is your choice. To live in this benevolent universe, it’s your choice to go ahead and build out this model is your choice to support this model, I just always your conscious choice to build out any model. Because that’s, that’s exactly what you’re doing. Anytime that you’re, you know, you’re beating yourself up, you’re, you’re, you’re, you’re supporting that other dog, but we talked about the dog that always wins. So

I hope that you’ve enjoyed already ready to succeed a little bit of a deeper dive into it. And I hope this inspires you to either pick up this book or try somebody exercises yourself or excuse me do some of the work yourself to to just dive into it in the back of this book too. As Sreekumar Rao has a some reading list, I’ll see if I can go ahead and direct you to it or post a couple of it not only does it give you the Reading List of gives you a one year reading list, which is pretty cool. But then he has his other supplementary reading list where he will give you the levels of the book, he puts it under different headers, Business and Management. What’s another header here? I don’t know. Anyways, like plant plenty of plenty of plenty of other you know books. Here’s one mind over matter. One of the first ones here I’m just gonna give you an example. Mind over matters the type of book you know, Dwayne wire. Wayne Dyer, you’ll manifest your destiny. Popular speaker author Wayne Dyer has other books you may wish to explore. This book is good manual on how you can and he gives you a little synopsis good manual on how you can use metaphors to screen a physical reality. It contains good tips on how to harness the power of subconscious mind. And the whole has explicitly spiritual underpinnings was quite common in this genre reading level number one, right so you know check out this book if that’s something that you’re interested in. If you’re interested in trying to get yourself into a mental model that just says hey, the way my life has been going not the model I want to use and really appreciate Brandon you sharing Sreekumar browse models sounds like something I could be interested in using and applying in my own life. Anyways, take care guys that’s going to come bombed on Oh, god, I’m done. Like I said, I’ll share out the I’ll show this mind map. So you can kind of see the the map here of how I kind of wrote it out and you can pick up the book yourself. Try it out yourself. The book resonates with you. I highly suggest checking out the course. The live course if you can. It’s called creating personal mastery. I’ll share a link with that in the notes as well. Until then, we’ll decide what our next little adventure baby take care of

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Brandon Handley 0:40
4321 Hey there podcasters How’s everybody doing? Today, we’ve got cyan to set on with us today. she communicates with light energy by allowing source energy to flow through her surpassing energy. surpassing society’s definition of a psychic medium, her approach is to show others that they too can access their own souls connection to source energy for healing of self and humanity. Her work is ongoing in the field of soul energy awareness and human of Oh, Lucian Sam, what’s going on? Thanks for joining us say hi. Thanks, Randy. So, um, you know, I usually like to start us off with the whole idea that we are right, we’re connected with Source Energy all the time, and that, you know, the divine speaks through us. And the idea that there’s going to be somebody who’s listening in today, that is only going to get like this message for them through you. What is that message today? So, I

Shianne Doucette 1:48
it’s funny, I had something planned to say that in when you’re asking this question, but source has a funny sense of humor, I actually have a message for someone very specific. And you’ll know who you are. I have a gentleman coming through who would have been in the 70s work with either Time Magazine, or Life magazine, really amazing photographer using old school, school photography. She was well traveled kind of looked like a Robert Redford back in the day, you’ll use very specific, he was given a lot of awards for his photography, specifically one watch. That is like, you see those big faith watches that everybody kind of wants to have now, he had one of those before they were popular. And it was I feel like it was an award. There’s also a map in the home where he would have raised his family that had like pin marks on the map of all the places that he travel. There’s also a connection to the next generation, somebody does something with satellite. So I am going through this really fast because it’s just kind of like coming in really quick. There’s something about code named snowflake, I don’t know what that means. It’ll mean something to somebody. It’s, I don’t feel like it’s a spy COVID snowflake, I think it’s like a family member member that it was a joke that it was like a snowflake would be the nickname for somebody. But there is a connection to someone in this generation that works with the satellites. So I flew through that really quick. What I was going to say is that my my message that I would give to someone out there and I think that this might actually be connected to that person. I feel like this could be this person’s grandson. It may not be the person listening the grandson, but it might be someone in the family who would know who the grandson was. No one ever loses their divinity no matter what they’ve gone through. So even if you hit rock bottom bottom, done some terrible things, or have had terrible things happen to you. You never lose your divinity, your connection to your soul. And also that connection to the higher, higher higher source of all, it’s always there for us. Just waiting. So

Brandon Handley 4:34
I hope I didn’t rattle this cool, right? Like semi it’s interesting, right? So you’ve got this idea of this person that you’re talking to specifically, whether it’s that person from the 70s with the watch or not, or that person is grandson or grandchild.

Unknown Speaker 4:52
Yeah. That person from the 70s would definitely be on the other side. I can feel him very strongly with me so

Brandon Handley 4:59
that that meant is coming through you from him to like the grandchild, right? Yeah. So and what I like, what you’re saying here too is even though maybe you’ve done terrible things, or terrible things have happened to you. One of the things that I’ve done in the past, you know, this year was to like, an email journey, right? spiritual journey of just kind of like, we’ll just call it spiritual potpourri. Right? And one of the things that I landed on was the idea of these saints, you know, that were sinners before they turn into saints, right? So I mean, to what you’re saying to even if they’ve even if you’ve done some things that you would you that that person, you were isn’t the person that you are. And that’s what I think a lot of people let that let that shame hold them down or keep them away from, like, you’re saying that divinity that’s always available to you and always within you is that, you know, kind of what you’re saying there though, right? Yes. So that’s sweet. I love that. Yeah. So give us give us a little background, like, where are you? Where are you working? What are you doing? You know, what do you what do you want to hit on today?

Unknown Speaker 6:10
Well, I’ve been been got it too, to do some videos on just sharing the some of the guided meditations I do with, with some one on one clients. And then also some of the ones I do in group reading that public events. Just really strong push to share that because it’s there for everybody. I find when I am doing a reading, there’s just a strong message that everybody has access to this, this wonderful connection that is that is I see it as the soul. And that when we, you know, be here on Earth, there’s so much going on, especially right now, there is a lot of healing going on. But there’s a lot of gunk kind of coming up to be released. And then we’re all in the middle of it. So yeah, those videos I hope to have out in the next six months, and they’re going to be available for everybody. I’ve also written a book, I’m Fingers crossed, getting that out there soon. And yeah, I kind of pull back a little bit on the one on one readings, just because I need a little break right now. We’ve got some family stuff going on with a member of our family not doing too well. So just kind of balancing the self care in there, too.

Brandon Handley 7:40
That’s important, that’s really important that you everybody always refers to the airplane, you know, mask, right? The mask falls down. First things first do is take a little bit for yourself, and you make sure that you stay alive so that you can help somebody else survive. So how, you know, what’s, what’s the title of the book? And what’s that going to be about?

Unknown Speaker 8:04
The book title is a small glimpse of everything. And it was kind of came to me because that’s what I see why I didn’t always clearly see a soul and I did a reading. I felt it kind of had an awareness of it. The more I tested my energy, the more I opened up to the connection that I had, personally, I was able to see it in others and just have this awareness of this all of this connection that we have. And actually Well, the way it works for me is it’s almost like a video or an audio projector overtop of someone like if I was reading you right now. And I think we talked about that, when it’s just this beautiful light ribbon of life that comes down through and it’s safer for everyone and different. Just like almost like a rainbow or have a fingerprint combined. And two, I call it a small glimpse of everything’s, it’s kind of like a small glimpse of the universe. So that’s, that’s, and it starts with my story of how I started working with energy. Some of the weird things that happened to me growing up and how I pushed it aside, and then leading up to some of the stories that I have permission to share from some really incredible people who’ve had some life changing moments in readings. So that’s that’s what the books about.

Brandon Handley 9:35
That’s great. So what what what got you into it right, what got you into this energy work? And how did you find yourself in this space? And you know, how have you been able to move it forward for the benefit of yourself and others?

Unknown Speaker 9:50
Well, it started out quite randomly with a theme. I think the universe was pushing me I mean, I think that there’s some things that you just kind of can’t turn or turn away from, and then you, you get the choice of whether you want to go all the way. I just, you know, like first was a yoga class where the teacher I thought I was going to like go to like an aerobics class where, you know, less less work and more results. She started talking about fan scripts and, and connections to this whole other ideas that I never experienced, because this would have been back in the early 2000s. And you know, I’m in a little small city we really hadn’t, it wasn’t really something I was exposed to very much.

Unknown Speaker 10:42
And then

Unknown Speaker 10:44
after that, it was just the learn, more and more things are opening up. And then I was getting massage treatment from someone. And she had a brochure on in our work area, talking about this thing called oneness, which was out of India and I went, and it was crazy. The force of energy that I felt, and I think that was kind of like the door opening was like, wow, we are so much more than I thought we were there’s much more than trying to you know, climb the corporate ladder, there’s much more than getting the great car and having the nice house and it it kind of like poke the hole in the whole idea that I was searching for something always outside of me. And here it was inside. And that’s that’s what it started with. And just learning to work with energy starting off there and being drawn to different modalities and just got like a real hunger to learn everything there was about energy

Brandon Handley 11:52
work. Yeah, that’s I mean, that seems to be the my wife, my wife hates the line, like the process, right. But that seems to be kind of the process, the process seems to be kind of the idea of finding this more than your sense of self. And I think that in, when you thought about for the podcasts, you’d put in there, the idea that everyone has the soul, and it’s their choice to use it. Which I wish I can agree with. But I think the challenge is to identify that that situation, right? And then, and then accepting that that’s true, right? And then it’s when you get to that point, that you realize that everyone has a soul and it’s your choice to use it. That’s when that’s when you make that choice. Right? is out. And so it sounds to me like that. So that happened to you, when you were in India, you is that you went out?

Unknown Speaker 12:48
No, it was a woman who brought the teachings event from India back during that, like that was my first real experience with energy work. And then she taught a workshop on how to how to do that. And it took off and then there was Reiki and so

Brandon Handley 13:05
that’s the other piece though not to talk over you but like the other pieces, right? So now they want you to decide to use the soul. She views like that is just like this. There’s like this black pit of knowledge desire, like to learn more about it and you know, get closer to it and be a part of it, and then share it out with everybody is that kind of been what your journey has been like?

Unknown Speaker 13:29
Yeah, and honestly, I mean, I get it so asked backwards, and I fell down on her so many times, because when I saw this, like, you know, experiences working with energy, and then it was like, wow, I want to learn how to do this, I want to learn how to also share it with someone else. So that energy is going through me. And at the same time was was not connecting to my own self and using that and harnessing that. And it was a journey to learn that part of it and to trust that part of it. And the funny thing is, is that when you start going along and you’re you’ve got these ups and downs and you’re, you’re learning how to work with your own energy and you’re seeing the miracle of it working on someone else. There’s almost like the swelling, you know, they talk about the present moment. There’s this calmness that comes in. It’s almost like this. The Iraqi answers this calm feeling that comes in it’s like, man, I don’t get in this lifetime. So what are the nice final one after that? So it’s it’s kind of hilarious being a human being down here when you really think about it. So

Brandon Handley 14:41
yeah, our time is, is is so seemingly finite. But uh, you know, the idea is really that we are eternal, right? And here we are. We’re like grasping, kicking and clawing to do everything that we can with this seemingly limited amount of time and it’s really just I don’t know if you’re watching Old 80s movie, the gods must be crazy, right? Is just just just, that’s what it really kind of boils down to the gods must be crazy because here we are running around like crazy. And for what? To what? And so Cheyenne, I know usually there’s a little bit more time for us but like so I’ve got a couple questions I’d like to ask on towards the back end here. And almost like a spiritual speed dating thing that you and I talked about. And just so everybody knows real quick here, like Cheyenne did an awesome reading on me, had a great time. And really, you know, you do the medium work in general, you’re not doing the one on one so much right now because of family stuff. But like, it was great like, and it’s it was an It was a great experience. And I don’t think that this is my second medium reading from a different person. But it was a little bit different. And it helps you in different ways. And so I appreciate what you did for me, and I thought I thought it was really excellent. So as as I’m getting on to this next question for you, though, I just I just thought it would tell people to reach out to you because it’s a it’s a great experience. So either the coursework, or just trying to get a hold of Cheyenne to see what’s up. I highly recommend it. So I’m only gonna have time for one quick question is a spiritual speed dating. When is war justifiable? It’s an easy one, right?

Unknown Speaker 16:25
So from a higher perspective, I’ve asked this question myself, so I’m going to give you the higher perspective that they gave me because to me, it’s never, it never made any sense. But then at the other side of it, it’s like, but what if they have this and they’re taking the rights away from these people, and then we go with. So I was explained it this way that there is nothing here to find a boat, but we’ll always find something to fight about, until we connect to that, which we are until we start remembering what we really are. So we’re always going to find a justification for war until we all evolve. I hope that makes sense. Do you want more clarification on that?

Brandon Handley 17:13
Also, so in the idea of evolution, I think that that’s the challenge, right? We’re, we are constantly seeking to be more, because I’d like so we’re looking to evolve. But what is there to evolve? What really needs to evolve is the understanding of who we already are. Right?

Unknown Speaker 17:33
Yeah. And I think you’re, we’re, if you look at it, again, I mean, I always ask to see the higher perspective, even though my human brain can always make total sense of it. When I say evolve, I mean, involving the human experience, because again, there’s a piece of each you like, what I do, when I ask to see the higher perspective, it’s almost like that little cores in every living thing, and also connected to that, but like, like, almost like meridian lines, that that anything here alive or even beyond that. wouldn’t be here, if it wasn’t connected to that source energy. And it’s almost like we’ve been coming. There’s like a separation from source energy. And as it’s coming back with that source energy remembers, and the experiences that we have here, coming in with that memory of what we are. So we’ve always been evolving as humans and from what my understanding is, this is not the first time it’s been done in so many different ways. When you get into like the quantum of it, like it’s mind blowing. So really, it’s again, it’s that stepping back and realizing Well, for this year, having a human experience is nothing here is real, what are we so worried about? But at the same time, when you bring in that soul connection, there is that piece in that memory and when you you know when you’re connected, because and if it’s only for a few seconds, I mean, you take this takes, there are people out there who get this and they’ve got it 24 hours and I mean, I might have it for during a reading because I’ve meditated for like a good half an hour an hour beforehand. And I’ve put the ego aside the inner child aside, but still, I mean, if I go out in the traffic and somebody you know, cuts me off, there I go again, I’m human, and I’m kind of pulled away from the soul self. So yeah, so as a as a as having a human experience. Without the soul connection. You’re always going to find a justification for fighting for arguing because you’re constantly suffering.

Brandon Handley 19:46
Now you’re right, that that means that makes 100% sense. So unfortunately, yeah, we don’t have a whole lot of time today and I do have to move on to the next piece. But so what you know, where’s your We send people to connect with you shine.

Unknown Speaker 20:04
You can follow me on Instagram. Cheyenne Doucet, you can follow me on Twitter. Again Cheyenne, Doucet Facebook page Cheyenne to set I think that’s the shine does that psychic medium. Also have a webpage try and do stuff. And again, watch the videos. I hope to be getting those out there soon for everything. Awesome.

Brandon Handley 20:23
Thank you so much for joining today. Thank you. It’s a pleasure, Brandon. Thanks a lot guys

Unknown Speaker 20:28
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