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So what is going on? Today? It’s been a long time. Since since doing like a BJJ report, which I do those on occasion more recently having been reinvigorated with it. And now just kind of getting back into flow, I haven’t done a live because you know, the past year pandemic, I didn’t really have a whole lot to say, except for let’s get through this shit. And that was it. Right? I don’t know that it was survival mode. But I don’t, I wouldn’t have called it thriving for myself. I was definitely a challenge. And I don’t think anyone made it out alive. You know, in terms of, there wasn’t anyone who wasn’t touched by it in some way or another. And Meg and I were having a conversation this morning about that. What’s up, homie? mega, we’re having a conversation this morning, too, right. And then another thing that happened this week, was I interviewed someone who’s very, very, very active in charitable causes.

Prabhat Gautam

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runs this organization called positive television does one of the things but he’s thrown over 800 different events to raise awareness. And, you know, I barely, I don’t I don’t know, think of what others should be aware of, or I don’t think that I’ve ever, you know, kind of had a cause, per se, other than Don’t be an asshole. Right? I think that’s been my primary cause most of my life. Sometimes I’ve been the asshole saw me, I’m not saying that. I’m a saint, either. And I think that when we talk about raising awareness, we talk about it in the sense of raising awareness of you know, who you are, right? Who are you, first of all foremost? And then what’s your cause? Like, what do you want to stand for? And as I was thinking about it, right, I was like, What the fuck do I stand for it is I’ve rarely, you know, I don’t stand for much again, it’s just kind of living life and enjoying it and got me thinking about, you know, some things that I might be able to stand for it easily. We all know that look, I stand for obviously, being the best parent, you can be under any given circumstances with what you have to do that with. Right? That’s, that’s a no brainer. And there’s a whole bunch of other causes and things out there, right, like, hey, let’s, let’s stop trafficking humans. That’s a good idea.

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But I think,

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I think another thing that it dawned on me, right, and like, hey, it’s Mental Health Awareness Month. And I was like, that’s an easy one for me to at least jump on the bandwagon with, if you don’t recall, if you’ve never seen some of my other, okay, 1000s of episodes of just getting on here. And talking is the idea of, I used to be kind of like against Christmas against the consumerism against

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Brexit, and it’s so easy to throw your, your hat in the ring with the negativity of all that shit. And I was like, you

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know, what, if there’s gonna be one day, where we’re like, hey, let’s see what it feels like good for the sake of giving all that shit. That I mean, right? I don’t care. If it’s surrounded by consumerism, the man or media says you got to do xy and z, what I choose to see is that that’s a day where we get to experience giving. So in that same vein, if we’ve got just one month, especially after this crazy year, where we got to say, hey, let’s let’s step up, like and, and normalize the fact that everybody goes through some shit. Right now, the beauty of it is, is that, um, its beauty is beautiful, and it’s terrible, right? Everybody in the world went through this pandemic. And we’re still going through it. We’re still coming out of it. We’re not 100% clear out of it yet, because there’s some people who think that, you know, fucking we’re getting shoved with nanobots. And if they take magnets to their soldiers and triple that shit out, if you don’t want the cure, don’t get the shot. Okay. I’ll throw that out there. But we all went through this together, and it’s like, we didn’t have a choice. And now we’ve got the toe pin. So now we’ve got this like this, this opportunity to realize it Whatever, whatever, you know, let’s look, you look at work as an example, whatever I’m going through, at work in terms of living, you know, at home, my family 24 seven trying to, you know, quiet the dog while I’m on this really important call, you know, um, and then, you know, my kids need some help with math and, and, you know, Finn, you know, is going through some things. I’m what my boss, my leadership, whatever you want to call everybody is going through the same thing, right? And it taxes the mental health to the degree that there’s breakage. And why is there breakage in the mental health and you know, the dis ease that occurs that the mental health

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dis ease that occurs is like we weren’t built for this shit. It’s real simple, right? So what can we do? Right? What can we do? Well, first of all, I think that what has been done is that for most companies out there, it’s it’s gone beyond the rhetoric of, Hey, we got to care for our employees, or else we’re not going to get the

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work, we’re not going to say we’re not going to get, we’re not going to get the productivity from them. Unless we give them this face and grace and, and the thing is leadership going through that tooth like shit, man, I guess Brandon is going through some shit, because I’m not immune to it, you are not immune to it, just because it hasn’t hit you. yet. Just because you’ve never been hit by it doesn’t mean that there’s not gonna be a point in your life, where you’re not dropped to your knees, where you’re not in the fetal position. Look up looking for a way out. It happens to everybody at one point or another. And the circumstances are going to be different for everybody. But we have to look at everybody and give them the grace, we have to understand that when you go through some shit like that, when your friend goes through some shit like that. They’re not coming back as the same person, right? Meg and I were talking about giving birth, for example, and expecting a woman to carry you know, so expecting a woman to, you know, carry a body inside of it for nine months. You know, nurture it, love it, whatever. Have it, shoot out your gift your whole body up to this thing that comes out and you’re like, what just happened, and then expected them to come back and do their spreadsheets, just the way that they were within nine weeks? You think that’s all? You think they’re coming back the same? Like, I don’t fucking get that. Like how, right your parents died, your son dies, you go through cancer, and you’re you know, you survive cancer? Well, first of all, me out, I don’t even know where that takes a lot of strength to be able to kind of come through that. But when you come back, you’re not the same and that’s okay. And it’s not okay, though, for somebody to think that, you know, if you can’t do the spreadsheets the way that you used to do them, we got to let you go. Right. Now it becomes, okay, you’ve gone through some shit. And maybe you can’t do the role the way that you used to? Do you even want to still do that role? Is there somewhere else in the company in this organization? That may be a better fit for you for the person that you are now today? Right? Sure, if I’m running a company, and you might not even think that I’m, you’re a good fit for this. What can you do for us now? I mean, look, obviously you what, how can we help you? What do you feel like you can do now? Maybe you don’t even think this company is the right fit for

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you anymore?

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Let me try and help you into the next place face or place. I mean, because that’s that’s you that’s being human right that’s that’s what humanities for humanities. You know, this is a shared human experience. And your mental

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is first and foremost. Right? Your mental health takes priority and and I can tell you look I’ve definitely seen People before, right and talking about mental health and thinking about it strictly as a disease and somebody fucked up, but they’ve got mental health issues, man you got you got mental health issues. Shit, man, you’re a mess. Everybody, everybody, everybody has got some type of mental health issue, quote unquote, everybody’s going through some shit. Everybody needs support. Everybody needs kindness, everybody needs compassion, you know. So I think what needs to be normalized. And I think that if I’m gonna raise awareness, or at least contribute awareness to anything, that’s what it’s gonna be. Right? You go through a shitty relationship. You’re not coming out the same, right? And for people to expect you to bounce back. I just think that that’s unreasonable. Right, it’s unreasonable. And I think that, you know, going forward, of the things that, you know, we’ve, we’ve gained from the pandemic, such as mad curbside pickup, which is great, right? Like, aside from, you know, accelerated grocery delivery, lots of good things came out of it that aren’t going to make our lives easier. But I think something that has come out of this is the normalization of the fact that we all need that all we all we all need, you know, this, this kind of support, right? And if somebody is going through some shit, think Meg made a really great post the other day, too. And I’m 100% guilty of this is like, you know, she’d mentioned if somebody, I think I mentioned something about other parents and say, Hey, you got to reconnect with them or, and you know, and you feel like, there’s only so much time left to reconnect with your parents. And she made the post, like, maybe that parent, like, fucked up that kid pretty good, right? Maybe there’s a lot of trauma in there. And now’s not the time. So just accept that Jenny, may not be so willing to forgive just yet. Maybe it’s not within Jenny just yet. To let go with that shit. And you don’t need to be the fucking person that says, just just go do it. Just go do you’ll be proud to be great. You see, forgiveness is great. Don’t be that guy. Don’t be that girl. You like I will ship.

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let’s just talk it out. Right, except that person as they are in this moment, not who you think they should be? Then I think, you know, acceptance is a big part of the whole mental health thing. So there you go. That’s my stick for the day. I know, I wanted to get to it before the end

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of the month.

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Because, again, if you don’t have a cause, that that’s okay, I didn’t have a cause I didn’t have something I felt strong enough to, to kind of talk out

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bright and raise awareness of I mean, look, guys, if you follow me at all, like I’m all about the spirituality space, I believe 1,000% that that’s missing in a lot of people’s kind of daily and mental practice, right? It just it just plays such a huge role in it. I mean, Dave’s watching right now, I know plenty of poll stuffers, that they’ll tell you that you know, if you know, if you can just find something greater than you so that you can kind of recognize it’s just just so helpful, right? And whatever that means to you. It doesn’t have to be God It doesn’t have to be you know, the Almighty. I don’t, I don’t give a shit what it means to you. But once you find it, and you can latch on to it, it could be a person, it could be a thing, it could be an organization then you can find some solace, you can find a place to let your guard down. Right, we went around so god damn tense and so ready to defend or attack? Where’s this place where you can be, you know, in military pardons, I guess at ease? Where can you be in a place where you feel safe? And I don’t feel like there’s a lot of places like that. And that’s another thing that’s going to take its toll on mental health. So anyways, Mental Health Month guys, check out prof Gotham, he’s got positive tv.org really cool dude, really glad to have connected with them. Really glad that, you know, having the conversation with him that I’ve had recently gave me the thought to just think about what is something that I could learn leverage my platform for spiritual dough to raise awareness for outside of spirituality what is something else that you know people are struggling with, they could use some help and that’s that’s what I’m doing. So take these guys have a good one that’s all for now.

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