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There are a number of paths that you can choose to connect with your divinity… here is a simple way that you can use to integrate your divinity with your humanity for a life filled with purpose and connection.

I got a question for you who doesn’t want to be their 5D self?

Who doesn’t want to be living that 5D life?

Who doesn’t already believe that they are the star seed and that they’re all just tapped into the universe and maybe that you want to believe all this stuff but you just you’re just on the fringes of it right and you haven’t accepted everything, every piece of it and I get it, I’m with you.

I can’t tell you how many groups that I jump into or how many spaces that I get into when it seems pretty cool. And all of a sudden someone takes that shit just a little bit too far.
Listen, I just want to let you know I believe I’ve what I’ve gone though, as I’ve gone through this stuff myself.

I’ve gone through a number of changes, in my life and I’ve had some experiences, I’ve had some manifestations. I don’t want to tell you how much I’ve manifested because you’re like, you’d be like, Where? Where do that go?

Oh no, you manifest that shit. And that’s how you manifest it so you can use it? That’s what I’ve done, and what I can tell you though, is that I want to be able to help you provide you with some tools that I found useful in my life and by tapping into my divine self.

So how do we tap you into your Divine Self?

I’ve gone ahead and I’ve actually created something that I called the DIVINE framework.

Tthese are gonna work for you in these current conditions, everybody’s talking about “hey, these current conditions are unprecedented yada yada”. While somebody else is like why don’t we just call it what it is a shit show.

Slow down.

These are the perfect conditions for you to be exactly who you need to be and who you are.

Everything that you have within you is perfect in order to take on and become the master of your domain, the master of the situation.

Especially in this environment, the deal is, is we got it, we have got to break away from our training. We have got to break away from what we’ve been taught, and I feel like there’s a number of you who are checking this out who, would be in here and that you’ve already broken away from that. You’ve already broken away from some of the nonsense, and literally, what we’re going to do is to tap into your divinity.

Tap into your divine being.

I’ve created a seven-day course that leverages this framework. It leverages the DIVINE framework versus mentally making a decision as you are tapping into divinity.

First thing you got to do is make a decision is, is that right for you?

Second thing you got to do is, take a look at the initiation process.

What is the initiation process?

Have you already begun it?

Are you in the middle of it?

The V in DIVINE is vision, let’s create a vision.

Have you ever taken time to understand what it’s like to have a vision?

I feel like so many people miss out on on on this piece.

It is one of the greatest aspects that life gives to you at all times.

Tap into your Divine Self and you will have a vision I promise you!

Next is the word numinous. This really talks about the space, the transition as you as you’re making the transition from human to divine from human or experiencing yourself is the 5D and the 5D space.

Then there’s the integration piece. Integration for this stuff is is is key, I believe Joe Dispenza talks about it, in Buddhism they talk about you can leave and go get all this awesome stuff and you can feel all this certain ways and, man, you, you, You’re, you’re tuned in you are connected to source hundred percent but how do you bring it back? How do you place that into your daily life because guess what you’re once you tap into it, hey, there’s no going back.

This is red pill blue pill time. Teach you fucking with the matrix.

There’s no going back and you have got to understand how you can integrate it and that can be a challenge.

I’m gonna help you integrate it.

And then finally, into the DIVINE framework is the expression part, which is really unleashing who you are from the within self and then expression without. Not just “Hey, how do I look today”.

Most people go about life and feeling like expressing themselves is this mask, which is a charade.

What we’re really working to do is bring out the truth of who you are the divine core strength, grace, demanding all that shit, having that show up everywhere you go.

If that’s something that interests you, then you’re in the right place.

I’m not trying to dress this up in any certain way.

It’s a matter of fact, I don’t want people to come in who aren’t interested in this shit.

All right, I don’t have time. I don’t.

This is a callout to the people who feel this stuff, who feel this way and are looking for a place where they can fine-tune themselves and place where they can really hone their abilities, and truly harness the power of who they are.

This is the seven-day divine framework course I’ve got set up.

In addition to that, I’m going to go ahead and throw in that part of my journey here was manifestation shit.

I tapped into Neville Goddard Florence Scovel Shinn, Bob Proctor, Abraham Hicks and many others. Which prompted me to create this money manifestation and prosperity consciousness 30-day course, I am giving you that as well.

Iin addition to that, as if that weren’t enough, as if you’re like, bro, I just manifested the shit out of this course that you just showed up when I needed you to show.

Of course, I did… that’s how this shit works!

I’ve also got a deep dive into the book called The Science of Getting Rich, which was written by Wallace D Wallace, which happens to be the very book that Rhonda Burns was handed when she was going through all her shit before she got it right and created The Secret.

If you feel like understanding that book might help you and if you feel like somebody who’s gone through it and has been able to apply it in their own lives with some success, then, check that out.

It’s 17 chapters and we are really taking a deep dive into that for you.

I’m letting this go for a mere $17 bucks.

I feel like all I can do right at this point is quite literally help you to change your life.

I want you to be able to tap into your 5D self.

I want you to be able to do that when you want whenever you want.

Not just at the random, but to be able to tap into this whenever you want and to be able to take the tools and share with you, how to use them.

It’s not just a matter of knowing this stuff.

It’s how do you apply?

How do you apply for maximum benefit for maximum life benefit.

If you hate it no problem can take the money back I will give you the money back.

If you want, we can have the conversation see where you got to and to see where there’s a disconnect happy to have that conversation.

If it’s not for you, then it’s not for you.

Then I’m not meant to be the one working with you like it, that’s cool.

It’s not a fit.

If it is, something that you work through and you want to have a conversation after the fact, I’m happy to have that conversation.

This is 100% Spiritual Dope, you can access this at any time and there and there is no addiction to that.

I’m not gonna lie this is a great way to feel is a great way to be.

It’s a life that you think Neville Goddard calls it the promise right?

There’s a promise in here for you and I’m not calling any specific promises out..

What I am telling you is that if you take the time with this, it will be worth it 100%!