is this the hierarchy you seek?

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321 A their spiritual dose, it’s time for another dose of that time for another hit of that spiritual dope. Hey there guys. It’s Brandon Handley. And I’m here today with an episode that is about self expression. And we’re gonna dig deep into what that means for you. And we’re going to take a look at, you know, we’re going to take a look at this, because I think that a lot of people think about self expression as

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that thing

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that everybody else sees, right? You know, when we, if we remember Madonna’s Express jewels of Hey Nana, what we don’t what, what we and what even what she was saying was, you know, let people see kind of what’s outside of you the I think this is like the armor that most people put on to keep themselves safe versus the vulnerability as it were a being yourself and letting that come out. And that’s really what we’re going to get into, right? Because how do

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you approach

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self expression? Right? And how can you express the approaches and maybe another way and everything that we’ve talked about here and the up to this point these six different pieces actually is a six seven I don’t know the look of the number but uh, you know, we everything culminates into the final piece which is self expression. And that is what is within you right inside of you, the self

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coming out,

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coming out of you all the way out and into being and, and so I think one of the first places I actually realized this was In

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Maslow’s hierarchy

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of needs of all places, you’d seen it like a million times, seen it so many times in marketing materials, mostly marketing materials, you definitely see it in psychology. And what do you think it means then? totally changes, right. And I think that this goes to the fact of when we’re talking

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about reading

Brandon Handley 2:26
a book when we’re talking about reading certain materials. When we’re talking about rereading these things. It’s not the materials that’s changed. It’s not the

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book that has changed. It’s you.

Brandon Handley 2:40
You something about you is different. Now something about you has changed. So let’s just for giggles let’s go through Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, right. The first one’s going to be your physiological right your needs for warmth and shelter.

Unknown Speaker 3:01
First sex

Unknown Speaker 3:02
sleep, we’re going to need to go through all of these

Brandon Handley 3:05
as we, you know, if you’re thinking about all those things, then you really don’t make it anywhere else. Right? So fundamentally, the foundation is physiological.

Unknown Speaker 3:17
The second one is safety.

Brandon Handley 3:20
You know, if you’re not feeling safe, if you’re not, if you’re if you’re in a bad space, then then you’re not going anywhere, right? And I think that Examples include social stability. Next on the list is, you know, feeling loved or belonging, right, maybe you’re in a certain scenario, and if you don’t feel like you belong, then you’re looking for

Unknown Speaker 3:43
a way to get out.

Brandon Handley 3:44
Right? You’re looking for a place that was somewhere else that you can go where people understand who you are, and what it is

Unknown Speaker 3:50
that you bring to the situation,

Brandon Handley 3:52
value you. And that really brings us up to the next one is how do you feel valued, right? What is your worth? How do you feel valued? And and, you know, this comes from inside and outside. And this is I think this is this one teeters in between this is number four and this teeters in between number five, right? Because you finally get into number five and number five is is that self actualization, right? That’s self actualization. And now, now that you’re familiar with all these I want, I want to share something else with you that I certainly never been aware of, until kind of experiencing these things and until really just exploring Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Because when you first see this, it’s very, they’re very fundamental, right? very fundamental. And you just like, you’re just like, Well, here are these five things. And you know, everybody needs these things. And once I know, you know, where am I marketing to, right? And once you get out of how you’re applying this to everyone else out there, and you start taking on how you’re applying it to you, it takes on a whole different meaning.

Unknown Speaker 5:00

Brandon Handley 5:03
he talks about talks about each of these, each of these four, right, the first four physiological safety, love esteem. And, you know, these these are what they call deficiency. deficiency needs, right? So what that means is, if you don’t already have these, then you’re going to go get them and you’re going to go you’re going to go look for him. You’ve there’s like kind of a scarcity approach to this once you and then once you go get these though, you don’t seek any more of them, right? So once once you’ve acquired some of

Unknown Speaker 5:39
these certain spaces, to take your

Brandon Handley 5:41
housing for example, you go get a house. How many more? Do you need to make sure that you’re sheltered and you’re safe and you’re warm and you’ve got a place to shower? Take sex for example, right? Once you’ve already had some sex for the day, at least or whatever, you know, how many more times do you need to have it? How many more times you look in the habit that day or even In a period of time

Unknown Speaker 6:03
and so

Unknown Speaker 6:04
once you’ve acquired

Brandon Handley 6:06
some of those things that the motivation factor you know, drastically drops what food once you’ve eaten once you’ve already had your meal for the day or the day or even lunch or snack right it’s your mind is preoccupied with this is where you know self actualization is actually a little bit different, it puts us in the category of a being need and you know being need is a you know also in the grow in the growth space right. So, and the thing is is once you find this self actualization space and and you can um, you begin to grow, the desire for that increases, so, that, you know, this this is like the continuous growth continuing to, to want more of kind of That and for me, it’s this is kind of my term, right this is you want another spiritual dope, you’ve hit a certain space, and you’ve gone to a certain place, you’ve extended beyond what you thought was possible for yourself, or you’ve gotten a taste of what is possible for yourself,

Unknown Speaker 7:15
if you show up and if you decide to put the effort in.

Brandon Handley 7:20
And you want more of that, right? This can happen with an athlete, this can happen with just being a badass parent. This can happen with work, this can happen with finance, you know, so this shows up in a number of different places, not just the spiritual realm. But it does it is something that once you kind of take it all in and internalized it, you begin to actualize it, and that actualization really means that you’re pushing out from within what is inside of you. You’re

Unknown Speaker 7:56
excuse me, it’s

Brandon Handley 7:58
It is literally I mean, that’s what actually realization means and you’re letting that come from within and out. And I think that another word that really captures this is

Unknown Speaker 8:09
where did I get here?

Brandon Handley 8:11
I jotted down some notes here for this but enthusiasm is another one that’s really big for this idea and thoughts based you know, that comment, you know, you put it together with self actualization, which is to make what is within you real on the outside, right? I mean, that’s the culmination guys here. That’s, that’s the thoughts into things people that is that is connecting with your higher self and, you know, what, with

Unknown Speaker 8:39
within those deficiency needs,

Brandon Handley 8:41
right? Initially, it was thought that you had to have all those met, and you don’t, okay, you don’t have to wait until somebody else on the outside shows you that you’re valued. You don’t have to wait until all these other needs are met. What you want to do What if you’re capable of capturing just a moment, within your mind, all that all that is possible for you. And even if it’s a small thing that you think is possible for you start taking the steps towards that one thing. This is the momentum. This is that taste of growth. And once you find that for yourself, it’s really hard to stop going after. It’s really hard stop going after it. And so the challenge is finding it within yourself and you will 100% you will find this within yourself, you’re already finding pieces of it and it’s just a matter of, do you have the faith? Do you have the, the confidence in yourself to go ahead and kind of manifest that? do are you and you don’t have to, you don’t have to? You don’t have to see it through the not see it through the DM but you don’t. It’s if you can see it can happen, right. This is just kind of the vision but again, so

Unknown Speaker 10:00
Taking what’s within, you know,

Brandon Handley 10:03
realizing that you’ve got some of these other needs and just kind of understand the hierarchy of all these things and realize that there’s a place that you’re going to get to, if you’re not already there, and if you’ve already tasted it, understand where it where it kind of fits and understand what some of those motivators are, and and see how it all fits. And and again, I’m gonna go back to this is this is also the springboard of enthusiasm This is also where spirituality comes into it This is also where you where I come into it and how I feel about it and my personal approach but enthusiasm, right and and Greek meaning Theo’s the God, meaning God and then in Theo’s possessed by God inspired right. And to let this out of you this is the expression of your actualization you know, making what is within coming To the real and I know that I’ve hit on it a couple times and I just want you to I just want you to see this for yourself and realize that this isn’t just mindless prattle This is if any space that you look at in psychology and religion and and just kind of athletes, right? Even as athletically inclined people, this is what drives and motivates them, right once they realize that, that they can accomplish these certain things with these physical feats. And while certainly a little bit more physically visible and socially acceptable, it also works from the inside out, right? And you’re gonna need to for me, I think for yourself, you need to you need to make a decision for yourself to make this leap right from and like I said, from, from humanity to divinity, right, you begin to look for evidence that this is real for you. You’re able to see something inside and have it show up on the outside, right. And once you make this decision, you will find that all of the fragments of this truth for yourself up until this point will finally relate to the whole. And this is this is where I kind of want to get you to. This is where we are all working towards this is the the pinnacle, right? I mean, this is not the pinnacle of the hierarchy of needs, that once we get to this space, it becomes become so unreal, that it can’t be anything but real. And, again, let’s work together. If you’ve made it through here, I’ll

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figure out some way to

Brandon Handley 12:47
help you out right if you made it all the way through all these different bits and pieces of the Divine framework, and you’re still kind of curious, you know, reach out to me, pay me and we’ll see if we can’t create something else. In order for you to reset your filters in order for you to go ahead and make the leap from humanity to the vedi Thanks for checking it out, guys.

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