Donn Smith is a man on a mission to raise the consciousness of humanity to a level of 700 according to Dr. David Hawkins consciousness chart. Donn’s unique method of raising consciousness has worked on everyone from billionaire CEO’s to Professional athletes, to Mom’s & students

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Your journey has been an interesting one up to hear you’ve questioned so much more than those around you. You’ve even questioned yourself as to how you could have grown into these thoughts. Am I crazy? When did I begin to think differently? And why do people in general appear so limited in his thought process? Rest assured, you are not alone. The world is slowly waking up to what you already know inside yet can’t quite verbalize. Welcome to the spiritual dough podcast, the show that answers the questions you never even knew to ask, but knew the answers to questions about you this world, the people in it? And most importantly, how do I proceed? Now moving forward? We don’t have to have all the answers but we sure do love living in the question. Time for another hit of spiritual dub with your host, Brandon Handley. Let’s get right to today’s episode.

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Hey there spiritual to Brandon Handley here. And I’m on today with Don Smith. Don is here from Prince Edward Island. However, if you’re watching the video, you know that that’s that’s not Prince Edward Island. So for over 40 years, he’s been working to crack the code to transform humanity’s toxic programs instantly. Example, all personal development programs are based on a foundation of negative and positive beliefs. Even the most accomplished and enlightened modern, personal development leaders like Tony Robbins scores just 400 on Dr. Hawkins consciousness scale, now, Don knows is either you or a team member reached out to me. And he said, Hey, you know, I want you to introduce me to the world. I know when you interview me, your listeners will be sitting on the edge of their seats and listening to you and I interacting, I promise you with an absolute certainty, it will be intriguing, truly thought provoking, and most entertaining. And you also talk a little bit about this event that you got coming up on September 20 seconds. And I think that, you know, it was while I was certainly intrigued when I got this email and looking forward to it, it was when you got to the part about working on humanity’s consciousness for this thing. 210 scale on the David, Dr. David Hawkins consciousness scale to 704 hours. So I thought that was pretty exciting being a David Hawkins fan myself and for for that reason. Where’s that? I brought, I brought the one book out that I’ve got handy. You know, I’ve gone out, you know, letting go right? He’s got like, 40 different books, but for that reason done. That’s why I said like, let’s have this conversation. right off. I should be here today.

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Yeah, yeah, it’s, uh, you know, what? Dr. Hawkins bridges the gap. And, and, and explains scientifically, what this is and how to measure it and all of those kinds of things. Because it’s really hard. It’s really hard to have tangibility with the shift that happens with people. And the only way you can do it is see on the conscious scale, how dramatically different this is. And literally, you know, on the 700 and above, he talks about ineffable. And that’s the state people are in in the same day that we work together. And I’ve done numerous groups and perfected in a group level that everybody whether that’s one. Well, I mean, there’s more attention, of course, to a one on one always, but I’m talking about, I’ve figured out how to do the masses. And all in, you know, three, four hours. Actually, if I just did the process, it would be just a little over two hours. And I shouldn’t be this literally telling me.

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I’m sorry. I said I should have made this a two hour podcast is what you’re telling me? We were doing the whole day? Yes. Yes. Yes. So so not not because I definitely want to I want to get into a bow we’d like to start this off with the whole idea that you and I are kind of vessels for universe, universal energy, right? And that whatever is coming through us is kind of games divine. And it is for a specific purpose was I’m sure you will know, right? You You are here for a specific purpose for delivering this in the way that you’ve learned out. What is one message coming through you today that you would share with the audience that can only come through the can only come through? Well, that’d be

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now the biggest thing is that we’re all divine. Okay, number one. Number two, is that the only thing that stops us is the positive and negative beliefs of who we think we are. Which all got created in an instant. As a result of that, they can be all removed in an instant. And so all of those programs and all of those patterns can be all removed in an instant and they’re left with their divinity.

Brandon Handley 4:58
Hello, that was When you when you’re saying you’re left with their divinity, what does that mean to you?

Donn Smith 5:04
Well, what it is, is it’s who we are like, I liken the statue of David. Michelangelo when he finished carving the statue of David, and he was asking him any case, how did he create such a magnificent statue. He said, it was simple. I went to the quarry, I saw this big block of marble. Instantly, I saw David inside the back to my studio and proceeded to carve away all the marble that wasn’t gated. What they say is, is we all are divine, just that we’re, we’re so covered with negative and positive beliefs of who we think we are kind of like in your, your piece there, you’re bridging the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. But what that is, is who, from who we think we are, to who we truly are. And there’s a major difference. And, and what I’ve done is I’ve cracked the code to had, it’s the how brand, it’s the how that I have that no one else has. Now I’m not saying that in a bragging manner. It’s the How to able to do this instant thing. Like, you know, I, I did a group and it was we used to do the Spanish version on Saturday and Sunday version English version on Sunday. And, and then we, we figured that we could put them together to have the Spanish and the English together. And there was a lady on there, her name is Alexandra. And she had programs running for 70 years. They happened in one situation in one event at age three. Okay, so for 70 years, she was running these negative beliefs and positive beliefs and negative beliefs of who she you know, I’m not good enough. I’m not worthy. I’m not loved. I don’t deserve this. No one loves me, whatever. And they’re just layered and layered and layered. Well, the thing about it is this works like a phobia. And I asked people, Brandon, like, do you have a phobia of anything? And almost everybody, half say yes. Because they are familiar with the snakes and heights and ladders and coasting places, and bugs and all of that. But the other half don’t know that they have one too. But it’s off. I’m not good enough. I’m not worthy. I’m not. I’m imperfect, I’m flawed, I’m bad, and all of that. And they’ve got the same phobias, only they’re towards their identity. And what happens is that I asked them, what’s your phobia? Then I ask them how long they’ve had it. Then I’ve asked them how soon at what how quickly did they create it now takes a few to stumble, they stumble a bit for a second, then they say, Oh my god, it was an instant. And so let’s go back to Alexander, in an instant when she was three Something happened, created all those beliefs. And she had it for 70 years. 70 years, and she had four grown children and grandchildren. It was gone. And then it was gone in an instant. It was gone in an instant. Yeah,

Brandon Handley 8:37
I believe it. Right. So it’s, um, it’s, it’s a, it’s powerful to remove a fear or a blockage. That, you know, in an instant like that, because when you when you realize that that can happen, you wonder how you can apply it to other things. Right, you want to apply today. Now, before we even get rolling a little bit more. You’ve already talked, we’ve already talked about David Hawkins a little bit and we talked about the consciousness scale. Did you want to run people a little bit through what that is? In case they’re not familiar with it?

Donn Smith 9:13
Sure. Sure. So is it an action point, because it gives a framework. And so Dr. Hawkins when he wrote the book, power versus force, he had in there scale of conscience, zero to 1000. And he talks about, you know, rage and bitterness and evil and darkness and then depression. And, and, and you see go up the scale and the words change. And it’s, and it goes up, like, you know, like, at that time when he wrote the book, it was 2204 out of 1000. That’s what humanity’s conscious as a whole was. When he wrote the book. It’s now at 210 Based on based on his measurements, and so all of these words are, you know, like, you’ll see lines, like at 200, then you’ll see a line at 300, you see a line at 400. And then they get different when they get up, you know, to 607 100. And then it’s just go seven to 1000. Well, and that’s all measured, there’s muscle testing, as you know, from knowing Dr. Hawkins. And it’s those numbers that tell you, and the feelings and the emotions and the states that the person is in as to where they are on an honest on a scale on an average day. And so it measures that person’s consciousness. And then you can do and there’s muscle testing, there’s different forms of muscle testing to test that. Now, one of the ways that when you’re tested, that person has to be in integrity, for big data, an accurate reading. So if they’re not in integrity, it will it will be a file three, it won’t be accurate. And that can be measured. It’ll be measured to it to a tee.

Brandon Handley 11:20
Yeah, so if you don’t mind, I’ll jump in a little bit, just a little support, right? The thing that I love, and I didn’t realize that where we were on the consciousness level, but the thing that I love is that we’re if we’re at 200 210, what that means is that we are in as a world as well, Mary, you say, we’re at courage, right? That’s that level of courage and courage is the tipping point right into past fear past like all, you know, trying to get beyond like all the all the you know, score and hate craving and getting rid of the anger and desire after you know, you get you get past 200 you’re in an empowerment process, right, guys, I’m looking at the book real quick. So I just did not committed to memory Where’s, yeah, I’ve got so caught up. But you know, so and this goes all the way up and the scales are logarithmic. I’ll share that with everybody too. And, and what Don’s talking about is, is the way that he measures it with the muscles is really is tapping into the subconscious, and your body, which is already aware of kind of all the things and yeah, you’d have to read the books and check them out to go kind of deep into it. But it’s been proven out with not like a couple 100 not a couple 1000, like several 1000s of people to prove this out. And what Don’s talking about is, is, you know it with this with his transformation, of getting people up to 704 hours, from 200 to 700 is basically unheard of, and you know is putting you into he’s calling he said that, Don, you said ineffable. But, you know that’s, that’s just shy of well, you know, Buddha and Christ were 1000 on this scale, getting up to 700 would put you into pure consciousness and an enlightenment level, just so everybody’s aware of kind of what we’re talking about. Right? So this is, you know, it’s it’s a, it’s a very well studied science, it’s well known. And it’s been proven out that, you know, the stuff that David Hawkins, Dr. David Hawkins talks about is legitimate. And what is exciting, again, is that Dan is here. And he’s got a process that gets you 700, almost instantaneously. So thanks, Don, I just wanted to throw that out there for the audience.

Donn Smith 13:43
Thank you, Brandon. I mean, your ability to articulate that, that clear fashion is very helpful for the listener, you know, because moms don’t know about the scale and most don’t know about the levels of consciousness. They don’t know about what level they’re at, or whatever. You know, and, and the thing is, all you have to do is look around the world to see where the masses are. And Dr. Hawkins talks about a person raising their conscience by five on average, five points in a lifetime. Five points in a lifetime. I’m talking about 500 points in three hours. Yeah. Like

Brandon Handley 14:24
Yeah, and let’s not forget, that’s a logarithmic scale to this isn’t like even five five is is kind of a leap. But yeah, 500 is is is it’s like a you know, so I’m thinking of the Spaceballs movie ludicrous Feat. Right.

Donn Smith 14:40
Right. Yeah. And and you know that the thing is, the state that they’re in and the words that they use immediately, they actually soon as they’re in that state, start feeding back instantly words from the state they’re in which is That 700

Brandon Handley 15:01
Yeah, like what? What kind of words? What do we

Donn Smith 15:04
like one of the ads like this Alexandra, that was 73. Okay. I said, and what size is your heart energy now Alhambra is infinity. And what size? Is your worth energy now at 100? infinity? And what stage of safety? Are you still in safety? No, I’m invincible. None of those words I gave her. Yeah. That’s what I’m talking about.

Brandon Handley 15:40
Tapping into infinite consciousness like that. Now what? So once you’ve once you’ve gotten them kind of tapped in to this, and they’re in this space? Is this is this a permanent transformation, though?

Donn Smith 15:52
Yes. So now I need to use something for people to understand this piece. Because people need to know, they’re already doing what I’m doing. They’re just doing it in reverse. They’re already doing and it’s this is not magic. It’s it’s not. So let’s go back to a phobia. Like anybody that has a phobia. And what I’m telling you is this, that phobia happened in an instant, in a second. And they created all these beliefs, both negative beliefs and positive beliefs about themselves, and about their world. They did it in an incident and almost always before the age of reason. And then they get locked in neurologically to that state, and just kept repeating it over and over subconsciously not being consciously aware of any of that that was happening. And they just keep doing it over and over. Now, not only did it happen in an instant, but it was permanent, and now handler’s case, 70 years that’s permanent. And so what it is, is about reversing the same process they’ve already been using, only in a way that is very, is a way of accessing their light, rather than being caught in their darkness. But it’s the same process. I’m not giving them anything new. I’m showing them how to use what they already have done in a way that’s for them rather than against them.

Brandon Handley 17:30
That’s almost like a sort of a job, the map or something, right? So as we’re kind of talking about the map of consciousness, it’s almost like the someone says that they dropped it, they don’t, or they couldn’t read the instructions. And I love this idea that before the age of reason, low for you describe that a little bit more. But you know, so again, you’re giving them kind of this map and the energy that they’re already kind of leveraging in their lives today. is the same energy that they could be using in this other manner. Right? What you’re saying, a redirection?

Donn Smith 18:04
Yeah, is it completely direction. So in other words, it’s, that’s where the ego gets created. And then everything is about fear. Everything is about who we’re not everything is about being stuck and lost in their three states of, of our brains survival, either I’m attacking, I’m playing dead, or I’m running away. And all of those are all fear based, and they’re all ego driven. The only difference is, they’re at an identity level. So I’m not good enough, or I’m not worthy, or I don’t deserve good things, or I’m not loved or I don’t fit in no one loves me. I’m not saying the world’s a terrifying place, and on and on. Because they’re in that program. And the ego energies purpose is to keep them out of their life into that energy, so we can survive.

Brandon Handley 18:57
law I mean, so how do we start trying to light on that?

Donn Smith 19:00
And that’s an awesome question. And, and it’s twofold. What it is, is, it’s impaired. Now, you know, I like I have preparation where people get this a lot what I’m giving you right now. And like their steps, their steps like for people to know about for example, here’s what I start with Brandon, I start with the end. I start with the end, always. And what the end is, is that best moment, that best moment, that one moment where, oh my god, how did I do that? Oh, my goodness. And one of the ones that really stands out for most, especially women, but not always, is their firstborn and they held that beautiful age. That’s all A lot of times the best moment. And then that best moment, they’re in their divinity. They’re in their divinity. And we start there as the framework is the foundation. So now they know what they’re going for. And I check I asked all of the questions that describe that state that you’re in, in this best moment. And, you know, all of those kinds of things. And, and then I explained this whole thing, that there’s a single event that took you out of that, that that’s your natural state. Not that you give birth every three hours. But that state that you Yeah, exactly. It’s the state that you’re in, when that’s happened. And that that’s like they Allah Hendra, that their their heart and your ci is the size of infinity. They’re worth energies to size infinity, and they have this state of invincibility. That’s your natural state. That’s their divinity. And when they describe that powerful, best moment, that’s what they’re describing. So now they have that. And so that gives them the reference point, yes. Okay. And then what it is, is like, it’s now keeping in mind, Brandon, I spent 41 years putting together 100,000 piece puzzle, to find out that’s not how you do it. Okay. And so all of the ways that most are talking about it is not how you do it. Biggest thing is being able to eliminate that positive and negative belief system of who people think they are. That’s the key. And it is a single moment in time. It’s a single moment in time. And it was instant, that all of those beliefs got created in an instant. And so what I do is, I have I did a, I reverse engineered the phobia and near death experience to find out how it worked. Then I created a double sound technique to reverse that process as quickly as it was great. Like, doesn’t that make sense? That if you did it, once, you could do it again, only it’s against, it’s for you instead of against you.

Brandon Handley 22:45
It’s funny, because the thing that’s going through my mind right now is Bob Proctor’s got a line goes in your head, you made it ache, right? Yeah, similar, similar scenario, right? It’s a cheer phobia that you created, you shouldn’t be able to uncreate it is what I’m hearing you say?

Donn Smith 23:01
Yes. Now that there’s, there’s a difficulty with this. Here’s the difficulty. A phobia is an intense experience, it’s intense. And what happens is, you can’t intellectually undo it, you can’t think your way through it, you can’t do your affirmations through it. It doesn’t work that way. It’s intense and it’s in. It’s, it’s like, it’s like, it’s like this incredibly intense shock. And it can’t be done intellectually, has to be done in the same way. And then when we come back to the before the age of reason, there is no logic, there is no reason there is no common sense before the age of reason. And so you have to go back to that system, to be able to reverse it in the way it was created. Which is neurological, which is at the moment of when it happened. And then I created this double sound technique to explode that system. And everything just disappears, vanishes.

Brandon Handley 24:11
That also explained that the double sound system for me,

Donn Smith 24:15
okay, now, keeping in mind, it took me about five years to unpack this near death experience and the phobia piece and to get them okay, how does that work? Like, what happened there? Like, what was that and and putting that all together? And what it is, is like it’s an intense shock to the whole system, creating an identity of who they’re not creating an identity of the world as they see it from that perspective. Okay, so that’s what they’re going on. All these behaviors are all from that event. And it was a shock. So if you talk about people, you know, like my dad was in the war, it was in the Navy went across the English Channel 28 times, and he come back with not a scratch. But he had post traumatic stress. Everything you were going to die, you were going to die from touching electric, like, what are you going to talk to? And not only that we were Irish Catholics are, you’re going to go to hell when you did die. Okay, so it’s like a double whammy? No one. No one in there. Oh, no waiting. There’s no waiting there, man. No, no, no, none, none whatsoever. And so it was everything was about dying. And that’s the ego. Everything is about dying. That’s what it is. It’s about death and dying. You’re either in once again, either going to attack playhead or runaway. One of those three. And so they’re in this constant fight or flight. But that’s the when that happened. They created an identity created an ego identity, and it wants to stay alive, it wants to survive. And it will trick them. So when they, some people when they start to take a step forward to do a program that will eliminate it, all of a sudden is gigantic resistance, like a Mack truck exhibit resistance to taking that step forward. But what that is, is the ego trying to say No way. I’m saying in charge of you. I’m going to be the one in control. And it will find multiple ways to have them not take the process, pick the process and try to give it up. And that’s when you would ask what about permanent? Well, remember now permanent, they already know how to do permanent. The only thing is, all you have to do is get around the constant, constant bantering of the ego, trying to get back in to get a hold and to get in church. And I have created ways. So there’s three phases, the instant and then the permanent holding, and then acceleration. And that’s all built in so that they can access and they have the support. Now some don’t need it. I had one lady process GYN three and a half months without the negative thought another guy went 40 days without a negative thought.

Brandon Handley 27:33
I’d be happy to get to like a minute.

Donn Smith 27:36
Yeah, I think Brandon, I’m telling you. And that’s I’m talking about the traditional model where were you know, there was one guy come in and he had spent, you know, 10 years at the top one in the world personal development. And and he had a, what I do is I get the whole the negative experience, do a muscle test, then a really good positive experience and doing muscle test and the best and do a muscle test. So their best moment and this guy had a best moment what he thought was the best moment was within this year program that he took, which is one of the top in the world. I do a muscle test on them. So when I did the negative, I put his finger his arm down muscle with a finger, my finger pinky finger. Then when he did the one with this top guy, I put it down with two fingers. Because it was the traditional model, it was the intellectual model.

Brandon Handley 28:37
Also, let’s make sure the audience knows what that means. Right? So when so when when you put it down with two fingers, what does that mean?

Donn Smith 28:46
That means there was a muscle test I’m holding it I tested him for his name he tested me for you know, all of that and I couldn’t budge his arm. I couldn’t budget. So then when I get into think about a negative experience, you know, like losing a losing a deal, you know, a $20 million deal or something, then with one finger I can put his arm down. And then I asked him to think about this, this event. This one that he said was you know the best and I did the same muscle has same arm, same muscle test and I put it down with two fingers. And then I got him to think of an event and he told me about a healer like uh, you know, one of those you know that they’re all cheering and all of that and he actually the guy was an authentic and something really powerful happened to him at that event. And he had this very cool awakening, but I couldn’t budget okay. The only thing is he still had all his red and black and couldn’t hold it. She couldn’t hold that state. Well, that guy come in real quick when you say red, black, what

Brandon Handley 30:04
are you saying?

Donn Smith 30:05
Oh, I’m sorry. So the black is the negative beliefs about ourselves, I have a hockey puck type thing just for people to see that, and I know they can’t see on here, but it’s a, like a hockey puck. Black is the negative beliefs people have about themselves. And the red is the positive beliefs about themselves. Okay. And we started, he flew in from Dallas, we met one on one, from the moment we started to where we finished off, all of the programming was 90 minutes, 90 minutes start to stop. And in one second, with this double sound technique that I’ve created all of these programs for the company, they won’t say the same as they got crazy. What’s that mean?

Brandon Handley 30:50
You know, I’m just thinking of other sound devices that ultrasonic, you know, to disrupt, like, plaque in the mouth, or even like, you know, disrupt, you know, tumors in the body type of thing, right? This kind of that’s just kind of what I envision is is like, you’ve got this double sound, and it just kind of shatters all the negative gone. Yeah,

Donn Smith 31:13
it shocks the system. I said, you need to have the same level of shock, but created it. That’s right. That’s why intellect doesn’t work. That’s why the affirmations don’t work. Because it has to have the same level of shock to reverse the process.

Brandon Handley 31:36
That’s so I mean, it’s super, super interesting, right? Because the process was created by you. You know, the phobia, we’re sticking with? phobias, right? The phobia is created by you. But you don’t it’s done unconsciously. Right. 100. And so it, it still has to be done through you to get rid of it. It almost again and unconscious manner. Right. So it’s interesting.

Donn Smith 32:07
Yeah. And not is it it, like, I have them with their eyes closed. You know, they’re just processing all of this, just as I’m leading them. Now. Keeping in mind, Brandon, I just don’t go home to them. It’s time. I made them through a process that prepares them and gets them ready, for sure. For all of this understanding, like challenging them about negative and positive beliefs challenged them about instant and permanent as far as that phobia, like all of those and neurological versus intellectual. And

Brandon Handley 32:42
then without ever speed down what is neurological versus intellectual?

Donn Smith 32:46
Well, intellectually, as I’m using my mind, I’m using my thinking process, okay. That’s what I’m doing, to think about something and try to override it and try to be stronger, I just need to be stronger. I just need to, you know, I need I just need to do this, I need to, you know, just get serious here. Sure. But it’s, that’s not the system. So neurological is, you know, an automatic internal response to a specific external stimuli. That happens in an instant, or whether that’s positive or negative. So if you look at a picture of your mom, or dad, or, or someone, they’re almost exclusively, there would be a smile, or, you know, there would it would be automatic or Oh, I think I’ll smile now. It’s just automatic. And so do we have all of these neurological programs? So this is how I respond to this event? This is how I respond to that. How come this person responded totally different to a butterfly than the other person, one guy? And the other was? Wow.

Brandon Handley 34:03
So I guess if I were just to your triggers, right, these are the several options that are out there a lot of okay. Okay, thank you. I mean, that’s, that definitely makes a difference, right understanding and what those two two are. So I appreciate that.

Donn Smith 34:17
And they’re created neurologically. So they have to be on created neurologically. And they have to be the exact thing. It’s like traces, traces it all the way back on our timeline, from their present to the origin of the event. And the those it’s a timeline piece, all the way back to its origin. And then it’s that double sound technique to shatters everything that beliefs, that decision, say May, the lessons all of that it’s all done all at once. But it’s done that at the same speed to which they created it. instantaneous. Yes, brand instantaneous mass. Fantastic.

Brandon Handley 35:06
That’s fantastic. Let’s talk a little bit to want people to know, you know, just some of the people that you have worked with in the past, you know, a little bit of your history, I believe you saw a couple sports teams and some high profile people. I don’t know who you convention. But just just want people to understand that, you know, you’re not just hanging out on the nice beach with this, this idea and these things that you come up with, but you’ve got 40 years of this work behind you. And you’ve, you’ve worked with some of the top level talents and some incredible people in this world.

Donn Smith 35:42
Yes. So, you know, I started with an addiction growing up an alcoholic home, went to a cafe for 15 years outgrew that very rapidly, but it took me about five years to leave, because I was the training, I would get drunk and what all of those kinds of things. I worked in addictions for eight years, and then I worked with criminals that worked in the federal parole guys had to get take my program to get out in the street like serial rapist, armed robbers, murderers, like the toughest of the tough. And then I was I got, I worked with a couple of guys, Canadians on the PGA Tour. And one of them happened to be the friend of a CEO of a major corporation that was having a lot of problems. And I can use his name because it’s in a book called think the SEC. And he, he mentions me in his book, he was the CEO, co CEO, his name was Jim ball. So he losing the signal. Sorry, that was the name of the book losing the signal. And any talks exclusively in that book about his meeting with me, and how he who they were, they were caught up in a multi billion dollar lawsuits. And they had two choices. two choices. One is to stop building the phone, the BlackBerry Are these the states which 85% of their income. And we met, and in the book, he died instantly, I had no power back instantly. And then, a major thing that happened about six months later, they finally came to an agreement. And, and he had written a check, authorize the CFO to write a check for $1.2 billion that morning. And there were already there was 40 people in the room told to me by the CEO, Don lorrison. about that. And they and he’s Jim said, I gotta go. I’ll be right back. He goes out any calls when I’m on a golf course. He told me what’s going on? I said, Jim, how much time do we have? He said, I have to be back in the meeting in eight minutes. I said, Okay, you’re ready to put it all together. Now remember, he’s already done a lot of work with me. And in six minutes, we were done. He walked back into the meeting and said, we’re not doing it that way. We’re doing it this way. Meet that six minute phone call saved them. 615 million. Okay. Yeah, it is. And I work with the top athletes, any many in the NHL, I work with four different teams. Sneaky guy, he

Brandon Handley 38:40
mentioned that he was the guy who mentioned he had, he had scored two goals ended up you know, getting close to the Stanley Cup and, you know, views in Islam ended up hitting 41 goals the end of the year, he was to Rome again. There you go. So and the reason you want people to understand that, you know, again, that you’re somebody out there doing some real real stuff. Yeah, right.

Donn Smith 39:02
Yeah, it’s tangible. It’s instant. And it’s people like that saying about it, saying about it. And but I now there’s a pivotal piece. Brandon, if I could enter lumen? Yes. So there’s many. There’s many of those of you know, work with Nobel Peace Prize winning doctors I’ve worked with, you know, like, just about any but what happened was something that shifted me completely. And in February of 2014, my wife died of cancer. Three months later, my daughter got cancer, and she died in May of 2015. And what happened was from that those two catastrophic events that I ended up shifting and going into, how can I help the masses and how can I How can I contribute? How can I do something with say k Answer or something like that. So, I started a program, I did a one day event on November 20 2019. And there was 10 came from all over North America to take my process. Well, timing has it. I was talking to one of them yesterday, just to give you an idea of random. Just to give you an idea, one of the 10 His name is Manuel. Okay. And he had, they all had stage four cancer. All okay. And he, he ended up, he was having surgery. And they told him before surgery, here’s your shoot, you’re not going to be able to have kids. And you’re not going to be able, you’ll have a wear bag the rest of your life. And the other option is you’re not going to make the surgery. It’s so major. Okay, so this was on a on a Tuesday morning, a 13 and a half hour surgery. They opened up a stomach that was for tumors on there, they set them up with the stomach back together. And and they said it was a surprise, it wasn’t a miracle. There was some surprise, shock. It was that amazing. Anyway, at eight o’clock that night, his wife samiha calls me said Don Manuel is doubled over in pain. He’s in so much pain he cannot breathe. So something you can do. Sammy either, like I don’t deal with symptoms, like, I’ll talk to him. Anyway, we started eight o’clock, at 20 after he instantly he sat up, all the pain was gone. All the pain was gone every better. That day, all his cancer was gone. He’s had tests every single regular time. And there hasn’t been a satin ounce of cancer.

Brandon Handley 42:04
powerful story, right? First of all, I’m super sorry for your loss. You know, that’s that’s not easy, obviously. And then I love that this job really paid off. And I share this as a scalable level, how can I share some of my knowledge and what I found in a way that’s going to be meaningful and have an impact around those around me and beyond. So thank you, thank you for that. And then you know, the story within my gut, my first question is, Do you consider yourself a healer? Or is this something you know? Because, right, I mean, you hear that? And next thing you know, you’ve got, you know, people lining up, right. So I mean, I’m just kind of curious what that sounds like, or

Donn Smith 42:50
I don’t put that target to me at all. I don’t put any title because I’m not the healer they are. They’re the heat. I’ve just figured out a process where it can be used. And they use it on themselves. Yeah. Yeah. So it’s them. That’s the killer. That, yeah.

Brandon Handley 43:13
You’re just helping them to access that and ourselves?

Donn Smith 43:17
Yes, I show them how to access that. And and just coming back to Jerome again, like That’s right. He had two goals. For the one at the end of the year that flames had not been in the playoffs for seven years. And that year, they went to within two games to win the Stanley Cup. Like, it doesn’t matter. Doesn’t matter whether it’s health, it doesn’t matter if it’s sport, it doesn’t matter if it’s motivation. It doesn’t matter. I don’t deal with sentence. They don’t have anything to do with it. They just tell a story.

Brandon Handley 43:54
Yeah, no, I love that. Right. The symptoms are just it’s just something that we use for our own limitations. Is that what I’m hearing you say?

Donn Smith 44:05
Yes, yes. Yeah. So and just coming back, man. Well, they’re six months pregnant. That’s awesome. Yeah, no day. That’s Yes.

Brandon Handley 44:18
I think that makes it better for sure. So it makes it better. Well, so let’s let’s talk a little bit about right you’ve got this. You’ve got this event coming up. We don’t have a whole lot of time left on this one. But you’ve got this event coming up are I am divinity instant and permit transformation event on September 22. Tell me a little bit about what’s happening there. And how somebody can get involved if they would like,

Donn Smith 44:41
Yes, well, there’s, there’s a way that they can find that we’re putting together a whole piece where they can follow and just, they can join right away and it’s I am divinity global Okay, and I am definit di di di nit y, global GL ob AR VR, si te y COMM And they can access hours the last part of that I’m sorry, after a global, global versity, global versity, the ER si t And what happens is that they can find out there’s all of these programs that I have to meet them up to find out if this is suited for them. And then it’s it’s this one day event. And what I’m looking for is I’m looking for 8000 that are the most open, most ready, most receptive, willing to just jump in and embrace their divinity. Because with that, 1000 that if you look at the consciousness scale, Dr. Hawkins each one at 700 offsets 1 million people, that 1000 will all set a billion.

Unknown Speaker 45:58
That’s awesome.

Brandon Handley 45:59
Yeah, no, you’re right. Right. I forgotten about that. Right?

Donn Smith 46:02
Yes. And so this event on September 22, they can find that all out on that on there. And they can sign up right away to be a part of that, then they can stay a part of that after because they become superheroes with all of their gifts that they came here to use. Right? And what this is, is the How to clear that all up imagine 1000 people going from 200 to 700 in three hours.

Brandon Handley 46:34
Yeah. Yeah, I mean, again, that would be like going from who we are today. Right? To near near, near Buddha’s level, you know, to say, Please, open to enlightenment.

Donn Smith 46:49
Now super powerful. This grant,

Brandon Handley 46:54
is there anything I get? You know, there’s tons more we could talk about. But I just want to Is there anything, I guess in particular, that you would want the audience to know that we haven’t shared just yet.

Donn Smith 47:05
You know, I would just go back to that best moment. And tell them to like, ask the listener to go back to their best moment. And know that everything is inside, it’s like a naig set best moment is who they are. And what this is, is an absolute accelerated like a rocket ship, to go back to there cleaning up all of their programs that the ego was trying to get them to hold on. And it’s as simple as the phobia. It isn’t complicated, and they’ve already done it. They’ve already done it. And that best moment is who they are, whether they’ve only had it for a minute, or 20 times in their life. They’re meant to have it 20 473 65 because it’s who they are just like the color their eyes. That’s then

Brandon Handley 48:03
that’s powerful. I love that. pull that down. Well, hey, one last thing, we’re here. So, you know, a little bit like spiritual speed dating, right? Hey, we so you know, somebody is going to be tuning in and they are looking for their next big spiritual date, Don, and hopefully you’re a but uh, one of the questions I’m going to ask for you here, out of out of a question bank is a bachelor number one, is current religion serving its purpose?

Donn Smith 48:35
No. Got anything else on that? Yes, I do. The most I can get to at the highest level is 400. The biggest thing is that there’s this external God. They’re referencing referencing. Okay, and that takes all the power from in here and puts it out there. And that has to be reversed, that they are divine, and the power is in here. And it’s been been given to them to come here to use it. Now, if there’s any religions out there that are teaching that there’s this divinity inside, let’s learn how to access it, then that’s the one that go to. But it’s definitely not the one that I grew up with.

Brandon Handley 49:28
I love that I love that answer. You know, because it’s so true, right? We look for everything that we really want outside of us, before we ever give ourselves the opportunity to to look inside, including your permission to be ourselves, right? We looked at we look to somebody else to simply be ourselves right.

Donn Smith 49:52
And now in all fairness to them. So they’re not hard on themselves because I don’t want people being hard on themselves. As much as they’ve tried to be themselves, there’s a phobic response time to stop them from that happening. They need to be fair with themselves to know that it’s not an intellectual thing. Okay, that’s so important to them to know that they’re just missing the combination to the safe. That’s all. That’s all they’re missing, if they’re open and receptive, are connecting will create that. It’s kind of like men. Well, yesterday, he said, Don, I couldn’t have done it without you. And I said, Yeah, you’re right, man. Well, and I couldn’t have done it without you. So he brought 100% of his gift, and I brought 100% of mine to mccreight 100% for that for him. And so it’s like, there’s this if you’re looking outside yourself for something. You are trying to get a drink of water with a straightener. Then it’ll never ever quit your thirst ever.

Brandon Handley 51:12
Spent a great one. So I really appreciate it. Where can I send people to find out more about you outside of the event?

Donn Smith 51:21
You know what that I am divinity gobo is the place to go. place to go. Okay. I mean, I got another one. But that’s for that’s for the elite. That’s for the one on ones and all of that this is a mass thing for the masses seven. All at the sir. So that’s the one I end divinity global versity Club. They’ll fly there they need.

Brandon Handley 51:46
I appreciate you reaching out. I appreciate you being on the podcast. They’ve spent a delight to meet up with you. I really appreciate what it is that you’re bringing to the world. So thank you.

Donn Smith 51:58
Thank you. So appreciate about us connecting with such a gift.

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