Dr. Gianna Talone-Sullivan received her Doctorate in Pharmacy at the University of Southern California (USC). She then proceeded into corporate pharmacy where she practiced in the executive leadership realm of healthcare organizations, non-profit organizations, program development, marketing & board of directors development.

In 1989 she experienced a Divine encounter which led her to leave her corporate career to fulfill a Mission she had been invited to develop.  

She founded a medical mobile health care clinic called Mission of Mercy (MOM) whose mission is to “restore dignity healing through Love.” MOM is celebrating its 26 year of operation and is now a national charitable non-profit organization that provides free medical, dental, prescriptions, ancillary services and up to 12 free surgeries a year to the underserved population.

She is the author of several books titled “I Am Your Jesus of Mercy” and is also the United States representative for the worldwide Armata Bianca Apostolate, which promotes the Fatima message to the children of the world.  

In September 2020 she became a Certified Happiness Coach with Marci Shimoff’s, Happiness for No Reason Program; 7 steps to being happy from the inside out. Marci Shimoff is a celebrated transformational leader and #1 New York Times bestselling coauthor of Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul and a featured teacher in The Secret.  

Gianna is available to inspire and fill your hearts with joy, peace, and clarity. https://www.fasttracktohappiness.com/

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Your journey has been an interesting one up to hear you’ve questioned so much more than those around you. You’ve even questioned yourself as to how you could have grown into these thoughts. Am I crazy? When did I begin to think differently? Why do people in general appear so limited as Bob process? Rest assured, you are not alone, the world is slowly waking up to what you already know inside yet can’t quite verbalize. Welcome to the spiritual dough podcast, the show that answers the questions you never even knew to ask. But he’s the answers to questions about you this world, the people in it? And most importantly, how do I proceed? Now moving forward? We don’t have all the answers, but we sure do love living in the question. Time for another head of spiritual dub with your host, Brandon Handley. Let’s get right into today’s episode.

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Hey, there’s spiritual dope. I’m on here today with Dr. Jana to low Sullivan, who received her doctorate in Pharmacy at the University of Southern California. She then proceeded into corporate pharmacy where she practiced the executive leadership realm of healthcare organizations, nonprofit organizations, program development, marketing and Board of Directors development. In 1989, she experienced the divine encounter which led her to leave her corporate career to fulfill a mission she’d been invited to develop. She founded a medical mobile health clinic called Mission of Mercy, whose mission is to restore dignity healing through love. Marlon celebrating his 26th year of operation is now a national, charitable, nonprofit organization that provides free medical, dental, dental, and prescriptions and ancillary services and up to 12 Free surgeries a year to the underserved population, sees the author of several books titled I am your Jesus of mercy and is also the United States representative for the worldwide Armada by Bianca apostolate was for most the Fatima message to the children of the world. On top of this, she is also a happiness coach. And we’ll dig into some of that. I am so happy to have you here with us today.

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John, how are you? I’m great. Now that I’m on your show, Brandon, thank you for having me. Welcome to all your your fans who are joining us today. It’s quite an honor. And so very privileged,

Brandon Handley 2:16
fantastic, me as well, you know, kind of this privilege to even be able to have the platform and be able to hop on and share it out. So I like to start these off with the whole idea that you and I are vessels for Source Energy, right? Like, you know, there’s something out there that or even within us that we’re connected to, that can only be expressed in like a certain way. And oftentimes when when we’re having this conversation, there’s something coming through you today, John, that can only, like, be delivered through this platform to an end listener that needs this message. What is that message today?

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Well, if you had asked if we were to join, maybe, you know, a few months ago or something, maybe it would have been different. But today, I would say how could anyone see that there isn’t a storm? If you know what I mean? Arising I mean, there’s something near I think we’re all feeling it. We’re all being restricted on various levels. And that controls that are there are many controls that are being placed on not only locally, but peoples of all countries. And so I’m just wondering who’s behind this outrageous manipulation that’s telling people threatening people what they can or cannot do. And, and whoever it is, is behind liberal political, medical, spiritual leaders. They’re just mandating all these different types of restrictions. And a lot of people are frightened by that. A lot of them are angry by that. So it’s just not the President’s or something. Something bigger, something else is behind this. And you know, who’s telling social media to go out there. And these big giants who are spending millions of dollars to promote misinformation, and even to get certain people elected? Who is I guess, it’s a storm that I see that sneering and who is behind this media, this mainstream media mean? And then I could even go into immigration. I can even talk to you about that. I mean, who’s who’s driving and profiting from the chaos and injustice? Right. They’re from all fonts of, of immigration. If you look at it, so you got health care workers, you’ve got first responders, you’ve got teachers, you’ve got policies. You know, even law enforcement professionals, people are asked to resign people are leaving. I don’t know. There’s I just sense that there’s a storm arising.

Brandon Handley 5:35
Yeah. Hey, I mean, it’s it’s we’re living in some some really interesting times. I would I would not hesitate to say, and I know that I’ve said it before. I feel like we’re living in the, in the midst of a revolution. Right. I think that. And within revolution, there’s also revolt. Right? There’s going to be most likely and there already has been I think that we’re seeing some type of revolts. We’re seeing revolts right now within the workforce, right, the great resignation, there’s a there’s a revolt. And within revolution, we also need to think of that the cycle, right? of you know, whatever’s happening right now, our past we’re really trying to disentangle from that and move forward. And I think to your point, there’s a lot of new puppet mastering going on to try and maintain the grasp, by instilling fear by saying, oh, you know, you people over here, you got to stay here, you people over here, you’ve got to do this, you’ve got to you can’t, you can’t visit these people. Right? Oh, here’s like the top five places you can’t visit, right, and really just kind of a tremendous fear tactic that’s being media driven, and all this other stuff. 100% there is a storm, a foreman, and I think that we’re definitely in the midst of it. You know, all that being said, John, I mean, your happiness Coach, how do we how do we, you know, find ourselves let’s, let’s talk a little bit about your journey. Right, let’s talk a bit about your journey. And then, at some point, let’s lean into the idea that, you know, all this is going on? I’m hoping you say yes to this. But can we still find happiness in all these things that are going on?

Gianna Sullivan 7:24
So, okay, so even in the midst of a storm, I mean, there’s various ways to look at all of this, okay? We know for a fact that genetically, we are composed. And born with happiness, we that’s been proven scientifically. So if you looked at a pie chart, 50% of our happiness is genetic. And then the other 40% Are your habits, how you’re brought up what you’ve been exposed to your neural path, pathway, pathological cellular pathways, I mean, all of that is, can either be positive or negative, and then that’s 90%, right there that 40% was, you know, positive, that would be 90% 50. And 40%, happy would be 90%. But that 40% is the issue, the other 10% to make the 100% is really issues in your life that are transitional. Yeah. I mean, if you’re not going to be happy, 100% all the time. It’s always how you react, what your emotion is what you can do to cross check yourself. On, I mean, you there are points in your thought processes that you can change. So we know for a fact that we have 60,000 thoughts a day. And we also know that tomorrow, you will have 95% of the same thoughts that you had yesterday will be the same thoughts a few bad today that Did you know that now checking your thoughts, think about it, you’re gonna have the same thoughts or things that we’re always kind of thinking about. So if there are 95% of the thoughts that you had yesterday, the same day, then we’re being robbed of happiness, just based off the things that we’re thinking,

Brandon Handley 9:29
Alright. Let’s, um, let’s, I definitely want to dig into it. Right. I want to talk a little bit about your journey into this space, though. So so, you know, even first and foremost, right? With the amount of time that we have, definitely want to understand, you know, you you were in your work in the corporate life, yeah, doing the, you know, nine to five or as we know, corporates can be like, you know, 6080 hours a week, you know, just kind of like this life suck, especially as you’re trying to propel yourself into This this, the things everybody tells us that we’re supposed to want. Right. And then you had a divine encounter, which inspired you to leave your your corporate gig. And I love that, you know, I don’t know if this is on purpose in your webpage, but you were led to fulfill a capitalized mission. Love to hear more about that, and then just kind of how that integrates. And let’s work our way up to some happiness pieces that we can share out.

Gianna Sullivan 10:32
So I was vice president of a major health care company. And really, I enjoyed that position tremendously. I was very much of a yuppie. And so born and raised Arizona, got my BA in chemistry at ASU went off to California. And I got my doctorate and did my internships and at clerkships, UCLA. I mean, I was a yuppie, all the way enjoyed it all, took my boards, pass them and went right into administrative work and stuff like that. So I thoroughly enjoy I still love pharmacy is my profession for 36 years, but I, you know, I was at the top of my career is how I really would say it. And yes, I did, I did have a divine encounter. And it was an amazing experience. It mean, regardless of your religion, I can only enlighten it. I mean, yeah, to something like St. Paul, you know, like the scales fall off your eyes. It was like, all of a sudden, I had this illumination, enlightenment of body, mind and soul. And I was invited by God. And when you have a divine encounter, I can tell you, Brandon, you there’s no way you can fake this. I mean, it will last for you forever, you will never forget the moment and what happens to you. So that I was invited by God to leave my current position as I knew it. And then to help the Lord. restore dignity, healing through his love. And now he didn’t give me the tools how to do that. But medicine being my background in health care. That’s why I chose the name Misha mercy. And the only key was I was going to them, they weren’t to come to me. So I started a medical mobile clinic to go out to them. We started with like six volunteers and took a while to get it, you know, you have to do your research geographical area and, and people just don’t buy into what you’re doing. So did take time and you take baby steps, the steps. And so that’s what happened. Then I took the plunge and purchased an RV. That was like $40,000 for $2,000. I only had $2,000 in my account. And then two weeks later, a benefactor came and paid it in full. And then we were able to they meaning the group that I got together about a few of us that we were able to furnish refurbish the mobile, RV to a mobile clinic. And that’s how it started. This is was us. 20 stat. 27 years ago. Now we’re national nonprofit.

Brandon Handley 13:50
I think I think that’s fantastic. Let’s talk a little bit about the you know, we can talk a little bit about that experience that you had, but it’s been my it’s hard to translate, right? It’s like you said, you know, it’s something you can’t fake. Right?

Gianna Sullivan 14:09
You and leave your job for the amount of money I was getting to get nothing.

Brandon Handley 14:14
Well, you know, let’s talk about that. That too. Right. So the whole the whole I’m not, I’m not a biblical scholar. But there’s the whole idea of sell everything give it away or let go of it and move on to this next piece. Right sounds kind of like yeah, that’s what you did you like you You went all in Who you talking to about this vision? And what what are people saying to you and how do you kind of move past that?

Gianna Sullivan 14:41
Well, I talked to everybody about the vision and and then I had a few friends that I knew that incorporated the company and started in Arizona actually 91 and then by I moved to the Pennsylvania Maryland area in 93 and then 94 actually launched in the Maryland area. And so yeah, that the the whole mission statement, I’m not afraid to talk about God or the reality of that. And, and the idea of restoring dignity Healing Through love is and I never was financially compensated all these years, I worked part time in different pharmacy jobs to support myself. But the idea is you you need to give without seeking constellation in return in the joy of that, whether it’s a listening ear or a hug or a smile. It’s It’s amazing. So we just believe the mission of mission, Mercy believes that the moment you give, is the moment you actually received.

Brandon Handley 15:47
Yeah, I mean, there’s a lot there’s definitely a lot in the giving, right. The took a course, I think it was the Indian School of Business. And one of the one of the pieces that we had to do was, it wasn’t just to kind of, I don’t know, if you’ve ever done these kind of pay it forward, things were like, hey, whoever’s behind me want to buy them a cup of coffee, but I don’t want to see it, don’t tell who it was. And you kind of sneak out of there, right? You don’t want you to like peekaboo. And you’re, and then instead of doing that, they said, stay there and witness it. Right? Because it’s that giving that gift and seeing the suction that to me is is very rewarding. And I never really had had that experience before. So you know, definitely in giving gifts and and giving, but like, just the reward of giving something and seeing somebody truly appreciate it and enjoy it unexpectedly. Right, that gift of giving. Yeah. And then, you know, you the other part, too, is is giving without the expectation to get something back, knowing that your whatever you’re doing, you’re doing it from your heart and not with an expectation of return is that exactly in line with where you’re at,

Gianna Sullivan 17:04
there are three, three levels of giving. One is you give because we have an obligation, there was something that needs to be done with our economy or population or whatever. For something like government, we have to do something about the issue. That’s one level given the second level giving is you give and you volunteer, let’s say because it makes you feel good. But then there’s the third level, which is the level that I congratulate all the volunteers that mission mercy or any other organization is that you give without seeking compensation in return. Right, because you are the fiber, then you are joining you are, you’re part of a family. You don’t do something to feel good, or get paid to do something not out of obligation. But you do something, because you’re just you’re that family, you, you have a big heart, and you want to give people hope. And you want to extend the love to make them feel valued. So whether you see one person in a day, or 100 people, or more than that in a day, you treat each of those people as if they’re the most important person, each person is if they’re the most important person that comes to you that day. You they need to be valued and they need to feel loved. They need they’ll know if you’re authentic or not. Right.

Brandon Handley 18:40
Now, yeah, you can’t fake it. And you’ll know, right? You’ll feel it in yourself. If you’re faking it, it’s kind of like a It’s kind like a faded copy of the real thing. So one of my questions, those as you’re heating this calling, what was there any fear involved of what people might think of what you’re doing? Have some of those conversations again, you said your top of your career, and you said, You know what? I got this other thing I got to do, delivered by God. It’s in my heart. I know it’s the right thing to do. What’s the response from people who are close to you?

Gianna Sullivan 19:25
Pretty amazing. And, you know, you become a loner. And there are a few that will stay by you. Maybe your family won’t even stay by you have to have a conviction that stronger than that and and trusting God that what was told will unfold. And do you have to have that belief and faith and, and trust. So we all have that power. We’re all empowered with self reliance and God. So it was it fee, I remember people leaving some money on my screen to pay my electricity bill. So it got to a point where it was a little. Yeah. Just doesn’t happen right away. I mean, you have to work through the process. So, but it did turn around and things started slowly in a positive direction.

Brandon Handley 20:30
Right. And I just want people to hear that, right. I mean, because we still have, I think, this tribal instinct to not get thrown out of the tribe. For eight. If I if I get thrown out of the tribe, I’m on my own. The bears and the lions are gonna eat me, and I’m not gonna be able to do it. So I better stick with these guys, even though I’ve got this thing on my heart. And what you’re talking about is, you know, kind of leaning into it, like you said, Trust that process. Follow what you believe to be true. And nobody else needs to believe what’s on your heart except for yourself. Is that fair to say?

Gianna Sullivan 21:07
God, it will happen. If it isn’t, then it will. How do you know it takes you just have to walk the process. You have to? I mean, there’s certain things I mean, as a health care provider, I knew what needed to be done as a health care provider. If you’re starting a medical mobile clinic, you know that things need to be done. You know that there’s research geographically, you need to know where the need is, you need to know if there’s, you know, if there’s any where you have to learn about benefactors. I mean, you have to do your your homework investigation. And if you’re starting a nonprofit, and I was in Arizona at that time, let me tell you, Arizona, full full of nonprofits, it’s a competitive competition area, you got the heart sociation, you got the kidney, you got me everyone is competitive. And they are big time donors. So if you’re trying to start a nonprofit, you know, people just companies just don’t give to nonprofit unless you can show or prove that you have a track record. Okay, so you have to build up your clientele. Or you have to find the right benefactor who believes so much in your passion that they give because of what you believe, and they buy into what you love. And then that’s what happened with me. And my first $100,000 came from a benefactor in Arizona.

Brandon Handley 22:46
Yeah, I mean, I think that it makes sense, right? If you’re, if you’re talking from the heart, and this is something that you believe you’ve done your work, you’re gonna you know, I hate to say Providence, right, especially in the work that you’re doing, but you kind of understand that that’s possible. And even to your point where there’s going to be taught, there’s the possibility where somebody is leaving money on your screen for the electricity, you know, water, what are you thinking in, in? In that, when that’s happening? Are you thinking, oh, man, I’m gonna have to get back into work, I’m gonna have to do this thing I can’t keep going on? Or are you still open to faith and belief in that time? Just to talk to me a little bit about getting through those times humiliating,

Gianna Sullivan 23:30
okay, you’re making six figures, and then you drop down and nothing. Chris, you have some money, of course saved or whatever to live off of. But the fact is, if your life is totally changing, and you’re not networking within that type of business, then you’re trying to launch something else. You got, you’ve got homework to do, and you’ve got to self check yourself. So a lot of people who believe if you have a divine encounter, that you’ve got it made that you know, everything is going to be flower, no, just perfect for you. That’s not true. That’s not true. I mean, God might give you a divine mission or even a message, but that doesn’t mean that you’re going to have your whole outlook in your private life. All explained and outlined for you, okay? So if anything, you have to be strong enough. Pray. As for me, I’m Catholic. So sacraments are important. Going to Mass every day praying the rosary, those things are fundamental, very critical. And then you have to be the light for others. Even if you don’t feel like being the Liferay even if you don’t feel good. There are people out there that don’t feel good either. But maybe it’s it’s your light that makes somebody else feel better. Everyone wants to be loved. Okay, not and I’ll tell you my family didn’t really jump on board. It took us A couple more than a couple years, few years, several years to finally jump on board. So, alright, so is it a walk you walk alone? Well, if you believe that you live your life alone, and you don’t believe God’s with you walking that life with you, then, you know, I would regroup with yourself and know that you’re never alone. You’re never alone.

Brandon Handley 25:26
Yeah, I mean, that’s, that’s a big message from you know, spiritual dope podcast, right? It’s big messages. You know, what you’re talking about is, it’s available to everybody. Right? It’s a boils down to a choice and the decision whether or not to accept that into your life. And then once you do you find exactly what you said, you’re not alone. Can you bet you maybe you’ve been trying to do it alone your entire life. But but then it boils down to a point of like, alright, well, apparently, there’s something out there that that can help me. Right. And, and leaning into accepting that divine grace and accepting divinity and accepting that try to go at it alone. Even in any way, shape, or form, it’s almost, it’s almost full foolishness, right? To kind of think about it that way. So I appreciate you sharing, you know, kind of what that walk is like, right? Because I think that it’s very important. I think that it’s important to heed your calling, right? What is your calling to lean into it and to know that while there may be some areas of challenge that sounds like you know, you’re living the life that you feel is driven by purpose, and you’re doing it with intent, with love and kindness, and caring? And while you may have enjoyed your job, as a VP, would you say that this is more fulfilling for

Gianna Sullivan 26:52
you? Oh, my gosh, yeah, sure. Sure. Even you can even there’s no measurement. It’s timeless. It’s the it’s the fulfillment is is beyond is just, I mean, now, it’s been so many years, it’s just here, it doesn’t matter what what work I do. My outlook is always to serve the most vulnerable or to help the underserved population or to help to general anybody who is hurting, and just needs to be refocused. Yeah, you know, if you’re Christian anyway, if you’re Christian, don’t believe that Christ died for you. And then you’re saying you’re alone? Or you’re, you know, then is almost blasphemous. How you Why would he? You know, what? The purpose being Franklin, if, if, if you don’t believe in resurrection in our life, and there is a there’s a real guy stand, for sure. So people think that if you don’t see it, then it’s not true. But now there’s a lot of things you see and you think is true. A true?

Brandon Handley 28:08
Oh, yeah, for sure. For sure. I think I think too, you know, what we see less than 1% of the visible frequency, we hear less than 1% of, you know, the, you know, sound waves out there. I wouldn’t be super surprised if, you know, we’re walking through, you know, we’ll call it like, bodyless souls or something, right? Like, you know, something like that. So, just because we can’t see it doesn’t mean that is not there. Just because we can’t hear it doesn’t mean that something’s not talking to us. So I get it, you know,

Gianna Sullivan 28:44
purposes. Me it. You know, the Lord says, where your heart is there to is your treasure. If you have that flame in your heart going, keep it tight, so nothing blows out that flame.

Brandon Handley 29:01
Right? Yeah. I love it. I love it. Well, I want to I want to jump forward a little bit into your happiness work, your happiness coaching. So you’re doing this you got your hands full with running when running this program running mom. Now, what makes you decide to now pick up and lean into happiness coaching?

Gianna Sullivan 29:24
Well, I actually when I was on mission, mercy I was I witnessed a lot of people who are very happy coming on board and being treated getting free prescriptions, free health care, free ancillary services, etc. free dental care. But that was the happiness. That was a relief for them. But interiorly more in debt in debt it within them was something still lacking. And so I wanted to them to know, you know how valued they really are, and how whole you can be and how you look at a circumstance, there is a happiness continuum. And so we can control our thoughts we can either be Teflon or Velcro, we have a way to, we know, our thoughts and our outcomes and how we interact, how we treat ourselves how we can temper our thoughts and our emotions can really make a difference today. And so I wanted to take the extra step. And in that is the spiritual component. So some people that I do happiness coaching with has the spiritual component, they want that spiritual component. And then there’s the more secular just wanting to know the principles of the fast track to happiness or seven level appears like a house, there are seven cores to it. But the most two important one is, you know, the the foundation being held accountable, understanding what’s happening, where’s your mind, whereas your thoughts, and then after, can grasp that you move on to the heart, to the soul to relationships, you know, there’s a roof, it’s like a house. So each one is different, you can’t do everyone in an hour, you know, you’d have to take the full

Brandon Handley 31:29
class. know for sure. So I mean, you’ve got let’s, let’s touch on the the seven pillars, right that you’ve got there, you touched on a little bit, but let’s just kind of talk talk through them. And maybe, let’s talk a little bit about how people are able to find pockets of happiness amidst the storm that we are talking about.

Gianna Sullivan 31:50
Okay, so that one is, okay. So the whole purpose of what something like this would be is, you want to learn some practical tools that you can use that you can every day, immediately try and raise your happiness level. Okay? So you want to try and understand what that key is to create a foundation of happiness. The idea of the happiness that I try and teach is happiness from the inside out. Happiness is a state of being, it’s not something that happens that causes you happiness, the true happiness that I try and teach is happiness is a state of being, regardless of the circumstances that happen within your life. Now, again, Brendon is not like, I would tell you that if any, whatever, you might have a bad day. Okay, so does that mean that you know, you’re gonna Oh, just be so chipper? No, I mean, you know, there’s a way to look at things there’s, there’s, there is a connection that you can click on, in, in this happiness forum, there is feelings of contraction, you know, are you feeling resistance or fear? Or are you malaise? You know, there’s a feeling of separation? That’s something can contraction, you know, you’re not feeling good? Or are you being expanded expansion is a big thing. You know, are you optim mystic Are you know, feeling flow well, being ease? Creativity, you’re feeling good. So you’re Oh, those are your tools of magnets one way or the other, that you can figure out if, if you’re on the right course. So always, no matter what your sentiment is, double check your thoughts, feelings by expansion, or contraction. Okay, so because your brain has neural pathways, and those neuro habits are things that will give you different emotions, it’s like addictions, you know? And that’s why they say, Well, you know, I have a problem and you’re going to go to whatever rehab or wherever it is, that 30 day process, they say it takes 20 to 30 days, is because you have these neural pathways in your brain chemicals. And so once you start thinking and a one way, then that becomes a habit, and then you start thinking that way and thinking that way and thing, and it becomes a natural habit, where it’s always a negative, negative, and that’s happens a lot with substance abuse. It’s a natural response, because that’s all they’ve been trained to do. And so you have to get out of that. You have to train your brain to think differently, different neural pathways different cellular membranes that memory pathways that will help train you to think opposite positive. And until that becomes the ordinary way of your thinking. So it takes about, you know, 2030 days, it doesn’t happen overnight. So some people use a rubber band that when they think a negative thought, you say, hey, stop, and then you just distract yourself or think of something. So it’s uncomfortable a little bit in the beginning until you get your, your, you know, roll on format of what it is. Some people I tell, go look at yourself in the mirror, and every day for 20 days, for one minute or two minutes, I want you to say how I’m beautiful, I’m intelligent, I’m, I’m handsome. I’m, you know, I’m, I’m, you know, creative, I help people, whatever. Yeah, I love my mom, I love my dad, I love you know, little kids have no problem doing that, you know, and they’ll even clap their hands and do a dance as they’re doing it. So we have to learn to love ourselves and be comfortable with ourselves, even when we don’t feel good about ourselves, we can understand that there is a challenge or something happening out there. Well, it doesn’t mean we can’t change it, but we can certainly change our attitude about it. So the pillars are, you know, like I said, it’s, I call it the home of happiness. Okay. So the top is your life purposes is the roof. Do you want me to continue on? Did you want to say some?

Brandon Handley 36:42
Looking for the mute button. I’ll tell you what, let’s let’s walk through, right, let’s walk through it, because I want to make sure that we talk about the pillars and definitely got thoughts and things we could talk about. But I just want to make sure that we leave time to walk through these pillars. And maybe we’ll talk a little bit about those. Okay,

Gianna Sullivan 37:00
I don’t want to go through every single one of them because they take too long.

Brandon Handley 37:04
Yeah, no, no, just hit them on a high level. John. Okay.

Gianna Sullivan 37:08
So are we on mute? Are we so

Brandon Handley 37:11
we’re on the go?

Gianna Sullivan 37:17
Here Amazing how you doing? Okay, so you had the life purpose, we had a roof over our heads, you know, we don’t want a leaky roof. You know, in a hurricane situation, I think we have a roof over our head, right? So, do we have a roof, we look at that, then we have our mind, their pillars mind, our mind, our thoughts, our heart, our heart is the key, the key to the soul. And where, like I said, Where your treasure is there too as you’re okay. And then we’re the body. Of course, that is if your body is in alignment, you know, quantum light, even you know, a lot of people do yoga and stretch, but the body is important to balance. So and then there’s the soul. And the soul is your deep intimacy with God. And different relations, I mean, different religions. So it is your overall essence of who you are and your soul being free. Because it’s captive within your body. So that soul lives forever, and you make a choice of where your soul goes. So then there’s CEUs 12345, okay, then there’s the responsibility that we call the foundation to the house. So that means being held accountable for some of the things that you do or not do, okay? So you, you want to be held accountable for things that you have done. And we look at that. And then there’s the last is the, the garden of the house, the garden is your relationships, and how you choose them. And whether you desire or not, it’s important to choose what is purposeful for not only you but for the other party. Pretty much that’s it in an in a nutshell. So the idea is that we try and teach to do what you love and love what you do. And, sure,

Brandon Handley 39:41
I mean, I think one of the one of these pieces that I know that I personally struggled with in the past so every once in a while struggle with is you know, is that roof, right? You know, like you’ve done you found your passion and you’re following your inspiration and your serving others. How, what are some ways that you teach people to find their purpose?

Gianna Sullivan 40:12
Well, everyone has a dream. And there’s a way to live your dream. And you have to embrace your desires. And based off your dreams and desires, you try and seek to fulfill them, and find out what that channel is to do it. And remember, you have to use that continuum happiness chart thing I said, the expansion contraction. If you’re really unhappy, if you’re doing something that you’re expanding and embracing and wanting to do, you’ll be pretty low spirited, you know, if you’re happy, well, let’s put it this way, you could be happy for bad reasons. And that happiness is if you’re using unhealthy things to just make you an antidote to make you kind of feel externally happy. But then there is the other happiness, which is, you have a happy for a good, good reason. And that’s really the satisfaction of what you’re doing, you’re healthy, you have healthy expectations. And that then starts moving over to the real and which my desire for people is to have happiness with no reason at all, regardless of what ever is, you have an interior piece. And even if there is a storm, it will balance back because you know, the practices to put in place to maintain that equity and equanimity.

Brandon Handley 41:55
Last little, wasn’t that one I was tripped over? No, no worries, no worries. I think that that I mean, I think that’s great. I think that, you know, trying to understand what your purpose is. And using using that contraction, expansion feeling to kind of be your guiding principle is what I’m hearing you say, right? You know, and like, do I feel like I’m expanding and opening my heart, right? To what it is, I’m doing my feeling in touch with God source universe with this work that I’m doing, or is what I’m doing, kind of eating me alive, right contraction, and just kind of making me shrink and, and not live to the fullest of who I am. And when I when I read a little bit on the pillar of the body, you talk about making yourself happy, nourish your body, energize your body, tune into your body’s wisdom, but I’m just curious, if you’re also talking about the idea of getting these expansive thoughts in our neural pathways and our body being the alchemical, you know, producer that it is, right. And when we have these good or more positive thoughts, we’re creating positive nutrients for ourselves, that our cells become addicted to those positive cells. So in the same way, they would become addicted to the negative energy, right? But just different chemicals, is that what you’re saying?

Gianna Sullivan 43:24
And the body component will, if you’re healthy, will feed into that the the cellular neural path pathways that we were talking about is really the mind aspect that goes into behavior. And you know, attitude is always a big thing to happiness. So if you have a good attitude, you know, it’s expected to that if you have a good attitude, it’ll happiness will come. But beyond that, the behavior and the neural pathways, the cellular negative responses that happen and how you can create new neural pathways. That is, it might be a conscious effort in the beginning, but then later on, it will just become a normal response. It’s a cellular memory that happens. And then it just unconsciously clicks in. So it kind of combines with the brain as always being the big thing because you’re always thinking negative thoughts from the day before. Once you can cap that. That’s why we start with the the foundation of what’s happened to you and then your mind what’s going on there. Then as it goes to your heart and blossoms. You find out how much empowerment that you have in your love that can turn something positive, or something hatreds, almost satanic. It’s amazing. From water, I teach about water theory from the major scientists,

Brandon Handley 44:57
the Hmong Emoto Yeah, when he’s done

Gianna Sullivan 45:01
the, the water experiences of ice and stuff that kids will just put their heart and good things and you get this beautiful image and negative is almost like disgust. And then, but then then you get to the body. So by the time you get to the body, you’re already practicing, you got your mind, and you got your heart. So it’s already like the infusion of a fiber that just kind of flows because, you know, everyone knows if you exercise or stretch or whether even walk or anything like that, what kind of a beat your, you know, circulation and kind of get you going makes you feel high. So, then then, then that’s how then to the soul is, then it’s just a combination of, of absorption of God’s love. And you’re able to receive abundantly.

Brandon Handley 45:57
Yeah, no, I’m in right, definitely in a love it. Definitely, I think that the work that you’re doing both with your mom and with your happiness, work, you’ve got a great passion for it, it comes through, I’m enjoying the conversation, for sure. Unfortunately, we have to kind of dial it down and work our way out. So to that end, jhana what I usually like to do is get around to the whole idea that this is kind of like a spiritual speed dating show, right? And then somebody is going to tune in and be like, you know, should I should I work with Gianna and you know, the the way you answer one or two of these questions, spiritual Bachelorette number one, it could be you know, this could put it all on the line. So let’s just pick a random one. And I think this is a good one. I don’t ask too many people who define themselves as Christians this question. So I think it’s a good one. Is current religion serving its purpose? Now feel free to expand?

Gianna Sullivan 47:02
Well, I think with the COVID. And what’s happened, I think a lot of I’m really disappointed in how a lot of the pastors and religious people have downsized it, and we’re afraid even missionaries, you know, no one wanted to touch some, everyone’s afraid to be with one. If God exists and is with you, then where is your faith and trust? So I think things could have been worked a little better. I think the element of fear and media has caused a tremendous impact. And I’m disappointed I’m on that. So that would be my answer. I don’t think it it could serve better. I hope it does get better.

Brandon Handley 47:45
Fair enough. Would you say that there’s a kind of an erosion of faith then and in this in this crisis, where, you know, if you are truly of faith, then you act that way. I guess it’s,

Gianna Sullivan 47:58
again, it’s fear. And why does that fear come in there? Why did you? Okay, so something happens and Okay, me, it says, You got this, this is like, plague or whatever. And then okay, lets everyone freak out, get it, get the vaccination, without doing any research, no, FDA approved, nothing to understand what it is. And now we just found out you in Maryland, 40% of the people just recently have died of COVID from being fully vaccinated. So because the free cells, the T cells that are free are bound in so they can’t fight your immune, they can’t fight the in fact, yeah. But anyway, so it’s fear. Now, think about it. If you’re rational, and you’re going to do some, you know, stop, just look at it. Okay? Just, you know, take precautions, and just Alright, let’s look at it, and research it, find out information, learn about the pharmaceutical, so that that caused a lot of problems from fear for religion. Unbelievable. It was just amazing. And I I, personally, I’m disappointed on that.

Brandon Handley 49:22
Now, Fair enough, fair enough. That did not go the way that I thought that it may. And that’s, that’s great, right? I mean, that’s part of the reason for these conversations. Let’s see. Let’s go with what is it that prevents people from living to their full potential

Gianna Sullivan 49:42
lack of self love, lack of trust and confidence. You have to be confident not only in yourself, people see if you if people want what you have if you’re the light of God. So part of that confidence. You may not have all the answers yours, but you are a spiritual person of prayer and love. Yeah,

Brandon Handley 50:09
I mean, and I guess accepting that, you know, the church child, oh god, is that one way that you can begin to live to the fullest of your potential? Which is absolutely

Gianna Sullivan 50:22
I mean, self love, you have to be kind to yourself, when people are not counting to themselves. They’re overworked, they’re underpaid, or now they have to resign. Now they’re pressured. I mean, what where does it? Where does it end to? That’s why I think the storms coming is like you said, there are people are ready to revolt. There. There are people that know something’s not right here. And there are people Danford that truth. Right,

Brandon Handley 50:51
right. Now it’s true. All that being said, we do know that we can find pockets of happiness, we do know that there’s somebody that they can reach out to, to, to try to understand what is it you know, so maybe, maybe you feel like you’re down? Or you’re out? Maybe you feel like you’re in such in such a situation? I guess a good question, John. It was like, you know, who would you say right now, is your ideal client for this happiness coaching space.

Gianna Sullivan 51:18
Anyone who has a question, anyone that just desire, openness to to really be fulfilled in life, it’s a freedom. It’s, it’s a freedom of peace. It’s amazing. And that’s not to say negative things would happen. But it’s how you react to is how you think the process is how you work the process. And ultimately, it’s it’s you. It’s it’s all about you. Okay, it’s not about me. I’m happy.

Brandon Handley 51:54
Not it’s I think, to your point, right. It’s, it’s, you’ve been given all the tools, but you may not know how to use them.

Gianna Sullivan 52:03
We all have those gifts. Who doesn’t have a gift? You have a gift, Brandon, that I I would like to have? And maybe I have a gift that you want to have? The puzzle needs everybody to complete it.

Brandon Handley 52:16
Right? No, I agree. John, there’s been a lot of fun, really appreciate our, you know, our ability to connect here today. Where can I send people to find out more about you in the work that you’re doing today,

Gianna Sullivan 52:30
you can go to fast track to happiness.com. And that’s one way. Or there’s another website, the spiritual component as some people want is Our Lady of emmetsburg.com is another way they’re, they’re both linked together under fast track to happiness. Some people want more spiritual, some people want like the tools. So sure.

Brandon Handley 52:57
No, I get it. I get it. Well, fantastic. I think that the work that you’re doing is amazing. And, you know, keep it up. You’re, I think an inspiration to a lot of people.

Gianna Sullivan 53:05
Are you Brandon, thank you for the time. And thanks for all your listeners, you know, thrilled. Really, pleasure and honor. Thanks. I

Unknown Speaker 53:16
really hope you enjoyed this episode of the spiritual dope podcast. Stay connected with us directly through spiritual co you can also join the discussion on Facebook, spiritual dough, and Instagram at spiritual underscore Joe. If you would like to speak with us, send us an email through Brandon at spiritual Co Co. And as always, thank you for cultivating your mindset and creating a better reality. This concludes the most thought provoking part of your day. Don’t forget to like and subscribe to stay fully up to date. Until next time, be kind to yourself and trust your intuition.

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