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Dr. Anthony Cahill became a doctor after struggling for years with chronic low back and neck pain. After seeing hundreds of acupuncturists, chiropractors, healers, massage therapists, physical therapists, he stumbled onto a doctor at a health fair that was doing something entirely different than everyone else.The relief was immediate, years of pain erased in seconds. After a short treatment period, this doctor inspired doctor Cahill to continue his healing journey, and seek out methods no others were using effectively. Now after 25 years of exploration, he’s ready for you, wherever you are.

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Your journey has been an interesting one up to hear you’ve questioned so much more than those around you. You’ve even questioned yourself as to how you could have grown into these thoughts. Am I crazy? When did I begin to think differently? Why do people in general appear so limited in this process? Rest assured, you are not alone. The world is slowly waking up to what you already know inside yet can’t quite verbalize. Welcome to the spiritual dough podcast, the show that answers the questions you never even knew to ask, but knew the answers to questions about you, this world, the people in it? And most importantly, how do I proceed? Now moving forward? We don’t have all the answers, but we sure do love living in the question. Time for another head of spiritual dub with your host, Brandon Handley. Let’s get right into today’s episode.

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Hey, there’s spiritual soap. I’m on here today with Dr. T. He became a doctor after struggling for years with chronic low back and neck pain. After seeing hundreds of acupuncturist, chiropractors, healers, massage therapists, physical therapists, he stumbled onto a doctor at a health fair that was doing something entirely different than everyone else. The relief was immediate years of pain erases seconds. After a short treatment period, this doctor inspired Dr. T to continue his healing journey and seek out methods no others were using effectively. Now after 25 years of exploration. He’s ready for you, wherever you are. Dr. T. Thanks for being on today. You’re joining today. Out from Prescott, Arizona. Great to connect with you. I usually like to start these off with the whole idea that you and I are you I just saw this in some shamans study, right? Like we’re these hollow bones. Right? Where Spirit just kind of fills us and speaks to us creative energies speaking to us and through us. And in this podcast, they’re speaking through you to this audience in this very moment that can only be like there’s a message that can only be delivered in this moment. What is that message today?

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Well, I think that, like myself, that we all believe that there’s something greater and bigger than ourselves something bigger than the human physical experience, and that we’re part of this larger divine family than what appears before our eyes. So I thanks a lot for having me here today. And I just think that anyone obviously listening in on this is the minds have to be open, we have to be open and just recognize that we’re part of something bigger than ourselves.

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100%. And, yeah, I think you and I are talking a little bit here before he got going on this. But let’s let’s let’s give a little background on what it is that you do. And what you found that you’re so excited about and that you’ve learned over this past 25 years and just kind of muddle around in there until we until we get all the good juices.

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Well, I am a chiropractor, I thought it was gonna be adjusting bodies all day long. My father was a chiropractor. My brother’s a chiropractor. And God just had a different journey for me. I think it was the second week in school. I came across the guy sitting in the back of the room. He was the instructor for the class. I had a couple of questions for him. I ran up and I was all excited new with all this, you know, and and he was teaching some energetic course back then I don’t remember really exactly what it was. But he kind of just sat there and he kind of looks down. He says hold on a second with your question. Hold on, hold on right there. And he reaches down and touches his hand. He kind of looks off in the distance. He brings his finger up and he goes, Okay, well, what was your questions? And I said, What the heck was that? And he says all that was that was Cindy in Kentucky. She called me before breaking. She was having some heart murmurs. And I said, Okay, I’ll see you later. Have a nice day. I kind of ran out like a dog with his tail between his legs, you know, oh, my God, this guy’s crazy. It’s not and I you know, I had I had ideas of spirituality before I got to school, but I was late into school. And my first class was age 35. And so anyhow, I just left and, and of course, looking back now, I realized he was probably an angel who probably popped down and that was a big moment because I, I really liked what he was teaching. He was like 92 years old back then. And I know he’s long gone. Now, obviously, my CS 130. But he couldn’t be. Anyhow, so I go to another seminar about two weeks later, and there’s a guy sit in the back of the room and he’s doing these odd motions with his hands. I could tell he was really intense, intently focused, and I walked away. So you’re working on somebody somewhere else, right? And he says, yeah, don’t tell anybody. People don’t like that here.

i So okay, so. Okay. All right. I’ll see you later. And at the end of the day, I caught him for a moment and I say, So how exactly are you doing that? He says, Well, you know, I just I just see it happening. I see it just was working. And I said, Well, what do you see working and he said physiology is normal physiology and I was able to tell them how to do it and it works really well. So that was my introduction to all this remote work. And so I kind of veered off of the physical hands on bodywork at that moment in time, that was probably a month into my training. And I just started seeking out all the various energetic modalities that are out there, there’s hundreds of them out there. And I just kept looking at them and seeing them and some work better than others. And some had more awareness of how the world really works. And so I really focused a lot of attention on those that that that worked better, and made made sense to me in the course of how we experience the world. And when I’m talking about that, of course, I’m going right to consciousness, and you know, being a conscious being and experiencing this physical body, moving through this physical space that we have the space and time, consciousness is how, you know, that’s, that defines how we are all one. As you know, I’m sure you think of an old friend you haven’t seen in a while, and he calls you out of the blue, hey, what’s going on? I’m out here in Phoenix. Having a good time in the desert, it’s nice and warm, you got to come out and and, or you’ll see somebody to store and they’ll, they’ll say, Hey, you remember, you’ll think of somebody you haven’t seen in 20 years. And, and and then you go to the store and you’ll run into somebody who you see all the time. Hey, guess who I just heard of? Yeah, I heard that. So and so got in a car accident, he’s busted up in the hospital. It’s like, wow, you know, how do these, you know, they’re these intricacies? These little connects the synchronicities happen. And so I’ve spent, you know, 20 some odd years looking at, you know, how all these things work? How can we alter that? How can we use how can we use this knowledge of quantum mechanics basically, to access and utilize this field that we’re all in, you know, get? I think that the you know, we’ve come up with the term apply quantum mechanics, and that’s what kind of is how I describe what it is that I’m that I’m doing. And then of course, we, you know, we bring in angels who bring in the angelic realm. And now we’re doing things that really are just absolutely mind blowing, and right in front of your eyes, and nearly instantaneously. And if it is instantaneously, it’s within a second or two. So sometimes it takes longer for some people. So that’s kind of how I got you know, where I’m at. Now I’ve I’ve, I was studying all these different things. And I was working at the time of working on people practicing as I was at school, because I was a massage therapist before I started studying for chiropractic. So I had a license to practice. And I was slowly bringing in some of these other energetic techniques. And using these nine people do some massage, and I would do some of these other techniques. And one of these guys who I’ve been working with, he was a racecar driver, they had a really awful accident, we were able to take care of really about 90% of all these things he had wrong. But I was seeing him pretty regularly. I was seeing him probably every two weeks. And so we get to know somebody over the course of a year, year and a half of seeing them for something that really no one else is able to help him. And I helped him with the work that the guy used on me that got me out of out of pain. So I went and studied all that work. And so I use that on him when he came in and he was he’s great as it goes, Hey, what’s going on? So well. Mom’s in a hospital in Dallas, they don’t think she’s gonna make it. They’re looking for a heart transplant. They’re saying that a quadruple bypass won’t help her. It’s so bad. And I got to get on a plane, I had to cancel all my work. I gotta get on a plane and fly home tonight. And, you know, say goodbye, basically. And I think if I remember right, he said that he couldn’t get on a plane that night. It wasn’t gonna be until morning. So he was obviously really concerned. And I said, Well, you know, there’s this little thing that supposedly we could do from here. We were in Los Angeles. She was in a hospital in Dallas. And so he said, Absolutely. Let’s give it a try. And so he sat down and we worked on her and I remember right, it was 15 and this is 20. This is 20 some odd years ago now, I think I think it was five or 10 minute treatment is all we did. And he called me the next morning eight o’clock in the morning is Yellen in the phony just couldn’t believe it. She she got up at three in the morning. And Tuffle Texan woman got up at three o’clock in the morning, yanked all our tubes out ever walked out of the hospital, got a taxi cab and took her home.

That was my first remote case. So I wasn’t tossed into this where was something like that there’s no disbelief anymore. So that was that’s how that’s that’s how I got to where I’m at here.

Brandon Handley 9:43
Not for sure for sure. When you talk about the work that was that initiated you what specifically because it happened to you where you experienced the healing on you. First, can you talk a little bit about that?

Dr. T 10:02
I couldn’t feel my legs, I would lose control of my bowels, I would pee my pants. I had knives stuck in my low back front of my back and kind of moved around. It went up and down my spine. It was it was absolutely debilitating. Absolutely 24/7. I had that since I was about 18. I grew up on a farm in Illinois. So when you grow up in a farm, you do a lot of work you shouldn’t be doing, you get a lot of opportunities for injury on farms, very dangerous occupation, especially for a kid and you just don’t know better. You know, you that’s just how it is. That’s what you do. So I was in pain for almost six or seven, eight years at that level. And this is pretty embarrassing as a 23 year old, 24 year old. You know, being unable to do stuff that others are. So in we were we were going camping, it was my ex girlfriend, we’re going camping. And she was the one who was wanting to get into the healing at the time. And so we’d already looked some chiropractic colleges and a few other things, acupuncture schools as she wanted to do. And there was a health fair in town on our way out of town. I was like, I don’t want to go to welfare. I already know I’m going to see I already have $30,000 I know half the people there. And I did. I knew half of the doctors there. Well, there was one doctor and Dr. Collins and his last name finally popped into my mind. He was he was behind the curtain doing it look like pretty much muscle testing people for nutritional deficiencies and things and, and I just thought, well, here’s this guy doing something different than everybody else because everybody else was doing the same thing. And I mean, I walked around the it was a pretty large auditorium. I walked around a couple times looking at things and my girlfriend was talking to different booths and I walked back over there and sure enough, the girl steps Well, hey, it’s fine for you. Anthony. He’ll come come come on back. And so I get back in there and I sit down and and I go okay, here you go. These people whoa, whoa, hold on what’s going on? And I just said, I damn near a broken to tears. It’s just been so long. And I was at the end of my rope. I mean, I was 30 I was 30 I think I was 30 years old. And and I told him and he says Well, let me just see something here. Just hold here you kind of touched a couple spots on me. And he says Here lie on your side and I lie on my side. I’m like you know I’ve had the side posture 1000 times by chiropractor’s is not it’s gonna make it worse, unfortunately. He said, Ah, bring your leg up this way, start digging into my abdomen, pushing tissues away. He dug so deep. I don’t think I’ve ever had anyone ever come near there. I don’t think I’ve ever done that to anybody. It was so deepened into my through my through all my viscera, right to my spine. And then he had been moved by leg and basically it let go. And what that was was a so as muscle was welded, welded to the sciatic nerve, the sciatic nerve, and the autonomic chain, which is which controls your bodily functions. And I mean it, it hurt like hell. I mean, to say it lightly, it was unbelievable. And he did it like three times and say that it’s time to go for a walk. So I got up and I started walking. And I think that was like the second or third time I was in the presence of angels. The lights came on. The music wasn’t quite like that, but I could

Brandon Handley 13:31
see oh, yeah, look at you. Sounds like he was able to heal something that you had thought you were gonna have for life. I mean, call it whatever you want, you know, touch whatever Highway to Heaven, whatever. Like, you know, there’s this is somebody who’s come in and, you know, you don’t know maybe saved your life. Right? It sounds like you were in enough pain and probably depressed it to a point where like, you know, look not for nothing. I know if I’m an adult, and I’m shitting and pissing my pants like, I’m not feeling great about life.

Dr. T 14:01
Right? Like it’s coming to an end. It’s coming to an end. Ya know, it was coming to an end. Yeah. So

Brandon Handley 14:06
you got a guy down here, you’ve run into him by chance something you weren’t even going to go to you like, Screw it. Let’s go hop into it. saves your life.

Dr. T 14:14
Yeah, changed my life saved my life. No question of it without him. I’m sure I would not be sitting here talking to you. You know, we all have had these angelic experiences in different ways. And some, you know, young people, we just discard this regardless, you know, people we just tend to disregard it. But it would not surprise me at all to find out one day Yeah, actually, he wasn’t angel. He was at the right place at the right time to completely change the direction of my life. And God bless him forever in gratitude for him. And it has it has it’s like being reborn when you have this happen. And I’ve been fortunate enough to have this happen in a whole lot of people now. And I’ll never forget When he said to me after I saw I went to I started working with him. Once we got back from camping, we did a 15 day hike up in the mountains over 50 miles, backpacks, no pain at all, no problem at all. And I mean, I’ve never had any of those issues since. But we got back. And so I worked with him for about five or six months, and about a six month after I had done through four or five different jobs. He says, you know, Tony, you really, you know, I’ve known you for six months, you’ve had 10 jobs. You’re so guarded. You’re just curious. I mean, you figure this stuff out. And then, and then you know, they’re on to the next one. So yeah, I can’t stand it. Hey, Dad, he said, Well, the only thing you’ll never figure out is the human body. You will never ever figure out how to help everybody. And sadly, he’s correct. I can’t help everyone. But I’ve been able to figure out how to help a lot. And I owe that. I mean, I’ll never forget that day, he told me that I went to massage school, I studied that work that he used on me. And then and then eventually, I just I just woke up one day. And it was just in my mind plain as day as we’re sitting here talking that it was time to go to school. And so I did 35 I started college.

Brandon Handley 16:15
That’s awesome. And so you you went in, you went in the same kind of vein as your family. Right? You started, you started this in a chiropractic space. But then you you quickly understood the impact that energy healing could have on somebody. And as far as I can tell, like you just be chased after like, get this should be, this should be something everybody should be doing. I want to learn how to do it. You get to a point where you meet up with the racecar guy, right? You heal on him. And then you and you’re doing close proximity, right? Like I think that if I don’t know what the hell it is, I’m reading right now. But it’s some book, you know about the biofield. Right? Where you got you got about six feet, give or take around the body, right where this energy field and and you’re comfortable at this point, working within that six foot energy field, right? You’re like, I got this. I’m good here. And then and then you get this opportunity to just say, You know what? Sounds like a last ditch effort. Your mom could be dying tonight. Let’s let’s try this thing. Right. I’ve heard about it. I believe in it. I know what can be done. I don’t know if I can do it. But let’s, let’s give it a go. You do it you have that moment. What happens after that? Like, would you share that with some of your family? Do you tell them? What are some steps that were you had after that?

Dr. T 17:42
Well, I don’t really share that I didn’t really share with anybody at all. i i You know it back then it was still so it’s still so far out. I mean, you know, you’ve heard of remote healers. And you know, some some people may have tried them. And I’ve tried a few I didn’t really have any results at all, personally, you know, with in this particular case, she got on a plane and she was like, she was like, What the hell the heck is this? I’m coming out. She came out to Los Angeles a treasure for I don’t know, maybe two weeks every other day for two weeks. And I was using some you know, some work that’s still out there of the time, I was using neural link as a guy from a really great doctor osteopath out in New Zealand. It’s good work. I saw was using that at the time, I think mostly primarily, and a few other things that I’ve learned locally in Los Angeles. But she came in she was deaf walking. She looked. She looked over the dead her I mean, she looked 110 I mean, she you know she had emphysema, COPD, chronic pulmonary obstructive disease she had, oh God, you name it. She had it. She had all of that in the end. And I think I saw I treated her probably six times over those two weeks, she left. And then about a month and a half later he comes in and comes walking down my stairs and I look out the window. I didn’t know he had a sister. And I opened it opened up the front door. I didn’t know yet a sister. Hey, I’m Tony. And she says why Tony you dirty dog. It’s me Susan. This woman had lost 40 years offer. I mean, she it I just I was shocked. And that was that was a real eye opener for me of like, oh, okay, so this energy stuff, you know, I didn’t crack her I didn’t have to do it and he just didn’t do any chiropractic. I you know, that work is fairly light touch. But it’s but it’s rubbing the body in different areas. Well, what I’ve come to find is I don’t need to do any of that. I can do it all without having you here I can You can be I don’t know. You probably be on Mars. As long as you’re alive. I can do it too. I mean, you know, that’s consciousness. You know, even even consciousness has to have an effect on Mars if you’re a conscious being a sentient being so you don’t really kind of I really kind of kept it a secret from my family. until they started needing help. And so I’ve been, you know, I’ve helped them a lot over the years with the remote work that I do. And now they’re kind of like they’re just fully on board mom’s totally on board. And, you know, they they’re kind of really into this, and this remote angelic, you know, frequencies that we’re able to we have access to.

Brandon Handley 20:21
So, I mean, it’s cool, right? Like you said, even now, even though I think it’s more accepted, and acceptable now, because science is coming into line with it more so now than in the past 20 years, I think it’s been an accelerated rate. You know, keeping a secret, right? Because you’re like, I’m not, I’m not, I’m not stupid. I’m not gonna tell you, I don’t need that shit. Right. Like, I just, I just want, it’s great that I can do it. And And here, I’m gonna, I’m just gonna keep doing it. And and even to the degree where I imagine that the massage was almost a cover for the energy work that you were doing to heal people. Right. And you talked a little bit about, and I just brought it up to the the field. You mentioned, I mentioned the energy field. And you talked about the field that we’re all in? Are you talking about a field of consciousness? Once you elaborate on what you mean by the field that we’re all in a little bit for somebody who’s not familiar?

Dr. T 21:19
Well, it’s just it’s just the field of consciousness, you know, that can that can give the definition to everyone says, Well, we’re all one. Well, how the hell are we all one? You’re over there? You’re in Philadelphia, I’m out here. What do you mean? Well, that’s that idea that you think of somebody you love. And that message goes right through to them. And so And there’s, there’s a million examples of this in nature. And then we can start getting further into and breaking it down into different areas like Rupert Sheldrake ‘s work with regards to morphic fields, and how they give shape to structure. And, and so, you know, consciousness is just how, how I believe we are able to access it to get information from someone, and then be able to use intention, because intention is what drives consciousness. You know, if we’re just floating on the sea, we don’t have a carrot, we have no intention or mind at all work, that’s kind of what we’re doing. We’re just kind of drifting around. With what I’m teaching, what I’m doing is I’m using focused, focused intent to drive a change through information given via consciousness. So so if we are all one, it must mean that everything within this field, we must be able to have access to in some manner. So that’s something else that I’m teaching is how to access that field, ask to ask it, hey, what’s going on? Brandon, he’s calling me with, you know, he’s got a floater in one of his eyes, what the hell’s going on in there. And so we’re able to access that field for that information. And once we have that, then we can use various techniques on primarily teaching how to direct angels to make changes in every system of the body, circulatory, nervous system, immune system, endocrine system on and so that’s a whole, you know, that’s like a not that’s a field within a field. People like our angels part of consciousness. Well, heck, I don’t know. I don’t think they are. That’s why it That’s why I teach that, that they’re there. You know, you know, that could be a lower realm, I don’t know, could be a higher realm. I don’t know. They just have their own realm. I don’t, I have no idea. But what works is what I’m teaching and what I’m teaching is how to how to use have a dial. It’s a biofeedback mechanism that we can use to access consciousness, to ask questions about what’s going on within some within something in consciousness. So does that mean our plants and our plants allow our plants part of consciousness? Of course they are. So we can fix a tree, we can fix a field, we can have an effect on, you know, on plants, plants, animals, absolutely any animal anywhere. I just ran into a little baby rabbit, bunny rabbit walking through a field a couple days ago, and I needed help. How do I know I ask, I ask if it needs help. And I’m able to access this field of consciousness that we’re all in and then use intention to direct angels to do the healing intention. You know, intention is what drives is what drives the the field of consciousness. And as we hone that skill, it’s I believe it’s a part of your brain that can be honed and it can be amplified. And it can become instantaneously really powerful, especially with especially if you have the right training. It took me a long time to figure this out how I could how I could pass this on. And I think I’ve come up with a way that is just it. So far, it’s just been absolutely mind blowing. I’m getting emails every day from people who have taken my class, they’re doing things that this just absolutely unbelievable. And it’s really kind of fun teaching it because now they’re not my clients anymore, I have room for new people.

Brandon Handley 25:16
How much of what you are doing, what you say, requires faith and belief?

Dr. T 25:32
Well, I believe a lot of it. And that’s one of the things I teach, one of my models in my class is seeing is believing. And when you see it, you believe it. And when you believe it, your faith can come up. And so we’re doing stuff we’re making sure I’m making, I’m making sure that first day people are seeing things, because well, a lot of these people have seen have been to different doctors, and I’ve seen a lot of them, you know, three quarters of the class that none of those people have ever seen me have never been my clients, but they’ve seen other people. And so we’ve seen enough, and they’re really probably most of them signed up, signed up out of curiosity. So I think curiosity is a really big part of what I’m teaching also. Because if you’re curious, you’re open. If you’re not open, if you already know at all, if you already, you know, this is this is how it’s done, then you’re just not going to do well with what I teach, you have to be curious, because curiosity allows you to come from a neutral point, a neutral standpoint, because if you’re curious, you don’t know. And so you’re able to ask a better question. And you’re able to have a better opportunity for this instantaneous healing. And, you know, seeing is believing. And as you as as you, you do it once, all of a sudden, you’re just, I mean, it’s amazing that this last class was amazing. Granted, because I think it was maybe the third hour, I go through all the mechanics, I go through all the all the applied quantum mechanics of how this works and how consciousness works. And really, I really break it down into all these really cool little examples of problems. This is how that’s done. That’s how it’s done. And here’s what how we make these changes. And, and I’ll say, Okay, anybody have something they’ve had for a long time? It’s fine. If Samantha had bad ankle, you know, oh, yeah, hand goes up bad ankle 35 years, the twisted high school football. It’s never been the same. Okay, Susie, what would you do what I just taught you to that ankle across the other side of the room over there? So as soon as he goes, Oh, just just do what I just showed you. As soon as he does what I just showed her? And I said, Okay, would you stand up, she stands up, and the guy stands up, and he says, Oh, my God, it’s 100%. Gone. And everyone says really? They couldn’t even believe it. So would you jump up and down for me, please, jumping up and down, wiggling all this weight on that ankle hopping around the room like a bunny rabbit? And I said, No. Anybody else not see this? Did you? Do we pay you to do this? This this acting? No, it’s not. So that’s how it starts, you know, this, this? And I don’t blame, you know, it’s just funny. It’s like, really, that that’s what what just happened there. And, you know, and so we’ve had, we’ve had, we’ve had so many examples of this. We had a woman whose arm was completely dislocated out of the socket moves around a forward arm fall out of the socket. Now I know. Any Western medicine doctor, any most chiropractors, most acupuncturist who were watching if any of these people watched physical therapist would say that’s impossible. Well, it’s not we all saw it, we all watched it, she reached her own auto, her left, her shoulder would come out of the socket and drop down to here. Alright, so she will forward or to the side down here, raise it up overhead, the whole thing would plop out and he was hanging down below here. And, and, you know, I was just like, Okay, so we’re going, you know, we’re gonna fix that here. And, you know, the mouse just hit the table. I mean, yes, impossible. That’s impossible. That’s okay. It’s impossible. 120 people are sitting here thinking it’s impossible. And it was impossible effects with 20 people sitting there thinking it was impossible. So once we got that out of their minds, we treated her and it’s probably the only treatment I did the entire weekend. 100% resolved and probably 90% of was emotional.

Brandon Handley 29:31
On her end, and I think I think I think it’s really cool, too, that you bring up a really good point, I guess, you know, if you’re if you’re in a room, and this is just me speculating and thinking about the situation. If you’re in a room full of 20 people who all don’t believe it and who all don’t see it, there’s going to be an impedance. Right to to to healing, because I think that was going to be around my other other question. Do you find it Think about the whole idea of the placebo effect, right? And the placebo effect is anything that’s effective that, you know, above, you know, 50% or whatever, that, you know. But I always wonder I’m like, nobody’s ever talking about like, the no SIBO, right? Like, you know, what about the people that just simply don’t believe they can be cured? Right? Are those people standing in the way of their cure? Right? So, you know, so what you’re sitting in a room full of is the know, SIBO? Right, you know that there’s people like throwing up like this energetic wall, or like massive interference to energy being able to be delivered? Am I on the right path? Or, you know, what are your thoughts there?

Dr. T 30:43
Oh, absolutely. You’re on the right path. And, you know, so many times those No, CBOs are proven wrong, and I never mind never bothers me to do that. And that kind of goes back to what we talked about when we first got on here is that, you know, those who, whatever the thing is those who say it can’t be done, she stopped interrupting the person doing it.

Brandon Handley 31:04
Fair enough. I mean, so I mean, so are you saying then to like that, I guess your willpower strength and belief in what you’re doing is more powerful than their disbelief?

Dr. T 31:17
Yes, but powerful is, uh, you know, it’s a loaded word, I would say, my mind, the frequency that we’re able to raise is more more in resonance with their disbelief, you know, so, so, so the disbelief is usually from the conscious mind, you know, so ah, you know, this ground is solid is stone, it’s not moving around? Well, we know it is. And, and so I think a lot of that a lot of that no sequel is impossible have that happen. A lot of that’s from the conscious mind. And a lot of the work that we do is subconscious is underneath that low, you know, that layer of resistance, and you you get it as you and how do we affect the subconscious mind, that’s intention. And if you present something to the subconscious mind to consider, that may be a better operating system than it’s experiencing? I don’t care how much disbelief you have. It goes right through and it works. Yeah, and it changes. And then you have a client for life. Sure. Because they’re coming in thinking, There’s no way anybody can help me, they have been everywhere. And, you know, it’s always nice to have the people that come from somebody that had a, you know, a really amazing experience, because they’re already on board. And when they’re on board, they’re accessing me, you know, they’re accessing my field, they’re accessing the field of everybody, I’ve been able to help. And they come in ready, you know, they’re ready for it. So that’s obviously what you prefer. And then you know, the placebo effect is greatly under utilized. It’s, you know, we, we could talk all night long about, you know, the double gold standard for studies. Well, we, we know that the act of observation changes the outcome of an experiment, that’s Heisenberg’s principle, I’m sure you’re well aware of that. So that means that these people who are doing who are studying everything, everything from child seat safety to the newest heart drug, are all influencing the very thing they’re studying, they should have to have blindfolds on not be paid to lock in Faraday cages, and have the experiments go without them being able to see it or even know about it now. So so that that’s, you know, that’s kind of where we’re at with some of this stuff,

Brandon Handley 33:35
certainly hard to get an objective outcome, when you’re being paid to run the study by the person who, you know, is going to benefit from whatever that outcome is directed towards them talking big pharma here, but you know, you know, what are you going to do just happens to be the world that we’re in right now. And to me, you know, that just makes kind of the world that you and I inhabit, kind of that much more beautiful, right? Like just kind of breaking through the veil and be like, Oh, shit, it’s been a lot of bullshit. I’m not here, I’m not here to do really, that I’m here to live my life and just realize how it can be lived. Right? And share that with anybody else that I think similar to what you’re doing or like, here’s, here’s some stuff I’ve come across. You don’t have to believe it, in order to receive it as it were. And I’ll show you that and you can walk away thinking whatever you want type of thing. So you I love the idea of the focus intent to drive change to information. I love the idea of the biofeedback mechanism again, in reading like, I guess in this in this book, I wish I had it here. So upstairs, but in working with this energetic field, just literally a question for me. When you’re working with this field, and you’re working with the energetic field, like like I said, we kind of know we have an idea that’s about six foot like around like that tour route. We’re oil field right around the body. Are you is the biofeedback mechanism you’re getting? Are you able to feel that and sense it as like kind of like blockages or just disturbances and energy around a person? Or what’s your What do you mean by biofeedback mechanism?

Dr. T 35:16
How do you Well, it’s a test. So there’s a number of ways you can use your hands to or different muscles in your body to to test. And so we, what I’m, what I’m teaching is how to use this, this powerful feedback mechanism there’s there’s a million of them out there it’s everything from muscle testing to know guys with the rods looking for the waterhole, there’s a lot of these are out there, I just I’m good at finding a lot of things and making them really simple. And I’ve just discovered that I’m a really good teacher, I know how to teach it. And so once you learn how to get in and ask simple, simple questions, yes or no questions, we have menus that you follow down to figure out what’s going on in the body. So say you come in with leg pain? Well, is it a physical? Is it? Is it in the physical realm? Is it emotional issue or is a spiritual issue? And so then we just start chunking down those different? Once we get into one of those regions, we just chunk it down to find out, you know, what, what’s the highest priority? What’s going to have the biggest effect? Because what are we using the mechanism for? So you’re talking about the biofield. The biofield is physical, that’s a field you put out by your nervous system, your heart puts it out, your nervous system puts it out. But what does that what does that connected to? That’s connected to consciousness? And that’s what we’re going after. We’re going after we are accessing consciousness using a biofeedback mechanism to dissertation from consciousness, what the hell is going on? And Brandon, why is his leg hurt? And in you know, so many times they Oh, my leg hurt? Well, I did this, you know, I, you know, I stepped off, I took a wrong step off off a ladder, and I landed, what’s your appears to be something physical, but it may not be. And and so we so we come from a place of curiosity, a place of neutrality, because you making taking that step you could have your mind could have been drifting into a moment of fear that you had fallen off a high place sometime. Yeah, the physical impact hurt the leg, he probably tore, some ligaments probably did some of that. But consciousness will lead us to the priority, which was the emotional effect. And then we will work. Once we’re done with that we’ll work back towards the things to fix the physical aspect. So we’re talking about two different things, we’re talking about the bio field, which is real. And we do get inside that bio field and do some work in there. And in my class are some things that you can do within that field, that are really fascinating, really, amazingly powerful. Again, I’ve just gotten rid of all the junk that I’ve studied, I’ve studied, I could walk around this house and show you stacks of books. So there’s a room full of books and so many things I’ve studied. But it just doesn’t, it doesn’t deliver what I feel like we the this, this precipice we’re on with this work is, it really truly is mind blowing. If we don’t have if we don’t have a miracle a day, I’m pretty shocked. And if we don’t have four or five a day, I’m like, Oh, come on. Now. Let’s do that. Got it. We got to find some new people or I’m gonna need some help.

Brandon Handley 38:31
Right. I guess I guess, um, sounds to me like and, you know, could be from anywhere a little bit of Hawkins work like David Hawkins with like, kind of doing doing some of that, but I’m sure expanded and then refined to your own practice. So yeah, I

Dr. T 38:46
love David David. Fantastic, great spiritual teacher, fantastic spiritual teacher, I am not a spiritual teacher. I am I can address a number of spiritual issues. Ya know, his and his work is, you know, I mean, it’s in them that, you know, it’s right up right up. My alley. Power versus force, right. Yeah. What, what book really got me going into that some of these things and, and, you know, he’s a great spiritual teacher. But he was not doing the kind of stuff we’re doing. We’re using this stuff clinically. So no,

Brandon Handley 39:19
I mean, I guess a little bit of the muscle testing right

Dr. T 39:21
was Yeah, and we don’t do any of that. Okay. I think I’m onto something way more powerful. It’s different. Yeah. Different, different. Just different. You know, my casting has, uh, you know, has there’s a lot of inherent flaws and muscle testing, the show people teaching it aren’t even aware of Sure. And so, you know, yeah, I’m curious. I’m curious. All right. It helps us doing this. Why is that not doing that? I’ve always been curious. I’ve got myself in trouble. And, you know, I’m on my eighth life. I got to be careful.

Brandon Handley 39:47
For sure. Yeah, I love I love the idea, though, that you’re you’re you’re you’re going in there and you’re using your biofeedback mechanism and you’ve got like a kind of a checklist where you you know, Hey, is it Is it physical? Is it you know, is it spiritual? Could be? And maybe and then like, is this mental, emotional, and that’s where like you’re getting your your strongest pushback. And then and then you’re saying, hey, the priority here is in this space. And now, and now, you know, what you found for yourself is that you’re now teaching this, you want to talk a little bit about what these classes look like, and the type of people that are joining your work. Yeah,

Dr. T 40:25
everybody, it’s, it’s everyone joining, we had this last class. So we had, we had a 45 year old chiropractor. He’s going to be the only class he’s ever taken. He’s do I’ve done a testimonial for I’m very proud of, he would, he wouldn’t leave me alone, I kind of had to ditch him. I’m kidding, Greg, if you heard this ever, he, you know, I can only handle so much praise. But you know, he really just said, he just gave me the highest compliments. It was such an honor to have him there. And we had a what else we had, we had a physical therapist, we had a medical doctor, we had a dancer, we had massage therapists, we had, you know, a CEO of a very large international corporation, secretaries, we had everybody all walks of life did the training, and everybody left being able to do this. So I’m really, I’m really humbled by what we’ve put together. You know, 20 years ago, when I first met that doctor, who was there, we were we were having a drink after a seminar. And he was at, and we did some work on each other. We did some stuff on some people, some other peers who were there. So when are you going to teach us what? Well, you know, all, you know, all of this stuff on this? Yeah. But you just you just know how to show it to me in a way that I understand what the hell are you going to teach this? And so for 20 years, every time I see him, he’s like, What are you gonna teach? When are you going to teach this? So I finally decided about five years ago to start writing it down. And over the course of five years, it just started, it just started really being revealed. And I thought that was that was, you know, that was an intention, you know, it was my intention was, hey, it’s time I’m not young, anything, I’m not a young whippersnapper anymore. And, and so took me about five years to have it to a place where I felt okay, I can pass this on now. And do it in a way that I’m comfortable with, because I am, I do expect everybody to have good results with this and understand it, you know, a lot of the seminars that you would go to have gone to over the years, you know, you get back to the office, just like what the heck, I’m completely lost, I have no idea how to even start to implement this. Where’s A, B, C, and D, I need something simple. Now I’m a doctor, but I’m not that smart. So, so the class I pulled all of this knowledge. And, you know, I’ve modified or modulate all of it in different manners. And then I’ve plugged in my own observations. And these these observations, once I set that intention to have this be able to form this class, we get these insights. And all these, these are angels, you know, they they whisper in your ear, they they go, Hey, did you check this? Did you look at that? And then I would and then when I start asking questions every now and then I just get a little tiny, little tiny thought. And that would be the answer to my question to my inquiry. And once I had enough of those, what you know, one of them is this biofeedback mechanism. Another one is how to be more powerful. And in asking the angels to do something, and and you start having these, once you start, once you start seeing, once you start seeing it, you start believing it, and pretty soon, pretty soon I had a whole stack, we have a very large manual that we go through, I’ve actually have to take a whole bunch out because it’s it just takes too long to teach it all. So I’m going to have to do a masterclass. But but not until I have enough people trained in doing this first portion. Because the results you have with just those are absolutely, absolutely mind blowing. I mean, I could talk all night long about what the graduates already doing. They’re just having tremendous results with animals with each other, got an email from a mother whose son I’ve worked on for at least two years, all his stuff is gone. She took it home, fix him herself. And, you know, God bless her. I you know, that’s, that’s what I did this class for. You know, you can’t fix everyone sometimes, you know, I might be, you know, console, he’s the best at this right? And I can teach it to you, and you might be more resonance with that person and be better at it right off, because, you know, who knows how many angels there are right there. There are some people out there talking, you know, putting numbers on them and who gets to use them and this and that. That’s all baloney. I think they’re unlimited. And I think more some will listen to you more than they will meet. And that’s how it’s been. That’s my that’s clinically what I’m seeing with my graduates. So the class is, was three days long. It’s It’s full is mind blowing.

Every single person in there is doing it before they leave, I won’t let anybody out if they’re not doing it. And we’re just doing some really cool stuff. You know, I just think we’re doing really cool things. We’re doing some group healings, we’re finding that five people focusing is more powerful than 120. People focusing is more powerful than five. So we’re finding it and we’re able to, we’re just, we’re just really setting this thing up where it’s absolutely fun, and absolutely amazing. And I’m all about the fun and amazing part. You know, if you saw my model somewhere, I’m done when there is no fun. And that’s, that’s for sure. i That’s me. I don’t I don’t want to be here. If it’s not fun anymore.

Brandon Handley 45:51
I get that for sure. For sure. When you’re talking about, I guess, connecting with these angels, and, you know, being able to receive messages, would you liken that to the Akashic field? Or would you say something different?

Dr. T 46:05
I think I, you know, I, you know, I don’t know, obviously, if you’re, you’re talking to a farmer.

Brandon Handley 46:12
I mean, just just top of mind, right? Well, I

Dr. T 46:14
Well, I think what’s happening with it with people, because, you know, I’ve done some of the Akashic record stuff, I’ve done some of the studies with that. And, you know, I never, ever found it to be powerful enough for me, and what I believe is happening, I think you’re accessing consciousness. And I think that it’s legitimate. It’s one of the things that I’m teaching in the in the classes clairaudience, which is similar to allow the Akashic Record readings. But we’re able to change these, you know, we’re able to use this knowledge with these tools that I’ve put together to make unbelievable healthy changes in the body, we’re fixing stuff is just unfixable. And so, you know, some of the people doing those kinds of readings, they’re, they’re hearing the messages, and many times they’re able to pass them on. But Gosh, darn it, don’t tell me this comes from a past life, and you can’t help me with it. I mean, I hear this every single day, I’m in the office, just about I heard it this morning, you know, all those fibroids are from a past life, you know, it’s like, okay, fine, did she fix them for you? Or did the person fix them for you, help you with them tell you some way to get rid of them? Right. And the funny thing was, I was actually I was actually working on past life frequencies and this woman when she said that to me. So that’s also consciousness, you know, it’s also us connecting and her, you know, talent, you know, me saying, you know, she’s reading, she’s kind of reading my mind, you know? So, you know, so in the Claire audiences, know that that occurs when you’re working with somebody, you know, we’re entangling with them. That’s whether you’re sitting in front of me, or whether you’re on the other side of the planet right now. We’re entangled, and you’re borrowing too much information, you have to send me a check. Got a smile.

Brandon Handley 48:07
On his stuff, so do I mean, I love it. Right. Like I just, you know, I was just curious whether or not you would like it, you know, that, you know, listening and tuning into angels see classic field? I don’t know, right. I don’t have that experience. Neither either way, but I’m always curious what your interpretation is your look, you’re using the energy, it’s working. I don’t have too many other questions at the end of the day, right? Like, that’s me, right? What I you obviously love to learn how to do it too. Sure. But in the end of the day, if you always love the Wayne Dyer, you know, audio, that where he talks about, he’s got hemorrhoids, and somebody comes up, and there’s a crystal chair the points over to the crystal chair. And he says that, that chairs gonna, you know, clear your hemorrhoids. I’m gonna go sit on that chair. Right. Like, I mean, that’s just that’s to sit.

Dr. T 49:00
Yeah, yeah, absolutely.

Brandon Handley 49:01
So the work that you’re doing, if it’s working, it’s working on humans is working on people working on plants, and working on pets. I think that I think that the work that you’re doing super awesome. I love that you’re teaching it. Is there anything else you would want to touch on in this space? At this moment? We got a little bit a couple more minutes. And I didn’t know whether or not like there’s anything that we hadn’t touched on just said that you might want to?

Dr. T 49:24
Well, I would just say quickly about what you just talked about with the Akashic records that that I’m sure that you that if you haven’t had that experience, yet, at some moment in time, you will, and you just haven’t been taught how to recognize it. And it could just be something as simple thought that that’s a weird thought. And that will open up that access for you more more so as you’re just you know, continue doing what you’re doing because you’re not going to be able to help it because you’re you’re the spiritual don’t master. And so, you know, and when it first happens, you’ll you’ll be you’ll deny it and you’ll Your contract your mind will be like, Ah, I don’t think that was much and, and then you’ll find out that you didn’t pay attention to it and you should have you can maybe 40 had that happen, I don’t know. But anyhow, pay attention for that, because I think it’s going to start happening if it hasn’t. The only other thing I’d like to touch on is that is I would like to mention our website is a human engineer, an engineer, calm, it has all the bells and whistles, all the stuff we have, this is why I’m out here doing this, I always I just kind of figured I would drift off into the sunset doing, you know, my stuff, one on ones, and my clients are the ones who put me up to this, Sharon’s out there and she’s ever hears this, she’s the one who for four or five, six years will come in once a month and say, We got to find a bigger platform, you got to help more people, you got to teach this stuff. And so what we’ve done is we put together these programs, and so it’s one of them is got your back. And so if you have any kind of pain in your back your body, I don’t care if it’s to top your head, back, your heels, your back your legs anywhere you get on and we do one session a week, since an hour long session for four weeks. And so and it’s with 50, could be with five, it could be with 100 other people, it doesn’t matter. But so we have that program, we have crazy unknown shift. We’ve got an emotional one coming up. I think we have migraines coming up. We’ve got just different these different programs. About six years ago, we did some group healings first a very short period of time. And the results were magnificently unbelievable. The hard part was we didn’t have the backbone to do it. I didn’t have a team of people to answer the emails to get back to run it and do all that stuff. And so I just gave up on it. Well, Sharon wouldn’t stop on me. And she introduced me to Jamie, who had set all this stuff up and put this in motion. So we’re doing these programs now. And if you’re having difficulty, and no one’s been able to help you crazy unknown shift is probably what you got. And the programs are set up so that if you don’t like it, you get your money back. And there’s no doctor doing any of that. I think all the money I spent over the years of my time trial and error, all the studies I’ve done, I’m sure I’m over a million dollars into it, and never wants to get a dime back. So if after the first hour, you’re like, Yeah, nothing happened. I don’t want to do this, we’re sending your money back. So that’s just unheard of in this field. Dad, I’m really, really proud of that. And then

Brandon Handley 52:32
the we my wife and I went out to eat dinner probably a couple weeks ago, and there was a waitress in there who had been told she was basically she was gonna die, right? bed rest for four years. And she said pretty much the same thing. Like she was obviously she was set up and walk in and she was cured by a doctor. But she said that pretty much the same thing. Like how many how many places do you go to where you pay for a service that if it doesn’t work, you don’t get your money back? Right where like you go to like all these different doctors like she had and like you’re talking about so I think it’s really great that you’re offering a service that if if somebody is not satisfied with it and doesn’t see the results that you’re offering their money back and I think that that’s that’s really cool and it’s definitely not something you see any other doctor practicing. So love to hear that. Dr. T, I have like one section here, right? I love to I love to play that this is almost like a spiritual speed dating, right? Like somebody is tuning in to looking for like the next spiritual date. Dr. T, you could be got a question to ask and depending on how long we go with the questions, you ready? Sure. All right. Dear, spiritual Bachelor Number one, what is the greatest quality humans possess?

Dr. T 54:00
Love being able to love, give love, receive love, experience, the feeling of love. That’s the greatest quality we have without question. Love is the most important thing in our existence. Just being being alive. Hopefully, hopefully, we come in with love come in here because of love and are able to share love and leave in a loving way. That would be I think that’s the most incredible thing we possess for sure.

Brandon Handley 54:29
One of the things that I find in in the spiritual space is a I guess a challenge for me is men, right like just going through and still maintaining their manhood as it were right. And so I always say that because yeah, look, I agree like love is just powerful thing, right? That once harnessed is like wirelss right and you sit in that space and you just know that that’s what you’re sitting in. And that’s what you’re being. How have you found it? To, as a male, right to experience, love and maintain your manhood, I guess for lack of better terminology. I think you understand what I’m saying.

Dr. T 55:17
Yeah, absolutely. You know, I’m young, I’m a heathen. So I’m a man’s man. You know. So, you know it, you know, there’s it isn’t easy, I don’t think it’s easy. For men. You know, it really is about opening your heart, in our hearts are tend to have been, you know, men are more men are more difficult to heal than women are, help heal. And it’s kind of a strange dichotomy, because men will just trudge through life and just deal with all their stuff and not not ever asked for help. And, and women, a lot of them are struggling and they’re, you know, they’re lovers they’re want, they’re just that love comes easier to women. So, as men, we need to work on it, we need to, you know, I like I like to have love around me things that say love things that know love and a wall love, love and a candle. And, and really try to tap into that frequency of love and, and see the sunset, do things that that can help instill that feeling of love within you. You know, start sunsets, see the ocean, see the mountains, go for hikes, see nature. And so you know, I think it’s a it’s, you know, it’s not it’s not easy, especially younger men. You know, as I’ve gotten older, it’s easier, I think, to experience that and feel that. And certainly with the work I do, I’m forced to and and it’s made it easier for me. And I think we were talking to you, we mentioned earlier about, you know, having to hide and well, I’m old enough now I don’t have to hide anymore. I have no problem telling someone I love them. And and you know, and I don’t need to hear I love you back. It’s that, you know, I think with with time and experience that us men can become great lovers and can hold that space for for you know, for the feminine.

Brandon Handley 57:22
I appreciate that. Like I said that said I think that’s a challenge for for men, especially right in the spiritual space or in this space sometimes to over rotate and how do you do it and and still keep your sense of your your sense of being right. So, Dr. T, thank you so much for being on today. Really appreciate the work that you’re doing nothing but it’s awesome. Love that you’re out there. You’re teaching as well. The website is human engineer.com. And when when do you sign up for the like your next round of students?

Dr. T 57:57
Oh, we’re doing in March, I think I think it’s the 10th 11th or Yeah, somewhere in March. I’m not sure if the dates are solidified yet, but it’s all on their website somewhere thing. I’m not gonna look at that stuff. I just I just go there and deliver.

Brandon Handley 58:11
Dr. T. Thank you so much for being on today.

Dr. T 58:13
Thank you so much, man and you have a great night. Thank you. I

Unknown Speaker 58:17
really hope you enjoyed this episode of the spiritual dove podcast. Stay connected with us directly through spiritual co you can also join the discussion on Facebook, spiritual and Instagram at spiritual underscore Joe. If you would like to speak with us, send us an email through Brandon at spiritual Co Co. And as always, thank you for cultivating your mindset and creating a better reality. This includes the most thought provoking part of your day. Don’t forget to like and subscribe to stay fully up to date. Until next time, be kind to yourself and trust your intuition

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