When people think of the idea of flow, they usually think about it in reference to an athlete. It is that feeling that comes when you are so immersed in what you’re doing and time seems to stand still. They feel like they can see and do everything without effort and it feels like they don’t want to stop.

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What is going on spiritual dope been a minute, since we

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tried to make them like do I say come at them live and we never come at you live.

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It’s been a minute though, since we have hopped on two podcasts and done a solo. It’s been a moment since we’ve done that. So coming out of my little spiritual practice, always, not always, but I tend to on Instagram just do a little posta a mini reel of coming out of Brazilian jujitsu. And I tagged it as spiritual, spiritual, dope, spirituality, and BJJ. Because that’s where I’m able to go into and get into a state of flow. A state of everything kind of dissolves and goes away for a little bit. Because what happens in life in general? And this is why meditation and breath work is so vital, is that we get caught up in our thoughts. We get caught up. I know I didn’t look I saw speaking first, Prof speaking as me, you know, I know that I get caught up in my thoughts. I get caught up in what’s what’s the next right move to do? What’s the next right thing to do? I get caught up in my fears, I get caught up in anxiety, I get caught up in all that shit. Okay, well, I get caught up in, you know, being happy and find enjoys? Well, unfortunately, I would have to say that more of my time is spent in, in I’m not in that space. Right as often is I work to get into that space and find myself in that space. The reality of it is, is that I’ve got a family, I’ve got job, I’ve got got these call material responsibilities. And you know, there are some things that I need to at least assert influence over. If I’m not able to control it, what can I influence, and it’s whatever it is that I’m influencing in my daily life, it’s my job, it’s, again, my household. That that’s the control that I exert is the influence and sometimes the expectation of that influence is not what I would have liked it to have been. And that’s where we can find ourselves. That’s where we find ourselves. And that’s where I find myself being frustrated. That’s where I find myself, you know, asking myself, What could I have done differently? What needs to change? How do I, how do I go about this differently? I don’t do as much of this is something that I used to do. I don’t do is once about like, what, what why don’t they get it? You know, I don’t I don’t do that? I don’t I don’t ask what should change about them anymore. So much. And that’s not 100% of time, that’s a greater percent of time. Because when when we do that, when I do that, I’m giving the other person, people these other things in my life, the ability to kind of control me, right? So what I need to recognize is, what is it? How do I need to approach this differently so that I might be able to get my point across because when I realized that I’m not getting my point across and in something in a dialogue, it’s not them, it’s me, I’m not understanding my audience. I’m not understanding the words that they use, I’m not understanding their approach. So I’m not adapting properly, and I’m not creating communication in a way that they would like to be communicated to. So I’ve got to look inside, I’ve got to look at myself and I’ve got to understand, Okay, well, what do I know about this person and how can I make that adjustment? So those are some areas that I can influence and those are those are the things that I’m gonna control those The things I’m thinking about, right, those are things that my mind is just like, my mind is like a maelstrom, all these things coming in and flying around, you know, I don’t duck fast enough to not get hit by all these thoughts that just occur.

So when I talk about it being BJP, my spiritual practice, I’ve got a lot, I’ve got plenty of those thoughts, I’ve got plenty of the thoughts that I do have are immediately reactionary or proactive. In terms of how do I work this person, their body and the role. Fair amount of it, though at this point has become subconscious is simply built in. At this point, it’s just the same as walking or riding a bike. After a certain period of time, you just kind of get into this state of flow, your body knows what to do. You still got some thinking to do, but you’re in a state of flow, you’re in a state of, of letting your body do what it’s supposed to do, you’re in a state of the mind is the mind is silent, the mind is gone for a little bit, because you’re just in a state of, of kind of knowing what to do, or at least knowing where you are. And there’s a there’s a stillness, as as often as it looks like, and I’m sure that if you’ve ever watched somebody do a BJJ Brazilian Jiu Jitsu roll. It looks like a lots going on. It looks like a lot going on. But I would say that it’s not too different than just just like a dandelion see kind of flowing in the wind. Right? It’s, it’s the deal, the person I are, we’re kind of locked. One of us is to the dandelion seeds, and the other ones the breeze. And that’s really what’s happening. And, you know, we’re in this state of flow. As, as Bruce Lee said, you know, kind of be like water, and water. It flows it, it adapts to its surroundings. It can transform and still be water, it can be ice, it can be gas, it can be, you know, water itself. And so when you’re when you’re doing your roles, and you’re finding yourself and you find yourself in that state of flow that’s being in my mind, that’s, that’s your connection to Source, you’ve got a stillness about you. That’s means to me that all the things your body, mind and soul are locked in, you’re in lockstep, here. You’re doing, you’re doing your boy band dance together, everybody’s just doing everything’s just doing exactly what it’s supposed to be doing. And it looks and feels good doesn’t, it doesn’t really matter how it looks, it just feels good. And so where can you find that? For yourself? Where is practice, maybe it’s drawing. And then another place for me, it’s when I’m cooking. It’s in a place where I find it most often, in a place where I’m trying to create something. That’s what I think about when I’m making a meal and creating I’m involved with it, there’s, there’s an intent, there’s love going into it. There’s who it’s going to serve as all the things. And in the creation process. I find myself in a state of flow. So where do you find yourself in the state, so that you are connected. And this is like where you this is a place where you can find your joy and your kind of imminent fulfillment. of kind of like that’s the state of being that in my mind, you were sent here to be in the state of flow, the state of connectedness, this eternal state, where time dissolves and everything outside of, of you, dissolves. And like Master Oogway Kung Fu Panda, you find yourself in a state of inner peace. I’d love to hear back from you. Where your state of flow is how you find your state of flow? You know,

and maybe, you know, I’d love to hear back from you, if this has inspired you today to go find that you don’t need to be in it for a long period of time, you can find yourself in the state of flow for five or 10 minutes in a day. Then you will your your entire day will be shifted your physiology, your body chemistry, your paint your brain, everything’s going to be shifted as you enter this state and you’ll feel a wholeness and I want to hear whether or not you got into that stay. I want to hear within that as far as you to get into that. Or just even if you don’t have the time today, what is it that gets you that state

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