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What is going on? It is another Fourth of July, another BJJ, report, nother day where we will get the opportunity to celebrate our freedom. And I’m not sure that we do that as often as we could, as often as we should, but don’t be a shithead. As often as we could we take for granted. take for granted whoever we take for granted, what freedom means, and exactly what we are free from. And exactly what we can do with that freedom.

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generally consider freedom of movement, our largest freedom, we consider freedom of

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to say all this stupid shit we want to say. And the thing that I don’t know, that we consider as our greatest freedom is our freedom of thought, or three, freedom to express ourselves or freedom to participate in something larger than ourselves, our freedom to contribute to the the good. And I’m not sure that we recognize it, in a sense, and

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it’s easy to see. And just like every holiday. We think that it’s all commercialize, and there is a large portion of it. That has been commercialized. But I think that what we fail to recall is how we got here, how did we get this freedom that we have now? How do we get this freedom that we have now we got this freedom by way of our forefathers like it or not stupid shit that they did or not? Because they had a vision, because they had a passion that was ignited, they had a passion that was shared. They had a belief not only in what they could bring about, but what they could share what that what that looked like, hundreds of years out. What was it going to look like? And if they had not shared it at all, that they didn’t have this shared vision if they didn’t have this shared sense of purpose

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of being

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have the desire to contribute to the greater good of the whole. Then what would we have? Where would we be? Man instead of looking at the things that you don’t enjoy about the holiday, I saw somebody complaining about the Fourth of July today, talking about the celebration to the explosives and some other stuff and I get it. I get it. There’s some PTSD that can happen. There’s some other things that can happen and we all want to be seen. We all want to be heard. We all want our sensitivities to be recognized and seen. We want to be acknowledged. We do want to be acknowledged for the things that we’ve done, the way that we’ve contributed to everything. But I also believe that takes away from the celebration, do you that freedom that you’ve got to make that request comes by way Have people that were willing to sacrifice their lives give up their way of being hundreds of years ago, hundreds of years ago so that you could have this freedom of thought. The ability to express that freedom with thought by freedom of speech. You also have the ability again, to contribute to something larger than yourself just like these people did. When you find an injustice, when you find a cause that you can advocate for you know that through spiritual audio and then spiritual dope, I believe we can advocate for some awesome mental health. And I love I love the I love the change the we’re a part

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of it right

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now we’re in the midst of such a an amazing piece of revolutionary times ourselves. And it’s, it’s interesting to to be a part of that. For anybody that came through the industrial age, that was a revolution, not sure what they’ll name this revolution. But we’re seeing we’re seeing an explosion of, of self of repressed self expression, for fear of who you been waiting to be. Or at least trying to be and wanting to be. We get to see that everywhere with the, with the transgender with no pride. It’s just amazing to me. That was like 3040 years ago, you had to come out of the closet, you had to hide who you were, at least even in sense of your sexual preference. Even just a sexual exploration. Yet the high that there was fear there. Now, we just finished up Pride Month, got a whole month, dedicated to it. How’s that not a revolution. It’s a revolution of itself, even in the sense of the word, revolve circle, come around. It’s absolutely a revolution. revolution

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people not going back to work, even though there are jobs for them to have and do. Because they value their minds. And their sense of well being in a holistic sense of the word. More than $12 an hour. They, it’s a revolution. It’s nothing short of being able to participate in that is amazing. And again, that’s what we’re celebrating today. The American Revolution,

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we were first afforded this where people stood up for this where people helped to make this happen. iterations, increments. revolutions are not something that is easily visible at the time in the midst of it. And usually, if you’re if you’re like, right now, if you’re in the midst of a revolution, you’re probably at the top of the wheel. What does that mean? means that when a wheel is in momentum, and there’s an imbalance on it, or a weight on it in a certain position, as it has come to the top as it is crested. It’s going to continue the other way, you know, for right now the revolution that waits on the top of the wheel and it’s just spinning around right now. Or as other people it’s called the flywheel. And since I don’t know what the flywheel is, suffice to say that you are in the part of revolution, and today Fourth of July, is a celebration of that celebration of the revolution that came before celebration of the freedom of thought that’s been afforded because of it, the revolution that you’re in a part of, in the midst of now, all that came before it and all that are ahead of it. A revolution isn’t a singular instance. You’re in a car and I’m in a car right now, rpm, revolutions per minute. That’s a circular motion, how many times does it go round until it gets you to where you want it to get you to? So 400 years ago, give or take? You know, we had we had a revolution that gave us gave us this, this possibility gave us this moment. And I think the inspiration, the celebration shouldn’t be an inspiration to you. The shows that should a group of people come together to contribute to a greater whole, for a better future of all of mankind, womankind, humankind, for all for the contribution to the greater good. Then exactly where it is. If there’s not something else to celebrate, I don’t know what it is. They gave themselves they gave their passions, they gave their creative abilities. They gave everything that they had. They left it all on the line. And my buddy Dave, love it, when he talks about he wants nothing left. Nothing left on the nothing left on the tires, nothing left. When it’s all said and done. Complete disintegration into the end, I want to be all juiced up, nothing left. Giving everything that I am, who I am to this life, the way that I believe our forefathers did.

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The way that

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many, many others came before us. And I think the revolution is synonymous and a part of evolution. And as we again, just take a look at the celebration on the Fourth of July, what is your evolution look like? What is your revolution look like? What is it look like for you to be able to express your thoughts, your freedom to think if Free to Choose your freedom of choice, to accept or disagree with that line of thinking with with the way that anybody thinks has been afforded by those that came before you. And the establishment of this nation. That’s was my interpretation and the original intent. And I think that it’s worth pondering. So that is it for me today. As we take off and we just celebrate even if it’s just one day out of the year when we can celebrate this freedom of thoughts, freedom of choice, freedom from thought, in every day of the year, but at the very least take today to think about it to consider it wonder what it might be like if you it if if somebody was trying to take that away from you, somebody was always telling you how you needed to think if you were decapitated, because of the way that you think and your your ideas, where would you be? What kind of life would that be?

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