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What is a morning that has a few of the things that you’re looking for

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when I do my visualization practice, which is typically done first thing in the morning, as part of the daily routine, each is waking up visualization for about five minutes meditation, pretend to Forney, breathwork, for 10 to 20. Write out some gratitude and speak some gratitude, has some has some peace, have some quiet and maybe read something or listen to some sense that is kind of timeless stoicism, Bible gron anyone to think that this Buddhist sutras, mantras, whatever it is, whatever it is, you’re, you’re into. And individualization. Practice typically has some background noise going on to set the mood, as it were, or to be a part of the scenery that is individualization. What’s that look like? Was that palling. So there are some of them that are thunderstorms, they’re birds,

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there’s ocean, for scenery, and a walking scenery. Driving monks chanting, and one of my favorites is just simple rain. And in the app that I use, it’s called noise maker.

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You can set it so that it has different it moves around a little bit. So it’s got equalizer settings, and it switches those up and around as determined to what setting up of course, the one that I always pick is called Sam setting. I don’t know what that is. But, hey, I don’t know how to know I guess exactly what it is to know that it works. And it works for me. Anyways, waking up this morning. That’s that’s part of part of what showed up in my morning. For a moment, I felt such gratitude as I was headed into work, it’s actually raining the car. I don’t know why. I love the sound of the windshield wipers going back and forth rain in the car, other noises around you cars passing for for me, there’s there’s something in that. And I always imagined that maybe on my way out to go participate in a talk or give a talk. Always over maybe I’m on the way home from one of those or maybe the kids and I are on the way home from something they love to do. Or maybe Meg and I on the way home from a date. Those are the kinds of things in the scenes that I think of when I’ve got my creative visualization going on. And I’ve got the rainbow. So it really sets the mood for me.

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And I just really enjoy it. And so welcome to that this morning. And this other piece is a

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little more law of attraction ish, but also just kind of a way to see the world what kind of lens and filter can you see when you apply it like this. And this is a funny because a friend of mine wrote this note, and it’s something that I’ve done as well. And the idea of this chain grocery store chain named outies, which is the same company that owns Trader Joe’s if you didn’t know that. And when you go to this grocery store, all the carts are lined up, always, almost always the carts are all lined up. And what you’ll find is that when you go to grab a cart, you’re going to need a quarter because they they lock to each other by way of quarter. Well once they put out this locking mechanism, so what you need is a quarter to go put it into the locking mechanism so that you can free your cart and use it in the store. Otherwise you have to try and walk around with there’s no baskets and stuff. And so you get your cart and that’s great. And you all around and then you know In order to get your quarterback weighed out versus stored, you have to take it back and put it in line. And, or, you know, an easy thing that you could do is no that man, not everybody’s got a quarter when they come up there and Lord knows if you’ve ever gotten there and you didn’t have a quarter, you’re like,

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Oh my god, I don’t have a quarter that sucks. I try to get all the groceries that you can,

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that you said you were going to get. And then not only do you not get a cart ever eat, once you get your groceries, you have to lift them back out of the cart, they scan them into, and then you have to bag them yourself off to the side. So not having a cart can be a real pain, yes, if you needed it that time. One of the reasons why I try and travel around the car supporters. Now that being said, there’s been several times that I’ve gone there and found quarters, laying around five quarters sound cards. And the one thing I was like to say is like, this is kind of a small opportunity for you to test out a couple things, to see if they work. One of the things to see if they work is the you know, what you’ve give returns to you, right University, the force multiplier, and what you give tends to come back to you, and most often times in greater amounts than what you send out. I think it should be what you give freely for sure. Right? What you give freely without expectation, and acceptance of a pleasant surprise, if it comes back in a way that you could certainly lie to peers about I’m just saying all this. To say that that’s kind of how spirituality works in a way, right? I mean, it’s not necessarily completely linked to money in things and trinsic Lee, when we give out love, chances are, if you’re giving it out, and there’s no expectation to get it back, you’ll get it back in spades. And so it is and so it is with this quarter, at alldis, where you can go in there, leave a car behind, right leave a car behind menu and just be like, do try to be the one that remembers the quarters, right? Maybe this is like maybe maybe you’re not rich, maybe you don’t have a lot to get. But I can guarantee you can always give a quarter as an opportunity to give somebody something that saves on exponential in lifetime frustration for 25 cents. And ever since I’ve done this, where I’ve left a quarter behind. I’ve always been kind of like rewarded, like I’ll come back to the car and there’s a quarter like there the ground by my feet. I’ve gone in and found dollar bills sitting around every time it is and just in that parking lot at the Audi’s where I have left the quarter behind. And to me, this is kind of again this this is not to say you know what you give kind of freely comes back to you plate and just such a small way that if it works for a quarter, what else does it work for? How do you start to level that up? What do you what do you ratchet that up to maybe you can give a few bucks to your local charity. And see things start to open up for you. Maybe you start to give to a charity 1020 bucks here and there. Or even one of the things that I found that is pretty it’s pretty cool is to tip more than like you would normally set more than you would normally if you did it for a whole year. It would be less than 1000 bucks most likely, right? So it doesn’t mean you know if you get it to tip more than you normally work, whatever that means to you. I come from a restaurant industry so I know that I know that if I get 20% kind of 15% like okay I guess I sucked, right, which is how good 20 percents like yay. And above 20%, it’s like, it’s like, man, thank you.

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That was awesome. Like, I remember, now I remember this person, I remember their face, I remember, I just, I, I’m touched by their generosity, touch by their generosity. Knowing that chances are, whatever I did wasn’t mean may not have been worth over that point percent.

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And so I’ve definitely taken into, you know, going anywhere from 30 40% tips lately, for more often than not, not every time. But there’s a, it just made me feel good to be able to do that to leave something greater than 15 20%. And knowing how it made me feel, and hopefully that person too, is, is there days made, maybe, maybe now they can get a few extra things they wanted to get. Maybe they don’t have to take the next table so they can go home to their kids, any any of that stuff. Honestly, it’s just like,

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these are a couple of small things where you can make a massive difference in somebody’s life. And it doesn’t even need to be that hard. It doesn’t even need to be that hard. And here’s the beauty of it is I promise you like something else is gonna show up in your life that someone’s exactly like,

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what you gave out in time. Right What you gave out, like, in a time meeting, if you gave it with love and gave it with Derek and gave it without, like this massive attachment opens up this kind of

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free flowing current as we’re looking at currency, that opens up this free flowing cart, if you’re willing to let it travel through you, then

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then it’s a good chance of it continuing to flow through you to dam it up, stagnant. And then there’s, if you’re not familiar with aquaculture, and you’re not familiar with how some bodies of water will just dam up or dam up and create some type of septic now, it just won’t be nice. Right? It’ll be swamp like it’ll be nasty smell. And that’s kind of how how looking good. Like and it was become infectious in that way. And just any kind of goodwill can become that way. Maybe your significant others giving kindness that you want, right? And it’s almost like a form of jealousy and desperation to hold on to that or keep it from, from anybody else seeing. But the whole idea again, goes goes to Audi’s and my buddy, I know he mentioned it too easy, super easy way to pay it forward. I’m taking us to the next level to say now he can pay it forward. Do it in kindness. Do it with without expectation of anything in return. However, you’ll always be open to it returning in a way that you don’t really expect that then when you see it you know for certain that it came from that seed that you planted in the universe. Keep an eye out for it. super curious how that resonates with you do have a story that similar you’ve given out something huge, and all of a sudden got something in return. Just simply by your own giving nature. Let me know Brandon at spiritual dope, calm love to hear from you.

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