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What is going on? spiritual dope? How are you? You’re not a spiritual dope, you’re about to get some spiritual dope. Hey so just checking things out seeing how you are today and I figured I’d share a little bit on the initiate it and kind of the initiation process and what that looks like so you know, where I sit, there’s a number of people that I’ve spoken with over over the years. And it seems that for them, life seems to peak out around 30 Hold on, quote unquote, fun is gone for these people, and they are no more parties, no more going out getting wasted and just galavan saying with no worries, and and, you know, they believe they found themselves now in their 30s in a place that they feel like they’re, they’re stuck for life. This is where they kind of land when they’re 30. It’s kind of where they’re routed. Right? This is where they stay for ever. And this reminds me about the baby elephant at a circus. If you’ve ever seen an elephant at a circus, you’ll see that there’s a stake in the ground. And there’s a tiny rope that’s attached to this elephant’s foot. The thing is, is that elephant could very easily just lift his leg breakaway and walk off on his own. But he doesn’t. Do you know why. The reason that the elephant doesn’t just lift up his leg and doesn’t just break away is simply because that’s how he grew up. The elephant grows up when they’re tiny, they stick them to the stake and they stick this string this rope on their leg and they can’t when they’re young age, they cannot, they are not able to move their leg off of that steak no matter how hard they try. The thing is, is that after a certain period of time, they stop trying, they stop trying to move their their leg, they stopped trying to escape because they tried so many times before. They just know it’s not possible for them. And now I know that I recognize this in my own life. I was able, I wasn’t able to identify it right away. Now. I mean, look, it took me a long time to actually identify this, I was about 38. And there was a certain panic. In my life, the panic was this feeling of knowing that there was something more to life, but I was tethered, just like this elephant to a stake. And, and since uh, since I’m human, I realized that I realized that I had been tethered and I was Unlike the panic was I’m stuck, I’m stuck. Oh my gosh, I gotta get out of this right away. All right. And I was looking for a quick way out of this. And meds, right. I was like I was looking for I was looking for a fix to one solution and a feeling maybe. Right. And I thought that that that my problem, my primary problem that if I just fix this one problem, I’d be able to do whatever I want, right, that was the silver bullet. And you know, at that time, I thought my It was my inability to focus. So, you know, the magic bullet. I took it, and it gave me a new issue for right. Instead of instead of correcting the issue that I had, it created a new issue, which was to hyper focus on all the trivial things in my life and complain about them. I was really Weird and it just it and, and going through the site is critical of mag, my wife critical of my children, I was focusing on things that just didn’t matter. And it almost cost me everything almost cost me my marriage time with my children. And even if even if Meg had accepted me because you know, she’s the one who’s really taught me throughout my life, how to accept people as they are and love them unconditionally. You know, I feel like that that may have happened. It would be miserable for everybody. If you misery for everyone involved. This had to stop. I had to change. I had to change my plan. They was how I was going to do this. I’d recognize that I hadn’t ever really participated in my own life.

I’d never gotten clear. I need to look back over my life. And it had been it had been a good life. And by some standards, some people might even say that it It had been a great life. As a matter of fact, I still recall somebody asked me, he says, says, Brandon, you know why? Why are you looking for more? You’ve got, you know, all these things. And I said, I said, I said, Man, look, let’s do this. I’ve gotten this far. And everything that I’ve gotten today, I haven’t even tried, right, I’m sure I’ve put in some effort, but wasn’t being clear. Was I being intentional? Was I driven by a purpose? Or was I just acting from a state of survival? And, you know, that’s, that’s how I’d recognized let’s see what happens if I initiate the change myself. What happens if I’ve looked for find and implement clarity within my own life, what would be possible then, what would be possible then? And listen, initially, once you once you recognize this, once you recognize it That, that these are some of the drivers that you if you put these into your life that there’s so much force behind them, you’ll find yourself going after that non stop. And that’s what I did I initiated absolutely Initially, I initiated I put the time in I began to read ravenously I hadn’t read for years and I picked up these these self development books, personal growth books, parenting books, I mean, look, I was doing a podcast on parenting and I had the feel Oh, so what can I share? What can I learn, implement and share? Alright, so I took classes online I’d taken you know, finance, I’d taken so many coaching classes. I’ve participated in coaching programs the I began to work out eat better change my habits took on one coach opened up which and that opened I opened up to my dreams, right. I took on a second coach that Coach, you know, as you kind of go on, you’re taking this coaching. What was funny, that coach literally, it was kind of an accent but so at the bottom of, of our agreement that I would double my income within a year, just about so every day a little bit of work every day putting pressure on myself, like a, like it was some kind of sprint. And I realized that I need to slow down or burnout right? I had to realize that this was a long game. And I paused for a second. And literally, I did I took some deep breaths. I took some more time for myself. And focus time right meditation and just just reading timeless, universal truths, you know, stoicism eaching, which is really the biggest two but you know, it’s been a lot of time reading those. And and within this space. Within this practice was something that I had not expected to happen. This was the exact process of initiation right at forged a new key as it were, if you’ve ever heard the saying that old keys don’t open new doors, I forged a new key and a new door become exposed at the time and it showed me you know, expose possibilities of who I was. And Unlimited, creative, caring, loving child of the universe, right? And and this was something that I was already aware. It’s once you it’s like you rediscover who you are recognized that I have to go through this process right I recognized that. I was already merged with source I’ve recognized the line now of you’re a spiritual being having a physical experience that opened up to the universe and ever since then, I’ve recognized the source flowing through me right lifeforce, whatever you want to call it God, Jesus Buddha, well, you know, whatever it is divinity, Grace, the strengthening of the Divine strength. And I began to recognize myself as a conduit for the divine for the divine energy that creates worlds that flows through me.

And now, you know, I’m openly sharing some of this stuff, because even now even more is flowing through me. Because, you know, that first flow to recognize when you recognize it, right, it’s a trickle. And it’s almost scary. You’re like, what is this and should I share this as you kind of have no choice but to share it in a way that you’re sharing it all the time anyways, is it’s when you recognize it. And then you’re giving it away even more than them even more is gonna flow through you. If that makes sense. I mean, it’s kind of like the end. It’s, it’s it is love, right? It’s unconditional and you can never Never give too much and you’ll always be filled back up with it. But I’ve been hiding it right I’ve been, you know, I didn’t feel comfortable talking about it because I didn’t understand what it was. I didn’t understand what I was going through. But through all, you know, studies and listening, I mean, I can’t tell you the number of hours of audio listening to the dance of listening to other spiritual leaders, you know, and just some type of Christian charities. I’ve got the Skype bill, bill donohue, you know, hundreds of hours Vedanta Society of New York, hundreds of hours and really exploring, reading hundreds of I mean, just nonstop kind of really seeking and reading so that I could understand what it was that I had within me that I was trying to get at Right. So how do I how do I return this right return, literally return this and turn it out. And, and I did that through fatherhood for the rest of us podcasts. I did that through partially through the prosperity practice, and but it was still veiled. And it wasn’t until recently when I came across a couple of people that were already doing it, who were already leading from a place of spirituality. And I realized there was no sense that I wasn’t able to do this, right. There was no sense that I wasn’t going to be able to come out here and stop kind of shade my own life, right. And I was going to be able to interview these people sign a light on what they’re doing, how they’re how they found their spirituality and how they’re leading with their spiritual self. And it’s also that you so that can teach you and show you to do the same thing for yourself, right? The story is to help you reflect who you really are. Right. And the question that I’ve got for you at the end of this here is, are you ready to initiate life for yourself? Are you ready to cross that threshold of humanity? And are you looking for a sign? Are you looking for a sign? Are you waiting for a signal right to accept your own divinity? Well, I think this is it. If you stayed on to the end here, this is the call. Step into your greatness accepted. You are the Savior. In this instance, you’re your own Savior, no one, no one else can initiate this for you. You’ve got to be the one who initiates it. And then, you know, begin the process if you’re looking for help. If you’re you know, if you’re looking for the next phase in that, reach out to me, Brandon at spiritual dope, CO, or find me over on Facebook or Instagram at spiritual dope, and let’s have the conversation right? I mean, if you just know looking to get your story out there You’re just looking to understand what some of the next steps are for you, or even just for me fuel for the fire out, I texted someone the other day the fuel for the fire for some of this is just being able to share how you feel and be accepted for who you are because you are an amazing person. You’ve got an amazing story, you’ve got something incredibly creative within you that’s quite literally dying to get out. And it’s my hope to help you live to get that out right. Live by getting that out. So that’s it guys. Hope you’ve enjoyed this one. This one is really, really about the you know, initiating, right taking taking the initiation and being initiated. I know it’s a kind of a play on words, but I want I really want you to take that to heart

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