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Good morning Good day whenever I find you this way Hey man so what’s going on this morning happy when it’s my morning your whenever hope that is a great whenever that you happen to be having got some good podcasts coming up for you this weekend got Debbie more range She is an author she is she has this a special specific modality that she teaches. And I think that that’s what’s beautiful about the world these days, there’s so much that that’s opening up where people find a way that has worked for them. And it’s been an I think the word is amalgam when you know, it’s a mixture of different methodologies combined into a singular one that has proven beneficial for that person. And typically, they’re also able to recreate that for someone like yourself. So I encourage you to check that out this weekend. I think that you’ll enjoy the conversation with Debbie and hopefully you’ve been enjoying the conversations that come through time after time. Dude, are you don’t you go?

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What are you people doing?

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Your kindness is slowing everything down. Okay.

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the I was just I was just reminded, I heard a trigger word ice cream. And how you know, when when you want something, and you don’t have it, there is there’s suffering. And it was listening to was listening to my man Swami Ji, Swami servie, or SAR via Priya Nanda. I can say it I know I can’t, I can’t, I don’t have it in front of me. Anyways, Swami Ji is he’s given this, he’s given this talk. And he’s talking about the whole idea of you to want his suffering. And there’s two ways that you can go about eliminating that particular suffering. And it goes a little bit like this, it’s like if you, if you if you want the ice cream, you have to, you have to figure out how to go get it, right, maybe you don’t have any ice cream at home. So now you need to figure out if you’ve got the money for it. And then you need to either have it delivered. We live in such a society now that first thing we think of is should I just have this delivered rather than leave the house Personally, I would. I’m an adventure. So I like to leave the house to go do things see people experience the experience, whatever that is. And then you have to wait line, you have to decide which particular ice cream you want. And then you get the ice cream. And then once you have the ice cream, the desire to have the ice cream

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has ceased.

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And thus, your suffering for the desire of the ice cream has come to an end. Something that Swami shares out is the the other way to eliminate the desire for suffering, or is to simply eliminate that desire for the ice cream, there’s a need to have it because once you have made the decision that you desire that ice cream and you make that desire so strong, so powerful. So must that want becomes almost a need that’s driving me the only thing that’s filling your mind and it won’t go away until you’ve had it. So that suffering lasts for an extended period of time until you get the ice cream now the other the other option is to simply not desire the ice cream. Once you realize that you’ve got that desire and it’s beginning to drive you you can remind yourself that that is suffering you are in the midst of suffering that that desire and that that momentary need that’s filling you to have that ice cream. is what’s causing you the pain and the suffering? So Your other option is just to say, you know what, I actually, I don’t need it. Right, that is a way to end the suffering. And I think that there’s a lot of things that we have in our lives that we want to look at. So nobody’s saying don’t want and don’t desire, but realize that that is where the greater portion of your suffering is coming from. And realize that it is your desire for that end state, as the only thing in mind that creates the suffering. And a couple it with the trust the process piece, I know that Megan, I get fun little conversations about this one, she’s like, I hate it when people say trust the process,

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And the thing is, is that trust the process, because it works. And what does that mean? explicitly? It means that if you focus on the pieces that take you to the end goal, the individual parts that make up the hole, and you’re there now be here now be present, then that’s the process, what are the pieces that you believe you need in order to get to your destination, and then the put everything, put all of your energy into those moments. And then the process gets you there, wherever your angle is, almost as a byproduct of just focusing on the process, so the destination, so almost a given should you decide that you’re going to put put the time into whatever that process is. And then the final key part of all that is that

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just maybe you don’t get to that specific and destination, perhaps a scenario is that you’ve got a sales presentation and you know, that you are presenting versus some other customers or some other competitors. And all you can do is do everything you know how to prepare for the event. Do the research, do your best to understand the customer. put everything together as best as you can. And at that time. And present. And as long as you put everything that you had into it, that’s the time that you knew how then there’s a good reason to feel good about what you’ve done. And the other person that really brings this brings us one home is john wooden. Who if you’re not familiar with him, super famous basketball coach, who would constantly say, you know, the only person who knows whether when the scoreboard tells one story, right? But the idea is that if you’ve gone out there and you’ve given it your best, and in that situation, you know you’ve won, it’s about giving it your best, and being honest with yourself and investing in the process, investing in the small pieces again, that make up the hole and you’re going to be able to feel good, you should feel great about what it is that you’re doing. And again, this is also just Is that what you want to be doing, you know is is your end are the is the process to a desired end state that is truly desired. And can you align that to your purpose and value so I put a lot into that one for you. But the the initial piece is you can end suffering anytime you’d like most of times if you just realize that It’s something that you want. And it’s something that you may or may not need. And if it’s something that you don’t absolutely need, you could just think to yourself, you know what, I can eliminate this suffering right now. And I didn’t want that I wanted something else, or I want something else, instead of that, something else is more important than that. And the other piece of this was the idea of wanting something so bad, but then all you want is that end goal, like I want a million dollars of I don’t have a right now I’m gonna be miserable for life. So it’s very rare that you get a million dollars with the drop of a hat. So there’s a process that’s involved. There are many, many endless examples of that. And you could follow one and put that into, put that into action in your own life. And follow that process until you find that process is not working for you, and you can switch the processes fine. The thing is, be be there in the moment in the process that you are creating. And do that as best as you can in alignment with purpose and values. And to me, that’s sufferings gone then, right? If you look at all those pieces, take all those pieces, he put them together, where is the suffering, the suffering is generally it’s in your mind. And if it’s in your mind, and your mind is within your control, by focusing on the process, and the idea that something is a want versus a need, then should be pretty good about ending suffering. So there you go. There you have it. I have ended your suffering for life. You are welcome to this weekend for Debbie, and have a great time. Thanks for tuning in. And if you’re enjoying this podcast, please share this particular one with a friend and say hey, I have a way for you to end suffering. And here it is. You are welcome. Happy Holidays, enjoy your summer all that jazz. Or you could also go to iTunes. Give me 20 thumbs up five stars and just say hey, you’ve really enjoyed this podcast and there is actually a way to end suffering. Find out

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