When you think of what is impossible for you… what do you see?

I often wonder if you were to look back and have a conversation with your younger self… would you believe that where you are now to be possible then?

Shit, I know I wouldn’t… I have more things, make more money, have a great wife, happy, healthy awesome children, and I have met some amazing people… interviewed authors, video producers… I work in an industry that I would have only dreamt about… all done by a high school drop out… the path I have taken is certainly uncommon.

But all that I have learned along the way applies anywhere… very how you say… Good Will Hunting… stacks of books and continued education… then application of what I have learned… and I will be frightfully honest… this shit is not linear…. you CAN NOT look at my results and point to anything other than, my willingness to take action on thoughts and ideas and surround myself with people who challenge me, push me & accept me as I am… unconditionally.

What does your support system look like?

What looks impossible for you today?

Take inspired steps, follow your bliss as it were, be intentional, and before you know it, YOU WILL be living the impossibility.

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