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We live or is it memorized? gonna apologize ahead of time. If the sound is up to its usual standards, not up to teasle standards. That’s because we are leaving. We’re leaving Brazilian jujitsu. This is the BJJ report it I didn’t didn’t make it in last week for for any number of reasons. One was what was the reason? What were some of the some of the reasons some of the things I said to myself, I mean I could have come Wednesday morning I just didn’t. And then I’ve gotten my second COVID shot on Wednesday. And I was recovering from that I don’t think I was too sick but I also didn’t want to I didn’t want to wake up or stress myself out to get into it. And then what happened Saturday that I just again, could have made it

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just made the decision to do a couple of things instead that was to run around the family and just kind of enjoy the day we did a lot of we did a lot of running around to check out

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houses it’s not the impossible houses to drive around the area went to a farmers market so I grabbed some veggie plants for Mugu. I’m calling it my gorilla garden you know we live in we live in a townhome now is a Jo A’s and you can’t just can’t just go thrown up kids goes off a garden anywhere you want. And so got all kinds of plans got that put together. And then also we have a restaurant stores not too far away and one hit that up because somebody’s given us a pizza oven to to check out gasps our pizza oven. And we’re really excited to give that a shot. So the best flower to use didn’t know this was going to be a cooking show. Did you see that flower to use when you’re making peace with those is this high gluten flour. Do that instead of trying to add sugar to make it a little bit easier to use the ETS really enjoy that gluten. And that’s usually why people put all extra sugar into their flour while they’re making pizza, those so these can just go haywire. However, the gluten extra glutens make it a little bit a little bit to hear a little bit puffier a little bit nicer. So I had to go do that, didn’t I and you know, got all kinds of extra goodies from the restaurant supply store system. system was fun to to hit one of those. If you’ve got one nearby and you enjoy cooking, and you haven’t done it yet, I can’t. I can’t recommend it enough. It’s like being a kid and the playground. So what did we take away from BJJ today BJJ today was they call nogi. What that means is that typically, you know, typically when I go to Brazilian jujitsu, there’s this uniform, there’s these, these these leggings and then there’s this, there’s this really kind of coarse and heavy top kimono, like maybe just now that you put on and about. And this gives you something to grab on to this gives you some type of sometimes even defense because as somebody who’s going to choke you or do something else sometimes sometimes it’s just enough of that ghee in there to let you survive. Also when when somebody else’s when he gives you something to pull on to choke, gives you something to hold on to to get grips to keep them pull close to you. So you can direct them you can grab their collars, you can grab their sleeves, you’re able to grab the cloth at their at their knees and kind of pull down and there’s a lot of a lot of ways that you are able to control or be controlled via the GI also with the GI like I talked about all that extra space and that can prevent someone from getting a move like we learned today or protecting actors in those which is called Today we’ve practiced companies called Anaconda which is a has an arm choke. And only one called the doors to my arch nemesis, the doors, which is another head and arm show. And, for me, my arms are the normal size. But it makes it a challenge to get these moves to to execute these moves when everybody’s in a GI, so if you’re wearing a GI outerwear and a GI swooping to give you that darce get your hands on so it’s hard for me to as presented Anyways, I’m sure there’s plenty of techniques, I’m sure there’s money was made edit. But it’s hard for me as I know it today. To execute if everybody’s wanting to geek, my jammies, there’s just a little bit of fabric wrapped around, but it’s not super tight. It’s not like it’s not like thinking of whatever they wear, when they’re fencing, it’s always this big, puffy, quilted thing. But it does make it a challenge. They call it they call Brazilian Jiu Jitsu,

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it’s like a game of inches. And it really is. So when I go when I go to hit my gonna hit that doors when I go to hit that Anaconda. And there’s a there’s an extra half inch to an inch of fabric all scrunched up between the two of us. I’m hard pressed, real hard press to hit that real hard pressed to hit that. So there’s a thought for me as I was loading into the car to head home today is to this if you just remove the smallest of your obstacles and anything the smallest of obstacles, as this is spirituality. Based in this podcast? What’s the smallest obstacle that you can remove between yourself? And we’ll call it God the universe spirituality? What is what is the what is the smallest thing you can remove? To get you closer to that what is what is the one what are the tiny pieces that are keeping you from executing, stepping closest to what you want to move closest to. And, again, game of inches, I still recall my first Brazilian Jiu Jitsu match the tournament where the guy literally got me down and wasn’t in the best defensive position. But he wrapped up my wrapped up my hips and slowly like inched up my body and pulled me into position had me in a padded ear basically flattened out on the ground. And all you do is like lift up my head just ever so slightly. So he could flip his arm underneath my neck to choke me. And these are small pieces that I’ll never forget, because of just what we’re talking about these these these inches, these small spaces, the small things that allow us to execute. I say allows to execute. And the reason I say that versus could have been the smaller pieces that allowed me to defend and stay where I was. The idea is that we spend a lot of our times defending where we are today. So that we can stay where we are today or defending what we have today, so that we don’t lose what we already find to be so valuable, or at least defending what we already have. And oftentimes, we’ve only really, really like once you’ve got that much you just you’re just afraid of the alternative. And that alternative could be in your mind, death and destitution whereas the alternative could really be what’s right in front of you, what do you what do you what do you really want and you don’t go after what you really want because you’ve got this thing that you barely even want. You’ve got this other thing that you’re afraid to let go of, against the smallest thing that you can let go of that allow you to get to where you want to be is kind of the idea of today. So what is what is your game adventures? Where Where do you want to see yourself that? If it is spirituality? What is it that you could be doing? What could you let go of? What thought? What belief? What thing? What action could you let go of so that you could be closer to God be closer to Universal source energy is, I guess another way to another way to term it. And I term it that way, simply because that’s been my experience, my experience has been if I let go of everything, if I let go of something as simple as breathing to my chest, versus breathing to my gut and belly, I can feel a difference in the energy sources that surges through me, I know that sounds a little goofy.

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But it’s so true to release, the tension in my upper body allows me to relax more and feel more at ease. And more and more at ease in life, then I’m more likely to feel the source that is always flowing through me always available, always that will always, always there to flow through me, naturally, and it’s not forced. Right. So again, just letting go of some small things, other small things that I’ve noticed that if I let go of them, again, I’m more relaxed, I’m closer to feeling a source and being at ease at peace. Something as easy as when I’m reading a book or reading a book. My fingers are pressed up so hard against the pages sometimes. And I think to myself, like, wow, do I really need this much pressure on these book pages to keep them from trying, right, probably something in the subconscious of the child that says, hey, you got to don’t let that page turn right does is like there’s a stress, keep it on that or a did a great job on that page, shut that. Again, small things that are going to allow you to get to where you want to be. By simply by removing all the things that you’re already doing anyways, that’s kind of the thought BJJ reports this morning. As soon as I open up the door, and I thought I thought about the idea and communicate it to you hopefully, you’re having a great day. Hopefully, you’re getting something out of these. What is it again that that maybe you can let go of gets you closer to your own spirituality, your own sense of being your own kind of at ease.

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