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What is going on a BB, that’s me backing up, backing up into your life. So just checking in on you guys, then a minute, for a lot of things, and one of those things that has been a minute for my life is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu a little over a year, give or take some true practice in it. And when, when I was doing my podcast fatherhood for the rest of us, that’s when I started, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. And he used to do a thing called this thing called the BJJ report, right? Because I come out of there come out of it, too, so pumped up and energized, really, really using my body. And, you know, connecting connecting with myself. In the divine mindset, divine framework that I have set up. A big part of how that originated in generated was through BJJ. And the idea is, when you’re kind of in the state of flow, which I talked about this numinous feeling, which is when you are in a state of flow, there’s this sense of time slowing down the sense of you being immersed. And all this surrounds you. And the, the idea of of newness is being a part of, of the all being a part of everything, as moving as one. And this is something that spills into again, this is something that’s in BJJ. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for me. Of course, a big part of is when you first start off here, you’re doing nothing but struggling for survival. You are, You are just a white belt, you are just beginning your journey. And come hell or high water was choking you out in the morning, right? No one, so can you out or however repeatedly? You are, you’re getting choked out, you’re getting put in armbars. You are You, you don’t know what you don’t know. And so you repeatedly put yourself into bad situations that are going to cause you to lose your rate of survivability is, is that a thing? Your rate of survivability goes down. And this applies everywhere. If you think about it, it applies everywhere. And until you enter and or have seen several of these moves. Many, many times. And you have experienced though, you will continue to flail, and you will continue to ride the edge of surviving. And that happens to us in all facets in all areas of life. And it’s not until you take the knowledge of what you’re being taught. And you apply it to where you are. And it’s got to go further than that. It works. You take the knowledge, you see it in action, you know how it’s supposed to work. You can tell somebody about it all day long. tell somebody about it all day long. So you can show people how to do it right. But the question is, Can you do it? Can you apply? And it’s when it’s when you apply it and then you see it working? And then there’s that that jolt of like there’s that you rica moment

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where it’s like wow, it’s actually coming together and There’s, there’s a, just the just these kind of grand epiphany is right. And the other 50 has a pineal gland. And just kind of like basically the the lightning rod getting hit. And I share all this because it’s been a while, since I’ve done some singles It’s been a while since I’ve felt the kind of motion and or emotion and or just something circulating percolating that I felt it was worthwhile sharing. And so the, the BJJ report, that’s how that’s what this is. And that’s just a part of my journey in the spiritual space too, because it was because of, and is because of BJJ, that I just started seeing all this stuff come together, and it made so much sense. The idea again, it’s not just the knowledge, the application of the knowledge, and then just general awareness. Going back to you don’t know what you don’t know. Well, how are you supposed to figure anything out, if you’re not aware of what the things are? new job, children, just life in general, the first time that you do a lot of anything, you’re gonna it’s gonna suck, it’s gonna it’s not going to be done to this high level of aptitude. They, what do they call it, like, the young, confident, incompetent, unconsciously, competent, unconsciously competent, and, you know, whatever competent does this kind of four levels. Were, even if you did it right on the first time, you’re not sure how you did it. It’s when you start repeatedly. Being aware of your situation, having had the experience of what those opportunities are, and the beauty of BJJ. And life really is that when you don’t hit the move, when you don’t defend against the choke, or yarn bar or the submission, and you get submitted, doesn’t matter. Doesn’t matter, you can contract you can congratulate the person next to you and

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you can get better. It’s not about stopping when you become defeated. In that situation. It’s about moving moving on moving forward, having that forward progress and having the spirit

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and the will to want to improve yourself, for yourself. And your your own well being and tying that all together, right by mine is spirit. I don’t know that there are, you know what, there are plenty of places to tie that all in together. Where I see it and learn from it the most currently is to be BJJ. However, you know if you can figure out that, at least the ways to get your, your mind and your spirit together at least you’ve got two out of three, but a lot of people can’t. There we go. A lot of people of course, always talk about the three legged stool, you need that third leg. So that’s the I’ve been missing kind of the third life because there’s not a whole lot of other exercise. For me. That works in the same capacity. Now you can be doing yoga, that can be your thing. Nothing wrong with that you can be doing bike riding your your triathlon, and you’re, you’re getting your steps in. But for me, this is one of the places where I can have the opportunity to have body mind spirit all tied in together as one, sharing the journey with you as we continue that that’s my spiritual dope. That’s one of my hits. Of course, you know, other hits include on the way home, see the family, getting getting the family time in and seeing everybody beyond beyond survival, right seeing everybody having survived through through this pandemic. And now coming out of it. There’s still plenty of places and you know that are not in an also spot but seen as Everybody comes out of it does this renewed there’s a, there’s a revitalization there’s a revitalization for for people seeing each other again, being able to see each other again. And, and evil. To live again. And I’m not saying that again, I’m not saying that we weren’t living in this past year, I’m not saying that you can’t live in any other way. You know, without people like, again, we were very fortunate, nobody got sick, and we were able to live, live in live in a pretty awesome way. That being said, seeing people out in public, and seeing people doing some type of normal normalcy. It’s this revitalization. And so coming out of, I guess, the darkness, we’ll call it, we get to experience and there’s a renewed appreciation for some of the things that we once took for granted. And so it’s my hope for you that you’re recognizing something similar like that in your life, and that you won’t take the, the these moments that you’re given for granted, right really relish these moments. I mean, there’s people out there that lost people, to COVID. And so they don’t get to experience those moments again. But going forward, they will really appreciate the time they get to spend with their loved ones more. And being able to be with with their friends, again, being able to experience some of those moments. For so long, kind of held us hostage, either physically or mentally, in a scarce scarcity mindset, a fear mindset. So if you made it, you made it through there, you know, recognize that you’ve been given the opportunity to continue to

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enjoy it and have a great life. And hold on to it for a moment enjoy. What is it? What is this going to bring to you in these offices,

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all of this is just kind of brought to you by being able for me to be able to get back into optimization just to take a moment and put it all together, getting out of strictly survival mode. And being aware of this kind of what else is out there being aware of what else is available. And having some extreme gratitude for that. How grateful Am I that I get to have this experience and life experience? So hopefully for you, you’re enjoying yourself, you’re enjoying life you’re enjoying. Whatever it is your spiritual Zopa is the golf courses are open, spring is open. Your life could be taken off in wishing and with the best and enjoy your spiritual death today.

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