What are you communicating to the universe?
What are you communicating to the universe?
The Universe Conspires

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What is going on. Here we go. What’s going on doing this one through otter AI just to see if it transcribes while I talk, and just wanted to see how that turned out so what are we doing here today. Welcome to the podcast so glad you could join us here on spiritual dope. Today we’re gonna, I guess we’re just gonna try and go for a hit right you know spiritual get your head get those have kind of a spiritual uplifting as it were maybe it’s a download thing who knows how you’re gonna handle it but what I want to do today was say hey, it was decision time, right, you’ve done everything right. You play all the reindeer games. You went to the right schools. You listened to and followed all the rules that you still can’t seem to break through right you’re in the same place working your ass off for 40 to 60 hours a week, maybe you’ve been doing it for the past 1520 years. You work harder. Okay, sure, you were told to work harder you work smarter, okay I’m not really sure what smarter looks like but you’re still working. 40 to 60 hours a week and if you’re still working 40 to 60 hours a week. You’re still pretty much to me. Just working harder. Right. And then you’re like shit I’m still in the same place with the same people, somehow, even my problems are all the same, right. Well, here’s what I learned while I was reading the book, are you ready to succeed. I’ve read it several times, I recommend it to everybody I speak to. And one of the first things that, st, st Kumar hits on his mental

Unknown Speaker 1:52
models. Right.

Brandon Handley 1:55
We talked kind of like about your mental models that you had created for your entire life. You just, that’s how you end up with the same problems right the same way of thinking that got you here isn’t going to be the same type of thinking that gets you there, right, some of the some of the mental models I had were were stuff like. Be a man and you know take take it all and be a superhero and put it all on your own shoulders you never need hope suck it up right suck it up Buttercup, that kind of thing. And you know even, even as I was older, you know, working in some pretty, pretty cool awesome jobs actually surrounded by super smart people and this is I mean look you hear coming out my voice still like well I was like what was I doing surrounded by all these super smart people, you know, people with MBAs and great education is I was always terrified and stuff that they would figure. I said, What if they find out that I’m a high school dropout well they even listen to me then. And, you know, so how is this model serving me How is this way of thinking, serving me, how is this beneficial. Right. Does it feel like that for you. Sometimes I gotta ask, you know, does it feel like, you know, the models that you’ve been using for yourself. Have you standing in the same place using the hamster wheel stuck in the mud. You know, up against the same wall, day after day after day and nothing ever changes right. So, in this books. sukumar brings up the idea that he was taught by his own Indian mother, that this is a benevolent universe. And this universe is looking out for, for you. Right. It was looking out for him. And he disregarded her for years he would make fun of her he’d say stuff like, Well, why doesn’t a melon just pop up here for me you know and appear from the universe it’s benevolent universe and, you know, I think any, any good parent does you, you don’t really charge your child you just you just realize when someone your child’s not ready to accept that yet right they’re not they’re not ready to regard that idea, as, as true you know eventually though he had a shift in his own mind. And when he did and he applied this model to model of the universe being benevolent his own world began to change. And it’s kind of like at this point where it’s very similar to Alcoholics Anonymous right he recognized that he had a problem. He recognized that he had a poor mental model that was not empowering him. Right. And then he went ahead and he accepted that there was a power greater than himself. That was the universe that not only could it help. But, it, it also wanted his greatness, to come through as well right it was it was vulnerable, it was on his side. It was on his side. And I read this book it took me so long to get around to even reading it, but when I, when I read this. I began to apply it to my own life and I did it very very kind of lightly. You know, just kind of like happenstance is listening because once this stuff gets into your head and you accept any of it. And you just apply it right it’s not just it’s not just sounds like you can’t not apply it. Once you’ve read it. Right, so it’s almost like you’ve got a new. I would say that the, your mind is like Google, and whenever you read a book, or listen to a story. It goes into the subconscious that somehow right it goes into the recesses of your mind and it’s always going to be available so this idea to be was available to me. It was new, and it was a, you know, I had a mental model that I was now rebuilding. I was building this new mental model. And it was pretty neat right because now I’m seeing the universe in an entirely different manner. As a matter of fact, it was like I had a brand new friend. Everything I did, it was no longer just me. Who’s mean to you hear my, my best friend, the universe. Right. And I’d be gone too, as Alan Watts suggested to trust

Unknown Speaker 6:31
the universe

Brandon Handley 6:32
as another. And what happens when you trust the universe is not only just another. But the idea that it’s a benevolent universe and that the universe wants these good things to happen for you.

Unknown Speaker 6:46
So I

Brandon Handley 6:48
opened it up to the very simple possibility that it may actually be true, you know, just a super, it’s a possibility. Right. And I was able to face the universe and honestly a whole new way.

Unknown Speaker 7:07
I felt

Brandon Handley 7:08
in some ways that if you know sometimes like things don’t work out and you’re going through this process your new mental model right and and how do you look at it so now instead of saying, oh man this is shitty that didn’t turn out for me and that guy was an asshole and man he just didn’t get where I was coming from man. You know what I mean like instead of putting it, kind of out there in that way. I would I would really kind of address it and not even like an odd, you know we talked about being positive on this and positive on that. Well, I began to address it in such a way that I was like well maybe the universe knows something in that scenario that maybe my life would have turned out like shit if I think this way, you know full full on out, and I’m able to dismiss it, or, or I can just simply say hey maybe this didn’t turn out for XYZ, and instead of getting bummed out about it, look at it as an opportunity to improve myself so that the next time that shows up, you know look go back, take notes reflect here’s what went wrong. Here’s what went right capture that. And, you know, give myself the opportunity to to redress it should that particular situation ever show up again.

Unknown Speaker 8:17
And sometimes, you know,

Brandon Handley 8:19
stuff on the surface didn’t seem awesome again. On the surface, they don’t seem awesome. But in my mind as they will say we know what that’s, I’m so glad that this happened. You know the example I’m thinking of right now was you know I’d lost an amazing job or on the surface again looked like a great job. It wasn’t a bad job. But when that job was no longer there. So many other possibilities became open to me that I hadn’t been pursuing

Unknown Speaker 8:56
because I had the job.

Brandon Handley 8:58
Right, I had this kind of invisible tangible stuck to my leg, keeping me with with it within like a six square foot radius of, of all the things. Is it a square foot when it’s a circle,

Unknown Speaker 9:11
I don’t know,

Brandon Handley 9:14
but I wasn’t I wasn’t aware of these opportunities. Because I because

Unknown Speaker 9:19
I was stuck in

Brandon Handley 9:21
this other mental model of doing these other things I’m doing this job and, you know, I wasn’t aware of these other opportunities because I was stuck. But by seeing the universe as another, I see the universe as being benevolent and on my side, I was able to free my mind up right from these constructs these constant constructs of a fear. Overall worry. And honestly, you know, for me, it’s been very liberating and freeing, and, you know, do I stop and say okay universe has dropped all the things in my hands no I still show up and I still go to work, but I’m able to approach it in a different manner, right I’m able to approach it with the universe, rather than me against the world or the universe against me. Now we’re kind of in tandem. Right. So, you know, it’s a model that I’m using. And the real challenge is for you to make a decision, a decision the current, you know, to, to, to continue with your current model. Right, or to begin to do in my mind, what you were personally born to do you were born

Unknown Speaker 10:42
to create.

Brandon Handley 10:45
And right now you have an opportunity to create a new model, one where you and the universe are in partnership. A partnership that has clear communication.

Unknown Speaker 10:59
Feel free to speak to the universe, let it know

Unknown Speaker 11:04
some of your wants some of your wishes.

Brandon Handley 11:07
Right. Let’s say stay up, have some fun with it to be light hearted about it, you know. And, and just say hey universe What’s up, this is what I’m looking for. These are a few of the things. And, and trust it right High Five the universe. Because here’s what’s gonna happen if you so choose to decide to go this route right and you begin to look for evidence that the universe is listening. And trust me when I tell you that. Once you begin to see the evidence that this model is working for you. The universe with you. It may not be possible for you to ever go back, right. I’ll post a link on the podcast, and at the website, spiritual dope co to the book if you’re interested,

Unknown Speaker 12:02

Brandon Handley 12:04
otter will be having the transcription to this too if you want to read through it. And my only real big ask on top of all this stuff so really the call to action is for you to create a new mental model for yourself. Okay. And try to put it into practice universe, God,

Mitch, whoever, you know, call call it what you want but understand. If you accept that there’s a power greater than you that is willing to work with you, then you begin to see this whole thing in a different way. So, try it out. If it doesn’t work for you, you know, if you don’t find evidence that the universe is listening then shut it down what’s it gonna cost you, right. You don’t have to tell anybody about it. All you got to do is have someone to thoughts and think and see and look and and you know it’s put a model into place. Worst case scenario. You’re still where you are today, tomorrow. Right. And so, look, if you like what you’re hearing. I’d love to hear from you. be sure to reach out, shoot me a message

Unknown Speaker 13:15
at Brandon at spiritual dope.co. Take it easy.

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