Whats a lifter look like?

Paresh Shah is a human being – 100% genuine article. Please read the transcript for his introduction.

We talk about what it is to be a Lifter, about manifesting, about being a homo luminous, transcending the mundane and living a life that may have at one moment seemed impossible…

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paresh shah 0:00
Okay, so I would love to give the honest resume instead of like the the accolades that my mom and dad, we’re very proud but issues first is engineering class. I want to be like that to me. We’re starting to get boring even for me. Awesome. And so let’s revisit that and kind of come on air. Here we go. Real and just go. I love it. I love it. Man. So 54321 Hey there podcast. This is Brandon Handley on with Paresh Shah. We’re slinging some spiritual dope today and press. I love press for this because I started to read his, you know, online resume bio, which reads awesome, like in any corridor, right? But he’s like, Hey,

we’re doing spiritual dopes a we’re leading with spirituality. We are leading with authenticity. I want to share my real resume my life resume, so fresh eyes.

Brandon Handley 0:59
I don’t have that in front of me. I’d love to hear it though.

paresh shah 1:04
Thanks, Brandon. Thanks for having me on. I love this spiritual dope

concept, it’s more than a concept you’re actually

creating the energy around conversation through conversations that uplift you know, everyone who’s listening here and beyond because you don’t even need to be a listener because it’s a buy. It’s a buy. It’s it’s the, the the vibe of what you’re creating. So I must say you and yeah, it was kind of weird. Because part of you know, you talked about the journeys that you have been on Brandon and we’ve talked earlier about your your journey and the various journeys that we go on. And they’re a dear friend and you speak to me in a way that where you get me and we get each other and we we have telepathy in many ways, because we’re thinking the same thing at the same time. And there’s even evidence of it where we have written something down and say, Hey, you know what, you just said that I work so hard to that won’t even say I worked hard. Frankly, it came easy for me for most things to get that laundry list of whatever you would call his accomplishments. On that bio, I was like, and as you were reading it, this I was going oh my god, this is so boring. Can we like move on? And it was it’s so funny because I was like, I work so hard. My parents are proud. I actually have didn’t work hard in certain ways. Things just kind of snowball. Often, you know, it’s kind of like, you know, when the kid like, you’re good at stuff, and then people like, throw more stuff at you. And I was like, This is so boring. And this isn’t what this is about. And it felt kind of gross with my friends. So I wanted to thank you for kind of rewinding, rewinding, and that’s not what it’s about, primarily, and I think this whole sphere we’re in right now, as a world, one of the beauties that’s come out amidst the struggles and the suffering and you know, what’s really, you know, happening is it’s forced us, some of us to kind of go inside and go, what really matters here? What really matters here? And how do I want to show up, which is our third lifter mind shift that you’re familiar with. In the lifter leadership world we have serve up, listen up, show up with all of your yes and qualities that make you unique, and then act up. And I was talking with my brother yesterday, and I was like, why don’t we just have like an honest resume? And so I went out and I bought on his resume.com because the best way to remember an idea is spend 999 on GoDaddy and park the domain so you never forget the idea and feel you didn’t do anything about it. So honest resume. And so I started thinking and we were jamming on it. You know what would our honest resume be? And my brother

Brandon Handley 4:05
I really want to interject right like cuz teacher telepathy right earlier today I was listening to you know one of your other podcasts and you were talking about the time that you took off for a year to go travel with your wife and hike and do all the things you like houses one year absence can look on my resume and I wrote down is like, what happens if you take that thought away? You know, take that would build your life resume right like and you know, what does it look like to say? It doesn’t say there’s nothing wrong like it’s great go create a business, get people jobs, get them into a certain space and and and all these things. But what happens if your goal is to live an amazing life period? And you know, there’s not a fear of, well shit, I can’t I can’t take a year off and go explore life and what am I What am I

paresh shah 4:58
going to say about me? Myself, even my mind, right? We’re like, what are you going to do about the gap in your resume? I’m going to backpacking for one year and and there was truly that there was an aspect of that a little bit, but it was very much drowned out or over or I wouldn’t say overshadowed over lit by the possibility of how cool would it be to go backpacking for a year, we went to India and Nepal, we hiked the end of foreigners, my wife and I, she had just finished her PhD and so it was a great, like, you know, let’s just kind of see what’s going on. And I there was a little bit of that. What am I gonna have to say for myself? Because you don’t just like take off. Um,

and, um,

it was kind of funny because when I came back and was in the job market, I got a call from GE, from a headhunter and they had this cup The management program that you get to be, like, part of like, they’re like they’re your your starting leaders if you get to be part of this program, and they put you in different business units, so you can really kind of learn the ropes. And you know, kind of it’s like the leadership group. So I got a had a headhunter call me about that. And I was like, Yeah, see, I’m marketable. This is great. I’m getting ahead under call from GE, and one of my teachers, Professor, Joe Bauer, who’s still a great professor at Harvard Business School, we had this class called management is about management leadership, and he had a total crush on jack welch. Like every case, we had, like 50 I don’t know it was a semester course. And it was like a study how great jack welch is and how GE because the GE thing was like the gold standard of how do you you know, run a great enterprise based on how things were defined then. And so I had this conversation with the with the the client, the headhunters, client G, And I was excited go, I nailed it. Right. And they’re like, when you told them that you went backpacking for a year, they’re like, we don’t want somebody who’s gonna just like take off and do something like that. That’s not our way. And I was devastated. I was devastated. But then later on, I was liberated to go. Yeah, you know what, that’s not really my path. And so I’ve, you know, been an entrepreneur since then. So, yeah, the journey takes you to amazing places where new frontiers get open. And on that trip, one of the pivotal things we did was, we took Julia Cameron’s course called the artists way. It’s a it’s a book a workbook that you do. It’s a self guided workbook, and it’s called the artists way. And I had felt that I had gotten to left brain from my engineering and from my business work, and then I was in consulting as great, great left brain stuff like super cool projects. We were on And, you know, the musician from high school and other things we used to play with, sort of didn’t get enough voice. And so the artists way was a way of kind of recapping into the creative side. And so we started doing this, this course called the artists way by Julia Cameron. And I recommend it to anybody, anybody. And through the process that Julia took us through in this workbook. We started seeing the world in a whole different way and started experiencing some of the first

miracles non obvious

you know, coincidences, telepathy, and all kinds of extraordinary ways of experiencing the world. And she really opened opened my aperture around. You know how to see the miraculous, even in in in the darkness, and am I 100%? there all the time? No. But I didn’t even realize that was like a doorway. Before.

You know, this part of the journey.

Brandon Handley 9:09
I love it. I mean, because you were you were on you were on the managerial track you were you were on the fast track you were, you were bits, ones and ones and zeros, right? And you got to be productive, get in line and stay in line. And if you get out of line for a year, you can’t come back.

paresh shah 9:25
Okay. It was a fear of that. There was there was a fear of that. There really was,

Brandon Handley 9:28
I wanna, you know, I love that you’re bringing that up artists way. I’m gonna share this with you. I’m actually doing what is the right brain artists or whatever, right? I’m teaching myself and you can’t really see. Well that can

paresh shah 9:40
see that’s beautiful.

Brandon Handley 9:42
Right. But I mean, that’s, that’s, you know, they’re teaching you how to draw like, I’m doing that right now. I’m trying to engage my right brain, right, like and going through that process.

paresh shah 9:51
It’s so great. And you know what, in many ways, this whole right, not the right brain left brain characterization is it over simplification doesn’t really work that way. But we kind of we kind of use that as a vernacular. It’s really tapping into this, that creative, that intuitive and bringing it all together. My wife, Eliza, she studied with a Nobel Prize winning biologist Walter Gilbert. He won the Nobel Prize for biology. And he was off the chart genius like, you know, DNA sequencing. And I think he was in the company of the one who did the pea pod experiment in biology. Right, right. Yeah, that guy? Yeah.

Brandon Handley 10:40
Sorry. Like, I forget that. What’s the guy’s name? Michael Mendel

paresh shah 10:42
was it? Yeah, Joseph Mendel. So he was kind of in that league of like, super extraordinary minds. Off The Charts genius. Walter Gilbert and he, like he, when he was a lecture, like listening to some other Speaker a professor at Harvard, my wife pointed out that he’d have his little sketchbook and he would be sketching the person or the scene or the hand upside down. And, and I think he may have now I may be extended, but he may have even been using his opposite hand. And in doing so, it’s like, wait, why would you sketch someone upside down because that whole other perspective would lead to a very different outcome. And that was, you know, a kind of a glimpse of his genius of how he saw things very differently. And cultivated both aspects of his his genius. Then he became an artist and a photographer, and he sells scarves with his art on it. And so he’s, he’s been this polymath anyways. Yeah,

Brandon Handley 11:54
I love it. I think that um, you know, that talks to, I’m gonna I’m gonna weave in some real quick Guys if you’re joining in oppression I have had conversations before which you may or may not be picking up on and and the thing is we’re talking about spiritual dope and spiritual dope is is got its target line set up on you know we’re looking at what does it look like to lead with spirituality What does it look like to be a spiritual person but integrate or you know Professor heard you talked about it earlier and some of some things I was listening to it’s like interweave right be all of who you are not and don’t separate your spiritual self from your business self from this you know this other software you know be one self right but also recognize right the Divinity within is precious you know, you know gosh you had an expression of divinity right surfaces you had a great line on the Nobel Peace Peace. Peace one right we’re like, you know, let that divinity come out right. And, and when you do, I think you you You said you were having one of those buzz kind of days right? Give me what I would say today you’ve had a hit of spiritual dope right like you’ve hit a spiritual high Tell us about that. But again guys, we’re trying to align like people who have had success by leading or integrating their spirituality into their their overall lives and how you can do that for yourself and if you’ve been thinking that it can’t be done or if you’ve been concerned about what that might look like for you then come take a look at what’s happening here and spiritual though connect with a Paresh connect with anybody else connect with me. The people that bring it on? Yeah, is like let’s, let’s, let’s help you shine your light, right.

paresh shah 13:42
Ha, it’s, um, we had we had a team call today with our with some of our teams and we have hired 13 summer interns because I wanted to have as many of these young people because a lot of the internships have been canceled and it’s a total bummer. One of the ones that we just hired yesterday, he moved to San Francisco. And he was on his resume. He was one of 12 out of something like 4000 applicants to get like that internship. It reminds me of like that, you know that that movie, where the where, who is it goes to Google to be the interns.

Not Tom Hanks.

The guy from Night at the Museum anyway, the two older, older, older guys trying to come to me. So anyway, so and then he moved to San Francisco to start this job, and it just got canceled last week. And we’re like, oh, and you can feel it. These young folks are just like, dang. And so part of what we’re doing is trying to create as many opportunities for internship where people can have meaningful work, you know, make a contribution collaborate. And so we have actually more than a handful now, of interns and We had a team call today where people were just at the stage now where we’re giving each of these interns like, this is your project bread. And now, and this is your project, and we’re giving them like, real projects that are a bit bold for interns, and they are so amazing. And we’re getting so many things done that, you know, you talk about the day I’ve had, it’s Friday afternoon, and I was on with my team and we were just like celebrating the victories and it feels good to win we celebrate victories. It helps us not forget, we actually got a lot of things quote done, because sometimes you can get a lot of things done and then the next day go, Oh, I haven’t done crap. What a loser I am. You ever have that feeling? Oh, yeah, yeah. And so we were like, wow, we just and these young folks are taking on their like, My responsibility is I’m creating it’s it’s so energizing because as it pertains to spiritual dope, these young kids, they get it. They get it disproportionately. And we talk about being a lifter we talk about, you know, being open hearted and serving others and really seeing a vision of what you want to create that’s good for the world, and how you can attract that in even when you’re feeling in a crappy mood, or in a low period, which, you know, while today, it’s been one of those great days. It’s quite the roller coaster for all of us. And there’s all kinds of things happening. And there’s like this flow that’s going between the turbulence of people having like realizations about this is what I really love doing and I’m really a moved by it like your friend the medium. And these young folks. I call them kids but they’re they they’re getting this that we can’t keep up with them. They go Yeah, and when you talk about applying your yes and qualities, and really creating What you want, the way we see it is you could really, you know, you know, change the world and manifest this whole new way of being and, and they’re pushing the thinking and they’re really embracing it. They’re just soaking it up. And that to me is is one of the greatest things of today because we haven’t talked to them about two weeks. And I used to have weekly meetings and then we didn’t have to, we had two weeks and I, I told the team, I need a pep talk just to be in their energy, right? This gets things going it gets that flywheel going, when you move to a higher frequency of joy and celebration and gratitude. It’s from there that you can you know, get that Vantage on what you want to create, you know for for the world or it or in service and it helps you pop out of what gets you angry. And I was just telling my my sister Yes, yesterday that I had a day where I was on Facebook at the end of the day. I looked at myself and I tell him my kids, like, you know what I did? all day. I pretty much was on Facebook most of this day. What have I done and it was, I was like on Facebook for like five or six hours, and I was totally like, I couldn’t even get out of the sofa. And I was like, there’s got to be something good. Oh, that’s good. But they give me more, give me more. And I was so I got my vibration was like, Whoa, hmm. And I got into the car and my 77 Nova, and, you know, took off listening to some music very loudly and called a friend, like you were saying earlier today, like you feel the impulse to call someone and within within three or four minutes, we were back to you know, feeling good about the world and what’s happening. You can’t feel good about everything that’s happening, but you can hold a higher vibration that supports everybody. You know,

Brandon Handley 18:52
I say I think they I mean, you know, in terms of like the higher vibration and have have an elevated conversation is really kind of what we’re seeking. Like that, well, you’re having we’re looking for an elevated conversation. It’s not that these things aren’t important. It’s not that they aren’t happening. It’s not that you need to ignore them. But how can you elevate the conversation, bring it somewhere else and take it somewhere else entirely. And that’s the higher vibration that you’re talking about. Right? You You also, you’d mentioned like, you know, you don’t want to come from a scarcity power driven mentality, right modality. If you come from there, if you’re coming from a place of restriction, or fear of losing your place in line, right? That’s good things don’t come out of bad places.

paresh shah 19:40
Ultimately, they do when you look back at them sometimes I guess, but it doesn’t seem apparent. Right. Right. Well tie Right. Yeah.

Brandon Handley 19:46
And I’ll make it again, like, you know, coming from places of fear coming from places of scarcity, things can come out of there, like I was talking with somebody else, and they were saying, you know, ultimately, you need to hit rock bottom before you can, you know, bounce back up again and that has not you know i don’t care whose story is what story that has not been my story it’s very frustrating in to like for me to hear that line all the time because you can find yourself just wanting a different life right just realizing I think that you did with your pX 90 self right and with with with

Unknown Speaker 20:22
Tony Horton, Tony Horton but we love you

Brandon Handley 20:25
so, so fresh tell the story about what happened. You know so you’re you’re in you’re in. You’re in Paris and you’re you’re you know,

paresh shah 20:34
let’s call it being in a flat spin like goose goose and Tom Cruise. We’re in Top Gun where you’re just like something’s not working.

Brandon Handley 20:45
Yeah, I can take that. Yeah, yeah,

paresh shah 20:48
yeah, that’s kind of but not in the family side. family has always been wonderful supportive. Just kind of more in you know, kind of whatever you’d call it. I wouldn’t call it a midlife crisis unless I was in that mood it was it was a blender, a blender, but we don’t need to get into it. Part of the honest resume, by the way as a parent identical is, um, I prefer not to repeat the stories. And it would be cool if you could just like write down, by the way and here’s my journey. I thought I was all this. I thought it was all that I was really good at this and then this happened. And I realized I wasn’t this I realized this and that’s my story once and for all. So that we don’t live in our stories.

Anyway, this is apparently identical.

So p90x came in so I did not. I wasn’t, I didn’t feel attuned to direction let’s just say around what is the next step I thought that my thinking logical mind was the primary mechanism or dashboard in which to discern what the next action would be, etc and The The funny thing is you might call it well you know it’s Spirit spoke to me mediums books to be God spoke to me or somehow you listen to your true nature your higher self in yoga we call it own animal guru dev Namo your you call on your highest self to help you do your best. I didn’t really talk any of this I thought it was a bunch of hogwash, but I’m speaking to right now. Okay in the pendulum bride, and I got a message because I was in the flat spin and I’m like,

Unknown Speaker 22:34
you know,

paresh shah 22:37
what are they gonna do? What are they gonna do?

And then the message was you got to do something impossible press to get out of this situation. And I’m like, impossible. Who am I talking to? I don’t really believe in anything up there. Impossible, and I really wasn’t. You know, Constantly attuned to kind of listening to that spirit source. And I was like, Okay, sounds like I need to do something impossible. What is it? Do I need to like climb Mount Everest Do I need to like what’s impossible? And it came from so many places it was just like, like five or six conversations in a row around the inquiry of what’s impossible What do I need to do to get out of this spot spin? And I thought it would be like this. You know, big you know, go meditate for 500 days you know in it. I really need a K for this. Give me a cave give me a cave. Yeah, but make sure it is great espresso in the cave. You know, that’s the the spiritual dope. So what came before I really would even speak of things coming in the in the listening was You want to get out of this situation per rash? Like, yeah, it really doesn’t feel good and it sucks. And I feel kind of low right now. And it doesn’t make me a great dad either sometimes. And the answer was great. I got it for you. I’m like, Great. I’ll do it. I climb Kilimanjaro with my buddy Dave. I can do it. p90x. I’m like, What? You need to do p90x. I’m like you mean the. I’m Tony Horton, you up 90 days get the best shape of your life. And, and it was a joke. It was kind of like what? Right and I realized later that I had never pushed myself that hard. without someone kicking my butt to do it, ever actually in anything because, like academics and things came naturally I played tennis. Since Swimming, but it wasn’t really like, you got to show up yourself to do something really demanding where it hurts. And you got to get that extra pull up up. And so I started doing it, which was weird that I followed through on it, but it was kind of like the let’s call it a voice but it wasn’t a voice. It was a knowing, um

was Yeah, like to you that’s kind of impossible

to be like ripped and, you know, and be that, like so fierce, right I had I had not been fierce. Physically, I’d never played like football or anything.


so I started doing it and my little living room in a village in France where the kids went to school and we’d occasionally go to a dance garden, and I got into my body in a way I’d never seen gotten into my body and the message I got was like, Yeah, you’re going to do this. And if you don’t, this time, then shut the Bleep up about ever getting in shape. And if you end up being on the sidelines, you know, when your grandkids are playing football, just remember this and not in a loving way not in a in a you know, shame bill way or anything like that. Just like a dude, this is your moment, like step up is it and so I did it in not 90 days, it took me longer. But I really did it. Like I’d come home at one in the morning from work. And I’d put that disc in and I had never really put the disc in like that before in my life, put that disc in and go I’m gonna do this. And I actually did complete it. I felt really good about myself and showing up my kids like wow, Dad’s going crazy. Doing this stuff. And then and then Tony Horton and his whole gang of people all become like our friends in our house and you know, my kids come home to dad you hanging out with friends. Wherever today because Dre has like Tony sidekick. And then there’s Greg over here. And so they became personalities in the house. And I found the physicality and the pushing myself. And the message was, you know, and I was like, I did it, I did the impossible. I did something I didn’t feel I could do. And then the learning from that, or the lesson was, once you do one thing, it’s impossible. Nothing’s impossible. And so my flat spin started coming out. And so I kind of came out of my flat spin. And I was like, wow, okay, this feels good. I’m starting to really get some traction around other aspects of my business in my life and what I wanted to create, and then and I felt really good. Like I did the impossible, Tony, exit up. And what happened was then my wife decided to do it because she had seen, you know,

Brandon Handley 27:51
the results or whatever we call it.

Unknown Speaker 27:54
And don’t be shy.

Unknown Speaker 27:56
That’s all right. Yeah, it worked for you. I’m not so rip,

paresh shah 27:58
as but anyway.

So she’s like, I’m gonna do this. And so she started doing it and then guess who showed up in the spiritual domain? In my little on the shoulder here going, Hey, Paresh Guess who showed up?

Brandon Handley 28:14
Under the answer, so I don’t want to give it away.

paresh shah 28:17
Doubting Thomas.

Doubting Thomas was like a press. Yeah.

What if it was a fluke that you did that impossible thing?

I’m like, No man, I sweat. I I went from rubber bands.

To massive man.

Unknown Speaker 28:38
Massive man, you know me.

paresh shah 28:42
Oh, man.

Unknown Speaker 28:45
All the time.

paresh shah 28:49
I like the mini massive. I get mad. I went, I went for a minivan.

So I went and I was like, No, no, I’m not going to accept that. I I’ve read the Four Agreements

I’ve gotten. So I got into all the spirituality, and I found it like this amazing new world. And I was like, No, I’m not agreeing with that. It’s what you agreed to is what you experience is what you create. It’s what you out project. Like, I’m not gonna agree to that. It’s like, dude, dude, it was a fluke. It was a fluke. I’m like, No, so I started going online. And looking up. Can you do like, what if you do p90x multiple times, and there’s some guys who’ve done it like five times, they’re really freaky.

Unknown Speaker 29:39
There’s so

Brandon Handley 29:41
many pack.

paresh shah 29:43
So I said, you know, I’m gonna do it again. I’m gonna do this again. Shut up, shut up. And so I started doing it again. And again. I wasn’t so strong. Um, I’ve gotten I’m pretty much like a weakling. But my barbells and dumbbells were getting more heavy. And I my wrists, I didn’t like exercise my wrists and my wrists got injured. doing that, and I finally got it into my physicality. And I’m starting to really, you know, feel like what it feels like to push hard. Push yourself beyond, and I said, you know, this physicality of like, really being in the moment of something is really a powerful experience. And, and I’m feeling really powerful. I’m getting my fearlessness back, let’s go do something else and and the ideas are flowing. And so then I said, Well, let me do some yoga or something. So I can, you know, rest my wrist and just do some other and meditation. Thus, I got into the yoga and meditation, which is, you know, so part of,

Brandon Handley 30:53
you know, who you are and what you do, right. Right. I love Now, here’s the here’s my big Take away from that story, right is is the the whole idea. And the reason I asked you to share is because once you do the impossible once, right,

Unknown Speaker 31:09
and then you begin to see that other things

Brandon Handley 31:12
are fine. What else have I been holding yourself back for you today?

paresh shah 31:15
Exactly. Right, exactly.

Brandon Handley 31:18
Right. And it’s so funny because the way you tell your story about the tailspin, you know, I totally relate right and and, you know, you could you know, plenty and I think you and I had this conversation, plenty people could call it a midlife crisis. I like the idea of awakening, but a second chance at life. I’d like you like you would mention there’s like,

paresh shah 31:38
a second chance at life. That’s pretty good, right? Because even awakening is kind of like, well, what’s that really mean? I mean, he says, it’s kind of a chance, a second chance of living. Yeah, like that.

Brandon Handley 31:48
But the thing is, is that, um, you, you made a conscious real superconscious decision and recognize that there were two paths you could go down right? You I could I could get on a path where I sit down on my ass and watch my grandkids play and it’s great. But if I have the opportunity to participate, I choose that opportunity. So I really view that the whole you know, second second chance, right? you get you get presented, right, you get pretty bad. It’s a presentation. It’s a present

paresh shah 32:24
to like that. Yeah, it’s,

Brandon Handley 32:26
it’s a gift it is it’s a gift. Because because here you go. And it says, All right. You have, you know, you’re smart enough, you know, the outcomes if you continue this way for the rest of your life. Make a choice, right. And once you make that choice, it’s put up or shut up.

paresh shah 32:46
Right, in every in every moment of your life

Brandon Handley 32:48
for the rest of your life, actually, because

paresh shah 32:50
there’s a lot you caught you constantly have. Right, right. It’s way but it’s also good. Yeah,

Brandon Handley 32:55
it’s also not until you recognize how powerful That moment is where you make that choice. Yeah. Right. Just like your point, you know, so, you know, if you’re listening, you know, press has got like a V, they’re like, you know, there’s an intersection there. And this is this is the power of choice. Yeah. Which which not for nothing, it took me 40 years. All right, I’m not I’m not the I’m not the fastest one of the bunch, right to recognize that when the power of choice and exactly what that’s gonna mean, first of all, you got to choose to own your life. This is your life that everything that happens is it’s a choice, right? You, you made that choice to lose that job at GE because you went on that hike, right? You know, you made it maybe not

paresh shah 33:47
consciously, right, maybe not consciously, right.

Brandon Handley 33:49
And you showed up there when you showed up there.

paresh shah 33:51

Brandon Handley 33:52
You accepted that right? You own it. You said all right. Well, all right. Well, that was a choice I made right and here we are. This is my life now. And these are the The choices that I’m making. And that’s the look and again, I think this is stuff that you’re teaching with lifter leadership to with the opportunity let’s let’s talk about, you know, bringing all of who you are to work right like, let’s because listen I want I want people to understand that you are leading a spiritually LED, you know, art center of all of who you are your Divine Self. Yes, but you’re doing it with a purpose and a passion that is leading others in that direction so that they can know give give me give you give that you give the story because it’s yours itself.

paresh shah 34:33
Yeah, so our team is this lifters thing is really

resonating. It’s resonating with a within our team within these young folks who like yeah, that’s how we would like to be led, you know, give us responsibilities. let us apply our yes and skill set and show up in different ways. And so When I will describe to you I’m going to draw it but I’ll guide in space as well for the audio listeners is like the Four Agreements.

Pop quiz asshole. What are the Four Agreements Brandon come on you can nail

Brandon Handley 35:15
me I don’t I just you know be impeccable with your words like the

paresh shah 35:19
right okay? The snipers taking the laser beam off your head. Look, I mean that’s a shame. That’s I’m going down I’m gonna be impeccable with my word.

Brandon Handley 35:30
picking one.

paresh shah 35:32
And you know what that might be. All you need to do is be impeccable with your word, put your word out there and then receive and accept and let it go. I think that’s pretty much the simple truth that my the teachers who I most respect convey and one of these days I’ll get it. Um, but yeah, that was a speed reference would I believe was filmed here in LA so I’d love to see that. Now that I’m in LA and see that school bus with galleries that dun dun dun dun dun Cuz Now I know what the five is. I know what the 405 is, and I think it ends at La. So that’s an action movie. But anyway, um, the four agreements are very powerful, be impeccable with your word, always do your best.

Don’t make assumptions. And what’s the other one? There’s one more. Okay, listeners, you know it, you know, the back of what

Brandon Handley 36:29
you call it.

paresh shah 36:30
Don’t take anything personal. Okay, that’s very, very great one. So

those are the poor. And so, and it’s all about making agreements with yourself and with what you’re willing to accept, in, you know, your your world. Now, there is a collective consciousness where you can’t begin to say, Well, you know, I’m agreeing with the violence that’s going on or I’m agreeing with the division or the other ring and the brutality and you know, actually And around that is important and essential. So I don’t want to, you know, convey that, you know, it’s just that simple bippity boppity boo, you know, I’m not agreeing with this, and therefore it doesn’t exist and put your head in the sand. So in a similar way to the Four Agreements, lifter leadership has, for what we call mind shifts. We need to shift our minds to adapt and evolve into a new way of being as humans and as humanity. And what’s happening is people are aligning up with these ways of being and what we have found from the business perspective. And from the innovation, team motivation, customer loyalty. Sustainability perspective is that this model works for organizations to be able to do their jobs and, and thrive very effectively in today’s time, so we have four mind shifts. And it’s not a mindset. We don’t want anything to be set in stone, everything is always moving always evolve the clue that we are notes in a sacred song. That’s just a symphony of energy moving through what appears as the universe to us, which is a song all around us and we are each a unique divine expression and unique divine frequency pulsating in no other way down to where I believe every hair is an antenna, a different little antenna 20% that creates a unique note, and we’re all notes in a sacred song. And we could just fly in the song and let it be it just you know, respond to what comes and take the next right action or we can fight and be discarded and attitude. cetera. So we have for mind shift and lifter leadership. The first mind ship, we call serve up, serve up game on is that you game in town serve up and this game is a shift from scarcity to abundance from me, too We from that command control dominating way of being to cooperation and co creation, right and so the just observe up is to recognize that the hunt is over, it’s no longer about hunting. Okay lifters don’t need to hunt lifters can attract cuz they saw a whole different game.

Brandon Handley 39:45
I got to tell I got to tell you, right so i’m gonna i’m in a new I’m in a newer job role right right now and I saw that they were bringing on what they called hunters. Right? And so I had, we had to give a presentation on you know what we’re doing or whatever And I, the girl that I’m working with, I was like, Can we change this? kind of want to be a hunter? I was like, Can we change this and we win and we call ourselves rainmakers. Right? I love it and, and they accepted that too because I mean, the art art or title or job was like rain or was hunters right and everybody’s accepted our rebranding and I’m just like love

paresh shah 40:21
that isn’t that feel great?

Brandon Handley 40:23
Oh my god cuz I like I don’t make me feel like a hunter like I’m running out there like you talking about like with and I just remembered our conversations right I’m like, I don’t want to be this photosphere out there trying to catch my catch my next meal, you know and and,

paresh shah 40:39
and divvy it up because it’s all about market share not very, you know, the mind shift is the market share scarcity, competition, right sharing. That’s the new economy. That’s the new way of being

Brandon Handley 40:50
so to to just create something together. What exactly what can we come together here to co co create, right there’s something here and if you and I can can you know If we can be impeccable with our words, right? We can if we can come together in those ways and and and identify each other as humans, trying to, you know, bring better things to the world, right and improvement somehow, then we can co create this thing, right? And yes, I don’t need to hunt you, we’re going to attract each other.

paresh shah 41:20
Exactly. I don’t want to be a piece of meat. I don’t want to be a piece of meat. So anyway, what the, the first mic is, is about serve up service instead of transaction. Right? And it’s serve up. It’s a new game. It’s a new game. And the game is a very different game with different rules. And when we shift into this lifter way of being, then everything works a lot better or most things work a lot better. So that’s serve up the first mind shift that we just talked about. The second mindset is Listen up. Listen up, and we teach four types of listening because listening is The new way is the new language, essentially. And we teach four ways of listening. One way is listening to your embodied dashboard. So what is your intuition telling you what your gut telling you? And let’s consider that part of your brain in addition to that logical and rational, you know, kind of more mathematical or analytical way of being which also has its place, but let’s really tune in to our embodied listening and go you know, does this feel like it’s an integrity does this does this is feel right, what’s the right thing to do on the front lines in this situation with this customer and tuning in to that feeling and we call it you know, having more than a feeling it’s like really like, it’s more than the feeling that gets us into that. It’s the spiritual dope, like when you really tap into that vibration of of

Basically that that embodied knowingness as an additional way of responding. Then we listen then we have listening to others. And then we have listening to that inner self, which is the whole mindfulness piece. So lifters have a mindfulness aspect. So that is listen Ops, we have server. First one, listen up. The third one is show up. And that’s like the centerpiece of this. And there we say it’s about writing your yes and breathing. So you’ve

Brandon Handley 43:28
got thanks for tuning in today, guys. This is gonna be a split file. But I want to make sure that the ending where you can connect with Paresh is available to you. So I’m keeping that on the end of both tracks. So this is week one, at the end of week one, you’re just going to be able to hear where you can connect with them. Don’t be surprised when you hear the same ending on week two. Shaw, everybody. Thank you so much, man for taking the time today for for reconnecting. Where? Where might you look? I mean, where am I going to some people find press today?

paresh shah 44:05
Ah, well, we are all one according to Mooji. And so get them here and there you are there I am there there. There it is.

If you go to our website lifters rising calm the tea team, as you know put some things out there as resources. If you feel you’re a lifter, which you know I’m imagine your your audience gets attracted into your your messaging, then come to lifters rising calm, maybe share your story. Connect with us if we can be of help to you. That’s one way of getting in touch with us. We are also creating an app. This company, that’s basically an app for lifters is the way to describe blip pulse. And so we’re going to be getting, we’re putting this app out into the world. That’s all about Love big lifters and and you know creating a messaging and kind of social media experience that’s around love and happiness and joy and basically spreading the spiritual dope, I guess is how we might your hope dealer I mean, oh my goodness. But as I told you know not due to sex, drugs and rock and roll of this, this situation here so so yeah we’re so we’re going to be launching a beta on that app and so connect with me however you like through LinkedIn or lifters rising and we’re going to be having certain people be beta users to help us really flesh out this experience that helps us share love and compassion and caring and giving loving impulse which is what glint pulse is really oriented around so that’ll be glim pulse, calm GL impulse calm, the giving, loving, impulse, cheery, that giving loving impulse so we’ve got lifters rising calm and good Paul dot com. And if we can be of any service to you, your audience in any way. Absolutely, we’re here. We’re here to serve up and we want to listen up to you so we can show up in our best way to act up and make a difference. All around noms day.

Wednesday Brandon, thank you so much Brandon Handley.

Transcribed by https://otter.ai

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