Join me as I speak with Regina A. Lawrwence who is a soulful business coach & strategist,helping you monetize your mission through a profitable, online coaching business.

Part of the fun with this is speaking with someone who is not only spiritually inclined, but who has maintained her city grit.

Find out how a high powered lawyer finds herself after crumbling to the floor in tears.

All things Regina:

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Brandon Handley 0:00
three to one. Brandon Handley here and today I’m joined by Regina a Lawrence. Regina is a soulful business strategist. And she is a former trial attorney and law school Professor turns soulful business and life strategist. She’s found that many entrepreneurs have brilliant ideas and dreams but don’t know how to take that dream and create a system or structure to make that dream and idea profitable. That’s where she jumps in. And she was able to bring consistency system structure for you and really take your soul driven idea and convert that into an awesome business and I love it right. I’m super excited because that’s that’s right up. That’s right up this and not only that, right, Regina, also called trum. Kinda like my hometown area and you’re down. You’re down in Arizona right now, but you’re from the northeast and you’ve got like this little bit of a grit a little bit of a punch that you’ve really We only find like kind of up in the northeast. How you doin tody?

Regina Lawrence 1:03
I’m good. How are you?

Brandon Handley 1:04
I’m doing great Tell me. Hey, tell me something we can help you celebrate today.

Unknown Speaker 1:10
Oh man, I just had a news client Sign up today. Very excited to help her with her business and to help her create the program she wants to. So that’s what I’m celebrating right now.

Brandon Handley 1:21
Awesome. I love it and tell me something man. This uh, you know, we’re we’re smack dab in the middle of pandemic, whether or not you believe the hype or not, but, you know, everybody’s on different sides of the fence. Is this a hoax? Is it whatever, nobody really cares, but you know, for what it’s worth, we are shut down in the United States of America. How’s your business been during that? This whole thing?

Unknown Speaker 1:43
You know, my so I have two businesses. I have a social media agency and I have a coaching practice and my coaching practice has slowed a little bit, just with people who want to wait to start until their brick and mortar opens.

Unknown Speaker 1:57
But my social media

Unknown Speaker 1:59
you See has really been picking up during this time. Okay, so it’s a mixed bag for me. Sure.

Brandon Handley 2:06
Yeah. I mean, look, everybody needs a digital strategy, especially now, right? Otherwise, how they go. And, you know, we always talk about like that post COVID plan. Is that something you talked about with some of your people?

Unknown Speaker 2:19
For sure. I think this has shown us that one, it has shown us the ways that we can stretch and the ways we can do business in a way that we didn’t think about before. It’s also for me really put into place like how do I create business? And how do I create even greater automation and evergreening in my business, so that way, if something like this ever happens again, and by the way, it will because the government knows they can shut us down and lock us down? How do I get out of dodge and go to Costa Rica and live on the beach for a couple months instead of in the chaos?

Brandon Handley 2:55
Right, right, right. Yeah, it does sound nice. I love the idea, though. Trying to keep that content evergreen. So, you know, we started off on a tangent and that’s just kind of how I how I go. Let’s just do a little bit of a backstory though. So, Regina, I love your backstory. Why don’t you go ahead and share it with this audience a little bit, just kind of, you know, jumping in from pre crying on the floor, and then right after that.

Unknown Speaker 3:23
So my background is I was a federal trial attorney for the city of Philadelphia. And then I moved into a white collar fraud litigator and investigator role. prior to going to law school, I, I always had this mindset that like I had to be an achiever, and I had to be successful and I had to just pursue things that my family and society saw as good. So get a good job, get a good education, find a good partner, and you live a good life and you’ll be happy. And so I realized that I’d spent the first 2526 years of my life pursuing this happiness. And this piece through accomplishments and through external realities. And I really hit a pivotal moment when I realized I was in my office and I was working on a case for a really big client. I think I was 2027 at this point. And I started to have a panic attack. And I was no stranger of panic and anxiety. It fueled me It got me through everything in my life. And this was different. And I remember closing my office door laying down on my office floor and I’m, you know, dressed in a pencil skirt. I have a pair of blue baton high heels on, and I just laid there and cried. And I remember thinking, like, I don’t know how I’m going to do it, but life doesn’t have to be this hard. And it doesn’t have to be this stressful and I’m going to figure out a way to not live the rest of my life like this. And so that experience of being like, okay, like You did everything you were supposed to do, and you’re still very unfulfilled and very unhappy. What now? And so that launched me into this whole new world of mindset and spirituality.

Brandon Handley 5:15
I love it. You know, there’s actually a little bit before that I caught listening to to one of one of the podcasts on there. Nine brothers and sisters, how many

Unknown Speaker 5:27
brothers and sisters? Yeah, I have four brothers and I have four sisters.

Brandon Handley 5:31
That’s, you know, that’s got to be hectic. And not only not only like, kind of kind of like just being caught up in that size of a family, right? Because I’m imagining like, that’s always a whirlwind and that’s if everything’s going well. And memory serves me correctly. Like things were not always going well in that household. Yes or no.

Unknown Speaker 5:51
So I grew up my I’m from a family where there’s a lineage of a lot of addiction and I grew up surrounded with a lot of our Hard drug addiction and codependent and the codependency issues that go along with that. And the just the all the things that go along with growing up around addiction but we were like, the thing about my family is like we look like this normal, you know middle class family like loving, seemingly loving parents who got divorced when I was 13 to our shock. We grew up in a in a neighborhood with a big, big house and, you know, we were this family that looked like this nice Catholic Italian family. But really on the inside, there was a lot of trauma and a lot of hurt and a lot of addiction.

Brandon Handley 6:43
Yeah, no, that’s that’s that’s a tough place to be right. It’s a tough place, I think to establish your identity. Because the inside does not look like the outside, right, which I think kind of, you know, kind of plays into where you want to Anyways, right, um, you know, had this interesting thought of. I listened to the for a minute you were an anxiety coach. Yes. Yeah. Is that

Unknown Speaker 7:10
right? Yeah, I was and I, I still do what I did as an anxiety coach, I still bring into my coaching now. Yeah,

Brandon Handley 7:16
but I love it right? Because it’s all about kind of evolution and who you are as a person what it is that you bring, right. You know, for a second there, I thought to myself, I was like, do you think that and you may have liked it this way? like anxiety attacks? Is that like a sign that you’re just not living your life’s purpose?

Unknown Speaker 7:36
I can’t I think it can be. I think that, you know, a lot of people have different thoughts and schools of thought about stress and how we respond to stress with anxiety. I think majority of anxiety is a habited pattern of behavior. I grew up in a household where my mother was always anxious. It was her phrase, I’m so anxious, I have so much anxiety and so even As a small kid, like I have Arjuna You’re giving me agita, like giving me anxiety, you know, and you’re not

Brandon Handley 8:06
gonna hear that anywhere else but the Northeast. Oh, yeah, I know. You give me the agita.

Unknown Speaker 8:11
Exactly. And so like I grew up with that identity as a kid where, you know, anxiety is just a way of being it’s a way it was almost synonymous for me, like with productivity. And what I realized was that, like, a lot of anxiety is actually born out of a desire to control and control is an illusion. We have control over nothing. We have control over our thoughts. We have control over our reactions and our responses. We have some control over our body but we can lose that with illness and so yeah, so I think that some some anxiety is a sign of like, like shit needs to change. And but i think it’s it’s a sign of so many things.

Brandon Handley 8:59
Sure, sure. And I love that you kind of hit on that too, so far as like, you know, mindset goes a lot of assist these learn tendencies, that that’s what you grew up around, right? Even with my own kids, I’ll stand like they’ll plop down, like, I’m so tired. And I’m kind of on the mindset. I’m like, you are quite literally made of energy, right? Like, you’re not tired. You know? I mean, you know, I mean like that, because when it’s like five o’clock in the evening, or like midday or something, I’m like, No, no, you’re not. That’s just something you’ve heard one of us say. Right. So So yeah, I totally I totally get that. Let’s talk about what it’s like then to, you know, kind of spin this business. You remember kind of the journey to even saying, Hey, I’m a soulful business owner. This is what I do in that area. Like because religion or even just talking about being spiritual can go down so many roads, right. So let’s talk About your foray into that, because it sounds like again, you started college as an, you know, anxiety coach, but that kind of led to more, you know, yeah, opened up for you. And I’m curious what that look like.

Unknown Speaker 10:11
So from a really young age, I have had some spiritual gifts that through society and conditioning, I’ve suppressed but I’ve had a lot of different spiritual gifts where I would dream things I would know things before they happen. I always had a knowing about things. I can’t describe it more than a knowing and and I would see things as a child and I knew from a very young age that my little brother was the same way and we couldn’t tell people and so just like any muscle, your spiritual muscles, if you suppress them, you you don’t, you’re not able to lift like you used to. And as I started to go through my own mindset waking up, I really started to get into meditation and allowing the white, the whitespace and the silence and I started to feel these gifts. Come back online again. And you know for me I’m this rational lawyer who gives show me the reason show me the proof like that’s how I’m educated and that’s how my brain works I’m super analytical but I’m also have these spiritual gifts that I can’t always explain them but if I know something’s going to happen, it happens. Like if I get guidance on something I am got like, it’s, it’s the two were happening at the same time. And so initially, I was like, okay, like, I’m gonna, after I started the mindset coaching business, and the stress and anxiety business, people were asking me, how are you building your brand? You’re doing such a good job building your brand online, how are you doing it? How are you building your business? And I realized that in starting my coaching business, I became an expert in a lot of things, social media, branding, marketing, you know, doing I’m a I’m a lawyer. So if I want to learn how to do something, I learned the whole process like I really am a sponge for things. So I realized I could kind of take that stress and anxiety coaching, and pivot it to business coaching. But what I was realizing was the business coaching wasn’t fulfilling, and it wasn’t fulfilling what I’m here to do. Because, for me, you know, with with business people ask entrepreneurs, what’s your Why? Why are you doing the thing you’re doing? Right? And that’s great. But like, if a mom says to me, I’m building this business, because I have kids. Well, great, but what about those kids? Why is it your kids that make you want to do this? What do you want to do with your kids, right? And so the same thing with a spiritual entrepreneur, like, we have desires on our hearts of things we want to do and there’s a really deep soul reason why we’re on this earth in this moment in time doing the things that we want to do. And so I really had to work through the fact that I was worried that people would think I was crazy because I am a spiritual and rational woman. And then I decided to just say fuck it, this is who I am. This is how I show up in the world. I’m very intelligent, and I’m very spiritual, and I marry the two. And if people don’t like it, they’re not my people. And I just decided one day that I was gonna bring the two together and launch a whole coaching business just around this.

Brandon Handley 13:24
Yeah, no, I love it. I love it too. You know, is there’s so much and I know that, um, you know, sounded to me too, like when you first got when you first started going off and running you you were doing like long form blog writing and kind of researching the copywriting thing, right? learning that marketing bit, right. And that’s, you know, kudos to you because that’s not easy. You know, that’s a, it’s a challenge to be able to, to, you know, figure out how to do that type of writing, figure out what your market is. And then this part where you just kind to burst through and you’re like, Listen, I’m just gonna go with it. Like I can’t, you know, I can’t keep hiding behind purely executive coaching, when that’s not where my heart is. Right? Um, so let’s talk a little bit about that, where it’s like the integration of your spiritual self in the material world, right? Like, this is one that like, I think a lot and for me, it’s a challenge. And I see it as a challenge for a lot of other spiritual people, right? integrating the spiritual with the quote unquote real. And then, like the money aspect of like, well, I don’t want to deal with money like I mean, this is tough for them. So how have you been able to kind of navigate that area?

Unknown Speaker 14:43
So for me, there is no separation between who I am. As Regina, the human business coach and Regina, the spiritual woman. It’s the same thing and something that I teach a lot and this is part of my brand and in my book, thing is that you can be all of the things. We live in a society where oftentimes people say, if you are x profession you need to look like a BMC if you’re a spiritual woman, you need to be pure. You need to be on a yoga mat and you need to be like meditating all the time will fuck that because like that, right? We’re

Brandon Handley 15:22
who listen that gets its is tired. That is that is quite literally tired. Right? And, and

Unknown Speaker 15:32
it sucks. It’s like, it sucks. Well,

Unknown Speaker 15:36
it’s like society gives us boxes and that’s what we’re supposed to be. And if you don’t fit into that, that box and it makes you less legitimate. And one of my first spiritual friends and teachers this girl in Philly, her name’s Reagan. She’s a tarot card reader and she does energy stuff.

Unknown Speaker 15:53

Unknown Speaker 15:56
she’s amazing, and she was my first year. real spiritual friend in Philadelphia and she is almost six feet tall. She’s like tall, thin, Giant Boobs always half naked. And she’s like the spiritual powerhouse. And I remember meeting her and I was like, that is a woman who she is who she is, and she doesn’t care what anybody thinks. And that’s, that’s what I realized. So like, we still are stigmatized in society. Like if you’re a female attorney, you’re supposed to look, talk and act a certain way. If you’re, you can’t be too pretty can’t be too gay. You can’t be to this, you can’t be to that. And so I realized that I’m not going to live my life like that, like I am, who I am. And it’s, there’s a lot of polarities and who I am. It’s very confusing to people, and I don’t care because that’s how we all are. We are all like that. But we try to fit ourselves in boxes so that people can understand us and comprehend us. And so that’s how I was with the spiritual in the business. Like I am very spiritual. And I’m very smart, and I’m very fucking inappropriate. And I could tell you a dick joke in one minute. And I could talk to you about channeling angels in the next right like, and that doesn’t,

Unknown Speaker 17:11
that’s relevant

Unknown Speaker 17:12
and right. And that doesn’t make one less more or less legitimate than the other. Right? And so that’s how I approach everything. And that’s like my mission, especially in working with women like you can be all the things and doesn’t matter what anybody thinks about you. The thing you asked about money, and this is something I see a lot with spiritual entrepreneurs, where there’s almost like this guilt about charging for services or, you know, we have to rewind back and we have to think about what what is money like we A lot of us have these preconditioned notions about money that come from childhood conditioning, and come from these old sayings like money is the root of all evil and like a Seuss associating some sort of like, like low vibration with me. When actually money is energy, money is abundant, like money gives us the ability to serve at such a high level when you the more money you have, I think the more good you can do in the world, so why wouldn’t I want all the money?

Brandon Handley 18:16
Absolutely right. There’s, there’s more people you can serve with it. And I love it and it’s funny that you bring it up. I just got like this random packet of incense. And it’s one of them’s money, right? Yeah. And, and, and why why why bring that up is because I’ve definitely had conversations as I know, they’re my journeys and people like, you know, money’s no different than like the air that you breathe, right? Like, if you take a breath and you stop breathing, which Do you want more? Do you want money or do you want that next breath so which one’s more important to and you know, as anyways, as you know, burning two cents on this is like, oh, wow, look, there I am. I’m literally breathing in money. Yeah. Like I was like, I love it. So, anyways, uh, you know, for me, that was a challenge for me too, I’ll have to admit like, you know, kind of grew up just as like, kind of money being like this this thing, right, this thing and in the way of whatever. And I think that age just like you said this the approach of it, but v was reading the book of the science of getting rich by Wallace D. Wattles. Well, yeah, I was like, I was like, This makes all the sense, right. Like, and I finally like, I mean, things click then. And I was like, I was always so I’m absolutely. And I think that even if somebody can just look at it as an even exchange for energy, right, like, hey, look, it’s just an energy exchange, you’re there, you’re doing a service to provide, you know, if, if I go to a restaurant and they provide me a service, I leave a tip, right? You, you’re providing a service. So I love it.

Unknown Speaker 19:55
And I think we also have to think about like, I had a call with a girl today and she does like spiritual work where she works with women, and helps them to like feel like women who are transitioning and pivoting in life and in business, where she helps them get to their highest energetic frequencies so that they can perform. They can pivot, like she essentially helps them change their life and their perspective. And she charges nothing for it. And I said, you literally offer a service where you are helping to change somebody’s entire life. That’s invaluable. Like, why are you charging more for it? Right?

Brandon Handley 20:33
Yeah. Well, I was listening to, you know, you may know this name. Dan Kennedy is a copywriter. Yeah. Yeah. So he’s got this one session where he’s talking about, like, you know, exchanging people’s money. If you don’t take their money, they’re gonna give it to somebody else. It may as well be you. Yeah. Right. I mean, and not and again, that was another thing that just kind of like resonated I was like, you’re right, like that person, even if they don’t have much money. And they have bad spending habits and all these other things. I’d rather they invest in what I had to give them, then maybe they’re gonna go buy, you know, two cases of beer, whatever, right? So something like that, right?

Unknown Speaker 21:12
Anybody who is struggling with charging their value, something that I have done and I teach people to do is if you have a service that you offer, sit down and make a list of all of the value that you provide people for what you charge them, like see it, like really map it out. And when you look at it, look at the value exchange between what you’re offering and what they’re paying. And then ask yourself like, is this a fair value exchange? Because maybe you’ll look at it and you’ll say, No, I should add a few more things to this, like I should beef this up for what I’m what I’m charging, or you might look at what you’re charging and say, Oh, I don’t charge enough for what I’m doing for this person. But I think like the analytical mind needs that it needs that comparison for me with my coaching. I need to know Know what I’m offering? And I need to be very clear on the value that I bring to the table for my clients. If I wasn’t clear on that I couldn’t charge what I charge.

Brandon Handley 22:10
Sure, do you? I mean, do you do like an ROI sheet for your people? Like, how does that look for you like that conversation?

Unknown Speaker 22:18
I like to just have that conversation with them and have them journal it out for me, and show me and talk to me about it. And I have other ways, like when we figure out rates, like, obviously, I look at what the market is charging, and I look at, you know, what type of business they have and all that. But I also like there is a part of it that intuitively, you need to, you know, you could have a product or service that you offer somebody and the market value is $3,000 for it. But if you don’t feel in alignment with that value, even if its market value, if it feels like too much, you’re never going to get $3,000 for it because you’re not in alignment with that price. Right, right, right. Yeah.

Brandon Handley 22:56
Yeah, no, no, definitely. You know, I’ve definitely had that conversation. I’ve definitely had that in myself, right? So instead of, maybe somebody’s not feeling that they’re worth that value, what do you do? Do you help step them up into that value place? as you’re working with them? What do you do with them?

Unknown Speaker 23:13
I think you start, I think we need to start with people where they’re comfortable or stretch them a little bit. And then we can slowly incrementally because there it’ll be different things for people to know that they’re worth the value that they want to charge. So if you’re working with somebody, and they’re a coach, and you think that for three months of one on one coaching, they should be charging about three grand, but they’re not comfortable with more than charging 1500. I’m not going to start them at three grand, I’m going to start them lower. They’re going to start coaching people, and then they’re going to get testimonials of how they’ve changed people’s lives. And they’re going to really start to see like, wow, I’m really good at these certain things and being a coach and then you incrementally increase the price. That way. They’re in alignment with what they’re charging.

Brandon Handley 24:00
I love it. I love it. I read one guy, Vince Pugliese, who what he’d done was, he chose, like, the golden day on his calendar, right. And he had all the kinds of bookings and what he would do like on that golden day, he would charge like, maybe double or just like once he would love to be paid that day, right? Be like maybe if maybe I’m worth more, and I’m not charging enough. He said, All right. This is the golden day. And he would float that out there. And as somebody said, Yes, he knew he was worth that much and he needed to raise the rest of his numbers. If he didn’t get that number. He didn’t wallow in it. He just went out that day and did something fun, like with his family. Yeah. Yeah. I love that. I love it. So let’s just try to meander here. Again, one of the things I want to try to share here with like this audience is that you can do the soulful business. You do a good job. I think of pivoting people Taking them from their corporate life and kind of into this business. Right. So let’s talk to show. Tell me a little bit about that.

Unknown Speaker 25:07
So I think the pivot from corporate to owning your own business and having a business, it’s more soul aligned. I like for people to do it with a plan. So, I like for people to start to develop the concept and start to if I’m coaching someone who wants to be a coach, they have started to build the business and they start to bring in some clients, and we start to get really clear on what they’re doing and why they’re doing it for the pivot. That’s what I did before I left practice. I started my coaching business before I left, I left faster than I would probably recommend for my clients too, but I’m also a gritty girl from Philadelphia, and I’ll, I’ll do whatever it takes, you know what I mean? Like, but I but it was hard for me. It was hard. It was really hard when I did it. And I really like for people to take Third time and to like create a plan of action.

Brandon Handley 26:03
What about like right about now? Right? What if somebody kind of because of where we are right now transitioned or they’re furloughed? They’re, you know they’re laid off. They’re they’re just literally not able to go do the work that they’ve been able to do. Have you been able to work with anybody like that during this time?

Unknown Speaker 26:24
Yeah, my recommendation for people who are in that particular situation is quick, dirty and simple, like quick action, like get really clear on what you want to do, why you want to do it, the mechanism that you’re going to use to serve and do it quickly. Like there are ways that you can build a business online for free. Essentially, you can build a free website, you can build a free email list. You can build an opt in for your email list. You can do everything. I actually wrote a post on this on my Instagram, about like the five apps applications you need to use to start a business for free today and whatever. So the first one is you can build a free website on Wix or on there was one other one I can’t remember but I know Wix for sure. Oh on GoDaddy, Wix and GoDaddy, you can build a website for free. You can build an email list initially for free on MailChimp. You can also build I believe you can build your lead magnet like the the landing page, you can build it on

Unknown Speaker 27:34
what’s called

Unknown Speaker 27:34
MailChimp and you can build it on Google Drive. And that’s it and then you can build an opt in for free on a free version of Canva oh you can go into Canva you can make a free logo, you can pick free brand colors, and you can literally have a branded free website often lead magnet all of it. Like you could literally if you really wanted to do it. You could do it tonight in like four hours.

Brandon Handley 27:59
Absolutely hundred percent. I love it. Absolutely. I’ll throw one more on there in there for some people that are trying to monetize their mail list. There’s a song like and it’s like a free plugins called can’t can’t campaign z. It’s like a front end that’ll add somebody to the mailing list and you can charge a subscription fee or a one time thing for that. So it’s pretty interesting. Yeah, you can spin it all up. And that that quick, for zero dollars. It’s just a matter of kind of putting yourself out there. Let’s talk about that for a second. Like putting yourself out there. Right. Like, I mean, do you recall, I think writing your first blog is definitely one where you’re just kind of putting yourself out there. That’s one, but then like, maybe your first podcast, your first video, the interviews, right, those firsts. How were they you know, what was that like to put yourself out there like that, huh?

Unknown Speaker 28:53
You know, there’s a reason why entrepreneurs are obsessed with self development and mindset. We’re Because everything that we do, especially when we start our business is really, really stretches us because we’re doing things we’ve never done before. And it’s not like I would say for me, I started with videos, I started wanting to know I started with writing long formed captions and posts. And I decided as I was building my brand that I was going to I love to tell story. I’m a storyteller. I love to write. And so I decided I was going to use that as my first way to connect. So I started just speaking my truth and telling my stories and sharing about my life. That wasn’t hard for me because I like to do it. I then I started to do videos, I would go live on Facebook all the time. And the first few times, it’s hard, like, you’re like nobody’s here. Nobody’s watching. But I mean, nobody’s watching. Nobody knows who you are yet. Like you got to start somewhere. And then Instagram Stories like Instagram story. Stories are just the best tool for people to get to know you, and to get to know your everyday life. And again, it’s hard and it’s weird. You’re like filming your life in a way you’ve never had before. Now, I love it. I film everything. My friends are like, oh, we’re a Z list celebrities on Regina story, like, you know, so you just get used to it. None of it like, Oh, it’s not intuitive to being a human like a lot of these things like, filming yourself recording yourself talking like, but you just have to, like, do it.

Brandon Handley 30:30
Right. Right. I agree. I still remember. I still remember all my notes. kind of remember my first time like, my first podcast, right? I’m sitting in a corner just kind of like recording like really soft toys and just kind of like, in this is what’s happening. soft voice right? Yeah, kind of tucked away. I’m like hope nobody hears me but I’m about the suddenness of the rest of the world. As soon as you press that button and send it out. You’re like, Oh shit, am I gonna blow up my gonna catch on fire? No, nothing happens and that’s okay. And my first face With live I had a USB headset plugged into the computer. And so the mic was trying to pick it up on the US I did like seven or eight minutes and people thought I can’t hear it was like what, let me get closer, and like seven minutes have not even been able to deliver all feeling like super embarrassed. I think my kid definitely like one of my kids like jumping around on me and that’s okay. Like it was a podcast or fatherhood. That was that was what I was doing that. And then I realized like, everything was no good. I unplugged it and I did it again. Like, immediately I was like, You know what? I was like, You got it. I can’t put any space in between. Can’t put any space in between that I gotta go again. And, and with the and just with, you know, doing videos. It’s just it becomes natural, right. I think like, I think you know, walking wasn’t easy, right? But we figured it out.

Unknown Speaker 31:55
Yeah. And I think like we see people like when we get started we see people who have been doing doing it. And we think like, oh, like, that’s so good. Like, how did you do that? Like, how are you like that, like, I’ll never be like that. I got so good with doing videos because before I started my business as a coach, I, when I was working full time, I was a network marketer. So I did network marketing for a little bit. And the best thing about that was, it taught me how to sell it taught me how to go live, it taught me how to do really uncomfortable things that like were not intuitive to me. So now it’s like second, like somebody could say to me, hey, go live on my Facebook right now. I’d be like, okay, and I just go live and talk about whatever they want me to talk about. Right? I wasn’t always like that.

Brandon Handley 32:38
Like, I think I think that you bring up something really, uh, you know, kind of poignant there right? We’re talking about creating a business and if you’ve never been in sales and you’re doing the spiritual coaching thing, closing the sale. Oh, yeah. Asking for the money right and and you talk to what do you what do you tell what do you teach her? What do you teach her? about that.

Unknown Speaker 33:01
I mean, the first thing is the the thing that we talked about earlier, it’s feeling like you’re worth what you’re asking for. I have no hesitation asking for what I charge as a coach, and I don’t negotiate it, like I might give you, I might give people like a monthly plan, smaller payments, but I charge what I charge, and I offer what I offer. But I’m also very much in alignment with what I offer in the value. So that’s the first thing you have to feel aligned. Like you have to have a soul alignment with what you’re doing to be able to ask for the sale. The second thing about asking for the sale is like you don’t really I don’t even feel like I’m asking for the sale. The way that I coach. And the way that I run sales calls is I get on and I talk to them about them. It’s not about me, what’s your problem? What’s your issue? What do you need a solution to? And I really pay attention to what their pain points are. And I think about it, do I solve these pain points? Can I make their life easier with the services and the skills that I have? have, like today I had a sales call I two sales calls today. And both of the girls, I can solve their problems in their businesses hands down. And so I made that very clear. This is what I do. This is how I work. This is how I solve your problems. This is what we do together. And this is what it looks like. And by the end of the call, both of the girls were like, I need you, how much do you charge? And that’s the thing. It’s like, I don’t even think of it as like selling. It’s like how do I What’s your problem? And do I have a solution? And and then explaining to them the solution that I have and why I can serve them. And then the price is just, it just is what it is. Right?

Brandon Handley 34:38
Right. I love that. So I mean you’re you’re just you’re simply looking to serve and that’s what it is is more of a service call.

Unknown Speaker 34:45
Totally everything and I coach like this is the thing too. If anybody’s listening, that’s a coach. People don’t if people have never coached with a coach before. They don’t quite know what a coaching experience is like. So give them an experience when you get on a sales call. with them, how do I serve you today? And what do you need help with in your business? Like for me, people that I’m getting on calls with have been watching me for a long time. And they know people who know me, so they’ve been referred to me. So I have a lot of credibility that’s been built up that people know that I’m a successful coach. If you’re beginning that’s okay. If you don’t have that yet, but get on. So, okay, so yeah, totally get on the call with them and offer them a solution to a problem that they’re having now coach them and give them that experience. And then by the end of the call, they’re like, wow, you gave me so much value. How do I work with you?

Brandon Handley 35:37
Right, right. We met through so you and I, we met through Lisa Archer rose deli, and she was she was my first coach. And what was so awesome for me in that coaching experience was having somebody that was on my side, right, having somebody who was like, I still remember when I told her I want to do podcasting instead of There’s all this other stuff that wasn’t like, What are you thinking? we work so hard for this? She was like, I help you do that. What are you trying to do? I was like, Why aren’t you saying no? Right? So it’s like the, you know, giving given them me the freedom to chase my dreams. And I and so when you’ve got somebody like that when you’re able to do that for somebody else that’s, that’s fire. Mm hmm. Right? I mean, tell somebody that Yeah, they should go live their dreams, right? And then showing them how they can do it. I mean, you we talked about earlier, it’s like that’s invaluable like when you’re changing that and really so she was a sales coach then and and and we have lots of fun talking about like, you know, this stuff applies like everywhere, like you talked about earlier, right. You can apply this in business you can apply this in family but like you’re choosing right now to kind of do this sole purpose. And there’s a you know, there’s one of the phrases use quite a bit. And I was just curious on the language, he probably got it somewhere about soul contract. Talk to us about what a soul contract is.

Unknown Speaker 37:08
So I believe that every person before we come to this earth in this lifetime, our soul comes for a purpose. And that’s a soul contract, we have a contract with our soul. Our soul has contracts with other souls that we make before we come to Earth. So that we can we can have certain lessons lived out in this lifetime. And so I believe that our businesses are either a fulfillment can be a fulfillment of that soul contract, I think that mine is, or our business should be in alignment with that, like maybe, maybe a woman soul contract is that she’s supposed to come to this lifetime and have get married and have a baby and that baby for a certain reason to fulfill the contract. So maybe creating the business is to assist her so that she can be a mother and live that life and do Those things right? So I don’t think we don’t haphazardly come to earth when we’re born like, I don’t think happen, like happens like that. We come for a distinct purpose. And I’m all about helping people figure out how their business is, can fulfill that or assist that.

Unknown Speaker 38:17
Okay, I like that like that a lot. Um,

Brandon Handley 38:21
I think I think that that’s one of the things too that uh, you know, for me, like kind of awakening to any sole purpose, or any, any type of awakening was kind of later in my life seems like it hit you a little bit earlier. Do you feel like you know that that awakening kind of happens when it’s meant to happen? So you’re like, oh, man, I got a I’ve got a contract to fulfill. Mm hmm.

Unknown Speaker 38:40
Yeah, I do. I think we have to be open to it and like, there’s little knocks and like pings through our life and we often ignore them. And for most of us, we have to end up like, on the floor of our office or you know,

Brandon Handley 38:54
so that’s that’s one thing that kills me right like, you always see like people like all you got to hit rock bottom before. bounce back up. And that wasn’t it for me, right? Like I definitely was not rock bottom. And nobody wants to hear like, God, you know what, it wasn’t that much for me. Like, I just decided to make this shift and it was decided nobody fucking wants to hear that, like, we need like when I quit drinking, for example, right like, what did you hit your wife? I was like, why do I need to hit my wife to stop drinking? And that doesn’t like I just it just wasn’t serving me anymore.

Unknown Speaker 39:22

Brandon Handley 39:25
And so I love it. I love it though. So that’s what I was gonna say. There’s like that feeling that you get right when you’re laying there and or like those knocks at the door. And I think that what you’re referring to, to me when I think about it, I’m going to like Joseph Campbell’s hero of 1000 faces, right? The hero’s call, right? So there there’s a I think there’s a penalty if you don’t answer that feeling, right like and do you talk to that at all like if somebody comes up to him like I’m feeling this Burke spiritual way. I’m feeling this inside, but I don’t think I should answer it. You do you talk to him through that? What do you what do you do with that?

Unknown Speaker 40:07
Yeah, I mean, I think the penalty is like living a life where you’re feeling unfulfilled, the dislike the desires of our hearts and like the desires that we have to do things like they’re there for a reason. But we have them because there’s something in us that wants to fulfill that in one way shape or form and it might not look the way we think it Look, it may not end up looking the way we think it’s going to look. But the punishment quote unquote, is just that. We’re going to feel were you your punishment could be spending a lifetime wishing for me it would have been spending a legal career wishing I was doing something that was more meaningful, or where I had more time freedom and life freedom.

Brandon Handley 40:47
Would you say like me that’s that’s to me, that would be the definition of hell. Yeah, like, the purest definition of hell would be not to live out your soul contract.

Unknown Speaker 40:55
Yeah, and most people live in that

Brandon Handley 41:00
You know, I got I got plenty of theories on that one, too. But I mean, like, you know, when when you’re taking medication or something like that you’re really just trying to silence silence that,

Unknown Speaker 41:09
yeah, right?

Brandon Handley 41:11
You go messing with the mind like that you’re gonna, you’re gonna go to now something you’re missing out. So you’ve got a book you’re working on. Tell us a bit about that.

Unknown Speaker 41:24
So the book I’m working on is, it’s, it’s gonna sound funny because it’s a little bit different than what I do as a spiritual business coach, but I spend a lot of time talking to women and working with women. And I have also spent a lot of my life dating and dating and dating. And I realized that there’s no there’s no books out there that speak to me the way that I would like to be spoken to in dating. And I I wanted to create a book that kind of highlights the humorous things that happen have happened in my dating life. And the lessons that have come from all of those relationships states, one night stands, all the things. And so I’ve been writing this book now, where each chapter is a different lesson and a different person. And a different every person has like a funny nickname, like because my friends and I, everybody I date we give them like nicknames. And so it’s like, what’s the lesson? And what can I teach you from that lesson? Like, for example, I sit with women all the time, and they’re like, I just can’t meet somebody who I want to be with. And I just keep ending up with these losers. And I say to them, Well, what do you want? What do you want to be with? And my one girlfriend was like I was I wrote about this in the book. She was like, I want someone who’s nice to me, and who has a job and I said, Honey, that’s like asking for air. Like, given that he’s nice to you and he has a job, what are like the core value pillars that you want in a Man, like the future father of your children and a husband, and let’s get very clear about it. And so like that whole chapter is about, like, if we don’t know what we want, and we don’t get very clear on it, we’re calling everyone in energetically. So how do we get clear? So it’s all about that. So it’s funny. It’s a little bit vulgar, but it’s also soulful, kind of like meat, vulgar, funny and soulful.

Brandon Handley 43:24
I love it. I love it. I think I think it’s entertaining but I think you also hit right there to look that’s a that’s a lesson that applies everywhere right? You know until you until you get clear on what you want. It’s not how are you going to know when it shows up? Exactly right. And you keep throwing back and like yeah, you go back also with like, what do you want was first question right first because they’re always like, this is what I don’t want. I don’t want this I don’t want that. I don’t want this. I don’t want that. And He better not smoke.

Unknown Speaker 43:54

Brandon Handley 43:56
Right. And then like a ninja like well That’s great. And those are the things that keeps showing up. What What do you actually want though? Because that’s that’s what you’re putting out there. Right energy. I

Unknown Speaker 44:07
think that applies in all areas of life like we are. So I don’t know about you, but like growing up, I kind of had a fear of saying what I really wanted because it was like, Don’t jinx it. Like, you don’t want to jinx that. Right, right, right. No. And so, I’ve gotten very clear about No, this is what I want. This is what I’m calling in. Like, even in dating. We were joking recently with my friends. Like a few months ago, I was like, I wouldn’t meet a guy and I went on this litany like, so specific. I was like, I want someone like this I want someone like this. Like I want Richard Gere and pretty woman like I was saying like it was just we’re having this conversation. And then like two weeks later, I meet this guy who is everything I very clearly and intentionally have stated that I want it and that applies in business that applies in relationships like we should have such clarity around what we are calling into our lives and what we’re seeking. And then just like when you say like, I want this particular type of car, like you start to see that car everywhere. It’s the same thing with our business, our relationships, our friendships, like all of that.

Brandon Handley 45:14
I mean, talk to that though, a little bit, right? Like the, the idea of being okay with stating what you desire, right? but also being okay with not knowing how it’s going to show up, right? Because I think that that’s where a big part where people kind of get get busted, right. It’s like, well, it has to happen like this. Here’s how I see it happening. Right? Do you coach people to say, listen, stop worrying so much about the how and just get clear on what it is you actually want to show up?

Unknown Speaker 45:45
Yeah, and also have flexibility with the way it’s going to be like, we don’t always know how things are going to turn out. And maybe you have something like you want something but the only reason you want it is because that one and that desire. And the actions you take to get there are actually going to teach you something and open your eyes up to something else that you want. So like, life never life often doesn’t look like what we imagine with our narrow rational animal brain. Like, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 46:18
yeah. Um,

Brandon Handley 46:21
when, when is that, you know, you’re kind of going into this space how much actually opened up right? Like, you know, you’ve and just like what you’re saying here like you probably saw like a few small pieces of what was possible. How much has it actually opened up for you

Unknown Speaker 46:36
so much. But I also like, when I decided to do something, I decided to do it. And so when I started my business, I moved from Philadelphia to Phoenix, Arizona, and I knew no one here and I decided that I was going to go balls to the wall and meet everybody in this community and I every day of the week For a three month period of time, said, you have to connect with a new person. You either have to have coffee with them, have a zoom with them, do a podcast with them for three months straight Monday through Friday, I met a new human being and intentionally put effort into that. And it’s been the greatest blessing and benefits in my business.

Brandon Handley 47:22
That’s awesome. No, that’s, that’s a great approach to write. And I don’t think that you have to move across the country to do it either. Right. Like I think, I think that a lot of people are hesitant to kind of go jump into a new space again, because it’s it’s new, right and put themselves out there. But the funny thing is, is when you go to a new place, or go to like new meetings and meet up with new people, a they don’t know who you are, they’ve never met you before. So you can be whoever you want, right? Like in that space. Right? You can bring the best of who you think you are in that moment. They’re totally Yeah. I love it. What is anything you think we should have covered by now that you throw out there?

Unknown Speaker 48:05
No, I mean, that I feel like we we talked about so many different things. write

Brandon Handley 48:14
books that altered like your whole perception

Unknown Speaker 48:18
of the first book. There’s a few.

Unknown Speaker 48:23
Dr. Joe dispenza says, breaking the habit of being yourself was probably one of the greatest tools of my life. It’s a little science heavy at the beginning, but once you get into it, it really taught me that I can really change who I am and how my brain works. Louise Hay. She really showed me the power of mantras and affirmations and the metaphysical world. David Hawkins, he was a power versus force and my favorite book of his is called letting go it’s All about letting go of the control that we think we have. That’s an illusion. A big one for me was Gabby Bernstein, spirit junkie. It’s all about all the love. The biggest thing about Gabby and what she teaches is that especially early writings of hers, all the love that we need in the world is inside of us. And so stop seeking what we’re seeking from the outside world. Those I would say those books in the beginning, like,

Unknown Speaker 49:27
were the biggest, biggest things from biggest teachers for me. And then I

Unknown Speaker 49:32
also like I invest in coaches, I always have a coach. I’m always in a mastermind. I always have a I just mean, a couple of my girlfriends were coaches, we just started a weekly accountability group to kick each other’s asses. So I always am working with somebody and always having somebody accountable. So

Brandon Handley 49:52
are you inspired by like Jim Rohn on that one would like to know surround yourself with like the five people that you surround yourself by, you know, whereas we’re What kind of drives you to do want to do that? Or is that just innate?

Unknown Speaker 50:04
That’s innate? I have always, I’m a communal person. So if I’m going to do something great, I want to do great things with great people. And it’s been like that when I was in law school, I had a group of girlfriends and we studied for every single exam together, we studied for the bar exam together, like your success is my success. And that’s how I’ve always lived my life. And then when I got into business and into the world that I’m in, I joined a mastermind in LA, which was just the best best experience. I loved that group so much. And from there, I gained these beautiful entrepreneur friends and we are each other’s biggest cheerleaders. We refer each other clients like so. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 50:49
Who’s your ideal client?

Unknown Speaker 50:51
My ideal client is somebody I will work with men or women. I tend to work more with women. I want somebody who has As a desire on their heart that they are not fulfilling right now. And they want to figure out the structure and the system and the mechanism through which they can put it out into the world. I want to work with people and I work with people who they’ve already decided, I don’t want somebody who is like, I don’t know, maybe I want to do this thing. Now. I want people who are like, on their journey, they have decided it’s time to make a change. They are just at that point where they’re like, I need somebody to coach me and teach me how to do these things.

Brandon Handley 51:35
Right now. Amen. Right. Amen. Like it, they’re not ready to. They’re not ready to take the leap. Right? Like, you can’t push them. Right? That makes sense, right? I mean, they gotta be ready. You just, I mean, you’re really just trying to pick up the pieces,

Unknown Speaker 51:48
right? And also I got to teach the concepts and provide information and to to encourage, but

Unknown Speaker 51:56
the power is in the person who is taking the Action,

Brandon Handley 52:00
for sure. I love it. I love it. Where should everybody reach out to you like Where should we go find you.

Unknown Speaker 52:08
So I probably spend most of my time on Instagram at Regina a Lawrence la w. e MC. And then my website is Regina Lawrence calm and that has some good freebies on it and different ways that people can work with me.

Brandon Handley 52:23
Awesome way. Thanks for hanging out today. And, you know, joining me and sharing your story with everybody.

Unknown Speaker 52:29
Thanks for having me. Good.

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