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don’t hit that car. Been a long time since I’ve done a live Facebook Live, that’s for sure. And to be honest with you, I don’t really even know what I’ve got for you today. Other than, you know, Megan, I been, you know, going through like a lot of different things, you know, both of us kind of growing in our own ways. And I think that that is how things are supposed to be in life, people grow the way that they grow. Same way that as I’m passing on nursery, right, you know, an oak tree is gonna grow different than a flower. Right? But the flower and the oak tree aren’t gonna look at each other and be like, why aren’t you growing? Like I’m growing. And I think that, you know, a, that’s the way it’s supposed to be like, in a relationship when one person is not supposed to grow, just like the other. But I also think that there’s going to be, there’s going to be areas of intersection as kind of like almost like a DNA helix, right, there’s going to be areas of intersection overlap. And an area that we were talking about the other day, was talking about, throat being pretty tight, right here. And, you know, just talking about like, throat, throat chakra is and, and speaking, speaking your truth, as it were. And, and, yeah, that’s just kind of what I was feeling. This was really interesting. And I don’t know if it’s because of BJJ. And getting choked out that that could be, but I don’t feel like I got choked out too much in the past couple days. So. So it’s just this is kind of this, this blockage almost in in the throat, from not sharing your truth, not sharing who you are. And I had a great opportunity yesterday to share my truth and kind of speak through this a little bit with a fella named Mike IML, he is on Instagram, check him out really cool guy does, does purpose work, which can be used in a number of different ways. But he and I had a great conversation around what it’s like to not speak your truth. And it’s almost, it’s almost like it’s almost like a darkening yourself, you know, putting, putting a shade on who you are. Because you’re afraid

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maybe shining too bright. You’re afraid of someone you know, disagreeing with you or afraid of someone not accepting you as you are or being accepted as you are in the place that you are. And so you hold back. You hold back your your thoughts, you hold back your emotions, you hold back any number of things. And also had a second conversation yesterday with this gentleman, Don Smith, who who does work in this space as well. And his work is to kind of go back to the area where this was formed. He calls he says it’s like a phobia. And how phobias are created in an instant, right? How quickly does a phobia get created? How quickly did you become when you became afraid of snakes? How quickly did you become afraid of spiders or insects and your reaction became what it is to the things that you react to. And that is he called it a neurological versus intellectual. Right. So that’s that was created intellectually. And it’s really hard to unwrap these triggers these phobias, this phobia of you not being able to be the truth of who you are. And how that how challenging that is going to be to unwrap through a to an intellectual way. And he posits that this phobia can be overcome just as quickly as it was created. That is instant instantly. However, it has to be done in a neurological kind of way, that he’s found the way that he is found, helps to remedy this in a three to four hour session, and you know, walks you through a path and then gets you to this place where he’s got what he calls like, dual sound device,

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double sound, if

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I’d have to look at it again, but essentially, the way I like and is, you know, there’s there’s a ultrasonic devices that clean, clean debris off of off of like scalpels off of when you’re doing your teeth, you know, dental instruments. And the thought is, is like what is what is doing is it’s sending such a vibration, it’s such a level that it’s physical. It’s not, it’s emotional, rather, really. And that’s also what we’re talking about is this emotional bond is created, is created at an emotional level, like emotional vibrational level, I would have to say, Don, even though we’re not talking right now, that such that it kind of clasps and hooks itself into such a position that it’s locked for forever, almost. And then you’ve got to some of these associates vibrations, to disrupt that, that grasp, right, to disrupt it. That was the way I kind of envisioned it when he talks about what he does, but he walks you through the path talks about how you get there. And, you know, it’s kind of tragic, when you think about it, the amount of people that aren’t sharing the truth of who they are. Maybe, because I know often in my own is, since I’m like, well, maybe it’s just not going to come across in a way that’s easily understood, which is a challenge, right? Since that’s a work on the communication aspect become a better communicator, when you’re trying to really share what it is that you believe could work. And, you know, sometimes there’s more work that goes into it that you just haven’t done yet. So the challenge and trying to get somebody to understand something new is to work with them to understand it, right. So there’s a little bit of dance in the conversation before you get to that spot. But I think that we’ve all been in a situation where we’re with someone, and we want to make a good impression we want to make, we just want to be seen, right want to see, we want us to be seen in a good way, the way that they would accept this good, if that makes sense, right? So that we want to be seen by them in a way that is acceptable to them. And that causes a challenge because we don’t really know all the ways that they will accept us as as the person they want us to be or they would accept. So the alternative is to simply just be who you are, be who you are in that moment. And finish this up, I guess with the class that I’ve been taking Craven personal mastery with Sreekumar Rao, and just some other just amazing people. It’s a group of I think, just shy of 20 people from around the world. And it’s been a 12 week course. And the interaction with some of these people, the access to some people would be access to people that I would never imagine myself to be surrounded by see CFOs entrepreneurs of highest caliber, you know, world renowned people in their space. And here I am. And you know, there’s this voice of judgment there for myself and like, Who am I supposed to be in this situation? You know, I’ve come into this through the route of spiritual dose should I be like the super spiritual dude and all this stuff where you know, or can I just be me or whoever I need to be? What’s my reaction? What’s my gut, telling me? What’s my heart telling me and how is my heart telling me to speak in this situation. And I think that when we when we speak from our heart, if anybody’s ever done some, some research on this to research is showing that the reaction there’s an emotion and there’s like a tiny little brain, like I think it’s like 40,000 cells within the heart that seems to be able to intercept what’s going to happen to you As much as six seconds before it actually happens to you. So your heart and your emotion reacts prior to any event happening within your life. And a lot of times we disregard that, that in that initial instinct, the thing that

is there from our heart, right, not intellectually, not thinking to ourselves, oh, what’s he going to say, and, versus just saying what’s on, you know, coming from

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your heart,

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this emotion, this, this truth, as it were. And when you when you follow that, you’re just being who you’re being, you’re not trying to be somebody that you’re not. You’re not even trying to be your authentic self. Because when you’re trying to be your authentic self, when you’re trying to do anything. You know, you’re, you’ve got in your mind that you’re trying, first of all, you’ve got in your mind that this isn’t who you are, versus just doing the thing, versus just being the thing, right. So instead of trying to

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just like, you know, you’re Oh, man, hold on a second, we got to merge, oh, this guy’s not gonna let me do it. You gotta let me do it. Come on, man. You’re gonna make me go that fast. All right. All right.

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instead of trying to be something just be in the moment. Right, we talked about Who Are You Being was one of the final concepts of this course that we’re in, who are you being in the moment, and you can be whoever you want to be in that moment. But just be conscious of that. went on, I’m with my children. And, you know, we’re doing our things in my, you know, in my, I’m just being there. I’m not trying to be Dad, I’m not trying to be Brandon, I’m not trying to be spiritual dope, I’m not trying to be anything other than who I am. And when you’re, when you’re doing and being who you are, and you’re speaking from the heart, and you’re letting it all go, you’re freeing yourself, right? You’re freeing yourself, you’re liberating your own. You’re freeing your third chakra, you’re, you’re loosening that up. And that’s, you know, speaking your truth. And that was just something that I know that I was thinking of, this morning, on the way into BJJ, as I felt like I said that my throat tightened up a little bit. And to me, feels like an intersection between both Mike and I are having our own personal spiritual journeys, as it were. And to me, this is a this is an intersection, this is where we’re both kind of having having this thing and and the thing is, is that we’re gonna both handle it differently. She’s gonna process the way that she’s going to process this, and it’s going to benefit her, and she’s going to have her growth, the way that she’ll have her growth, just the same way that I’ll process mine in a different way as well. And it’ll be it’ll be different for me. The same way that an oak tree grows different from a daffodil, it’s the same way that the two of us are grown in our relationship. Neither one is better or greater than another. They’re just different. And in a way that I know that I appreciate her and what she’s going through and how she grows. And you know, I know that she tells me that she appreciates the way that I’m growing and what I’m going through and so, you know, I put that out there for people who are in a relationship a, you know, to just kind of look at it in that way, especially if you’re in one of those relationships where maybe you feel like you’re having this crazy growth, you’re having a growth spurt. And you’re wondering what what’s going to happen with your loved one Why aren’t they good? They’re not growing like you. Of course, they’re not that’s the fucking poster bro. Like you do. They grow like they do. And you just, you know, if you’re married, you love me unconditionally, right? You love them for what it is that they’re going through what is they’re teaching you if they’re triggering you, that’s within you. What are the triggers within you that you can address so that you’re no longer triggered by the things that you’ve been triggered by right if you’re, if you’re reacting to a trigger, you’re reacting to a subconscious a subconscious thing that that’s making you feel a certain way that you don’t you don’t want to feel and and react acting in a way that you may not have a positive outcome. So, I don’t know if those are those are most of the things I have in this morning’s conversation. So thanks for checking it out, checked it out. And if you haven’t checked out the podcast check it out spiritual dope. co has some great guests on there, Eric nice. It’s been a recent one. Trying to think who I just released this weekend that was another I think really enjoyable one. just just just the the guests I think are have been amazing. And you know, I think the listeners and the people that have reached out, continue to be amazing continue to give me encouragement to keep going and so it makes me makes me keep going. So check that out. And we’ll talk later

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