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What is going on? Good morning, good day, we are coming from jujitsu this morning. And I wanted to get to this before I forgot, it’s a it’s been a year. Solid. It’s been over a year, a little over a year now since the beginning of spiritual dope, and wanted to, you know, thank you for being there for be supportive for being on for, you know, reaching out. And, and just being a part of the podcast. And you know, it’s really been interesting, because I can still remember reaching out to a friend of mine after having kind of the idea. And he pressed me a little bit. Allen Allen pressed me a little bit on whether or not I thought that I was just having this kind of like, hey, wouldn’t it be nice if, and you just go ahead and you know, just kind of on being distracted. And, you know, the next shiny thing. And I told him, I said, Man, now this is this is it? This is, uh, this is my jam. Good morning, ma’am. That’s bright neon, you’re wearing? pretty slow. That’s not spiritual? Or is it? Who knows? Um, so the, the idea is, uh, he, he was like, rah, you know, be sure. And and I told him, I said, Absolutely, you know, I just kind of, I had a vision kind of thing. And it’s ever since then ever since opening this up. You know, Father, for the rest of us was pretty good. I think that had a really nice run, and it opened up fairly well as well. But this, this podcast has, has opened up and this in a way that certainly could not have predicted, I wouldn’t have been able to tell you that. Uh, you year later, I would have interviewed some amazing people I had on, you know, one of my favorite teachers out there, one of my favorite teachers out there Sreekumar Rao, where he lives on the, on the books. And I’m currently in creative personal mastery course that he has with no real live people, which is fantastic, enjoying enjoying the hell out of it. But, you know, the deal is, I wouldn’t told you a year ago that he was going to be on the podcast, I was I would have been able to a year ago that I would have had on Emmy Award winning actors wouldn’t have been able to tell you a year ago that, you know, Anthony mine dough would have been on Hell, I don’t know that I would have been able to tell you a year ago that I was going to be able to find enough guests to come on and share their stories. It’s easily been I don’t know that I’ve missed a week. So it’s easily been, you know, 52. And, you know, and more interviews that have been done with people that have found spirituality in one way or another, and been able to implement it into their lives and been able to integrate it. And I think that that’s the most important part of this whole thing is that

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in order to function with the rest of society, you have to be able to, and that’s if you want to, you have to be able to implement this in such a way that you feel good about everything that you’re doing that you’re in alignment with, what you deem as spirituality, and how it can benefit you and others at all times. versus trying to keep it separate. Trying to keep it separate. I use the I use the image of when Neo goes in and he gets pulled in for the first time before he gets pulled into the out of the matrix before he meets Morpheus and they play. It’s the it’s the security guys, right? They come in and they are they tell them to say hey, in one life One area you’re, you’re Mr. Anderson knew your clean cut, you come to work, you do your nine to five. And that’s, that’s great. That’s, that’s what’s expected out of you. And the other than they say, hey, the other person, they pull off this huge stack of, of papers on them say that this other guy that does Neo is a, somebody that we don’t approve of. And you can make a choice right now and kind of say, you know, which which one of these differ to be? Do you want to help us? And do you want to stay in your your? Do you want to keep doing your nine to five and keep being the good boy? Or do you want to do want to go and be this this other person where evidently you spend more time to begin with. And that’s really where I think a lot of us find ourselves and myself included, which is why the podcast, right, which is why you go when you find others that are doing what you would like to be doing and you and you interview them, and you talk to them and share their stories out. I’ve certainly found more way more and more ways to implement it in my own life and have implemented and integrated spirituality. In my life, then when I started because it was really keeping them separate often. And to me that was challenging. And, and so this podcast aims to do that for you as well. How can you integrate all this stuff into your own life? How can you make this part of the fabric of everything that you do? And, you know, I was talking to you, I was talking to somebody else yesterday about the idea of Einstein, you know, of course, I bring them up all the time and the line of either everything is a miracle or nothing is a miracle. And the other pieces, I think I heard, you know, Swami is very apparent or pre Nanda, say, from the vedantic, Vedic society, Vedanta society, of New York, and he brings up the line that either everything’s God or nothing is God. And when you start to think along those lines, when you start to think along those lines, it changes the dynamic, it changes, few changes, change, you change the way you think, and you what you see changes. And it’s really, it’s really interesting, When, when, when that starts to happen. And you start to see the impact that you can have on your own reality just by changing your own thoughts. And, and, to me, that’s the pure essence of spirituality, that whatever’s inside of us is what comes out within the spirit of, right how many times I remember, when I was working for Cisco, we would always be doing, doing these big deals, and then something kind of like would fall out of that deal. And the line would be alright, well, listen, we don’t really need to go through all the rigmarole all the finances all that everything that that went into the first creation of this deal, we’re gonna do this in the spirit of the deal. Right? So TD spirit of the deal. So when you’re when you’re doing something, anything, it’s the spirit of view, it’s it’s it’s your spirituality, what’s inside of you. is absolutely what’s going to come out. The other story on that is Wayne Dyer, has has the story of an orange. And he’s talking to his audience. And, and the idea is, you know what, the orange only thing come out of an orange is orange juice. Right? whatever’s in there is all it can come out.

Sreekumar Rao does it with a Indian dessert. That’s the story on that one, whatever’s inside is what’s going to come out. So whatever’s inside of you is what’s going to come. So whatever you keep putting inside of yourself, right? Because that’s the other thing that that’s super important that I’ve learned over this past year. And I’m sure that you know, you hear your entire life, but you just kind of you kind of dust it off. And you think to yourself, Well, this isn’t for me, this is for some other son of a bitch, or some motherfucker. It’s not for me. And then, you know, it turns out that it absolutely is for you. So whatever you put inside of you is absolutely what’s going to come out. And one way you can. One way you can see this for yourself is I don’t know if you still listen to a lot of music or you watch a lot of shows. But pay attention to some of the things that you’re saying. Because here’s the here’s the thing, it doesn’t come from you comes from what you put inside of you. So do you, you know, listen to a song and then, you know, a couple days later, you’re singing that song again? Did you watch the show and a couple days later, those are the words that are coming out of your mouth that will work for books and work for movies. Whatever goes, whatever you consume, especially mentally is 100%, what’s going to come out of you? So, anyways, it’s been, it’s been a hell of a year. I think that I’m really excited for where it’s going, what what’s happened with it, and, you know, some of the connections that I’ve made and the people that I’ve met, and the ability to, to do it is been, to me, it’s been awesome, right? I’ve got it, you know, a huge thanks to mag for connecting me with guests for being supportive of the podcast for the children being supportive, as well, you know, without my family being supportive of it really makes it a challenge to do. And without your support as well. I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t keep doing it. So thank you. For for the, for the support. 100%. Thank you for being you. And I you know, I hope that hope that some of these, I hope that some of these people that have been on have have been able to help you as well. They’ve been able to just help guide you and get you to a place where you’re you’re able to integrate spirituality in your own life. And that’s gonna be it. Yeah. Happy, Happy anniversary.

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