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Hello, and welcome to the Spiritual Dope podcast.

This is Brandon Handley voice of a generation and I will be your host for this podcast.

Let’s talk a little bit about what this podcast is going to address so that you know what you’re getting into.

First of all, this podcast is going to have interviews weekly with people who have found like their spiritual outie, who have found some type of awakening moment, and they’re going to figure out how to integrate that with their business and thrive in that business.

We’re going to be sharing that as well as I’m going to be sharing individual podcasts where I do solo work, and I’m simply sharing insights as they come along to me.

So who can you expect to be on the podcast again, entrepreneurs, people who have done well in business or continue to do well in business who have again, they are They’ve had an awakening moment. They are very spiritually aligned. They’ve got purpose, they’ve gotten intention, they’ve got vision. And we’re really gonna just see what it’s like. And really, they’re also doing this. outside of the normal constraints.

I really want to highlight those factors, these people aren’t doing what is considered the norm.

They’ve kind of gone off the track. And they’re following their own path and they’re blazing their own path and they’re their own light and they’re sharing that with you.

And, you know, really what I want you to be able to see is, if this is for you, if you’re a seeker if you’ve been trying to figure out your purpose, your passion, your whole reason for being or you’ve had an awakening moment, or you’re on the cusp of an awakening moment, and just, maybe you’re freaking out, man.

Maybe you’re freaking out and you’re Just looking for someplace to tell you that it’s okay. It’s okay. That’s actually kind of awesome.

This is a place where you can flourish.

This is someplace where you are welcome is someplace that you know, Amazing Grace, you may have been lost, but now you are indeed found. So, you know, what else can you expect here?

When can you expect these releases? We’re going to do you know, when I say we, I plan on having weekly Sunday releases of the interview, plan on having those released, so maybe you’re just kind of hanging out on Sunday, you can catch the interviews.

Hopefully, they’re an inspiration for you during the week.

And you can take a look as somebody who is a psychic, right, I’ve got psychics lined up, I’ve got mediums lined up. I’ve already interviewed people, some coaches who just really found a tipping point who’ve taken the leap. have transformed their lives into something just so much more than ever could have been imagined. Since they’ve aligned themselves with their spirituality and who they are.

I say spirituality but to put values purpose and just who you are, in being authentic in your life and having an amazing life in that way.

So and then there’s gonna be some individual podcasts where I’m simply sharing insights.

One of the main purposes of this for me to share with you is, I’ve had my own awakening moments I’ve struggled with aligning that spirituality or that awakening with the material world if you will, and how do you merge the two, so that they are indeed one.

Even the third you know, mind, body, and spirit. How do you merge it all so that it’s all really useful and relevant to you and your life?

Because that can be a challenge, especially if you if you’ve gone through it and you’ll hear me probably say often, just like Buddha talked about the before enlightenment, chop wood carry water after enlightenment is chop wood, carry water. And the same thing you know, I think enlightenment, awakening can be interchanged.

So, you know, those are going to be the kind of the people so if you’re a seeker again if you’re going through something on your own, and you’re looking to find out some other people who have had similar experiences, and how they’ve managed to integrate that for themselves and have an amazing life, then stay tuned.

So how can you engage, feel free to email me You can email me at Brandon at spiritual dope.co you can go to Facebook spiritual dope, and Instagram spiritual dope, double check that one for you should just be spiritual dope though. And, and you know, head to the website, you know, check out that’s where you can get the podcast and engage there, there’s a couple of items up there if you’re if you feel like, feel like being a patron right to this type of endeavor.

There’s plans to release downloadable content so you can implement some of this stuff for yourself. And then there’s, you know, engaging courses, you know, we’ll see, we’ll see if we’ll get it launched, and we’ll see how it goes.

The plan is to get some of that stuff out there so you can have something that you can apply in your daily life as you seek, and as you find and as always, you know, feel free to share in any insights that you’re getting anything that you might have a question on.

I’m going to tell you one last part, here are the influences for me are many right?

We go from Alan Watts we go from the Vedanta we go from the Patangili we go to Jesus we go to Buddha, we just take it from wherever we can get it wherever I can get a lesson and learn something shamanism intuition, friends that are mediums, anything that speaks to, to me.

Stay tuned for and that’s where it kind of all the influences are coming from. We’ve got you know, geez, Wayne Dyer, Bob Proctor. Wallace D. Wattles is, I mean, huge for me.

I’ve got some content I can share for you on that one.

Just so many others, one of the primary ones that really got me to kind of lean into this also is Sri Kumar Rao. You know, this book, Are you Ready to Succeed, is one that I’ve given now many times and is one that has had a tremendous impact on me as well.

So, look, so many I can’t name them all right now, but those are a couple of the influences that if you’re curious, you know, this is for you. And if any of those influences Abraham Hicks, right as another one that’s just kind of top of mind, all these people and so many more, whoever’s kind of popping up and whoever I’m listening to, then this might be for you. So, that’s the introduction. If you like it, great. If it’s not for you, that’s cool, too. You know, thanks for stopping by and checking it out. The next. Next one should be an interview, talk to you later.

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