Sylvain De Vreese and is a video artist, storyteller, and independent game developer. He has created an exploration game that invites you to a hypnotic
journey around the world. In search of meaning, discover the universal quest of our humanity.

  • A journey around the world
  • Immersive atmospheres
  • Meaningful messages
  • Realistic visuals
  • New genre
  • Soft puzzle games
  • Replayable experience
  • Secrets doors to discover
  • A potential infinite creation

Check out his website as well as this Kickstarter to help him continue development of this amazing project!

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Unknown Speaker 0:00
Your journey has been an interesting one up to hear you’ve questioned so much more than those around you. You’ve even questioned yourself as to how you could have grown into these thoughts. Am I crazy? When did I begin to think differently? Why do people in general appear so limited in this process? Rest assured, you are not alone. The world is slowly waking up to what you already know inside yet can’t quite verbalize. Welcome to the spiritual dough podcast, the show that answers the questions you never even knew to ask, but knew the answers to questions about you, this world the people in it? And most importantly, how do I proceed now moving forward? We don’t have all the answers but we sure do love living in the question. Time for another head of spiritual dub with your host Brandon Handley. Let’s get right into today’s episode.

Brandon Handley 0:41
Hey there spiritual joke. We are on here today with Sylvain the Furies he is a video artists storyteller and independent game developer. He connected with me through our spiritual spiritual dope feedback form, you know, kind of whatever is spiritual dope. And Sylvain is created a game called onah, which is kind of like this experiential, mystical journey to I’ll just call it kind of like self discovery. I’m not 100% sure how you’re trying to describe the game. So we, but it looks pretty cool. It’s like one of a kind. And he’s currently got a Kickstarter fund going. And that’s just kind of how we contacted I figured it’d be great to have a conversation with them, understand the journey that he’s had and introduce them to you and maybe hopefully, get you introduced to the game that he has created. Savannah. Thanks for hopping on.

Unknown Speaker 1:37
Yeah, thank you. Thank you.

Brandon Handley 1:39
Yeah. So I mean, I typically like to start these off with Sylvain is the idea that you and I are doing. We are we’re spiritual beings, right, and that the universe speaks through us. And typically the universe speaks through us and to somebody who’s listening in to the podcast, I know that they’re listening today to check out your game. And kind of the story behind that. Also. Maybe, maybe there’s somebody else out there that’s been thinking about trying to do something similar, right, lead with spirituality and do what do it do with something meaningful for them? And they, they, they’re gonna get a message from you. And it can only be delivered today to them through this podcast. What is that message today? So

Unknown Speaker 2:32
a message that could deliver? I mean, I don’t know yet. But I’m sure the words which came to the month when we are speaking now, like sometimes we don’t plan what we say. But suddenly we say something meaningful that people receive and it can have an impact.

Brandon Handley 2:52
For sure, sure. Absolutely. That’s definitely what’s gonna happen in this conversation. So let’s, let’s talk about Spain, give us a little background into this game that you’re creating called arena. What? What inspired you as far as I can tell, to take this journey, it’s been a it’s been a 1010 year journey. So let’s, let’s start somewhere that got you to travel the world to begin to create this game.

Unknown Speaker 3:20
Yeah, actually, it’s not a 10 years, your journey is more 15 years journey. The thing is, like this ID popped up in my mind, like when I was a teenager, and I remember I was in a classroom. And earlier, I get decided this inspiration to create a game that could awaken the world. And that was the focus really, just this was a long time ago. So this kind of concept didn’t exist that much at the time, and I felt Wow, this could walk, you know, I felt, of course, the world. Or civilization could be amazing. But a lot of things are lacking. And the sense of contemplation was something also really missing in most of the people. So somehow, people didn’t perceive the beauty around, you know, didn’t focus on the things that everyone was in their own mind and perceiving the things around and I kind of wanted to share that. So yeah, this was the starting point of creating a game that could focus in this on this perception of reality. So I started to write my notebooks, you know, through years. And then I was working as a graphic designer. And I quit my job to travel to investigate about all the spiritual contents around the world and finally did make me understood that the spiritual paths that have been developed since 1000s of years, reach this point of contemplation in this meditative state of mind that we could then be open and perceive things as they are, and not as we conceive them, but as our mind build them. But how are we really perceive them on the present moment? And is what I wanted to create with honor. And is what I wanted to inspire. So usually people who go to the game, sometimes, of course, they reach this state of mind, and they feel touch and realign with themselves and they feel great.

Brandon Handley 5:20
That’s great that I guess I’d be curious to see if your, that just came to you, as a team. What was your background, I guess that made you so open and aware and eat to even consider an awakening process. Process,

Unknown Speaker 5:39
nothing too much. Especially, I think I was just more quiet, I don’t know. And, and, through kind of experience, I think I, I remember, the certain point was when I first start to see a tree, basically, you know, when sometimes you are a bit more receptive used to you look at a tree and you you see it, this was a starting point, because I really observe all the details of the leaves, the lights, the shadow, the the movement of everything in history. And then I put my eyes on all the people around I say, Oh, nobody seeds, we nobody seeds. And this was a starting point, like, yeah, there is something to express here. There is something because what I’ve perceived that I felt so great, so open, so intuitive, you know, and so there is something to express there. And that could potentially add the word to, to see better.

Brandon Handley 6:34
So you’re seeing all the beauty and everything that there was in the tree, and he just kind of noticed that not not too many people were really catching all the beauty that was around them and experiencing life as it was that that kind of summed up?

Unknown Speaker 6:52
Yeah, exactly. Exactly. You know, it’s like when you go on holiday, and then you arrive near a beautiful landscape, some people will see it, they will really wow, see the sun the clouds and embrace the beauty of it, and some people are still looking them up and organizing the next day, you know that they’re not really there, they’re not really seeing, that’s just this, this just this shift, you know, I think everyone of course, can really contemplate it’s just, okay, a perception of, okay, we have it, we see it, you know,

Brandon Handley 7:23
it’s so true. Just like you’re saying, a lot of times people get to get to the get to the destination, and already there, they’re not, they’re not experiencing the destination at all. They’re already ready for the next thing. You’re saying, Okay, we got here in our planning tomorrow, we don’t even we don’t, it’s more about like the steps that they took, and everything else than it is about the place that they’ve gotten to not not let themselves experience that at all. So let’s talk about this journey, then, as you popped on and started traveling to different spiritual destinations. Let’s talk a little bit about where you went to and what you experienced there.

Unknown Speaker 8:11
Okay, so as I told you, I was just basically working as a graphic designer was great, but I felt since the beginning that I needed to travel, actually, in order to complete this project. So yeah, I quit the job and I start first to go more as a tourist, you know, like, I was first in Japan because I was really attracted by this country. Then I switched to all the country like Cambodia to see angle, that’s all the ruins, you know. And I was practicing this technique of stop motion, that are present in the game, you know, these pictures, I do one step one picture and I do 1000s and 1000s of pictures and you, you can enter in samples and really explore the urea as you are there, you know, and I was practicing there in Japan, Cambodia and things, but already the picture are great. And then they reach India. And India for me was a really shift a really mind blowing experience. Like, in the time finally, I was one year in India, going back, you know, and this really transformed me changed me. I almost lost myself because this culture this country is so then so intense that it’s like a mind blow or Western world minds, you know, is is really different. So, and then I continued to do all the pictures, all the footage or around and slowly slowly finally, I collected a lot of different kind of pictures from all around. And in the same time, the concept of the game evolved, you know, so I had all my notebooks and three years of traveling I was creating this concept of owner

Brandon Handley 9:54
what was it I guess in India that blew your mind so to speak, I guess I understand that. Yes, it’s an intense culture. But sounds like something really transformed you and shifted you there. What would you say happen?

Sylvain De Vreese 10:11
Yeah, nine things, of course. But you heard, of course, about the concept of synchronicity. So this coincidence weapon time, two times, you know, and it happened here, of course, all the time, like this magic of life that bring you the right circumstances, the right moments, you know, in India, for me, it was every five minutes, every five minutes, I had miracles. Like, he wasn’t saying it was us so much, you know? And we some friends, were we were looking at each other, like, is it really possible? Like, is it really, you know, it was so intense, so much that things are open. And my theory about how it’s possible is because in India, they believe, so everything have this open mind open frequencies to say, okay, everything is possible, my friend, and because everyone believes that things can happen, it can have happen, you know, and compared to all Western world, that people have more disclosing minds to reach for these kind of things, you know, it’s not possible anything, so I believe that we can block this vibration to happen. And because, yeah, I think it’s in the mind that everything can flow. And finally, is how you travel in the in this country, you you go with the flow. And if you believe your intuition, you go where you feel to, and you don’t plan too much, somehow things happen. And, of course, our rich really symbolic in meaningful places during this journey, some holly montains, that many special things happen, these kind of things, you know, everyone in this country has a different kind of experience like this. And at the NFL, this is something this there is something and I believe this prove it can be can be seen again, in the in honor, you know, some people perceived again, and while they see all these pictures, and is it real, is it possible, but yes, when I saw what I experiment, what I felt, and it’s kind of content in the game itself.

Brandon Handley 12:15
That’s fantastic. So I love two pieces about that. One is that sounds like you were able to capture some of that essence, and put that into the game, which is fantastic. You know, just for the audience, and I also also love the I get it, I get what you’re saying, in terms of being open to those vibrations, if you’re surrounded by other people who believe then then it’s more than likely, it’s more possible for the sake of people that are checking checking in. So what you what would be like one or two, what you would consider a miracle that you might be able to share.

Unknown Speaker 13:01
Yeah, I could share. But of course, miracles are really personal, in a way of you explain them, they lose their impact and power, you know, is really a special thing I can I can give examples here and just for fun, but again, it’s just I also ation,

Brandon Handley 13:17
and I get it like, how often do we share, like what we would see as Americans somebody wants to somebody wants to explain it away, like, Oh, that was just coincidence, or Oh, that was just the same but like to us, right? We say Well, no, you understand, like, stand like this is this experience could only be a miracle could only be a miracle right to you. And I get that I get that so I understand.

Unknown Speaker 13:43
And also the accumulation of all these things, you know, I can tell which one I could start with lightning let’s say this like the for me the lightning the storm was kind of following me at some points. And I don’t know why for which reason, but wherever I go in the country, I knew that in few days of massive storm will happen and lightning will be there and it happens and in a way in circumstances that you suddenly you know, you look suddenly at the same they’re lightning appears just at this right moments, you know, and it’s one time and several times and then what’s this and then it’s have a huge impact and and meaning and this is one thing okay, I could explain more details against the personal and other things. And this is even more obvious that was in lead deck is really not India, kind of Himalaya with the Buddhist you know, the Lila was there. And all the monks were doing a ceremony in the mountains. And they were singing old mantra and all this music and you know, really powerful vibration. People were shaking. Everyone was weird and shaking strong. You know, energy was really, really high. And it was blues sky with the sun in the middle. And suddenly during in the middle of the ceremony, like a circle of rainbow appears all around the sun during the ceremony, and so you everyone was shaking in the probably was really intense. And the ceremony was important and ceremony. And the next day I remember, my energy was so strong, and I could do all my exercise like 2010 times more, you know, it was something like this. So miracle not, I don’t know, but it’s a tiny example of many things happen, I could have other examples like this, you know. And, yeah, this by accumulation made me think there is something we can open, there is vibration by we can, you know, like, enhance the energy and, and feel something almost magical.

Brandon Handley 15:50
You know, just, I think that, I think being able to kind of have that experience of the storm, following you. I’ve been in similar experiences myself, is pretty, pretty cool, right? Just knowing that the storm is there, and where it’s gonna be, and it’s part of part of your life. And then this other experience of kind of joining with all the monks and lamas, and then having having that circular rainbow, but the power of the collective, right, the vibration kind of running through your body is also you know, the vibration that’s being created by all those around you. And being open to it. You can feel the energy of a surge. This is what it’s kind of like when humanity comes together for a singular purpose. for the betterment of good, you have a raised vibration yourself, and an energetic level that it’s just through the roof, right? There’s this kind of what I’m hearing, and that’s miraculous to experiences. One reason is because we rarely get to experience that, but then to experience it, knowing that that’s kind of an I defer to you. But that’s that’s what experience, that’s what humanity is about. It’s coming together and pooling our energy for some of these amazing singular experiences, but it could happen all the time if we if we love it, right. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 17:25
And it’s through here. Sometimes we know we do kind of circle and little ritual, and we seem together. And already the the energy is different. Now we feel more connected. And wow, it’s the air. The light can difference because the energy field, I don’t know, I have no theory exactly. I don’t know, actually, what’s happening now I’m not. But obviously, we feel different than them more connected. And in this stage, miracles could happen, little things, that okay, we have the right things at the right moment. And because all together, we increase the energy in a circle, you know, yeah, no attention. And he is true that, unfortunately, we are seen in civilization, we are still in the age that it doesn’t happen that much. Because the logic of our system for how we organize our lifestyle is a bit more individual. So we go in the streets. And you know, we are more in our minds. Sure, we are not connecting with everyone all around. But there is something to do there. And I don’t know how to organize this in a massive scale in our society. But it could be interesting and amazing to reach that point. Because I don’t know what could happen, but probably crazy, beautiful things.

Brandon Handley 18:36
For sure, for sure. For sure. I think there’s definitely potential, there’s definitely I love that you hit the we work from a logical mind or imaging from a linear mind. And I think that, as you experienced in India, and as you’ve experienced your, your, your journey, we know that this isn’t linear, right? But when we tell a story, we have to tell it in a linear way that so that the mind can follow a timeline, right? So the mind can kind of put it all together. But in reality, it happens in from all around, right? There’s no There’s no absolute linearity to it, just how to tell the story so that somebody can follow it.

Unknown Speaker 19:20
Yeah, exactly. Actually, I had a talk with a friend recently. And the conclusion was these like in India, not only in India, but he was really present there for me. They perceive things differently. And that’s the thing is like, as as Westerners we have been educated in one way or mine have been a bit rigid in one way. We are efficient on many things. So we don’t deny this you know, we are efficient, some such things is great. But for this perception of things, it seems that they perceive things differently. And it’s true when we go there, the observers as empty on that aspect. They see that we are no logic mind. Calculating loads and organizing things, but the perception is quite different on that aspects if if I make myself understand what

Brandon Handley 20:11
percent I get, I get that so. So you know, you can’t you put all this together and weakening game. Let’s talk a little bit about what that experience might be like, for somebody that’s out there. Like I said, just kind of trying to figure that out what, what is an awakening game? And what does the name owner mean? Me?

Unknown Speaker 20:38
Nah, I mean, first of all one. So the first one also from his first real strong project was one unity is also referred actually to Noah’s Ark, you know, this myths of Noah’s Ark who go transmitted here the life form, but Noah’s Ark, because the knowledge all this content could be transmitted to further generations. That was kind of the intention. And Noah, I mean, it’s also kind of the name of my cat because my cat scan is named Noah. And it’s just I took this name I think it’s okay. And so what was your other question is like home yeah, receive it?

Brandon Handley 21:33
Yeah. How would you know play in the awakening game before? How would you describe that to somebody that isn’t even on the spiritual path the spiritual path

Unknown Speaker 21:45
um, so Israel I observed reaction when I want to show the game to tiny exhibition there most of the people really well gets totally immersed in it and they feel after the experience they feel wow, something happened there. You know, I have most of it this I have some people who kind of cried it’s for Israel but of course it’s happened it’s like they cried because they exactly so when they need it needed to see at that moment, you know, it kind of unlock something in them. And this affiliates assimilate a bit like this concept of tarot cards, you know, the game or now you can see whatever you you choose your path, so everyone will see different things. So sometimes it could happen that you receive exactly the content you need, because you click on the on the choice you need to receive you know. So it’s moved something inside, and also it realigns your meditative state of mind. So people who go through it the feel aligned, we could even I could showcase this in the tiny party or something. And after that people are feeling Wow, they feel balanced, right and centered. And good, you know, and the first kind of reaction I had is really rare, but it’s happened some people and I know that these people won’t like it is rare, but they quit before the end of the game. They, they they cannot they don’t want to you know, some people are resistant to this kind of vibration to it. Some people are you know it because it, it could move things. So, understand I agree, some people are not ready or I don’t know the oils not on their pass. Maybe they don’t need that at that moment, at that moment of their life. But definitely awakening game for me is moving something inside that realign us, you with yourself. You know.

Brandon Handley 23:45
I love that description. That idea. And I think that that is the awakening. That is the wakening is awakening, to find out who you are. Right? Get get into contact with yourself. And I always used to make fun of course, you know, look, man, at one point made fun of people like What do you mean to go on a search for yourself? You’re right there. Right. And the whole idea of the concept of finding out who you are, yeah, you’re right. There, there are people that just aren’t ready. They’re in that phase of their life right now to to experience that or to be with it. And and that’s okay. That’s okay. I’m sure I’m sure. I’m sure you’ve heard the I guess the Buddha’s line about the blood of a flower right you don’t you know, you don’t go to a bud but of a flower and squeeze its head to make it to make it bloom and blossom. He can’t. Right. And I think that that’s a similar situation here, right? You’re putting you’re putting someone into an accelerated growth state. And and it’s awesome if that person’s ready for it. But if it’s not an efficient Is not it could actually could actually make it slow down for them. Right. And in either way I love I love the idea and the concept. Again looking looking for what’s the side? So sorry, interrupt. Go ahead. Yeah, so half a house a couple of Yeah. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 25:18
no. So wanted to say that on a larger scale, I would like to make the project evolve and also expressed some topics that in my vision matters. So some topic who could show so the you know, the the confusion, we are confusing. So we express what’s going on more and more in the world, not not concerning the current situation since two years actually even more even before that was intention, like show how, as human species, we are still weirdly divided and confused. And we don’t know what’s the purpose of things. I also want to express that. And also, I wanted to add something of what you say is like, finding ourselves to the game is like, it’s not mental. So I don’t give any clue about who we are. Actually, they I believe just that finding yourself go through. Yeah, empty mind. You know, this meditative presence. Okay, we just good. And here we can feel or self more than knowing or self. And that’s what I try to reach. With with the experience. Yeah.

Brandon Handley 26:31
Sounds like now’s like getting getting you kind of out of your out of your mind and into your heart and into your heart.

Unknown Speaker 26:39
Maybe Yeah, just hearts. Yeah, exactly. The heart

Brandon Handley 26:43
of it. Would you say that this game would be able to help somebody to find their purpose.

Unknown Speaker 26:51
Beats may happen, of course, but like a song, or a movie could have someone to film their purpose. So yeah, this game could as well definitely

Brandon Handley 26:59
better. I love that. I love that this is an evolution, evolutionary project for you. So it’s ongoing. It doesn’t just stop is. And I think that the awakening process is like that, too. Right. The awakening process. I think a lot of people think that once you’ve awakened, or once you awakened that you’re done, right, like, Oh, I’ve gotten to this place. No, you just started, right? Like this is this is kind of a new beginning. So and then I think that if I understand correctly, you’re working with your brother on this project, right? As he’s doing, he’s doing the music. What’s it like working with your brother on this project? Project?

Unknown Speaker 27:42
Yeah, it’s great. I mean, so he does all the sound design music and also we brainstorm at the end to make the product the best English finishing the best, you know, for the, for the details to have the best quality as possible. And that’s great, because it seems that I can, I can claim that I could be really good for visuals and these things, you know, and he bring all the sound design in a perfect way. And of course, we exchange to have the best quality but it’s enhanced, definitely the quality like it creates the experience even stronger. Like people say that the visuals are amazing, but the sound design is just incredible. And finally all together like crazy, strong, immersive experience. So that’s the point Yeah, it was great to work with him really really nice because it’s like it’s not that we are the same mind but we understand what’s needed to to be for this project you know

Brandon Handley 28:49
that’s pretty cool. It’s pretty cool. So you’ve got only got about seven days left on your Kickstarter project right? Which is where people can go to find out more about this game they can get to download they get the little bit dig a little bit more of the backstory there. Where can they go? Go to find out more about this game?

Unknown Speaker 29:13
And the moment Yeah, for seven days the Kickstarter page of course, for me is a priority obviously. And after that the website Official website is called What do you see dotnet

Brandon Handley 29:24
What do you see that that? What are your plans I guess past you know, Kickstarter, what happens if you get to Kickstarter for the scammer for this game?

Unknown Speaker 29:33
Okay, so I think I will try to go if it’s possible, of course, in Mexico for the pyramids, things and then Egypt also in the same purpose, the ruins pyramids, the the beginning of civilizations and you know, meaningful visuals, then I think I will reach some cities. I’m here in Berlin activity at the moment and I also want to including on our Something more, a bit dark that it is something more about the confusion. And, you know, for now the experience is really magic and uplifting and wow, mystic and beautiful. I want to switch also to different aspects of things and show different vibes different atmosphere to how we feel, you know. And so I want to, to investigate and try a lot of things in that aspect. And I also want to create more visual painting, like interactive paintings, you know, kind of puzzle games, contemplative puzzle games and, and working on that, to create this game, like with a lot of different kinds of doors, we can open

Brandon Handley 30:44
that, I think that’s pretty cool. So you’re looking to go to South America, Egypt and other spaces to continue to build on the map of experiences that you’ve already built on, say, India and Japan, and add those into the game making this kind of a global global experience. And then the idea of Yeah, look, I mean, there’s lots of great things in spirituality. But there’s also the dark darkness and the emotions that sometimes we neglect the are inherent to who we are not only as people, but as an overall global civilization. So it’s really cool that you’re going to begin to be working to, to incorporate that into into the rest of the game. So we

Unknown Speaker 31:36
need to see though, yeah, yeah.

Brandon Handley 31:39
So what else? Is there anything else? I guess I’m gonna make this kind of a short one, so that we can get this out of the people? Is there anything else I guess, about the game? Or what people are experiencing? Oh, that was one more question Was your family, you know, how’s your family feel about this project, when you told them what you were going to do versus kind of where you are? Now love to hear what that is?

Unknown Speaker 32:02
Good question. I mean, that’s, that’s strange. I they never understood. So I had to fight by myself all these years, they start to understand slowly, I guess, is just like this, you know, sometimes people have different mindset, it’s how it’s meant to be. And still love is there, you know, are good, but for the content itself is like, they finally kind of trust it. They trust me is fine. I had resources is fine, but never really get into it to understand until recently, actually. And I think they are happy that they see me progressing my quest, my dream and go for it after all these years and holding on, you know, and we’ll see know how, how it goes? Yeah.

Brandon Handley 32:53
Eggs, I think that’s one of the things on the spiritual journey on the spiritual path, when when you kind of open yourself up to it and you start to go to do these things, you start to have the conversations with those people that are close to you. There may not be like a deep understanding, right? And there may be this, this this rush to kind of keep you safe. Well, I don’t know. Maybe go back to me a graphic arts designer, at least that stable and you can make money there, right.

Unknown Speaker 33:20
It’s a different generation. And we are lucky no to have internet and to have things to open. We can travel, we can have these experiments. And this generation often is the same things. And the parents can have their mindsets. The lifestyle. I understand. I agree. I don’t want to interfere. It’s fine. Of course, we had conversation and things but it doesn’t matter. I don’t have to be right. You know, it’s, it’s just how it is. And if love is the it’s fine, you know?

Brandon Handley 33:53
Fantastic. So over on the Kickstarter, I’ll put a link out there for that. And then if you go over to what to see. Net, that’s one word we can find out about you got connections there. I asked for Facebook and all the social media platforms are so people will be able to connect with you there. Seven days left in the game. I’m feeling senses later. Hopefully you’ve gotten hopefully you’ve gotten all your funding, and hopefully you’re able to continue to develop and release the game. Thanks for being on today. So

Unknown Speaker 34:28
yeah, thanks. Thanks for

Unknown Speaker 34:33
really hope you enjoyed this episode of the spiritual dove podcast. Stay connected with us directly through spiritual You can also join the discussion on Facebook, spiritual dough and Instagram at spiritual underscore Joe. If you would like to speak with us, send us an email to Brandon at spiritual dough CO and as always, thank you for cultivating your mindset and creating a better reality. This includes the most thought provoking part of your day. Don’t forget to like and subscribe to stay fully up to date until Next time be kind to yourself and trust your intuition

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