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Hey, spiritual zope Welcome back to chapter two of a real of chapter two of Are you ready to succeed in a real, where we’re picking up from where we left off, we just got done learning, we just got done learning that your life is a reality. And we got done learning that it your problem may be that you think that this is the reality. And again, we kind of we wind unwind some of these mental models that we’ve created for ourselves, and the idea that we, we create all these things that are simply not real, right? These are just perceptions based off of what we think we know, and then driving it forward. So he comes in here as srikumar Rao says, Hey, you know, then Escape is possible. All right, Escape is possible. And he says, if your life is a reality, then perhaps you could shift it. And that’s awesome, right? So just knowing that there are multiple options, I mean, think about family guy and the multiverse, right? Maybe you can shift it or you know, think about any time travel, movie, even Back to the Future, we go go into a reality that is created based off of an action that was taken once upon a time, where it’s shifted the future, because you chose a reality. I mean, when you, we put it this way to, when you make your next move, when you take your next action, you have an outcome in mind. That’s, that’s the, that’s the reason why you take action on it. And sometimes, that action that you take, gives you the outcome that you were looking for, sometimes it doesn’t, right, so that you have multiple realities going forward. And the idea is, you can possibly shift it, right. So now the deal is, again, if it is the reality, then the life that you have now is the life that you will always have. And it’s going to turn out, you know, in a specific, three determined and destined way, right? There’s nothing you can do about it, suffer, just live it. And he illustrates this with a nice story. And again, I don’t feel like it’s a it’s really my place for to really go over the stories. So much, because I’ve given so much of the book away, that really drive these points home, I just really feel like, again, he does a really good job of pulling some of these stories together. So that he can help to illustrate these points that he’s created here. And again, I’ll go with the whole idea of you, you choose your reality, you know, you have the ability to choose a reality going forward. And it’s not necessarily the reality, how many times have you, you know, just kind of felt and thought some way, in any scenario, gone through life, you know, stomping your feet, you know, five years goes by next thing, you know, you have a conversation with a friend or the person or thing where you’re like, man, I thought that like, you know, when you did this thing, you know, you were such a jerk, or we did this thing, I thought that was so awesome. And they come back to you. And like, that’s not really how it was at all. Here’s what really happened and like, it causes like ripple effect to go to the past. Right? Because it has totally changed the storyline. Now the storyline is wholly changed based off of this new information going backwards. Right? So there there are multiple realities in that scenario. So let’s take a look at an alternate reality. And let’s also let’s let’s determine, you know, what is your most important asset? Perhaps it is your ability to be happy, to be fulfilled, to be choice? Would you give this asset to boss to somebody? Would you give this asset to anybody really? And the deal is, no, you wouldn’t. Why would Why would you give that asset away? Why would you give your ability to kind of be happy, on demand to be fulfilled, on demand to be joyous on demand. So why why put that in somebody else’s hands

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And then the other. The other idea too is when somebody outside of us knowing you, somebody just you know, they’re making you frustrated, they’re their actions are, you know, kind of pissing you off? The idea is like when you’re annoyed, does that, does that poison your entire attitude? Why would you let somebody else outside of you? poison your attitude? And that and the deal is you’re giving your most valuable asset over to another, you’re letting somebody outside of you control how you feel. Think about that for a second, does that make any sense?

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I mean, the answer is that it doesn’t really make any sense. So how then, how then can you avoid giving power over your happiness to someone else? That’s a that’s the real question that you you want to ask. And srikumar Rao says that when you ask yourself this question, and you truly wish to find the answer, then chances are you’re going to have a powerful breakthrough. So he says that you will slip into a parallel universe that has always been available to you, but you’ve never looked for it. Think about it, again. This this is if this is ringing true, then then you’ll know it right? This is this is ringing true. And you know that there’s a parallel universe has always been available, and you haven’t really looked for it, or you’ve begun to kind of slip in and out of it, then then it’s kind of like, Wow, I can’t believe this is in a book. Right. He also, this reminds me of a quote I saw yesterday to Anthony de Mello, who is, by the way featured inside of this book. And he has this quote, which is the spiritual quest is a journey without distance you travel from where you are right now, to where you’ve always been, from ignorance to recognition. Again, I think that really relates to this, what Sreekumar said here, you will slip into a parallel universe has always been available to you, but you never looked for it. Mm hmm. Each time, and these aren’t things, and a lot of this, I did not pick up on the first time I read through it. So it’s interesting, because, again, I didn’t I didn’t, I didn’t read, I’ve been through this three different, at least three different times, this being my fourth. And the way that I’m reading it, this time is 100%. Different than then how I’ve read it previously. So over the years, obviously, I’m going back and I’m, uh, I’m learning different things, you know, I’m seeing things differently than I had had before, because the current way of my thinking is different. So he goes through the exercise of an alternate reality. Ideally, you’re going to go through some of the ones that you created before, you’re going to go through some of, you know, exercise, mental models, you’re going to take a look at them, you’re going to go ahead and you’re going to revise You know, one of them or change something, and then you’re going to live that way, within a new mental model, as though

Unknown Speaker 8:48
it were real

Brandon Handley 8:51
knowing knowing that the mental models that that you have created already aren’t real. And that’s fundamental, you got to understand that the mental models that exist in your life now aren’t real. So why not create a new one? helpful hints on the exercise Ultimate Reality is a nice story to the Yeah, so it gives a he does give a nice story that essentially outlines that what happens when you accept blame for others attitudes, right? So say somebody is outside you and the they blame you for how they feel. We know that this isn’t true. We know this isn’t true. We talked about it already. We talked about the idea of, you know, giving giving your assets over someone else, letting someone outside of you dictate how you feel inside. Alright, so the same now can be said of somebody outside of you if they’re coming to you. And they’re saying hey, You’re You make me feel this way. And that’s, that’s on you, man, I got nothing, nothing to do with how you feel internally. All right. But he goes a cuter story than that. Again, I’m just, I want to leave some of those. There’s some of those that imagination, I can’t recommend this book. Enough, obviously, otherwise, I don’t think I’d be gone through these exercises. And I just say no, I’m going to post in the video of this outline that I’m reading through to and going through all here. So if you want to go through and check out the video and see somebody outlines for yourself, you can go ahead and check out the video on the webpage spiritual dope coat. And the closing quote from this book are from chapter two. Again, just another one, it’s just, I just didn’t read these like this. Historically, it’s so funny because it’s the same book on the same person on the outside. But, you know, whatever’s going on inside is totally different. And it’s reading things, taking in information totally differently. And I gotta tell you, I’m enjoying it. I’m enjoying it again. Every time I’ve gone through it, I’ve completely enjoyed it and each time so it’s like it keeps getting better. So the closing quote is your life is hemmed in by the things you know to be true, but aren’t. It’s time to start setting yourself Bree What is your mental model today? know that it’s not real. Know that you can change it at any time at will know that. Know that. You’re not beholden to it know that the story or the model that you’ve created. you invested so much time and effort into that if it’s not working for you anymore? King Stop it. Leave it is does it fit? Stop for you anymore? Maybe it serves you at one point. Maybe that model worked for you. Obviously His work has gotten you to this point. Maybe though it’s time to make a shift. Maybe it’s time to make an adjustment. Anyways, that is it for chapter two. It ain’t real have Are you ready to succeed a little bit of a deep dive on this. I hope that you’re enjoying these I hope that you check out this book for yourself at some point. If this is something that you’d like to get in on yourself and just participate with me on then and a couple of others then feel free to reach out to Brandon as spiritual Take it easy

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Hey, hey, hey, what is going on? Happy whatever day this is hope that you’re doing well, it’s Brandon Handley here, the voice of a generation hit you with some more spiritual dope. I don’t have an intro. So I’m just gonna go ahead and roll with that one. You know, finally got done messing around with clean cleanup as my chickens here. And I’ve been waiting to do this podcast for a while this is one that, that that means that that means a lot to me. And it took a while for it to mean a lot for me. And we’ll kind of discuss that as as we move forward here. So, what I want to share with you today is vision, right the the word vision and kind of what it means to have a vision and, and that kind of thing. And it’s super powerful. And I think that we really neglected quite a bit. And I’m not sure what your familiarity is with the word visit. And how it plays out into your life. But I love these two quotes that come to mind. And the first one is by Helen Keller. And it says the only thing worse than being blind is having sight. But no vision. And that’s just well, powerful right? And to be honest with you when I first heard it, you know, it took a while for it to you know, ricochet my mind and finally smash something and then make connection as it were kind of like a BB inside the mind. And then this other one is a Japanese proverb, vision without action is Daydream. action without vision is nightmare. Oh, so true. Right, so true. So true. And let’s let’s just kind of talk about let’s talk to these two quotes. And and see, you know, what it is that Do you think about vision? How do you think about vision? Do you think about vision? And as I was putting this one together, you had to look some definitions up. And we’re going to talk through those definitions. And we’re going to see how they sit with you how they sit with you. So the simplest definition is the ability to think about or plan for the future with imagination, or wisdom. I love imagination being in there. It’s inventiveness, creativity, innovation. And to me, this begs the sub question

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Brandon Handley 2:37
do you think about your future? Do you think about your future based on known events of the past as though on a trajectory into the future? as though the past is the groundswell that’s carrying you to your future? And then of course, I’ve got to say, do you see wisdom in that Right, do you see wisdom in that that is the soundness of action or decision with regard to the application of experience knowledge and good judgment, I would say yeah, you could see some wisdom in living that way. Because you’re gonna, you’re gonna translate some of your experiences in there. So there’s definitely some wisdom if you do it in that way. But I also ask, Is there creativity? Is there innovation? Is there inventiveness and that because really, if you’re if you’re basing everything kind of on your past that how will you know what your future is? Right? So you, you, you’ve got to think more about kind of what you want to have happen to you. Because vision basically is something that is never happened, right? Is the vision something that you would like to see happen and you know, less than I guess, you could have Have a vision that isn’t something great that you want to have happen. But typically, a vision is is something good, right? fanciful? Or, you know, you’ve never, it’s never happened in your life before. And so, when you look at some of the visionaries throughout time, you know, did they perpetuate the past? Or, and I love I love I think I heard this idea once the first time from neville goddard. Did they call forth a vision, right? And yet we get to another we get to another definition of vision Now, that’s a vivid mental image underlying vivid mental image, you know, especially a fanciful one of the future a dream, a conceptualization. Clearly, this is something that does not exist in the world today. But were you to have a vision.

Unknown Speaker 4:53
You’d be able to see

Brandon Handley 4:56
a mental image of it clearly, and I want to take that a step. Further, and call it a full rendering within your mind a full setting where you’d have such a vision and you would summon all of your sensory elements you would be able to touch, there would be a texture,

Unknown Speaker 5:14
a smell, a full depth

Brandon Handley 5:16
of experience, there would be emotion. I believe, to me that vision is propelled by emotion. Businesses are granted. I feel like visions are granted some would say by God, the universe or something, something that you access to this greater than you have led yourself to believe. That’s where visions come from. So where have you seen visionaries in your past and in all time, and I had a couple of examples pulled out for you today. If you’re if you’re thinking of, you know, the past couple hundred years, you would think of the Wright brothers. And these were bicycle mechanics. Do they have a degree in aeronautics With a Avi Could you be you can’t be an aviator before aviation even exists you know would they even mechanics and and i would say no they were granted a vision and they persisted with that vision they persisted with as if that was something that was guaranteed to them and I think of the story from Napoleon hills thinking grow rich and the story about Henry Ford the eight cylinder engine v you know that was actually the eight cylinder you know the V eight to V eight and he had a vision to create something that was that was cheap and good a V eight that was cheaper but there were some that existed already but they were expensive and they were really you know, kind of monstrosities.

Unknown Speaker 6:54
So, at some point, oh, wait, hold on. There’s

Brandon Handley 6:57
so during that time, you know, the cheap cheap and good did not exist, right. And he’d been surrounded by experts and engineers that were saying that it could not be done. And I love this line because he says, at some point, it becomes necessary to disperse with the services of experts. And these are people who have found limitations in their field most likely. And when you find people that that hit limitations, they’re no longer thinking beyond what they believe to be true, right? If you find somebody that’s been in a field for so long and has been doing what it is they do, for so long, they no longer see what is possible beyond what it is that they’ve seen. So he assembled a team of engineers, far from those naysayers far from those experts. And as they got to work the first six months It was nothing. You get frustrated engineer’s claiming impossible, and he would say go ahead. And he was he would say stay on The job until you succeed, no matter how much time is required, right, no matter how much time is required, keep at it persist. And you know that this happened for yet another year and with Ford saying, I want it, and I will have it. And finally, again, this comes out of thinking Grow Rich Napoleon hills as if by a stroke of magic. The Secret was discovered his determination and his faith in Division in that image that he held in his mind, right, if we go if we if we, if we think back to the beginning here, the mental image being held clearly of what was possible. So you call forth the impossible in service to the masses, and why is that important? Why is it important to be in service to the masses, feel like you’re really not going to have a vision grant To unless what you’re trying to do is of service to something greater than your immediate self. And that’s, you know, again, these are, this is just my perception of vision and kind of how you can take a look at it. So, you know, another thing to note here is that you don’t need to be the person in possession of the know how you don’t need to, you don’t need to know how something will happen in order for it to happen, just like just like, hey, this was this was Henry Ford and he was he tasked

his engineers with and his team was something that he you know, he felt

Unknown Speaker 9:41
could happen.

Brandon Handley 9:43
And then I’d like you to consider for a moment right Do you know how your how to grow your hair? Right, but it happens. Do you know how to create the white blood cells in your body to fight illness yet? You’re creating it. Do you really even know No. Do you even know how it is that you are alive? And when you stop for a moment and think about all the things that you don’t know how specifically are happening, but are happening for you every day, then is it possible for something to happen for you that you hold it a vision without knowing how it will happen? Is it possible and if there’s that possibility, then you have to consider Hey, then, then it is possible that something could happen for me without knowing how it’s going to happen. So then vision your vision, doesn’t require greatness. I don’t I don’t think without outside of you. I believe that it requires and comes from the greatness within you. And I think that this is what you live for. This is what calls to you in the hero’s journey. This

Vision is the call of the hero. And I think that you’ll have many visions. Right? And this is it the vision without action is a daydream. That’s the Japanese proverb. And then when you answer that, you take action on it, right? You take action. And when you answer that you accept what’s already been granted the strength and the grace. That to carry out your vision, and you’ve already got this within you, it’s just how do you want to apply it in your life? How do you want to how do you want to apply it and you know, we think of other stories that have been out there, other great visionaries. You know, Tesla and his love electricity needs to say to him about him, he would have a vision without even going like all to to without gone through so many gyrations he would see it once and create it and it would work just as he’d seen it so clearly in his mind. And then you had Steve Jobs.

Unknown Speaker 12:01
With the iPhone

Unknown Speaker 12:03
You know, he he would he just

Brandon Handley 12:05
kept at it and he believed that it could happen. And then you’ve kind of listen you’ve got Ilan musk doing whatever it is that he’s doing, but there’s something

Unknown Speaker 12:12

Brandon Handley 12:14
about his approach, there’s something different with how he’s going after these things. And, you know, I think that it could just as easily be you now that you kind of understand fully, you know, how vision could be applied and, and I think that once you have a vision, you’re calling forth the future. And that is something that you can do every day. And that is something that when you wake up, that is something that pulls you and calls you and you’re taking action and it’s just such a emotional void filler, I would say and it’s not it’s not a overarching ambition for great wealth. Just to have this great wealth, there’s something in there. That to me is so powerful and then even on the back end of this action without vision is nightmare to do all that you do

Unknown Speaker 13:17
without a vision to me seems hollow.

Unknown Speaker 13:21
Right? Without a vision, hollow action,

Brandon Handley 13:24
what is it? What is what is your action for? Why are you doing what it is that you do? And when you’re called forth in the vision, then I think that you’re super powerful way. So hey, listen, you know, rolled over in your own mind, see how you see how you feel about it. consider creating a vision for yourself and seeing what that feels like. versus a plan versus a dream versus any of these other words there versus a goal and see if it doesn’t Make you quite literally resonate at a different vibration and if it does, that’s cool if it doesn’t, that’s cool to you know Call, call it what you want this is what it does for me and that’s that’s really what I’m here to share with you this is this is that is my spiritual dope, right? That’s my hit. And when I think of when I think of a vision, I feel like that that is granted and I feel like there’s divinity and I feel like there’s strength and I feel like there’s hope and I feel like there’s all those just powerful, innately gifted things within it right? To me, I think that’s powerful. That’s something that I wake up for every day. And I think that hey, listen, if you’re digging what you’re hearing here today, I would just appreciate hearing from you and say, Hey, you know, Brandon as spiritual dope, co appreciate what you’re putting out there and I would love it. If you head on over to iTunes and leave a five or five star rating if you love it a one star rating if you hate it, don’t leave anything in between. I don’t you know, I don’t want to live for mediocrity. And let’s let’s keep it rolling. Thanks for tuning in and I will talk to you

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