Zane Landin, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of PositiveVibes Magazine sought to provide a space for people having a hard time dealing with mental health problems, experiencing being lonely, and feeling overwhelmed by the pandemic. Zane is currently an undergraduate at Cal Poly Pomona in California. Spring of 2020, he was taking a copy-editing class. Their final assignment was to design their own publication. Zane decided that a magazine dedicated to positivity would be best suited during the pandemic. Zane was inspired by the message and decided to embrace the idea. The magazine began with a small Instagram account in late May to now an international, digital magazine reaching thousands of people looking for hope during these times. The digital magazine has interviewed artists, psychics, mediums, yoga experts, models, chefs, etc. They believe in empowering and sharing powerful storytelling. They want to share the hidden gems in society.

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Brandon Handley 0:00
Hey, there’s Spiritual Dope I am here today with Zane Landin. He is the founder and chief executive officer of positive vibes magazine, where he sought to provide a space for people having a hard time dealing with mental health problems experiencing being lonely and feeling overwhelmed by the pandemic. Zayn is currently an undergraduate at Cal Poly Pomona in California spring of 2020. He was taking a copy editing class, and their final assignment was to develop their own publication, Zane decided that a publication dedicated to positivity would be best suited during a pandemic. He was inspired by the message and decided to embrace the idea the mag magazine became a small Instagram began with a small Instagram account late May to now international digital magazine reaching 1000s of people looking to for hope during these times, the digital magazine has interviewed artists, psychics, mediums, yoga experts, models, chefs, etc. And you believe in empowering and sharing powerful storytelling. You want to share the hidden gems and societies Zane, thanks for stopping by today. How you doing?

Zane Landin 1:09
Yeah, of course. Thank you so much. Um, yeah, it’s great to be here.

Brandon Handley 1:14
So we connected, I believe we connected just kind of doing a little bit of back and forth outreach through Instagram. And we had some good conversations and just decided to try and have you on the podcast. And I’m glad that, you know, we, jeez, I think it’s been probably about eight months, I think since we first connected Yeah. So lots lots going on pandemic hopefully coming out of its of its, whatever it’s doing. And here we go, we can get into it. So I usually like to start these off with the whole idea that we you myself are just kind of conduits for universal energy, right? We’re just here to like Express, kind of whatever we were sent here for, had one guy who was on really enjoyed what he said to he’s like, or he would say, it’s earth, not our Earth, our home. It’s our mission. Right? That was his expression. But you know, the idea is that whatever comes through you today is going to be for our listener on the other end, and today’s age, and what is it that you feel like sources sending through you today?

Zane Landin 2:25
I feel the sources sending to me today would be, um, be grateful for what you have. And I think that something that we preach a lot, but we don’t practice ourselves. And that we’re always wanting more, especially in society that’s always about things and rewards. Sometimes it’s always nice to see that the rewards are, yourself and what you’re grounded in your family, things around you. Even just listening to what’s outside. There’s a book about, you know, how we don’t really listen, and we don’t really listen to the earth, or what it’s saying to us. And when you go outside, you’re always bombarded with all this noise, or traffic or everything. When you when you kind of stop, you can really hear everything, and you feel like at one, and you feel like that stillness. And so I think that really kind of goes into what I’m trying to say about like gratitude, and just being grateful for everything you have. And I understand that people are in really, really hard situations. But I think like finding that one thing that keeps you going and one thing that’s positive, I think hopefully can really help you a lot. I hope all that makes sense.

Brandon Handley 3:33
Yeah, absolutely. I mean, it’s a, there’s this constant drive, I think that society has put on to us to just go out there, get and then get go get more, more and more. Right. Alright, so you’ve gotten this thing. Congratulations, you’re not done yet. Now you got to go collect the, you know, like, Pokemon, gotta get them all right. And if you don’t get them all, then then you know, something’s missing from your collection, your life’s not complete. Whereas a little bit of what you’re saying here is, is Hey, like, be grateful for the things that you’ve got take a moment, which is even just just yourself, you’re saying, right, like, just be grateful for you. I always talk about the whole idea of we have one in 400 trillion chances of being born. And wow, what are the odds, man, that’s, uh, you know, so be grateful that you have like this chance of even just showing up and participating in this world with us today.

Zane Landin 4:35
No, yeah. No, I definitely agree. And we even like shared something today on like our, the magazine’s Instagram about just celebrating the small victories that you have in your life. You know, like, especially when you see like success stories, you’re always like, Oh, they went from zero to 100. You just see the 100. We really don’t like to talk about this. Between the spectrum of zero to 100. Horse it’s in books and stuff, but like, I wish you could It really talks about how much they really struggled, especially when you see successful people, I don’t think love them just, well, I bet you there are some that have had things handed to them. But I think a lot of people have really had these powerful stories. And that kind of goes into the magazine, that’s what we want to share. You know, if someone is down in the dumps, or they’re really depressed, and they feel that they can’t amount to anything, I’m hearing someone who may even have a worse situation than them. Now they’re very successful. Seeing that I think, is really inspiring. And that’s kind of like what we want. That’s what we’re all about. That’s why we, that’s what we interview so many different people, because so many people come from different walks of life, of course, and like they have such such different, you know, inputs and different perspectives, I think that’s such a cool thing to see. And something we don’t see, you know, we kind of see the same type of people in the mainstream media. And so we always trying to like, find those diverse stories, you know, if it’s been a chef, or if it’s been something extraordinary, or if it’s just someone who is doing something in their local community, anything like that, it’s definitely tough to see. And it’s not really highlighted in the mainstream media. So that’s something i i try to challenge.

Brandon Handley 6:06
Hey, that’s pretty, pretty great that that you’re doing it. And I love that you’re doing it at a younger age, where you’re, you just kind of tell my wife a little bit about the story, just how you gravitated towards creating this magazine. And the thing it’s been, it’s been fairly successful for you. And the idea is that it’s kind of like you’ve never done it before. You just went ahead and did it, you opened yourself up to it, and you opened yourself up to do it in a positive way, just the way that you’re saying, right? Yeah. I would say that you’re doing it with care with kindness and consideration and compassion and all those things, right, like you said, with opening it to a diverse spectrum of people to be on and share their stories, mining for those gems, as you’re saying, and it’s just working for you, right? Like the universe is kind of opened up for you and accepted to Yeah, hey, you know, you want to do this. And since since you’ve never tried it before, right? You don’t know what you’re not supposed to do. And you’re just doing it in a way that’s, that is expressive of yourself, right? That that’s in alignment with who you are, instead of kind of going through this factory, of, here’s how it’s supposed to be, okay, you’ve met all the criteria, you’ve done all the right things, and congratulations, you’re a success. But that’s almost like a cookie cutter model. And you’re doing it without that cookie cutter model. And that’s what I think is really, for me exciting to see.

Zane Landin 7:48
Yeah, I mean, I, I was actually never really the biggest fan of magazines, either, because the ones I saw are always like the celebrity ones, which I was ever super interested in. So I was like, how would I even do something like this? And so I was like, You know what, I’ll just run it, like just an online thing. It’s a website, the contents there. And I love just putting out features. And that’s where it started. I didn’t like I said, I don’t know what I didn’t know. And I think that was better, I think cuz like, No, I just started like a new position. And they told me that, you know, look at the content on the website, and come at it from an objective standpoint. So it’s good that you’re here, because you’re like a member of the public. You know, I’m not biased. So I think actually helped. I didn’t know too much about the industry. So it wasn’t, I had to do things a certain way. So I think it’s actually better sometimes when you, like you say you don’t know anything. And you’re just coming in as like, just someone who’s ready to soak everything up. And that was like the whole point and kind of letting the universe guide you. And what’s really cool about this podcast, you know, was how I just happened to stumble upon you. You know, it’s so fascinating how like, I just was going through Instagrams going through rabbit holes. And then I, you know, I stumbled upon you, and then we just connected now that I think is great. And, again, what’s so interesting about when you start something or when you open yourself up, those experiences are never ever going to happen then. Because if I didn’t start it, I wasn’t ever going to meet you. Or half the people I have met through the magazine, half all of them basically, because I probably haven’t met any of them without it. And so I think what you’re saying is like, when you said before about just being present, I think like being open being open to like any opportunity. You know, I think it’s so exciting. Who you are now, and who you could be tomorrow was so different, but don’t be I wouldn’t be scared of it. I think it’s, it can be very exciting. As long as you keep living your life in a good positive way. And you’re a good person. I don’t know, it’s, I think it’ll be fine. I mean, I’m not gonna downplay when really hard things happen to people. I mean, I understand that but I mean, you know, if you have the feasibility and you have an idea, just go for it. I don’t know. I mean, I know that like the magazine didn’t didn’t take a lot of money. Like it wasn’t a lot of money to do this. I know that some people’s ideas are huge and have a lot of money. But I think just start off small you know, just you have the idea. Talk to someone who’s done it or you Even just start it and see where it goes. And so it’s weird how like, universe kind of, kind of like finagle its way in and like, you know, took me on a path I never thought I’d be on. So it’s really exciting. And I’m sure you can even speak on that too, with the podcast.

Brandon Handley 10:17
Well, yeah, no, for sure. It’s just like, it’s, I guess that that’s where, where my point of view really comes from is, is, you know, stepping into your one piece and doing it in a way that I thought it was supposed to be done with my first podcast. And then I was like, did a little bit of a shift, I did a second podcast, and it was a little bit more in alignment with who I was. And then finally, I kind of was like, I got to this one is basically kick the doors open, I was like, This is it, man, this is this isn’t aligned with who I am. And I’m not going to go search what everybody else is doing. And doing it in this kind of the same way. I’m not gonna leverage a bunch of like, scare tactics and like scarcity mindset stuff, you know, which is like, I know, it all works, you know, but it’s just not that doesn’t feel good, right? Doesn’t feel good to kind of put out there knowing that a lot of the marketing that’s being done as a psychological trick, really, right. And it’s like, well, that’s, you know, I feel like spider man in that sense, you know, with that kind of powerful force, you have to be used responsibly. And I’ve, you know, so let’s talk a little bit about to like, you know, how, how have you gone about? You know, let’s talk a little bit about positive vibes magazine, what, you know, what can somebody expect to find when they go there? And you mentioned a few of the different types of people like medium psychics to chefs on there, let’s talk about what’s criteria. And some of the people that have blown your mind that you’d that weren’t anything like you would expect them to be?

Zane Landin 11:55
Well, well, I feel like when you when you, you know, go into the website, and just, I would just say, you know, you know, definitely we are content with an open mind, because, again, they’re very different perspectives. I think it’s so close when you go on the website, I know that there’s like a theme, like we talked about mental health, and that is the theme. That was like the inspiration behind it. But it’s, it’s definitely gone into so many different places that it’s honestly the theme anymore. It’s just about spreading positivity. And we try to always ask questions about mental health, but sometimes it just doesn’t come up. You know, sometimes the natural conversation doesn’t just go that way. And so I think what you’re going to see is, you know, stories of positive transformations, inspiration, people who have really experienced some really hard stuff. I mean, I remember we interviewed a celebrity stylist, and, you know, she’s just doing her thing with fashion. And then, and then bringing the story cuz I didn’t write it when my writers wrote interviewed her, she was like, part of, you know, previously part of gangs. And so for her to come out of that, and transform yourself. And then one of the most meaningful conversations I have was with a medium, and interview, which is so powerful because of what she’s experienced. And we really talked about mental health, because she actually talked about suicide a lot. And, you know, the stuff that she had to go through with her family and her son, there’s a lot of different things. I just feel it from people, like when I do these interviews, I feel the energy from them. I feel, you know, I sometimes sometimes it’s more than others, but I definitely can experience like, I feel their pain. And that’s where I feel like I even I even learned the most, you know, like, I remember, I remember in school right now, we have to do a lot of reading, but I’m like, I wish I could just interview someone, like interview an expert for an hour, because that would be where I would learn the most. So I have learned so much from these people. Because, again, so many different walks of life, and they each hold such different like philosophies and things they say to themselves and mantras and how they navigate the world. Some of them have such self doubts before and still and then some people have the most amazing confidence. And it’s just so different. And I love how they all just make it work. You know, it’s their journey, their truth and I love just amplifying that

Brandon Handley 14:16
for sure, I think one of the one of the coolest things is being able to amplify it right you’ve got the power of the internet right there at your fingertips and anything that you send out there’s it has the has the true capability of being able to hit like I don’t know what billions of people for right like, if you you could hit everybody with your voice with their magazine, you have the potential to hit billions of people where else can you do that? I mean, how else could you amplify anything like that? So I think that’s pretty amazing.

Zane Landin 14:51
Ya know what I love about you know, I wasn’t there when it was my desk but what I do love about you know, nowadays is that media so democratised to the point where like, you can get content from anywhere, not like before, or like I feel like content and like, stuff that was available was stuff that was coming from LA Times, or these big newspapers or these big television shows. But now you see, like all these types of people having television shows, you have all these people doing streaming, I’ve always been doing podcasts. And so it’s like, it’s great that people can bring value to others. And people can like create and build their own communities. And in a good way, and they can foster those communities, and they just create something special. I just love that technology and social media and all these different things have changed that

Brandon Handley 15:40
he has no longer, you know, the three stations as a way back in the day, and anybody’s invited to participate, anybody’s invited to create their audience, anybody’s invited to share what’s on their mind. And through all the different mediums, you got the podcasts, you’ve got video, in writing blogs, I mean, any way that you feel like you need to express yourself, it can be done. And that’s I love that that’s what you’re doing to you’re not only expressing yourself, you’re bringing other people on to express themselves. And you built a true community platform. What, uh, you know, what some of the feedback during COVID that you’ve heard from creating this platform? Are you having the positive impact that you’d expected to have? Or you want to have? What’s some of the stuff that people are saying back to you?

Zane Landin 16:33
Here’s the thing. I I don’t know, I don’t I don’t see the impact myself. That’s the thing. Like I don’t, um, I’ll have people say they, they read something, and they loved it. But it wasn’t the amount I thought they were. But then I’ll have some people I interview. And then we’ll connect again, months later, they said, You have no idea how much this has impacted me. And the people who actually read my story. And they read more. So I don’t actually know, which I think is great. Because when I do hear it, I’m like, Okay, wow, we’re actually doing something right. And I remember I remember, I’m, I remember to hold on to those conversations. And because it is hard, it is kind of hard to just kind of go to, you know, a platform and just say this was so great. I think that’s hard for some people. It’s hard for me, like if I mean, you know, people I watch content I read. I don’t really say I love it. Like I don’t go on and comment that I know that sounds really weird. But I just kind of don’t I just appreciate it for it is so you know, I don’t get the comments. But no, when I do get some, it’s always so great. Because like my whole thing is about if I can just really if I if I could impact well, it’s not really me. But if the people in the magazine could inspire that one person and change their entire life, that’s where I think is the most worth it. And I think the people who are most impacted, you probably never hear about them. I think that’s great, because I don’t, I don’t need to hear about them. You know, as long as they’re doing as long as they’re taking away from the magazine, or the stuff he put on social media. That’s all that’s important to me. So I may never know.

Brandon Handley 18:02
And I think that that’s okay. It’s it’s really kind of like a double edged sword. I think we all like to get you definitely like to get validated, right? You’d like to hear that, you know, something’s working out like alright, that’s fantastic. And just like you said, I’m doing we’re doing something, right. So it’s good. It’s great to hear some of those stories. But it’s also really great to hear that you’re not attached to that specific outcome to have to continue to move forward. Right for You. Sounds like the momentum and the driver is really kind of internal. And not necessarily external.

Zane Landin 18:38
Yeah, no, yeah, I just I just, you know, they always say you’re supposed to remind yourself of your why. And so I kind of constantly do sometimes I feel like it’s, Oh, I’m so busy. I can’t do this right now. Or am I okay, no, I need to buckle down and do this. Because the why was, you know, to help people who are experiencing loss and just rough times during the pandemic. I know, we’re like in this weird phase of pandemic and not pandemic, even though we kind of still are, but it doesn’t matter at this point. Because even though that was inspiration, there’s always hard times going on and there’s always inspiration happening. So magazine one stop after the pandemic, that will just be why that will be like our, our, like, historic moment of why we started it, and always kind of remember it. But it is really interesting how it started from the pandemic. And we’re kind of going into this place where it’s, it’s not the pandemic as much as it was before. And it’s, it’s kind of interesting to actually go out and tell people what the magazine was like before it was like, just online, everything was online. The world was online. So now when I go around, I tell people, it’s pretty interesting, you know, but people have to stay. So it is really exciting. The like kind of like transition phase we’re in.

Brandon Handley 19:54
Yeah, we’re definitely in a in an awkward kind of space in the world. And it’s It’s pretty neat to hear that you’re going to basically you’re continuing it. And it’s really a continuation of you initiated something. And this conflict is where you stuck your flag on the moon, basically, right? This is made was, Hey, guys, this is where we stuck our flag on the moon. And as where it started, this is the origin point. And as you continue forward, and you continue to have these positive impacts, you continue to have these great conversations coming on these articles that you continue to produce. You know, where do you see? Where do you see it going for you?

Zane Landin 20:39
Um, um, I’m not, I’m not sure I always, I always say questions like this, and I wish I had a better answer. But I it’s kind of like, you know, when we first started, and we kind of just let it go tickets path, I feel like I’m still doing that and seeing like, who reaches out who’s going to come like, what’s going to be the next experience, it’s uncertain. But it’s exciting. My only my only goal is I just want to keep growing. I want to share more stories, you know, in whatever way we can. We’re always trying new things. We did a podcast follow up, they haven’t done an episode for a while, but we’re always cranking out the written content. And then I occasionally will do like Instagram lives, I’ll interview someone, I think we’ve done like eight or 10 so far. So we try and provide different content. So it’s not just written because I know that not everyone is a fan of reading. And so some people again, right, we’re a fan of podcasts or Instagram Live, whatever it is, as long as we’re always, you know, regurgitating the positivity in people’s lives. That’s all that matters. That’s all something I know, you know, my dream, my dream really is to actually have like a positive news channel. And that’s it. That’s all I would want is, you know, I don’t know, one hour, two hour segment on just sharing the positive news. I know, I know, local news stations do that. I just wish there was a place where it’s just indicates that and it’s even talking about positive international news, not even just like United States news. You know, we’re talking about kids, different countries are all these things where people are really making huge impact, and actually having an interview with them or something like that, that would be so cool. That would be my dream fighter.

Brandon Handley 22:15
Now that that’d be awesome. For sure. I think that’s a great vision. And I think that as long as you kind of keep going in the same direction, and just keep keep it up, right? It’s a matter, it’s really just a matter of time, so long as you keep it going. What, what would you say is some of the stuff that like you’ve really big takeaways from so many interviews that you’ve had?

Zane Landin 22:41
So hard. Um, I think that I think that, like, I think one things I’ve learned the most, I feel like, it’s something I realized before but hearing all the stories all the time, it really kind of reinforces it is that, you know, just trivial, right? Because every single person has such a powerful story to tell everyone, you know, I mean, it’s amazing what some people go through and experience, they just don’t want to share it. And that’s fine. You know, but it’s like, sometimes when you talk to someone, and if it’s just a random stranger, and then you hear this amazing story for an hour, it’s like, that is amazing. And so that’s what I hear is that, you know, we’re, we’re all equals, yeah, we may be treated way differently in society. But you know, back to kind of, I said, the beginning, you know, grounded in our community, like we are, we’re all supposed to be here for each other, we’re all part of the Earth, we’re all we’re all sharing the space, we just don’t act like we are, um, you know, and so I think that, that’s something I would take away is that, and you don’t know what people have gone through. And so always trying to be empathetic as much as you can. And I’m saying apathetic, like, like, it’s a skill me kind of is, you know, I think you can practice I think you can really tune into it, you know, to really feel what people were experiencing. And so that’s like, the one main takeaway I would take from all these interviews is that everyone really has something to share. And I think that we should be encouraging that a lot more.

Brandon Handley 24:11
It’s the idea, I think, that you talked about the beginning was, people don’t listen so much. Right? Not a lot of listening. And even trying to take that time to listen to the other story. Right, I mean, engaging in somebody else’s life to hear their story. I mean, who’s got time for that? Right? So and you’re making some time for that, though. And I think that when you give the other people an opportunity to truly be heard, to share the truth of their story, and not always in this market T way, right, like, you know, well, what’s your brand, saying, yo Tito, what your brand is and you know who’s your ideal persona and all this other stuff and a lot of times while that’s good to have clarity on all that like, but Who are you? Right? And why should we talk? Right? With, uh, you know, what, what, how much? Um, you know, I think you’ve gone through some rough times recently, right? Having access to this platform for yourself and having an outlet. I mean, how’s that helped us up and beneficial?

Zane Landin 25:21
Oh, yeah. I’m so happy to ask this. Um, so yeah, I’ll, so in January, my mom passed away. And so it was a huge shock. None of us were expecting it. Which I think was better. Because I would have wanted to know if that makes any sense. And I wouldn’t, and I don’t think my mom would have wanted to know, I think it would have been too traumatic to know that she would be leaving us. That’s her perspective. I don’t think she did. But she would think I’m leaving my family. And I think some people have some guilt from that. And so it helps so much. Because even, I think even like, a couple of days after I was working on the magazine, I know, like, people were like, well, what, why am I working? It’s helpful. And what really helped me throughout the time was just being super busy. But I really had the time to reflect on the stories. And then even just going back to like, who I’ve talked to, even when that medium I talked to, which happened like last year. And so when my mom died is probably like, six, seven months when I did the interview. And so like hearing them again, talk about mediumship. And I’m like, personally, I don’t know if this is real, you know, I don’t know, I haven’t experienced it. But it’s not my place to judge, or, you know, assume they’re wrong or right. You know, I’m just here with an open mind. And when I hear it, you know, I think about it. And so, you know, when I hear about a bunch of different mediums out there, and who shares these experiences and what they feel, it definitely brings me comfort. Because it’s pretty interesting was, I was kind of always interested in spirituality, um, my, like, a lot of people, my family around tarot, and meditation and all that stuff. I know, that’s like the cliche spirituality stuff. But it’s still really cool to be around. Even when I was young, I think I was like, 14, and I was around that, and I didn’t want to dabble into it. It wasn’t because I was like, fear the devil. I know that people say that. No, is really because I just didn’t think it was for me. And I wanted to do it when it spoke more to me. And so that kind of happened. And so with the magazine kind of drifted me in this path of spirituality and really thinking about things differently. And then even

my birthday was in January, as well on my sister gave me an Oracle deck. And I use it from time to time I’m not like, I’m not hugely into it, where I like study it, but I just flip the cards in reweighed size and eerily accurate. And even if I don’t feel that way, there’s something there. You know, I think that’s important. The most important thing is that, even when if we get a Tarot reading or Oracle reading, and we feel that that’s I don’t understand this message. Maybe it’s not the time for it, then. Or maybe you just need to look at something differently. And maybe you’ll see the message. That’s why finding that’s why I find really great about work cool is even if the message is unclear, it makes you think differently. And think like, Oh, I got this message, I don’t understand what it means. But maybe I should, maybe I should tap into this, like, whatever it is that wants me to. Um, so I think that’s the one thing that’s helped a lot was the magazine, I feel like yeah, without the magazine, I’d probably be really struggling a lot more than I have. Um, it’s given me a lot of hope, you know, and sometimes I think of like, it should be like me hope vies magazine, or even peaceful vibes. Because like, sometimes people quit. I think some people have questioned me and said, like, how is the magazine about positivity? When you have a story about someone who’s getting gang or something, you know, like, that’s like, people say that. And I’m always like, Well, I think as you’re looking at positivity is happiness. And they’re very, very different. Happiness is just like that emotional feeling you get, and I think it’s temporary. I think positivity is like a philosophy, like a way of life. And that no matter what happens, you know, that things will be okay. Or you know, that there’s a different place for you or something’s coming up and you don’t know I think that’s better than being happy because, again, happiness is just kind of a feeling. And so I think philosophy is what drives me in that no one no matter what I do, I’m gonna try my best to be positive and of course, it’s harder on different days, you know, but like, that’s the one thing like my mom didn’t necessarily teach me like being positive like not like that, but she was always so positive. And you know, she always said if you don’t have anything nice to say, just don’t say it. Don’t you know, don’t like someone you know. And also, she always had such compliments to say about anyone like, she always kind of like, lit up a room, no matter what room she was in. Even if it was the darkest room, she was definitely the brightest light. And yeah, my mom just had really great charisma. And I try my best. So she can listen to me if that makes sense. And so, yeah, thanks for bringing that up. It’s great to talk about because even though, you know, death is always around us. I think there’s still like the stigma to talk about death. Because I can’t imagine why it’s incredibly difficult. And there’s a lot of people that don’t believe there’s anything else out there. I definitely believe there is. But I’m always getting judgment and self doubt about it, you know, as normal, because we don’t know what we don’t know yet. So we never probably will know until we reach that conclusion, or new beginning, whatever it is, whatever death as some people, it is pretty interesting what it is to some people. But yeah, hopefully that answers your question.

Brandon Handley 31:02
For sure, so sounds like sounds like having this as an outlet in the space and where you can refer to where you can have those conversations where you’re surrounded by places positive people, not necessarily just positive people. But the these different ways forward, and I get what you’re saying, in the idea of, you know, so you had some, you know, gangsters on and off. But it’s like the idea of this is where they were, and this has been their path forward. And this is, you know, there’s there’s think of cheese, what is it? One of the one of the Toy Story minis combat Carl, or Jesse, Jesse always finds a way, if you resolve those, Jesse always finds a way. There’s always a way forward, right. And sometimes the those ways forward, aren’t, aren’t glamorous. When you think about maybe the gangster and delivering the gang life, made for that person, that’s it, who’s looking at from the outside says, ah, that’s terrible. Nobody should ever have to go through. But maybe that’s what that person needed in order to give them the inspiration to go become the person that they end up becoming. And for you, you’ve been able to have people like that around you who’ve gone through some of these tough times through some of these challenging times. And I’ve shown you that kind of no matter where you’re at, and where you’ve been there, there’s, there’s, there’s a way you can go forward. And I love the idea that you know about your mom being, you know, the brightest light and you try to carry that forward. I think that’s awesome, man. I really appreciate hearing that.

Zane Landin 32:42
Yeah. And then also part of the the why of the magazine was my mom was always, obviously the biggest fan of it. And so, you know, I’m doing it, I constantly remind myself to do it for her as well, she would be super proud to see it. Or she is I tried to, you know, think of her not to say they, they would have they they do you know, I like thinking of it that way. So, yeah, I’m really excited. And you know, also to go back to your question about magazine. I don’t know what’s gonna happen in the future with the magazine. But you know, I did I do reflect, like, long time ago, and I said, if the magazine just continues one day, you know, knock on what if that does happen? I think that’s fine. Because, you know, I created a brand, I created a space for people. It’s, it’s a memory, you know, and it’s still something I believe in, I’m always going to be impacted by those stories. But that’s, that’s, that’s the, that’s definitely, like, only the worst outcome. I wouldn’t ever want that to happen. But again, we never know what’s gonna happen. But what’s that quote? You know, don’t be sad. It happened. The happy it happened. Wait, no, it’ll be sad. It’s over, be happy to have it. I like that. Because for sure, no. And that’s hard. You know, for people, you know, it’s easy to kind of be sad. Um, and it’s, I think it’s easy to be sad than it is to be happy. You got to like effort into being happy to be honest. And, but I like the idea that, you know, be so happy that it happened and just keep living as if it’s still there, or keep living as if the person still there, you know, and always carry on their legacy or whatever it is, you can do that keep them alive. You know, metaphorically even though they are, in a way still live somewhere else. I know it sounds like contradicting myself saying that. But yeah, that’s definitely that’s what I would say.

Brandon Handley 34:43
What, um, has, has there been like anybody that has tried to, I don’t know, offer you payment? You know, have you guys gotten any sponsorship? What’s that look like for you? Are you seeking any,

Zane Landin 35:01
um, I’ve never thought about it. We’ve had like, some people reach out, but not about sponsorship like money, but they would send us some products and we would post about them. That’s always so fun. Um, I know that some people have reached out, someone reached out about being featured and they wanted to, like pay us to be featured, which sounds, it’s probably like the only time I would ever be paid for it. So far, and so I’m very, I’m trying to figure out ways to monetize it and make some money from it. And you know, be able to pay the people helping me. Because, you know, we have like students helping and, you know, they’re like interns, and they get the experience, but I would love to, you know, pay them one day, and just create more things. You know, I’d love to have like a guidebook. Oh, that’d be so cool. Like, I feel like that’s the thing now, like, so many people are create guidebooks, and like, a positivity guidebook would be so fun. And so that would be, that would definitely be something to consider in the future. But again, that’s the kind of question like, I don’t want the magazine to branch off into other things, where it’s not just online content, but what if it’s like a book that you can use, like a journal? I feel like I feel like I see some people doing though is like, Oh, I created my own course guide book. It’s, I see so many people doing that. So like, I think it’s so exciting. And it’s like, they can do it. Maybe we can too. So there’s so many things to consider and what’s what’s kind of trending and what people are liking and what’s really helping people. So there’s always so much to consider when it comes to stuff like this, which I’m sure you are aware of.

Brandon Handley 36:33
I know for sure, for sure. I think that it’s great that you’re looking, you know, the monetization is I think, you know, obviously, it’s great to get paid for I think it’s kind of funny, right? That somebody wants to pay be paid to be featured, which is always interesting to write, pay to play. Well, let me let me ask it just so I get to this little spot in the podcast where I like to call it like a spiritual speed dating zines, and it says you have you kind of found your spirituality, you’re finding your spirituality through what you’re doing right now. And I think that’s great. Again, I think this, I think this is cool that you’re doing it at such a young age where you’re really leaning into it, you’re asking yourself some questions where I know, for me, it took me a long time before I even started asking myself some questions. It was just kind of straight and forward and a lot of bouncing around and some other funky stuff happened. But you know, in the end, you know, I kind of landed pretty smack dab in the middle of spirituality and started asking some of these questions that you’re asking yourself at this at this younger age. But um, how about spiritual speed dating? Bachelor number one? Whoo, hoo. We talked a little bit about depression, why are so many people depressed?

Zane Landin 37:49
Um, why are so many people depressed? There’s so many, definitely so many different answers. I feel like the reason why people are more depressed now is not just a guess. I feel like but people, what gets people down is experiencing them. And so what I mean is, people have had to really had to sit with themselves. And really think about things. I feel like we didn’t do that. I feel like, you know, we were always moving. Like we talked about this the beginning, like we’re always moving and trying to get more, or things are just always changing. But I feel like with COVID people kind of just were stuck. I feel like that kind of got people depressed, because they had to really think about their life, and what they bring what they bring to the world, because, you know, imagine seeing so many people dying. So since I couldn’t submit, I couldn’t really relate to the dying thing. Just I mean that just because like I’m young, and I was like, I don’t think I’m going to catch COVID and die from it. But I can imagine someone who’s in who’s in like, their middle, middle age can be like, Oh, my gosh, I’m actually like, high risk for COVID. And so I had to really think about what have I done with my life? And what can I do differently? And that is why you see so many platforms and podcasts and things being made during the pandemic, because people have just shifted, because I think that’s one thing that’s made people really depressed. I think that there’s just so many pressures now I feel like, especially with technology in the media, I feel like that people are have such stretch to be an act of turn away. And everyone’s lives are blasted online. And as much as I love social media and technology. It does have this have some bad effects. And so in there’s, there’s so many different things and I feel like it’s such like, I’ve like it’s such a big question. I think recently now, I think some of those are some of the reasons why people were depressed. Um, yeah, I really think so.

Brandon Handley 39:49
That’s fair. That’s absolutely fair. So many people hadn’t really sat with themselves and being locked down, caused you to really just kind of do this introspection? What have I done with my life? What am I going to do with my life? Is what I’m doing with my life, you know, kind of is this my life’s purpose? Where should I be doing? You know, all kinds of those things? I think I think that you’re right, not since Great answer. Will z where you know, where can people we’ve been talking about this, you know, magazine, we’ve been talking about you and all the things that you’re doing, where can people go and find out more about you?

Zane Landin 40:28
Yes. So, um, one word, positive vibes, mag calm. That’s the website, as well as all of our social media channels. Except for LinkedIn, YouTube, or his positive vibes magazine. But the rest is positive eyes mag, you can find us on Instagram, the website, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, but we’re very active on Instagram as our main platform. And we just try to post things every other day we try and bring value to the postings, you know, we’ll do we’ll explore different topics. I think one of them was detachment, which I thought was very interesting, because like some people don’t, some people think detachment is toxic. You know, detach yourself from someone, oh, you’re being toxic, you’re running away. I don’t like when people say that, because like, you’re ran away from your problems. Well, maybe some people just need to detach from their problems. You know, even if it’s not they’re doing like, if they’re in this situation, where it’s like a new environment, could actually drastically shape them or shift. So they’re actually in a better mindset. So they can make better decisions, they can live a better life. And so, you know, we try to talk about that we did a post about experiencing loss, you know, that it’s gonna happen to everyone. As long as we can be there for one another and openly talk about loss, I think it will help people more, especially when it’s such a shock for some people, including me, but like, if I knew more people that happened to actually, like I said, like, oh, everyone’s gonna have to experience that. I just wish he would talk about it more. So I don’t want a little tangent anyways. So those are the places you can definitely find us.

Brandon Handley 42:01
Absolutely, St. Now, thanks for sharing, I think that I think that’s huge, right? People when they’re experiencing loss, they don’t necessarily know some of the best ways to express it, go through it, who can they turn to and without, without some type of reference material, like you’re talking about without being able to go to another place that has been sharing it and having having these conversations openly the way that you have? I think that it makes it a real challenge because especially as men in western civilization, we’re supposed to know kind of stuff over emotions down and loss is one of those things that we’re supposed to kind of stuff down, you know, people calling people go, and, you know, we beat on our chest and carry on. So, I don’t think that that’s always the way sometimes sometimes we’re truly impacted and we should be allowed to be impacted, we should be allowed to feel those feelings and sit with them for a minute. And, you know, you know, especially if we think about the loss of your mother, my mother’s still around when she goes it’s going to be like a true sign of her own mortality that that’s the moment that you reflect you’re like alright, well, wow, life can be here one day and really gone the next and yeah, am I really living it? To the best of my experience? There’s a Insight Timer. Sara Blondin has this amazing meditation called pain being the gateway to the divine. Right? Because I think so often, we shirk away from it, because it hurts because we think it’s going to hurt. But there’s so much energy inside of that pain that once it’s released, there’s a there’s, um, there’s a gateway that’s open, right that you can, you can go for you go through that and, and leverage it.

Zane Landin 43:59
That’s no, that’s really great. I never heard about that. But now I will say my favorite show growing up and still today is avatar. And like, one of the last episodes is one of the main characters has to deal with her mom’s death, the whole show, you know, they’re always talking about it. And so this one episode is about her like confronting the man who killed her mom. And like one of the characters tells her you know, don’t choose revenge, lay your anger out and then let it go is exactly what you’re talking about. Because it led to a blossoming understanding for her in a very different way. It wasn’t as obvious as I forgive this person actually moved into another person. So it was pretty interesting if this is why I love the show. But you know, I just actually love that there’s so there’s so interesting.

Brandon Handley 44:51
Zane, thanks for coming on today taking time and stopping over on spiritual dope podcast.

Zane Landin 44:57
Yeah, of course. Thank you so much.

Sharing a personal story here:

Unknown Speaker 0:01
This one I know.

Unknown Speaker 0:03
can press play.

Unknown Speaker 0:04
Can you hear?

Unknown Speaker 0:06
What is going on?

Unknown Speaker 0:08
It’s not too loud.

Unknown Speaker 0:09
It’s not blowing up. So, can you hear me

Unknown Speaker 0:14
there? I don’t fucking know.

Unknown Speaker 0:16
So we’re gonna go with it. trying out a different microphone. Of course.

Unknown Speaker 0:21
Today we

Brandon Handley 0:22
are, yeah, we’re still driving in the car. Still trying a different headset. And just looking for the right one. So that I again, you know, maybe I just need a Rolls Royce. So that one I’m driving. It’s just no background noise and it’s probably got the best microphone ever. Anyways, I am leaving BJJ you can tell by the sound of the road. The thought that I was having today is we’ve been talking mental health. And I believe that’s super important. Right? That’s something that we always need to be keeping top of mind.

Unknown Speaker 1:04
But we’re also rolling into Pride Month, which, you know, started with I don’t know the history of it, but I know that it’s got a lot of gay pride, LGBT, LGBTQ. And if you haven’t heard this story yet, you know, I like to start my day off going to BJJ and, and getting choked, right? Maybe, maybe not getting choked on purpose. But like, when we’re learning it and then defending against the choke, I mean, the it’s a big part about BJJ is just that, right? And I go when, and it’s something that I’m looking to have happen for me throughout the whole situation, because that is the intent, right? pacify

Unknown Speaker 1:54

Unknown Speaker 1:54
opponent, your partner, so that the fight ends is so just right, you don’t really

Unknown Speaker 2:01
not trying to hurt anybody.

Unknown Speaker 2:03
You’re trying to eliminate risk to your own body. And by choking somebody knocking him unconscious, you essentially do that. Now. It’s just because that’s how I like to start my day doesn’t mean that everyone likes to be choked. For

Unknown Speaker 2:23

Unknown Speaker 2:25
I don’t know about you, if you’ve ever been yelling, if you’ve ever been in this situation, then you may already know what it’s like. If you were raised in a family where there may have been domestic abuse you know, so catching your your mother being choked when you’re a youth, right? What do you do? And how can you know, what can you do to prevent that? And, or, you know, what can you do to help him or her out? Right? Like it doesn’t have to be the mother if perhaps you see your father getting choked. And you see somebody in this situation. And for me, I think I was about about 10 years old. I’ve been out side I think was like a spring out in Northern California. up by the Russian River, beautiful vintner company or violence, right? But being up in the Napa Valley, and I had been playing outside and we were living with no, my mom’s boyfriend at the time, and kind of walking inside. And she is there fighting. And immediately your heart starts to raise adrenaline starts pumping you don’t know what the fuck is going on. And she’s, she’s struggling as you know, cowboy cable installer is strangling my mom, this guy’s name is Rex. And I like what’s wrong. And she, she she’s kind of shouts out, you know, go get help. So, like, early in the morning, what’s I don’t know how early I was. But so I run out the door. And I run over to our neighbor’s house. guys name is Brad. This is the 80s and Brad has just frosted, you know, hair and a knock on the door. banging on the door. He jumps out of bed. So I remember him being you know, like naked and having to put clothes on. like Brad said, you know, my mom’s getting strangled.

Unknown Speaker 4:51
And, uh, you know,

Unknown Speaker 4:52
he comes, you know, comes running out, comes running and he gets over to the house and he breaks it up brings up this fight. And the thing is, you know, so if you haven’t already figured it out, you know, we’re in Northern California, straight north of San Francisco by a couple hour, maybe not, maybe not an hour. Not that far, I don’t know. restroom River and the community that we’re living in is predominantly gay. And this is 1986 1987. And you Brad, you put his life out on a limb, so that he could save my my 10 year old. So fairly impressionable, right fairly impressionable to see this person act courageously, regardless of you know, who he slept with, and it always boggled my mind, you know, I think that I had, I call it the luxury of being exposed. I had the luxury of being exposed to that. Growing up, I had the luxury of being exposed to gay people wasn’t, you know, just gays, I still remember. My mom had a friend of hers named Pete PD, and lesbian coming over and staying with us for a while. And other other apartments, same, same area. And, you know, wasn’t even just that I’ll throw in, you know, biracial couples that, you know,

Unknown Speaker 6:41

Unknown Speaker 6:42
you saw, and he didn’t think anything of it. So, for me, I had this luxury of seeing this and not thinking any differently about it. Pretty much my entire life. Not to mention again, you know, seeing a store is always going to default back to Hey, I remember, you know, when this gay guy, and again, it doesn’t, it’s kind of annoying to even have to call it out that way. Because, like, aren’t we all just a bunch of people? And if you’re not having sex with me, then I don’t give a shit who you’re having sex with? I mean, it’s that’s kind of how I mean, you know, that’s always kind of been my, my, my thing what, why does it matter? What what happens? Why do people care? Something that again, just always kind of, always boggled my mind. You know, it was always entertaining to go to a gay club, or, you know, a place where it was predominantly gay dudes, and, you know, they, it always made me feel like a woman would feel right. It’s always, always, always kind of interesting, because, guys, when they’re kind of in the heat of the moment, drinking and just not wanting to take no for an answer to just like, kind of, like, don’t stop like that these. We are like these running, you know, deer or, you know, just, it’s like the season. And you’re like, holy shit, I got to get out of here. So I’m always have some sympathy for some women, especially if you put yourself in that situation. And just don’t. It doesn’t matter though. Like, you know, when you do that, it’s like, somebody coming on to you, somebody coming on to you. It’s always it’s never like, Well, you know, sometimes it can be overbearing, it’s rarely not taken as a compliment.

Unknown Speaker 8:47
Right? In my mind, anyways, and again, that could do with how I grew up with what I was exposed to with how I was raised. But as we walk into, you know, Gay Pride Month or Pride Month, I know what it’s called, but I know that I know that it’s coming up. And I know that it’s supposed to, and it does, right, talking to this other gentleman,

Unknown Speaker 9:11

Unknown Speaker 9:12
you know, he came out 30 years ago, which would be

Unknown Speaker 9:17

Unknown Speaker 9:19
And to come out then to tell people that you felt the way that you did that you appreciated as a matter of fact, you you prefer the same sex versus the opposite sex made you kind of like an outcast. Right. So for somebody to come out 30 years ago, Ban and even now, I’m sure, I’m sure there’s plenty of pockets, where if you live it’s it’s not going to be socially acceptable. In your immediate circles, and you’re going to be struggling and you’re going to be going through all this shit. Because there are people that just can’t wrap their

Unknown Speaker 10:11
fucking heads

Unknown Speaker 10:14
around the idea that somebody thinks differently than them, that’s really what it boils down to. Right? You say potato, I say potato? Right? Yeah. Somebody else prefers something you don’t. And they, they don’t want to see that. Right? They can’t, they can’t, they can’t, they can’t picture it. And they can’t see that. So because to them.

Unknown Speaker 10:45
It begins this, it begins this kind of chain reaction in their own mind. Right, they can’t unsee it, it’s tough to unsee you know, that happening that scenario, right? Somebody wants to be with the opposite sex you. You kind of played out Arrowhead, you’re like, Well, yeah, maybe

Unknown Speaker 11:06
we’re or

Unknown Speaker 11:09
they’re going to hell,

Unknown Speaker 11:10
whatever, whatever it is, it gets played out, it gets played out. And you, maybe you just can’t, it puts you over an edge that you didn’t even know you had. But you got to stop and think to yourself, you know, for the non, for the for like the non traditionalist for the person who’s, who’s not currently accepting that you got to ask yourself, you know, what is it about that? That is that it triggers you to not be able to accept it. So, you know, again, I gotta add, you know, what if, and I’ll play the scenario out again, what if you walk in on your mother getting choked the brink of of her life. You can’t say you are helpless. And the only thing that you can do is go to get help. And the only person you can find someone who prefers the same sex, someone who thinks completely differently than you, or, you know, somebody who just who thinks in that way doesn’t have to be different. And what are you going to do? Now? You’re not going to accept that help? Is that person any less capable? To save your mother? Right, to save you to play a pivotal role in your life? If you allow it, and if you don’t, don’t give it any thought through what kind of thought goes into that. Like I certainly did not think well, Brad, for us to tip pair, Brad, who’s singing a wake me up before you go go. Is this guy, I don’t think he’s gonna be my mom. I’ve got to go find somebody else. A little less flamboyant, that I thought never crossed. My head never was matter of factly and the first thing it was a matter of who do I know, that’s near that I can trust to come help. That is always shown. kindness. It has never been on untoward. Who can I find? And it was Brad. Obviously, that relationship my mother and Rex ended. And I’ve always got that story for myself. The only sad part about the story is a couple years later, Brad, somebody did think differently. Or a couple of things to think about but quite literally found dead in a ditch a couple of years later, we were no longer near the area. And

Unknown Speaker 14:14

Unknown Speaker 14:15
my heart of course, always aches for Who else? Who else’s life plenty of sake, but I was a what was maybe Brad’s purpose was to be there. And that it’s Brad’s purpose was to save lives. Maybe Brad’s purpose was to make such an impact on the people that he was

Unknown Speaker 14:41

Unknown Speaker 14:42
that these stories are could be shared later in life. And right now when you come out, it’s super simple. People do it. In elementary school, and the parents accepted for the people that did it. 30 years ago, it cost them their lives 3040 years ago. So I mean, this is almost 40 years ago, cost him his life. And we get to celebrate, we get to celebrate today. You know, gay pride isn’t? I think, one is, it’s a celebration of who you are. And I think that it’s open to everyone, right where we’re in such as like, inclusive, inclusive era, and that’s beautiful. It should always be that way. Accepting you as you are, who you are, where you are, no matter what you’re doing. As long as like, right, you’re not harming anybody. And celebrating that, that’s love. I love, you know, gay pride month because of that there’s so much kind of energy released. But just like, just like any kind of civil rights movement, there were people that came before us, that helps make it happen. That put their lives on the line, that wrist not being accepted, that risks being ostracized,

Unknown Speaker 16:19

Unknown Speaker 16:21
for who and how they chose to love. So I think that that is the biggest, biggest thing that we can take a look at as we go into Pride Month, we can take a look at those that came before us those who have had an impact on our lives. I mean, if there’s been people, maybe you’ve never looked at it this way, if there’s been people in your life,

Unknown Speaker 16:50
who maybe you shoved away because of their choice of love. I my question would be, how did those people show up in

Unknown Speaker 17:04
your life? Not who did they choose to love? How did those people show up in your life? Did they show up? And a caring, passionate, ready to be there for you moment? And then you learned that they were gay? Well, I guess I can’t. I mean, right does it doesn’t make any sense for that to be the route. And so. Hey,

Unknown Speaker 17:33
thanks, Brad. Thank you for the impact you had on my life.

Unknown Speaker 17:40
And at the same time, I’ll thank my mother for exposing me to that lifestyle. So that there was really never a choice for me. Never had to. I never had to say, Oh, this isn’t right.

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Brandon Handley 0:00
What is going on spiritual dope?

Unknown Speaker 0:05

Brandon Handley 0:05
hey, hey, Brandon Handley here the voice of a generation.

Unknown Speaker 0:11
We are live

Brandon Handley 0:12
on Christmas Day 2020. Thomas over, it’s almost over everybody, we’ve almost made it through 2020. If you are able to listen to this podcast, if you were able to tune into what is happening here today, there’s a good chance that, uh, the rest of your life is going to be super awesome, right? If you’ve made it through 2020 unscathed, meaning alive, you’ve got a lot, you’ve got a lot ahead of you. And this is going to be a year, of course that we all remember. At the same time, it’s going to be sure that we’re all just as just as ready to get beyond just ready to get beyond. So we are still working through, are you ready to succeed. And we are on chapter five, you can change the universe. This is the chapter where it finally dawned on me just how powerful this book was laying a little bit of incense over here, we get ourselves into the mood. But I was sitting on a plane flying I think out to Denver, a friend and I were we’re having a conversation online earlier that day, about you know, miracles, just in general about becoming medically minded. And as we go through this chapter, you’re going to understand exactly why he sneaks in, right? I know that I put it in here somewhere that he sneaks, this kind of squeezes this chapter in, underneath of, to me, almost should be like two chapters. Right? Of course, I’m not the author, but you know, sneaks this one in here. And it’s pretty awesome. Pretty awesome. So stay tuned, we’re gonna get through this one here. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, whatever holiday you celebrate. You know, the holiday I celebrate the most is every day is a holiday. I’ve got up on my board right now, on my whiteboard, you know that this is fun. I’m having fun, be fun. Not too long ago, I also had up on my board, my whiteboard. flyff is a treat, man, we got a joy, we got to celebrate it, we can’t just can’t just go through it without without looking forward to it right, looking forward to every day. So whatever day you’re celebrating, I hope you’re celebrating today. And today, we will be going through chapter five, you can change the universe. In addition, if you would like to get access to this mind map that I’ve created for this, just check on the website. I also create the videos, as I’m creating the audio so that while we are going through it, you could if you wanted to just see me kind of poking around as as we go through this mind mapping. So without further ado, the introduction to this one, you know, this is another part where I really resonated with us Sreekumar Rao, he’s talking in the beginning of this just about the spirituality of his mom, as a mother, how she was super spiritual, super connected. And, you know, my mom was too, right. Just just, you know, super connected in a lot of ways. The deal is, is that, you know, when we’re when we’re young, and full of, you know, vim and vigor, or some vinegar, and whichever one you want to take a look at, especially as a young young man, we would just resist because we already think we know all the things you know, we we get a few right answers, we’re told we’re super smart. Next thing, you know, we know everything, just how just how it rolls. So his mother was super spiritual, that was kind of his foundation to a lot of this. And she thought that the universe was benevolent, right? And that, that anytime the universe was, you know, it would pull you out at all times, right? It would, and alliances would permit one to surface even when swallowed by tidal waves who just always kind of reach out, reach out to you. He also says, Hey, he resisted his mother’s wisdom. Just and again, I also resonate with this so hard because I just I didn’t you know, my mom had a lot of a lot of things to say that were fairly wise and I was like, No, nope, no, no, no.

And, you know, especially now as a father, right, as a parent myself, I’m like, you don’t want to share, share this stuff with my own children and let them know. And I’ve got the full realization, though, that the, they’re not going to automatically grasp it automatically and grab onto it, especially because this is this is the world that we live in, they’re surrounded by a society that this isn’t the loudest noise, right? This isn’t the thing making the most noise out there. This is the thing that’s spirituality that is, that’s got this little ebbs and pockets, there’s, there’s fights about who’s right or wrong over where the soul goes over what the soul is over what spirituality is, and it’s like, holy shit, man, just let it go. So it’s not too much different than you’re a human, you’ve got a spirit, you need to attend to it, that’s really it. And then you know, also recognize that the spirit of you is much larger, and greater and connected. than, than the physical sense being that you can, you can see right now. So that’s my personal take, anyways, you know, we get, we get tuned into this, and we get taught this stuff, you know, when we’re younger, a lot of times, but we don’t have this kind of foundational obvious knowledge to be able to see it. So obviously, we’re gonna resonate with everything else that we see, especially when there’s only one of them, like his mother, my mother, and maybe myself. That sees it, and it’s not until it becomes the mass masses, right? That it becomes kind of like this easily accepted thing, even that it becomes kind of regurgitated and a lot of a lot of one of the true message is lost in it. So anyways, you know, his his mom tells this story about, you know, or I think he tells a story about he, why, why are watermelons growing on the ground, when they’re big, and they’re just supported by vines and cherries, which are tiny, are supported by like this, this big tree? And at some point, you know, a cherry falls on his head. And his mom says, Well, you know, if that had been a watermelon, then that would have cracked your skull. And then he goes ahead and make some jokes, because what about coconuts? What about what about durian, which are like these large, large fruits in the trees that, you know, could fall in and crack your skull? Meaning that, hey, the universe also has these other things, what about them, not the line that his mother says that that I really enjoyed, and that we’re still in the intro of this, that is that. If a boulder falls, faith, you know, we’ll turn it to dust. I love that line. You know, if you think about it, anything that seems kind of impending, or when you are living in fear of the whole world or the universe, and it’s kind of coming down on you just you know, over the past, over the past year and a half, I’ve been really fond of saying, you know, let go let God or at least acknowledge that your subconscious is connected to something so much larger than you and give some trust over to your subconscious and your imagination to convert those worries into something, again, that you can handle. ie if a boulder should fall, have faith that the universe will help you out, be benevolent or that you’re more powerful subconscious will turn that boulder into dust into something manageable that you can handle. And you see it happen every day. How many times have you heard me say, I’m going to go ahead and trust a thing that is able to pump blood that’s going to take when I fall asleep at night, I don’t have to worry about whether or not I keep breathing. my subconscious keeps me freezing, there is something alive and intelligent in me that says hey, B, go ahead, you go to sleep. And we’ll go ahead and keep your your as alive. Right? So who whatever is doing that for me every night that I’ve ever fallen asleep for my entire life anytime ever and keeps pumping the air into my lungs. I’m going to trust that okay. And that’s within me and connected to something else. That’s my opinion. I’ll kind of take it. So proof cuts both ways. Moving on, you know, coming into proof cuts both ways is hey, here’s the idea of you can witness be witness to the winds or you can be witnessed To the ruins that is you can say, Hey,

I expect nothing but the worst to happen all the time and be you can be the person that says, oh, there it is there happened, I told you, you know, that shitty thing was going to happen or you can be witness to the winds, and you can be optimistic and you look, you can look forward to them. And, and, and exists, right both of them kind of exist. Looking here in the book real quick here. You know, ideally, look, it’s a choice, right? You can live right in a world where you know, the the universe destroys those boulders for you. Or you could live in a world where there’s all kinds of misfortune and crap out there in the world, right? And the deal is, you have a choice on which would you pay attention to? I’m not sure that we’ve gotten there yet. There’s another part and i’ll go ahead. So it’s your choice, right. And Dr. Rao makes this note, you don’t need to have a revelation to make this change. You can do it right now, this has been part of my very own platform for a number of years, where a lot of people tell you that, in order to have this kind of spiritual awakening or law, not even a spiritual weakening, when you have this, this whole life change that comes over you. It doesn’t have to be after you fucking hit rock bottom, you don’t have to wait till you are crushed under the weight of the world. You can do this. As soon as you’re ready. You can do this as soon as you are ready. Moving on, we’re going to step into the law of increase. And the idea is, can you take you have the opportunity to take a look at the universe as as a conscious entity, right, and is intimately intertwined with you and everything that it is that you do. Now, he talks about let’s see here, it talks about the idea that you can you know it I love this, it wants to give you what you desire, and you are able to influence it, you have the capability to influence it. And here’s, here’s one of the here’s one of the ways that you can influence it. And if you’ve heard this one before, stop me. But hey, whatever you are truly grateful for and appreciate will increase in your life, right? And the idea is that you just you just got to start doing it right? You just got to start paying attention to what it is that you’re you’re grateful for. He says, Hey, skeptical, I don’t blame you. Since I once felt this way. I know that I can’t change your mind. And that’s, this is one of those things that you can’t tell somebody that this is going to happen. You simply need to try it for yourself and apply it for yourself before you start seeing it. You start seeing it happen. And he tells the story of two dogs, right. There’s there’s a, it depends on who’s telling the story. I think I remember first hearing it from Zig Ziglar he’s talking about the anyway, Indians and how they’re up. They’re having dog fights. And the grandfather was the one who did the dog fights and it was never the same dog. But the grandfather always got the same dog. You know, always bet on the same always bet on the winning dog. And the child goes, Hey, well, how how do you know which one of these dogs is going to win every time? Right? How do you know which one of these dogs is going to win every time grandfather goes, Hey, the one that wins is the one that you feed. The one that wins is the one that you feed. Alright, so wrap it back up there and we’ll look at you know, when you give your energy to that what you are truly grateful for and appreciate. You will inherently see more of that in your life. That is not to say that is not to say that you’re not going to have things in your life that aren’t going well for you. You will we all will look there’s going to be things that pop up in our life that need to be addressed. Right. All these things need to be addressed. And you will do what needs to be done to fix or contain the bad but you will not expand emotional or psychic energy on it gives you a story and and of when we first moved into our current house, we first moved in some big big house and

I was concerned every, it’s actually a bitch and whine and moan and every time I hear the heat turned on in my mind, like, Ah, geez, there goes, there goes another 10 bucks, you know, just for firing it up, right? And it was pretty cool. The window was pretty cool. We’re getting down to, you know, 20s teens, and it went out, the heat went out. So do universes like, well, he wants to have to stop happening. He wants this bad thing to stop happening, I was investing emotional and psychic energy on it. And guess what it increased, it increased in a way that I didn’t want it to right that dog, the one that I was feeding was not the one that I wanted to win. And that’s scenario. So when I was a when we got it repaired, when we got it repaired. The the emotion and psychic energy that I spent on the heat being back in my life was was that of joy, right of gratitude. Like, I am happy that I have he, I am so happy and grateful that I receive a heat bill at the end of every month. Because that means that my heat worked throughout the month that I was able to pay for the bills, that you know that I still got an account that’s in good standing, that I’m able to stay warm and comfortable in my life. So those are a couple of things that even when you think about the law of increase, and it will go in both ways. But the idea is that you want the dog that you want to win is the one that you are, you’re truly grateful for right the one that one that you’re really happy to have. So again, I know that I showed the emotional and psychic energy on something that wasn’t great. But I also showed you what happened. What when you put your energy on, you know, whichever dog so I’ve got plenty of stories don’t get me wrong, I’ve got plenty of stories. That’s this first one that comes to mind of when things have have gone right and or well, but this also just shows what happens when you expand emotional and psychic energy on the things that are not great in your life. Cut it here and we’ll get on to section two

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Arizona Bell is the co-founder and CEO of Spirit Guides Media—a growing media network that’s dedicated to truth and driven by Spirit—and the host of the podcast A Matter of Life and Death with Arizona Bell. A grief coach and afterlife expert, Arizona is an inspirational speaker with the message that examining death and what happens to us after death is the absolute best way to live our richest, most meaningful lives here on Earth. A rising voice in the spiritual community, she appeared as a panelist on George Noory’s afterlife expert panel at the Afterlife Research and Education Institute Symposium in 2018 and speaks regularly at various conferences and events. Arizona’s book “Soul Magic: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Mystics” is available now.

Arizona stopped by on Spiritual Dope as we covered all types of things:

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How do you transition from writing for medical journals to spirituality?

Different ways to pray & what exactly is OG meditation?

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  • user avatarbrandon handley00:014321 Hey there, Spiritual Dope. This is Brandon Handley on with another outstanding guest Arizona bell, and she is the co founder and CEO of Spirit Guides Media
  • 00:15A growing media network that’s dedicated to truth and driven by spirit and the host of the podcast, a matter of life and death with Arizona bell
  • 00:23A grief coach and afterlife expert Arizona is an inspirational speaker with the message that examine that. And what happened was, after death is the absolute best way to live our richest, most meaningful lives here on her.
  • 00:35Arising voice in a spiritual community, she appeared as a panelist on great George Norris afterlife expert panel at the afterlife. Research Institute education Institute’s symposium in 2018
  • 00:47And speaks regularly at various conferences and events Arizona’s book sold magic ancient wisdom from the modern mystics is available now or is. Oh, thank you so much for popping out today, how are you
  • user avatarSpirit Guides00:59Hey, thanks for having me. Brandon, I’m doing really well, actually, uh, you know, you never know in 2020 with ups and downs of of everything. But today I’m doing great. I’m feeling good. How about you.
  • user avatarbrandon handley01:09I love it. Right, like 2020 if ever there was a a year where you seize the day right you take it for all that you can get out of it because you don’t know what’s around the corner right
  • user avatarSpirit Guides01:20And absolutely, if you’re not. If not now, when right
  • user avatarbrandon handley01:26I love 2024 for what is actually kind of brought brought to us right arm. I think there’s opportunity to
  • 01:32Do what you and I are doing on really kind of dig deep and live our authentic lives because you don’t know what’s around the corner. Really presented itself in 2020 that’s my honest opinion.
  • user avatarSpirit Guides01:43Absolutely. And just, I’ll just riff here for a minute, in my personal life. That’s how it worked out.
  • 01:48You know i i hit rock bottom and hit a period of grief in my life. And next thing you know, I’m like, Okay. Life’s too short. And it really put the fire under my butt. And I got to step in and live in my purpose. And I think on a collective level that’s what’s happening with 2020
  • user avatarbrandon handley02:03Is what it looks like right a lot. There’s a lot of raw files on
  • 02:06A lot bombs and and not to laugh, but it’s again just giving us the opportunity to bounce back. And so our spiritual resilience and what that but that kind of shine.
  • 02:15But they kind of shy so I like to start these off with, like, you know, the idea is that the creator speaks through us right and
  • 02:25Universe energies, energy, whatever speaking through us today and it’s delivering a message to one of our listeners that can only come through this instance right so what is that message that you would deliver to that person today.
  • user avatarSpirit Guides02:40This is man, this is interesting because right before this, I got on. And I do this typically
  • 02:45Every once in a while. I forget, but it’s kind of my routine to get to
  • 02:48Get into meditated mode. Before I go on, either my podcast or somebody else’s and say,
  • 02:54Let’s let the message come through that needs to be heard the most that helps the most amount of people
  • 02:59You know, it’s interesting. I’ve never been asked to to pick what that message is. So you put me on the spot, but um you know i i think that maybe the messages. What you kind of
  • 03:12You said spiritual resilience. I think that that’s the message of this year. And that’s the message, maybe of this podcast, because that’s where we started going right away. And I think just
  • 03:24The fact of the idea that human hearts are so resilient were built in Phoenix’s were born to burn and we’re born to rise. And I think that it’s really
  • 03:33Really important to remember that right now, when everything is burning down metaphorically or literally, you know. So I think it’s really important that we remember how resilient. We actually are.
  • user avatarbrandon handley03:46Built in Phoenix is built on Phoenix’s and
  • user avatarSpirit Guides03:49I don’t know where that came from. That was
  • 03:52That was like our archangel
  • user avatarbrandon handley03:54Was it right that’s it 100% you open yourself up to it and just allowed to kind of kind of come through.
  • 04:02And that’s exactly what it is. So, whoever’s out there. Just know that you have this built in Phoenix, whatever is kind of sparking you right now. You can kind of fan that and rise up out of the ashes into something more boys than you ever were before. Right.
  • 04:18Totally. Um, so let’s let them give some background, right, who is Arizona bell
  • 04:26Yeah, are you
  • 04:27Doing here. Um, you know, give us the lowdown
  • user avatarSpirit Guides04:30That’s literally what I’ve been asking myself all year. Who am I, why am I here. No, you know, I
  • 04:37I would have said, you know, for most of my life. Arizona bell is a writer, like, that was my identity that’s that’s who I showed up as and then a little, little bit over five years ago, about five and a half years ago.
  • 04:50My mother passed away. She was my best friend.
  • 04:53She was 59 when she passed away. I was 30 so that’s pretty young, relatively speaking for both of us. And we were very, very close in it. It ripped my world apart. And that was my burned down moment and
  • 05:05And eventually became my Phoenix moment, and it gave me, like I said, the fire under my butt to really step into my full
  • 05:14Purpose and alignment, whereas before I was just sort of dabbling, you know, I was like dabbling one foot into my spiritual purpose and the other into really messing around, and not really committing to anything and
  • 05:27You know, just that kind of stuff. And so, you know, after my mom passed. I did the grieving thing for her, you know, I’m still doing the grieving thing, but I did that pretty hardcore. And then I woke up one day and I said okay like
  • 05:39I’m going to do this, I’m going to do what Spirit wants me to do. So I basically surrendered to that to spirit to source to God to divine energy, whatever you want to call it. I said, All right, listen.
  • 05:52I get that I’m here for a reason. Show me what that reason is. Bring it to me every day and I’ll do it. So you know I stepped into service mode. Basically, which I wasn’t able to do before I hit rock bottom. And with that.
  • 06:05Came the starting of my company, which originally. Like I said, my background.
  • 06:09Background was in writing. So I started a little digital magazine called spirit guides magazine, because I
  • 06:15I was young, relatively young in the spiritual world and I saw that there was a huge void of spirituality being targeted to younger generations and therefore there’s a huge disconnect because
  • 06:26People my age millennials and younger weren’t really connecting with
  • 06:31The kinds of websites and graphics and conferences and kind of that that were sort of felt a little bit outdated, but we were hungering for spiritual knowledge so that was kind of the reason I started it.
  • 06:42And that little Instagram magazine has now evolved to a media company we’re called spirit guides media and within it. We have podcasts. We’re starting a radio station books.
  • 06:54Everything courses and thrown a festival with my good friend from conscious living PR Mona. So we just got everything going on. So that’s kind of a hope I answered the question. I don’t, I don’t know how to fully say who I am or why I’m here. But that’s a star, I guess.
  • user avatarbrandon handley07:09Sure how that that it’s a lot for us to work with. Right. So, that is how you and I connected we connected through Mona, Lauren, who was one of the first guest on this podcast.
  • 07:20And you know so super glad that we were able to get connected through her
  • 07:25Checked out spirit. Guys, you’ve got a lot going on there. Looks like it’s kind of a community right of built up around spirituality and. Is that what the intention is just kind of a community for, like, you know, will say for a younger generation. Is that what you’re saying.
  • user avatarSpirit Guides07:43You know, absolutely. The intention was to build a spiritual community. And even though we are gearing towards gearing it more towards
  • 07:52Visually towards younger people. I mean, spirituality is for everybody. So I have people across the board, you know, but we did. We did kind of dominate that you know
  • 08:0318 to 34 demographic. I mean, that’s, that is what our demographic is. And of course there’s outliers and the young at heart, and all that. But we did want to make it fresh and hip, you know, and that that was an intention and definitely
  • 08:17The spiritual community aspect of because for me. My personal story is, I was the lone wolf on the spiritual path. I didn’t have, you know, I wasn’t raised religious I didn’t have a spiritual community, as in the spiritual closet, to be frank, so
  • 08:30I did this year I did the spirituality thing by myself. And so I really did want to create a community.
  • 08:37For those that might be feeling the same way. And luckily, with the world that we’re living in with technology. It’s easier to do that, you know, like we’re doing this on zoom right now and and so I’m able to hold courses and
  • 08:49workshops and the festival, even now online and as membership community, so it’s it’s all able to be done online and it’s it’s absolutely to have a spiritual community in such a weird time
  • user avatarbrandon handley09:03And there’s no no better time for us so funny you mentioned your demographics, because you’re pulling off is right where I started on my demographics. Right.
  • 09:12Right on. And that’s and that’s simply because I speak to my generation, right. So you’re speaking to your generation, you know the language you know on the spiritual connection.
  • 09:21From that perspective. Right. And that’s not to say, like you said, there’s gonna be there’s gonna be people. There’s going to be the outliers that you attract but like you’re able really well able to speak to that specific group.
  • user avatarSpirit Guides09:33Right but but it ends there because I don’t do Tick tock. So I don’t know.
  • 09:37I don’t know how much younger. I can get that
  • user avatarbrandon handley09:40Tick tock. Tick tock. Some is
  • user avatarSpirit Guides09:43For sure.
  • user avatarbrandon handley09:44Somebody platforms right I’m and I’m doing I’m doing what I do.
  • 09:49Exactly.
  • 09:50So, so I get it, I get it.
  • 09:53When you know I want to give also this kind of premise of what you were into before you got into the spiritual realm, who and what type of content. Were you writing before you got in the conscious
  • 10:08Conscious right
  • user avatarSpirit Guides10:09Sure. You know, I think, well, I was doing a couple things. There was what I was doing for work. I was very fortunate to get paid to be a writer. I know a lot of people in the writing world.
  • 10:21seek that out. And what that I was writing for what pays. I was writing for medical journals and medical magazines and medical medical medical I was writing for universities, things like that.
  • 10:34But the big bucks were in the medical field. I was the editorial director at a magazine for physicians and an assistant assistant editor at a magazine an international magazine for doctors and dentists so
  • 10:49And, you know, with my mom passing away, she had cancer. So I was all up in the medical industry going through it with her and I just found myself writing things that I didn’t agree with. And so, it hit me.
  • 11:01For a while, I mean, I don’t want to get to the specifics, but
  • 11:06Yeah, just
  • 11:09Just the sick, I would call the sickness industry of the of the medical industry and just a lot of things that there were ignoring about actually keeping people healthy and I had to start to believe that maybe there was a an ulterior motive to keep people sick.
  • 11:26So I and I was publishing stuff like that, you know, and that’s all up for a matter of opinion, but from what I saw firsthand.
  • 11:35In the medical world with my mom and the unfairness. I will call it of that world I it wasn’t jiving for me on a soul level to be writing those things anymore. So there was a there was a pick on my soul that was like, ding, ding, ding, like, hey, you can’t
  • 11:49This doesn’t feel right and you care about integrity. Don’t forget that you care about integrity. Now, on, on the flip side, in my own personal selves. I was always drawn towards I guess soul centered content.
  • 12:03I called it love I called it like I was thinking more romantic love than spiritual, but I, I was always wanting to write about love and like
  • 12:11That kind of stuff. And like relationships and things like that, but um I so I was doing that on the side as well. I was writing for literary magazines and things like that.
  • user avatarbrandon handley12:21That’s fun. That’s fun. But I’ll tell you what I can. I know what you’re talking about with that little prick in the soul resonates with me real hard. I was in the insurance industry.
  • 12:32For a little bit. Right. And I was like, well, you know, you would you do demographics and you would do.
  • 12:40Do a risk assessment on the group as a whole. Right. And there’s a sick person or two in there.
  • 12:45You’re rich got jacked up with this doesn’t make much sense you know these people need the insurance. We’re going to raise the rates on them because they need it because they are sick because they are going to use it.
  • 12:53Or industry codes right same thing happens with industry codes. If they’re in of, you know, riskier business type
  • 13:00Their insurance rates are going to go up because they’ve got the they’re going to get the most well this person’s gone in here. So we’re gonna have to race, the race to cover that. So, um, I left, I left.
  • 13:10For very same thing. I was like, for a couple reasons. Actually, one was because of that soul prick right to was because and nothing wrong with people getting off on work every day you know into an office, but I couldn’t stand it. I was in my 20s and watching people that were zombies.
  • 13:27Right. What are these these these a tweet covered offices, you know, walk right. I was like, I was like, if this is gonna be my toys.
  • user avatarSpirit Guides13:35Yep. Oh, I completely relate to that. Yeah. I mean, look at me, I’m like,
  • 13:40There’s no way I can sit in an office. I mean,
  • 13:42I gave it my go you know I gave it my best go but somehow every job i got i ended up
  • 13:48And again, I told you this before. My mom was German. So I was raised with good work ethic. I know how to work hard and so I’d like work hard, prove myself, and then I’d be like, Listen, I gotta start working from home like this isn’t working for me.
  • 13:59You know, and somehow I always talk them into it. I guess that’s a skill I have but
  • 14:04But yeah, I wasn’t meant for that either. I totally hear what you’re saying and you know that that unfairness. As I said in that you as you just so eloquently described in the insurance industry. It goes, it goes in every, you know, it’s like in the banking industry like
  • user avatarbrandon handley14:17Somebody who
  • user avatarSpirit Guides14:17More like living paycheck to paycheck has to pay the fee to like have a bank account and then you know somebody who has loads of money doesn’t have to pay a fee doesn’t make sense that
  • user avatarbrandon handley14:28You know, you know it does. In the end, right, like, but you know we’re not going to get into it. Right.
  • 14:34But it’s like, Come on, man. Um, so, so you’re writing for like medical journals and all this other stuff. You have this kind of bent
  • 14:45You go through this and they jump into the spirituality, his face. I want to want to share with kind of
  • 14:51Peoples. And what was it like for you to begin to lead with spirituality. After what you’ve been doing your entire life and the Jeff overcoming fears deal with anybody was like, What are you thinking that type of thing.
  • user avatarSpirit Guides15:05Oh, big time. Yeah. As far as overcoming fears. So I’ll just say a couple things I had the idea for spirit guides
  • 15:14In my head tagline AND EVERYTHING FOR YEARS. YEARS. YEARS. YEARS BEFORE. My mom passed away years I knew I wanted to do it and not even that I wanted to. It was like it was just implanted in my mind my spirits like you’re gonna you’re going to need to do this.
  • 15:28And I started to get worried when the because i’m a i’m an idea person. So I get lots of ideas. I was starting to get worried when the idea didn’t go away because
  • 15:35It doesn’t go away. Dang, it’s meant for you, you know,
  • user avatarbrandon handley15:38So,
  • user avatarSpirit Guides15:39But I was too scared I was making pretty good money to be creative, you know, who am I to do this. And also, like I mentioned, I’m in the spiritual closet. Okay, I’m a party girl.
  • 15:50On one on one hand, and then I’m a spiritual girl when I go home like it. I did not have spiritual friends. You know what I’m saying.
  • 15:58So there’s a lot of fears to overcome. But again, when I got that asked my ass kicked by grief and loss and seeing death firsthand. It was like, all right, you got to live your life and you got to do this. So I basically like
  • 16:13I just kind of like came out of the closet and like didn’t like I didn’t even make a thing of it like I just was like one day I owned a spiritual media company.
  • 16:22And, you know, some people were like, what are you getting up to these days, you know, but it was it was a leap that I took private privately and probably shocked. Some people when I did it, but I didn’t want to go around having to explain myself to a bunch of people so
  • user avatarbrandon handley16:37That makes a lot of sense. Um, and you’re a lot of different types of coaching business Christians question spiritual around to like you know don’t have to go share your ideas with others. I’m just go do it right again. Good.
  • 16:51And that was
  • user avatarSpirit Guides16:51That was what I chose to do in that moment, because it honestly it made the most sense.
  • user avatarbrandon handley16:56Of it and then so
  • 16:59You start, you know, I don’t know how somebody just goes to earning a
  • 17:04media company, right. So what was that process like did you have to get investors or she is fired off like
  • 17:10On to the Instagram bit or did you find some people to back you, that type of thing.
  • user avatarSpirit Guides17:15Now it was completely driven by spirit. And again, I was in surrender mode by that point. So I was like,
  • 17:22I had an arrangement with spirit is like if you want me to do it. You got to bring it to me because I’m not going to go around.
  • 17:28Chasing after all this stuff. So I’m very fortunate that my brother and business partner is a tech developer. So I had that
  • 17:37And I basically called up one of my friends who was a another co founder who became another co founder with us, who I knew was into spirituality and could handle you know some of the things like social media all this stuff. And we just got together as a trio and and literally it was
  • 17:54You know, like guerrilla style startup and
  • 17:58And now the third party left, and it’s just me and my brother and we’re still we’re still running it in that way. And I like that way. I mean, I wish I could sit here and tell you that I had some
  • 18:08Big plan, you know, I, my German mom would have wanted me to have a better laid out plan. But I went with it. You know, I just, we just started on Instagram and started hyping it up because that’s where all the kids were and we were trying to, you know,
  • 18:24That’s where the kids Billy says where they used to hang out with. So that’s where we were talking to, at that time, and
  • 18:30We started to get a following. And then we just launched and and honestly all all I had in mind was to launch a digital magazine.
  • 18:39And because I was a writer. That’s all I wanted. You know, and I eventually wanted to write books and stuff. But from that is like all this stuff because I made that arrangement with spirit.
  • 18:48Now I’m like podcast Aston radio station and festival. All these things were like, not my ideas are now they’ve overrun the thing. So now it’s like it’s got a mind of its own.
  • user avatarbrandon handley19:00Reminds me of the Michael singer. Yeah, sort of experiment right um
  • 19:07So talk about what is surrender.
  • user avatarSpirit Guides19:11What is surrender mode. Well, I think there’s two kinds of surrender mode. There’s a surrender mode where we think we’re surrendering
  • 19:19Where we say we’re surrendering which was me a lot. I mean, I was
  • 19:23I’ve always been drawn towards spiritual and esoteric stuff so I knew I was writing before my mom that I was writing you know happiness is surrender. That’s where you find happiness, but I wasn’t doing it.
  • 19:34I wasn’t doing it fully. And I only realized that when I did it fully in that was when I had to when I had to fall to my knees.
  • 19:43Because there was nothing else there and, you know, Marianne Williamson, I’m probably going to butcher the, quote, but she says something along the lines of
  • 19:51There’s a certain desperation that’s required before you’re ready to face God and something like that. And that’s how I felt. And so to me, that is surrender mode where it’s
  • 20:02I am here to serve.
  • 20:05Your like basically I’m using my free will to serve your will spirit.
  • 20:12So it’s
  • 20:13To me, that’s true. Surrender mode, not just like, Oh, it’s okay. Let it go. That bad thing, you know, but actually surrendering to a will, that’s greater than your own that’s greater than your own ego as well and showing up for it every day reliably
  • user avatarbrandon handley20:29How do you show up for every day, right, like so. I get it. I love this. I love that. I love the idea of
  • 20:36You know surrender. And it’s really kind of how we started the podcast right now less fear talk through you to the listener. Right. And then that Phoenix between now and then there’s a. It’s kind of like the let go and let God right
  • 20:50Right.
  • user avatarbrandon handley20:51But to actually, you know, to say it’s one thing
  • user avatarSpirit Guides20:54How to do it.
  • user avatarbrandon handley20:55How to do it without freaking out, man. Right, without freaking out because
  • user avatarSpirit Guides21:00I never said I didn’t freak out.
  • user avatarbrandon handley21:03I love it. So, um,
  • user avatarSpirit Guides21:04But I will say this, I will say this. I mean I I wake up every morning and I meditate and I pray, basically I do that combo and and part of my prayer in my meditation is to say
  • 21:19You know, use me how you want to use me today.
  • 21:22And so that’s a way for me that’s like a action point for me every morning to state my intention which matters a lot that I’m here to be used for spirits will basically. And so whatever shows up for me that day.
  • 21:38I’m going to do it.
  • user avatarbrandon handley21:40Yeah assessments. Nice. Right. Um, and then the other part two is
  • 21:50Just the idea that these things keep opening up for you. And I mentioned kind of the surrender experiment from
  • 21:56Michael singer. And the reason I mention it because once you kind of open yourself up to it to be used to be used in service through this universal power.
  • 22:05And I love how you said you know I’m not going for it. It’s going to have to come to me right
  • 22:11You said you know what you want. This is what I want. But you know what, I surrender for you to show me the way type of thing, you know, talk a little bit about that because I think that that’s
  • 22:21That’s very important. Right. I’m a big fan of the idea is like its first of all, most people won’t like you said, you know what you want it right you know what you want to do you want to be a writer.
  • 22:31You wanted to start this media company and dig into it, but you didn’t know how, but now you got it. Is it fair to say
  • user avatarSpirit Guides22:39Yeah, definitely.
  • user avatarbrandon handley22:40And so this is the point that I’m trying to drive home is that you don’t have to know how, but you do have to make the decision that that’s what you want a life and that’s what I feel like you’ve done
  • user avatarSpirit Guides22:51Right. But I agree with you. You don’t have to know how I am living proof of that. You do have to know what what I will say is that asked
  • 23:00For what, when I sit in prayer and meditation every day. I mean, I feel like that’s a crucial point
  • 23:07Because we’re
  • 23:09I had to. I had to. I didn’t know that I always wanted to be a writer because I have that God given skill.
  • 23:16You know, so that’s a, that’s a natural way for me to go but
  • 23:22I didn’t know. I didn’t even know what necessarily either. I had to listen in meditation, like I didn’t know that I was going to start a media company.
  • 23:30Or a you know that I was gonna, I didn’t even know was going to do a podcast. I didn’t know the podcast was going to turn into a an internet radio station. I’ve got those downloads and meditation and prayer. You know what I’m saying.
  • 23:42So, but, and I will, I will circle back to the one thing that I did know is I knew I wanted to be a writer, and I knew that starting this digital magazine basically
  • 23:53would grant, grant me a following. And I knew that in the publishing world today because I had been told this by writers by published writers that you have to have a following to even get looked at basically
  • 24:04Well, and the magic numbers like 10,000, you know. So what we hit 10,000 and then it just kept expanding and expanding and expanding and I was so damn busy. Next thing you know, we’re at 50,000 followers and I’m saying to spirit, listen.
  • 24:20I still haven’t written the book actually haven’t even written
  • 24:23So I’m not going to go around chasing a book deal if you want me to write a book you bring it to me. Now that sounds absurd.
  • 24:29But three months later I had an email in my inbox, saying, hey, we have this book. It’s already sold to this major publisher and we think you’re great to write it, do you, what do you think
  • user avatarbrandon handley24:40So they have the concept of the book.
  • 24:42Yeah works on a writer and they needed a writer.
  • 24:45And you read it. Yeah.
  • user avatarSpirit Guides24:47And that’s the thing these days, they already sell the concept of books, but you know now that sets me up to write the book that I want to write to write the books that I really want to write, you know what I’m saying. So
  • 24:56It’s a pause for a second, though, because you know
  • user avatarbrandon handley25:00There’s also the again.
  • 25:04There’s, there’s the idea of, you know, feeling a little bit of a law of attraction space, making the demand was fear, right, or like the idea of you asking it is given and just let it come to you.
  • 25:17Right right hand to me right if I’m coming from a law of attraction space. I’m like, Hey, I’m here, how to end up here. You’re living example of this right and or of
  • 25:28Trusting the universe is another right as like your benefactor, you’re like hey universe. This is what I like. You can just go ahead and have that show up. I’m not going to go chasing it
  • 25:40But then it shows up, and you’re like, Well, what’s next.
  • user avatarSpirit Guides25:43Right. And that, that means that means it’s for you because you you can go out there and say hey universe. This is what I want.
  • 25:52I’m not going to chase it bring it to me and you’re not, you might not get it.
  • 25:57Because it’s not meant for you.
  • user avatarbrandon handley25:58And that’s great too. Right. Like I make the lines of, you know, if I would have had a lot of money. When I was younger, or like an open like have liked it. Like, I felt like I wanted, I probably would have died.
  • 26:11Like, I mean, right, it would have been a bad. So the universe is like no
  • 26:16No, no bad idea, right, you’re not ready for that. Sorry.
  • 26:20Yeah, and or we don’t want you right now, right, you’ve got more things to do. And that’s, that’s another thing that I kind of look at this as like if you made it this far in your life and like you’re
  • 26:28Still kind of wandering around. I like you know for the for the person that is
  • 26:33So meaningful life, you know, perhaps there is and you know you guys start figuring that out because there’s no reason for you still be here.
  • 26:40One 400 what a trillion to be born and make it through like not get hit by a car or a bus eaten all that crazy crappy thing that G and just in some of whatever we know what you’re doing out there. Right. But you’ve lived
  • 26:52And and and and so you’ve got a purpose and to live it. So one of the purposes that you found is by going through, you know, kind of hitting this rock bottom right, I want to just
  • 27:03dive off dependency the grief coach and afterlife expert aspect of it because we haven’t yet. Um, let’s talk about how you ends up even there.
  • user avatarSpirit Guides27:12Sure. I mean, it’s kind of a wild story, um,
  • 27:17Because I, I didn’t want to end up there that wasn’t I joke. I never thought in my life. I want to be a grief and afterlife expert.
  • 27:26Can can promise you that. But, you know, after my mom passed away. And after I did the really hardcore grieving for for a while.
  • 27:36I just, I think, you know, I had already started spirit guides and I was like, you know,
  • 27:41Like, I want to go train to be a grief coach and it just kind of came to me and I was like, all right, I’ll start looking into programs and I did and I found one. And I went and I liked it and i and i just got trained. You know, I just did it, but
  • 27:55But, and I wasn’t even
  • 27:57I didn’t even know what I was going to do with it. I just felt intuitively intuitively nudge there. So I did it. And then shortly very shortly after I had a medium ship reading
  • 28:09And the medium. Then in the middle, in the middle of it. She’s like, and she’s a very, very, I had to wait a year to get a meeting with her. She’s a very, very popular medium and
  • 28:23In the middle of that she’s like, What are you doing, I need to
  • 28:27And she’s like, I’m so I’m not gonna take up your time of your reading. But after this. I need to talk to you what you’re doing. Like my spirit guides are telling me I need to talk to you.
  • 28:34So we end up having a chat and she’s like, Oh, I told her about spirit guides, like I’ve been trying to reach younger people, and she’s like you and then a week later I got an email from her. And she said, I want to invite you to be to speak at this afterlife conference.
  • 28:49And I was like,
  • 28:51I’m not
  • 28:54Know that, like, I’m not qualified to be here and she wrote back, I’ll never forget it. And she’s like, Arizona, my dear, I have been told that you are going to be a very profound afterlife researcher and you need to be at this event. And I was like, what
  • 29:07So I went to this event to and I sat on a panel talking about spirituality, like in younger generations and my mind blew way open because I didn’t know much about the afterlife, other than
  • 29:21My mom had died. I hope she was still alive and I went to a medium to find out, you know,
  • 29:26So I guess the, the, that’s the long answer. The short answer is, like, Spirit just drove me there and And ever since that first conference, it was just so obvious that that’s what I was going to be doing that I had a place in that world for whatever reason.
  • user avatarbrandon handley29:43So along with being a CEO media company you’re also doing like this grief coach. Is that right,
  • user avatarSpirit Guides29:51Yeah, you know, and you know, I hadn’t dove into the coaching part as much as I wanted to. Originally, just because I have been so busy now with
  • 30:03And and people grieving everything because grief, you know, grief, there’s a misconception. That’s grief, just for
  • 30:11a loved one who’s passed away grief is for any change dramatic change in your world, which we are collectively experiencing like all of the changes right now, so I am
  • 30:24Drawing more back into that coaching aspect and I’m starting to get some things lined up in that way because I think it’s so important and and I’ve been basically advised by all of my spiritual advisors that that’s something that I need to get going on right now too, so
  • user avatarbrandon handley30:40I love it. Right. So just a little bit about what it means right to
  • 30:45Examine death and use this kind of as a catalyst to live our riches, the most meaningful lives.
  • user avatarSpirit Guides30:53Sure. So what people don’t know is that there’s so much afterlife research out there.
  • 30:59It’s not mainstream so we don’t hear about it or you know it’s not it’s doesn’t get MAJOR FUNDING so we don’t hear about it, but there’s so much independent afterlife research outfit out there and there’s so much documentation that to me proves that consciousness exists beyond
  • 31:18beyond physical death right i totally spaced out your question, though. I’m gonna go go off on a tangent
  • 31:24Oh,
  • user avatarSpirit Guides31:27I get into my afterlife brain. And I’m like, Okay.
  • user avatarbrandon handley31:30So before I let you go into the next piece of what would it so somebody wants to go buy some information for themselves in the afterlife research. Where’s the first place that you would direct them.
  • user avatarSpirit Guides31:43So there’s an. There’s an organization called the afterlife. Research and Education Institute AR e AI and they are great starting off point.
  • 31:53I feel bad because I didn’t fully answer your last question, but my mind.
  • user avatarbrandon handley31:56Told me
  • user avatarSpirit Guides31:58But, uh, anyway. So that’s a great place to start off at
  • 32:02And they, you know, they are doing research, their funding researchers, all kinds of stuff and and they’re just signing up on their newsletter. There’s also
  • 32:11There’s a newsletter that is run by a couple in Australia. That’s really famous. It’s called the Friday afterlife report and every Friday, they send out a newsletter of all this afterlife research that’s either
  • 32:23From the past or that’s come up in the past week there’s tons of it out there. So those are the two places I would start the afterlife report. It’s with Victor and Wendy’s dammit, and then AR e AI afterlife. Research and Education Institute or
  • user avatarbrandon handley32:38So the question we had was, um, how’s examining death. And what happened was the absolute best way to move on.
  • user avatarSpirit Guides32:48So, yes, yes, yes, yes. See, now that’s a very important question. That’s why I was having a hard time letting it go. Um, it’s so important because of all the research that’s out there, which is what I was getting into.
  • 33:02It proves beyond a shadow of a doubt in my mind, from what I’ve seen. And what I’ve learned and what I’ve experienced and what I’ve researched that
  • 33:10our physical bodies dies die, but our souls. Do not that we continue to live in the afterlife. Okay, so with that being said, the information that our loved ones that spirit guides
  • 33:23That
  • user avatarSpirit Guides33:25That arc angels, all of these beings and entities that are in on the other side, the information that can be channeled through them is so vital.
  • 33:37To how we live our best lives. So it’s, it’s an interesting paradox because we don’t tend to think about death or the afterlife until we’re faced with it because we’re so busy thinking about life and
  • 33:47How we can live our best lives, but from what I’ve learned is that we can learn a lot about living our best lives from that wisdom that comes through the other side.
  • 34:00And it’s a shame that people I feel it’s a shame that people my age don’t get to do that very often because I’m the youngest one at these events. Okay, like
  • 34:09I still don’t know many people that have lost their primary you know parent or something like that, that in my age group, and my peer group so they feel like they are
  • 34:19getting robbed of that wisdom because they’re not going to go looking into the death or the afterlife. So I do kind of feel like
  • 34:26It’s my job to sort of bridge that gap because there’s so much knowledge about how we can best live our lives that comes from looking at those more taboo topics.
  • user avatarbrandon handley34:37You know what’s funny to me is just this morning I was listening to a song, ya know which one I listened to so many um I got a Swami the chain. I’m the
  • 34:49But the idea is that, like, there’s one in 1000 that’s capable of kind of taking this information right that the what you got. Right, so
  • 35:00You’re kind of the light is lighting all those around you, as it were, with what you do. So I think that that’s kind of the challenge, no matter what age group is
  • 35:09Right when you when you kind of stumble across this you know it’s like you’re saying you’re like everybody needs to know that you can live this magnificent way. Let’s follow me. We’re gonna sneak in and and
  • 35:20Rightfully nobody’s like I was like, no.
  • 35:23Um, but what I want to hit on though is that, you know, when you experienced this grief when you experienced though your mother’s passing
  • 35:36I guess like ripping the veil right between you and the spirit world and
  • 35:42Would you, would you explain it like that. Would you describe it like that. And would you
  • 35:47Would you describe your experience with trying to share this information with other people is being challenging and not being able to accept it.
  • user avatarSpirit Guides35:56Um,
  • 35:59Yeah there it was totally an unveiling will say brought me so much closer. I mean, it was even the night, my mom passed away I her apparition came to me and I was awake, like, and she came and hugged me so the veil yeah it thinned an immensely immediately.
  • 36:20Has the information been hard for me to get out and for people to accept.
  • 36:27I want the answer to be that it’s been really difficult. Like for dramatic effect, but it hasn’t it hasn’t. And I think that’s because
  • 36:37I’m attracting the people that want it. I’m not, I’m not trying to go out there and be a missionary or
  • 36:44Or an evangelical about anything, you know, and I have zero religious ties or affiliation, which is interesting with afterlife. I mean, every, every
  • 36:53Every serious spiritual or I’m sorry, every spirit serious religion has believed in the afterlife and has after life.
  • 37:01Philosophy and I think that, you know, obviously, a lot of people thrown out religion in their lives. And I think that was kind of like we threw the baby out with the bathwater, kind of thing.
  • 37:10So I’m not, I’m not attached to any religion or anything like that. So I don’t think that I come off as missionary. I just think I, I tried to share my authentic experience and people who are looking for.
  • 37:23Some answers to their own grief. They find me and it’s so far the. The result has been one of comforting for them, rather than
  • 37:34You know, combative or I don’t believe what you’re saying. So I maybe I’m fortunate in that but you know it hasn’t it hasn’t been too difficult. It’s actually been very rewarding. I think
  • user avatarbrandon handley37:44I can see that, especially online. What about a person
  • user avatarSpirit Guides37:48Well in person. It’s like I’m
  • 37:49Preaching the choir, you know, I’m going to
  • 37:52But I will say this, I will say, even in my because I told you about my history as a, you know, being in the spiritual closet and everything, even the people in my life who like my family who’s known me forever and
  • 38:02You know weren’t into these things at all. They just by osmosis have
  • 38:07By coming to my events by hearing my podcast, things like that. And now they’re there, you know, exploring their own stuff and their own afterlife. And now they’ve
  • 38:16Had certain people passed away and they’re reaching out to mediums and investigating like oh yeah I remember Arizona said this, so let me invest it on my own. So it’s kind of like planting the seeds, you know,
  • user avatarbrandon handley38:27Not 100% i think that what you’ve done is, is by your by leading by example you’ve given them permission. Right.
  • 38:33Yeah, showing them that you can step into the space without going on claims.
  • 38:39Right, right. That is a good that it can be a good thing. Um, I like that you kind of touched on, you know, kind of these religions and throwing the baby out with the bathwater, and
  • 38:51As far as I can tell right religions are kind of like this.
  • 38:56Again, just like one of the thousands going to kind of understand this information right and then my kind of wants to do this just the whole
  • 39:03You know, when the student is ready, the teacher will appear right and then does you like Panda hated that lines real
  • 39:11Quick. Um, but the thing. And I think that’s the attraction of some of the Eastern philosophies right because they’ve been so the console like
  • 39:19Christianity bad, you know, the pope did this and you know those priests did that and all these things so that like they just won’t accept it, even though, like the exact same thing as being in 99% of the same
  • 39:30thing over here and like these Eastern religions and they’re all if you got a contract is out, man. Look what I found, like
  • 39:36You know, so I think that it really gives us people the opportunity to framework right for for their space.
  • 39:43And for everybody else is kind of rejected if there’s people like yourself, and I don’t like, well, there’s this other space. We can hang out into what’s been said and all these other places, but you just want to have this different same conversation. Let’s do it.
  • 39:54Right, right, right. Um,
  • 39:56Let’s talk about
  • 39:57The fest coming up. So this is podcast, I’m probably you know this weekend, which will I know the dates are like 928 or something like that.
  • 40:09But you know what’s the festival. Let’s talk about what you got a
  • user avatarSpirit Guides40:12Spiritual
  • user avatarbrandon handley40:13On 2020
  • user avatarSpirit Guides40:14Cool. Yeah. So it’s the conscious spirit fest. It’s a collaboration between myself.
  • 40:20And my company spirit guides media and Mona Loring and her company conscious living PR and so it’s conscious spirit fest. It’s on October 10 or no, it’s not. It’s on October 18 I was thinking 10 for October is on October 18 2020
  • 40:36It’s a Sunday, and it’s basically it’s an all day online virtual festival, because that’s what we’re doing now virtual all day long and
  • 40:45We’re so excited about it. We basically curated the event that we wanted to have right now.
  • 40:51You know we are lonely and isolated and we do need spiritual community, one way or another right now. And so we wanted to build something for people to
  • 41:02Unite and people who who are want to focus on Unity right now in this crazy polarized role. And so we’ve. We have everything from yoga in the morning to guided meditations to sound healing to breath work. And then we have amazing speakers that are talking about everything from
  • 41:21How to deal with this pandemic burnout to energy protection for light workers, we’re going to have a medium come and do live medium ship readings and we our keynote speaker is column Adele, who’s an astrologer, and he’s going to be talking about
  • 41:38You know the astrology coming up, you know, for 20 2021 and all that. And in astrology in these uncertain times and what what what we might have to look forward to, you know, the good, the bad, and the ugly or whatever.
  • 41:51So, so, yeah. It’s basically a day for everybody to come together and do all things mystical and create a spiritual community and
  • 41:58And hang out together. So we’re really, really excited about it.
  • user avatarbrandon handley42:02Now this sounds exciting. Like I said, you know, I think I saw Mona’s paying off on Instagram. I saw start following it, and it seems like you know
  • 42:10I love what you guys are putting together their talk to me a little bit about the astrologer, I think he’s got like a little bit of a baton. What’s his What’s his
  • user avatarSpirit Guides42:17So called Collins handle on Instagram is queer cosmos. And so he has he’s he’s and he is
  • 42:24He’s an amazing gay man and he started doing astrology for the queer community and which is was novel at the time, you know, and but more than that. I mean, he is
  • 42:35He’s one of my favorite guests have on my podcast. I’ll say that right now. He’s so enjoyable. He’s brilliant. I mean IQ off the charts and he’s he’s so fun. So anytime that he’s around. It’s a good time. And I definitely recommend following him on Instagram at clear cosmos. He’s great.
  • user avatarbrandon handley42:55So yeah, I remember that you’re seeing them and chocolate.
  • 42:59Yeah.
  • user avatarbrandon handley43:00Funny Guy when I grew up. I grew up, like in the gay community, you know, was out in San Francisco, San Francisco in the 80s right and and the one thing that happened out there was like my mom was an altercation with
  • 43:16Her significant other, at the time, and he ended up by children and stuff. And so I ran across it, you know, the neighborhood and got these guys on the bed and they came. I can’t rescue my mom so
  • 43:28Oh wow, for the rest of my life, you know, gay guys have a
  • 43:30Have a soft spot in my heart. Right. And it’s just been in that community. It’s, it’s fun, right. Like, I mean,
  • user avatarSpirit Guides43:36Oh, there’s no doubt about that.
  • user avatarbrandon handley43:37So it’s always a good time.
  • 43:39See on
  • 43:40Where, you know, should I send people to come check out more actually know what before I do that,
  • 43:45I’ve done this for a minute, just because you know so the idea to have spiritual though.
  • 43:48Is that you get this kind of you for high thru spirituality. Right. And that’s like on the on the take us a spiritual dope is about that and then like
  • 43:58You know, what’s your spiritual hit right like and it talks about meditation, but when you when you’re connected to source where, what does that look like
  • user avatarSpirit Guides44:08Whoo. Yeah, there’s, there’s two for me. So definitely meditation. I’m a avid meditation or
  • 44:15But their original Oh gee, writing, man. That’s my space. That’s my timelessness, that’s the
  • 44:20One place where I don’t care if I haven’t eaten and that’s saying a lot. I love to eat. You know what I’m saying. Like that’s that’s the time where time flies and I just
  • 44:30I’m in so much joy and I’m so inspired. I’m in spirit. You know that’s that’s where it is for me is when I’m writing. And so this man I’m preaching to myself right now. I got to clear it more time in my schedule to do it.
  • 44:43But yeah, that’s my spiritual dope for sure is is being in that creative zone.
  • 44:50I love that question.
  • user avatarbrandon handley44:52Thank you. So the idea that too is like i mean i would i would i would say that
  • 45:00You know, create you are creators right
  • 45:03Yeah. And then when you surrender to that creativity. That’s
  • 45:08within you, right, that is source flowing through you. Is that fair to say
  • user avatarSpirit Guides45:13Oh yeah 100%. I mean, we would we call God the Creator. And if you look at metaphysical principles as above, so below. We are here to create
  • 45:26You know, and that’s why that nine to five working somebody else’s dream and fluorescent lit room didn’t work for me because I felt that called to be creative. I felt, what am I doing here, if I’m not creating
  • user avatarbrandon handley45:37Something
  • user avatarSpirit Guides45:38And now you can be creative, creative doesn’t mean writing or painting all the time, creative can mean coming up with a scientific cure for cancer or whatever, you know, using your creative brain. You’re in passionate about it. And so I absolutely agree with you.
  • user avatarbrandon handley45:52I love that you hit on life because
  • 45:55People don’t always recognize that they feel like creativity has to be writing painting singing, dancing.
  • user avatarSpirit Guides46:02Brain, the arts.
  • user avatarbrandon handley46:03The classical arts
  • 46:05Yeah, right. But
  • 46:08And I know as somebody one day.
  • 46:11You just got it. What is it that you’d like to create and I’m like, Well, I’m not very creative like
  • 46:14You know you’re raising kids are doing this that the other than your training things right, you’re making moments, you’re creating moments I mean creativity is more than, you know, put a pretty picture right so I love that you hit on that. Thanks for hanging on that.
  • 46:29Yeah, what type of meditation do you do it, you
  • user avatarSpirit Guides46:34Got just you didn’t do not asked me that question.
  • 46:37I am I am not.
  • 46:39Trained in meditation at all. I’m self taught and
  • 46:44For whatever reason, I’m pretty good at it. I just I lay down you can see my bed back there. I lay down horizontally. I don’t sit in lotus position or anything I lay down on my bed.
  • 46:54I play some Native American flute music and I go in
  • 46:57Los
  • user avatarbrandon handley46:59That’s great to write in terms of meditation or a feeling it’s got to be done a certain way or like, yeah, I did a really shitty meditation this morning.
  • user avatarSpirit Guides47:09I i think
  • 47:11I think I you know it’s the keep it simple, stupid like that’s that’s been my philosophy for
  • 47:17My spiritual path and it’s what’s worked out for me. Like I and I you know in my company I’ve seen it all. I promote people that do it all. I’m talking like all the all the modalities and the
  • 47:29Divination tactics and all this stuff and I’m Oh gee prayer and meditation and you know we all just got to do what works for us.
  • user avatarbrandon handley47:38To so they
  • 47:40Just show us what your prayer. Looks like I always say this because I think of this Norman Vincent feel kind of skip
  • 47:49It’s not as good. It’s like when he’s doing his own in power positive thinking thing.
  • 47:53And talks about this lady testing because you when you pray you don’t like out there like a beggar.
  • 47:59You know, you’re like oh please give me all these things would you like you demand you know much very somewhere, come what you’re talking about, like,
  • 48:07I’m not going after it. It’s got to come to me like these are things I want you know. So what’s your, what’s your prayer look like. Just out of curiosity,
  • user avatarSpirit Guides48:13Yeah, I mean it’s it. That is a good point it start, the only it starts always with gratitude.
  • 48:20Always with gratitude and and then I do go into my demands. I do feeling that I’ve, I’ve had the shift from beggar to
  • 48:30You know, this is, this is what I this is what is going to be brought to me and I, and I’ve learned that over time through spiritual mentors, saying, you know, you
  • 48:38This is yours for the taking. You can you demand that so I start with gratitude and and I pray for you know what I need. In most of the time that’s to take away my
  • 48:50Worries and stresses and concerns because that’s the only thing in my way. So I do pray for that to be taken and I pray for the people that I love and I pray that
  • 49:02You know that love walks before me wherever I go. And then I pray to be used, how spirit needs me. And then I say, thank you.
  • 49:11Yeah.
  • user avatarbrandon handley49:12Um, this will be like my last question.
  • 49:17So when you. I like the idea of writing when you write
  • 49:24With a pen in hand right or doesn’t have to be. But I feel like that’s what I’m most connected. I like to call it cosmic record player. This is my cosmic needle right
  • 49:36You know, do you have a preference of writing by hand or typing.
  • user avatarSpirit Guides49:41I’m
  • 49:43I’m right differently. I write, I write both ways. And I write for different reasons I I write. I typically write
  • 49:52Pen in Hand in my journal when I’m writing for myself and nobody else if that makes sense. And for my own clarity and my own as you say connection.
  • 50:03But it’s all about the computer for everything else.
  • 50:07My hand hurts too much.
  • user avatarbrandon handley50:10Out of out of curiosity, right, like yourself. Once
  • user avatarSpirit Guides50:13I do agree with you though there’s there’s different
  • 50:16A whole different vibe. When you got the pen in your hand. Right, right.
  • user avatarbrandon handley50:20Now, and look, I mean, it takes a lot to to write Tom by paper.
  • 50:27Pretty fast, man.
  • user avatarSpirit Guides50:28Yeah, exactly.
  • user avatarbrandon handley50:31Okay, so where we’re gonna need to go a couple places or warm place. So we’re gonna go to find you and the spirit fast.
  • user avatarSpirit Guides50:39Sure, I’m okay. Ultimately, you can go to spirit guides for everything that I do. And on top of the navigation.
  • 50:48At spirit guides media com you will see a link that says festival and that is where you can learn more about it. You can see the lineup. The full lineup. I didn’t touch on everything.
  • 50:58And also purchase tickets and we are offering a sliding scale pay what you can because times are tough and that is
  • 51:05I feel the responsible thing to do. So we have that offered and other than that, you can find me on instagram at spirit guides media or my personal one is at underscore Arizona bell. I think that covers everything
  • user avatarbrandon handley51:20No.
  • 51:22Um, well, this event view digitally after the past
  • user avatarSpirit Guides51:28Great question. Can’t believe I forgot to say that. Absolutely. So if you are able to catch none of it live or half of it live or all of it live and want to watch it again. We will send out a replay of the entire day video. So you’ll get to see it all.
  • user avatarbrandon handley51:43Awesome, Arizona. Thank you so much for stopping by.
  • user avatarSpirit Guides51:45Thanks, Brandon. It’s been a joy and a pleasure.