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Connect with Kim to learn more about the beauty of using spirituality and your own personal gifts to transcend all the labels and the voices of what you “should” be, to instead be the pure divine being that YOU are.

Brandon Handley 0:00
Ready, cool and 54321 a spiritual dope. I’m on here today with Kimberly Hoffman Davis Kimberly has her website soli And she and I got connected, I believe you and I got connected through a man whose faces David sandercock. Right. I was like, oh, man, I’m gonna blank for a second. But David, David had been on the podcast, I said, Dave, man, who do you think would make a great fit for this podcast, he said, Kim would be awesome for this podcast. Kim wants you to do me a huge favor and just give like a high level about where you’re at what you’re about. And then we can take it from there.

Kimberly Hoffman 0:44
All right. So I am, I dove into this because I spent, you know, 20 years just suffering from PTSD from depression, anxiety, all that gross, nice, and stuff into the spirituality probably about five years ago. And then from there, I learned energy healing. And it took me on this beautiful journey. So now I’m in a CompTIA, records practitioner, and I activate people’s primary gifts and their star seed energy. And I also do the energy healing through soul therapy, which is really great.

Brandon Handley 1:20
Awesome, thanks for that. Appreciate that. So I always like to start these off with the whole idea that you and I basically just Source Energy vehicles, right? sources speaking through us to somebody else, and we’re just here to deliver that message to that person, whenever that person needs that message. Right? So you’re on this podcast, and you’re speaking to one of the listeners, what’s that message that’s coming through you to them today?

Kimberly Hoffman 1:49
That message is definitely that you are so much more than you think you are. You are an amazing and divine being. And it is just incredible. As I laugh about the person that I just walked behind you, and that was for me, I am sure that was for me to loosen up and get into the fun of this. But I mean, dang, you really are just so loved, so seen and so appreciated.

Brandon Handley 2:18
I love that. Because a lot of people don’t think that they are a lot of people don’t think that they’re having an impact. A lot of people don’t think that they’re seen. And chances are though, you you are you’re you’re being seen, you’re having an impact. And I think that on top of that, it’s your choice on what kind of impact you want to have. And I think that the first person that you get to have that impact on is yourself. Right? Absolutely. Yeah, absolutely. And once you kind of have that impact on yourself and realize that there might be a little bit more to you than, you know, bag of bones, and blood and skin, then then you start you start a kind of a cool, transformational journey. Now, you said that, um, you know that you started this for yourself about five years ago working through some PST, PTSD? What was, you know, what did that look like for you? Like, what were What were you trying to deal with, that led you to the energy, healing?

Kimberly Hoffman 3:19
Oh, man. So with the, with the PTSD, it was coming in, in like, all directions. So I didn’t want to get off, up off the couch. I’m a moron. And it was really affecting me in my parenting with my kids, which is the big driving force that set me on that stage. It was like, you know, I’m afraid to go to the store, I’m afraid of what people think of me, I don’t want to be seen. I just want to hide in this in the shell, like as small as I could possibly get. And then I saw the impact that that was having on my children. And that was it really opened my eyes to be like, Whoa, what is happening here. So I started digging for self help books. And then that led me into past life regression. And that’s where my spirituality started was with past life regression.

Brandon Handley 4:11
So my first first podcast for a was centered around fatherhood, right, and just kind of being a good dad and trying to be the best kind of data that could be and the influence that we have on our children, and how our children are almost like an immediate reflection as to who we are. So it sounds like you were seeing that reflection of who you were. And your children. And you were like, this can’t i can’t i can’t keep doing this. Is that fair to say?

Kimberly Hoffman 4:43
Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. That is more than fair to say. I saw that big time and my son. Yeah. And it was, it was so sad. Like just that crippling feeling as a parent going. Did I do this?

Brandon Handley 4:58
Yeah, yeah. Any Look, I mean, especially, I think a mother more so than a father, it feels that on a different level. But to see to see that, to see some what you’re doing show up in your children, you know, and Eagle, you’re not liking it and you’re like, Man, that that came for me. I was like, you’re just kind of like shit, this has got to change. So you’re you’re doing you’re doing, you’re doing the research and you’re digging into, you know, the personal development. What was the book? I mean, do you remember the book that was like, hey, past life regression? Let’s Let’s go.

Kimberly Hoffman 5:37
There. The very first book that I read was many lives many masters by Dr. Brian Weiss. And once I read the first one, I was like, I ordered the next I think five and just bam, bam, bam, read them all.

Brandon Handley 5:54
I mean, it can be that way, right? As you pick up one, you’re like, Oh, my God, Where’s the rest? And you wrote 20 books? Let me get them all. And then, so then you, you do this, you just past life regression. And what happens next? Well, you know, where where did that take you?

Kimberly Hoffman 6:14
Oh my gosh, that took me on such a journey. So I was so interested read the books, like I said, and then I was like, Oh, my gosh, I want to get one. I want to get a past life regression done to see what comes out. And when I did that, like, it brought up three different past lives. And the one that just it, it seriously took a grasp on me and really got into my skin and underneath and I’m like, Oh, my God, oh, my god. I was I was a young, young woman, and I committed suicide by driving my car to a lake, I drowned myself. And it was because I couldn’t handle life. I couldn’t handle the world. I felt like it was all just too much. And I was like, Oh my gosh, why is it that I had a past life where I actually went through with it when at the time that I had had this regression done just a few years prior. I was in that space. I was like, I don’t want to live anymore. I don’t. It’s just too hard. And I had that done. And I was like, Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, is this from this past life? Could it be? Am I carrying stuff over into this life? And it’s a very good possibility. Going through even further. It became like, yes, part of that was carried into this life, it is a lesson that you absolutely need to learn and how to live a fulfilling life.

Brandon Handley 7:39
Yeah, that’s, that’s, I mean, it’s pretty deep, right? So you go in, you go through this regression, and you’re immediately impacted, and you’re able to make this connection. And I guess I’d have to ask to, before you even dove into past life regression before you even ventured into going and get it done, where you already be smitten by, like spirituality or anything like that, or what type of person were you prior to? Selling him?

Kimberly Hoffman 8:11
I would say I was a very confused person prior to that. So I grew up Christian, and we went to church every so rare occasion. But I remember being in high school, being a teenager, and I told my mom, I’m like, Listen, I don’t believe in God, this stuff is crap. like God would not put you through any sort of this turmoil that I am feeling right now. She slapped me, she absolutely slammed me was like, Okay, well, you know, whatever. And from that point on, I was like, you know, I know there’s something out there. I know, there’s something greater than what I am. But I just could not attribute it to being this man with a white beard in the sky. And he’s like, you know, God, His little gavel of I’m judging you good and evil, and that sort of thing. And it really took me on to like, everything was everything’s energy, like everything in our universe is energy. Where do people go when they die? to their souls live on and then it took me into, you know, I believe that everybody’s still out there. Like, people don’t really die. They’re just, they’re in the energy consciousness, and then continue on.

Brandon Handley 9:31
So you if you’d already kind of stumbled onto that idea prior to the past life regression is what I’m here. Yeah. So you’d already kind of had this feeling so you went into it already with somewhat of an open mind and an idea of what was available. You just didn’t know or have any specifics or kind of any guidance for that. Is that fair? Yeah. Yeah, it is absolutely fair. All right. You go when you get the Past regarding, you know, past life regression, you’re like, did you did that have like a therapeutic impact, I guess it has had an impact on your PTSD or help walk me through through that part.

Kimberly Hoffman 10:12
You know, I was really hoping that it was going to have that therapeutic impact on PTSD. And in reality, it kind of made it worse. Because I went down this rabbit hole of what’s wrong with me? Why am I not good enough? Like, what I did this in a past life now I’m trying to do it in this life. And it did. But I did take into consideration that from another perspective, I did have a past life where I was a big old burly dude with an awesome beard. And I had a wife and I had a child and I was, you know, going off to start the revolution. And like the 1500s, we were going to go see the king and overtake the throne. And, you know, so there there is that where I was like, okay, just just pull in that strength, pull in that strength. And I just kept asking myself and asking my guides and asking whoever would listen out there in the universe, like, please give me the strength to be that person.

Brandon Handley 11:18
Hello, surgeon reaching out to a higher power. Right? You know, you’ve got an idea of a core of who you’d like to be of who you been in the past. And a good core. And not every past. Kim has been, you know, in suffering deep suffering or kind of despair. And your you want to you want to be able to bring that past. Kim slash ham forward? Yes, yeah. Yeah. Okay. So I mean, there was some benefits, right? Sound sounds like the first part of it was this. This is, uh, this is not super beneficial. Why did I do this? Maybe a little bit, and then, you know, kind of beat yourself up a little bit. But I mean, you know, eventually it kind of turns occur a curve, where, where’s like, Where’s the where’s the idea that says, holy shit, this is for me. And this is how I’m gonna live the rest of my life. Where’s that happen?

Kimberly Hoffman 12:21
Where does that happen? So that actually happened about a year and a half ago. And I was holding my youngest, my little one. And then I was just looking at her rocking her. And I just looked into her eyes. And she looked at me in a gaze that I had never, ever experienced in my life before. And it was like, Oh, my gosh, this child is so special. She’s peering into my soul. And she is grateful. And it was in that moment that I just heard, like this message that was, I chose you. And that blew my mind. It completely blew my mind. And I was like, wow, I want to feel that deep connection with other people, too.

Brandon Handley 13:15
Yeah, that’s, to me, that’s the part where, you know, children are a gift. Right? You know, while while we’re changing diapers and not getting a sleep and all this other stuff, we’re like, Who the hell said this? Right? Who the hell who knows, the person that came up with like, the children are a blessing, but you know, they’re the ones that really help you to if you don’t already have the capacity, or if you’ve never truly loved unconditionally, or felt unconditional love. And I think that that’s kind of what you’re talking about. You’re seeing it, you’re feeling it and you’re experiencing it. And you’re like, how can I How can I do this with like, everybody? What’s that look like? So through through and how old was your youngest at the time? She’s about a year, year and a half. Okay, yeah, fresh, right? Just Just so you, and then you know, so about a year and a half, you just decide HAVE YOU ARE YOU ALREADY certified? Did you already kind of had you already dove into some of your certifications. Walk me through some of that.

Kimberly Hoffman 14:22
So I had started the process. I’m like a coaching certification. And that was where I wanted to be like, I grew up wanting to go into psychology and wanting to learn about that behavior, human behavior, psychology, all that stuff. It always fascinated me. But I went a different route, and got a graphic design degree, which is totally off topic. But I’d started like a coaching certification because it was like, Well, I don’t want to be tied down by all this red tape. So maybe I can help people in this way through a coaching certification and that’s In the love and authenticity practitioner certification that I got going through that I started feeling energy more and more, though, and I just I continued on to get an energy healing certification through GLF healing. And then from there, I even took it even further. And I was like, Whoa, whoa, whoa, my gifts are coming in what is this? I mean, that is the point where the craziness and the weirdness though, we can be like, oh, what if people think I’m weird, and I was definitely in that space. And I was like, but I’m gonna keep going. Because I’m so fascinated. And then I got my akashic records. Certification.

Brandon Handley 15:41
Yeah, let’s talk about that part. Right. I think that that’s, that’s a huge part. Would you call that? With the part of your gifts that started flooding in? Would you call that an awakening of sorts? What would you call that? You know, where you notice this transformation that was happening with you.

Kimberly Hoffman 15:58
It was definitely an awakening, absolutely. huge transformation started to take place, going from being I don’t want to be seen, I just want to be this small thing in my shell to somebody, please let me be free. And honestly, the person that I needed to let me be free was me, I needed to give myself permission to be free. And once I did, it skyrocketed. It just kept going level by level by level, the gift was coming in full force, because they went through an activation during the energy healing course to get that activated. But the more that I put into it, the more just trusted in myself and trusted in source. The more receptive I became, and the more awakened I became.

Brandon Handley 16:49
And then, when you’re sharing some of these ideas with people that are close to you, what’s that look like? And you know, is that something again, is are you scared? Is there some is there some system fear in sharing that with some others? Or are you starting to develop this faith in who you are? And you’re like, I don’t care.

Kimberly Hoffman 17:11
I was definitely scared at first because it was like, you know, this is really woo woo. And people think that you’re crazy nuts. Or maybe you belong. And in the crazy house, with a straight jacket on, definitely had my fair share of that programming growing up, and even into wanting to share this, but I was so excited with what I learned and what I could give to people as well, like, gifted them, like the messages that I was gifted by others that I can now gift out to other people as well. I started getting so excited that I would tell my mom and she’d be like, I don’t know what you’re talking about. This sounds so weird. Like, what what is going on with you what happens used to be normal? No, weird is the side effect of awesome Come on, who wants to be normal and boring. And not too long ago, actually, my brother told me that his his wife is like, you know, your sister’s getting really weird. And I just laughed. Because, you know, by a couple weeks ago, I was like, I don’t care. You think I’m weird, but you’re over there, you know, playing pity party, and I’m over here having the time of my life. I’m more than happy to be weird. And let it all out and help people.

Brandon Handley 18:35
Sure. Sure. I mean, if you can be happy with what you’re doing, and you’re helping people to get to a place where they’re able to have their gifts activated. The way that yours were. And yeah, without, right. Yeah. And and you know, it doesn’t really matter. I mean, I guess to you know, if their idea of normal is, you know, what is their idea normal, and then be like, that’s good for you. I’m gonna go ahead and keep rolling this way. Right. So, I mean, what does it look like? I guess for somebody to do a Kashuk record session with you? What’s or, you know, activating my gifts. Can you activate like, do we have like 15 minutes? Can I get like one of 20 gifts activated? What’s happening? How’s this work?

Kimberly Hoffman 19:27
So, we’ll go with first on like the Akashic Records session, it’s very loving, it is non judgmental quick, we’re

Brandon Handley 19:38
real quick. Before we get into it, though, what is like if you know the two people I talked to recently, like what is the Akashic right what are the Akashic Records like what is what, what is that? Tell it tell us a little bit about what the Akashic records are and then let’s dig into it.

Kimberly Hoffman 19:56
Okay, yes, absolutely. So, the Akashic Records Our it is everything, every thought, every emotion, every action, whether it’s future past present. So even if you had a thought that you, you’re like, oh, maybe I could do this and you’re like, Oh, no, no, no, no, no, that’s wrong. It’s recorded in the Akashic records. So, this is the infinite super computer, if you go in like the terms of the 3d world, it is like infinite to birth computer. And in terms of if you want to look at it in string theory, it is the connection that is to every dimension, every reality, every possibility, everything is recorded in

Brandon Handley 20:44
no time or space or place. It’s just is it everything all all? And is you know, oh, oh, so like, last what I had for dinner night. Like, you should be able to figure that out. I’m not gonna put you on the spot for that. But But uh, and I guess, I think one of the one of the most recently well known people that I’m aware of that they figured tapping into that I can think of two offhand. And that’s a once a Tesla, Nikola Tesla. And I want to say like, Edgar is Edgar Casey. Yes. Okay. All right. Yeah, that’s the both of that’s it for me and Akashic Record knowledge on those two people. So let’s talk a little. So, yeah, let’s talk a bit about what it looks like to do a session with you on that, what’s that look like?

Kimberly Hoffman 21:40
Okay, so what it looks like, it’s a place of it’s a sacred space. So I create this bubble around us, and it’s full of love. It is non judgmental, you will feel like you can just express anything, because I’m able to see it in the records anyway. But what it is, is you just come in, you’re like, Okay, I’d like to know, maybe this and this, where am I going? What’s my path? Sometimes people ask about their past lives, however it comes, is great. And I always like people to ask two or three questions, have them ready? What What is it that you want to know from the records, and then as we dive through it, more information is gonna come in, because there are answers out there that are always seeking you, for your highest good. So those will flow in as well. So an hour and a half of, hey, let’s find out who you really are underneath it all. Who’s your divine soul beam? And where do they where are they taking you? Where’s your higher self teaching you?

Brandon Handley 22:49
And then this person, you know, there? Are there multiple sessions? Is it kind of one and done follow up sessions? What’s that? What’s that look like? Or does it go from like an akashic records session to maybe some coaching from the outcomes, I mean, what’s that whole process look like?

Kimberly Hoffman 23:10
So it’s all going to be individualized for the person. There are people that are like one and done, they got the information that they were looking for. And it was just enough that they were able to step on to the next piece of their life, because they’d already been on this journey for a while. And they knew where they were going. And then I have the people that are like, let’s do multiple sessions. Because in this session, we are going to do with level one, and then we’re going to do with level two, and then we’re going to do with level three, with all of my sessions. There’s already coaching built into it anyway. So that is a part of it. And then from there, if people are that interested in having all those tools, that they would like to have them at their disposal, and not have to go see somebody every time is also teach people how to read their own records, and how to ask those questions, how to access, how to get to the heart of it, to the heart of that information that they’re seeking, and to be able to pull in the information that’s seeking them. So they have all those tools at their fingertips already.

Brandon Handley 24:16
That’s pretty sweet. So you’re saying you can Are you so I mean? Is it a skill or an ability then I guess to tap into the Akashic records.

Kimberly Hoffman 24:28
It’s a little of both. It’s a little above. So we actually all have the ability to tap in. We are all divine beings. We are all connected to the records. This skill comes in, in how and what state are you in? Are you ready? Are you ready for that? So the skills are going to come with practice. Making sure that you’re really trusting and believing in yourself getting rid of the limit. Meaning beliefs and the programming to get to that point where you have that ability to access, once you’re able to access, your ability is going to take off, it’s going to skyrocket.

Brandon Handley 25:12
That’s fantastic. And so that’s something that you’ll you work with people to, to get to a place that they can get to with you.

Kimberly Hoffman 25:20
Absolutely, sir, who I want everybody to get there.

Brandon Handley 25:24
I love it. The, you know, who would you say has been your primary clientele? Like, who? Who do you work with most? Who’s coming to you? What are you seeing?

Kimberly Hoffman 25:35
What I’m seeing is my primary clientele is a lot of women that are just tired. They have been through the crap relationships, they have been to the crap jobs, they’ve put themselves out there so much. It’s like the people pleaser type that, you know, I’ve given so much away. Now it’s time for me. And then, on the other side of that, I also have been seeing a lot of parents coming through parents that want to be better for their kids, parents that want to be able to access to help their kids to support their kids to be the best version of themselves. I mean, I know a lot of people are starting to feel the shifts, and waking up and they’re like, wow, okay. And then they’re starting to see that, you know, kids are actually gifted before it shut down. And then once we shut it down as parents, we got to open it back up. We got to create that space.

Brandon Handley 26:35
Now for sure, for sure. That’s something that we’ve certainly been cognizant of, in our children. And seeing a little bit of both ways, right? accidentally sending it down, right? Like, oh, shit, I didn’t mean it. I didn’t mean to kill that forever. I just really wanted to finish my dinner or whatever. Right? I mean, but but they’re so sensitive to that. And, and, and the weight that we carry as parents is just so much the measurable, I’m sure you can probably remember a couple of times outside of getting slapped over over Jesus. You know, I’m sure you’ve got moments in your life where like, you just wanted to really shine and flourish and like your parents were like, they said something that, that just shut it all down, right? There, shut it all down, and you never did it again. Right? You’re like, Alright, I’ll screw it, I guess I guess I shouldn’t have thought that way I should have done it. No, I’ll just never do it again. And then, you know, that kind of cuts something off for you. So it’s a great point that you bring up right? To be to be aware of how powerful you are as a parent, to know that you can, you can help to nurture that, which takes a significant amount of effort. And it’s also really imperative to understand that you can shut it down for life and just an instant. That’s it. And trying to get that back open is is a challenge. I mean, I think that can be realized that just trying to reopen yourself right into some of the things in the spaces that you believe in loving. And I know, it’s been the same for me, I’m like, Well, why would I step into that? You know, so and so my family said that was a bad idea. And I believe them, those are the authority figures in my mind. Right? That say, Hey, you know, don’t do that. I don’t act that way. So give me a little bit of, of like, maybe your ideal client, like Who do you want to have reaching out to Who are you trying to reach?

Kimberly Hoffman 28:39
I am actually trying to reach parents at this point. Because I am seeing so many, so many kids trying to deal with not just the external world, like we’ve had the pandemic and we have all of this stuff going on around us the fear that’s coming out and the social media and the just, I mean, how many times you’ve you’ve been sitting at the dinner table and your kids like, bone, bone, and it’s like, no, no phones at the dinner table, like, go outside, go play and they don’t want to go outside. Because what happens if they catch a catch the

catch the earth.

And so I’m seeing so much fear and so many kids like having a really rough time over like the last school year, and everything and parents trying to help them manage this. But at the same time, they’re having troubles managing themselves because of all of it as well. So I’m really trying to reach parents at this point, like, you know, let’s get you back to your full self. Because I know you don’t want to see your kid like this. And once you’re back at your full self. We’re then going to work on how you can be that support system and how you can help heal your kids. I want to teach parents how to heal energetically the selves and their kids, like here, take these tools, you’re gonna heal yourself. And now you’re going to be able to heal your kids.

Brandon Handley 30:08
Nice. Nice. Well, awesome. So we’re at a point now where I kind of get to the whole idea of this. This is like a spiritual speed dating show, right? So, basically, right now, somebody is tuning in, and they’re looking for the next. They’re looking for the next spiritual date, as it were, and like to just kind of hit it like that. Right? So the, I’m gonna ask you one or two questions, Bachelor of spiritual Bachelorette number one, I’m sure that I believe you’re involved in children. So not saying that you’re available. So what are we also afraid of?

Kimberly Hoffman 30:48
Yeah, I honestly think we’re also afraid of ego death. A lot of you want to say I’m afraid to die. I don’t know what’s out there. You know, the Christians are like, well, I could go to heaven, or maybe I haven’t done enough and I’m gonna go to hell. But I honestly think people are so afraid of ego death. Because that’s the part of us that kind of does that whole, like, Let’s protect let’s put you in that shell. And ego death means stepping outside the comfort zone, it means no longer fitting the mold of society.

Brandon Handley 31:25
I get when you mean, outside the molds of society. Ego what, what does an ego death look like? What does that mean? So what would that experience be?

Kimberly Hoffman 31:40
You would be, it would definitely be okay, I thought I was the shit at this. And now, I realize that I’m not as much of a shit at it as I thought I was and becoming accepting of who you are without those identities that you used to carry. So imagine it as Okay, I’m married to a veteran. He is more than said I can share his story as many times as I would like, his identity was in I am a soldier, I’m a soldier, I’m a soldier on soldier. Even a decade out, he’s, I’m a soldier, I’m a soldier, that was his identity, and to lose that identity, that being part of the ego death is is scary. It is scary, scary. Scary. Because it’s like, well, who am I? What do I do? Where do I go? I have no clue. And that was that’s what I hear a lot with people and like, trying to release that ego, but the ego is what stands in your way of becoming your full and true potential.

Brandon Handley 32:46
I got it. So I mean, really, I hate to use we’re like crisis of identity or, you know, that kind of phrase. But, you know, crisis of identity where the the deal is, is you realize that you’re not your identity. Meet this the crisis of the identity, right? Like, I am not my identity. Oh, shit. Then who am I? Right? Where’s that? I like that? Okay, that’s a good one. Yeah, I like it. Um, dude. That’s number one. What is the greatest quality humans possess?

Kimberly Hoffman 33:26
I love this question. But I also don’t love this question. So I’ll be honest with you. Humans, they possess an amazing quality for love. But they don’t use it. So that quality inside if they can break into it is incredible. But a lot of us believe that, you know, misery and suffering are natural conditions or that, you know, man is inherently evil. That’s so not true. Man is actually inherently loving and compassionate. And it’s, it’s a whole change of perspective on it for sure. Like going from we I’ve been told this my whole life. But no, I mean, man is definitely inherently divine, powerful, intelligent, being full of unconditional love and compassion.

Brandon Handley 34:19
I mean, I have to agree, right? That’s what you see, I think when you were looking at your youngest, and I think that that’s what we see if we’re paying attention, we stop and pause for a second at our children. And we’re like, well, how did I become like such a jerk? When, like, he started off, like, this way, right? Or, you know, what happened along the way to everybody? And because I think that, you know, the greatest quality that we possess, you know, it certainly could be love and, you know, I was thinking maybe Divine Love, right? We have that inspiration inside of us. That’s, that’s a, it’s always available. And I think that if you cultivate it to a certain point sense of fan into a flame it could really do do a lot of a lot of awesome things. 100% Oh, absolutely percent. So Well, I mean, is there anything I guess that we didn’t hit on that you wanted to share out with us today, Kim?

Kimberly Hoffman 35:18
No, honestly, I just want to tell everybody that I love you all. Y’all are so amazing. And I hope that you can see inside of you what you truly are.

Brandon Handley 35:29
Yeah, thank you for that. I mean, it’s it’s a challenge, especially because we’ve been told so many of the different things and Kim’s right. Yeah, inside of you. You’ve got you’ve got something that once you catch hold of it, and once you see it for yourself, that is really kind of No, it’s no return from that, that return. Okay, thanks so much for being on. I appreciate what you’re doing. I think it’s really cool that you’re able to offer the Akashic Record sessions. I think that’s great. You’re able to help other people to learn how to activate themselves. And looking forward to hearing more about you in the future. Thank you. Thank you, Brandon. truly appreciate you. Oh, you know what, we didn’t do Kim. But we didn’t tell her people can go find out more about you. Let’s do that before we shut it down. So work on where can people find out more about you?

Kimberly Hoffman 36:18
Alright, so you can either go to my website, which is w w w dot soli transformation, calm because I absolutely love puns. It’s one of my little quirks. And I’m also on Facebook, solely transformation is my page. And then I’m also on Instagram, at soli, Kimberly. Awesome, Kim,

Brandon Handley 36:38
thanks again for being on today. Appreciate it. Thank you, Brandon.

Unknown Speaker 0:00
So what is going on? Today? It’s been a long time. Since since doing like a BJJ report, which I do those on occasion more recently having been reinvigorated with it. And now just kind of getting back into flow, I haven’t done a live because you know, the past year pandemic, I didn’t really have a whole lot to say, except for let’s get through this shit. And that was it. Right? I don’t know that it was survival mode. But I don’t, I wouldn’t have called it thriving for myself. I was definitely a challenge. And I don’t think anyone made it out alive. You know, in terms of, there wasn’t anyone who wasn’t touched by it in some way or another. And Meg and I were having a conversation this morning about that. What’s up, homie? mega, we’re having a conversation this morning, too, right. And then another thing that happened this week, was I interviewed someone who’s very, very, very active in charitable causes.

Prabhat Gautam

Unknown Speaker 1:14
runs this organization called positive television does one of the things but he’s thrown over 800 different events to raise awareness. And, you know, I barely, I don’t I don’t know, think of what others should be aware of, or I don’t think that I’ve ever, you know, kind of had a cause, per se, other than Don’t be an asshole. Right? I think that’s been my primary cause most of my life. Sometimes I’ve been the asshole saw me, I’m not saying that. I’m a saint, either. And I think that when we talk about raising awareness, we talk about it in the sense of raising awareness of you know, who you are, right? Who are you, first of all foremost? And then what’s your cause? Like, what do you want to stand for? And as I was thinking about it, right, I was like, What the fuck do I stand for it is I’ve rarely, you know, I don’t stand for much again, it’s just kind of living life and enjoying it and got me thinking about, you know, some things that I might be able to stand for it easily. We all know that look, I stand for obviously, being the best parent, you can be under any given circumstances with what you have to do that with. Right? That’s, that’s a no brainer. And there’s a whole bunch of other causes and things out there, right, like, hey, let’s, let’s stop trafficking humans. That’s a good idea.

Unknown Speaker 2:47
But I think,

Unknown Speaker 2:48
I think another thing that it dawned on me, right, and like, hey, it’s Mental Health Awareness Month. And I was like, that’s an easy one for me to at least jump on the bandwagon with, if you don’t recall, if you’ve never seen some of my other, okay, 1000s of episodes of just getting on here. And talking is the idea of, I used to be kind of like against Christmas against the consumerism against

Unknown Speaker 3:15
Brexit, and it’s so easy to throw your, your hat in the ring with the negativity of all that shit. And I was like, you

Unknown Speaker 3:21
know, what, if there’s gonna be one day, where we’re like, hey, let’s see what it feels like good for the sake of giving all that shit. That I mean, right? I don’t care. If it’s surrounded by consumerism, the man or media says you got to do xy and z, what I choose to see is that that’s a day where we get to experience giving. So in that same vein, if we’ve got just one month, especially after this crazy year, where we got to say, hey, let’s let’s step up, like and, and normalize the fact that everybody goes through some shit. Right now, the beauty of it is, is that, um, its beauty is beautiful, and it’s terrible, right? Everybody in the world went through this pandemic. And we’re still going through it. We’re still coming out of it. We’re not 100% clear out of it yet, because there’s some people who think that, you know, fucking we’re getting shoved with nanobots. And if they take magnets to their soldiers and triple that shit out, if you don’t want the cure, don’t get the shot. Okay. I’ll throw that out there. But we all went through this together, and it’s like, we didn’t have a choice. And now we’ve got the toe pin. So now we’ve got this like this, this opportunity to realize it Whatever, whatever, you know, let’s look, you look at work as an example, whatever I’m going through, at work in terms of living, you know, at home, my family 24 seven trying to, you know, quiet the dog while I’m on this really important call, you know, um, and then, you know, my kids need some help with math and, and, you know, Finn, you know, is going through some things. I’m what my boss, my leadership, whatever you want to call everybody is going through the same thing, right? And it taxes the mental health to the degree that there’s breakage. And why is there breakage in the mental health and you know, the dis ease that occurs that the mental health

Unknown Speaker 5:52
dis ease that occurs is like we weren’t built for this shit. It’s real simple, right? So what can we do? Right? What can we do? Well, first of all, I think that what has been done is that for most companies out there, it’s it’s gone beyond the rhetoric of, Hey, we got to care for our employees, or else we’re not going to get the

Unknown Speaker 6:24
work, we’re not going to say we’re not going to get, we’re not going to get the productivity from them. Unless we give them this face and grace and, and the thing is leadership going through that tooth like shit, man, I guess Brandon is going through some shit, because I’m not immune to it, you are not immune to it, just because it hasn’t hit you. yet. Just because you’ve never been hit by it doesn’t mean that there’s not gonna be a point in your life, where you’re not dropped to your knees, where you’re not in the fetal position. Look up looking for a way out. It happens to everybody at one point or another. And the circumstances are going to be different for everybody. But we have to look at everybody and give them the grace, we have to understand that when you go through some shit like that, when your friend goes through some shit like that. They’re not coming back as the same person, right? Meg and I were talking about giving birth, for example, and expecting a woman to carry you know, so expecting a woman to, you know, carry a body inside of it for nine months. You know, nurture it, love it, whatever. Have it, shoot out your gift your whole body up to this thing that comes out and you’re like, what just happened, and then expected them to come back and do their spreadsheets, just the way that they were within nine weeks? You think that’s all? You think they’re coming back the same? Like, I don’t fucking get that. Like how, right your parents died, your son dies, you go through cancer, and you’re you know, you survive cancer? Well, first of all, me out, I don’t even know where that takes a lot of strength to be able to kind of come through that. But when you come back, you’re not the same and that’s okay. And it’s not okay, though, for somebody to think that, you know, if you can’t do the spreadsheets the way that you used to do them, we got to let you go. Right. Now it becomes, okay, you’ve gone through some shit. And maybe you can’t do the role the way that you used to? Do you even want to still do that role? Is there somewhere else in the company in this organization? That may be a better fit for you for the person that you are now today? Right? Sure, if I’m running a company, and you might not even think that I’m, you’re a good fit for this. What can you do for us now? I mean, look, obviously you what, how can we help you? What do you feel like you can do now? Maybe you don’t even think this company is the right fit for

Unknown Speaker 9:25
you anymore?

Unknown Speaker 9:27
Let me try and help you into the next place face or place. I mean, because that’s that’s you that’s being human right that’s that’s what humanities for humanities. You know, this is a shared human experience. And your mental

Unknown Speaker 9:45

Unknown Speaker 9:47
is first and foremost. Right? Your mental health takes priority and and I can tell you look I’ve definitely seen People before, right and talking about mental health and thinking about it strictly as a disease and somebody fucked up, but they’ve got mental health issues, man you got you got mental health issues. Shit, man, you’re a mess. Everybody, everybody, everybody has got some type of mental health issue, quote unquote, everybody’s going through some shit. Everybody needs support. Everybody needs kindness, everybody needs compassion, you know. So I think what needs to be normalized. And I think that if I’m gonna raise awareness, or at least contribute awareness to anything, that’s what it’s gonna be. Right? You go through a shitty relationship. You’re not coming out the same, right? And for people to expect you to bounce back. I just think that that’s unreasonable. Right, it’s unreasonable. And I think that, you know, going forward, of the things that, you know, we’ve, we’ve gained from the pandemic, such as mad curbside pickup, which is great, right? Like, aside from, you know, accelerated grocery delivery, lots of good things came out of it that aren’t going to make our lives easier. But I think something that has come out of this is the normalization of the fact that we all need that all we all we all need, you know, this, this kind of support, right? And if somebody is going through some shit, think Meg made a really great post the other day, too. And I’m 100% guilty of this is like, you know, she’d mentioned if somebody, I think I mentioned something about other parents and say, Hey, you got to reconnect with them or, and you know, and you feel like, there’s only so much time left to reconnect with your parents. And she made the post, like, maybe that parent, like, fucked up that kid pretty good, right? Maybe there’s a lot of trauma in there. And now’s not the time. So just accept that Jenny, may not be so willing to forgive just yet. Maybe it’s not within Jenny just yet. To let go with that shit. And you don’t need to be the fucking person that says, just just go do it. Just go do you’ll be proud to be great. You see, forgiveness is great. Don’t be that guy. Don’t be that girl. You like I will ship.

Unknown Speaker 12:34

Unknown Speaker 12:36
let’s just talk it out. Right, except that person as they are in this moment, not who you think they should be? Then I think, you know, acceptance is a big part of the whole mental health thing. So there you go. That’s my stick for the day. I know, I wanted to get to it before the end

Unknown Speaker 12:57
of the month.

Unknown Speaker 12:58
Because, again, if you don’t have a cause, that that’s okay, I didn’t have a cause I didn’t have something I felt strong enough to, to kind of talk out

Unknown Speaker 13:09

Unknown Speaker 13:10
bright and raise awareness of I mean, look, guys, if you follow me at all, like I’m all about the spirituality space, I believe 1,000% that that’s missing in a lot of people’s kind of daily and mental practice, right? It just it just plays such a huge role in it. I mean, Dave’s watching right now, I know plenty of poll stuffers, that they’ll tell you that you know, if you know, if you can just find something greater than you so that you can kind of recognize it’s just just so helpful, right? And whatever that means to you. It doesn’t have to be God It doesn’t have to be you know, the Almighty. I don’t, I don’t give a shit what it means to you. But once you find it, and you can latch on to it, it could be a person, it could be a thing, it could be an organization then you can find some solace, you can find a place to let your guard down. Right, we went around so god damn tense and so ready to defend or attack? Where’s this place where you can be, you know, in military pardons, I guess at ease? Where can you be in a place where you feel safe? And I don’t feel like there’s a lot of places like that. And that’s another thing that’s going to take its toll on mental health. So anyways, Mental Health Month guys, check out prof Gotham, he’s got positive really cool dude, really glad to have connected with them. Really glad that, you know, having the conversation with him that I’ve had recently gave me the thought to just think about what is something that I could learn leverage my platform for spiritual dough to raise awareness for outside of spirituality what is something else that you know people are struggling with, they could use some help and that’s that’s what I’m doing. So take these guys have a good one that’s all for now.

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