Dorrie is a holistic lifestyle coach and animal communicator/healer based in Auckland, New Zealand. She has a background in sports, beauty therapy, therapeutic massage, reconnective healing, astrology, NLP, EFT, Reiki, Zen, Tai Chi, Kempo and Qigong. She is certified Ren Xue and Yuan Qigong instructor and a gifted Qi therapist.

Today’s interview is centered around her participation in the documentary “Already Free“.

Brandon Handley 0:41
4321 Hey, there’s spiritual dope. I’m on today with Dorrie Van Roij-Houtappels helped me outdoors. Do you? You got you got Dorrie. Okay. And then. So Dorrie comes Dorrie comes to us by way of a documentary called already free. And this documentary follows both theory. And there’s other gentlemen, Norbert no barito. Who they, they, they came together through like, transformative transformative practice of Qigong. And you know, throughout the decade long a practice of this practice in the wrenches system, Dori was able to come to a place of you can say enlightenment, or this kind of awakening. And this is a practice that you’ve been doing door has been doing for over 10 years now. And it’s currently has her own practice offers one Gong classes, and works one on one as a holistic lifestyle coach. And you know, you’re out there to inspire people talk a little bit earlier, and women in particular are is one of the you know, that’s an area that you’re highly focused in right now. And we’ve been trying to get together now for what three, four months story is exactly. This big thanks for being on the podcast that you’re in New Zealand, it’s 9am there on Sunday. And I appreciate you waking up to do this today.

Dorrie 2:17
Well, I’m very happy to be here, finally. And to really to spend some time together. So I look forward to this as a

Brandon Handley 2:25
thank you. So you just say checked out a podcast or two and some of the stuff that goes on. So you may have heard the question you may not have, I like to start us off with the whole idea that we You and I are vessels for, you know, universal creative energy, and it flows through us and to somebody else, like for great meetings. So the idea is that somebody is going to be listening to this podcast today. And there’s a message that can be delivered only through you only right now and to that person, what would you say that messages or

Dorrie 3:02
that you truly can believe in yourself? And that you, you can find yourself? Because I think that is what we all are doing here on earth? We are really looking for the truth. The true you, isn’t it? Who am I? Who am I really and I think that when you look at that, that you really can find yourself. So just not giving up? I’m looking for the ways what? What is beneficial for you to find yourself. Because if I can do it, then you can do it too, because we all are humans.

Brandon Handley 3:40
with that. I mean, it’s I love I love the message. And you know if you could clarify what you mean, right? What does it mean to find yourself and you know, what did you What have you discovered? about who you are?

Dorrie 3:54
Huh? Yes? That’s a good question. And of course, a very big question. But for me, when you look at my history in my life, it sometimes hasn’t been that easy. And I think we all have our life story. And we all have our challenges to go through life. But what if the biggest challenge would become your biggest treasure in life? And so, what I always ask people is to look deeper and to look in a broader way to life to understand life better. And with that, I mean, it is that we are really feeling and that we think that it is reality at this moment what we are doing but the question is, is it that way? Is that what you think that you are? Is that reality? Or is there maybe a deeper you somebody who is really connected Did with everything I mean, without who is connected with nature, who is truly connected with all the human beings who really feels at home within themselves, and who truly feel what you say in the beginning that creativity, because that is what I, what I have experienced, and also how I’ve been learned all the information that that person is always there. But you are not aware of that person yet. And so that person, why can’t you see that yet? It was because, yeah, we are more running alive with a lot of patterns. And so what are, yeah, I can go deeper. And that may be later I think that too, truly find behind the habitual ways of thinking what you are now doing in your life, to find behind there, your heart, for example, with all the beautiful qualities, which can steer you through life, that has, that can have a great impact on your life, which it also did for me.

Brandon Handley 6:19
Now, that’s definitely a lot of great stuff in there, right? Feeling feel, especially feeling at home with yourself, as you’re mentioning, the idea of the creativity finding this way through, you know, kind of your own internal creative devices. And then the idea that the real you is always there. So let’s talk a little bit about that as as, as we as we kind of go through these different layers and your journey there. And I think that where we want to start off with is a little bit about the documentary, right? And what is the what is the where to go the system, right? The the Qigong system that you went through the the ranchu system, right, and how you got involved with that, why you got involved with it, and kind of where that led to for you.

Dorrie 7:13
is unbelievably cheap. Would you like me to start with? Well,

Brandon Handley 7:16
I mean, so you got involved with the, you know, the ranchu system? What led you there? And what is that?

Dorrie 7:23
Yes, well, as you probably also can hear how I speak English. It’s not my first language. So I’m coming from the Netherlands. And we emigrated I say, we that is my husband and two children, then they were still at the age from what is it four and six. And we emigrated now 13 years ago to New Zealand. And I really got drawn to this country here in New Zealand. Because of just a feeling what I felt I thought all that nature and it is so so you know what, I just got drawn to it. And also for the children one thing for them to grow up in a more natural way as as being in a very busy country from the Netherlands. And so we went to New Zealand and I so I, I already did their healing work, I did more animal healing, and also for people. And I was looking for a way for myself to relax more to find something nice for me to do in my free time. And suddenly, I just found somebody who was actually growing vegetables and the vegetables at that place. They tasted so beautiful. I never had this that’s such a beautiful fetch the boats and I told her, I said, Oh, that is so amazing. Wow, what is that? What kind of secret are you using? And then she said, Yes. Well, when I’m gonna tell you that about it. You’re gonna be surprised. And I thought Oh, really? Yes. She said it is undo when she gone. She said, I said Oh, really? Well, I know what she gone was because I did that a little bit in the Netherlands already. So and she Gong is a form. Well, most of the time when I explain it to people, it is Tai Chi. And most of the people are aware what it is. But actually Tai Chi comes from Shi Gong, it’s a very old form what we use in in China, China. For movements, we use movements, breathing techniques. But there’s it more. You use the hands with it. And yeah, all kinds of things are kind of meditations moving mad at Asian. And so that is what she did there at that moment that apparently she used that also to grow her vegetables with. That was really very interesting, of course for me, so I thought I’d give this a try. Well, that’s how my journey there started. And I must say, although I did healing work, I find myself sometimes not in really the best state. And, and even with doing she gone, I noticed when I do it, that she gone in the beginning that I immediately already felt a lot better. That was also very strange for me that I could feel the results over so quick. And so when I was doing the, the sheet wrong, I still had the feeling that I yeah, how do I say that? That I still? I was in a good state, and then I went home, and then my state dropped again. Yeah, and especially when you have little children? I you must be actually in a good state, isn’t it? Because they, yeah, they

Brandon Handley 11:12
do real quick, if you don’t mind what you what do you mean by not in the best date? Like just

Dorrie 11:17
yeah. So what what is what is actually a normal state, a normal state is when you are relaxed, calm and natural. And so for me, that is that is normal, there is no other state. And that may be seems now for you, then strange. But when you are going to learn about this, then you then you understand that that’s, I think the way you’ve been brought up that you have learned that it is normal to be angry, it’s normal to be very sad, or whatever, because we do have our emotions. And then I now I have learned, yes, of course, we are all human beings. But the question is, do we really have to do that? Maybe we can develop ourselves and grow. So that we learn and that we don’t have to do this anymore? And that we can stay in a normal state what I say in a calm, relaxed and natural way. And that it’s really possible.

Brandon Handley 12:23
It is that where you your your your quote, unquote, normal state was, you know, you would still have anger, was there depression involved as well? Was your normal state is low, would you just say you were kind of in your normal state was low and you you were doing the Qigong. And while you’re doing Qigong, you were able to not feel that way you were able to feel this sense of calm that you’re talking about this normalization of feelings. Whereas as soon as you stopped it, then you would go right back to the not the best state that you were talking about.

Dorrie 13:04
While it is not that that every time is the same, of course, sometime you stay long in that state. Yes, it is that you you notice that when you are doing the Shi Gong, that immediately your whole energy level goes up. And that you can feel very calm and really very relaxed, and you’re in beautiful states. And so that is of course, very nice. But and that I think that is also for other modalities when I look at a yoga. So a lot of mothers Tell me when I do the yoga, it’s very nice, but then I lose my good state again. Well, that is exactly where their Rancho system comes up. So, we are talking about doing she Gong, but that is not all that is not what what makes it that you reach the state that you go to that state. It’s not about reaching, it is about just going there. And so, the rain shoe system, it is really a holistic system. So what do you do there, you learn what your mind is doing the whole day. You learn how to, to find other ways to get yourself back into balance. You learn about nature, because nature is very important to go to that state. We are not so much connected anymore with nature in this ever fast going world. So learning about nature, about the rules from nature, I think that’s also important. And then so you learn about your heart. You learn what it is to have an open heart And so the founder from the system, that’s young say. And so the, the, he talks about having the five heart qualities. And here we are talking about openness, trust, openness, love, gratitude, and utmost respect and gorging. And so you learn about these qualities. So and so there are nine methods in this holistic system, which is really a lot. So you have the the moving meditations, you have stillness. So you do still practice where you stand still, where you learn to focus, where you learn to be quiet. And then so learning about your mind with this presence, learning with the heart, learning to, to be in the present moment. And so that is all coming together. And you know, one person needs more this one person needs more depth. But I’ve never seen an holistic system, but it’s so broad, what brings it all together to reach higher realization, wisdom and growth.

Unknown Speaker 16:19

Brandon Handley 16:22
so you’ve got your five heart qualities, you’ve got your methodology, where Now where was the system developed? Or are you able to share that?

Dorrie 16:30
Yes, so the Shi Gong, the first basic information, what Yonsei has, it comes all from China. And it has its its roots from traditional wisdom. And you can think about that wisdom, kung fu wisdom, the Buddhism, the martial arts, yeah. And so there is all that that foundation, but when Yonsei came to New Zealand, so he emigrated from China, to New Zealand, he figured out by traveling also, through all the places also in America and Europe, that people need that they’re a different system, and that he really wanted to, to put all the tools in there, what we, as Western people really can good can understand. And so that is when he developed here, the young Gong system here in New Zealand, with these nine methods.

Brandon Handley 17:30
Okay. And so I got, you know, my guesses then, like, these are, you know, sounds corny to say ancient Chinese wisdoms, right, but like, these ancient Chinese wisdoms that he has put into place, in a holistic system, right. So it’s not just a Chee Gong, there’s other pieces and involved in it, and he’s put it all together to have a complete system

Dorrie 17:54
is, and that is also what you really will feel if you’re going to practice it, because I have really done quite some other practices in my life before that, I started this, but I, you know, you every time have questions about life, and so I did one thing and then I had questions, and then I went to the other system, and then I again, other questions came up, and I hoped like that, but when I finally found this system, I really got all the answers that I have in life. And that was so unique. And so, every aspect of life we are talking about. So that is also where you can say teach us about it can be death, it can be about, for example, the COVID. Now, it can be your physical health, it can be anything. And so having there abroad or look with somebody who has reached such a high level of wisdom, it’s really interesting to Yeah, for your own growth in life.

Brandon Handley 19:01
Were you able to work with him in person?

Dorrie 19:05
Yes, awesome. Yeah, no,

Brandon Handley 19:07
I think that’s, you know, that’s highly beneficial. Right. So there’s lots of systems online, that you have access to in terms of with a lot of like, even yoga practices or other meditation practices. But the idea of having that person in person with you, and not just online, I think that makes a very big difference.

Dorrie 19:29
Um, well, I agree. I did that also, in the one I’ve stated before the COVID. I felt that and so we all went to retreat from him. And so before the, for example, the teacher training that was every year, two weeks, that we all gathered together, and then in the meantime, we could see until but through the COVID we have learned that it actually isn’t the problem because if feeders are live streaming the information, what comes from there, through the whole community, what is built very strongly will receive them also this information. And I think that you, you can make shifts very easily being together, what we call the key and the key field, if that makes sense. I

Brandon Handley 20:23
think I think that, uh, there’s, there’s a, there’s that element of trust, and everybody kind of focused at the same time on the same thing, and together, you know, to create or be immersed in that field together. So I think that that that certainly makes sense to me. You’ve mentioned that some of some of your biggest questions were answered, right? What was like, what’s an example of one or two of the big questions that were answered? Some question is, it’s very important that your vegetables taste differently to.

Dorrie 21:00
Yes, so I learned to grow my vegetables in the way that that lady did. And yes, you can really taste it. And it is with anything that you do in life when you learn to put a chip in it, so that is the energy and it and the mind into it, then your whole meal, what you’re cooking for the day can taste completely different and, and that are so many other things that you asked me my questions about life, it certainly had to do about death. That I felt that because I’ve always been very intrigued in in that are always in my life from a very young age. And so I got there the confirmation that, that it was the way I was feeling about death. And, and now I truly also can feel that after I’ve made this last bigger step, I don’t know how to explain it differently, I must say.

Brandon Handley 22:04
Would you say that that the it’s a shift, right? Would you say that the place that you’re at now is just simply a shift from where you were before? Not necessarily different, but different, right? I mean, it’s it’s really hard to kind of put in the terms. I was the Buddhist line or Buddhism line I don’t know if it’s true or not, but you know, before enlightenment, chop wood carry water after enlightenment, chop wood carry water. Right. So but there’s wood you there’s just a different quality to life, which is

Dorrie 22:43
Yes, it is. So yeah, on the one hand, we can say there is nothing special. But on the other hand, yes, it truly is special and why is it special? Because I’m everyday in a good state. And every moment of the day in a good state. Well, that was not something what I could say that I was what you mentioned, of depression, not feeling sometimes really deeply alone in life. And now feeling the feeling that I always feel in a good and an uplifted state and I’m very content and harmonious inside myself. I think that is on the one hand truly a miracle. And to and but on the other hand, yes I am just me so there is nothing special.

Brandon Handley 23:36
Dori how long what you know how long did it take you to a recognize that that space was available for you? And then the How long did it take you to maintain that state of being?

Dorrie 23:53
Well, to maintain I still I still am the same. So it is still my state like that since that it happened. So not nothing has changed. Only my life has more depth now though

Brandon Handley 24:07
when So when did you have that realization for yourself? Like how long a doctor practicing that she gone?

Dorrie 24:16
Yes, well, when I give this answer now to you, then people are going to compare themselves with me. We are going to do this and that is actually not what I would like to do. Because you know when I learned that I when I started to do she gone, the system was not yet there. And so the system now is is fully there with all the nine methods. And so people who are now starting they go faster through it. So I did first the senang she gone and when people are doing she gone than they know what I’m talking about. And then I started to do this system that in total, I’m learning from Yancey for now for 12 years. So better the last four years have been really intense for me

Brandon Handley 25:13
just in terms of that quality of life that you’re talking about the transition and change where you that have entered your life,

Dorrie 25:21
or years, but right from the beginning. And so when I would say the first seven years, I made my make huge shifts in growth in my life. And I can also see that in all from all the teachers who are went through this course, we all really have changed completely I can see everybody has had so much growth in their life.

Brandon Handley 25:46
No, and that I love that. I think that’s great. And I think that it’s fair and I understand your reluctance to, you know, state how long your journey has been, simply due to the fact that everybody’s journey is their own right. I mean, somebody somebody could get to a certain spate in the blink of an eye, and somebody, it may take 40 years. And and so with any with any practice, the practice is to become more yourself, as you were talking about in the beginning, right, finding out who you are, and being comfortable with who you are, and understanding who you are, versus if so, yeah, versus becoming or attaining this thing within a specified period of time.

Dorrie 26:39
Yeah, that’s just what you’re saying. You never know, of course. What makes it that you are able to make that step has to do with your previous life? Yes, I think so. But on the other hand, I can see so much growth from the people who are who have done this, the system, that is really remarkable. And so, at the moment when I have this big step, and before me, also, there’ll be for me, Norberto Rodriguez had the same, which is remarkable, isn’t it that two people in the same system, go to that step, and other people are following. So because we are human, so we can we can do that, too. And so I think really, when you when you are in that, yeah, in that flow, and also when you when you receive that theoretic information, I think that a lot is possible that when you already then yeah, you get that push to do it. Right?

Brandon Handley 27:47
How would you say this work has impacted your family life?

Dorrie 27:54
Yes, very beautiful question. It has changed to the life of, of our family members, for all of us. It all has a lot of impact. And so now our children are at the age of 20, and 18. And so they are really in the face of gaining a lot of information from learning, you know, learning in at university, but then he didn’t have changed a lot. Yes, they are so much connected with themselves. And hear well, there is peace and harmony in home. And which i think it’s it’s a very beautiful thing. And that is the same for my husband. So he has been on this journey with me. And so it’s not that he is really doing the course here. But he learns from just me talking about life, of course, and when you are open to that you can grow to. And so we can say that we have made a big change that we all are and we all are every time taking new steps. It’s amazing to see your children grow in this way.

Brandon Handley 29:19
I think that it’s interesting that you bring up to the idea that your husband while he’s not in the course with you, he is learning through kind of what you’re doing. He’s opened himself. One of the questions that I see a lot of people ask is, you know, you’re growing dories growing at Dorries rate, and you’re growing in like, you know, by by this practice, and maybe he’s not growing as fast as you or a perceived, you know, so how do you answer that question? You know, what if my spouse or significant other isn’t growing at the same rate or the same way I am, what are your thoughts, sir? Well

Dorrie 30:00
I have learned to look inside myself to answer that question. And I think it is also that you can find there your solution to that, because it makes me even more eager to grow more in my life. Because I think when you reach a high level of realization, then you can feel compassion for the other, you can understand the other, you can see the patterns, the struggle where another person goes through in life. And so then you also can, can react in a different way to that person. So, for example, when, when the person next to you becomes angry, you can be upset from that. But that then actually means that maybe you need to work a little bit more on yourself. Because why should I become angry when another person is angry? Maybe I can find different tools to let that person understand life better. And worse, also, what I have done,

Brandon Handley 31:14
right, so sounds sounds. Yeah, so sounds like sounds like, you know, if it seems like that growth or activity isn’t spiritually aligned with who you are outside of you, you still need to look inside of yourself, right? If it’s coming from outside, you know, that anger somebody else is angry, or, or maybe somebody else is in growing it, quote, unquote, the rate that, you know, they, quote, unquote, should be, right, the truth of the matter is that it’s still you that needs to grow and needs to find and or create that space to allow for for just long, and again, it’s all you Is that what you’re saying, Yeah,

Dorrie 31:58
yes, every second of the day, you need to have awareness about yourself. So when that will disturb you, when that other person would have that emotion, then it means that you need to come and action and do something about it, to get yourself back to that good state, because something is going on there. Because if you are in a very good state, if you are in that feeling of high realization, you don’t need to be bothered by anything. Nothing needs to be happening. There you are, everything is already okay. The way it is, isn’t that.

Brandon Handley 32:35
Right? Absolutely. We just have a real tough problem. Like, it’s a challenge if you haven’t done some of this work already. To see that. Right. You know, back to your earlier point, you know, the real you is always there, this person that you’re talking about that that you are that this realize being right and and always having this, this this potential state that always exists, right? This potential you that always exists, it’s just your ability desire to cultivate it, and sit with it. Is that what you’re saying?

Dorrie 33:20
Yeah, so that that person who you really are. So I tried to explain it, that person who you really are, is highly connected. Yeah, it’s, it’s connected with your spirit, your soul. So we call it in the red shoe with this, your shin. And so that is also what you take with you, when you when you die, that’s what you always will take with you. And that’s part is highly connected with your heart. So, when you were born, you were connected with that part. Yet you you felt all your heart qualities on what I was talking about in the beginning, I trust, openness, love, gratitude, and that through respect, but one when you’re going through life, and that is already in a very early stage. You you get experiences in your life, isn’t it? It’s normal, of course. And so, bit by bit the pure information how you were born becomes vague, we can see. And so you you there get patterns. Now, what are patterns? What are patterns in our life? Well, it is information, what is received, processed and used in the same way. Repeat repeatedly. So let me explain it to you. With let’s let’s explain that just with with driving a car when I’m Driving a car, you know, can you remember how you in the beginning had to learn to drive the car? You were looking with? With what food do I need to, to bring to use the brake. And then when something what came on the road, you really had to start thinking about that I Oh, wait, I need to do this. And then I need to put my right foot on the brake. And then it happens that my car will stop here. After a while. Yeah, you don’t know better. And suddenly a duck comes on the road, and you just you would use your brake, you just do that it becomes automatically Yes, right. And that is actually the same what happens in your life with many, many things. It can be on a habitual way. For example, using now the COVID, we couldn’t go outside and you come back, you are at home and you want to go for your dinner and you have your dinner ready. And you think I’m going to sit for in front of the TV, and you sit there and you eat your meal. And the next day you think attipas actually quite nice. It was cozy there. I do that again. But before that, you know, you sit every day in front of the TV, eating your dinner. Yeah. And that is the same things within life. But then on a different way on in the with the consciousness. So maybe you’re saying now something to me, like Dorrie. Whereby let’s let’s Ms. Now think I must have come up with an example. Though, let’s do a talk here. And I immediately feel that I can’t do that. And so why actually Shouldn’t I do that? Because it’s something what is naturalism there to do with talk? But no, it reminds me of when I went to primary school, and I had to do a speech there. And that was actually really very scary for me. So now I can’t be natural anymore in that. And I just say, No, I don’t, I don’t have time for that. But actually, what really is there is a lot of fear. And that is a pattern, what is underneath there under the skin, what is going on. And so there are a lot of presence in your life, really a web of patterns. And it can be like that you want to hide for yourself, it can be like that you feeling greed, actually, which is a normal thing. But still, that you feel great. It can be that you are suspicious in life, that are a lot of patterns. While and this is what we learn that when you have awareness in your life in when something happens in your daily life, that you detect what kind of things that are playing, and that you can do something about that, that you can change it. You never can say all now I’m not doing it anymore. That’s not possible. It’s that it is

it is in the brain a shortcut to do things. So we have to do it that way. But we want to have good patterns in life, the healthy beneficial profits, and not the patterns will give us this Yeah, not free and natural life. So when we work on that, when we really work on these patents, then suddenly there comes space in your life that cause more calmness in your life. And so when you then work on these heart qualities, you can suddenly go deeper feeling yourself, which is really very interesting. I would say that

Brandon Handley 39:08
that’s something that the feeling ourselves. And the snap natural state is something that in western civilization, that we’re kind of trained out of. Right, and kind of what you’re talking about is these patterns that we develop. We refer to it oftentimes as our programming, right? our default programming is like, Hey, you know, I’m, I’m going to do this thing because of that result that I had that one time or vice versa, like you’re saying, right? Like, it’s really scary up in front of class, second grade, and I don’t want to have to feel that feeling again. So whatever I can do to avoid that feeling. I’m going to keep doing and what you’ve learned through your practices is to kind of go through see that within yourself and learn how to feel through it. around it and get yourself into a place of this free and natural and what and my guess is that when you’re staying free and natural is to express yourself without that fear to be yourself without that. inhibition, and and fear, right? So you’re liberate yourself from from something like that Is that Is that about right?

Dorrie 40:23
And that is being at home.

Brandon Handley 40:25
Yeah, that’s beautiful. I love it. So you’re doing this practice, now you’ve got, you’ve got your own practice. But you also mentioned that you’ve got an A Women’s International charity that you’re working on or practice that you’re working on, you want to share a little bit about what that is, and oh, yes, thank you,

Dorrie 40:44
Toby, on 2022, we are going to start with a foundational program. And yes, it is a charitable trust for women and the name is so she is now. And yeah, it’s really beautiful. So the information comes totally from the rain shoe system. But that is that we are really focusing on the female females in the world of female energy in the world. Because I think that that is important. Now, that is that is how I felt it that it is important that the women really can find themselves here. I think they this we can see that also in the leadership in the world, the women really aren’t doing very well isn’t

Brandon Handley 41:33
wasn’t New Zealand that had like a really great Prime Minister. I don’t know what the is the prime minister, she did some really great you know, you New Zealand went through this with female labour COVID with female leadership, and that was highly regarded.

Dorrie 41:51
Yes, very beautiful from jacinda. Arden. And but that is not that is not all that I see in the world, what I can see is that the women, they have the connection, they really have a beautiful connection to spread a message in the world, through their own families. And by being becoming mothers, for example, and to share this with our own family members, because that will beneficial also very much are a man in the world. And I think that we need some more of these feminine qualities to to reach more peace and harmony in the world.

Brandon Handley 42:36
When you say feminine qualities. What do you What are you saying?

Dorrie 42:41
The the qualities, to use your heart the qualities to connect with each other. I think that women are very good in Connect making connections with each other. And to feel that the heart qualities can can bring. Yeah, profound change in the world. But as I said, we need to first dive into learning how your mind works and to Yeah, to to make that change

Brandon Handley 43:14
for ourselves. Right, I forget the term. It’s a Buddhist term that talks about the heart mind connection, it sounds like that’s what you’re trying to do. Right, you’re taking you know, whereas I would say that the two differences, probably my own observation would be the two different primary differences between male and females that females lead with their heart, right that the innate connection, and then men tried more to lead with their head, you know, I’m not saying that women don’t but just as a as a, you know, which one takes over most time, like men try to lead with like more logic and, and, you know, these these lines versus with their heart, right? So by combining your head and your heart, you’re able to really, you’ve got there’s a whole different thing happening there. And Buddhism has a term for it, I forget what it is off top my head. But that sounds to me a little bit what you’re doing, you’re saying Alright, listen, with your with your feminine qualities which are already innate with you, let’s, let’s bring that to connect with your mind. So that you know we can really express and, you know, take your place, you know in life, right. Let’s go ahead and lead from that space.

Dorrie 44:31
Yes, absolutely. And yet, you can see when when I look at the evolution from the women, of course we have changed a lot. But we had to receive our rights as women and but the question is if that went No, it went of course the way it had to grow. But now it is time to come back home more to your authentic A women qualities, because we have been always like, well, it’s more like fighting against the man that you also go there, you know, like the like, feeling these same qualities that i think it’s it’s not, it’s not what we really want to do we want to just to come home in our own qualities, and that can bring change for our men also in the society.

Brandon Handley 45:25
Oh, yeah, I mean, I think it’s funny, like I’m feeling the vision more than I’m seeing it right now what you’re saying, and I understand. Definitely, I think a challenge two to present it. But I feel I can feel where you’re going with it. And, you know, I think that’s I think that’s fantastic. And I think that there’s the time is certainly now. Right. for for for that. And I think that, um, I think the space is open for it, right that what you’re doing the work that you’re doing. And I think that it’s definitely, definitely necessary. Right? And it’s not it’s not i think is it’s not this combative nature and space and place that women need to be in, they need to be in their own right space. And you know, and it’s it’s difficult to put, I think, into words, but I understand, I think, where you’re headed with it. And so I’m definitely looking forward to seeing how that goes for you. And I think that that’s a great work that you’re doing and putting out there.

Dorrie 46:32
Now, thank you. That’s very, very lovely. Yeah. And I can understand that, that you that it’s not at this moment for people is that you think, yeah, how is she going to do that. But it is going to be in a very practical way. Because I understand very well that most of the women don’t have so much time during the day, actually. And, but you can see that what I have done now, I also have two children and a job and I still am able to do this and to reach the state. So then when I can do that, and everybody in the world can do that, isn’t it. And so I thought about this, and I thought, we really need to do this in a practical way that you get the core information and to use it in your daily life. You need to use it in the heat of the moment, you know, when something is happening, then you must be able to have tools to grow and to come back home and yourself. And so yeah, I hope that I can surprise you. Yeah, listen, next. Yeah, I

Brandon Handley 47:41
think I think that, um, you know, I think it’s, it’s the intent to do it, how it has to happen. It’s still unfolding for you as my guests, right? It’s still unfolding, and it’s still presenting itself, but it’s in motion. And, and you’re a part of it, right? You’re, then that’s that’s really, I think all you can say, right, as it develops and as you present it. So, Dorrie, is there anything else that you would want to cover or share with the listeners of this program today?

Dorrie 48:13
Um, well, maybe if I if they haven’t seen for sure, they can have a look at the website there. And then they that will lead them to the place where they can have a look at the documentary because especially also when you have physical problems, physical problems, mental problems, quite questions about life, I think it’s really worth it that you will have a look at that documentary. And when you are looking that you are just feeling inside yourself, actually, what am I feeling now that I am receiving this information? And that’s it, this it tickle myself? Do I feel there something? Because I think that is a call from your heart. Right? Right. So if you do,

Brandon Handley 49:05
yeah, I mean, and the movie The documentary is is already free. And, you know, I can share out the link from that, so that people can go check that out. Basically, you know, they follow Dorrie, Norberto and they share the story of the red shoe system, and just kind of the changes that came into both Dorrie and Roberta’s life. And you know, as Dora keeps saying is like, hey, if I can do it, you can do it too. It just takes it just takes and it’s a practice, right or

Dorrie 49:38
Yes. And yeah, what I say when I can do with em, you can do with too, but I really would like to tell to the listeners. When you would have found something that is so profound. How would you spread that in the world? Tell me It is not so easy, of course, because the world is very big. But I really would like to give it to all of you. And that is also my, my goal now in my life to really to tell it to others, that there really is a lot possible when you really want Would you like to develop yourself

Brandon Handley 50:20
now apps? Absolutely, I think that there’s, there’s a place that you can get to and a space that you can get to that. I can’t say that I’m in a consistent state that door is talking about, but I have had this experience of being in that place. And you know, that then the desire comes through. Alright, well, how do I keep myself in that space? Right. And and that’s, that’s, that’s the challenge, especially with our busy lives, and all these other things going on these default programs that Laurie was talking about, and all the other ways that we’ve always been like, well, who do we really want to be? And I think Dorrie, that’s, that’s the story that you’re sharing. So I’ve got a couple of questions for you. I kind of liken this podcast a little bit to a speed dating, right? Like somebody is going to come on my spiritual speed dating, somebody is going to come on listen to this podcast, it’s in search of like, their next spiritual connection, right? The next, you know, somebody they want to date for a little bit in the spirituality space, right? Because there’s so much out there, right. And it’s a little tongue in cheek, it’s a little kind of entertainment, but like, so I just have, like, one. Um, one quick question for you would be, what is our greatest distraction.

Dorrie 51:41
Our greatest distraction is our mind. And we need to catch ourselves when we are operating from the construct that says self identity. Our greatest destruction is really our mind, and we are not aware of it. We are not aware of where we are. And that is, when we have figured that out, then we can come home to ourselves.

Brandon Handley 52:08
You would say that’s kind of the beginning, then to understand that we are you know, we’re not our minds, and that our minds is the biggest distraction and starting to pay pay a lot of attention there.

Dorrie 52:19
Yes, so but you need to learn that, of course, if you don’t know, we, you need to pay attention to them. Nothing happens. So somebody needs to tell you what to do. How to do that?

Brandon Handley 52:30
For sure. Yeah, absolutely. So I mean, one of the other things is I do a martial art, you know, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. And I always bring it up too, right? Like, I could be doing, I could I could do jujitsu my entire life without instruction, and I would never get it. Right. Right. I may, I may get a couple things, right. But by taking the lessons and having somebody that knows how to do it, and training me to do it, I’ll then become aware of what I need to do in the right situations at the right time. So that, you know, I can find this calm and space in place versus doing it in a frantic worried, always concerned kind of manner. I have these techniques, these tools that you’re talking about with this system that you can put into place. Right so that um, yeah, yeah, yes. Very. Yeah. So Dorrie, thanks again, so much for being on today. I hope you enjoy the rest of your Sunday morning. And you know, so somebody, you know, again, outside of already free if somebody wants to come check out what Dorrie is up to, where could they go to find out more about you and your organization that you have planned? coming for? 2022?

Dorrie 53:39
Yes, so well, the organization from rain shoe, it is the rain shoe But rain shoe, you spell that r e n and then x UE it’s a little bit tricky. It’s a little bit tricky sometimes for people. Well, and for 2022. The we don’t have already our professional website up but we do have the the website up for donation for the charity. And you can have a look there at She is There you can find our information.

Brandon Handley 54:18
Thank you, Dorrie. And are you taking clients now yourself as a coach?

Dorrie 54:24
Well, because you mentioned that in the beginning, at this moment, we are just producing all the content for Yeah, for the launch from a she is now but after that, I probably will do that again, my, my personal coaching because I do that

Brandon Handley 54:42
for people all over the world. So that’s on hold a little bit right now until you’ve got this other piece as well. Fantastic Dorie, I know that I know that that’s going to be very successful for you. I can you know, I’ve got a great feeling for it. Myself, and when you describe it, it just feels feels very Yeah, absolutely. It feels very good. clear for you. Right and that that path is is is open for you. So thanks again for being on today.

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Have you ever pondered upon the fact that god exists everywhere, even inside you? Do you feel that you’re capable of manifesting things for your own happiness? You’re doing your daily duties but there is always a greater calling? People like to live in disbelief and not gain the consciousness they can and agree to live the same monotonous life. But you realise you can do way more and are capable of achieving greater satisfaction?

Here’s the hard truth: you are so much more than you believe you are.

In this episode, we are joined by Sarah R Adams where she talks about his experience with the supernatural, energy and gaining consciousness.

Tune in to this episode to learn more about this whole new array of things and how to get your hands on it.

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Episode Highlights

[01:00] Introduction

  • Sarah talks about how it wasn’t easy to bring her knowledge to the public eye and how it was a learning process to handle it.
  • She talks about how life is hard for many people and humanity on a lot of levels and how she helps them tap into their inner self. 
  • She talks about her working experience and her journey with Gaia.
  • She mentions her experience with the death of a close one and her working experience with the Vice. 

[07:30] The Feeling 

  • Sarah talks about how she can feel the pain and suffering of other people even though they are across the world.
  • Whether we know it or not, we can always feel a person’s suffering. 
  • People need to realise that they are more than just a physical body but rather energy.
  • People need to go out and bring out the cosmic energy.

[12:36] Interacting with Mythical Beings

  • Sarah discusses how she interacts with mythical creatures just like any other human beings.
  • To interact with these beings, you have to bring your consciousness and energy up.

[15:56] Reconnecting

  • After bringing in the energy, you have to master it. 
  • People don’t know how to clear their energy and are stuck in a web.
  • To access the energy, you must acknowledge it first.
  • If you are a mess on the inside, you are a mess on the outside.

[22:10] Instructing Energy

  • Mastery can be achieved by everyone.
  • Being on the earth, is a gift given to us.
  • You need to go in and clear your energy field and create a new space for yourself.

[25:22] Books and Religion

  • Sarah talks about how she loves books.
  • The true word of god is within us and that is how we can access him.
  • Religion causes havoc and puts the wrong idea in people’s heads.
  • Everyone puts lies and the truth together to make it believable and magnetic as in the Bible.
  • Sarah talks about the matrix and the different systems explaining energy level and functioning of creatures.

[38:55] The Divine

  • We must all work together to heal the world. God is energy that flows through us.
  • We are all a part of a beautiful divine puzzle. 
  • People need to find their issues from their inner self.
  • Religion keeps people from healing. 
  • Once a person realises his powers, he is more powerful than the angels.

[44:56] God

  • If god were here, he would not put anyone above anyone else.
  • Some people are really accepting of their powers while others go on questioning their existence. 
  • Sarah talks about her reincarnations and her bodies from the different times. 

About Sarah R Adams

Sarah has experienced many things from seeing abductions to seeing angels who aided her. Her awakened consciousness increased as she got older. She experienced the supernatural and past lives in Egypt & Atlantis. telepathy, weather abnormalities, feeling others emotions, remote viewing, quantum leaping, and time travel are among the other alternate realities Sarah has endured. “I’ve healed so much and believe every day is a healing journey to greater heights”.

Sarah works with many clients around the world in what she calls “Intuitive Healing”. This includes using homeopathy herbs, supplements, diet super foods, detoxing, energy work, essential oils, visualization, mediation, subtle energy work, cellular work, all to heighten the frequency of the temple and precious bodies we have been given. She has made TV appearances on Gaia TV including Beyond Belief, Buzzsaw and Ancient Civilizations as well as Coast to Coast AM, Vice TV, The Bases Project, co-hosting the Divine Truth Show on Revolution Radio and many others.

Sarah Adams continues to be a major force in the world of enlightenment while healing many around the world.

Connect with Sarah at or on instagram @divinehathor1985

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Brandon Handley 0:00
All right, cool 54321 Hey there spiritual dope we are on today with Sarah R. Adams Sarah has experienced many things from seeing abductions to seeing angels who aided her. Her waking consciousness increased as she got older, she experienced the supernatural and past lives in Egypt and Atlantis, telepathy, weather abnormalities, feeling others emotions, remote viewing, quantum leaping, and time travel are among the other Ultimate Reality sir has endured. I’ve healed so much and believe that every day’s healing journey to great heights real quick in there. I mean, it’s just in the intro, sir. endured so much, right? I mean, entered all these different all these different phases, phases and places is that kind of what you’re saying there that you’ve entered.

Sarah R Adams 1:00
So it’s been a long journey. And, you know, thank you for bringing that up. Because this morning, I was pondering on that, during my meditation, you know, it wasn’t so easy to bring all the knowledge and all the things that I experienced to the public eye, because there’s still a lot of close off people out there. So it was definitely a learning process for me of how to handle that and how to cope with it. So that was definitely hard. At one point, I almost stopped doing this work. And I’m very blessed that I had some major supporters in this field that reached out to me to encourage me to continue the work that I do. So yeah, that was that was definitely hard. And then, of course, you know, I’ve come to a plan, I’ve been putting it on a planet, where it’s, life is hard for a lot of people and I’m able to tap into their feelings, their emotions, their hardships, that suppression that’s going on on this planet. So that also was very tough journey for me to just, you know, be able to just be able to, to process that because it was really intense to experience all of those things. But on the bright side, I, you know, I’m able to really help out humanity on a lot of levels. And I’ve helped out 1000s of people all around the world, of course, I’m doing a lot of work to help out the planet. So in the end, there’s, there’s the light at the end of the tunnel less or shit,

Brandon Handley 2:32
not for sure. And you’re talking about, you know, the beginning of your journey, or at least, you know, prior to where you are now. And, you know, as I hit in dirt first one of the things that I noticed on your bio, too, is that, you know, you’ve made two appearances on Gaia. TV, beyond belief you’ve done with coast to coast, Vice TV and saw these other faces. So, you know, continuing to move forward for yourself, you were able to and I feel like you know, at least this country and maybe the world is opening up to this space in place, right? Or somebody like yourself that’s got these talents and gifts to share, right?

Sarah R Adams 3:15
And it is you know, so I decided to work for Gaia. I had, I had a an experience in England, that was very tough at the time, I lost somebody that I deeply loved. And we were doing a lot of work in this field. I kind of just, you know, stayed in England in a small seaside town, with family with extended family members and I decided to stay there and kind of step out of the public eye. And then I got this call from Gaia and Gaia. They when the producer spent like four hours telling me you know, we’re really professional here, we’re going to be very good to you. We we love your work. We have a lot of faith in you. We want to support you can you fly over to the United States and come and do some work with us. And of course, Netflix reached out to me at the same time for two other shows. And I ended up deciding not to work for Netflix and Gaia because that was initially what my read was to choose Gaia because I believe they’re doing good work for the for the world because they are given the experiences of blessed intuitive healers out there and have awakened people out there to a larger platform and a lot of people are open to Gaia and it is for me it’s amazing because it was hard before you know you do your YouTube accounts, you do your interviews, your live feeds, but then Gaia really is at a level where that’s becoming more mainstream and they’ve done a lot of work to get us out there and I’m so thankful for that I’m so blessed for that. And for the just for them giving me a platform so I could get the information that I have out there. Because for me that information is vital. And I checked a lot of information on self healing on healing others on healing the planet. And these are this is information humanity needs right now. So I am deeply grateful for that.

Brandon Handley 5:22
Yeah, no, that’s, that’s awesome. Right. God is a great platform. I think it’s interesting that, you know, you chose that over Netflix. But you know, my instinct would also, you know, say that, you know, that’s the platform that was right for you, right. I mean, it’s a kind of, like a forest bias kind of situation, right? With Gaia.

Sarah R Adams 5:45
I’m tremendously thankful to device because we did film this whole show. Of course, at the time, I wasn’t doing very well, I was trying to cope with a with a person who is close to me, like I said, that passed away, it was in mainstream news, it was very hard for me to deal with, because I feel the energies of everyone. And I’m Vice came over I did a charity event in England, for children who have cancer, they came in helped me out with it. They stayed with me a little bit, and were so supportive. And, you know, then they decided to air the show eventually. And they were so sweet. They got on radio shows, and were so supportive of me, they eventually decided to the show, like a day before, I was like, I don’t think I could do this, right? Like, you know, I just don’t think that I can be out there more. I feel like I have to be in the public eye. They were so nice. They completely just got rid of the show never aired it. So I have a lot of respect for advice to

Brandon Handley 6:43
the school. Let’s say that they respected your wishes in that way. Yeah. So I love to start this off with this is not on, you know, usually I do a quick intro and to jump right into this question. So this is a, you know, we’re here, right? You and I are connecting here for this moment, this time, space in place, to let source speak through us to somebody who’s going to listen to the podcasts, or maybe watch the video at some point. And they’re tuning in to get a message that only you can deliver right now. So what is that message at this point in time.

Sarah R Adams 7:17
So, you know, for me, looking around, and even feeling what I feel from the planet and from the masses out there. And this is why I do the work that I do because I know of course I hear about homelessness and see homelessness and hear about abuse going on, I see it. But I feel it because I’m in God consciousness, I can feel what’s happening across the world, the pain and suffering. So this is why I’m so passionate about helping out humanity. This all needs to shift and change. And we need to understand that whether we know it or not, we’re feeling that person’s suffering across the world. We’re feeling the the energy of that person suffering, we’re feeling their emotions, we’re feeling everything, even though many are not aware of this. And so for me, awareness is really important right now, people need to become aware that they are more than this physical body is that they are energy and energy is what is what we’re basically everything is made up even solid objects, like the chair I’m sitting on, it’s just condensed energy that creates solid objects. So when energy is condensed, it creates solid object. So for me, people need to become reconnected. And once they become reconnected to the energy field within them, which is their soul, their spirit, there’s many names for it, then they could channel that energy, they could channel that energy to heal their organs, heal their physical bodies, and heal those around them and also heal the planet because the planet bunches on on energy, our bodies function on energy, we have a problem right now, this plant is depleted in energy, people are depleted energy, you know, and there’s, of course, there’s a lot of, there’s a lot of info in the awakened community, about DNA and how you fly up your DNA how you should, you know, charge your chakra system your aura. But what people really need to understand is that they need to actually go out and do these things. They need to go do them and bring in the cosmic light and we could touch the moon, the stars, stars, the sun, we can even ask other bees come charges with ancient light codes. When that happens, we’re going to start to become more full of energy full of energy, our whole system will light up our DNA will light up because a body says a body that is deleted that is depleted. Functions right here in energy. It functions right here in consciousness, we need to ascend to higher consciousness to fix the problems to be solution bringers on this planet, and so we need to go we need to step from up down here to appear energetically wise. When we do that. We’re going to be gone conscious And we’re going to have the biggest library that’s infinite, that that’s eternal, challenge us the solutions for everything before for the suffering for the homelessness for everything. So I think that that’s really important right now, you know, it’s important, we were more than words that we actually bring in that energy, that we start to understand how energy works. And that we need to start to understand there is a lot of beings out there that want to help us, we need to do the work to bring in the energy, because again, we’re at here, the bees are here so we can access them. But once we bring our energy, if we’re going to get to the same levels, these bees, and they will interact with us. And then also, you know, there are kin they’re going, they’re more than willing to bring help and solutions to us. So for me, the biggest, biggest thing is that humanity understands that they have a soul, it’s made of energy, they can charge their bodies with more energy, and they can use this energy to go higher in frequency so that they can become multi dimensional again, so that they can reach new heights of spirituality, then they could channel the energy through them to heal the planet to heal the oceans and to clear the pollution and the negative energies off this planet.

Brandon Handley 11:17
So no small message, or a small message, a small message, right? No, and just just help me out here just with some of the language. So if I say God consciousness, and and and and then kind of the way that we’re talking and what you’re saying, could I liken it to the Akashic Record?

Sarah R Adams 11:37
Yeah, you know, that’s Yes. Akashic Record. vast library of eternal knowledge. Yes.

Brandon Handley 11:47
Okay. Every part of it. Yes. And, and I know, you talk about, you know, different beings or ETS, etc. Are they you know, would you say that they’re among us, and it’s just our inability to recognize them? for like, the dimensional are currently limited. Well, so the most of us, right are limited capability to see multi dimensionally or at a higher level. Um, and, or simply like, a belief block, right? Just like, you know, if you believe the stories of like, back in the day, when, you know, the story goes, Hey, you know, when Christopher Columbus came over with the boats, Indians didn’t see the boats because they didn’t know what a boat was. Right? So how are you going to see something? If you don’t know what it is?

Sarah R Adams 12:42
Well, you know, it goes back to the whole thing of energy that I just explained, yes, there’s many different beings I interact with leprechauns, fairies, elves, many different mythical creatures that I speak to, and I see them like I see you. Now the thing is, is when your energy fields down here, you’re functioning from lower consciousness, when your energy fields up here, you’re functioning from higher consciousness, and you’re also tapping into these other beings, when you’re functioning from up here, it’s all about energy a depleted body, simply your client kind of robotic kind of show off, you can’t access other realms, you can’t access other dimensions. So you’re down here living down here. So the thing is, is that to be able to communicate with these beings to interact with them you have to bring your energy up you have to bring your frequency up. And of course when I go to save God, you know God consciousness for me, God is an energy that flows through everything it flows to planets, to realms through everything, and this energy interacts with us of course, we have a certain amount of it in us and otherwise we would be dead because the organs and everything functions on energy but what we need to use we need to understand how to bring energy into us. So we can speak to this moon stars the sun, the ancient spirits of light, we can say, you know charges with more energy and that will happen as our frequency goes up, then we’re going to start interacting with other beings. And even a non believer can do this for somebody who’s never had a spiritual experience in their life or or interacting with an ET or any other supernatural creature. If you just bring your energy up, you’ll have those experiences.

Brandon Handley 14:21
Okay, so if Let me also are you I’m sure you’re familiar with David Hawkins and the consciousness map Yes or no?

Unknown Speaker 14:30
A little bit.

Brandon Handley 14:32
Okay, and I bring that up because he’s got like, a basic graph right? Just says hey, you know, low consciousness down here. And you know, gives you like, certain like levels right? Sounds like a ladder up to like, you know, God consciousness, right? Because, you know, where if everybody’s got like this lower consciousness now, then we’re stuck in fear, right? Then if you’re stuck in fear, then like, you know, you can’t see shit. You’re stuck. You can’t see anything because you’re just all using See his worry and fear? Yes. Right. And it’s going to take you to kind of there’s a tipping point is like courage, right? Where you know this on the ladder where just says, Hey, alright, well, I stepped into or accepted like, you know, my divinity like might you know my source energy but it’s going to take me a little bit longer to figure out what to do with it next right like now you’ve got the source of energy you’re connected, you’re tapped in your love but you’re like still like this big blob because you don’t know what the hell to do with it. Right? Right. And then, you know, so he walked in and so you kind of walk up the ladder until you get to this higher consciousness spot that you’re talking about? And then you know that part, you’re at that that part but how do you how do you how do you walk somebody into, you know, get to get to become reconnected? How do you walk somebody, yourself like to get shot, like God love to get charged some ancient like codes, I’m down, like, I mean, so what’s that process?

Unknown Speaker 15:56
I can arrange that for you? And yeah.

Sarah R Adams 16:01
You know, okay, so you’re right, you know, you tap into, or you bring in this energy and you’re kinda like everywhere. So then you have to master that energy. Because, you know, God, which we’re gone mastered the elements price master the elements Christ had owed to the ocean to comment it did. So you know, instead of letting that energy just everywhere you channel that energy. So you say, Okay, I want you to, to do this, this and this, and you instruct that energy. And that’s where you actually achieve what I call God. Entire, the entirety of access and God consciousness, because if you’re just in that chaotic energy, it’s going to eventually you know, cause a lot of problems. So then you have the energy you instruct it, okay, channel to the planet here, channel to my life here to create a new more success and blessings channel to this person here that needs it. So then we must know how to master it, which is quite important. Probably the most important, above all is knowing how to master yourself. So we have so many co pilots out there, nobody’s living as a master pilot of themselves, their energy fields, and this is causing a huge problem. They’re not, you know, we take showers every morning. But we’re our energy fields are full of gunk. And nobody’s actually cared to clean. A walk, you know, the city’s his stuff. And it’s passed back and forth and eventually returned to this like dense web of energy. And they don’t know why they’re depressed, why they’re feeling bad, why they’re sad, why nothing is manifesting good in their life. It’s because they’re all in that web. So it’s really important to understand how the energy field and to clear it, bring in energy and then master that energy.

Brandon Handley 17:43
How do I get myself out of the web?

Sarah R Adams 17:47
You know, so I work in symbolism, of course, I’ve done some work on Gaia for this. And the body of Christ said that the body is a temple. The body is the original church. By the way, we weren’t meant to go to church to access God, we were meant to this soul code symbolism permit to access God within here. No, we’re looking for God and books, religions, all this all these places, failing to realize that the most powerful force actually lives within us. So to access that force, you must first acknowledge it, you must acknowledge that there’s this energy within you. And then you must also start to communicate with it. So it’s formed through our organs is formed through ourselves. So to bring more energy in what I like to do is I like to speak to each organ. So what I do is I visualize my DNA, I visualize it, and cosmic energy pouring into my DNA to light my DNA. Then I visualize a golden tunnel, I visualize myself flying up to the skull through this golden tunnel, until I got goosebumps all over my body. And then I go to PES five Do I go to 22 D. And once I get to 22 D, I mean God consciousness, I have my mind clear. I focus on my liver and you don’t even need to know where your liver is, or the organ you’re working on. And I ask I say, I say, is there any desert energies? Is there any toxins? Is there any ancestral energies? Is there any dense dense, toxic energies from things that happened to me traumatic energies, and then I clear my mind and weight and the organ response to a thought almost telepathically. And sales show me either I’ll get an image of like this black smoke energy that needs to be spent, there’s dense energies that need to be cleared or I’ll say, anger or it’ll say hurt or pain. Then I tell my system, just like you would press Delete on your computer, I tell my system, delete this out of my system, and I can feel the energy completely been removed from my system. Then I ask the Oregon again, I say what color do you need, and then they’ll tell me gold or blue. blues great for inflammation. Bold is great for to energize the organ. So I go through all my organs and do this, myself, my bones, my brain and do this because again, going back symbolism, if you go to Europe to the ancient churches there to the cathedrals there, they have an origin in it. And of course, when you play the organ the symphony is, is heard throughout the entire church. So our organs create the symphony, that that that flows through our entire body, our aura, our chakra system. So if one of our organs are off, it’s just like one of the keys of that Oregon, in that church feed off which will, which will create a symphony, that that sounds that that’s off, that’s out of tune, that’s out a symphony, and in basically the same as what the frequencies in our bodies, when organs are blocked by toxins, by trauma, by all these negative things, and their energies are off, then the frequency, the tune of our frequency, the symphony of the Divine within our frequency field is off. And then we start to create all sorts of issues everywhere in our life and our physical life, which is a reflection of our Symphony that’s off within ourselves, our frequency, that’s all within ourselves,

Brandon Handley 21:18
I can definitely see that right, you’re a mess on the inside, you’re gonna see a mess on the outside, right? I mean, right? Um, you know, how does one learn, you know, to master the energy, right, instructing the energy, I really enjoyed that versus kind of like, Sounds Sounds like a little bit more fun than your traditional prayer type of thing be like, please, you know, be really cool. If this happened, you send an instruction out again, you have to use in some program language, like, you know, create an instruction, this line always works for, you know, this thing, right? But how do you know, how do you tell somebody to, you know, again, going from, Alright, here’s all this energy, it’s a mess, but like, how do you go from that to just being able to instruct it? Because mastery is something that takes a long time, it’s not something that takes a month. Right? So what are some of the stuffs there?

Sarah R Adams 22:09
I think, reason that, you know, it mastery, for me can be attained by everyone in quite a short, short space of time, once they understand how their system works, because we’re bodies, right. And we’re seeing them as prisons, we’re seeing them as negative, we’re seeing that we’re caught on this planet, rather than understanding that their divine tech. And this was a gift giving to ourselves when we were in the realms of spirit. So we could have a 3d physical experience. And we are not, we are not treating this physical body, this tech, right, we’re not understanding how it works. So you know, because of this, I feel a lot of the and while I’m very thankful, and have a lot of honors, honor for those who have taught about mastering oneself, I believe, once you connect to your system, it goes quite quickly. So you speak to your organs, once you learn just to do it to one which takes a couple of minutes, I teach this to my clients, then you go through them all, and it doesn’t take long. And you know, in three weeks, I have people who are completely it’s almost like they’re reborn again, they’re they completely are mastering their, the frequencies within themselves. And they’re there. They’re channeling higher frequencies. And so I really, for me, the knowledge of how to how to unite the spirit, God energy. So it’s one with the physical body, which is also divine tech, that knowledge has been lost. And so this is creating a problem because there’s there’s people discover different ways to master their energy fields, but they haven’t truly tapped in that, hey, you can go into your system, just like a computer, where you press Delete, you can delete all of the old energy system out and then rebuild a new energy system. And this is what Christ meant and Bible that thou shalt be born again, it doesn’t need to actually physically die, it means that you need to go in and clear all that old energy field and create a new one. And you can do so. And, you know, it’s quite easy to do once you once you step into that.

Brandon Handley 24:18
I mean, I guess I could see that right? The idea of connecting, going through a process learning the process. And then once you’re, you know, tuned in, tapped in turned on, right, you’re you’re Oh, yeah, you’re good to go.

Unknown Speaker 24:33
But well, you

Brandon Handley 24:35
know, the other part too, right. I think you mentioned this and I wanted to tap on it. He talks about like books and religions as being not like imminently necessary right for, you know, to be able to do this. However, I mean, would you also say that i like i like if I read a book, and I understand something to me that I think As my level of where I am versus the book per se, right? Is that fair to say? Like, so if I pick up a religious book and I’m like, Oh my god, I have an epiphany. It’s not necessarily a book. It’s just my understanding. Exactly.

Sarah R Adams 25:14
Yes, exactly. And, you know, the thing is like, I love books, by the way, a lot of antique books. I have books from England, I have quite a library of say love books, but at the same time, I know being a God consciousness, I instantaneously know things. And like the Bible, okay, so the Bible, first of all, it’s not, it’s almost like being worshipped. People are so obsessed with the Bible. It’s insane. It’s, it’s, it’s deterring them from a god, which

Brandon Handley 25:47
was misunderstood, right? Like, I mean, it’s been like, passed down from generation to generation, you got this one group of people is like, hey, let’s, let’s take all the literal meaning out of this whole thing. You know, which could, you know, translations never been altered over, you know, 1000s of years. So, you know, I’m sure everything in there is like, perfect. Right. And then they,

Sarah R Adams 26:07
well researched the Bible. It’s First of all, it’s, it’s not the word of God, because it’s a lot of different prophets, prophecies, history, and mishmash of things laid down put together then to then create the Bible, which is said to be the Word of God, which isn’t true at all. Um, but the true Word of God is within us, when we tap into that higher state of being, we just instantaneously No, because we’re in God consciousness, and we don’t need to read a book, because God is within us, and we’re accessing that. So for me, when it comes to religion, um, and, you know, this might be controversial to say, but I know don’t say controversial stuff, and I honestly don’t care because I know people need the truth, it’s going to help them out of this world that they’re living in of dense energies. And in the Bible, there was also a lot of political stuff put in there to suppress people, you know, just like says, pay your taxes, and this and this, and this. And then of course, it’s, you know, way the Bible too, is, for me, it’s quite a dense energy, because there’s, there’s, there’s the murder of millions of people in there, there’s the murder of innocent animals as sacrifice. And you know, any logical person, any person who’s somewhat functioning, R is going to look at that state, why would God construct to kill children, animals and 1000s of people, you know, if your god you would ever do that, that’s, that’s, that’s not gone. In fact, that’s the opposite of it. So for me, religion has caused a lot of havoc, it’s also put made people think that they’re sinners. And it’s made put people in this sort of like, energetic West system, which I feel is part of the false matrix system, false light matrix system, where it doesn’t tell them how to actually heal, it just makes them feel bad, because they’re sinners, and they have guilt and everything else. And it’s quite huge problem on the planet right now. And to send it to God conscious, you got to get rid of all of that, you know, and it’s sadly it’s ingrained in our very DNA, some of us because our, our grandparents and so on, have the everybody’s been in religion, and whatever you believe those codes are going to go into your children and your grandchildren. So a lot of people they, they’re, they’re actually being born with these codes that need to be re deleted out of the system. So they can have a free mind. So their souls can be free, so the energy can be free, so that they can actually function function from a higher consciousness. So it’s really important to to get rid of all of that, hey, the Bible is, was also King James, who had the whole Bible done, who did a book on demonology. Nobody knows this.

Brandon Handley 28:47
Nobody’s got that one.

Sarah R Adams 28:50
Yes, nobody’s got that one. He wrote a book on demonology, how to summon demons, but the Word of God and I do water research. I’ve done a lot of research on the Archons because I’ve encountered you know, spirits that feed off of other people’s energy field. And I really feel the Bible is tied into the archives and into lower spirits. Once we’re clear of energy, of guilt of negative energy and guilt and all that stuff, no, no negative spirit can can access us. So they want us to have guilt and they want us to feel like sinners, because when we do things can ask us to feed off their energy fields. I think it’s kind of religion was created. Almost for me, the opposite of the Divine is connected into the lower energies,

Brandon Handley 29:33
not 100% I can I can see that right and especially if you’re taking the Bible at kind of face value. I guess I’m referring to a lot of some of the other people that have given me a different perspective on it. Like neville goddard is a guy that like you know, I think gives you like a fun perspective on the Bible that doesn’t, it’s not the is based off of like astrology and all these other things versus you know, some other stuff and versus what I was taught growing up, I remember very clearly, like really listening to him, like driving off to some back roads, like talking about the Bible, like, you know, and to me the way that it was intended to be delivered, I was like, that’s it. Why is this? Why isn’t anybody talking like this, this is what you’re you’re supposed to be hearing versus, you know, if they’re talking about, like, for example, one of them was like, talking about the sheep, not following the sheep, per se, but like, you know, about, like, it’s the rough texture of the sheep versus something else, like all the symbolism, which, again, I’m sure, you know, up your alley, right. So not to dive too deep. But I mean, I think that to me, again, the bigger part of it all is like, you know, when you’re reading books, and I don’t feel like they’re, I feel like there’s definitely misinterpretation of the Bible. And I also feel like, to your point, you don’t need to go, when you go read all those books, understand that the things that are lighting you up are coming from your own understanding from within, right, not from that book, per se.

Sarah R Adams 31:02
Yeah. When you know, and there’s codes and symbolism and everything. So like, if I read something, and I’ve read the Bible, like, countless times, and I, when I read something, I see it differently, I’ll notice a person who reads it that, you know, they haven’t access God consciousness. They’ll take it literally and see it differently than me who actually sees codes in it. I mean, there’s a lot of codes and symbolism in religion, but those are stolen. Those were stolen from the ancient prophets, prophets, those writings and then, you know, given to us in different religious books, but is there sure is there some truth in bio, of course, there’s some truth in the Bible. And otherwise, that would keep people attracted to so they always put truth and lies

Unknown Speaker 31:46
together. It’s sure. Yeah,

Brandon Handley 31:49
no, for sure. For sure. It was funny. That’s who I had as a, I made a little note here, when you’re talking about the matrix. Remember where they’re the the cat like in the one scene, that kind of glitch for a second, like you said in the matrix, and then it was like almost a glitch when you said it was just kind of funny because you glitch in the matrix?

Sarah R Adams 32:06
She said, there’s two matrix, there’s two light systems, globalist plan. One is the original light system on the light system of ancient light, which is going through the forest, it’s flowing through everything. And then we have what I call the false light system, the false light system, is the pollution on this planet, because pollution is heavy, heavy, dense energies are being bombarded with pollution, negative belief systems, that’s another one. Whether you know, and we are actually born into a system where there’s, we go through schooling, that’s a system that closes us off from our creativity from the divine, where we go through jobs, that’s another system that makes us you know, basically almost like it slaves us for money. And it keeps us from our true calling, calling our soul path, we have all these different systems that are a part of this false light matrix system that we are born into, and that we grow into and that tell us what to think it tells us what to eat, it tells us how to dress, it tells us what to do on every single level, while it’s hitting us with pollution, so that our bodies because each cell by the way, and this is some This is some ancient knowledge here, because the ancient Egyptians, they used to be sun worshippers, and they would bring in the light of the sun and that would charge their aura and they’re in all the organs and of course, their chakra system. The cell is a solar panel with the light would come through it and charge our solar energy. However, the the brushes are, the pollution comes into the cell, and specifically heavy metals, we’re being bombarded with heavy metals everywhere, putting in different things like vaccination and stuff as controversial as that sounds. So heavy metals get into the cell and reflect out like a mirror. So the light cannot charge our auric field and our energy systems. So we are basically lower consciousness because we are not not charging. This is why we have so many energy vampires, people are depleted in energy, often, they are terrible to themselves and others their murders their abusers. Anyone who does not have a higher energy charge, they are basically functioning from lower consciousness, and they’re they’re vampires. They’re energy vampires. So we have this whole neural connected false light matrix system, which blocks the shoe light out is fucking, like I said, on a cellular level on an energetic level on a thought level, in the belief systems on all these different levels. And sadly, much of the planet this planet many millions of people are tapped into that false light matrix system and function from there. You have to completely disconnect from that and then you have to reconnect to the true life. That light of the Divine that flows through everything. So, you know, you have to kind of peel back the layers almost like an onion, you’ve got to peel that back so you can get to your core energy within yourself of the Divine

Brandon Handley 35:15
was something was first up. Like, I mean, you know, how do you recognize you’re you’re in, in, like, the bad matrix,

Sarah R Adams 35:26
I think it’s really easy to tell, you know, you’re going to be depressed, you’re going to be stressed, you’re going to be worried all the time, you’re going to be tired. There’s no joy in life. Because, you know, again, being down here and frequency, you, you have to be high frequency data, joy, bliss, love all those beautiful things to feel good. So if you’re down here, you’re gonna be sick and everything else, and that’s, you know, then you’re gonna be you’re gonna feel like you’re you’re suffocated in life. Those are a few of the things you know, that will tell you that you’re connected into the lower energies. And then of course, you need to start with level number one, and that’s the physical body, you need to start to detox it, detox it, detox it, and bring in light energies. So then, you know, you can bring in light energies, without doing any what I call visualization meditation, which is another level of bringing yourself up through drinking herbs, bringing in a lot of food that has light energy in it, that’s fruits, vegetables that have charged with the sun’s energy that moves energy to certain bring that energy into your body. Because our diet, you know, I noticed specially here in the United States, our diets are depleted in energy, literally minerals, nutrients, we’re in a dead diet. So we’re a week later, we like a walking dead. So it’s so important to bring those things to bring in vitamins and nutrients into your system to bring in a water that’s charged with energy. So I put my my water by the way, in mason jars and put it under the sun and moon put crystals in it. So I’m charging it, that’s one of the ways I like to do it. So then you’re going to start with the physical to just start to simply change his frequency through your diet through de toxin. And then you know, start to do things like meditation, visualization, meditation, start to do things, you know, physical things to get your body also healthy, such as working out yoga. Things like those are a couple of the first steps that people need to take to actually get themselves to higher frequencies.

Brandon Handley 37:30
Right? So this is, those are a couple, the first steps you’re going to take to break out of the, I’m just gonna call it the dark matrix into the light matrix. Right. And it’s kind of interesting as you’re talking, right, the the foods was like energy. I forget, I was watching some, you know, plant based diet but but, you know, basically you’re eating if you’re eating you know, freshly grown in the sun, vegetables and fruit, you’re eating the sun, that’s sunlight, right? I mean, it’s literally captured sunlight. So at least if you’re getting it into you, I could just see myself blowing out like the the metals or whatever from the inside.

Sarah R Adams 38:09
And that’s another thing, see what toxic toxins, um, you can also go in your system, and tell your system to transmute them. So you tell your yourselves, you know, I want you to transmute the energy of toxins chest, made it to golden light, and then charge yourself, you’re telling yourself charge itself with that. So we can actually go in our system and tell our system to transmute these energies of toxins into higher frequencies that will then charge us and bring us into higher consciousness.

Brandon Handley 38:44
what’s the what’s like, a timeline for something like that right to to is that require like belief that you you and your system, and your body can do that for yourself.

Sarah R Adams 38:58
And, you know, that’s why they really, in society try to make us feel less than inside. Because once we believe our God, that manifests is in herself. And we are immensely powerful.

Brandon Handley 39:11
So real quick, though, so if I’m God and your God, like, what’s up, I mean, you because I think I think a lot of people, though, if you if you were to say that, and you’re saying it right now they’re like, well, if you’re a god, you know, why is the world like this? Why don’t you fix it? And if I’m God, then like, why is my world like such a shit show? Right? Like, so? How do you address that to people?

Sarah R Adams 39:36
So it wouldn’t be fair, if only your God or I’m God, and we have all this power, that would be imbalanced. So God wants us all to know, we’re all God. And we must all work together to heal the world, because that’s fairness and balance. And of course, God is energy that flows through us. It flows through you, it flows through me and we must have All acknowledge that word God, this is quite important for the planet right now. And that because when we knowledge that, then there is no fair there is no, there is no nothing that can hinder us from healing our planet, but it would be unfair if just one of us forgot. So yes, even though I have quite immense divine power, it’s not up to me to clap, it’s up to me to say I have found God within, and pass that light to others until everyone saw their light within and works together to heal their planet. That’s what the divine wants, it wants us to know that we’re all pieces of this beautiful, divine puzzle. And we’re all needed. And we all need to step into our Christ consciousness, not just one of us, because, you know, if one of us came and healed the entire planet, it wouldn’t fix the solutions go back, they, they would expect to save your over and over again. They haven’t stepped into their Christ selves. But once you step into your Christ stuff, you understand that you come from a place of compassion and goodness. So you understand not to continuously do harm to yourself and others. So this is a this is kind of the grand plan divine plan for humanity. That’s why in religion when it says, you know, just there’s one Savior, that’s such a, it’s false. Christ said, All our Christ, Christ was trying to show people, I have powers, and you can achieve this too. And price that I’m God. And that was very controversial back then. But Christ had realized that he had this God force within himself, and he became one with it, and realized he was gone. And so he was trying to teach humanity.

Brandon Handley 41:43
Now that makes sense. I mean, I think that makes a you know, to the same to the same degree, almost, that if you and I were to run out and say that, God, right, those people right now are like, no, you’re not like, That’s messed up. You can’t talk like that. Right? But all you’re really saying is like, you know, I am filled with source energy to your VM. We started this whole thing off with a, you know, without that, without that divine energy within your body, that lifeforce within your body. You don’t work? Like I mean, and nobody figures out like how, like when you die, like nobody’s like, hey, did anybody catch the battery that fell out? You know, where does? Where did that life source go? Where did that God force go? Right? So and, you know, you’re talking about, like, you know, Jesus, I can do these things. And you can, you can do the same and so much more. Right. And that’s, I think, I love that line. I’m like, well, Dude, what’s up? You know what I mean? And so,

Sarah R Adams 42:39
like, what’s the Why? Why are you guys not healing people? Why are you guys why is the earth this way? Because they haven’t found the the, the issues within themselves, they have actually become one with the energy to understand their God. So that’s why nobody is really healing themselves and others has done this religion actually keeps people from accessing that. And, um, but yeah, I see that all the time. But hey, of course, I have been in Christ consciousness, I manifest myself beautiful, happy,

Brandon Handley 43:07
like, it’s worked out.

Sarah R Adams 43:10
Everywhere. Yes. So I am the master of my life through that.

Brandon Handley 43:14
works, right. But But I think what you’re saying though, too, and I heard down, like, it’s like a string of Christmas lights, right? Like, if one goes out, like, then the whole thing’s not working, right. So we’re all kind of like, in that string of Christmas lights. If we’re, if we, if we got a few that are busted, the whole strings not gonna work. So we all got, we all got it, bring our lights and you’re passing the light on to the next person, next person, you have just as much in you, as the next person does. It’s just their ability and willingness to recognize it, harness it and nurture it, is that what you’re saying?

Unknown Speaker 43:49
And, you know,

Sarah R Adams 43:52
like I said, there’s some truth in the Bible, but it says that, once a man realizes that he’s, he’s, he’s got Christ within him that he has power, more power almost to the angels. And that’s, that’s amidst power. And, but but God being fair to all, even with beings like me, who have come to this earth to channel this information, I don’t ever want to be on a pedestal. I don’t ever want to be above anyone. I just wish to show them what I have done within myself.

Brandon Handley 44:30
But I think that that’s it. That’s so that’s a tough one for people there because like, you know, it’s like, again, you’re not saying you’re above or beyond anyone, you just made a different choice to recognize your your connection to source right and that’s, that’s it, right? It’s not like, it’s not like you’re better than somebody else. Not like your higher not like your lower not like you’re more powerful than anybody else. See, there’s just like, this is, you know, like the whole Jesus thing, you can do this and so much more.

Sarah R Adams 44:57
Exactly. So I you know, I’ve devoted my life To showing people why achieved and that they can achieve just as much within themselves. And this is important because God is so fair God would not put one above another. So there’s just those of us who have realized that we’re God and we’re worthy, our own price, and there’s those who have not that they’re below us. Just they haven’t realized that yet. And at some point in the future, they will realize that

Brandon Handley 45:31
right, or, you know, depending on like, I guess where you were your stances on like the reincarnation bit, right, or just like, in next lifetimes, until, like, there’s a full recognition of, you know, soul experience, right, I’m here to have an experience. And you know, if I don’t figure it out this time, like, maybe you know, next time, right? So what are some of your biggest objections, somebody, you know, when when you tell them that they are God, that they are source? What do they say to you,

Sarah R Adams 46:03
it almost releases that makes them so happy, because they, you know, a lot of people look up to me. And so when I tell them that they’re like, incredibly happy, and they’re, it’s eye opening to them, because they’re like, Wow, you’ve achieved so much. And you do all these things, you travel dimensions, you go out of your body, you speak to ETS, but you’re looking at me, and you’re telling me, I’m God, and that really in a beautiful way shapes them, and they start to think about it and helps them wake up. And they’re very accepting of that. And they, you know, I help them realize their power within them. And that, you know, even though a lot of them a lot of people I come across, you know, sometimes they’ll just be having my, my cup of hot chocolate or tea, and I’ll look at the person who’s talking to me, I’ll say, you know, your God. And they just smile, and they like, tell me, you know, tell me about this. And I tell it to them, they understand it, and it really helps them to wake and more.

Unknown Speaker 47:11
That’s cool, right?

Brandon Handley 47:14
I definitely haven’t gotten to the point where I run around tell people that they’re God, right. But yeah, I see, you know, definitely. To the point, though, where I know that I look at everybody and everything is divine, right? That’s just kind of point that I’m at

Sarah R Adams 47:27
what he says all the time, when I’m walking on the street, I see a smiling child or a hair, bird chirping, or I feel the wind blowing through my hair. I’m aware, God is within me and all around me. And God’s always speaking to me. It’s such a beautiful thing. And it’s, for me, what’s heartbreaking, is that knowing that humanity has, they’re not opening the door to that. And that’s the solution. And once they did they never be lonely. Even if they were in the middle of the desert, they would know that they’re gone, they’re okay. And everything’s gonna be okay. And and there would be no fair, there would be nothing, you know, that could hinder them ever really, truly hurt them in any experience. So it for me, it’s really intense because I get to experience this. But I realized how hard it is for people who don’t have that support from the divine. It’s really hard. They’re 3d lives.

Brandon Handley 48:30
Do you feel like we’re turning a corner at all? Do you feel like the realization and recognition of you know divine within Christ Consciousness is accelerating?

Sarah R Adams 48:43
I do I believe that the pressures of you know COVID the pressures from our politicians, the pressures from our economy that is just been destroyed via these different things. I feel like the more pressure that humanity has on it, that they’re going to look deeper within they’re going to start to look deeper within and find that power, and that’s going to help them transcend all of these things. And that pressure is there to help them access the Christ consciousness to push them within more to step into their God consciousness.

Brandon Handley 49:24
Like a germination a source.

Unknown Speaker 49:26

Unknown Speaker 49:27
I got it.

Brandon Handley 49:30
Let’s do ETS. Before we leave, just for fun. Give me the lowdown on the ETS Anju

Sarah R Adams 49:38
Whoo. So I you know, I had when my team who saw me shape, shape shift into et By the way, so I get this question a lot. People are like, what are you you’re you supernatural?

Unknown Speaker 49:52
Are you a goddess? Are

Sarah R Adams 49:53
you a witch? Are you this? I’ve had 1000s of different labels and names thrown at me. So, you know, we have these bodies right? So we have many other bodies A lot of people don’t remember this, but this is their only body that they’ve had. They’ve lived on other planets they’ve taken many different forms but above that they were in their spiritual in spirit

Unknown Speaker 50:17

Sarah R Adams 50:17
so their God consciousness, somewhere in God consciousness, I’ve taken bodies of ETS I’ve taken bodies in Egypt and Atlantis and this is my, you know, most recent body

Unknown Speaker 50:29
to daily driver,

Sarah R Adams 50:30
right so just like we take off clothes and put them on that’s how I see it. So yeah, I have had some incarnation says ETS different ETS Um, so that’s something that I’m highly aware of. I have merged in the energy from whenever I was in et so I have that energy within my field they beat motion energy for when I was in Atlantis from when I was in Egypt, and it has a lot of information it’s kind of amazing because I kind of left all this information and then pulled it back into this lifetime so that I can help out with the, with channeling knowledge to humanity. That was all this information I cut it during the time I went to fit into physical bodies. So with ETS, I mean, they’re again, they’re just a different body that they put on for a while to have experiences in. I speak to them sometimes like I said, I definitely go into the energy of when I was at et and shape shift that I’m quite aware of that people around me too. But for me ETS are our they’re my kin I’m always up with the council’s they, they’re so telepathic and they’re so they can feel things from other planets, they can be another solar system and feel things that happen on our planet. They’re quite in tune. And they’re kind of like the Sears is the divine is because they’re the powers that they have the technology they have comes from the divine they’re so close to the divine. It has an immense power that gives them all the technology all the abilities they have in fact Believe it or not the ET races that are that are the have the most light energy through them are the most advanced races not the ones who still energy.

Brandon Handley 52:14
Got two questions left. Got a favorite favorite et Ah, I

Unknown Speaker 52:18
can’t see that I

Sarah R Adams 52:20
I feel heartbroken say that because they all love me so much. And I love them so much.

Brandon Handley 52:24
So I just today could change tomorrow.

Sarah R Adams 52:29
I still have to stick with all of them. They do such divine work for the planet for humanity, and I’m so grateful to have their

Unknown Speaker 52:35
presence in my life.

Brandon Handley 52:37
No Wrong there’s no wrong answers. Are we that much more removed than from ETS in terms of being close to the divine? I mean, is it harder for us to get that close? Or have we made it harder for ourselves to get that close?

Sarah R Adams 52:52
humanity’s made it hard for themselves, you know, because never left humanity. These beautiful beings, interdimensional beings ETS never, never left humanity. They’ve never turned their backs on humanity’s humanity has turned its back on itself. And on God on its own children on it on its own planet, because they’re not they’re not stepping into God consciousness and they’re simply living a 3d life. So if humanity was made the obstacles for themselves,

Brandon Handley 53:23
so self inflicted kind of walls and cutting ourselves off from source. intentional or unintentional. You know, I think I think it could be argued either way, right? You know, what’s the Maya Angelou line where, you know, you do your best until you know better, right? And, yes. And I think that, you know, we’ve done our best with what we thought was the right thing for quite a long time only kind of to get to this point and be like, Oh, really, this is the best we can do. I think we I think we missed the turn back there, right? somewhere. So we should have turned left. We should have made a right. Well, so listen, I you know, there’s so much to do, which barely scratched the surface of you. But I just want to say thanks for popping on today. What is you know if what is like one thing you wish somebody had always asked you but never had?

Unknown Speaker 54:19

Sarah R Adams 54:22
That’s a hard one. But let me think for a second there. You know, I think that I wish that people would have understood that I was only that I’m only trying to bring them goodness and asked me about that more deeply and intensely when I was younger, when I had just gotten this filled in when everything was chaotic for me. You know, I wish they would ask more questions that came to me about the things that I experienced and about me being different. That would have been amazing. Now they do. So I’ve manifested that. But it’s something that I would have wanted when I first got into this field,

Brandon Handley 55:09
how would that have helped you?

Sarah R Adams 55:11
I think instead of people misunderstanding me, because a lot of them did, it would have helped them understand me a lot more,

Brandon Handley 55:18
just by kind of asking questions versus what was happening,

Sarah R Adams 55:24
versus theories or fair or I feel like people are very fearful of things that are different. And instead of approaching and fair, or having their theories or beliefs, they should approach with kindness and by asking questions, and getting to know those who are different, because, you know, I’ve had my share of where I was misunderstood, despite the fact that it was only trying to bring healing and goodness to the world. So I hope that that’s something that in this community, people can do more, they can just simply be honest with you ask a question, without any ulterior motive behind it, or belief system or theory about you. As somebody who has a, you know, I have a huge following. You don’t really know me, but you can ask me questions now honestly, answer. So I that’s what I feel. There was a lot of questions back then maybe not now that I wish people would have asked me so they will could have understood me better?

Brandon Handley 56:26
was one question that I could ask you that would help me understand you better.

Sarah R Adams 56:32
Take a guess. And you want go ahead. Come on.

Unknown Speaker 56:37
You can ask me anything?

Brandon Handley 56:39
Yeah, I mean, this is what I feel like I should have asked asked earlier in the show, but I mean, Was this something that you experienced? And I believe if I caught correctly, there was some abuse while you’re growing up, too, right. So was, you know, Was this something that was trying to manifest then? And Was that something that was holding you back from sharing more of your gifts?

Sarah R Adams 57:05
No. So I chose to come into I chose to come into a body and experience abuse, I could understand it, how can I go to a planet and help out that planet, I didn’t know what they were experiences. So for me, that just gave me a lot of knowledge, it could destroy me or truly hurt me. I think what was more heartbreaking was the public and the people in the awakened community, who were not approaching me in the right manner. And that’s that made it hard for me on my journey at a certain point of which I, you know, overcome. And I know how to deal with the public better now. Because back then I was so you might say non human, I was so different. And everything was quite intense for me. And I, people saw me and they were like, Oh, she’s definitely different. And it kind of, I feel like maybe made some of them afraid, or they could understand things. And they didn’t approach with questions and kindness. Rather, they approached with being quite harsh. That’s what really I had a hard time in my journey. And at one point, you know, I just took a timeout, and Christ and Jesus appeared to me, sorry, Buddha appeared to me. And Christ Buddha said to me, now, you know, how we felt, we were just trying to help out humanity. And they Christ was like, they killed me, because they didn’t know how to approach me, they didn’t know how to understand me. And even though I just wanted to help them, they did this to me. And now you understand this. And now you understand that you’re on a planet, where even though they think they’re very bad, they’re quite primitive in knowing about the divine and about energy, and a lot of other things. And because you’re bringing this information, is that’s really triggering them, and that it’s bringing up a lot of things in them. And it’s bringing up their fear of anything that’s different. So I and I got to feel the emotions of Buddha and Christ and how heartbreaking it was for them just to want to help the world and have experienced that. And they did provide support for me, they were like, you know, this is your journey. No, we experienced this. And we knew it was gonna happen, but we’re here for you.

Unknown Speaker 59:21
It was beautiful.

Brandon Handley 59:23
I think that’s that’s huge. Right? I think, first of all, your capability, I guess, and our willingness to view, your abuse in that light. And I think that, you know, I caught briefly, you know, maybe that’s part of how you were able to heal yourself was by being able to see yourself in that way. And kind of, you know, how can you How can you take your what seems like this really awful thing from your past and harness that as your power, right? Or at least bring it into yourself and accept That, you know, plays something good for you and who you are today. Right? So I think that, you know, I think that’s a really cool way to take a look at it. And also, to your point, again, you know, of coming from the space and trying to have a conversation with somebody who doesn’t understand it right. There, the questions can be awkward. So the questions would be like, well, what, uh, you know, so, the question is, can be awkward, so I can understand to like, you know, the desire to have somebody ask you questions that in kindness, right, versus, you know, kind of, I don’t know about like, I wouldn’t say mean spirited, but like, again, if somebody doesn’t understand, then we come from a world, kind of where you poke fun at it until, like, you know, you understand it, right? Or something like that. But, uh, again, I just wanna say thanks for sharing, you know, all who you are, in again, this kind of short timeframe. Today here on spiritual dope, and where can people go find you?

Sarah R Adams 1:01:12
Thank you, I really enjoyed this. And, um, so they can find me, WW. Sarah are and that’s with an H, of course, and I am doing a lot of great projects. I just opened the retreat center here, Sedona, Arizona, I knit a store, I coach people you know, on how to heal, how to access the dimensions how to speak to ETS, and I’m doing the wealth and conference here this summer so they can find out more about that. They’re

Brandon Handley 1:01:42
also about the conference

Sarah R Adams 1:01:43
is you know, it’s an E t conference, and it’s gonna have a lot of my Gaia friends there that do work on Gaia. So we’re gonna have a great time. I am excited about this. And I just say wanted, you know, they contacted me, they said, we know that you are in contact with ETS, we know that ETS have a lot of messages for the planet of how to heal the planet. Can you just come and channel that for us and speak about that? And I? Yeah, I’m more than happy to go do that.

Brandon Handley 1:02:13
Why would you say no? Now very, very, very cool. Again, thanks for being on. It’s a lot of fun.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:19
Thank you.

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