Brandon Handley 0:00
Now we will go on to chapter one ideal life. This chapter is really only like it takes you 1015 minutes maybe to read, right? These are all of my takeaways, as I’m going through this as I’m reading it as I’m engaging with it. So, are you ready to succeed? chapter one, the third ripple, which is societal change, he Sreekumar calls leadership

Unknown Speaker 0:23

Brandon Handley 0:25
Shots fired. The truth is he made there are very few leaders out there, there are many who have hierarchical, hierarchical, hierarchical positions, right? Many people who have authority out there and they can they can all put you in a good or bad place. But the deal is Oh, yeah, and and the idea is to that neither one of those, they don’t really care if you achieve your potential, all that they really care about is whether or not you feel the potential you feel the need for the role that you do to reach the level of productivity that you need to underneath of them. Okay. Also, the most of these people use they haven’t been trained. Alright, maybe they haven’t been they haven’t been trained. They don’t. They may not be here and I love this not able to manifest the life force that wins dedicated commerce to their vision. First of all, you got no vision. What do you what do you personally manifesting lifeforce for right that’s why did the podcast on vision that’s why vision is so important. It is to help you to manifest that lifeforce. This guy to dedicate converts, you know, to your vision. What is your life? You know, what would it What is your vision? If you don’t have a vision, it’s very difficult to be a leader. True Self interests, teaches selflessness. Now, again, that may seem kind of oxymoronic. But the idea of being a leader is to do things in service of others. How can How can you lead others to their own greatness? Right? How can you help someone to find out the best of who they are? Right here enlightened leadership is service. So what does it What does that look like for you? Have you been in the presence of a leader? Have you been in the presence of someone who can spell out their vision and you can just, you can feel it with them, and you want to be a part of that? And they come over you? And they’re like, Well, you know, how would you like to contribute? You’re like, ah, I don’t fucking know. Nobody’s ever asked me what I’d like to do to help you, you know, help, you know, be a part of this. They’ve always told me what I need to do. And you know, so leadership says, Hey, you, how would you like to do today? Do you like this? Can you see this vision? Are you a part of this vision? What would you like to do to help make this vision come true?

Unknown Speaker 3:16
And how can how can

Brandon Handley 3:19
I as a leader, you help you become who you want to become? Right? throughout this process? That’s the true self interest. That’s the well being of all, you know, again, the vision about the well being of self alone. Yeah, sure. I could have a great life. And again, go back to just following the instructions and doing the thing and have a have a life that doesn’t require or incorporate any of this. But that’s hollow. That’s tinny? That’s Yeah, I mean, so there’s, there’s, there’s, that’s a me lacks fulfillment. Leadership is a state of being not a skill.

Unknown Speaker 4:10
I love that. So

Brandon Handley 4:10
you have to go through today. And again, going back to the idea that let’s let’s take, let’s take Facebook, let’s take marketing, let’s take, you know, all these 10 x your XYZ and you know, become this person, do these things, follow these steps, and this will happen for you. It’s no good to study those specific styles, right? What is it about that person? Really, what is their intention? What reflect on the deeper qualities of that person, their style of leadership? What are they really doing what they do and this reminds me of Bob Proctor right. When he started the beginning, he would go up on stage and present and you know, you I could take I could take someone’s scripts, I could take the words that somebody says and go through all those things, and I could do that. The things that would not have their results would not have their results just by doing the things that they did taking those actions, that’s not going to get me there. I might have some source, I might, I might have something there, but I’m not, I’m not going to have those specific results, because I’m trying to apply these like skills, I’m trying to apply these tactics, and there’s no intention in there for me, and chances are that I’m doing those things out of more more of a self interest of just unify me only me, me, me, me centered, versus how can? What is it that I’m doing that is bringing you both spiritual and material growth? Right? How am I helping you by showing up today? And it’s once once we once we see kind of like, you know, these deeper qualities, you know, not even just you what’s beyond you, you know, what’s that grand vision for the world, the universe that I live in, where, whereby my helping you helps to bring up all of humanity. All right. So then, you know, different styles of leadership and methods of awareness appear to apply to all people all situate once you get this shit, once you get this stuff, man, once you get even just the beginning of this stuff, you start to build momentum, you start to see this applied, you sit at home, you know, I always always start at home, especially when I was doing fatherhood for the rest of us. Once you apply this at home,

Unknown Speaker 6:52
with your family with you,

Brandon Handley 6:57
that will do you’ll see that apply in your community that will apply at work that will apply everywhere you go.

Brandon Handley 7:05
So you’ll see it in all situations is it does it again, once you’ve once you get it, once you understand how this stuff works, it’ll start you’ll start to see it everywhere you go, you can’t not you are a creature, you know that that seeks and creates your own types of patterns. Once you recognize a couple of these patterns and things quite literally, almost with a noisy clump, fall into position, you can’t help but see, again, the jobs quote as you can’t connect the dots going forward. But as you look back, you will be able to see that this does indeed apply everywhere all the time. And if that’s the case, again, copy successors, there are you’ll recognize where you’ve been successful and where somebody else has been successful, and you’re able to see the parallels, and you’ll be able to apply that going forward. And again, not not just for your own success, but for the success of all people involved. Right. And so leaders, because the leader, again, once you recognize this stuff, because the leader sees clearly they can shed light on others. To me, this is the idea of seeing divinity within themselves, they can see it and others reflect it back to them. And for the greater whole, you see everything as a miracle, right? You see everything as as divine, that everything, you know, that changes the way you see thinks. And leaders, you know, eventually, you know, they can see the bigger picture because they’ve gone beyond themselves, they see how it’s all going to interact, and they see how to apply these patterns. So the idea of organizational change, to motivate, you know, to get you just to go do something is kind of demeaning and demotivating, right, like, if I look at you as a unit and I’m like oh what if I motivate you with this and then judge you’re just more productive? For me? That’s kind of demotivating right and the meaning because I’m just trying to get you to do what I want you to do under me as a management and as a greater level of productivity looking at you as a productivity unit in an industrial sense in an industry and sure we all want to be industrious um but again that’s for me not view my job or a leaders job again is to find out what is it that is d motivating you? What is it that if I look at the book, glad right here I think no standout 2.0 right. Wait, wait. I’m so skilled, gives a shit about your weaknesses, right? If you play together as a team, and I put you in To where you’re strongest at, you play your strengths. If you’re playing to your strengths, chances are you’re going to be much more motivated than if I come over to you and say, you know, you know, you didn’t get your TPS report done. Right? And and maybe that’s just not your thing. All right, find out what it is this demotivating, you remove the demotivator, remove the op, you’re not, I’m not removing obstacles, so much as an A leader isn’t so much removing an obstacle so much as they are helping you to navigate. I recently had a coaching session. And I told the coach, I said, Listen, let me just keep going kind of along my own way. And I’ll reach out to you if I hit a wall. And he goes, Well, what about not hitting that wall at all? Right? What if I can, since as a leader, since I’ve been in the year, your situation, your space before, a point out where a couple of walls are held you meet or not even you physically point them out, but just help you to navigate them so that they never

Unknown Speaker 11:15

Brandon Handley 11:17
Right? He goes, yes. What happens if I make it so you never have to hit the wall? Like Well, that’s, that’s great. Right? How much time is saved that? So I love it, right? He’s obviously Sreekumar Rouse obviously got like a kind of a thing for like the incipit imitator, right? The exercise in this book will help you become an authentic leader, instead of turning you into an insipid imitator, right. And I think that it’s a line from Sherman, I’m flipping through the book real quick here, because I’ve got, you need to command the souls of others as well as their bodies. And you do this at first. But by working on yourself, right, he goes, uh, commands the soul of his men, right? You got to command the soul of men, that’s from William Sherman, I’m guessing from you know, back in the day that the tank leader, but you do that by working on yourself first, I can’t, I can’t change anybody else, the only thing I do is change myself. And then once you start changing yourself, you begin to see the change in others. I know that sounds again, you know, kind of paradoxical, but it but it is true. In addition, leadership is inclusive of your family roles. And to me, once you start doing these things at your home first, if you have the opportunity to to work on yourself

Unknown Speaker 12:47
at home,

Brandon Handley 12:48
Imagine being able to do it around those that you know, love and trust with your family, then you are able to it really it’s really a great place to practice, right. And it’s a good place to implement leadership, how can I help my wife You know, become who she wants to become How can I help my boys become who they want to become not who I want them to become? Who do they want to become? Right. So, leadership in the family sense. So cut it there on the third chapter are on the third, third ripple. And as you can see, you know, once once you know individual organizational and into an opportunity as you grow. If you have the opportunity to become a leader in a certain space, then you can have the most impact, a greater impact and you can become that super strong ripple.

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Brandon Handley 0:01
Have chapter one ideal life on both podcasts and the video. So part two, we’re going to go into the first ripple, which is individual change. And, you know, the first ripple is, you know, be you want to be so involved with work that you that you love so much that the time flies and to me, that brings up the idea of the book and the concept of flow by Matt Haley, and I don’t have his last name in front of me, but but my Hayley, and, you know, the idea is that you continue to grow each time you continue to learn and you continue to expand on what you already know and love and and converge on. And, you know, when you do that time will fly. That’s part of the first ripple of individual change. A penetrating awareness of the course that you are creating, what what, where do you want it? Where do you see yourself right? What exactly is it that you are creating, and when you become aware of the choices that you are making and what you are doing with your life and your goal for life, then then the course becomes, develops more clarity. Alright, so again, here are a couple that come in here a clear knowledge of your place in the scheme of the universe. That’s, that’s something that, that you’ll recognize in this and that also aligns with vision, you’ve got a vision, you may not know how to get to that end. But as you chart that course, that we’re talking about, in the course of creating the becomes becomes clear as you work along.

Unknown Speaker 1:53
The work that you do,

Brandon Handley 1:56
feeds and brings you great contentment and peace you’re getting this is the idea that you are getting what you put into the universe if you’re if you’re doing this work to serve others and to help them come along themselves and to bring them along. And it’s not just for you. Um, that’s you literally you get what you attract, right? That’s the idea is to concept in my mind, again, this current level of understanding, you will face obstacles, those obstacles are not designed for frustration. those obstacles are designed to bring out the best in you, they help you to create a strong, sharp edge going back up the flow. And the idea is you’re on the ever expanding edge of the universe. And you have to keep in mind that we are approaching all of this as though the universe really only wants what is best for you because you are a part of the universe and the universe is put you here for some reason and purpose and it wants to see you succeed so the universe is in full support of your endeavors and this is just a mindset that you create within your individual change in your individual change as you go through this lock doors will open mysteriously you don’t need to know how some of these things are going to happen. You simply have to believe that they can and that they will and I can tell you from personal experience that this happens you put the vision out there and you put it out there with the intent with a with your purpose and and you take the first couple steps towards that and and things begin to open up and it’s a it’s this kind of indescribable but it happens you essentially your personal life becomes more fulfilling right? And to be to be honest with you looking for how the question should be how do I have a more fulfilling life To me it’s not your why your why it’s weaksauce your why it’s cool, it’s a sure it’s a it’s a it’s a cool, it’s like a pebble in the bottom of the lake. Right? Um, to me, the bigger piece this is your What is it that’s going to bring you ultimate fulfillment in your life. I also love that he hits on the idea is if you’re a parent as I am, and if you are understand that you know in this individual change that child or children will bring you great satisfaction also know that they will chart their own path and that you will not be able to To see their path,

Unknown Speaker 5:01

Brandon Handley 5:04
if you will be their springboard and know that and to know that that’s the case, to me that that brings me very much satisfaction. Being a parent and seeing it, I mean, see right now, I was working with Liam, my youngest to go, you know, create a video or do something he wants to do him my vision, my path, start his path, I can give him the ideas, he can give me his ideas, and I can try and help him and enact those. And however he decides to do it is up to him each day, and the individual change is going to be a, it’s going to be an improvement over the day before, each one day more perfect than the day before. If you can imagine it. Maybe you don’t think that the day before you today was perfect, but who knows. Just talking to I just had an interview, I just recently had an interview and the Word Perfect means that you don’t need anything else, right? don’t need any more to to to get through the day or two to get through life. So if you look at yesterday, did you have everything that you needed? In sometimes Did you have everything that you wanted in that day? It’s neat, but like, did you have everything that you needed in order to have a successful day, and if that’s the case, and you had a perfect day. So know that today, maybe and probably is more perfect than the day before. You will feel an infinite amount of gratitude. And this gratitude is tough. Gratitude is tough because most of us, especially as men are going through life in an A, in what we’re going through it and a analytical mind first kind of thing. And as men in Western society, we’ve been taught to shut down or remote odds, shut that shit down. Right. So everything’s by thought, everything’s by analytics. Everything’s by logic, everything’s linear. And that’s just that’s just, that’s just not the case. So the feeling of gratitude is something that we need to implement. And once we begin to get in contact, touch our feelings and understand what those feelings are. We can begin to feel gratitude. And as we think and feel gratitude at the same time. We are we are then tuning it in, right we are then we’re then tuning ourselves to gratitude, mentally, with feeling and we are pulling that into our lives. You will recognize throughout all this process, right? This is again, this is the first individual change you will recognize all this is is the cosmic principle, which according to this book is the merger or emerging of spirit, body and mind.

Unknown Speaker 8:21

Brandon Handley 8:22
sensation and feeling is really indescribable. I’ve done a podcast called I’ve done a podcast based on word called numinous with Carl Jung, and Theodore auto where whereby you have tried to capture some of what that cosmic principle looks and feels like. There’s other ways to go through it and feel that but that’s one way to recognize it. So this type of life is your birthright. There’s nothing like this. It’s nothing. This isn’t entitlement. This is open to everyone. And it doesn’t matter how old or young you are. Sure, birth rate. I mean, God I had a conversation the other day with my wife and I love her death. And she goes, you know, I’m not special. Nobody special. We’re not you know, we’re not a bunch of special snowflakes out there. Yes and no. Yes. And everybody is special and everybody’s looking for a way to express themselves. The thing is, is that you’ve been taught not to express yourself to the fullest of who you are. You’ve been taught to express yourself in an industrial age into what you know, what is it about you that is most productive in an industrial environment. We are not industrial beings. We are fucking human beings. So what you got to do is convert back If you are, and understand that this is, indeed, your birthright, and as we go through this book, you’ll understand that this is this is a process a way to achieve it. And so during the first ripple of individual change, you will also recognize that you must desire this desperately, you must want this with all of your being all of who you are. But you must also be okay with the dot happening. It like what the hell man? And this is what a Sreekumar calls the desire, paradox desire issues a paradox. And he also because because all paradoxes are resolved with greater understanding, and we can look at, we can look at, you know, what are some things that you wanted, when you were younger? What are some things that you wanted, when you were younger, you desired it, desperately, but they didn’t happen. And, you know, sometimes, sometimes I can tell you with myself sometimes, like, for example of, you know, I partied way too hard back in the day, and what would have happened if I had been, you know, super rich, or had access to a lot of money in party that same way, I would have bought, like, more more jobs or more of these things, and those things that I desired at that time. Maybe they might have killed me, right, and we go scroll back up, and we’re gonna say, all right, well, let’s not forget that the universe, a universe is really kind of got my back on this right. In the universe’s, like, he may not deliver on that. Because that’s not in my best interest. That could be, you know, something that kills me. And so thank you universe for not delivering on some of those. That sub desire pirate paradox, again, the best that the greater understanding is, you know, then I’m like, Man, I’m pissed and upset that this didn’t happen. today. I’m grateful and thankful, as I continue to go through life and learn and grow more, and can deliver some of these messages as I have a different level of understanding. As it says, as we’ve talked about, and the story of the you know, kind of like the layman and the master, right, attempting to rush this will double the time to achieve and impede progress. Again, imagine, if I put up a wall I put up, you know, even if it’s an energetic wall, I create something and I put something in the way of allowing something in I am impeding progress by trying to go harder, faster, I’m not going to recognize I’m not going to see things because I’m too focused on my personal desire,

Brandon Handley 13:14
versus what may truly be better for me. So again, nature like a vacuum. Soon, as soon as you remove any energy or substance from an area, nature will replace it with another universe like, you know, likely result that you are seeking. And you can do something you can do with like half the effort. Right? Imagine, imagine that and I’m sure that you’ve, you’ve tried to open a jar of whatever. And, and sometimes you’re turning, you’re turning, you’re suing you putting all this effort in one way. But if you almost like if you loosen the grip a little bit and turn it like with a little less effort, it finally releases. So that’s going to be the first ripple of individual change. I’m going to cut it here as well.

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first coffee

Brandon Handley 0:00
Hey, hey, hey, what is going on? Happy whatever day this is hope that you’re doing well, it’s Brandon Handley here, the voice of a generation hit you with some more spiritual dope. I don’t have an intro. So I’m just gonna go ahead and roll with that one. You know, finally got done messing around with clean cleanup as my chickens here. And I’ve been waiting to do this podcast for a while this is one that, that that means that that means a lot to me. And it took a while for it to mean a lot for me. And we’ll kind of discuss that as as we move forward here. So, what I want to share with you today is vision, right the the word vision and kind of what it means to have a vision and, and that kind of thing. And it’s super powerful. And I think that we really neglected quite a bit. And I’m not sure what your familiarity is with the word visit. And how it plays out into your life. But I love these two quotes that come to mind. And the first one is by Helen Keller. And it says the only thing worse than being blind is having sight. But no vision. And that’s just well, powerful right? And to be honest with you when I first heard it, you know, it took a while for it to you know, ricochet my mind and finally smash something and then make connection as it were kind of like a BB inside the mind. And then this other one is a Japanese proverb, vision without action is Daydream. action without vision is nightmare. Oh, so true. Right, so true. So true. And let’s let’s just kind of talk about let’s talk to these two quotes. And and see, you know, what it is that Do you think about vision? How do you think about vision? Do you think about vision? And as I was putting this one together, you had to look some definitions up. And we’re going to talk through those definitions. And we’re going to see how they sit with you how they sit with you. So the simplest definition is the ability to think about or plan for the future with imagination, or wisdom. I love imagination being in there. It’s inventiveness, creativity, innovation. And to me, this begs the sub question

Unknown Speaker 2:36

Brandon Handley 2:37
do you think about your future? Do you think about your future based on known events of the past as though on a trajectory into the future? as though the past is the groundswell that’s carrying you to your future? And then of course, I’ve got to say, do you see wisdom in that Right, do you see wisdom in that that is the soundness of action or decision with regard to the application of experience knowledge and good judgment, I would say yeah, you could see some wisdom in living that way. Because you’re gonna, you’re gonna translate some of your experiences in there. So there’s definitely some wisdom if you do it in that way. But I also ask, Is there creativity? Is there innovation? Is there inventiveness and that because really, if you’re if you’re basing everything kind of on your past that how will you know what your future is? Right? So you, you, you’ve got to think more about kind of what you want to have happen to you. Because vision basically is something that is never happened, right? Is the vision something that you would like to see happen and you know, less than I guess, you could have Have a vision that isn’t something great that you want to have happen. But typically, a vision is is something good, right? fanciful? Or, you know, you’ve never, it’s never happened in your life before. And so, when you look at some of the visionaries throughout time, you know, did they perpetuate the past? Or, and I love I love I think I heard this idea once the first time from neville goddard. Did they call forth a vision, right? And yet we get to another we get to another definition of vision Now, that’s a vivid mental image underlying vivid mental image, you know, especially a fanciful one of the future a dream, a conceptualization. Clearly, this is something that does not exist in the world today. But were you to have a vision.

Unknown Speaker 4:53
You’d be able to see

Brandon Handley 4:56
a mental image of it clearly, and I want to take that a step. Further, and call it a full rendering within your mind a full setting where you’d have such a vision and you would summon all of your sensory elements you would be able to touch, there would be a texture,

Unknown Speaker 5:14
a smell, a full depth

Brandon Handley 5:16
of experience, there would be emotion. I believe, to me that vision is propelled by emotion. Businesses are granted. I feel like visions are granted some would say by God, the universe or something, something that you access to this greater than you have led yourself to believe. That’s where visions come from. So where have you seen visionaries in your past and in all time, and I had a couple of examples pulled out for you today. If you’re if you’re thinking of, you know, the past couple hundred years, you would think of the Wright brothers. And these were bicycle mechanics. Do they have a degree in aeronautics With a Avi Could you be you can’t be an aviator before aviation even exists you know would they even mechanics and and i would say no they were granted a vision and they persisted with that vision they persisted with as if that was something that was guaranteed to them and I think of the story from Napoleon hills thinking grow rich and the story about Henry Ford the eight cylinder engine v you know that was actually the eight cylinder you know the V eight to V eight and he had a vision to create something that was that was cheap and good a V eight that was cheaper but there were some that existed already but they were expensive and they were really you know, kind of monstrosities.

Unknown Speaker 6:54
So, at some point, oh, wait, hold on. There’s

Brandon Handley 6:57
so during that time, you know, the cheap cheap and good did not exist, right. And he’d been surrounded by experts and engineers that were saying that it could not be done. And I love this line because he says, at some point, it becomes necessary to disperse with the services of experts. And these are people who have found limitations in their field most likely. And when you find people that that hit limitations, they’re no longer thinking beyond what they believe to be true, right? If you find somebody that’s been in a field for so long and has been doing what it is they do, for so long, they no longer see what is possible beyond what it is that they’ve seen. So he assembled a team of engineers, far from those naysayers far from those experts. And as they got to work the first six months It was nothing. You get frustrated engineer’s claiming impossible, and he would say go ahead. And he was he would say stay on The job until you succeed, no matter how much time is required, right, no matter how much time is required, keep at it persist. And you know that this happened for yet another year and with Ford saying, I want it, and I will have it. And finally, again, this comes out of thinking Grow Rich Napoleon hills as if by a stroke of magic. The Secret was discovered his determination and his faith in Division in that image that he held in his mind, right, if we go if we if we, if we think back to the beginning here, the mental image being held clearly of what was possible. So you call forth the impossible in service to the masses, and why is that important? Why is it important to be in service to the masses, feel like you’re really not going to have a vision grant To unless what you’re trying to do is of service to something greater than your immediate self. And that’s, you know, again, these are, this is just my perception of vision and kind of how you can take a look at it. So, you know, another thing to note here is that you don’t need to be the person in possession of the know how you don’t need to, you don’t need to know how something will happen in order for it to happen, just like just like, hey, this was this was Henry Ford and he was he tasked

his engineers with and his team was something that he you know, he felt

Unknown Speaker 9:41
could happen.

Brandon Handley 9:43
And then I’d like you to consider for a moment right Do you know how your how to grow your hair? Right, but it happens. Do you know how to create the white blood cells in your body to fight illness yet? You’re creating it. Do you really even know No. Do you even know how it is that you are alive? And when you stop for a moment and think about all the things that you don’t know how specifically are happening, but are happening for you every day, then is it possible for something to happen for you that you hold it a vision without knowing how it will happen? Is it possible and if there’s that possibility, then you have to consider Hey, then, then it is possible that something could happen for me without knowing how it’s going to happen. So then vision your vision, doesn’t require greatness. I don’t I don’t think without outside of you. I believe that it requires and comes from the greatness within you. And I think that this is what you live for. This is what calls to you in the hero’s journey. This

Vision is the call of the hero. And I think that you’ll have many visions. Right? And this is it the vision without action is a daydream. That’s the Japanese proverb. And then when you answer that, you take action on it, right? You take action. And when you answer that you accept what’s already been granted the strength and the grace. That to carry out your vision, and you’ve already got this within you, it’s just how do you want to apply it in your life? How do you want to how do you want to apply it and you know, we think of other stories that have been out there, other great visionaries. You know, Tesla and his love electricity needs to say to him about him, he would have a vision without even going like all to to without gone through so many gyrations he would see it once and create it and it would work just as he’d seen it so clearly in his mind. And then you had Steve Jobs.

Unknown Speaker 12:01
With the iPhone

Unknown Speaker 12:03
You know, he he would he just

Brandon Handley 12:05
kept at it and he believed that it could happen. And then you’ve kind of listen you’ve got Ilan musk doing whatever it is that he’s doing, but there’s something

Unknown Speaker 12:12

Brandon Handley 12:14
about his approach, there’s something different with how he’s going after these things. And, you know, I think that it could just as easily be you now that you kind of understand fully, you know, how vision could be applied and, and I think that once you have a vision, you’re calling forth the future. And that is something that you can do every day. And that is something that when you wake up, that is something that pulls you and calls you and you’re taking action and it’s just such a emotional void filler, I would say and it’s not it’s not a overarching ambition for great wealth. Just to have this great wealth, there’s something in there. That to me is so powerful and then even on the back end of this action without vision is nightmare to do all that you do

Unknown Speaker 13:17
without a vision to me seems hollow.

Unknown Speaker 13:21
Right? Without a vision, hollow action,

Brandon Handley 13:24
what is it? What is what is your action for? Why are you doing what it is that you do? And when you’re called forth in the vision, then I think that you’re super powerful way. So hey, listen, you know, rolled over in your own mind, see how you see how you feel about it. consider creating a vision for yourself and seeing what that feels like. versus a plan versus a dream versus any of these other words there versus a goal and see if it doesn’t Make you quite literally resonate at a different vibration and if it does, that’s cool if it doesn’t, that’s cool to you know Call, call it what you want this is what it does for me and that’s that’s really what I’m here to share with you this is this is that is my spiritual dope, right? That’s my hit. And when I think of when I think of a vision, I feel like that that is granted and I feel like there’s divinity and I feel like there’s strength and I feel like there’s hope and I feel like there’s all those just powerful, innately gifted things within it right? To me, I think that’s powerful. That’s something that I wake up for every day. And I think that hey, listen, if you’re digging what you’re hearing here today, I would just appreciate hearing from you and say, Hey, you know, Brandon as spiritual dope, co appreciate what you’re putting out there and I would love it. If you head on over to iTunes and leave a five or five star rating if you love it a one star rating if you hate it, don’t leave anything in between. I don’t you know, I don’t want to live for mediocrity. And let’s let’s keep it rolling. Thanks for tuning in and I will talk to you

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