What is going on spiritual dope Brandon Handley here the voice of a generation and today we’re going to talk a little bit about int to Grecian int to gration, what’s it mean to you? How can you feel integrated and of course, we are coming at this from the spiritual angle. So, you know, I got questions like do you have you ever felt like an annoyance or frustration. You know me perhaps you feel less than or a reduced sense of yourself as though who or what you are truly capable of being is right outside of your reach. Are you feeling a tremendous pressure within you as you unlock the truth of who you are, so that you know, so that you’re accessing your tremendous gifts and unleashing them into the world and finally, finally, stepping into the being that you always knew existed within Look, you may certainly have a certain amount of contentedness and perhaps even a little bit of surprise with where you are in life today, given your absolute given the absolute novelty of your incredible journey. You may even be clapping yourself on the back because you’ve displayed perceived risks, right? And I say proceed. I play with that word a little bit perceived risks of choices that you’ve made in life. But the truth of the matter is, if you’re being honest with yourself, it’s been relatively easy, right? It’s been relatively easy. And you may be wondering how the health of a little human being you was able to accomplish what you have accomplished with such relative ease. And you may even now be at the point where there’s a threshold of wondering what it what it is that you could discover if you challenged yourself and I would dare say, even greater than challenging yourself. discover yourself recovering, receiving and accepting the truth of who you are. I’m going to go out on a limb here and, and guess that at times you’ve at least imagined yourself or currently believe yourself to be of divine origin, you may place the spotlight on this thought or concept. And if you had discovered it to be true, you may even be feeling as though you have multiple versions of yourself. Like there’s the duplicity witness of who you are. There’s many different versions of who you are. And a baseline you see yourself as both, you know, so we’ll set that as a baseline and maybe you see yourself as a spiritual being. And maybe a material being you just just would just to regardless of how many different versions of yourself that you truly think that there are. And this is a dis a dis integrated sense of self and today, you’d like to feel the whole whole of who you Are all of who you are. A lot of people refer to this as, as this self, as your as your higher self, right? They wrap elements of vulnerability and other phrases like your true self and their questions like, who would you be if no one was watching or give me an example of a time in your life or a specific day or single experiment

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where you felt like you were doing what you were born to do.

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This line of questioning and thinking helps you to tap into those aspects of your inner beingness that it’s so often neglected. As you’re so busy doing. You’re so busy doing all the time you you just, you’re not being who you truly are. For this next piece. I want to encourage you to realize and maybe accept or consider which cells You are willing to believe in? Is it the human thinking self? If it is that self that you are already aware of all the capabilities, you’re already aware of all your human capabilities, thoughts and processes, what that self is capable of, simply by looking around and all that you’ve done, and become up until this point will give you the very example of what a conscious human is capable of doing of their human self. Right? And, you know, suppose you decide that you have again, at a base level, a spiritual self, is that self limited in any way? Does that self have any doubts? Does the spiritual self have any fears? Now, is this if the spiritual self detached from who you are in the physical world, I mean, is it a piece of you at all times or just sometimes it’s great question. Is it possible to send just pure yourself anywhere. And for it to come back with a you know, with what it is learned? Can you send your spiritual self into the future? To see what it comes back with? Will it get injured? Will it be able to learn something for you? If it is possible to think, feel and believe this way at all? Is it possible to do this at any time? Could you could you hand your worries over to your spiritual self right could you hand your worries over to your spiritual self. And that self takes all of your worries, right? The self that grows your hair, the self that pumps your blood, the Celtic creates blood vessels, transforms light in the images in your in your head. You know, I can take that self, the one that creates new body cells to replace the old while you sleep. If you already tried your spiritual self or the life force or your divine inner self to take care of the small things that are daily keeping you alive, then what else? Is it? That what is your, what is within you? What else is that capable of what else are you capable of? The true challenge here is to rise to your level of thinking, right? Once your physical being is merged with your spiritual being, then you can decide to see things in this manner at all times, right? You ultimately change everything that you see. And essentially, all that you are and really that’s the call to action this week or this time is to change the level of thinking, change your consciousness, when people talk about different levels of consciousness that that’s what what is what is your mind focused on, people talk about a prosperity consciousness that means they’re focused on prosperity. People talk about a lack consciousness that means that they’re focused on everything that is missing. People talk about a god level consciousness, a spiritual level of consciousness. So, really, consciousness is what you set your mind and intention on becoming or allowing or seeing within your life. What consciousness Are you fostering? Which way are you integrating? All of who you are with all of who you are, what are you? What are you? What pieces are you neglecting? I find I found the number of people who have neglected their spiritual self and all that they’re truly capable of, and they’ve limited themselves to this very physical knock on wood, the physical right next to you self, all that they can see or perceive right here with them. And when we think about the fact that 99% of the rest of the universe, we can’t perceive we cannot perceive different you know, lights shades, smell sense. Other vibrations, right?

What else is out there that we’re not currently aware of? And then you know, how do we become aware of those things and that’s the challenge. Become aware of your spiritual self integrate it within you small applications or you know, put the small things at play integrated smally you’re not going to be able to say, hey, and maybe you can write what what is your level of belief about what you’re currently capable of, with your spiritual self with your Divine Self and continue to expand on that. And I think that you’ll find it’s a powerful way to live. So you’re basically you’re taking yourself and you’re going, I’m taking my human being. I’m jumping the gap to my divine being

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