No way shape or form is this concise, but it is truth and I am 100% compelled to share it.

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What is going on spiritual dope? How are you today? Listen, listen, man. So this morning has been, I’m interrupting my own daily routine. Because I had such a powerful. I’m not I’m not a big fan of how to download, right? When I hear somebody say that I’m like, shut up,

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I don’t care.

Unknown Speaker 0:33
It’s true.

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So with that being said, I won’t be able to say that myself, right, because I’m contradicting, contradicting myself. What I can tell you though, is this morning, I did have a very powerful meditation. And it came through by way of breathing exercises that I’ve been recently introduced to. And here’s what I want to introduce to you. First and foremost, and as soon as you hear it, as soon as you hear it good, like, duh. But the real question is, is, you know, how do you know that? That’s true? Right. So here’s, here’s the, the grand epiphany this morning. Well, and I’ll say that I was in total source connection. Right, at this point, but, you know, spirit creates, and the body acts. Right. Alright, so spirit creates, and the body acts. So what does that look like? So, you know, in, I’ll just kind of briefly go through kind of the meditation I had this morning. And it was, you know, very visual very, you know, kind of kind of potent, right. And this is, this is a big shout out to a friend of mine, who her husband is going through, you know, just this powerful bout of fighting, fighting,

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you know,

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disease in his body, right. And, you know, here’s, you know, Lindsey, I’ll throw your name out there. Because it’s true, right? So Lindsay, I know, I know, you tune in from time to time and kind of jumped out, I jumped out of the meditation this morning, I felt like you needed to hear this. But this is not just for you. Right? It’s for all the listeners out there. As for anybody who who’s going through this, and it’s, it’s really kind of on, if you think about, once we get on to you know, it’s kind of like, accessing the Akashic records, right? If you if you’ve ever watched a bunch of these other movies about connected consciousness, Carl Jung I don’t think he called it connected consciousness, but it was something similar. The idea is, once you tap into that, it’s known, it’s just it is just known, and you can feel it to be true. So that the thought is really, I’ll get into the meditation. So meditation was, you know, what was I creating? What was the kind of bringing in and, and it’s, I’m not creating anything by myself, I’m creating with the entirety of the universe, which is creating through me, right, and it’s barely like, I’m doing anything, it’s, it’s cleansing, you can call it healing, if you want my removing the filters off of my spiritual capability, right? capacity, removing blockages that allow for spirits and, you know, source energy to resonate within, you know, the image I had in my mind was, you know, geez, you know, if we are star seeds, right, if we are star seeds, you know, just so you know, it’s one unfortunate one in 400 trillion chance that you do listener, Lindsey Zak, you have got an anonymous listener that tunes in from time to time, Alan, you know, who’s just fought through, you know, cancer at a younger age. You know, all of you are already aware of this connection to source and if you each and every one of you already know that you are one in 400 trillion chess know that there’s more stars. There’s more planets in the universe and there are humans At any one given time, right? So what are we here to create, we’re here, you know, to create, you know, loving moments, we’re here to create divine moments, we’re here to give all that we allow to pass through us. Back. Right, so we are star seeds, and we are here we are accumulating, we’re allowing exactly how much of that, you know, energy source today, to to become and be that light that is here to share with everybody else. Now, what are you becoming? How are you letting that energy into you? How are you removing the blockages from your human self from this one worldly self? To you, which you diverse, there’s less likelihood of you, then there is this planet, if that makes sense, right? So there, there are more planets in existence than stars than all the grains of sand

Unknown Speaker 6:21
on this world.

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And if you kind of you look that back down on that, there’s less of you. So what has happened, right, and I’m gonna use this example. So what has happened in our lives, that we can’t see that you can’t see. If you haven’t already recognized your own fucking greatness yet, if you keep shrugging it off. That’s for everybody else out there who I can see the greatness in You, you, you, you and you.

Unknown Speaker 6:55
little old me.

Unknown Speaker 6:56
I don’t know,

Brandon Handley 6:57
right? How’s it happen? Unfortunately, or fortunately, you know, I got to witness, you know, the, I get to witness the build up of a child, right? And children. And, and I get to see the immediate reactions of how somebody formulates themselves. And I’m no psychologist, I’m no specialist, you know, but I’ve studied a ton of this shit. To know that, you know, when you see an accident, you can see what is happening right in front of your eyes. That’s the beauty. That is the blessing of children, that is the blessing of a child, that is a blessing of a relationship, if you are open to watching it, and you’re nurturing it, and you’re so fucking fully vested that you don’t miss a fucking beat. Right? So, you know, my son yesterday, you know, Finn was, you know, haven’t had in a moment. And, you know, it was Meg and boys, and, you know, they were supposed to be just kind of, you know, chillin, standing still, and, and, you know, just being really respectful, respectful in a zoom scenario. And, you know, they were just kind of they were, they were, they were just acting out, right, they’re just being kidnapped and out in front of this scenario, but what happened was, you know, Meg got upset with them and, and then took it so hard to get so hard. Right? And, and he’s like, he’s like, you know, he just, he just took it so hard, right? Took it so personally. And, you know, both Meg and I consoled him, and he had just tried to help me understand the situation, everybody, if you’re in, if you’re in COVID times is under a shit ton of pressure, right? If you’ve got a job, you’re like, Can I keep this job, right? If you, if you don’t, like, life is fucked. If you’re going through cancer, if you’re going through a z scenario, then you I know somebody that lost a brother, you know, this year because of COVID. And the condition, so people losing people, because, you know, they can’t get in the hospitals because of COVID. And the situation is just 10 cents situation that the world is in. So there’s, there’s lots of tension and and there’s an emotional release. And like I said, so he took it personally. And, and I went up and I, you know, I had to imagine, too, that I was blessed to have the job that I’ve got, where I could break away and be here for him. Right? You know, I’m thankful to the universe, Jesse for creating that moment so that I could be there for him. Right. So that he and I could have that connection. And I saw him, you know, kind of balling up and shrinking up and feeling bad for for, you know, how he had acted. And I looked at him and I realized, in that very moment, he was shrinking up. He was not recognizing his greatness. You know, he wasn’t feeling his greatness, right. I mean, it wasn’t a built up moment. I’m not alive for all of us, but we had to and let him know, say, hey, look, listen, no, you are great. You know you are not you are not that moment you are not that action separate that moment from who you are, in truth and who you are is great, who you are is amazing, who you are is kind, wonderful, and giving and all of these amazing things. So what happened to us, right, so what happened to us we didn’t, I don’t know that all of us got that fuckin message when we’re going up. So we, we continue to shrink, we continue to shrink all the way fuckin down the fit into a mold that is acceptable, you know, the, to, to what we believe is correct, right? Those of us that you know, right now the industrial age and and and the jobs that we have, you know, have created this mold in this economy and where we are as forced us into this way of thinking that has gotten us so fucking out of alignment with who we truly are and what we’re truly capable of. Because we are tight his little fucking balls, like seeds, we are straight up star seeds and until you start to recognize that greatness in yourself. That’s when the you know, the the seed shell begins to soften, that’s when you begin to share your light. That’s when you begin to unfurl and recognize the light Listen, we’ve all done and been a part of some things in our past that have created who we are.

And, and and felt as though we have been created for a reason. And up to a certain point up until now, I should listen to this podcast and you already know that you are a creator. So what is it that you are creating today? And you know, I’m gonna throw this one last piece out that the reason you know that I was thinking of my friend Zack and Lindsey for this for this one too. And she just didn’t you know, didn’t cry, not inclusive of Jesus. But the the network that has been established because of this podcast, because of this way of being has also been amazing. So the idea is, comes from epigenetics and the studies that that they’re finding right now, even though science can’t release and confirm is your take that creative, loving energy that you are they shown studies where they can take like this resonant literally like a light scan figure like a CD, right of health, or have health of stem cells and regeneration and rescan it on to things that are diseased to make them healthy again, so think of it new when the doctors are doing it, that’s exactly what they’re doing. They may not be doing with the full knowledge that they have that capability. But you know, Lindsey for or for anybody else out there that that is in healing mode that is that is creating a healing atmosphere that is you know, has the universe on their side know that if you were to scan health from you on to another and see them as healthy, then that’s one possibility to to help to help the other to heal. The entrainment field has been shown as true, right? Your resonant field has been shown as as as a real thing. Right? So just because your true science hasn’t, you know, grabbed onto it and and said that it’s true, doesn’t mean that it’s not fucking true. Guess what, 100 years ago, they didn’t think electricity was a real fucking science. Okay, so listen, and then the other part of that, too, is, you know, the spirit creates, the body listens and listen, you know, that’s something. And Lindsey, if you haven’t already shared that with with, you know, Zach and loved ones if there’s somebody out there that’s in need of healing and his strong spirit just like he has Zach it’s just like, Alan’s been my friends, you know, people who have who have who have beat the odds. I know that they’re strong in spirit and I know that they have a belief in something greater than them. The thing is, is that there’s there’s some people that may not have that full belief that the unit Verse, God, energy, whatever you feel like you need to call it is on their side. And I’m here to tell you that one in 400 trillion, less of us than there are planets and stars for this brilliant, loving, creative experience that we’re not here for some reason, other than to be able to, to, to create some fuckin miracles. I don’t know what else we’re here for.

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