Tom Paladino Scalar Energy

Tom Paladino is a scalar energy researcher based in Florida. Scalar energy is the fundamental life force found everywhere in the world, space, and universe. It originates from the sun and stars. Chi, prana, OM, mana, life force, pyramid energy or zero-point energy are synonymous terms for scalar energy.

He theorized that all energy in the universe initiates as scalar energy; and that the sun of our solar system and the stars of the universe are the points
of origin, “the storehouses,” for scalar energy. He further theorized that scalar energy is instructive energy, as the entire universe is instructed by
this Divine Essence. Subsequently, all spiritual, cognitive, emotional and physical action in the universe is initiated and maintained by scalar energy
instructions. Scalar energy provides order in the universe.

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Brandon Handley 0:00
Go 54321 Hey, there’s spiritual dope I am on today with Tom Paladino. Tom is a scalar energy researcher based in Florida. scalar energy is the fundamental life force found everywhere in the world space and universe. It originates from the sun and stars ci prana. On manna, lifeforce, pyramid energy or zero point energy are synonymous terms for scalar energy. Thomas theorized that all energy in the universe and this G’s a scalar energy and that the sun of our solar system and the stars in the universe are the points of origin, the store houses for scalar energy. He further theorizes that scalar energy is instructive energy as the entire universe is destructed by this divine essence. Subsequently, all spiritual, cognitive, emotional and physical action of the universe is initiated and maintained by scalar energy instructions. scalar energy provides order in the universe, man, it’s awesome. I’ve never heard about it until we connect it. So thanks for Tom for introducing scalar energy in this form to me.

Tom Paladino 1:12
Thank you, Brandon, thanks for the opportunity to speak on your podcast

Brandon Handley 1:16
100%. So I always like to open these up with the idea that, you know, we as human beings are vessels for this divine energy, right. And that’s kind of what what’s coming through us is meant for these explicit moments, you and I know we’re gonna get something from this and the person who’s listening to this podcast, there’s a specific message that they’re going to get that could only come through Tom palatino, what is that message today?

Tom Paladino 1:45
Everybody possesses scalar energy, I have instruments but but even more importantly, your mind and your heart are scalar energy vessels. And as we get into this discussion, you’ll see how important it is to think highly of yourself and highly of others, and to have a good heart. Because your mind and your heart trajet transmit scalar energy. It’s so important.

Brandon Handley 2:13
It’s so great. I love the fact that I mean, you’re scientifically based, right? You know, you’ve got the instruments, and you’ve got the tools. And you’ve got these use cases and factual applications, versus me who just certainly sits in here in my room and just tells everybody that they can, you know, do what they want and feel how they feel. And it’s going to impact them, right. So you’ve got you’ve got tests, you’ve got things that you actually showing up for the one that’s what I think is great, right? This is just it’s kind of the pinnacle of, you know, science meets, you know, divine nature slash energy. And oh, yeah, by the way, it works.

Unknown Speaker 2:55

Brandon Handley 2:55
I like so how did you? How did you find yourself in this space?

Tom Paladino 3:00
I was always intrigued by what what some I called metaphysics, that, you know, the blending the merging of science and religion, science and religion, as far as I’m concerned is, is an equivalence, it’s the same, it’s just a different way of looking at reality. So, as a youngster, I started to study Nikola Tesla, the great scientist, and he was a mystic, but he also was a scientist. And he really could blend those two worlds. And that’s why he’s so prolific. That’s why he his work was so monumental, because he didn’t discount any approach. He accepted reality as it is, he had no preconceived notions, to discount something, he was an open vessel, if you will. And I want to be an open vessel, I want God just to help me and to show me the way. And as long as you don’t put any impediment, he will do so. And you’ll see how you can become a prolific inventor or, or theorists, if you will.

Brandon Handley 4:03
So you brought up the idea of impediment. And I think that I’ve heard you say this a little bit. I’m listening to one of the other podcasts. What would some impediments be?

Tom Paladino 4:15
Every everybody has an impediment. And the role has created those impediments. And sometimes sadly, we’ve bought into it. And you can’t limit yourself. Don’t let the road limit you don’t limit yourself. People have unlimited potential. But you know, some people say they we live in a box and in many ways we do. don’t define your life by by the way others want to place you in that box, you really have to live outside of that box. And you have to follow the truth. I’ve always prided myself and in following the truth, if you will. And I realized I’m iconic classic. I realize I’m cutting edge. But that’s what it has to be. You can’t necessarily Run with the pack all the time. The pack is not necessarily correct.

Brandon Handley 5:05
Yeah, no, it’s funny, right? Like, I’ve never been a big fan of the pack. I’m not sure whether or not that served me or not to date. But it sounds like you know, again, it’s, it serves you and allowing you to, to follow a path less traveled and finding some pretty, pretty exciting spaces and places. So you tap into Nikola, and you realize that he’s open, nothing is left out. And then, you know, what are what are some of the next steps, right, like walking through, like even bringing this up to your family and saying, Hey, you know what? I found this thing called scalar energy. And I’m all in what’s your family saying to us? I mean, where are you? What’s happened at that time in place?

Tom Paladino 5:50
Well, God bless my parents are no longer with us. But they always looked at it with a critical eye, if you will. They were really, really not too keen on this, because they just didn’t understand it. And I have a very supporting wife she’s fully in. And thank God for that. But if you will, what am I describing? I’m describing a new technology. It’s technology where we can harness the sun’s energy or the stars energy. And many people think that that that is just a little bit too esoteric, then how could you possibly do that? Well, Nikola Tesla did that and was very successful. And in many ways, I’m walking in his footsteps. So it is a new and emerging science. It’s the new way of looking at reality. And I consider myself a trendsetter. There’s not many people on the planet that are doing what I’m doing. So for now, I stand alone. But I know that this will pay big dividends in the future, and then eventually, the world will see the merit of this research. So I’m at the vanguard, I’m happy to be at the Vanguard. I can’t say that there’s many people are following in my footsteps or the footsteps of Nikola Tesla, because it’s, it’s so laborious. And it’s so difficult, and it’s hard to get people to even convince people that this type of energy exists.

Brandon Handley 7:14
So how have you been able to confirm that you’re continuing Tesla’s work? Right? Right?

Tom Paladino 7:22
Well, it came to my observation that test the leader in his wife was not working with electricity, he himself said he was working with non hurting energy, meaning it’s not electricity, it has no frequency. And that’s what I’m working with this energy. scalar energy does not have a frequency, it’s nine hertz. And so in that sense, I’m following in the footsteps of Tesla, Tesla had scalar energy instruments, I have scalar energy instruments. What’s my point? Well, if you can go back to whoever the series of events that brought upon the computer that was quite unique, you know, there are many people who could lend their hand to that. But nonetheless, it was, at one time, it was a new science, that new and emerging science, and that’s where we’re at right now with scalar energy. There’s very few researchers, it’s the new and emerging science. I know I’m on the right track, I know that I have bonafide scalar energy instruments, and what I really want to inculcate is this, it’s not electricity. I’m working in a different dimension. This is what it’s hard for people to understand. It’s not electricity.

Brandon Handley 8:36
Tom, so non hurts in? And I’m just trying to let you know, right? I’m thinking of radio waves and frequency, if it’s not hertz, and does that mean that there’s like, there is no upper down amplitude or anything like that. And that is just it’s available kind of at all times.

Tom Paladino 8:56
It’s the matrix it permeates the universe.

Unknown Speaker 9:02
The universe.

Brandon Handley 9:05
So we’re already kind of immersed in it, we look at it like more like almost like holographic technology.

Tom Paladino 9:11
Exactly. Okay, universals holographic. So in a hologram, there really is not point A and point B. Everything is one point.

Brandon Handley 9:21

Tom Paladino 9:22
There’s terms that you use, such as quantum entanglement, meaning what that everything is connected pre connected. So if you will, let me use this analogy. If you’re looking at the East Coast of the United States and the West Coast, those are two different regions. New York City is not LA. In the electromagnetic spectrum. Those are two cities in the scalar energy spectrum, New York and Los Angeles are connected. They are pre connected, meaning what it’s a holographic representation of the United States. It’s no longer that can be plotted out on the grid system. No, everything is one point. It’s quite profound.

Brandon Handley 10:04
I love that. Right? So there’s no time and space in that. And then my interpretation, my understanding is that in a hologram, all information is contained in any single point of information. Yes. Okay. Really? Okay. So, so, so scalar energy is is, is all about there is no. Is it is it? Is it right to say that there is no specific, like variants in it, right? Like it’s one size, energy that fits all type of thing.

Tom Paladino 10:46
Yes, that’s it. That’s a nice way of describing it. It really is the mind of God, what some people call consciousness, you’ve heard that time consciousness, what does that refer to? It refers to information field, a universal holographic information field, that’s what I’m working with. Now, you could you could see why if I had my druthers, the entire road would be on scalar. Because it’s an infinite source of energy, it’s kind of obvious.

Brandon Handley 11:15
Here’s what I liked about too, I heard your account, like I said, I listen to a couple of your podcasts. And one of the things that I really enjoy is like, you know, I’m working to, you know, maybe branch out and you know, connect with a few 1000 people, right? And and what is your vision for your practice, if you could share that with the audience,

Tom Paladino 11:34
I want the world to convert to scalar energy, it’s a much superior technology than that of electricity. And once we have this new technology in place, it will really forward the human race, this is really going to help to advance mankind. So if you look, look at our trajectory, look, look how mankind has has progressed over the centuries. And technology is one of the tools that really have made our lives enjoyable, affordable, comfortable. I’m saying that scalar energy is the next quantum leap, you know, the pun intended scalar energy is going to be the game changer for us. So your your, your your goal, your mission is to impact slightly more than 1000 or a couple 1000.

Brandon Handley 12:22
Your goal is to impact the entire planet. Yes,

Tom Paladino 12:27
that’s my gut,

Brandon Handley 12:27
which I love. I love that right? Um, yeah. And and the fun thing is, is there’s no reason why that’s not possible. Right? Right. If we look at the grand scheme of things, you’re leveraging universal cosmic energy, which is the entire, you know, currently known universe to worldly, right, which is like this speck of dust. So why not? Why?

Tom Paladino 12:59
Why not? Why not reach for the stars? Why think small Think Big? Right?

Brandon Handley 13:05
Right. Right. So the tools that you’ve developed? How are they able to, you know, how many people can your current tools impact at one time? Well,

Tom Paladino 13:20
I want to make this clear. When I work with people, I work with them by way of a photograph. Now, what do I mean people email me their photographs, and they I connected them in the quantum realm, there is no physical connection. It’s all informational. So to answer your question, my instrument can easily work with 2030 40 million people a day by way of a photograph. Now you see why I’m thinking big scanner energy instrument can send energy by way of a photograph to 20 30 million people in one day.

Brandon Handley 13:54
Yeah. So what Yeah, and I’ve heard some other stories, too, just the eradication of HIV, herpes, other viruses? You will Let’s share a couple of those stories, I think, yeah, the story of how many people that did they went through an HIV study in Africa,

Tom Paladino 14:14
right, right. Well, let me lay the groundwork. With this instrument, I can control molecular forms atomic forms. So people will send me photographs and I can I can buy wave their photograph, I can identify a virus that they have, by way of the quantum field again, everything I do is by way of a photograph. So I have been receiving photographs from an HIV AIDS clinic in Delhi, India, and many of those people are HIV positive. And by working through their photograph, I can detect the HIV virus from their photograph and I can negate it, break it down, transmute it, call you call it whatever term you want upon the photograph. So my work is directly and exclusively to a photograph. Well, lo and behold, these people are going out and getting a test. Some of them are polymerase chain reaction tests. And after I work with these people, they find that they have no HIV. It’s been eradicated. It’s been fragmented. So you can’t, you can’t explain the apple by the orange, so to speak. And if my scalar energy instrument is working in one paradigm, scalar energy, it’s hard to relate that and to substantiate that and then the electromagnetic spectrum. But the evidence is becoming overwhelming. If I can eradicate breakdown a virus by way of a photograph, that usually translates into better health for a person in the electromagnetic spectrum,

Brandon Handley 15:53
looking at reality, so you but but let’s go back to you know, it was it was 50 people in the study, right? And how many of the 50 were you able to eradicate the HIV virus and

Tom Paladino 16:05
Oh, so far, everybody that had a test, everybody gone to get a test, all of those tests are negative, HIV negative. So again, let me put this in the context. I live in the United States, I’ve never been to India, but people from India send me their photographs, people are HIV positive. And after working with their photographs for a few months, many of those people will subsequently get a test the polymerase chain reaction tests and those tests come back negative.

Brandon Handley 16:36
and want to go back to kind of the beginning of the conversation, we said everybody can kind of do this. Right? How is does your tool like train the person to do it? I’m just kind of curious, like, how do you see that? Right?

Unknown Speaker 16:53

Brandon Handley 16:54
here’s an, I’ll bring it up for this reason. I’m like my sitting around, you know, Yogananda. Autobiography of a Yogi right. And one of the scenes, a couple of things, one of one of his masters in their chairs a person by giving like them a drop of oil, right, but the drop of oil is more of a prop. Right. So I guess the greater question would be, is it your machines? Or is it you, Tom? Who through your machines are curing people? Right? Yeah,

Tom Paladino 17:26
I would say it’s, it’s, it’s God’s energy. This is what I’ve discovered about scalar energy. I don’t claim any healing ability myself, I believe what I’ve tapped into scalar energies, the divine energy, what? consciousness or or the gift of the Holy Spirit. I know people have holy healing hands, holy hammer, if you will, right. That’s pure energy hands. So what I’m working with in and of itself is a healing property. scalar energy is a healing property. And when I send that scalar energy to a photograph, although it’s symbolic, it nonetheless seems to have a healing property.

Brandon Handley 18:07
Right, right. Right. I mean, look, if it’s working, I’m more of the I don’t care how it works kind of guy. I mean, if you come up to me, and you cure me, like, I remember, who was it, it was the Wayne Dyer, you know, talking about crystals, right? And he’s like, Listen, if I’ve got a if I’ve got hemorrhoids, right, and you told me that I sit on this crystal chair over here, and it’s gonna cure my hemorrhoids, and I go sit on that crystal chair. Why wouldn’t I? Right, right. Just like so just like this, if you’ve got if you’ve got a virus. And and let me go back to how quickly how much time does somebody need to be in treatment for that cure to occur?

Tom Paladino 18:52
what I’ve seen, it only takes one day, one session, one treatment of a photograph, because everything in this scalar realm is instantaneous. There is no time lag. Right? So all action is instantaneous.

Brandon Handley 19:07
And I know we haven’t gotten to this part yet, but I mean, how much would it cost me today? If I wanted to sign up and get one day treatment?

Tom Paladino 19:19
Sure. We we break this down by 30 day sessions, our least expensive is $89. It’s a ongoing session. And it’s it we break it down into 30 day calendar days, if you will, right. And a lot of people opt for that because it’s inexpensive. If they feel comfortable, it does enhance their spiritual, mental and physical well being I have to you know, accentuated This is also a spiritual emotional and mental uplift if you will. We see great results spiritually and cognitively.

Brandon Handley 19:58
Right. Let me when you when you talk about about dealing with divine energy. You got it? I mean, innately right there. It’s spiritual, right? Like, I mean, there’s Is there a Is there something required from DICOM patients clients? What do you call,

Tom Paladino 20:16
I call them subscribers. Appreciate that, because they’re not patients. This is not Western medicine. I’m trying. I’ve tried so hard to distance myself from Western medicine, not that I don’t believe in western medicine. But by virtue of the fact, I have nothing to do with Western medicine or Newtonian physics,

Brandon Handley 20:36
but it’s a whole different paradigm.

Tom Paladino 20:37
Exactly. It’s a whole different paradigm. So I don’t want to compare myself, or latch on to some certain buzzwords where it’s confusing.

Brandon Handley 20:46
Right, right. You also mentioned to the the idea of comparing the apples to apples and apples oranges. If I had to, though, what would the electromagnetic comparison beads to be able to weigh this thing out? Right? I mean, because look, if if I just made you off the streets, Tom, and I’m not like I’m and I’m not Captain spiritual, which I, which I already am, right? And I’m already a believer, like, it doesn’t take much for me, but like for the non believer, like, what can how can how can we compare this? How can we help them to see that? The what’s the benefit in it for them?

Tom Paladino 21:23
It’s tough. Let me let me frame it this way. All energy begins initiated from the stars that scatter energy, it’s a double helix. And then when that energy breaks down, are converts into electricity and magnetism, that’s an inferior, that’s a substandard energy. So if it’s like Grade A or a Grade B, what do you want in life, I prefer grade eight energy, which is scalar energy, which is the primal energy of the universe, whereas electricity and magnetism is a derivative, a derivative of scalar energy, and it’s inferior. Why work with gray? b? Why work with the inferior energy? I don’t want to hate grade v.

Brandon Handley 22:07
So yeah, man, like, I mean, talk to me a little bit more about the journey, though, into it, right, like, so you got your parents that are kind of just believers are not necessarily just believers, but they’re like, there goes Tom, right, with a scaler. You know, turning this into a career you’ve got, you’ve got an actual practice, as it were, you’ve got an office, you’ve got, you know, you run a business, right? So I gotta imagine there’s some business loans here, there. There’s, you know, some some people that you’re trying to hire. And you know, there’s some conversations and what

Tom Paladino 22:41
is some of that like, because I’m curious if it’s the necessary component, if you’re going to bring this out to the, to the public, I’ve been at this now for 40 years, I’ve only had a public website for 10 years. So the previous 30 years, I was acquired researcher, and I enjoyed that. But there’s only so much you can do. So I said to myself, in order for me, really, to get this out to the general public, I have to demonstrate something that’s going to help people I have to prove it. And that’s why I brought the website on. Otherwise, I would continue being a quiet, not unrecognized researcher. Well, to answer your question, after 10 years, it has been quite laborious, a website, hiring people advertising, although I enjoy it, nonetheless, a podcast every other day. All of this is an effort, and it’s time consuming. And this is what has to be done. Now, and again, I’m one of the few scalar energy researchers out there. So this is quite a novel topic to most people. So again, I’m leading the I’m at the vanguard of this movement, but just a few people.

Brandon Handley 23:53
So what’s what’s that space look like? Right now? How many people are invested in this? across the world?

Tom Paladino 24:04
I see a growing awareness to answer your question. It’s a growing awareness. How intrinsically involved are people that’s that’s hard to say. But at least I see a growing awareness and what the next five to 10 years should experience should be really hyper growth or or people should at least become aware of this to the point that it should be a household word in the next 10 to 20 years. So we still have a lot of growth to go, but the tough part is over. I can I can see that. You know, we are riding the wave, there is a wave now finally.

Brandon Handley 24:40
Well, you know, I guess the other question, too, would be you know, you brought up Tesla who was a Marconi, who’s your Marconi.

Tom Paladino 24:50
I admire tests. I admire all scientists, but nobody can hold a candle to test them. I studied what I mean

Brandon Handley 24:57
by that, right. So you remember like Marconi was the guy that It took a took the radio wave patent or the wireless technology patent, basically. And Tesla had already kind of figured it out. Like, there’s got to be somebody else out, there’s kind of maybe they’re not stealing your stuff. But like, who would you say your peer is out there? Do you have a peer,

Tom Paladino 25:15
I don’t think I have a peer at least I haven’t seen it quite yet. I don’t mean to be condescending, but it’s so hard to invent these instruments, control them, and then to be able to administer this energy. You know, I always give people that analogy. Now, a couple 100 years ago, we knew that there was electricity, we would get a static discharge, but from a static discharge to controlling and harnessing electricity and a conduit in a in a home environment, and to be able to control it without hurting yourself that that could took some doing so that that, if you will that timeline was a rather protracted timeline?

Brandon Handley 25:58
No, you’re right. I like it. I like in this type of energy to once you kind of tap into this divine source, right, very similar to what you say you can use it improperly. And you can do a lot of damage to yourself, how have you been able to harness it and focus it for for good? Yeah. What was that process like for you?

Tom Paladino 26:24
Like anything, this is a tool and the tool can be used for good or evil. And I’ll start off by saying that. So what do I do with these instruments, I have a a pro forma, I have a technique and I never deviate from it. And the technique that I’ve developed is, is help the getting it it is it does enhance our help our quantum help. And that’s the key to follow those parameters and stay within those parameters. Tessa sometimes would prefer to scatter energies, the ability to eliminate the world he considered it radiant energy, and he was going to provide free energy for mankind. So his instruments were much stronger than mine. And, and some people think that the military tried to persuade him to develop this for for the sake of weaponry. I don’t know how far that went or, or if Tesla ever shared any information. But that’s the potential here. This energy is so strong, and it’s a fundamental primal force in nature. This could be one heck of a weapon.

Brandon Handley 27:35
Right, right. Yeah, if if I think some of the stories or documentaries that could be believed, like as soon as he died, right, like that his hotel room gets raided, and all the information is taken out. Right, right. The date, I gotta imagine that I got to imagine too. I’m not a super conspiracy theorist. Guy, but you know, it was him and Gosh, who’s the other guy? Westinghouse. Edison, right, like the rivalry that was going on? And, and, you know, big business, if you’re giving out free energy to everybody. I mean, what’s that gonna do to all these other people that, you know, are kind of counting on right. And this is a monopoly era to where it’s like, right that that was going on?

Tom Paladino 28:20
Yes, yes. And as the story goes, JP Morgan was a one time financier for Tesla. And according to the story, once, once Morgan understood that Tesla had a free energy device, that ended their relationship. He never got a penny again from Morgan.

Brandon Handley 28:40
Yeah, what a shame, what a shame. Um, you know, so much so much to dive down into about him. So I think some other questions I would have to a big part of this podcast is really, you know, kind of facing some of what you’ve had to face yourself already is kind of coming out with like, some of these non traditional beliefs and stepping into them, right, you open this up with one of those types of things where, like, you know, you surround yourself with positive energy and kind of move yourself forward through that. And you know, a lot of a lot of good things can happen for you. You did mention your children, how old are your children?

Tom Paladino 29:17
I have two stuck kids 30 and 31.

Brandon Handley 29:21
How do they How do they How are they with this for you?

Tom Paladino 29:26
They’re fine, they understand it? Because they see that I’m grounded on a fairly grounded person. I’m not up to the clouds, and they see the merit and they realize that this is a scientific process. Now they’ve seen the laboratory. So this this is not, if you will, anything but a scientific approach. No,

Brandon Handley 29:48
I mean, great. And I love that. So have they, at any point, like tried to join you with the studies or anything like that?

Tom Paladino 29:56
No, and I’ll tell you why. For one glaring reason I don’t mean to be condescending to anybody. There’s no money in this. There is no career.

Brandon Handley 30:07
We not an interest or cure a cure for the whole world. And there’s no money.

Tom Paladino 30:12
No, no. As as of right now, no, I, I live hand to mouth rankly. And it’s amazing how this is suppressed technology. Let’s let’s just cut to it. And if what I’m saying is true and accurate. Well, you would think that responsible parties from the government, academia, to corporations to think tanks would approach from not one,

Unknown Speaker 30:39
not one. Have you tried to approach any of them?

Tom Paladino 30:43
Yes, yes. And there’s no interest.

Unknown Speaker 30:47
There’s no way

Tom Paladino 30:48
to cut to the chase so many. And I’m not pointing out any specific government corporation or individual, but so many people are in lockstep with the status quo? Yeah, I

Brandon Handley 31:01
mean, there’s the status quo, right, don’t deviate from the norm. You know, that’s kind of the old, old school, tribal, you know, scarcity, get thrown out of the getting thrown out of the tribe mindset. Right? If you if you deviate from from the norm. Do you have like, what the typical reason? I mean, I gather not interested but like, what do they say? They just say that that can’t be real. There’s no way Why would we do that? Like, what is the response?

Tom Paladino 31:31
Most people look at my results, I’m results driven, I believe in performance. And after they look at my results in performance, they usually, they usually keep their mouth shut, because they know that that there is performance, and they know that this is just not hyperbole, but they don’t want to help. You know, in general, people and entities do not want to help me, because it’s against the status quo. And this is a threat to the establishment. I can’t stress this enough, scanner energy is going to make obsolete many of the existing monopolies. And what I’m doing is such a threat to those who have this monopolistic control over society.

Brandon Handley 32:16
Have you had anybody tried to, you know, kind of any such suppression, like, you know, just kind of like people trying to steal your equipment or break into labs kind of software? Like now I’m now I’m all in like, I’m just kind of like, you know, what can be happening? Because, like, you’re saying, like, this is a technology that, you know, it’s taking you years to build? I imagine that if somebody breaks in and, you know, messes with instruments that that’s kind of set you back? Yeah, yeah.

Tom Paladino 32:43
But I have to rely upon God’s help. And you know, I can’t stress this enough. I’m, I’m alone, there is no second scatter energy researcher, there is no research term. You’re looking at the research term, team.

Brandon Handley 32:57
Yes. I mean, God. So what do you mean? How are you going to propagate it? Right? How are you going to make sure that it enters

Tom Paladino 33:06
your right? I’m 61 years old, and I don’t have a there is no protege. Nobody shows any interest in this. So the world has to embrace this within the next 20 years? Because I don’t, I don’t I don’t know if I’ll be around much longer. So with that in mind, this is the challenge. And I just take this day by day, it’s all in God’s hand.

Brandon Handley 33:34
So what if I don’t know what somebody is listening to us today? And they’re like, Hey, I’m totally interested in becoming a protege. I’m totally interested in becoming an understudy. Are you open to stuff like that?

Tom Paladino 33:45
I am with this caveat. You have to be financially secure, there’s no money in this. I’m gonna repeat that there’s no money. Remember to you have to be willing to study, perform independent study for 1020 years before before you really understand this? How many people are financially stable, or perhaps well to do and want to spend the next 20 years laboring with a science that’s not recognized that might not pay any dividends? After 20 years of research? Very few people want to make that commitment.

Brandon Handley 34:26
is tragic. Right? Given given, given what you’re saying and you’ve proven it can do that there’s nobody else kind of willing to pick up and carry that torch with you. finance it or anything like that. That’s, I mean, to me, that’s, to me, that’s mind boggling. Because we go back and you talked about the people getting cured from HIV, there’s no news flashes. There’s no you know, anything like that. There’s nobody publicity like who’s I mean, have you reached out to newspapers and anything like that what’s happening there? What are the No,

Tom Paladino 35:04
they don’t believe it. It goes against their grain. And he you have to consider many of these media outlets. They’re funded by Big Pharma. They’re funded by big oil. They’re they’re in bed with with big government now.

Brandon Handley 35:21
So what keeps you doing man? Well, what

Tom Paladino 35:24
do I tell people just just help get the word out? It’s all grassroots. And you know, we’ve got some of the greatest technology in the world. It should be headline is it’s not, it won’t be. It’ll all be grassroots. And that’s why I appreciate your platform. Brandon, I appreciate what you’re doing. That’s what it’s gonna take grassroots.

Brandon Handley 35:44
Yeah. I mean, it’s just a different way of thinking. said it’s possible. Right? And why not? I mean, the real question is, why not? Yes. Right. And if you’re, if you’re, if you’ve got studies and proofs and theorems, I mean, why not? That’s, that’s what’s killing me. So, yeah, definitely a lot of fun. I’m sure we could probably, you know, go all over the all over his face with it. Um, let me help me. Um, so, one thing I was thinking about, right, as we’re doing these, I almost think about these kinds of podcasts is as like, speed, dating, speed dating space, right? Like, you know, there. That’s probably what it is, right, Tom? I mean, you know, somebody tunes in maybe they catch one or two words, eating somebody, whoever’s picking up the podcast. Today, they’re dating Tom palatino. Right. You know, so if we’re, if we’re going to speed date or something like that, what is, you know, find my questions, because I’ve got some and just top of mine, like, what’s religion getting wrong today?

Tom Paladino 36:51
I think this the centerpiece of any, any religious movement should be love. And I’m sure there’s problems in the bro. But if you keep it positive, you’re gonna get over many of those problems. Let’s face it, most of the problems in the world or man created, we’ve created these problems. So I see the problems in the real, what do I try and do I try and pray every day, I try and pray for world peace, I treat people fairly. And I try always have a productive day. As a researcher, I do my part. And I always reach out and and I’m working with people that the indigent around the world, I’m providing free sessions, because you know, the people in India that we spoke about, they don’t have a dime to their name. So you have to give back to society. And there has to be a new way of living. And money should not be the common denominator. It’s a shame that it’s the common denominator.

Brandon Handley 37:49
No, I agree. I agree. One of the thoughts. And it’s interesting, we have interesting conversations here at the house. Because my wife and I, we have new kinds of different upbringing backgrounds, right. And as I’ve grown older and older, the more I realized that we don’t work, shouldn’t be working, to earn money to be working to either kind of, you know, towards a meaning or purpose or adding value, right? And if I am at a job earning money, and it’s a job that I don’t love, then basically I should be looking at that as a paid internship, what can I learn at that job that I could use later in life? Right? to to do well, let’s do one or two more questions of just kind of, you know, General, General stuff, you know, so what I was asking about in terms of, you know, bringing this to the forefront and talking about, you’re sharing this information with your family. First, there’s got to be some fear in there, right, that you were able to overcome and sharing that with them. Right. So

Tom Paladino 38:56
here, I have brand new, I have no fear because I’ve been around the block one many times I could care less what people think.

Brandon Handley 39:06
What what what does everybody else so afraid, often?

Tom Paladino 39:11
You know, sadly, this is a world that that depends on a conventional approach, conformity, and a lot of people don’t realize they’re conforming to something that’s wrong. The paradigm is broke. Look at the world. There’s a lot of brokenness. There’s a lot of tragedy in the ropes, stop doing the wrong things. If it’s not working, we need a new approach. If the model is broke, is broke. Try a new approach. Stop conforming. What is wrong? If it’s wrong, stop it.

Unknown Speaker 39:45
Tom, if I’m conforming, how do I know what’s wrong?

Tom Paladino 39:48
Well, you judge that by the results, obviously, you judge that by the results, you know, I have a very wonderful charmed life. I have a very productive life. I always Look to improve it, but I know that I’m on the right path. Because it works. I’m not in misery. I’m very happy. If I was miserable, that I would change something for the better, right?

Brandon Handley 40:12
Yeah. One of the things is not everybody’s gonna see the video, I’m definitely gonna share the video out on certain platforms. But if you’re not able to watch the video with Tom and I today, Tom, how do you again,

Tom Paladino 40:25
I’m 61 years of age,

Brandon Handley 40:27
man, you guys, I really want to look as good as Tom at 61 I’m just I’m just saying you know, Tom Tom, you got you got fresh skin, you’ve got like, You’re, you’re not sagging, you’re not falling apart, you look like you’re enjoying life. And I could only aim can only aim to, to get to that point, I’m going to tell you, for you,

Tom Paladino 40:47
I’m going to tell you a secret there. With scalar energy, I can assemble nutrients. So 22 hours a day, I have a process where I can create assemble nutrients, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, my body is slowed down my aging process significantly. That’s why I look this this way at age 61. I don’t have sagging skin.

Brandon Handley 41:12
The the and that goes back to what scalar energy is is destructive energy. Is that correct? That’s right. Correct. And, and so just by saying that, when you receive that energy that is instructive, creative force energy entering your body saying, we’re gonna need, you know, we’re gonna need like 99 sets of B, we’re gonna need X, Y, Z of C and E and deliver these to Tom today. Is that is that, you know, a fair thing to say?

Tom Paladino 41:42
I I’m not suffering from the free radical damage that other people are. Because I’m under the care of scalar. All day long.

Brandon Handley 41:52
Nice. Nice. Love it. What is our greatest distraction? Tough?

Tom Paladino 42:00
It’s hard. that’s a that’s a singular approach for everybody. I think I think with many people that their greatest distraction is they don’t concentrate on themselves. If you just cut that make them selfish. Well, no, I wouldn’t say so. I’m not I’m not excluding mankind, but try and do your best. And don’t try to extrapolate too much to the road. You can’t control the road. Trying to make you try to make yourself and your family happy. I see the misery around the road. All I can do granted is pray for that. I take care of my wife, I take care of my, the people that I work with through scatter energy. That’s my reach. That’s all I can do. And that’s my focus. Sure, I see the unrest in our country. Okay, I see that the the fighting I see the, the racism, all I can do is pray for that.

Brandon Handley 42:59
You mentioned pray a few times. Tom, are you? Are you a Christian? Are you nondenominational or? I mean,

Tom Paladino 43:08
I’m a Christian, by the way, I believe prayer is the analog to just give them in other words, my instrument is the scientific analog to prayer.

Brandon Handley 43:20
Yeah. Look, I mean, it’s like you said though, right. Like, you know, and I don’t bring that up to to question. Any type of like, you know, is this tom tom stuff only works for Christians, right? Cuz clearly it doesn’t, you know, you’re, you’re directing this at anybody who’s open and receptive to it. And I think that, I think that it’d be great if they’re, you know, I guess more Christians like Utah, right. More people in the world that are that are that practice their religion? Right. Right. embrace their religion and and appreciate everybody else for who and what they bring to the table as they as they are. Right? Um, anything that Oh, yeah, I mean, so yes, you do a 30 day but if I went to your website today, could I get a trial of scaler?

Tom Paladino 44:09
Yes, yes, we we offer 15 days of free sessions to everybody you visit a website you can your entire family will be treated for free. No questions asked. We do that because of my humanitarian proclivity, I want to help people. website is scaler, light, calm visit. Upload your photographs. Remember, we work with you by way of your photograph, all you have to do is email us your photograph.

Brandon Handley 44:36
And this includes pets.

Unknown Speaker 44:37
Yes, very good.

Brandon Handley 44:38
Yes. Yes. So this includes pets as well. And I think for this, I think it’s remarkable that you’re offering it for 15 days. It’s kind of what I alluded to earlier in the conversation is if, if some of these things can be cured in one time in one session, who sounds like if it’s me on the streets or anywhere you And I’m tuned in worst thing that could happen is that it takes me about five to five minutes to log into the website, enter the information, subject myself to cosmic energy and potentially be cured of viruses is that I mean, is that the worst case scenario here?

Tom Paladino 45:21
That that’s it sounds simple. This is it’s deceptively simple. It’s so simple people saying that can’t be that easy. Yeah,

Brandon Handley 45:29
no. Well, look, I mean, so I would have to say that anybody listening today that if you don’t have it, the very least try this out for yourself today. You can be very remiss, right? I mean, because chances are in the same time today, somebody is going to go, you know, I know I’ve already bought something off Amazon today, right? Somebody is gonna go check prices somewhere else on something else. You could be cured of whatever ails you. There’s a possibility than why wouldn’t you do it? So, Tom, man, I really I really enjoyed this conversation. It’s really been a pleasure to hop on here and connect with you. Thank you so much for being on the podcast today.

Tom Paladino 46:10
Thank you for the opportunity. I enjoyed myself.

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