You think your embarrassed?

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Brandon Handley 0:01
all right. All right. All

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Unknown Speaker 0:04
That’s funny.

Brandon Handley 0:04
I like to start these things off. Like that, like that.

Unknown Speaker 0:11
This morning,

Brandon Handley 0:13
I’m on my way to work. And I thought I’d share something

Unknown Speaker 0:17
with you,

Brandon Handley 0:19
as spiritual dope continues to do what is really anything I’ve ever done in terms of podcasting, and creating Facebook groups and all this other stuff. We, I have, I don’t want to lump you into this. I have certainly gone ahead. And many times, and as many times as I’ve heard somebody say, don’t focus on the metrics. Don’t focus on the you know, how many likes you get, and all the people that are in there with you and engage with you. And by the way, it’s a different mic. And I’m driving MiGs. Next vehicle the Jeep right now. So we’ll see how the audio comes out. If it’s awful, and the message is

Unknown Speaker 1:15

Brandon Handley 1:16
chances are you’ll hear it if it is a audios, okay, and the message is great, you’ll hear it. Hopefully though, we can make the audio

Unknown Speaker 1:27
pretty good. It’s pretty good

Brandon Handley 1:29
given that is a straight recording on to the phone, and is really actually the genesis of what a podcast was just a recording on mobile device, ie the

Unknown Speaker 1:46

Brandon Handley 1:50
metrics, vanity metrics, the idea and they call them vanity metrics. And as as spiritual as I am, as aware as I am of all of these things, that doesn’t mean that I can’t, and don’t get caught up in them. I’m not a saint, I am 100% human, I am 100% susceptible to great marketing, good advertising. And the idea of all of these, all of those is, is to really separate you where you are right now. And ask you a question. The question is Where Where would you like to be? This is marketing one on one, this is really sales one on one. And this is I think everything that we do in the world that creates value, everything that we do in the world that creates value is the idea of Okay, here’s where you are today, you’re telling me you would like to get here, I have that tool that can help you get there. So that you can get to market sooner, you can make more money, you can lose the weight, you can be muscular, and all of these things as martiny that’s my that’s the world. Entire world. And marketing is the marketing tools. And marketing. advertising is the is it’s that on steroids. So if you didn’t already know I’m pretty sure most of you already know that. And just because you know, doesn’t mean that you’re not susceptible to it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work on you and me, right and it still works on me as much as I know even about the psychology of it all. There’s a threshold and there’s a desire and there’s you know, what, what are you willing to part with in order to get what you desire? What are you willing to do in order to get what you desire? And I desire to have more people listen in to spiritual dope, I desire to share the messaging out of spiritual dope. I desire to not even you know, to to have other people tune in as well. to aspire to have amazing guests that that I feel would be a benefit to you To listen to I feel like the guests are huge benefits myself as well as, as the other the other piece of of kind of life is, you know, in mentorship, we we look for those who have what we want, or, you know, on the on the outset that they look like they’ve accomplished something we’re trying to accomplish. And we asked them questions that help us to fill the gaps. We have this diatribe that says, hey, let’s, let’s, let’s Converse so that I can understand Are you truly where I believe I would like to be? And if so, how did you get there. So a lot of this is me searching. But it’s also done for you, to help you resonate with somebody else. And that’s, that’s why I have kind of tongue in cheek, you should be hearing I’m actually you would have heard one this last week, if you listen to David Sander cot. And you’ve heard the, if you’ve been listening to some of the interviews, the idea of spring spiritual dope as a speed dating spiritual speed dating game, where these people who come on if you were spiritually seeking, if you were, if you are seeking, and the guests that come on resonate with you, that’s awesome. For me, that’s awesome for me, because that means that I’m providing a service to you. That is in tune with who I am as well. So

that is, that’s exciting, right. So that’s what I’m trying to do that is, that is what I’m putting out there. That is what I’m sending out. And sometimes, man, I’d like it to grow faster. Sometimes, I’d like you Wow, just you want more people to listen in, to help you to get to where you want to be to help jog something in you. That shows you just how incredible you are to and it shows you, oh, here’s somebody else who’s similar to me, you right, someone who’s similar to you, that’s going on a path that started from where you started at that has had some of the same experiences as you that you are still on the road and he’s alive was a groundhog.

Unknown Speaker 7:47

Brandon Handley 7:49
who has gone through things that are similar to you and has come out to a place that you would like to get to. That’s kind of what the resignation is. And so

Unknown Speaker 8:05

Brandon Handley 8:07
putting this together. And while I am fully aware of not being not seeking the vanity metrics, but liking them all the same, right, and looking for this external validation where I know that it’s not necessary. Sorry, if I’m being long in the tooth here. I fell prey to it anyways, and let me tell you, the story is just kind of entertaining. Because, you know, somebody reached into my dm so like, Hey, we think that your you and your messaging would be a great fit for something that we we promote, we’ll get you over 1000 engaged people. I was like, Whoa, or 1000 1000 new, at least 1000 new followers on Instagram. And it was like 30 bucks. They were rushing. And and I was like, fuck it, you know, why not? Can will this result in this messaging, this connection getting out to some people that can truly use it, too? will this help change? lives on the outside? will this help change? Will this will this connect with somebody resonate with somebody? I do this and you know the cost is 30 bucks. So I did it, pull the trigger. And first of all the guide you know person was like, hey, we’ll post it at 5pm PST.

Unknown Speaker 9:56
It was six p

Brandon Handley 9:57
I was like yeah, that’s fine. Go for it and Then it was like six, I was like, you know, starting to panic about 30 bucks, which is which in and of itself is like, Wow. It’s a, you know, it’s interesting to see that trigger right within yourself to understand that you’re still panicked over 30 bucks for any known good reason. To me that was interesting. And then to not trust to understand that as trusting as I feel like I am and simply because it was a Russian, I have prejudice, that that I might be being taken. And don’t

Unknown Speaker 10:41
get me wrong.

Brandon Handley 10:42
Everybody gets taken and you know, there’s, there’s whatever, I’m not suggesting that it was a good idea. However, I want to have with it. Five o’clock, I was like, Yo, what’s up? where’s where’s my where’s my shout out? where’s where’s where’s my people? Where’s my followers? You know? how’s this gonna work? No response. I’m like, fuck it. 30 bucks. Let me make these pizzas and call tonight. And, you know, shame on me. Around 6:30pm I started getting a flood of likes, flood of new followers. And it was kind of, you know, this instant gratification. There was like the dopamine hit, I was like, Oh, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 11:25
check it out. It’s working for come the fall word.

Brandon Handley 11:32
And I started checking, start checking who the likes are from and, and, you know, are these people that would really resonate with me? And, and, you know, just straight up looking at gift horse in the mouth, I guess is what that looks like. But are these are these genuine followers? Are these genuine people that will be engaged, and you’re going to be checking these accounts. And they were Middle Eastern, they were,

you know, mostly a lot of a lot of Arabic. So when they speak the language, or, you know, the the account wouldn’t have spoken away. It was like, okay, you know, it’s kind of disappointing.

Unknown Speaker 12:14
But, you know,

Brandon Handley 12:16
there’s always me, I’m the I’m the hopeless optimist. I gotta make maybe they may engage, I don’t know, what

Unknown Speaker 12:24
do I know?

Brandon Handley 12:25
I don’t know, shit. So continues. And you know, I’m checking out many of the other accounts and there’s that are popping up and basically get 1000, maybe even 1400, I forget how many new followers from this, this disengagement for 30 bucks. And as I went through the

Unknown Speaker 12:51

Brandon Handley 12:52
again, I was like, Okay, and then I was like, these people, none of them. None of them are gonna engage. Right? They’re not they’re not engaging. And so that was kind of bombing, right? Like, bummed me out. Because, you know, the next day I go, and I put out like, a

Unknown Speaker 13:09

Unknown Speaker 13:10
And I’m like, Well, you know, let’s,

Brandon Handley 13:11
let’s see, what happens is, am I gonna get a lot of it? Am I gonna? My is this gonna? Is there gonna be engagement? Right? Because the content is its its intent is to engage its intent is to inspire, make think. Or even provide answers again, you know, facilitate links, that lead to action, taking that lead to enthusiasm that lead to you taking action for yourself. I know it’s a lot, and I don’t give a shit. That’s, that’s what the intent is. And so I got caught up in I got caught up in the metrics, and somebody reached out that said, Hey, I saw that you use this person service, and that was an actual person. So I did end up engaging with one real person. And, and they’re like, well, are they engaging? I said, none. And she was like, yeah, you know. That’s a bone because, you know, if you’ve got bloated numbers and no engagement, then then you know that the algo doesn’t work well there either. And I just realized that I’ve been caught up in and vanity metrics, I realized I’ve been caught up in something that I knew that I didn’t believe in. So I was seeking engagement, but I got caught up in the optics of it. And, you know, so I found myself and I still I’m still still going through Instagram. So it’s what’s funny is the time that is But the money that I spent in

Unknown Speaker 15:01
you know,

Brandon Handley 15:02
trying to gain these followers get get this engagement has has made it so that you know I experienced this and go through it and now I’m spending time and Instagram deleting followers which is funny because it takes forever and I couldn’t get some other app to work that made it like instantaneous or at least faster because there’s no built in way to bulk delete followers why would you want to do that? right and then the answer is I don’t I don’t I don’t want people who are in there that aren’t engaged with fucking content I don’t want to be I don’t want to be speaking with people who don’t want to be spoken to. If you’ve ever seen the energy bus read the read the book it’s pretty good book. Energy man I don’t want I don’t want fucking leeches. I don’t want energy vampires on there. I want people that the message resonates with and you know it that’s five fucking people. That’s great. If it’s 10 people, that’s great. If it’s one person like every day that’s like you know, the supportive I mean that’s that’s awesome. That means that there’s there’s somebody out there that is resonating and and what I found is that when I’m deleting these people and I’m going through it I’m deleting people

Unknown Speaker 16:22

Unknown Speaker 16:25
I’m getting

Brandon Handley 16:26
two or three new followers a day that I believe are engaged like that are genuine and that are that are plugged in and just you know made me think of this whole thing and I just wanted to share it with you because I’m a human right I’m fucking human I am I am a spiritual being having a human experience. And I’m not I’m not a saint. Right and and I don’t ever want to portray myself as being other than exactly what you are outside of, you know, having different experiences and going through taking different courses and having you know, different sets of educate, we all have something to bring and I just thought I’d bring this experience to you though and just let you know that

Unknown Speaker 17:23

Brandon Handley 17:24
if you get and this is you know this is me trying to like me I guess not shame myself or be okay with it not I should be right. justify ship. But we are all human, we, you know, we’re gonna we’re gonna fall prey to some of these gimmicks we are going to we are going to have these perceived gaps that were that we want to close quickly, right? We look at it like almost like a wound or a gate a gaping wound, right. And that’s literally like what I’ve been taught in some of the, in some of the sales tactics and marketing out there is like, what you want to do is find their pain point, right? Like, I’m looking for your pain point. Want to fucking rip it open, pour some salt in there, push it in and be like, ah, how you like that. So that like you are psychologically like, this shit needs to get fixed like now, right? Otherwise like panic, panic, panic, panic. So how do we release that? I don’t have the answers there. But so that’s, that’s what’s happening when you, when you have this perceived gap, this idea that you need, there’s like this sense of urgency to, to make a purchase to make a change. And we all go through it. So don’t feel guilty if you find yourself with a table full of, of anything that because when you purchased it and you made that purchase, you you you felt like it was going to make a it was going to make it was gonna change your life. I mean, you quite literally make a purchase because you feel like it’s gonna change your life. You feel like there’s going to be some personal gain where you feel like it’s gonna change the lives of others, the gifts that you buy for people, because it’s changed your life. Anywho marketing. We’re all susceptible to it. And there’s no there’s no shame in it. And I just, you know, again, I’m human, share my human story talks.

Unknown Speaker 19:33

Unknown Speaker 19:34
well, you know, I’m

Brandon Handley 19:34
saying, talk to you later.

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