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What is up, leave in the somewhat of a BJJ report figured out. It’s been really interesting past few few several days. For me, I figured I’d share a little bit of it. If you’ve been hanging out. And heard, I’m pretty sure I did a pretty short session on this, if I didn’t, I certainly meant to be pretty sure I did in regards to being a part of this course called creating personal mastery, with Sreekumar Rao. And there was a group of group of us students in a session, and we’re talking about who we’re being and what miracles we’re seeing, creating whatever, whatever you want to call it. And what turned out in that group, three out of four of us, were a coach in some shape or manner. Three out of four of us were a coach in a spiritual space, to boot. And we were all in different areas in our journey. But there we all were together. And during that, during that session, one of the one of the gentlemen in the session had mentioned that he was not sure where to go next, not sure what to do next. He felt like he was at a bit of a of an impasse. And I said, Well, is there anybody that’s doing what you would like to be doing? And if so, have you have you considered talking with them? And he said that he had a friend that had moved away. And I think that oftentimes, we, we feel like we’ve exhausted our supplies, if if we’ve run out of what we know. We exhaust service, we stop asking questions, we stop going, we stop at a certain point, there’s some type of logic, some type of some type of logic that says you’ve exhausted all you’ve exhausted all your resources, you got to stop here, you’re done. And there’s that’s the challenge. That’s one of the challenges. That’s why when we say alright, well, you know, life can be challenging, but you know, shit, you don’t just stop, life can be challenged to compete, things that pop up, you’re going to be in a situation has never been before. We’re going to be in situations you’ve never been before, you’re not going to have an immediate answer, you’re gonna have to try something. And one of those things that you can try is go to groups groups, like I’m talking about here, so that you can get others input, the whole point of diversity isn’t so much the color of your skin and your sex, gender and age. The point of diversity is another person’s viewpoints, diverse input, so that you can stop doing what’s always been done because you surround yourself in a fucking echo chamber. So you get out of your echo chamber where everybody you knows done the same thing for their entire lives, and you do the same thing for your entire life, and nothing ever fucking changes. So we’re talking and I saw him I say, Hey, you know, what about Is there somebody that you can go find anybody online then? Could you Is it possible that you could find somebody else that’s doing what you want to be doing? Doing well with it. Outside of that one guy, or gal? I said, Yeah, sorry. That’s great. So we’re talking miracles and then we have some more conversations and you know, I’m I’m at certain points in mind, but I feel like where I am,

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moving forward, and I am allowing myself to blossom. There’s also the idea of doing it so hard, so fast to burnout, that you never give yourself the opportunity to fully express all of who you are. If you’re familiar with gardening, then you’ll know that when you apply too much fertilizer too much nitrogen to a plant, which will which will help it

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If done the right amounts the right times. However, sometimes people try to accelerate, push those limits, and we push those limits with the nitrogen fertilizer. You burned a plant out, you kill it. So the same thing that makes it grow rapidly is also in the sense the same thing that kills it. So you have to be careful that you’re not trying, you’re not trying too hard too rapidly. And there’s a story in in in the st. Amaral books talking about the guy that shows up to become a monk and become a master. And he’s asking the master if he can stay if he can learn with them. Yeah, yeah, you can stay you can learn. young guy goes, alright, well, cool. Down, give me that shit. And he said, How long is it gonna take? I mean, you know, I got to get to I got to get back to the states got a got a big company to run and all kinds of things are happening for me and around me. A very important guy. And, and the Master says, Hey, 10 years. Very important, guys like 10 years? They all right? Look, what if I work 80 hours a week, sacrifice my family and give everything up. And that’s all I do. That’s everything. Master who’s 20 years. And the guy’s like, What the fuck, 20 years, right? Because you kind of burn yourself out. You got to allow some room for growth in order to grow. So if you’re always crowding it all in and, and whatnot, then then it’s all it’s all, always. Don’t give yourself room to grow. So we’re talking about the miracles and finding somebody, I’d insisted or I’d said, Hey, you could find some wisdom, what you want to be doing, wouldn’t it be great. Next morning, going to work for a little bit behind and that morning, all the ones like a cup of coffee. And it’s like, I just don’t have the time for it. Right? I didn’t allow for time didn’t make time for it. Got meeting back to back to back to back to back to back. And my fucking whatever, right? And then it 10 o’clock, my 10 o’clock canceled. And I jot down in my little book miracle, miracle, fantastic. Go get my cup of coffee. And I come back out and there’s a dude reading pauvres. For us, we strike up a conversation, I’m pretty sure I share this. But we strike up a conversation and he’s a coach in a men’s coaching space, Eric, you know, shout out to Eric. And the thing is, that’s just the same seems to be like the start to this little roller coaster of not only just miracles, the next miracles is, you know, just recently chat with one of my co workers. And we get to talk in and turns out he’s doing turns out he’s doing some hard work on himself. Some of the weight loss and you know, what goes into it and the story in his journey, he’s been sharing a little bit of it on Instagram and, and YouTube, we get to talk about it. And he’s like, Alright, well, you know, share my story. And we talked, we both exchanged that he was doing that, and I’m doing podcast myself and doing spiritual dope here. And he’s like, what are you doing? Give him the lowdown. And he shares with me that he’s better theology school and how he’s, you know, a bit more about his journey and the conversations is this more personal, more human and there’s very unexpected, but at the same time, not out of place. And the third and the third piece is his recently went to go meet up with a partner in the ecosystem where I work and and she’s coming in and we’re sitting there talking over over a meal. As she drops some, some, some quick little bombs. It’s just not even breaking stride about her spiritual journey and her just what that’s looked like, and just how she’s, you know, come along and unprompted. And it was just really interesting, because, I don’t know, right, but I was there for your work. And let’s talk about the let’s talk about the partnership and the business and all this other stuff. And here she is just kind of sharing, sharing some information. That and you know, talking about

yoga, I was talking About the BJJ and just kind of how that, you know, allows for the community and allows for the growth, getting past traumas and all this other stuff. And I was like, shit, I was like, how unexpected. knows, I was like, this is this is also where I am what I do. And the funny thing is, is like these, these kind of three things in succession to me, just made me think I’m like, Well, I guess, you know, wherever you go, there you are. I’m not saying that these people are me. But then the context of a lot of these self help personal development spaces is that you see a reflection of yourself and everybody and I was like, holy shit, it’s like, wherever you go, there you are. So profound stuff. So simple. Who was having that conversation on Sunday morning, lots of conversations recently. But wherever you go, there you are, who you’re seeing and what you’re running into. It’s what you what you’re seeking is seeking you even and I think that that also puts into context, the whole idea of the guy who goes to the market is like, Hey, I’m gonna put everything I’ve got into it, I’m gonna, I’m gonna put maximum effort into overdrive. And, and instead of it taking 10 years and going its natural course and allowing things to come to you. By using power by trying to power past it, or you’re actually blocking what’s intended for you’re actually blocking what’s coming your way. So what’s happening here is, is, as I kind of step back, and allow for things to come to me, they’re showing up. Don’t go you know, don’t get it twisted, there’s certainly some effort on my behalf. But it’s not nearly the effort of efforting. If you’re familiar with Abraham Hicks, it’s not nearly this, this full bore trying to burn out and and crush myself for it. I just wonder for you, you know, where are you? What are you seeing? And what would you like to see more of in your life? What are some indicators to you that you may be you may be pushing yourself too hard towards the thing that you want versus allowing for it to show up versus allowing for it to be there for you. I’d say some of the indicators are that you’re putting so much pressure that you’re trying too hard that that your Jerome was in desperation mode for this thing, that’s, it’s already there. All of it’s already there in front of you. Just let it be as you be who you’re meant to be in these moments, and I know that it sounds like roundabout talk, I know that it sounds like Deaf I can do is burn out. But I can tell you that at this point in my life, I don’t feel like I am I feel like I’m more grounded. I feel like I’m more connected. I feel like I’m more confident I feel like more is happening for me than ever before, that I’m allowing for versus what I’m pushing for efforting for. So if you find yourself troubled to sleep at night, if you’ve stopped if you find yourself troubled to even breathe, if you find yourself just in a constant state of tenseness, these are all indicators that you may be trying to force it all too hard. What happens if you take a deep breath down to your belly instead of to your chest? What happens if you let go and let God in what I mean by that is not like 100% you know, Jesus, take the wheel. Do it try it, test it out some small shirt. Maybe there’s some maybe and become bigger yourself by accepting divine help. How can you become bigger than your situations that are keeping you up at night? How can you become bigger than the pain that you’re feeling the sleep that you’re not Getting.

And you can do that, in essence, by letting go and letting God What I mean by that is, what are some of your worries? What are some of the things that that are bothering? What if? What if, for example, you could just give that over to something bigger than yourself, call it what you want? And what if that problem goes away? And I’ll say it in the sense of the whole idea that if you don’t believe, fully in this greater presence outside of you, that’s fantastic. A, B, what about? What about you? What about your subconscious, the 95% of you, that runs all the programming for you. And the programming that includes making sure that you breathe in at all, make sure that your food gets turned into energy you’re walking, you are a walking alchemy lab. That’s something that you do without even thinking about it. So these things that you’re putting pressure on it, you’re thinking about, what happens if you turn that over to the part of you that drives the whole thing that really makes it all happen. pumps your blood, what happens if you turn it over to that that’s if you can’t just do the let go let God that easily, right. So some small, you have some of your small worries over to the greater part of yourself and realize that if that problem was gone or resolved within three days, what would that look like for you? I just asked you sit with that for a minute. Again, if you’re having some of the tenseness and stress in your life that you’d like to see gone can a couple small pieces over see what happens with it. If it works with like one tiny small piece, fucking chocolate another small piece. And, you know, keep using it until it works. If it doesn’t work for you, fuck it, move on. Don’t worry about it. There’s so many other tools and tips and tricks out there for you. But that is one that I have been shown that’s one I’ve been given that’s certainly worked for me and has brought so much relief from an already you know, high word a hyper stressed out world. And if it and that’s even like 10% reduction in stress, over time shows up and just like compound interest just in such use wave so leave you with that. Best of luck. Wherever you go. There you are the people that you’re hanging out with who’s showing up in your life what that looks like. Is that you showing up in the world. What’s that look like who you run into? Think about

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