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What is going on spiritual dope. Brandon Handley here I will be your host. As I said before, always and forever. And I wanted to share a quick story with you today about something that happened recently to me, but I want to I want to just kind of we’re gonna take a run out like this, right? You always hear that, uh, you have to have before you can give, right? What do you have to have? Before you can give? And you always hear something like, Hey, you hear that the universe gives what is receiving like Dude, I’m flat broke and busted like a Janis Joplin song. But the deal is, you know, there are things that you can, you can give, right? And so, so you don’t catch yourself paralyzed right? By not not knowing what to do. I want you to know that. There are certainly things that you can do, that you can give, you can give your support. And that’s just kind of one of the things that I’m I’m gonna I’m going to share here, I was just doing this exercise the other day about you know, having an impact in the world. And, and the exercise was go out and give give somebody a positive review. And so you know, it’s been a little bit since I found somebody, I could give a positive review too. And it’s not that I can’t I just, I just haven’t done one for a while. And I thought of my friend Jeremy Todd, who has a great podcast, you should go check it out. It’s called the positive side. He’s got nearly a million downloads already and man, we started our journey together a while ago a while ago and I’m just happy for him but you know, he’s a coach and so I went to LinkedIn. And I said, Hey, you know, Jeremy Todd is an amazing coach. You know, he helps you break your ruts. He helps you. You know, get your mind right. He helps get you straight and helps get you some clarity helps you to take action on your life. And if you’re if you’re thinking about getting a coach for sales or your business And all that, all that stuff. I said, you know, reach out to Jeremy Todd, he’s your guy. The exact same instant he was doing that. I was doing that he was leaving me a podcast review, all spiritual dope, leave me a five star rating, you know, he’s saying, hey, look, this is the podcast we need in our lives. And I’ve been looking for something like this and five star review from Jeremy Todd. And as soon as he press send, he was getting an email that said that, you know, I’d let them this LinkedIn review. And the thing is, that that wasn’t planned, right? That wasn’t planned. This was a thing. It was 930 at night. And I was like, You know what, I still got that thing that I need to do, which was, you know, go out and have an impact in the world and that was to leave that that review giving to the universe, right. So I was sending something out and I was, I wasn’t looking for anything in return. It’s one to go out and do something without expecting anything in return because how often we go do something we do it to get something instead of to simply go and give something give of yourself you’re certainly able to do that so that’s what I did you know and and I left them that I left that review and he picked up the phone called me we had a good laugh about it and you know I just want you guys to know that this is this is a spat This podcast is about aligning to your source right to your whatever it is you need to talk to align your consciousness the universe connect with God and divine self you know I came here through way right like you know when we go through any journey we pass through certain places destinations you know, if trying to think of who God was like as a Tony Robbins still love a woodpecker right, you stopped by different destinations yet another one called our roadside attractions. Love those books. You stop by different places and something happens there and I came here by way of a first podcast called fatherhood for the rest of us that was part of my journey that was part of my stop right? Pass through there I loved it and I still loved the connections I made through that. And then and then while I was on that journey while I was on my way through father for the rest of his land, I went through law of attraction land right I stopped by you think about it like different states of being if you if you if you choose and I was there for a while and that’s you know all my way through there I connected through to source right kind of this like divine sense of self as it were. However you want to look at it right connecting to your to your source. And I just I just do a share all that with you because when we give out there right like so when you give to the universe

is going to return to you You can’t you don’t get to decide how it returns to you though, right? So, or exactly what it looks like. But if you’re but if you’re paying attention, then you will see that it comes back to almost exactly the way that you sent it out if not even magnified, right? A lot of people call The Universe verse a force multiplier. So, my thing to you is if if you’re thinking of what can you give, you can give of yourself, you can go out there, you can leave a nice review for somebody, you can go leave a positive comment on social media, you can call somebody that you love. And chances are, chances are as men it’s not going to be maybe not as instantaneous as that was what Jeremy and I, but the universe is going to return that to you. Right, the question is, you’ve got to look for evidence of it. Mm hmm. You got it. You’ve got to see little pieces. pieces of it starting to come through and develop that muscle develop, develop that vision, develop the ability to even see it for what it is. I’m always talking about Albert Einstein. And his line is, everything’s a miracle either everything’s a miracle or nothing is a miracle. This is a choice on how you set your filters and how you set what it is that you see out there. But again, you know, I’ve already been believing in this way for a while. I just, you know, it’s no longer strictly through a law of attraction filter for me. Now, it’s just this kind of connection to the universe filter that I’ve got. So how did you set your filter however you want, you call it whatever you want, and that and that’s fine. You know, you’ve got to just kind of keep with your belief, though, and allow it to adjust that will. However, I just encourage you to look for evidence of it, right? If you if you type into Google, you want this thing to show up? Then you get that thing? Rarely do you get something completely way off unless you got a typo, then you’re then you’re scrambling to cover, cover what that search pulled up. So, go ahead and I just I just want you to give them a chance, right? send out a request for yourself right? Or go out there to the universe and maybe go give something and and that that will probably return to you. So I just encourage you somehow send some good out the universe have no specific expectations, because that will that narrows the request, right? If you say, Hey, I needed to come back in this specific way. And that’s the only way you’re going to catch the evidence of it. It’s going to make it a little bit more challenging. Right? So if you send out some good, no expectations, have it kind of go out that way. And, you know, I only ask that you kind of you know, you you reach out to me or you let me know how This has gone for you. And here’s the deal, you can either continue down the same path you’ve always gone, right? Or you can choose a road this less traveled. The same road that you’ve been going down, is gonna get you to the same place you’ve always gotten to, right? Am I right? You’re going to get the same outcomes you’ve always gotten. But if you want something different to happen, if you want to change the direction of your mind, the way that you feel and things that you see, you’re gonna have to do something different. You’re gonna need to make a new choice and pursue what it is that you want out of there. Right, you need to take a look at the universe and see what’s coming back to you. You need to put what you want out in the universe. It’s like seed money, right? It’s seed stock seed period, you’ve got to plant the seed in order for you to have the harvest that you’re looking for. That’s it. Take it easy, and a shout out again to Jeremy Todd, always been an amazing supporter, appreciate your brother and, you know, go check out his podcast which is it is the positive side and he shares everything that’s coming through him. You know, unfiltered, unfiltered, it’s filtered through him. Right. He shares his experience as he is coming through and to be it’s a beautiful, beautiful podcast. Beautiful man. And there you go. Take it easy.

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